A Blush Tunic on Sale for $27

Hi guys! I am so sorry that it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged. Normally I’m on top of it every day, but this week has just been so extremely busy, I’m falling behind on so many things. A lot of it has to do with the fact that this is my first week back to work and Molly also started school. Her going to school will eventually be a quick break for me (it’s only 2 days a week for 3 hours), but right now I have to stay with her until she has adjusted. The teachers recommend the first few days. I also had meetings with people this week to discuss business opportunities and to get finances in order. We really need to get life insurance! We have two kids, it’s time!

And as many of you probably saw in my insta stories, I have just been feeling like I am not keeping up with life these days and can’t seem to do anything right. And I want to do better! I want this blog to be a place you guys can count on to see new posts from me and I have been SLACKING this week. I promise to try my best to do better moving forward. And I think this is a great post because of the great deal on my top!


Anyway, tomorrow is affordable Friday! Even though I’m technically posting this blog post on a Thursday night, I’m counting it as a Friday blog post. And on Fridays I like to post affordable clothing! This tunic I’m wearing in these photos is a favorite of mine. I own it in both white and blush and right now it’s on sale for only $27! The reason I love it so much is because it’s a great basic to wear with pretty much anything this fall. Also, since it’s so long, it’s really great to wear with leggings and still have your booty covered. And it’s the type of thing that will work season after season. The pic above of me wearing the blush tunic was taken the other day, and the photo below is of me wearing my white version of the tunic last fall. Actually, it may have even been two years ago. I can’t really remember, but either way it will pretty much never go out of style. I’m wearing my normal size – a medium.

And in this third picture I wanted to show you guys the back of the tunic to show how long it really is. It really is perfect for covering your booty when you don’t want it showing. Sometimes when I’m carrying a few extra pounds, like I am now, I’d like to keep my booty covered. And I especially like to keep it covered when I’m wearing leggings. It’s a super easy look to throw on this fall to wear out with friends, or to wear to work with leggings and knee-high boots. Comfortable, stylish, and easy to put together. Can’t beat that. And the price is just so good at only $27.

And real quick about my jeans. They are from Mott & Bow and I’ve had them for a few years now. I love the mid rise because they cover most of my tummy area that is pretty stretched out since giving birth. And they’re super stretchy and comfortable. I really recommend these jeans if you’re looking for a new pair for fall!

Hope you guys love!

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41 thoughts on “A Blush Tunic on Sale for $27

  1. I love the tunic Ali! It looks great on you too. 👍🏽 Just wondering, what size do you wear for the tunic?

  2. Love the shirt! Thanks for post! Ps I know a person who can do life insurance and is amazing! I can give you his info if you’d like!

  3. I just watched your instastories and I just want to say you are way to hard on yourself! It has been a very hard week for you between going back to work and Molly starting school, not to mention you haven’t really been sleeping. It will get easier once you get through the first few weeks! Stick in there and keep your head held high you are doing great!!!!

    1. Thank you love. I know I am hard on myself. It’s just hard when everyone sees and points out your mistakes. I mean,,,thank goodness people called me out for the PBJ thing!!!! But it’s still hard feeling like you mess up in front of so many. But I know I’m only human. Thank you for the love!

      1. No one is perfect make sure to remember that! I am 30 I have two boys 10 and 7 and to say the least it has been a roller coaster😀they are 2.5 years apart and I was young to have babies. I am sure I had plenty of mistakes and still do,but things do get a little easier just take it one step at a time. The pbj was important, but people have nothing better to do than sit on social media and criticize other people on what they are doing. Just try to ignore them I know it’s hard.

  4. Love your stories and blog. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all have bad days or bad weeks. I’m feeling the same way today. I feel so behind in my errands and my bills are messed up and it’s just not who I am. But at the end of the day the kids are fine and we moms always find a way to catch up. And you look amazing!!! I have a 3 year old and still can’t figure out how to make myself look more put together. Looking forward to a good Friday.

    1. I only look put together on days I have work stuff and HAVE to get my makeup done or spend time doing my own. Most days I look a mess!!!!

      Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. Do some Mamas have weeks where they aren’t a hot mess? I would like to meet these people! My kids are 7, almost 6 and 19m…and I feel like my head is barely above water most of the time! But you know what I’ve learned, especially after having my third? All that stuff that shook my confidence with my first 2 just doesn’t even matter. You make mistakes, recognize them, and move on and try to be better the next day. At the end of the day, no one loves and cares for those babies like we do and that is what matters. Just keep doing your best!

  6. Hi Ali,
    I just had to comment today and tell you I think you’re doing an amazing job taking care of your babies as well as juggling going back to work! I have followed you since the bachelorette but am new to the blog since my sister recommended it to me a few months ago. I have a 3 week old baby boy and have so enjoyed following you through your pregnancy and birth journey with Riley! I want you to know how much reading your blog about the challenges and joys of motherhood has helped me to feel better about how I’ve been feeling since giving birth. I never realized how having a baby can be so wonderful but so hard at the same time and reading your blog has really validated those feelings for me! I hope you know how many people you touch with your openness and honesty!

