Help Me Pick an Outfit for my Event Tomorrow!

Happy Monday guys! I hope everybody had a nice weekend. I’m excited for tomorrow because I’m hosting an event in West Hollywood. It’s going to be my first time hosting an event since I gave birth to Riley, so it feels like a pretty big deal for me! Normally when I host events like this, I’m prepared at least a week in advance! I’ll have my outfit ready, hair and make up planned and really just feel pumped to have a great time. This time… not so much. Well I’m ready to have a good time, I just have no idea what I’m going to wear! So I need your help today!


I don’t have time to go to a store and look for something, so I am going to get something on Nordstrom’s site and then pick it up in the store. Did you guys know you could do that? Buy online at Nordstrom and then pick it up in the store? I’ve just started using this service for the past few months and I love it! It’s made things so much easier for me especially since Riley was born. Our local Nordstrom even has a little drive up place where you just drive up and run in to pick up your order so you don’t have to worry about parking. It’s pretty awesome.

So I’m going to link 5 of the dresses that I am choosing between below. I’ll probably order two online just to be safe and then pick them up at the store this afternoon, so you guys tell me what one you think I should wear tomorrow! I’ll make sure to post a picture of what I wear to let you know which one I went with. And of course I’ll be doing Insta stories throughout the event. It’s mamas big day out so I’ll definitely be documenting it!

So which of the above dresses do you think I should wear? Click on the picture above to see bigger pics of the dresses. I kinda love them all! I even already own one of them (see below) and its sooo cute on. But I love the others too so I am torn!



As you can see from these pictures, at first I had Molly try to help me pick something out but it didn’t go too smoothly, as you can imagine! Ha! Oh and real quick, the sweater I’m wearing in these photos is new. I got it in both white and this berry color I’m wearing. It’s a lightweight sweater so it’s a perfect piece to transition from summer to fall. And I just love the relaxed fit of it. And I can wear it buttoned up like this and tied in the front, or untie it in the front so it’s a long sweater. You can even unbutton it and wear it like a cardigan. I think it looks really good all three ways and is therefore a really great versatile piece. You will absolutely love the sweater! And it’s under $50 🙂


And for those asking about my bandana in my insta stories. It’s by Madewell and only $12. The exact color I have it out of stock but I have the red one and green one too and love them all!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! I’ve been a loyal customer for YEARS and I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to work with you now. I don’t think I could live without you! Ha!

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302 thoughts on “Help Me Pick an Outfit for my Event Tomorrow!

  1. They are all so cute! I vote either #1 (white midi) or #5 (Eliza J tiered tassel). Have fun picking one out!

    1. I agree. All are cute but I love the white one (I might have to get it.) and the striped tassel maxi. You look really good in that style. I have used the pickup in store feature at Nordstrom and love it!

  2. I am going to give you two options: One the Crochet overlay dress in blue or the chiffon maxi dress. You look lovely in maxi dresses. Good Luck!

      1. The crochet overlay… but I love the white overlay instead of the blue. I also love the 4th; pink mini is a classic and another fav!!!

    1. I vote the white dress as #1!! It’s stunning. White is just so fresh and beautiful…definitely my #1 pick!

      #2 is the blue lace dress. I love it! Not as much as the white though;-)). It’s a great color and style. I think you would look amazing in both of these!!! And they are both a bit different. I feel like the other 3 you would kinda see on anyone…they’re just ok.

  3. My number 1 choice is the Chiffon Maxi Dress with the blue flowers. It’s gorgeous! Second choice would be the Crochet Overlay Dress. Have fun!!!

    1. I love the chiffon maxi too. I’m wondering if it will be too formal for my event. But I could make it more casual with sandals.

  4. You would look beautiful in all of them! My favourites are the crochet overlay dress and the blue flower chiffon maxi dress.

