Yup…I Like to Dress My Husband ;)

Somehow I convinced my husband to let me dress him. Ha! Not that Kevin doesn’t have great style himself, but I’m just so used to picking out clothes online and writing about them on my blog that I thought it be fun for me to pick out some clothes for Kevin and write about them. Plus I pretty much buy everything from Nordstrom, as you guys know, and they have such great guy clothes at really good prices, so I figured while I was shopping for myself I would get some things for him too. And now was the perfect time because we’re going to a red carpet event tomorrow and I want him to have a nice outfit to wear. It’s a kid’s event so it’s casual, but there will be a red carpet so we want to look somewhat put together. Anyway, I thought it would be fun for you guys to help us pick what outfit he should wear tomorrow! I picked out both of these outfits but I think I’m leaning towards one over the other but I want to know what you guys think first.


I don’t know why, but I always thought guys clothes were super expensive. I know they’re more expensive than a lot of women’s clothes and I think that’s part of the reason I never really looked to buy clothes for Kevin. I usually can’t stomach spending too much on an outfit. But I was pretty pumped to find that Nordstrom has men’s clothes at really great prices! Like this first outfit..


His top is really cool and hip in my opinion (that sounds like such a mom thing to say. Ha! I could see my kids making fun of me for saying something like that one day). But it’s also really affordable! It’s under $60 and I feel like it looks way more expensive! I think the black-and-white make it feel more polished up and the print makes it fun. I think it’s perfect for an event in LA tomorrow.

In both of these looks, I actually used the same Levi’s jeans. And they’re under $80. That’s such a great price and Kevin loves them. He was legit so shocked and surprised when I told him I bought him new jeans and he was super pumped too! Like he couldn’t believe his good luck. Ha! And you guys know me, I love Converse. So I got him a squeaky clean new pair!

Scroll for look two, but I’m going to leave some fun photos from our “fitting” below.




Like I mentioned above, for this look I used the exact same jeans and shoes but we just switched the top. This is a more traditional button down that I thought was a safe bet when I bought it. I like the plaid, it’s great for fall, and I feel like it could be layered with a sweater when it gets cooler. And it’s also affordable and great quality!

What do you guys think? Should he wear the first look to our event tomorrow? Or the second look? I want you guys to weigh in in the comments below!



And I can’t go without telling you guys about my outfit. This jumper is a bit more than I usually spend on clothes, but I think it’s justifiable because it’s a top and pants in one if you think about it. So for an entire outfit it’s worth it at just over $100. And the quality is just really good. I think this is something I could wear out with a cute pair of loafers, or something I can just lounge around the house in. Plus it’s breastfeeding friendly! That’s one of the main reasons I bought it when I was browsing online and now that I have it I’m just obsessed with it. And I threw one of my favorite bandanas in my hair. It’s only $12! You guys may have noticed that I wear bandanas in my hair all the time now. I just love them. I started wearing them to cover my greasy hair since I haven’t been showering as much as I’d like too lately. Ha! That’s mom life for you. But now I wear them because I just think they’re cute. The one I have in my hair in these photos comes in a bunch of other prints too. I own three of the prints.

Ok, don’t leave before giving us your opinion on what outfit Kevin should wear tomorrow! I will do insta stories from the event so you guys can see which one he chose!

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114 thoughts on “Yup…I Like to Dress My Husband ;)

    1. I love the plaid shirt and pants. You have great taste and he should let you shop till you drop! I’m sure he will since he loves you so much! ❤️

  1. If looking like a twelve year old means great style, then Kevin has nailed it. I’m more impressed that you finally got him to comb his hair. Just saying….

    1. Lucinda: “Just saying” doesn’t make your comment less passive-aggressively rude. To be more direct and adult you could’ve said “I like his more styled hair, versus the messy look but I don’t prefer the younger style of these outfits.” Calling a grown man a 12 year old to be funny is just rude and degrading, especially considering how well he obviously cares for his family and career.

      Ali: I have a (very adult) husband who enjoys converse and fun shirts too. I like the black and white option for a red carpet because it’s graphic, different and pops with your jumpsuit. But keep the plaid too…perfect for fall photos and pumpkin patching!

    2. Wow….. I guess you are getting the attention you wanted……by putting others down speaks volumes about you as a person….,shame on you.

  2. I would definitely vote on the black and white shirt. I’m such a sucker for flannel and that “fall-country-man” look and if y’all were going pumpkin picking I’d vote it but considering it is an event and it is LA I’d go for the black and white – it stands out a little more and it’s a little unexpected.

    Have a blast!

  3. Ali, what are you wearing to the event? I would chose the black & white. It’s fun and it will look great with anything you wear. Have fun!!

    1. Hah, I was going to say that same thing! Depends on what you’re wearing, but I’d choose #1 😉 I love Kevin’s style and you two are so cute together!
      I just bought my boyfriend a bunch of stuff from the sale rack at Nordstrom and made him try it all on for me. I think it was a little weird for him at first but I’m hoping he’ll get used to letting me style him!

      Have fun at your event— I’m sure you guys will look great no matter what you choose!

  4. Ali,
    Your jumpsuit is so cute, you always look amazing!! For Kevin, I like both but the first look seems more fun and special so i would go with that!!
    You two are the cutest couple, Have fun!

