GIVEAWAY! Sole Society Fall Essentials


Shira Lowinger you won! Please see your comment below for how to claim our prize! xoxo

Remember last month when I did a giveaway for Sole Society products on my blog and I told you guys that if you enjoyed it I would do more? Well, the response to that giveaway was so great that I decided to definitely do another one this month, and next month too! When you’re happy, I’m happy!

There are a lot of things I considered giving away but there’s just something about shoes that every woman loves, so I figured shoes were the way to go! Today I’m not only giving away my boots in the below photo, but I’m also giving away my mustard scarf and red/berry bag! Fall is coming and these pieces are perfect additions to your fall wardrobe. So grab a coffee and keep reading to find out how you can enter for a chance to win them!


Let me start by talking about my scarf. There’s just something so cozy about an oversized scarf. Every fall I’m on the hunt for them in different colors, because not only are they super cozy like I just mentioned, but they are such a fun way to dress up an outfit. And this one’s a really great price! It also comes in a few other colors like rose and lilac. Both so pretty! I decided to go with the mustard color because it reminds me of the leaves changing in the fall. I think I just miss New England in the fall, so the color makes me happy. Oh and this particular scarf is soooo soft! I absolutely hate it when I buy a scarf online and it’s itchy. This one feel so good against my skin!

I got this bag because I thought it was cute to take with me when I need to go to meetings. It’s big enough that I can use it as an every day bag, but it also has a certain structure and professional look about it, it almost looks like a mini-briefcase. On the website it appears to be more of a red color but it’s actually much more of a berry color. It’s even more red in these photos than it looks in person. Just an FYI.

And last but not least, my boots! These boots are the bessssssst! I love that they have a slight wedge so it gives them the appearance of a heel, but the heel is so low that they’re just as comfortable as a flat boot. I think these boots are absolutely perfect for any gal that lives in the city and is doing a lot of walking, or really anyone who just wants to be comfortable.


And Even though I’m not giving away my top in these photos, I have to tell you guys about it because it’s one of my absolute favorite basics. And it’s only $25 so it’s super affordable! You can’t really see it because it’s under my scarf in these photos so I included another picture of it at the end of this post so you can see it without the scarf. The website says it runs small but I got my normal size, a medium, and it fits perfect. There’s something about the neckline of this top that makes it super flattering. It’s such a great basic to wear and layer this fall. It also comes in a navy stripe pattern that would look super cute with boots and a plaid scarf. Trust me when I tell you this is one top that you need in your wardrobe this fall! Just look at the over 450 reviews on the website and you will see that EVERYONE loves this top!

Now for the giveaway! I wish I could give the boots, scarf and bag to ALL of you and I will keep doing giveaways so you have more chances to win! But for now, I know that on Sole Society’s website you can get 15% off if you sign up for their emails. So definitely do that if you wanna buy any of these items. I for one feel like these boots will sell out fast because they are so great!

Here’s all you need to do to enter for a chance to win them!

  1. Make sure you are following both me (@AliFedotowsky) and @SoleSociety on Instagram OR Facebook
  2. Tag a friend in the comments of my Instagram post OR share my FB post that I post this morning with these accessories in it (I’ll post around 8/9am PST).
  3. Comment on this blog post and tell me what color purse you would want (it comes in 3 colors!), what color scarf (it comes in 4 colors!), and what color boots along with your shoes size!

Good luck luvs! I’ll randomly pick a winner on Saturday! Hope you are all having a great hump day! And for more great Fall finds, check out


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1,628 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Sole Society Fall Essentials

  1. Love all your posts! First thing I check every morning with my coffee! Scarf rose, purse grey and boots Mushroom, size 8!
    Keep up the good work.

    1. I have been a big fan of yours since you made your first appearance on the batchelor! so glad you have found happiness! I would love: mustard scarf, grey purse, and mushroom boots in a size 9

    2. Sole Society has been a fave of mine for a couple years. I’m already on their email list 🙂 I hope I’m lucky this time to win! I enter these giveaways sometimes but never win so not sure what the trick is HAHA but you can’t win if you don’t try so… here goes nothing:
      – gray purse
      – mustard scarf
      – 8.5 shoe size

      Thank you for giving followers the opportunity to win!

      1. I love everything you wear, so all in the same colors! Boots in 9.5/10! Also, our babes are so close in age! Mine is 5 months on the 16th but unfortunately I couldn’t breastfeed due to having to go back to work after three weeks, so props to you for still going strong!! ❤️

        1. Love the mustard scarf ❤️, black boots size 7.5 and grey handbag would be gorgeous! Such great items you selected!

          Michele B.

          1. Hi Ali!
            I’d love the grey purse, mustard scarf and black boots 9.5!!
            I love watching your kids grow in IG! Keep being an incredible mom!! ❤️

    3. I would pick all of the same colors you’re wearing because it’s a great color combo! With the boots in size 7! Love the fall!!!

    4. Hi Ali!

      I just love everything about this giveaway!!
      My choices would be Mustard scarf, nude bag and grey boots in size 8! Fingers double crossed. 💗

      1. Hi Ali, thanks for this opportunity. I love your family, you are all so lovely. Molly and Kevin’s posts are hilarious.
        I’m glad to see that Molly is loving day care and you have some “me” time that’s so important for new moms. 😘

        I would love the grey Hingi satchel, the rose scarf and the black Aileena wedge boots in an 8.5.
        Thank You!!! ❤️

    5. Hi Ali,
      I enjoy watching you on Home & Family & seeing your posts on Instagram
      You have an adorable family & yoh are such a positive inspiration to all the young mothers out there 😊
      Luv the items you are giving away!
      Gray bag
      Mustard scarf
      Mushroom boots size 7
      Thank you 😊

    6. Love your blog and hearing about your beautiful family. I would luv the red berry purse with the mustard scarf and the boots in Black size 10.
      Keep up the good work.

    7. Hi Ali, love all the outfits you put together for Fall. They make it so easy for new moms! I love the mustard scary, red bag and black boots 7.5.

    8. Hello Ali!

      I would love to have your exact look! Mustard scarf, mushroom boots size 7, and the berry purse!!!

      Thanks so much!!

    9. I would LOVE to win this!!! Grey purse, mustard scarf and mushroom boots, size 8.5 if they have half sizes, if not, size 8!