  5. Blue Crochet overlay dress because I think it’d be nice to see you in something a little different… I feel like we always see you in maxi dresses, which look great but the crochet dress is a little different and you would look great in it 🤗
    Second choice would be chiffon maxi dress

  6. I like either the tiered tassel fringe cotton maxi or crochet overlay! Can’t wait to see which one you go with!

  7. Easy choices for me : #2 Eliza J Crochet Overlay Dress or # 3 Eliza J Chiffon Maxi Dress
    Both are a little more formal and eye catching and since you are the host…I think the dress should be a little special and stand out (plus : I think they would photograph beautifully)! The others are a little more safe and not as special looking in my opinion.

    Enjoy the event!

  8. My vote is the chiffon floral dress, and second is the white midi dress with some cute tassel earrings and bold heel to match. Good luck!

  9. Both of the Maxies are my favs!!! They are perfect for hosting because they look so comfortable and they are adorable!

    1. Comfort is one of the reasons I ALWAYS lean towards maxi’s. Not just because they are comfortable, but because I can wear flats with them!

  10. I LOVVVVE Eliza J! Its always my go to brand for any dress up event! I vote either the Eliza J crochet overlay or the Eliza J maxi. Both beautiful!

  11. You will look fabulous in any of these! But my pics are the Chiffon Maxi or the Strappy Mini (the pink one) i think these two would look incredible on you.

  12. I love the white midi! You always look cute so I’m sure you’ll look great in anything!!

    Also- I’d love to send you a free product to try from my company if you are interested- let me know 🙂 Have an amazing time at your event!! Tiffany

  13. I love the ruffle trim Midi dress and the crochet overlay dress. Ordering the Midi dress for myself. What a great price too

  14. I’m obsessed with the striped maxi you already have…. but maybe for an event I’d go with the #1 – white midi or #2 – crochet lace overlay. Both are pretty!

  15. Chiffon Maxi or light pink strappy! You always look stunning in blues and maxis, but I think the light pink would be perfect for the occasion! Something different and special for your first hosting event since baby boy!

  16. Definitely the crochet overlay dress and chiffon maxi dress! All would look great on you but those are my 2 faves out of all of them 👍🏻☺️

  17. My first choice is the white midi dress! (SO CUTE) and my second would be the blue coverlay dress. Can’t go wrong with any of them though!

  18. White midi is fav, can really dress up with any color in shoes and jewlery for a pop. 2nd fab chiffon maxi. If have a little tummy yet from baby, feel both hide it well.

  19. In love with the Eliza J Chiffron Maxi Dress, as in may need to order this one myself. I feel like it could be dressed up and dressed down. It is a timeless piece. My other fav is the one you already own. Such a beautiful dress❤️ Good vibes for tomorrow’s event.

  20. All are so cute that you cannot go wrong! My fav is the white midi (#1) and second fav is the crochet overlay (#2). Good luck and have fun!!

  21. I LOVE the Crochet Overlay Dress because I feel like you could use it for multiple events. My second favorite is the Chiffon Maxi Dress

  22. I love the lace overlay dress, and the long maxi one!!! You will look beautiful in any one of these! Have fun hosting this event! Yay!!!

  23. I definitely vote the crochet overlay dress! The detailing is perfect and the color would look gorgeous with your hair and skin tone!

    1. I hope I can still pull a dress like that off. I haven’t been wearing short dresses lately because my legs aren’t what they used to be. Ha!

  24. I’m obsessed with the crochet overlay dress. It’s SO pretty! I also really love the pink strappy one. But my choice would definitely be the crochet overlay. That lace is gorgeous 🙂

    1. I’m going to do a a insta story poll with that one and one other based on what everyone says on here. But the crochet overlay is DEF in the top two!

  25. Definitely the lace overlay(I’ve seen it in the store – it’s gorgeous!) or the blue floral maxi! Both are beautiful so you can’t go wrong either way.

  26. They are all beautiful! Are you going to have to nurse while wearing the dress? If so I’d pick the one that is easiest to pull down and zip back up. The white and blue floral maxi reminds me of the nursing dress you posted on the blog a couple months back!

  27. Hi!!! The crochet overlay (#2) or the Blue/White floral Maxi (#3)!!! Love those! Have fun hosting your event!

  28. My first pick would be the maxi blue floral dress, second pick is the white one! It’s so refreshing!

    I was going to ask what the event is, because maybe that would help pick but no one else seems to be asking so I guess it doesn’t matter!! Have fun!

