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Step into my office… Mrs. Manno will see you now. I couldn’t resist the 50 Shades reference!

I can’t believe this is the last room in my home tour series. At least for now. We’re still going to do the guest room and our balcony space eventually but we haven’t even started either of those yet so it might be a while before I get to show you. But I am so excited to share my office space with you guys today!

Veronica Valencia (my designer) and I actually just finished the space last week. And honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time because I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk lately. I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m so exhausted with my two little ones, but I definitely needed something to inspire me and this office is definitely doing the trick! I feel like it’s super important to have space to work in that not only inspires you, but is also organized so that your brain can be free of clutter. I wholeheartedly believe that when your space is full of clutter your brain is too. Will my office stay this clean forever? Put it this way, we shot these last week and my office already looks a little bit messy. But I’m doing my best to keep it as clean as possible!

And just like all the other spaces I’ve shown you in this home tour series so far, Veronica totally nailed this one! By the way, if you haven’t checked out our house tours you totally should. I’ll link them here – family room, formal living room, dining room, master bedroom, Molly’s room, Riley’s room and Molly’s play area. Veronica designed every single one of those spaces and we are so grateful for her. She truly is a rockstar designer! And I’m not gonna lie, there were times throughout the process that I would see the furniture come in and think “this isn’t going to work!” Because honestly I just don’t have the vision that she does. But then of course Veronica would come in and move things around and add details throughout the space and it would come out just perfect! Honestly she works magic and I have no idea how she does it. But I’m just grateful that she did it for us! So since this is the end of our tour series I want to end it by starting off saying that if you need an interior designer, I can’t recommend Veronica more! She has the ability to know your style when you don’t even know your own style. If you’re not looking for an interior designer at the moment, you might as well at least follow her on Instagram to be inspired daily with her amazing designs! She is one of my favorite people to follow!

OK, let’s talk about this office! This is my dream blogger’s office! And it all revolves around this clothing rack. When Veronica first asked me about the space I told her I needed some sort of clothing rack to plan out my outfits for my fashion blog posts. I was just expecting to use some plain old silver one that I’ve seen a bunch of places. But literally minutes after telling Veronica that I wanted a clothing rack, she sent me the link to this gold one and I just about lost my mind! It is the coolest item in our entire house! Whenever people come over they are dying to know where it’s from.We got it from Wayfair! Isn’t that insane?! I feel like it looks like an antique. Like it belongs in one of those old fashion fancy hotels. Once I saw this clothing rack I knew everything else in the office had to revolve around it.

And for fun, we put all my favorite clothes on the rack for the shoot so I will link up the clothes below so you guys can shop what’s on my rack right now!

And as you can see in these pictures to complement the gold clothing rack we added a gold lamp and a gold pouf on the ground. I actually love the gold pouf, not only because it looks cute, but it’s super functional. I’m able to sit on it when I’m going through my shoes on the bottom of the rack. Ottomans are one thing that I never realized I needed so badly in my house! I don’t think we had any in our other house and Veronica has really shown me not only how they make a space look and feel so much more complete, but how functional they can be to provide seating. In fact, Veronica Valencia and her plan was to put a loveseat in this room for when I have people over for meetings, but that was before she realized I needed the clothing rack. So because I don’t have the loveseat, the ottoman at least provide some sort of seating if I do have any meetings in my office. I would sit on the ottoman and give the person coming over my chair of course. Or the blush ottoman on the other wall in the room, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

If you get the clothing rack or any clothing rack really, you want to have baskets to put on top of it for storage. You could line it with purse’s on the top, but that might look a little messy unless all of your purses/bags are super structured. So we put this large woven basket, a two-toned basket, one of my beach bags and a black hat box on the top. And I think it’s so cute how Veronica used one of my floppy hats as a decoration on the wall. Our ceilings are really high in our house so when Veronica was designing, she really had to focus upward not just on the surface level of the room. Adding the hat above the clothing rack draws the eye up and I think looks really cool.

And last thing about the clothing rack, it has little hooks on the side to hang purses from or really whatever you want to hang, and the shelf on the bottom is great for putting your shoes. I’ll link all my bags and shoes that are on the rack as well below.

What do you guys think about the large mirror to the left of the clothing rack? Pretty cool huh? I think that it’s absolutely gorgeous on its own but wait until I tell you what it really is. It’s a jewelry display case! How insanely cool is that! The mirror opens like a door and has a felted jewelry display space inside. I am so in love with this piece of furniture. What’s so great about it is that not only did I need a large mirror in my blogger’s office, but I also needed a space to put all my jewelry. And if you guys can’t tell from these photos, my office is pretty small. So there really wasn’t space for me to have two pieces to accomplish both these things. That’s why this two-in-one piece is so incredible for me! If you get it, know that it is extremely heavy! And that’s because it’s super high-quality. But we had it reinforced by a professional to the wall so there was no chance of it tumbling over in an earthquake or just in general.

To the right of the clothing rack is a faux olive tree. You guys might know I love to decorate throughout my house with olive branches as you’ve seen them in multiple places in this home tour series, but Veronica suggested I get a faux olive tree for the office and I love it! We have one real tree in our house and I’m having a pretty hard time keeping it alive, so I’m happy that all the rest of the trees are fake. Ha!

Now onto my desk. I wanted a simple white desk because I think it looks neat and clean but I knew I needed storage options and a filing cabinet. So we got a white filing cabinet to put on the side of my desk for all my papers and other things. We also got a leather file holder to put on top of the desk and a white storage box that I keep my stapler and tape in. On the window behind the desk there’s also a file box for extra storage. And of course we just wanted to add some pretty details with these faux flowers (we got 3 bundles) that are absolutely gorgeous! And this white flower soy wax candle. It smells so good!