    10. Your definitely an inspiration from fashion to motherhood! Keep it up!
      Purse- Grey – goes with everything!
      Scarf- Mustard if course 😉
      Boots- Got to have Mushroom- size 8.5

    11. Hi, pretty mama! Thank you for doing the giveaway! If I’m lucky enough to win, I would love the rose scarf, the nude purse and the mushroom boots (size 10)! Hugs and much love to you and your sweet family!

    12. Hi Ali! Thanks for hosting a fall giveaway! It’s the best time of year!
      Scarf – rose please!!!
      Bag- I really like the gray!!
      Boots- CLASSIC black Size 9 1/2

      Thank you thank you!

    13. Hi Ali!!
      Love a good fall giveaway! This would be my first win..and this momma needs something exciting.
      I’ve followed your directions for Instagram. And I would love the red purse, mustard scarf, and grey boots size 7 🙂
      Thank you,
      Julie (juliep03 on insta)

    14. I loved these boots so much I’m making my first blog comment; pretty sure I did this wrong lol. (I live in Chicago; I would get 7-9 months out of these items). Mustard for the scarf, nude for the purse and mushroom for the boots!! XOXO

    15. I love your style and I love those boots and that scarf, and the purse is amazing! I would like black for the boots, size 10, nude for the purse, and rose scarf. Love your giveaways, would love to win to add some step to my wardrobe. As a kindergarten teacher we strive on being comfortable but fashionable!

    16. I love watching your Instagram storier…you show real life! I would love to have the purse in grey, mustard colored scarf, or the boots in Black size 7.5. Keep on rocking working mom life!

    17. I would love a mustard scarf, mushroom boots size 8 and any color bag that ya’ll pick!
      I adore you, your style and your honesty about motherhood; you’re the best Ali 💗

    18. I love everything about your entire look and your constantly relatable and adorable blog! I have almost 3 year old twins and am just now feeling the relief of getting to know myself again!
      My birthday is 9/12 so what a great present this would be!
      Purse: red
      Boots: black, size 7.5/8
      Scarf: mustard

    19. Love your style! From one mama to another thank your for sharing your stories and helping us to realize we’re not alone in the adventure of motherhood.
      Boots black 8.5, scarf rose and purse nude ❤️

    20. What a fantastic giveaway! I’d love the purse in gray, scarf in mustard and boots in mushroom size 8 please. Hoping I win! ❤️

    21. Love your blog and love this look! It’s hard to choose, but here goes: scarf in Rose, purse in grey and boots in mushroom size 7.5.

  2. That outfit looks great! Thank you for another giveaway 😍
    Purse – nude, scarf – rose, and boots – mushroom color in size 8.5.

  3. Thanks for always thinking of us Ali! These items are so cute!

    I’d like the rose scarf, red purse and mushroom boots in a size 7!

  4. Thanks for having another giveaway, Ali!

    I love the nude purse, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots in size 9!

    Fingers crossed ☺️

  5. I love the colors your wearing. So the Red, Yellow and the Mushroom color in the boot- size 7.

    Thanks for doing these giveaways, so generous of you.
    🙂 <3

  6. Love that you’re doing another giveaway! 🙂 I’d LOVE the boots in black in a size 9, the mustard scarf, and the nude purse.

    Love your blog!! <3

  7. Hi Ali,

    I would LOVE the mushroom boots in a size 7.5, the purse in nude, and finally the scarf in Lilac

    Thank you for doing the giveaways!

  8. Love these fall staples!

    I would love the scarf in mustard, the bag in nude, and the boots in mushroom, size 7.5!

    Thank you for always being so real and honest with your blog posts and always sharing affordable items!

  9. Thanks for doing another giveaway for us! I would make the same choices as you – mustard scarf, berry red bag, and mushroom boots (size 8.5).

  10. I love reading your blog. It’s on of the first things I check when I get to work. I would love the red purse, rose scarf and black shoes in a 7.5

  11. Morning Ali! It’s hard to choose but I went with:
    Camel scarf 🐪
    Red purse👜
    Green beetle shirt🐛
    Black boots 👢

    Thank you for this giveaway!! Really hoping I win!! 😁

  12. Ali, you have the best style! So I’d pick the same as you! The red bag, mustard scarf (screams FALL), and mushroom boots! I love love love those boots!! Size 7!

    1. Hi Ali! Love the blog and your daily Instagram story! I’d love to be considered for the giveaway. Yellow scarf, red purse and size 9 mushroom boots! 😀



  13. Omg this whole outfit is perfection as is!!! I love the trendy mustard yellow scarf, the burgundy bag (perfect room and I love the lob strap) and natural color boots to go with everything! Perfect fall wardrobe!

  14. I love these giveaways as much as I love getting little glimpses of your life! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the purse in Red, boots in mushroom size 8.5, and scars in Rose!

  15. Hi Ali! This outfit and your pics are adorable. I love your blog! I would love to win the nude bag, rose scarf and mushroom boots in a size 9.5, but I would be happy with anything. Thanks! ❤

  16. I love everything about you and your little family. I love, love, love your style. I wouldn’t change anything about your look. I would get your exact look. Mustard scarf, Red purse and Grey boots, size 10. Thank you, Allie!!💕

  17. Nothing dresses up a big sweater and jeans/leggings (aka my fall Mom uniform) like a good oversized scarf and boots! Love this giveaway! I love the grey purse, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots!

  18. LOVE this giveaway! Your outfits are always adorable.

    As much as I love your combo, I think I’d like the nude purse, mushroom boots in size 7, and the rose scarf.

    So exciting! Yay fall!

  19. New Mom here and I never have time to shop. These would be some great fall staples. I love the red bag, mustard scarf and mushroom boots in a 9 1/2. Fingers crossed!

  20. Hi Ali,

    Love this post – and of course all the others with advice from food to fashion!

    I would like the nude bag, 7.5 boots (color you are wearing) and the color scarf you have on. Cheers to Fall!