  29. I vote either the white one with the blue flowers or the all blue one with the bow. I think it’ll look cute with your hair. But I also like the orange polka dot one. Not an option you listed: but it’s so cute. 🙂

  30. Depends on what kind of event it is. Is it out door? Is it more of a dressier or casual event? I like the 2 maxi dresses though! Very cute!

  31. I think you really suit floral outfits so the floral maxi dress is my vote, such a nice summery outfit too.

  32. The white dress would look amazing with some bright colored jewelry like coral colored earrings or even blue/turqouise!! All are beautiful though!

  33. I love both the crochet one and the flower print chiffon maxi dress. You’d look great in any of them! Enjoy your event tomorrow 😘

  34. Lace overlay or chiffon maxi. If you or Kevin don’t have time wear the one you have. Good luck!!

    Note: i think it would raise a lot of money for your charities to have someone shave Kevin’s Hair like they did his brother, Ryan’s at the Ellen event over the weekend. I am sure you would bring in thousands 🙃😊😘☮️

  35. I loveeee the crochet overlay!!!! Sorry beautiful! I also love the chiffon maxi. You will look beautiful in anything!

  36. Hi Ali! I read every single one of your blog posts and always want to post a comment but then I forget somehow. I don’t even have kids so there is no excuse 🙂 Anyway, the crochet overlay dress FOR SURE. It’s so pretty! You’d look so great in it! Have fun tomorrow!!!

  37. They are all beautiful! I can see why it’s a hard decision. Personally I love the Crochet Overlay Dress!

  38. I love the Blue Chiffon Maxi, this would be my first choice. The lace overlay is also super cute, so depending on the event, I could see you in that as well.

  39. I think I’d have to say the Eliza J Chiffon Maxi dress! It looks so elegant, like something Kate Middleton would wear to an event! Loved the design and the white/blue combination will look great on you!
    Plus people usually tend to wear short dresses to events so this maxi dress will make you stand out and look stylish and comfortable at the same time!

  40. I would say the crochet overlay dress with a close second being the chiffon maxi dress.

    I believe you’ll look stunning no matter what you wear 🙂

  41. Another vote for the crotchet overlay dress. Plus, the shoes the model is wearing with the dress works great and I feel like you have posted about similar shoes in the past! So at least it will help decide your shoe choice too!

  42. I love the crochet dress the best! However, it does depend on the event they are a bit different in style.

  43. I like crochet overlay! Is it an evening event? Crochet and pink seem best for all occasions where others more for a day event. But all are so cute!

  44. I LOVE the pink Dee Elly Strappy Surplice Mini Dress and the Eliza J crochet overlay dress! Plus, with it getting into Fall, I feel like you could pair a cute blazer or cardigan with the pink dress also!

  45. Hmmm torn between Option #1 (the white dress) and the Option #3 (the pretty Eliza J Chiffon maxi dress).

    the white is super fresh and you can accessorize with a great necklace and/or earrings with a fun pop of colour but the chiffon maxi dress looks like it would feel like butter on!

    All are good options, so you can’t really make a bad decision! Good luck and have fun hosting!

  46. i LOVE the white one – the first one. so pretty!! and then I like BOTH of the maxi dresses!! the striped one you own is gorgeous!!

  47. Hi Ali,

    Yay! Busy momma gets a night out. 🙂 Enjoy yourself.

    My favorite dresses for your big night that would look fabulous on you are the Eliza J. Blue crochet overlay and the white dress. Either one.

    Have fun!

  48. #3!!! The Eliza J Chiffon Maxi Dress would look so beautiful on you! ♥️

    Have fun! And thank you for sharing your family and honesty with us all! It’s refreshing and a joy to read your blog!

    Cassie J

  49. Just a heads up, I ordered the peach mini dress for an event and had to return it because it runs really small!! It looks like the maxis and crotchet overlay are in the lead anyway, but, I wanted you to know just in case! 🙂

  50. The Eliza maxi. You always look stunning in blue! I also have two under two! Wondering how you got your body back! I can’t seem to forge any time to work out as my 9 week old demands to be held all the time.