  5. I think the 1st outfit looked better. I mean the 2nd outfitvwas also nice plus with the heat and all the first one is a better choice!

  6. I like both but one is more of a statement shirt! Go big or go home! U guys are the cutest and I love following you and your sweet family!

  7. You guys are so freaking cute!! And the first outfit is so much fun and looks really good so I pick that one but the plaid is nice too!!

  8. Outfit #1 is a winner in my book especially if you are planning to wear that jumper. It goes so well together…just like the two of you 😍

  9. First outfit!!!! If you are planning on wearing that jumper outfit one on Kevin looks really good with it! Such a cute couple!

  10. Ali, both are super cute!! But, my favorite is Look #1! So trendy and just FUN!! 😊
    Hope you both have a wonderful time! You guys are too cute! 😘

  11. Definitely the second. I don’t mean anything mean by this, I I too am glad to see a less messy hair style! He looks very nice in both, but like the second better!

  12. The first one is different and FUN! So I choose that one ♥️ You are both adorable and so great together…have fun on the red carpet!

  13. Love look one – Maybe it’s that I just binge watched all of Queer Eye… but the short sleeved shirt feels very “now.” 🙂 Tan France would be proud! Hehe

  14. Love both looks; I prefer look #2 but it all really depends on the style of the event. However, I say you do you aka wear what you love most! Black is white is classic yet fun and mature; flannel is manly and sexy and has a maturity to it, as long as it’s styled appropriately, otherwise it can look sloppy. Good luck with your decision! 🙂 And have fun!



  15. Black and White for sure! It’s fun and different! Plenty of time this fall to bust out the plaid (I like it too!) Y’all have fun! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  16. I think outfit #1 for the event. #2 seems like something Kevin would wear so #1 is a little different. I am not really into the jumpsuit though. I feel like you look amazing post-baby and the jumpsuit seems too big and plain. You are beautiful so nothing against you Ali, I just don’t think it’s the most flattering.

  17. My husband has that exact same shirt in look #2…. actually he wears that exact outfit most days 😂 I love it. But for an event I’d say switch it up and go with something a little different so look #1 is my pick!
    What a beautiful couple you guys are. 😘

  18. I pick the 1st outfit for your event tomorrow. Kevin looks handsome and so put together! I hope he keeps the plaid shirt, too! It looks great on him! You two are so happy looking together! I’m so happy you found each other!❤️

  19. My husband has that exact shirt in look #2… actually he has that exact outfit. Levi jeans and converse are his go-to look. Haha. I love it! But I also love the first shirt and since it’s an event and a little edgier id say my vote is for #1! Also ps, love that jumpsuit.

    You guys are such a beautiful couple. 😘

  20. Both of them look really good on him but I like the first one the best it’s different and also short sleeve for the hot weather we have coming in. You have great taste in clothing

  21. Hi Ali and Kevin, love tour fashion sense wish I could look put together like that. After loosing a lot of weight I’m living in leggings because Idk how to dress for a smaller figure BUT I love fashion and I’m learning. BUT with that said I know good fashion on others when I see it and I love look 1 on Kevin. It’s a fun print, as you said it’s polished and I feel tour hair scarf/bandana matches it. I’m not a plaid person never was. It just doesn’t look right and the colors India don’t mix next to you (but then again who am I to speak) I think you can do a lot more wirh look 1. Good luck can’t wait to see your insta stories

    1. Congratulations on your weight loss!! Have you tried dresses with ankle booties or boots to the knee for fall? My favourite fall look is leggings, a plain short- or long-sleeve tee and an oversized open cardigan with grey, beige or black boots to the knee. So, so comfortable but also totally put together! Also, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on that fall/winter look. Invest in boots in a few colours, some well-fit leggings and the sweaters (check Winners or Marshall’s if in Canada or Target and Nordstroms Rack if in the states!) Also, any fall or spring dress can be “winterized” with a chunky scarf, opaque pantyhose and boots!! Best of luck 🙂

  22. Love both outfits on him but I vote for outfit 2! I love that subtle plaid print.

    P.S. Ignore the hater…some people can be so rude! I absolutely love Kevin’s style!

  23. I like look 2 best, personally, but look 1 coordinates best with your jumper. And I can admit that I’m slow to embrace fashion trends and I’m not completely in love [yet] with the slim, short sleeve look on men. So don’t count my opinion! (I’ll be all about it when it’s on it’s way out of fashion….)

  24. Hi Ali!

    This is super random and has nothing to do with this post hahaha! But you did mention on your story how you were gonna work out and have no core strength; which after having a baby I understand. I was gonna recommend looking into Sara Haley’s 4th trimester workout. She’s a mom of three and is super real. I love following her! Her workout is awesome for slowly and safely rehabilitating your core and you can do it at home. Just thought I’d share that with you cause I know I could feel the strengthening happening when I was doing it before I got pregnant again. Hope you’re having a great day!

  25. Ali, I vote for #1 the black and white shirt, but wear it tucked in the jeans and the sleeves rolled down. If you don’t tuck the shirt in and leave it out, I would unbutton another button so the t-shirt would show. A little more casual.
    I also like #2 and wear it tucked in the jeans like the model, so sexy!!!
    I would certainly buy both shirts for him.

  26. I really love outfit #1 it matches your jumpsuit much better, and I love the black converse with his top! ☺️ You both look amazing together in outfit #1 and your jumpsuit!

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