  21. Hey Ali! Thank you for doing this! It just shows how much of an amazing person you really are! I would love the grey boots size 6.5, mustard scarf and grey purse! ❤️

  22. I’m so happy you’re doing the giveaway! You have such an effortless style that is so classic!

    Nude-purse, mustard-scarf, mushroom size 7-boots

    Fingers crossed!!🤞🏻

  23. Love your style & how open you are about real life on your Instagram/blog — it’s so refreshing!
    Red purse
    Lilac scarf
    Black boots (size 10)

  24. Hi Ali, yay!
    I love these all so much. I would definitely have to copy you, the fashion guru, and say all the same colors😻 and size 8!
    Thanks for doing these, so fun!

  25. Hi Ali,
    I’m a new mom to a baby boy the same age as Riley! I love reading all you’re mom post because they are so relatable! Hope im picked for the hive away, haven’t purchased anything for myself in months!!

    Boots: mushroom size 8
    Scarf: mustard
    Purse: red

  26. Hey Ali!

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

    I would love the scarf in rose, the purse in nude and the boots in mushroom size 8 please 🙂

    Love this look 🙂

  27. Hi Ali! From one Cubs fan to another, I’m trying again- crossing my fingers I win!!

    I’d like the purse in the red/berry color. The scarf in mustard, and the shoes in Mushroom.

    Thanks so much!

  28. I love your style and love Sole Society!! This giveaway has the perfect fall essentials for your wardrobe 🙂
    Purse: Red; Scarf: Mustard; and Shoes: Mushroom, size 8…Fingers crossed!

  29. These items are making me excited for fall weather! I never like to wish away summer here in DC because I know the COLD is coming but great accessories make it better 😉
    I normally would go for the nude purse but I think the red is such a fun pop of color. The rose scarf definitely caught my eye and I would go with the mushroom boots in size 7!

  30. I just love your style and the best part is that many of the items you share are very affordable! I love finding new stores that I haven’t seen before through your posts.

    I’d love the mushroom boots in size 6, grey bag and mustard scarf!

  31. Hi Ali!
    Love your style and all your posts!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    👛: Red
    👢: Mushroom size 8 1/2

  32. Love it!! You’re so stylish! I get nervous trying colored boots sometime but this color looks great!

    Scarf-mustard bag-red and boots-mushroom

  33. Ali,

    Love all your mama advice and true life stories you share about raising a family! 💖 thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Boots size 8
    2. Scarf mustard
    3. Purse nude!

    ~have a fabulous day!!! 😉

  34. Hi Ali!! Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway! I would love all the same colors as you. Mustard scarf, red bag and mushroom boots. Boots I size 11! 😊

  35. Here’s to hoping I win! I’d take the red purse- love that it’s vegan leather. The scarf in lilac and the mushroom color boots in size 9! Great fall outfit.

  36. Hi Ali! Thanks for doing another giveaway! Fingers crossed.
    Purse – grey
    Scarf – mustard
    Boots – mushroom size 9.5
    Thanks! ❤️

  37. I love the mustard scarf! I would say grey purse although I’m tempted with the berry! And black boots i think, though i love the grey. I’m size 7 with sole society shoes!

    Thanks for the opportunity, gorgeous!

  38. Your style truly inspires me!! It’s so simple, but I tend to not take risks often in my style and you give me ideas that aren’t too outside my comfort zone.

    I love the purse in nude, the scarf in camel (feel like that one could go with everything) and the boots in mushroom (gorgeous color).

    Love you Ali!

  39. Hi Ali!! Such a stylish outift, makes it even more exciting for fall! Thanks for doing a giveaway, I love how you connect with women through your blog 🙂 I would love the purse in grey, scarf in rose and boots in mushroom (size 7).
    Thanks again, Samantha !!

  40. Thank for doing the give away!! I follow you on Instagram and read your blog. You are one of my fav bachelorettes ever!!❤️❤️

    If I won I really like the black boots, the bag in nude, and the scarf is so pretty in the rose! I can totally see myself wearing all of these items already, lol! That color pink is becoming my fav, so glad it’s in right now.

    I live in New England, our leaves haven’t started changing just yet. Usually October is gorgeous!

    Thanks for considering me!

  41. Love your blog Ali! Already bought stuff you recommended in the past and am looking forward to this giveaway!! Love fall fashion!

    Would love the bag in red, the scarf in mustard and/or the boots in the mushroom color in a size 7.

    Crossing my fingers!! 🙂

  42. Hi Ali! Thanks for doing another giveaway! Fingers crossed.
    Purse – grey
    Scarf – mustard
    Boots – mushroom size 9.5
    Thanks! ❤️

  43. Hi ali! I love sole society!! And you! 🙂 I’d love the purse in grey, the scarf in rose and the boots in mushroom size 9!! Thanks for the opportunity ali! 🙂

  44. I love your posts! Thank you for doing giveaways! I would love the rose scarf, the grey purse, and the mushroom boots in a size 7! Thank you!

  45. Thanks Ali!! 😊💕

    I would love the mustard scarf, rose purse and size 10 mushroom boots. 👢🍂🍁👛👜🧣

    God Bless! 😘

  46. LOVE these fall staples and could always use some more fall staples in my wardrobe.
    Bag – nude
    Scarf – mustard
    Boots – black size 7

    Thanks Ali, love your blog! ♥️

  47. Love this outfit!! Thank you for doing another giveaway! I would love the same colors you have – mustard scarf, berry red purse and mushroom boots (size 10). Thank you again Ali.

  48. Hi Ali! Thanks for always thinking of your readers/followers by doing these giveaways! Love it!
    Purse: Grey
    Scarf: Rose
    Boot: Mushroom, Size 8
    Thanks again!! Xo

  49. Love the purse in Red, the scarf in Rose, i have a hard time pulling off mustard even though I love it! And the boots in mushroom size 6.5. Hope you have a great day, I’m off to make a german chocolate cake for my husbands birthday tomorrow!

  50. Love this outfit!!
    I would get a red purse, camel scarf, and black boots in a size 10 or 11(depends on if you think they run true to size or not)
    Please pick me! Haha do we have to have a public Instagram!?

  51. Hi Ali I am excited you are giving away these items and would love to win them
    I love the Lilac scarf and the Nude Satchel and the black boots. Sue hope i win. Fingers crossed.

  52. They are all SO CUTE! I love them all! Nude purse, rose scarf, mushroom boots in size 5! Thank you for doing these give sways! So fun!