  51. I love the white and blue floral maxi! I could see you looking gorgeous in that one with your hair in loose waves and an awesome clutch! Enjoy the event. Getting dressed up post kids is fun. I love any excuse to not rock “mom clothes” and put on some lipstick, jewelry and heels. Have fun in whatever you choose!

  52. I think the blue floral maxi!! I looovvvvee the bright summery feel it has and it’s so pretty! You look so great in maxis!

  53. Lace Overlay! Fun dress for any event and could easily wear it again. My second pick would be #1- classic summer dress style, can’t go wrong

  54. LOVE the pink strappy sleeveless mini and also LOVE the short sleeved blue lace mini that has the nude underlay in it ♥️

  55. They all look gorgeous but i think the crotchet overlay dress is my no 1 pick or the chiffo maxi dress my 2nd pick

  56. The one you own. Because I’m all about saving money. Haha. But I’m also all about complaining I have nothing to wear…because I wear the same things over and over again. So maybe don’t listen to me?!? 😝

  57. Crochet overlay OR white midi….all are adorable options, but those 2 are my faves!! You’ll look gorgeous no matter what you choose 😘

  58. I vote for the Eliza J or the one you already have, those would both be beautiful on you and dressy but still not seem over dressed to me. Also, love these photos of Molly too! Is the striped bandana she’s wearing in the pics from an etsy shop or Nordstrom as well? I can’t seem to find it from the link posted.

  59. Love the cobalt maxi since I secretly want this dress myself!! It’s gorgeous! A transitional dress between summer and fall.

  60. White Midi!!! It’s way too cute and you have so many options with shoes and accessories! And it’s stinking adorable. Without question, that’s the winner!

  61. Crochet overlay will look gorgeous on you! Well, they all will, but that’s my favorite. Have so much fun at your event tomorrow! It’s such a good feeling to get bits and pieces of your “old” life back after having a baby, but now better because you have TWO sweet babes to come home to. 😊

  62. The white or the Eliza (long blue floral). But I didn’t see what type of event it was. Maybe you said and I missed it. Let us know what type of event when you pick your two for us to vote!

  63. Ok Ali this is easy ! Your young and beautiful go for the short strappy it matches your fun energetic ( yes energetic even with 2 babies) and u look amazing so go for it !!! U can wear it and look Amazing 😉 like the lace too

  64. Chiffon Maxi Dress — So elegant!!! You will look stunning… (shouldn’t even need to worry about makeup) just smile your awesome smile!!!

  65. You would look beautiful in any of them – the chiffon white with blue flowers maxi dress is stunning. If you would rather go for a short style then the white midi would be great! You can’t go wrong with any of them. Enjoy the event !

  66. Definately the light blue lace / crochet dress! I think it is flattering and it adequates to most occasions.
    Have fun, lots of love from Portugal!

  67. White is so clean and classic& I think it looks especially great on blondes! The overlay crochet one seems like it’d make your eyes pop! And the light pink one speaks to me too-it looks feminine& sassy and gives off this vibe of “I’m a mom but I’ve still got it”! Ok I chose three, but at least that’s narrowing it down:)!

  68. I like the crotchet light blue one.
    Also question what do you do with your worn clothes,I take hand me downs btw. 😉

  69. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of your choices! As a former nursing mama, my brain still goes to what will be the easiest to pump in if you are going to be away from Riley for more than a few hours.

  70. I like the crochet overlay but depending on the event could be a little more fancy. The floral chiffon soooooo pretty. They are all great options. The pink strappy one I would worry about my boobs falling out

  71. I love the overlay (sorry I know I’m too late by now…but still!)

    Also, just wanted to say thank you for telling us about the pick up in store same day option. I have a friends wedding this weekend, and had something picked out I already own, but wasn’t super sure about it. I am finally getting my PhD in chemistry in a few months, so I don’t have much time to spare these days, but I went on the website and found a cute dress (55% off) that’s perfect for the wedding and am picking it up later today!!! 🙂

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