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It’s Sunday so that means Kevin, Molly, Riley and I are headed to the farmers market. We go every Sunday morning. And honestly, in the past I normally throw on sweats and sunglasses because I don’t have the energy to get myself ready in the morning. However, lately I’ve felt the need to get a little bit more put together when we go. One, because I just feel better when I am more put together. But also because there is always paparazzi when we go there. Don’t get me wrong, usually paparazzi couldn’t care less about me! Ha! But they’re always there because so many celebrities go to my local farmers market, and since I show up, I think they feel like they might as well take my picture too. And let me tell you, some of the worst photos I’ve ever seen of myself have come from our local farmers market. They’re not pretty! Ha! So I just try to put myself together a little bit before we go now. It’s annoying. But at the same time I’m flattered that anybody would even care to take my photo. And that’s the truth.


Anyway, I really want to share today’s look with you guys because I think it’s really easy to throw on if you want to look somewhat put together, comfortable and practical. And it all starts with a good base.

Let me start by telling you about this top! I am so obsessed! I’ve recommended it to every single one of my girlfriends and they all bought it too. It’s great for layering during fall. You can wear a jean jacket or chambray shirt over it, or a pretty scarf like I did today. And the fit of it is really flattering. But the best part of this top is how long it is! It’s perfect for wearing with leggings because it will cover your booty. I wish I had a better picture when we took these to show it to you guys more, but I’ll show it to you in Instagram stories today at the farmers market so you can see it better. It is my absolute favorite clothing purchase for fall! A must have for sure!

And jeans that are flattering are essential for me right now. As you guys know, I am not at my pre-pregnancy weight yet. And I might never be! So it’s important for me to have jeans that are not only comfortable and stretchy, but flattering. I absolutely love these Mott & Bow jeans. I’ve had them forever and I love the fit of them. Plus I like that the waistline is mid rise because it covers that pouch of fat in my lower belly.


So after I throw on the base which is just this top and jeans, it’s all about accessories. My scarf, necklace, bag and shoes are all from Sole Society! I’m obsessed with the brand and buy almost all my accessories there. They’ve just got great quality stuff at great prices. The scarf is really pretty and light weight. It’s still pretty warm in LA so I can’t wear heavy scarves just yet. Unless it’s early in the morning. And my necklace has a vintage feel that I think looks really expensive.

I bring this travel bag with me when we go to the farmers market because it holds a lot of stuff and saves me from using plastic bags from the vendors. Always trying to help reduce waste! But as a travel bag in general it’s so awesome. I use it to take all my stuff to work in the morning too. I love that it has the bottom compartment to put your shoes in so they aren’t in with all of your clothes. It’s kind of gross when you think about throwing your shoes in a bag or suitcase with all of your clothes. Considering all the stuff that collects on the bottom of our shoes when we wear them walking around everywhere.


Speaking of shoes, how gorgeous are these flats! I wear them to work all the time and wear them on the show I work on all the time! I love that they’re comfortable enough to wear on my way to work but pretty enough to wear on the TV show! This color is low in stock but Sole Society has another shoe in a similar color with a tassel on the top that’s really pretty as well! And I’m not gonna lie, I just got them so you’ll see them on my blog soon.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! Let me know if you have any questions about this look in the comments below! Or just leave me some love! I love hearing from you guys and I will do my best to respond to EVERY comment on this blog post! xoxo

25 Thoughts

25 thoughts on “Sundays Cozies

  1. Love this outfit! I love your style. I’ve been working on losing weight, so I come to your blog for style inspirations! I can’t quite wear Nordstrom tops yet (at least the ones you post) but I’m getting there. Just a few more months and I’ll be there!

    1. Thanks Jessica. This top is a great basic you can wear again and again! It’s soooo worth getting 🙂 But always watch your spending with clothes! Don’t spend too much. Allocate a budget each month or every few months.

  2. Looking forward to your sleep training post! How do you do bedtime for Riley and Molly? Right now, mine are ready for sleep at about the same time and I can’t decide to do baby first or two year old first. Curious what works for you!

  3. You look adorable—as always! I love following you and my husband always says, “she sounds like she’d be your best friend IRL.” Haha! I’m going to have to check out that white shirt. You always have the best picks! I bought that long green (peasanty) dress from ModCloth when you recommended it months ago! I still love it.
    Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

  4. Love this outfit! The shoes are so cute!! I was wondering what kind of under-eye makeup/concealer you use? You always look amazing and well rested (even if you’re not)! Thanks!

  5. Love your shirt and scarf combo! Do you think the shirt can work with a baby bump? Maybe size up or is there enough room without sizing up?


  6. Love your shirt and scarf combo! Do you think the shirt can work with a baby bump? Maybe size up or is there enough room without sizing up?


  7. Love this ensemble! Do you know the color of the bag you have? Looks like there is only Cognac left of the brown colors – yours seems lighter than Cognac. Maybe they sold out of yours?!

  8. I also loved your most recent post – I feel that same anxiety sometimes sporadically throughout the day (especially Sundays)… And it can be so hard! You are just so pretty and sweet, it’s also nice to know that you are a real life mama and woman too!

    I know you feel better more dressed up, but would you post about athleisure wear? Like cute on the go leggings and zip ups?

    So much love! Xxoo

  9. I saw you mentioned on Instagram that your anxiety was high today. I have a 5 month old currently who is my third baby and I find my anxiety is the worst in the 4-6 month range. That is also when my cycles come back and I think it’s all related to the hormone fluctuations. I try to just be open with my husband and family and take care of myself by getting rest and eating healthy and it does pass. Just sharing in case it will make you feel better that it may just be hormonal and short lived. Best of luck!

  10. You are adorable as always! ❤️ What are your favorite go to leggings? I’m having a hard time finding some that aren’t super thin.

  11. Ali,
    I know you have a photographer who takes your photos for your blog, but they are always so well done and thought out. Thank you for taking the time to do so, and thank your photog as well! 🙂


  12. Hi Ali
    I got the cute velvet shoes in the blue color but I am wondering if yours were kind of stiff at first as mine seem to be. I’d like to know if they were, did they stretch out to be comfortable or is this just an issue I am having. Thanks so much, love your blog, listen to Kevin every morning too – so I love hearing from both sides of your family.

  13. I love this top! I actually found it through another blogger and I bought it in black, but your outfits are inspiring me to buy the white as well! I listened to the Babes and Babies pod this morning and I found your blog and have been scrolling all morning. I love it so far!

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