  53. Love these all so much. ! Also, ❤️Reading your posts so interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing. Like all the same colors as you and my size is 7.5.

  54. I would choose the red bag, camel scarf and black boots in size 11. I ordered a mushroom colour last year from Sole society after your review 🙂

  55. I love the mustard scarf, the red/berry purse and size 7 in mushroom in boots!

    Hope I win! This mama needs some new stuff 🙂

  56. Love love love this! This new mama needs a cute new outfit & purse ❤️

    Grey purse
    Mustard scarf
    Grey boots size 8 😀

    Thank you so much!

  57. I could totally use these fall essentials being that I just moved to Chicago from Texas to follow my dream of living in a bigger city, and am unemployed due to that and can’t spend money on any new fall items 🙁
    Purse- same color
    Scarf- I wanted Rose, but as a blonde as well, that Mustard is FIERCE on you so I say MUSTARD ALL THE WAY!
    Boots- Black Size 8

  58. Love all of your posts! Such cute inspiration for fall! Red purse, mushroom boots size 9, camel scarf. Going to buy that Nordstrom shirt now!

  59. Hi Ali! I really hope I win!!!
    I love this fall outfit 🙂

    Boots-mushroom size 6.5

    Thank you & have a great day!

  60. I love your blog and I love that you do giveaways! Your on the go, cute, classy mom style is my inspiration.

    I would love the rose scarf, the mushroom boots size 7, and grey scarf

  61. This is such an awesome giveaway and I love love love your look! I would love the gray purse, mustard scarf (it was a tough choice between that and the lilac color for me), and mushroom colored boots size 10! 😍

  62. Love this outfit, and the giveaway! I would love the mustard scarf, gray purse, and the same color of boots that you have, size 7.5 ❤️😊

  63. What a fun giveaway! Love this blog…

    Purse- nude
    Scarf- mustard
    Shoes- black, size 8

    Phew, tough decision! Loved all the colors!

  64. So cute! I would love all the colors in the photo. Berry bag, mustard scarf and same color boots size 8. I would never pick these colors for myself but love how you have put them all together.

  65. Hi Ali! I love your site! You have inspired me to buy jewelry from bauble bar and Nordstrom.
    For the giveaway-
    Gray purse, mustard scarf and mushroom boots size 7.5!

  66. These items are all beautiful fall staples! It would be so amazing to win! If I did I would love the Purse in Gray, the Scarf in Mustard, and the boots in Mushroom in a size 8.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  67. Love all these items! I love reading your blog too. Your personality comes through. You seem like such a wonderful person to have as a friend. I love the mushroom coloured boots you have on. And the red purse is a perfect statement item. My favourite scarf is the camel coloured one as I imagine it would go with just about everything.

  68. I would totally love the red purse, the rose scarf, and the mushroom boots (size 8.5). First time entering your giveaways — yay! 🙂

  69. What a fun giveaway Ali!

    I would love the grey purse, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots in size 10! Hope the babies are doing well!! 🙂

  70. Good morning! I’m loving the fall colors!
    Grey purse
    Mustard scarf
    Mushroom size 9

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and for always sharing realistic styles!

  71. Hi Ali! Thank you for doing another giveaway 😍 I would love the nude purse, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots in size 8, please! 😘

  72. I love this!! I would be super excited if I won:D The mustard yellow scarf just like yours, red purse & size 9 mushroom boot 👢

  73. Posted on Instagram
    Following Sole Society
    Tagged a friend
    And 4th step:
    Mustard scarf
    Red purse
    Mushroom boots size 10

    Thanks Ali!!!!

  74. Ali you are just PRECIOUS and I love reading about your sweet family!!! I love this giveaway too!!! Here are my choices: Purse – Grey, Scarf – Rose, Boots – Mushroom, Size 7

  75. Oh man!!!! I want these so bad. And I would love all the exact colors you are wearing. I wear a size 7 shoe. I love your blog and I love your insta stories of real life. Makes me feel so normal in this mom job when you talk about the good and the hard. Realism is hard to come by these days and I so appreciate how real you are. Keep doing you. You are such a great wife and mom!

  76. Good morning Ali,
    I love reading your blogs post each day!
    For purse – I would like grey, everything else would like the same color as you and my shoe size is 7! 🙂

    Have a lovely day! Looking forward to reading more of your post!


  77. Yay! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 I love the outfit! So just like yours ♥️
    Mustard scarf, red purse, and mushroom colored boots in size 8 🙌🏼♥️

  78. Hi Ali! I’m a mom of {almost} three girls, I’m due in December. I have a one year old and a three year old and let’s just say, I haven’t bought myself something cute in a loooong time, haha. I used to have style womp womp. Could definitely use these staple and versatile items for a little Fall bump (pun intended) up in my wardrobe 🙂
    Boots, 10 in mushroom
    Scarf, mustard
    Handbag red.
    All such versatile colors!
    Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  79. Thank you for this giveaway Ali! I love the grey bag, rose scarf, and mushroom colored boots in size 9😊. These items will be great for going back to work after maternity leave, which is around the corner for me!

  80. Ali! I would want you to choose for me 🙂 you have such cute style!

    If I had to:
    Mushroom boots size 7.5
    Grey or red purse
    Mustard scarf

    So excited!

  81. Love your giveaways, so nice of you 🙂 So my Choices would be the scarf in rose, the purse in grey and the boots in black. These would be great choices for me this fall…my job is taking me to San Francisco for a few months for work (my first time there!) and these accessories would be perfect for my work outfits 🙂 Might need your inside tips on San Francisco too 😉 Thanks Ali! – Heather 🙂

  82. Hi Ali! This giveaway is so exciting! I love your style so much. It’s the perfect fall outfit! If I were to win I would love

    The red purse
    The mustard scarf
    Black boots size 7!

    You’re wonderful💞
    Thanks Ali!

  83. Hi Ali! New mama here! I’ve been reading your blog, and this is my first giveaway with you!

    Purse- nude
    Scarf – camel
    Boot – black 8.5

  84. Hi Ali! After looking at all the color options on Sole Society, I love the look and colors that you have chosen for yourself in the photo!

    Mustard scarf
    Red purse
    Mushroom boots, size 8.5

    Thank you for doing this. Love following you on IG! Crossing my fingers!!