  7. Love this top! Was thinking of ordering it along with a few other things from Nordstrom! Looks like it runs big though so not sure what size to order (I’m normally a small). And don’t worry, September is always a hectic month for all! Having the same feeling as you . I’m a SAHM and still can never seem to get myself back on track until at least mid October! It gets easier just hang in there!!! 🙂

  8. I bought the same blouse a while back in green and it’s one of my favorites! I like the blush but ended up going with the yellow this time. I’m in Louisiana and am an LSU girl so it’ll be perfect for game days!

  9. Ali, life insurance is very important, but so are Wills, Power of Attorney, Medical Directive/Living Will. I work in a law office and I know everyone should have these.
    You may already have these and that is good. Just thought I would mention them.

  10. Firstly, you’re doing A GREAT JOB! Seriously. The first weeks on a new schedule are a huge adjustment.

    Second, is this tunic nursing-friendly? Is the neckline low enough to sneak a boob out? This would pair so nicely with a skirt that I’ve had such a had time finding the right style to go with it.

  11. Don’t forget to create an estate plan as well if you haven’t already. That’s important as well for your kiddos sake!

  12. Ali;

    I’ve literally done the same thing – I’ve gotten to my office and go to take my jacket off only to realize I’m in my slippers!!! I kept them on until lunch and ran home to change them lol!

  13. I’ve been following you for years and really connect with your momma personality. However, just a little feedback. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m seeing you have a lot more sponsored posts and today, I just couldn’t help but feel like you were being a little robot/commercial like. I mean kibbles and bits, lol really!? with crunchy bits and chewy bits or whatever you said!? I know this is part of your livelihood for your sweet family, but it comes across not genuine. You have an authentic aspect about you despite your big following and I miss seeing that when supporting you. Hope it’s just a phase and you can pick and choose the items and companies where the content you put out isn’t so saturated with sponsored posts. Hope you can see that I’m coming from a place of support and love for you. Thanks! Wishing you the best!

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I work with companies who have products I use because that’s the only way I can continue doing this blog. As a momma of 2, I would NEVER be able to keep up with this blog if I had a full time job outside of this and motherhood (I do have part time job I go to however). But I ALWAYS work with companies that I use! And we are doing an experiment with Kibbles and Bits that I will share more about later! I turn down teeth whiteners, skinny teas and MANY other products that I see people endorse online and they pay A LOT! But I don’t believe in them so I don’t promote. Hope you see that I am doing my best to keep my blog going and be genuine! Everything I promote, I use 🙂 Hope that helps you understand where I am coming from 🙂

  14. Ali WHY are you being soooo hard on yourself, RELAX and stop trying to keep up, and be perfect, you’re NOT failing, it’s called motherhood and life, Let things be, don’t sweat over everything!

    1. You are so right. It was just a REALLY long and hard week. But I slept in today while Kevin got up with the kids (before I passed him over to Kevin at 5am, Riley was up every 2 hours all night long!)

  15. Does Molly go to a Montessori school? I didn’t know school started at 2, I thought it was officially 5 years old and kindergarten? Do you mean daycare or preschool or is your daughter doing actual school work? I’m genuinely interested as my daughter is also quite advanced like Molly and needs extra challenges compared to kids her age (2)!

  16. I love your makeup. Can you please share which products you use and which colors. I love your lipstick color it looks fabulous on you .

  17. Ali, you are an amazing mama!! Don’t let a tough week make you feel other wise. Something I often have to remind myself of, even if nothing else gets done in a day or nothing gets done right, as long as my kids know I love them, then I’ve had a successful day! And I know without a doubt your kiddos know they are SO loved!!! Hang in there, mama!

  18. Ali, you are an amazing mama!! Don’t let a tough week make you feel other wise. Something I often have to remind myself of, even if nothing else gets done in a day or nothing gets done right, as long as my kids know I love them, then I’ve had a successful day! And I know without a doubt your kiddos know they are SO loved!!! Hang in there, mama!

  19. Hi Ali! First, I need to thank you for keeping it real on your blog and insta stories and showing all of us your ups and downs. It is refreshing, and you are doing a GREAT job and are an amazing mamma!

    Question on the tunic – is the white/ivory see through? I am trying to plan an outfit for our newborn lifestyle photo shoot (so hard since I can’t try on right now) and determine if this top might work, or if I should keep searching 🙂

    1. Yes, the white is pretty see through. I have it and wear a white cami underneath. I’ve even worn a black cami underneath with black leggings.

  20. hi! I love your posts about style and bachelor! I just bought the tunic, can’t wait for it to arrive. Do you have a favorite brand legging for fall? Thanks!

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