Affordable Friday – $24 Overalls and a $9 dress!

Happy affordable Friday! Do you guys know I get super excited when I get to post super affordable fashion on my blog. And today is such a great post! The overalls in this post are only $24 and the dress is only, get this, $9! How insane is that?! Everything in these pictures is from Walmart. I’ve been realizing that I’ve been writing about a lot of stores on my blog that aren’t necessarily in every part of the country. So I’m super happy to be sharing stuff from Walmart since they are located near most people throughout the country. So you can always look for these items in store or buy them online. I think there’s a good chance both of these will sell out pretty quickly, so if I were you I would snag these babies online. Also, Walmart is totally on top of the trends this season – so check out their It List! This fall, interesting denim like these overalls and embellished jeans are a huge trend as well as berry colors (reds, maroons and deep pinks)! Mini-backpacks are also a fall trend and one of my favorites! Since I’m a mom and my hands are always full, being able to free up my arms using a backpack is super helpful. Let me give you my review on both items.


First, these overalls are the absolute cutest! For only $24 they are insanely good quality. I actually like them more than a pair of overalls I have that are over $200. And that’s mainly because the denim is super stretchy. I hate wearing denim that’s not stretchy because I feel like it never fits me right with my curves. I ended up getting a size 10 in these but I probably could’ve gone down to a size 8. They’re really flattering, great quality and super comfortable because of the stretch.


And if you want to try the backpack trend and haven’t before, this is a great place to start! This one is only $21 and since it’s simple and black it goes with everything.

Now let me talk about this dress! Can you believe it’s only $9?! I’m 5’7 and the length fit me well. I think if it were any shorter it be a bit too short to wear with boots. If you are taller than 5’7″, I would recommend wearing it with leggings. If you are under 5’7″ you are golden! But if  you’re taller it would be really cute with leggings and over the knee boots. My legs are so pasty right now that I probably should’ve worn leggings or tights with it. Ha! And it even comes with the belt. I feel like the belt alone is worth more than $9. And the color is just such a beautiful rich berry color for fall. Like I mentioned above, you’re going to see tons of this color when you’re shopping this season. So why not start rocking the trend with a $9 dress (or you could wear it as a tunic if you wear it with leggings).


And my statement oversize earrings are only $10 (see last pic below for a close up). You can even get maroon over the knee boots at Walmart for only $50 to complete this look! That is SUCH a great price for these beautiful boots!

Let me know what you think about this affordable Friday post! Hope you love it!


Thank you Walmart for teaming up with me for this post with great affordable fashion!

11 Thoughts

11 thoughts on “Affordable Friday – $24 Overalls and a $9 dress!

  1. I am SO excited overalls are back! Can’t wait to get a pair. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing! Are there back pockets?

  2. If your walking in the city be careful with the mini back back. I kNow the rule, but it slipped my mind and that’s the day someone stole my wallet.

  3. Wow I love your style and would love to shop in your closet!! Unfortunately both are sold out in my size, but maybe they’ll restock. I also love the outfits Molly wears. I love how you dress both your kids but I have a 21 month old daughter!! Thank you for all you do!!

  4. I love overalls! I always want to wear them but being shorter they look weird on me. I have yet to find a pair that fits me correctly. I also love that everything is from Walmart. I got so much great maternity clothing Walmart for cheap!

  5. OMG ALI!!!! I love the dress so much!!! The overall are also cute!!!!
    Girl I can’t beleve how you can pull anything off!!! You look amazin!!!

  6. I adore you. I appreciate that you will post about clothing that is more affordable for a lot of women. I am a Mom of 3, and always feel guilty spending $ on myself. But when I find a great deal, I don’t care what store it’s from. Totally going to Walmart today. Also, they are carrying Time and Tru brand. I love it. Super comfy stuff and affordable.

  7. Thanks!! The berry color is beautiful on you! I just ordered one and I hope the sizing is good for me but guess what, it’s $7.50 now!!!! 😱 I had to get it! Tempted to get a second color just cuz it’s so cheap!

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