  85. Love all of your posts Ali and the giveaways. So happy for another chance. Would love a new style for fall. Purse- Red. Scarf- Rose. Boots- Black- Size 10w or 11 depending of width please. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  86. I love your style Ali!!!
    I would love the rose scarf, tan purse, and mushroom boots in size 9. Thank you! I hope I’m the lucky one 🤞🏼

  87. Love how positive and real you are on your blog and instagram!
    What a fun giveaway!
    I would love a nude bag, mustard scarf, and black boots in size 6

  88. I absolutely love the color combo you have here! I’m really trying to wear more stuff with color. I tend to always go with black. I’m a size 9.5 in boots. This would be amazing!! 😍

  89. Thanks for another giveaway 💕
    Your outfits are always so cute!
    If I win, I’d love the colors you have in the picture…scarf, top, purse and boots in size 8.
    Thank you so much!

  90. Love this! I would wear the yellow scarf, red bag and grey boots too! So cute and and such a great way to add a pop of color! As a soon to be first time mama these items would be a great way for me to easily feel stylish with little effort! ❤️

  91. Absolutely love your style! I’m a mom to a 20 month old & I love following your blog and reading all about you and your babies! I’m a figure skating coach and spend lots of time in the cold, these cold weather accessories are just what I need 🙂
    Berry purse, mustard scarf and mushroom boots size 7.


  92. I just checked out Sole Society’s website and I’m in love with their stuff!!
    Red for the purse,
    Camel for the scarf
    And the mushroom for the boots, 9.5M “)

  93. Good Afternoon Ali,

    This is my first time commenting on your blog! Your outfit would be great for enjoying some fall activities such as apple picking with the family.

    If I was to win, I would like the:
    Scarf- Mustard color
    Purse- Red
    Boots- Size 7.5

    Thank you!

  94. Love your blog and how honest you are about motherhood!!! As a new mom it’s so nice to read!!

    Mustard scarf
    Nude purse
    Mushroom boot size 11

  95. This is so awesome! I probably won’t win, but I’m still so excited to enter ! Lol
    Purse red
    Scarf mustard
    Boots mushroom & size 9

  96. Yay! Love Sole Society😍
    I would love the scarf , bag and boots in the same colors you do have! I wear a size 8. Thank you!!😘

  97. Hi Ali! Love your blog and loving these Sole Society giveaways!

    I love the red purse, lilac scarf, and black boots, size 9.5!


  98. I absolutely LOVE your style!! As a working mommy of a 4 year old girl and 8 month old little dude…I can relate to sooo many of your posts!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Mustard scarf
    Grey bag
    Size 6 boots.

  99. Ali, I love your style. Definitely, the outfit is cute and the colors are perfect for fall. I would love to have that outfit for our family portraits that is scheduled for next month. So here are my picks

    Scarf: mustard
    Purse: red
    Boots: mushroom size 8.5

    Thanks for doing this again!

  100. Hi Ali,
    I can’t tell you enough how much your blog and following you on Instagram have helped and inspired me as a mother! I have a five year old and a 12 week old and it’s so amazing to hear your experiences and know that everything we are going through is normal! Lol
    Thanks for thinking of others like you always do!
    Purse- red
    Scarf- mustard
    Boots- mushroom 7.5

  101. Hi Ali! Love you and your blog so much! Especially when you post mom struggles because I think we all can relate so much! I would love the purse in grey, scarf in rose, and boot size is 8 1/2! Good luck to everyone entering!

  102. Thanks for thinking of your followers and doing these give away! If I win, I’d like the purse in grey, the scarf in rose and the boots in mushroom size 8.5!

  103. So gorgeous!
    Mustard color scarf! (Perfect for WVU game day attire. Let’s Go Mountaineers!)
    Grey purse!
    Mushroom shoes in a size 10!

  104. I love how positive and real you are on Instagram and your blog. What a great giveaway!
    I would love the purse in nude, scarf in mustard and black boots in size 6.

  105. I’d love to pull off this look! It’s perfect! I’m currently loving everything grey 🙂
    Thank you

    Purse: Grey
    Scarf: Mustard
    Boots: Mushroom 9 1/2

  106. Love reading your blog and love how open and honest you are about things you go through!
    Love your whole outfit! Would love the scarf in mustard, purse in red and size 9 boots in mushroom.


  107. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I never ever win, so maybe this will be my lucky day!

    Purse: Grey
    Scarf: Rose
    Boots: Black in Size 7

    Here’s to hoping 🙂 have a wonderful day!!

  108. Super cute! If I win, I’d love the same color combination that you have (with the boots being 7.5)! I love that heel! I’m only 5’1 (and my hubby is 13 inches taller than me) so I spent most of my life in heels… but chasing 3 kiddos isn’t heel friendly (I’m stubborn and I’ve tried). Can’t wait to try these! Thanks!

  109. Ali, you are so thoughtful to do this for your fans. This outfit is such a perfect fall staple.

    I would love the purse in red, scarf in mustard (been searching for one everywhere) and boots in black for a size 8!

    Much love, A

  110. So awesome that you’re doing another giveaway! Love your style!
    Mustard scarf, black boots size 8, and gray satchel. Xoxox

  111. Majorly inspired by your look in this blog post sooo
    Red bag, Mustard scarf, and Mushroom boots size 7!
    So so perfect for fall, I love it! (And your style in general 💁🏼‍♀️)

  112. Thanks for another giveaway!
    Your outfits are always so cute! If I win, I would love all the colors you have in your picture and my shoe size is 8.
    Thank you so much.

  113. Good morning!! This is such an awesome giveaway!!
    I love all of the colors you are wearing, and I would love the boots in a size 7.

  114. I love the grey but you made me want the red purse!!!!! The mustard scarf gets all the heart eyes. I’d love the mushroom boots in 7.5. Soooo good! I love fall.

  115. Hi Ali!!

    These give aways keep getting better and better!!! OMG those boots are to die for! I would LUV them in black size 8. The scarf is perfect in rose 🙂 and as for the bag, I would luv the nude color. This is so fun! Thanks Ali!!

