One of my Mom Uniforms

Today is all about my mom uniform! If you guys follow my Instagram stories then you know that this type of outfit is something I pretty much wear on the reg. It’s the type of outfit where I feel somewhat put together but I’m also super comfortable so I can pretend like I’m super mom all day chasing my kiddos. I say “pretend” because let’s face it, none of us are super moms and all of us are super moms at the same time. If that makes sense. The look is also really practical and functional as a mom uniform and I’ll explain why.

The base of the look is really a comfortable and stretchy pair of jeans and this basic white tee. If you’ve followed my blog for a little while now you know that I’ve written about this tee multiple times. It’s one that I can’t say enough good things about and everyone  I’ve ever recommended it to tells me that it’s one of their favorites too!


When I first bought this tee I think it only came in white and black. But since then they’ve introduced a bunch of other colors! Now it comes in 8 colors and I’m proud to say I own every single one of them! Ha! And the T-shirt is only $19.50. At under $20 it’s just such a great basic to have in your closet. And I’m able to nurse it! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely end up stretching out the neckline in a lot of these. But I like that I am able to pull it down and nurse which is why I wear it all the time. And usually when I stretch out the neckline, I wash it and goes right back. But after a while it definitely loses its shape if I keep pulling it down. But if you’re not nursing you don’t have to worry about that.


In the summer really the T-shirt and jeans is all I would wear, but now that it’s fall (is it officially fall?), I usually layer my mom uniform with a jacket of sorts. I bought this jacket by Sanctuary because it has multiple pockets for me to keep things in which comes in handy when you have a toddler and an infant. It’s also super easy to throw on to give me a little warmth as the temperature starts to drop. Or hopefully starts to drop! It’s been so hot lately. But I’m able to wear in the morning while it’s still cool.

And I really love these mid-rise stretchy jeans. I pretty much refuse to wear any jeans unless they have stretch in them. And this brand is having a great sale right now where you can buy one pair and get a second pair for under $10!

And I finish off the look with my converse! This makes it super casual and great for running errands. But if I want to dress it up a little bit, sometimes I’ll throw on an ankle bootie.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys! I’ve been sick for the past few days so today is really the first day I’m getting out and about so I’ll definitely be throwing on this mom uniform! Hope y’all have a great day!


12 Thoughts

12 thoughts on “One of my Mom Uniforms

  1. Ali,
    I just love your style! Thanks for sharing. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 and feeling a little down.
    I’m due in December and this has not been an easy pregnancy (to say the least). On top of that, I have a 16 month old to chase! I’m wondering if you have any tips on clothes (especially pants) that I can wear during and after this pregnancy. This momma needs a wordrobe pick-me-up!

    1. Congrats mama!!! If you search Maternity Jeans on my blog, I’ve linked all my faves! And you should check out the maternity section. Under “Fashion” there is a section called “maternity fashion”

      Hope this helps!

  2. I’ve been missing seeing your blogs, Ali! I hope you are feeling better and whatever you had doesn’t spread through your family!❤️

    1. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I am still sick but feeling much better than before. But Kevin has been sick for a couple weeks and JUST went to Urgent Care and found out he has bronchitis 🙁

  3. Love this look and I’m liking those jeans! You’re not alone Ali … me and my two kids are fighting this nasty head cold too! 🙁

  4. Thanks Ali! I love the look and will have to check out the jeans. I take my 3 year old to preschool 3 times a week and definitely need a better look then what I’ve been currently wearing.

  5. How do you get yourself to wear jeans though? I feel like I’m not the mom who’s running errands with a coffee and so I’m like – jeans? what’s the point? Do you keep them on in your home? Or only when you’re leaving w the kid and it’s leggings in the house?

  6. Ali,

    You are always so adorable. Your look with blue and gold brings freshness and warms the heart at the same time.


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