Moving around the room you’ll notice framed drawings of me on the wall that a follower of mine drew that add a personal touch to the room. I wish I could remember who drew them so I could give her credit! If you’re the artist of these drawings and you see this, please let me know so I can give you proper credit! It was so long ago, I think five years ago when she sent these to me.

And then on the other side of the room is this gold pin board that I use for blog inspiration. Whenever I see something in a magazine that I love or inspires me, I’ll rip it out and put it to this board. And of course there’s a picture of me and Molly on there and her hand print that Kevin made for me on Mother’s Day last year that is super special to me. Below the pin board is a blush ottoman that is actually a vintage piece, but I’ll link another pink blush ottoman here that I think would be really cute. On top of the ottoman is a hat box, one of my favorite Sole Society purses, a white clutch and a burlap pillow.

My chair isn’t a desk chair so I was honestly pretty nervous about whether or not it would be comfortable to work from. And honestly it’s quite comfortable! And it just looks so much prettier than a proper desk chair. Veronica threw a light grey throw blanket over the back of it and I thought it looked so pretty in these pictures and I’m actually loving having it in the office. Out of all the rooms in our house, for some reason my office gets super cold when the AC is on so I’m always chilly in here. I’ve found myself cuddling up with this blanket in this chair multiple times since we shot this room last week.

Last but not least is the rug and the white chandelier we hung in the room. I can’t find the link to the exact chandelier, but I found a couple similar ones here and here. I tried to find two at different price points so hopefully these will work for some of you who want a similar look. And the rug totally completes the room and is super affordable. I honestly wasn’t sure how grey, white and gold would all go together in this space but Veronica pulled it off! I think her choosing this rug to pull those color together was perfect! The color scheme is so chic to me!

Kidding – ONE more thing. My pink sweater in these photos is by J Crew and pretty affordable. I love it! It’s the perfect light weight sweater to transition from summer to fall. It also comes in white. I’m wearing a medium.

Well that will do it! I can’t end this without thanking Veronica Valencia again for designing all of the spaces in our home. I honestly don’t think I could’ve imagined a more beautiful place to raise my children and I’m so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Veronica! And thank you to all of you for reading along during my home tour series. It’s been so much fun sharing every detail with you guys and as things change around our home I’ll continue to share! We still need to do our guest room and our balcony and I’m actually planning on completely remodeling our master bathroom and master closet. So more to come on that in the future! Love you guys!

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49 thoughts on “Ali Luvs Home Tour – Blogger Office Space

    1. I can totally share pics, I just don’t really have details to share since the only furniture in our kitchen is chairs.

    1. Lively spaces in your home. I envy the pastels everywhere. I’d be hard pressed to keep it tidy with little ones. I’m a new follower. You provide lovely content. I look forward daily !!
      Dana in Tacoma.

  1. This space is amazing ! I really loved your home tour serie ! As already said above I would love to see your kitchen too ! And what about your outdoor space ? And bathroom ? I really love your house, the vibe is so cosy and peacefull ! Have a beautiful day Ali ! 💕

  2. I love it!! The tall ceilings make it even better!! I love how it all came together. You inspire me! Now I just need to find a way to fund this home decor obsession of mine! ☺️

  3. So pretty!! I love all the rooms in your house! I would also LOVE to see kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors. 😍

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it!! If I could photocopy your house in to mine, I would in a second. What a great collaboration between you and Veronica.

  5. I would love to see pics of your kitchen also. Your house is beautiful. You should show us your yard also, like where Molly and Owen play, the swimming pool, flowers and decorations. I love beautiful yards.

  6. This is my favorite room by far…it is so feminine, light and bright. I am totally stealing many of these ideas! Great work Veronica!

  7. That gold rack is amazingly beautiful, but that chair and chandelier are everything! Such a beautiful space-definetly a blogger’s dream. Your home is stunning, you all did an amazing job.


  8. Your office looks amazing, the whole house is beautiful. Beautiful home +beautiful family = many happy memories.

  9. The drawings on the three picture frames are awesome!!! I was looking to purchase but I read they were sent especially for you! Very very nice gift!!!

  10. Hey Ali!
    Do you have a link to purchase a similar office chair to yours? I’m looking for one just like that!

  11. Ali your home is stunning!! im in love but i often wonder does owen cast and how do you cope? especially with the babies. we have a beagle penny and 5month old twins and i hate having to hoover every single day but i just wondered how do you mainyain it. or do i need to chill out a bit! xxx

  12. Office is pretty. Honestly the tree ??? Dust collector. A fountain would have been nicer and peaceful for you. There are tons on the market. Check them out. There so relaxing :). Love it though. Love listening to you. 😀

  13. How about bathroom tour next! You seem to have this great black and white designed wall that I saw in one of your posts and looks great.
    My life is living your life! Ha!

  14. Love all of it!! I already had my eye on that pinboard, and it’s an extra 20% off today on the PB Teen website! I will now be putting that white desk and those Target flowers on my list 🙂

  15. Ali, L.O.V.E your office. One question, I need this exact chair!!!! Do you know the link or name of the chair?? <3

  16. I wish I could afford this on a teacher’s salary. I looked up all these products. I think I can afford the flowers from Target at least! 🙂 Beautiful space Ali!

  17. I love the personal touches of the drawings. I come from a family of artists and think that having something sentimental and artistic makes me, in turn, more creative. Love that you get some of that in your space!

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