    * off to follow sole society 🙂

  116. I cant get enough of you and your little family! 😍😍😍 I can look at pics n videos all day! Love from NY! 😘

    Scarf: Lilac
    Boots: Mushroom size 7 1/2

    Thanks! Xoxo

  117. Ali, your an amazing Mama. Have really enjoyed following your journey with motherhood. Keep being you!! Here are my color preferences. 💗☺️ Grey purse. Mustard scarf. Mushroom boot. Size 9.5

  118. I’ve been wanting a grey purse for forever 😍 so def grey. Camel color for the scarf and mushroom for the boots in 6.5. Thank you!!!

  119. I absolutely love the Grey HINGI SATCHEL.
    Black AILEENA boots! Size 7.
    LILAC Scarf !

    Such a great giveaway. ❤️
    (@asiseethis on instagram)

  120. Hi! I LOVE your style!! I’m a new momma too and could use a cute wardrobe pick me up!
    I’d love a grey purse, mustard scarf and mushroom boots in size 9.

  121. Hi Ali! Would love to win–your style is the best! Love how affordable everything is and the color combinations you put together! ❤️ I’d love a chance to win the mushroom boots (9.5), mustard scarf, and the gray purse. Keep on rocking! 👏

  122. Scarf in mustard, boots in mushroom and purse in grey! Boots would be size 8.
    Thank you Ali for the giveaway. Fall is my favorite 😍

  123. Thanks for another chance Ali! I could definitely use some fresh fall pieces … my closet seems a bit stale right now!
    My wishlist includes: the grey purse, mushroom boots (sooo cute!) and the scarf in rose. xo

  124. I absolutely love your style because it’s so easygoing (aka perfect for my hectic working mom life!)I love the rose colored scarf, nude purse, and mushroom colored boots!! My shoe is is 7.5!

  125. Hi Ali! Thanks for doing this–you’re the greatest! Purse in red, please. Scarf in lilac, please. Boots in mushroom, size 9.5, please.

  126. This outfit is adorable! Would love to win! 👜Purse in red, 🧣scarf in mustard and 👢boots in mushroom size 5. Thanks 🖤

  127. Love this giveaway! I always admire Sole Society stuff but have yet to make a purchase! I’d love the nude bag, rose scarf, and black boots size 7! I love following along with your blog and Instagram stories—you’ve got yourself a beautiful family! Keep it up, mama 🙂

  128. Hi Ali!

    I would love all the same colors that you have on. My shoe size is an 8.5. Good luck to all of us in this drawing!

    Thanks for doing this for us too, Ali!

  129. Ali! This look is everything. So effortless yet so chic. Also, I love that you really think about your purchases and when you’ll use them (ie the purse and how it can be every day or meetings). I love that you take the time to carefully construct your thoughts before spending the money.

    I would love all these items! I am in such a need of new fall clothes, especially here in Ohio!

    For the purse I would love the grey, the scarf the rose, and the boots definitely stick with the mushroom color. Size 7.5 for the boots!

    Thank you for being so generous and doing this for us xoxo

  130. I’m loving your outfit!! I would go with the camel scarf (only because I don’t think I could pull off mustard like you!), the red purse, and black boots, size 10. Such a fantastic giveaway – I LOVE Sole Society. I already have a great purse from them that was a lifesaver this past summer at my internship. I could definitely use a cute red one though!

  131. LOVE your blog and your style😍 These pieces are so versatile and look great in every color❤️ I’d have to say I NEED the camel color scarf, nude purse, and black boots (size 7.5)🤗

  132. Hi Ali! I love reading your blog! As a new mom and Bachelorette fan, your posts seem so relevant to where I am in my own life! Here are my choices: scarf – mustard, bag – gray, shoes – size 7! Thank you!

  133. Your just the best!!! Thank you for sharing your life with us all. Reading your blog is a part of my morning regime while i drink my tea!

    For the giveaway would love the purse in Nude, Scarf in Mustard and boots in black (Size 9)

    Thank you for being you 🙂

  134. I love this look and your blog so much! ❤️

    Purse: Grey
    Scarf: Rose
    Boots: mushroom size 8

    Thank you for doing a giveaway!!

  135. Hey Ali! Thanks for doing this givaway!! I would LOVE to have these staples in my closet 😍 A rose scarf, nude purse and mushroom boots size 6. We’re still waiting for fall weather over here in Virginia but I can’t wait for scarf & boot season!

  136. Hello🌞Sunshine, I love the combo that you’re are modeling! You’re always so stylish, Scarfs: Mustard Handbag: Red Boots: Mushroom Size: 8 1/2, thank you sweetheart and good luck everyone!💕

  137. I loved following the maternity styles and I’m loving the post baby style also!

    Scarf in rose
    Bag in gray
    Boots in mushrooom size 6

  138. Hey😊
    So I lost my mustard yellow scarf so I would love the mustard one! And the red bag because I love statement bags and all I carry around is a diaper bag so I would love to have a nice new fall bag! And the aame colour of boots you have in a size 9!

  139. Ughhh I wish I could pull off mustard as well as you! Just a color that will not work for me 😭! I would choose
    Grey purse
    Rose scarf
    Black boots, size 8.
    Awesome giveaway Ali!

  140. Ahh! Love sole society! I’ve been waiting to buy a pair of boots but they’re always sold out….
    I would do the grey purse, mustard scarf and mushroom boots!

  141. I love the satchel in nude, the blanket scarf in rose and the boots in mushroom (size 10). I love the color combo you have on too!

  142. So cute, girl! You put that together very well. I am loving the mustard scarf and red bag! And I’m a 9 1/2 size shoe. Thanks for doing this giveaway and keeping it real! You’re one of my mama inspo’s! 😀

  143. I love the entire outfit!!!
    I would love the mustard scarf, red purse and mushroom boots in size 7. Even if I don’t win- def going to buy something.


  144. Amazing giveaway Ali!!!! One of many but my fingers are crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
    Purse in grey
    Boots in mushroom size 7
    Scarf in rose

    Thanks so much for doing these!

  145. You are so cute! I really, really love the over-sized scarf! I also live in LA so it’s not time yet to wear boots and scarves but I am sure it’ll start cooling down in the next month or so! 🙂 I would order the mustard scarf, grey purse and mushroom boots. I am a size 6.5.

  146. What a generous giveaway! 💗

    I would love to have the scarf in mustard, red purse ( so I can still use it during Christmas) , and the mushroom boots in an 8.

    You have great style

  147. I LOVE Sole Society! Their products are so amazing and affordable!

    I would love to have the red bag, mustard scarf (love this color), and black boots (size 10)!

  148. Thank you for doing the giveaway!! Love reading your blogs 😍

    I would absolutely adore the nude bag, rose scarf and black boots size 8.5! Please ❤️

  149. These are such great pieces for fall! I’m so ready for cooler weather and fall clothes.

    Boots-mushroom, size 5.5

  150. Love this entire look Ali!!! My favorite color purse is the grey… rose for the scarf… and mushroom for the boots! 💛💛 My shoe size is a 7.5!

  151. What a great fall giveaway! Fall is definitely my favourite time of year. I love the colours. If picked for your give away, I would choose the mustard scarf, the red purse and the black boots in size 7. Enjoy your day 😊

  152. You’re so sweet Ali! ❤️
    I love the mustard scarf, grey purse, and mushroom boots size 9.5!
    Thanks for doing another great giveaway!

  153. Hi Ali.

    I love the whole outfit and I adore your blog. I love how honest and open you are on here.

    Purse -red
    Boots- mushroom size 9
    Scarf- mustard

  154. Ali I love your blogs!! 💕 following you always brightens my day, plus all the real mom posts I really enjoy. Motherhood is challenging but soooo rewarding. These giveaways are great, fingers crossed🤞🤞.
    Purse: camel
    Scarf : pink
    Shoes : 8.5 mushroom boots

  155. Good Afternoon Ali
    Love all of your blogs, you and your adorable little family
    Please give me: purse- red scarf – rose boots- black
    Thanks and have a great day!

  156. Adorable outfit!! Mustard scarf, red purse, and mushroom (8) shoes. Love the look in your post!! I love checking your posts everyday!! I have a little boy around the same age as Riley and I love hearing your stories because I can relate to them so much!

  157. Love this giveaway!! Red for the purse (you’re right- so New England fall!), mushroom size 9 boots and rose scarf (I swear both the red purse and scarf would look good!)

  158. Omg!!! Love love love you and Sole society!!!! Crossing my fingers for the purse in grey, scarf in lilac, and boots in grey!!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Xoxo

  159. I have loved following you, your fashion is so attainable! You give such great tips! If I won I would pick the grey purse, mustard scarf and mushroom boots size ten. Thank you so much!

  160. Thanks Ali. Love following you and your Family. Your posts are amazing. For the give away I hope you’ll ship to Canada. If so I would like the berry (red) purse, lilac scarf & the bone boots in a 7.5. Thank you so much for choosing me!!! 😀😀😀

  161. Good morning, love love this giveaway. Definitely would ❤️ The nude purse , mustard scarf and blk boots in size 8.5. Fingers crossed, have a wonderful day !!!!!

  162. I love this! Purse in grey, rose scarf, and mushroom boots, size 6…please!! 💗🤞🏼
    I love following your journey with your beautiful family!

  163. Thank you so much for all your inspiring thoughts each and every day! I would love a chance to win a mustard scarf, gray purse and black or mushroom color boots size 9 (both are SUPER cute)!!!

  164. I love all these fall items! As a momma who finally lost the baby weight these would be great fall items to add to my collection!
    Scarf mustard
    Purse red
    Boots mushroom 9.5

  165. First of all, love the outfit! I would love the bag in grey, the scarf in lilac (so pretty!) and the boots in black size 8!

    I love reading your posts and following you on Instagram! Thank you!

  166. I’ve been thinking that a pair of more fashionable boots would be good for the Massachusetts fall/winter but they are so expensive. I would do the mushroom boot (size 6.5), Rose scarf and grey purse.

  167. Hi! As a New England girl myself, I agree with you on the fall colors. It’s my favorite time of year! I would love the mustard scarf, red purse and black boots size 10. Thanks Ali!

  168. Love your style! I’m a mom of a little 2 year old girl and you really inspire me and I feel like I can honestly relate to so many things you post since our girls are a little less than two months apart! I love the grey purse, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots (size 8). XO

  169. I love the red purse, lilac scarf and mushroom boots in an 8.5! You’re kiddos are adorable! We just had our second and they are both very close in age to your two. So much fun!

  170. I love Sole Society!!! and I love you! Have been following you ever since the bachelor! I really appreciate how real you are with your followers, especially about motherhood. Molly is a peach, i love when you post videos. Cant forget about Riley, such a cute little bug, love his smile…excited to watch him grow! I could go on forever about how much I love your little family but thank you for this giveway!
    Hingi Satchel: Red
    Aileena Boot: Black size 9
    Oversized Blanket Scarf: mustard

  171. Love following your posts & blogs!! Fall is my favorite season even though it doesn’t last very long in WI. 😔

    I would love the red purse, the rose scarf & the mushroom colored boots in size 7.5!

  172. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for always posting such great content. As a mom, I love to see what you recommend wearing or using with your kids. You make being a mama of two look so effortless (although I love the candidness too! Haha). I would love the camel scarf, grey bag and grey boots! My shoe size is 8.5.
    Keep doing you!

  173. This is absolutely awesome. Thanks for all your great blogs and posts. Purse-grey, scarf -mustard, boots- black 8
    Thank you!!

  174. LOVE the outfit!!! Perfect for a nice fall day 🍂

    I would love the MUSTARD scarf. The NUDE purse and the MUSHROOM boots in a size 9 please!!

    Thanks. X

  175. Wow! What a generous giveaway! I love all your favorite but because of my skin color I would choose a different color scarf, probably rose for the scarf, the nude for the bag and mushroom boots in a size 7. Have a great day!

  176. I’m getting married in October and we’re honeymooning in Asheville, NC. These items would be the perfect additions to my suitcase! I’d love the mustard scarf, black boots (size 10), and nude purse.

    I love your taste in fashion and look forward to all of your posts and fashion inspiration!

  177. Love these styles!!

    I would love to win the Scarf-mustard, purse-red and boots mushroom size 7….I already have the other mushroom boots (over the knee you recommended), so I know I love the color!!!

  178. Thanks Ali for always being an inspiration! I love reading your blog posts in my jammies and with my morning coffee in hand. You are true girl boss! 💕💕

    Purse- grey
    Scarf- mustard
    Boots- 5 1/2 in mushroom 🙂

  179. Thanks for doing this, Ali!

    Grey purse
    Mustard scarf
    Mushroom boots 6.5

    Ps. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on last night’s BIP! 😱

  180. My daughter just introduced me to your site. WOW!!! 💜 Love your style!!! 💜 You have a new follower.
    Scarf ~ Camel
    Purse ~ Red/Berry
    Boots ~ Mushroom 7.5.
    THANK YOU!!!

  181. I live your giveaways, and your blog! Love following as a fellow working mom of two- it’s hard work!

    Purse in grey, mustard scarf (gorgeous!), and black boots, 7.5 (these are amazing)!

    Thank you!

  182. Thank you for doing this amazing giveaway. I love your fashion styles! I would be grateful to win a rose blanket scarf, a gray Hingi satchel and size 8.5 black Aileena boots💕

  183. Hi!
    I’m a college kid in Ohio and I’m in love with this scarf but I can’t afford it right now.
    The black boots and purse, and yellow scarf I think would look fabulous together.

  184. Hi Ali! Absolutely LOVE this outfit it’s perfect for a nice fall day ! 🍁

    I would love the MUSTARD scarf, the NUDE purse and the MUSHROOM boots.

    Thanks for all the Giveaways 🌷
    Have a great rest of your week .

  185. I love this giveaway! Perfect for fall! I would choose the nude bag, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots, size 6. Such a hard choice!!! Love them all- thanks for sharing!

  186. Mushroom boots in size 9. Mustard scarf and grey purse! This stuff is so cute. As a stay at home mom to 3 kids it’s nice to be able to dress up cute once in a blue moon. The weather has already been fairly cool a few nights here so I would love a new scarf for sure! Also the boots because I keep taking my moms 😂 she lives next door… have a fabulous day and good luck to everyone! I do hope I’m picked though.

  187. I love your blogs, and you always have the cutest outfits.

    Purse in grey, scarf in rose, and boots in mushroom size 8.

    Also your family is just so cute 🙂

  188. Hi Ali! Love your style and this giveaway!!

    Mustard scarf, red purse, and mushroom colored boots in size 6 would be so great to add to my closet! Thank you!

  189. Second time mom to a beautiful 2 month old girl. I know how it feels to want to feel good after having a baby. I’m really struggling with it right now.
    Scarf- mustard
    Boots- mushroom size 9

    Thank youuuu!

  190. Cute outfit (you look cute in everything though!)
    I like the rose scarf grey purse and mushroom boots size 7!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  191. Hey Ali,
    I’m a college kid in Ohio and I’m in looooove with this mustard scarf and I want it so badly! Gotta love that college girl life where you only spend your money on coffee.
    I think the black shoes (10.5) and purse would look awesome with the mustard scarf.
    Have a great day!

  192. I love your site and you are so sweet to do these giveaways ❤️ I love the way you have this paired so I’d love the purse in red, scarf in mustard and boots in a size 6 mushroom

  193. All are SO cute! How do you decide? My favs: the scarf in mustard, the bag in nude, and the boots in mushroom (size 8.5)!! Love the look!

  194. Love this fall look! Scarf- mustard, purse – grey, boots – mushroom size 10 ♥️♥️♥️ Also getting that shirt now.. love the color and simplicity with the mustard scarf .. fall is the best!

  195. You’ve got such great taste I just want your outfit! Scarf in mustard, purse in red and boots in mushroom size 8. And you are right, this is a perfect New England fall outfit!

  196. Love your style and life! I hope you’re feeling better!.
    The red purse would be lovely.
    The scarf mustard would be pretty.
    The boots in mushroom would be epic. (Size 7.5 please and thank you)
    Thank you kindly!

  197. Love Sole Society and your IG posts! I would choose the mustard colored scarf, mushroom colored boots, and nude colored purse! Fingers crossed!

  198. Hey Ali!
    Purse Grey
    Scarf Lilac
    Boots Black, Size 8

    So impressed with everytbjng you do on top of raising your gorgeous kids! Keep up the great work!

  199. Good afternoon Ali,
    I love reading your posts! You are so real, and honest. I love your style! The scarf in mustard, purse in grey and boots in black(8). Thank you!

  200. Hey Ali!!
    I always love your style! Sooo excited about this giveaway 🙂
    I’m loving the scarf in the mustard color! The purse I would keep it simple and go with the nude. And the boots I’m obsessed with the grey in a size 7!
    Thanks xoxo

  201. What a fun giveaway Ali! Love the color combination for fall! I’d love the mustard scarf, berry bag and the mushroom color boots size 7.5. Thanks so much!

  202. What a cute look! I love keeping up with your sweet posts 💕 You are so honest and real and I love that about you. Would be so excited for the nude purse, mustard scarf, and mushroom boots!

  203. I absolutely love the colors of mustard for the scarf, berry for the bag, and the neutral for the boots (size 6.5)! They are combinations that go with everything. Thanks for sharing!

  204. Love following you (since the bachelorette days) and keeping up with your blog ! This giveaway is ideal – I love the nude bag, black boots in size 9, and mustard scarf 😊 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  205. Hi beautiful!! So excited about the giveaway! Fall is my favorite time of year here in NC! I would love the mustard color scarf, red purse, and size 6.5 black boots. 🤞🏼❤️🤞🏼❤️

  206. You are so awesome!! I would love any color of each but if I had to choose…

    Nude purse
    Mushroom boots size 7
    And mustard scarf!!

    Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  207. Thanks Ali! Our baby boys are just a week apart and your posts make this mama feel like she’s not in it alone! Thanks for keepin it real 💕

    Red purse, mustard scarf and the mushroom boots in size 8.5 😘

  208. Hi Beautiful! Super excited about the giveaway! Fall is my favorite time of year in NC! I would love the mustard color scarf, red purse, and size 6.5 black boots. ❤️🤞🏼❤️👍🏼

  209. Purse Red 👜
    Scarf Camel🧣
    Boots Black size 8 👢

    Love your blog, your family is beautiful (many blessings for you) and so generous to do these giveaways ♥️

    Thanks and Good luck to all 😁🍀