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TGIF! It’s been a really busy week for me so I’m stoked that it’s Friday. My brother is actually flying into town tonight from Massachusetts so I’m really excited that we’re going to get a whole week with him since he hasn’t even met Riley yet. And since he’s in town, we’re having some friends over and I’m looking forward to hosting! We haven’t really had a big get together with friends since we moved into our house, so I’m excited (and nervous!) to host for the first time. I decided to do recipe testing today and have Kevin be my taste tester/guinea pig! He didn’t mind since he got to sit back and eat yummy food and drink Moscow Mule’s. Ha!

I made really yummy strawberry Moscow Mules that I had never made before, so I wanted to test them first and they did not disappoint! All I did was puree strawberries with some water and sugar and add to a regular Moscow Mule recipe. Then I topped them with a lime, strawberries and mint! I think they came out pretty great!

Anyway, even though our house is fully decorated and ready for company, I definitely didn’t have a ton of things to use to serve appetizers or for drinks. So I hopped on eBay’s website to grab everything I needed. You’d be shocked how many items are available on eBay! Even if I’m on another website and I find something I want to buy, I always go to eBay and search for it to see if I can get a better price. And I honestly usually always do find a better price! And it’s a huge misconception that they only have used items that you bid on. The majority of their items are actually brand new from vendors like any other website. You just usually get better deals!

Right now they’re actually having their End of Summer Sale so they have so many great prices on things you would use for summer entertaining! Plus, even though it’s technically nearing the end of the season, with the heat we’ve been having I feel like summer is really only beginning so it’s awesome to get the sale prices. I ordered a few pool accessories like this lounging pool float for me and this ducky float for Molly. She is going to flip when she sees it! She’ll think the pool is one big tubby!

Back to me being the hostess with the mostess! I got these really pretty Moscow Mule cups that are absolutely essential if you’re going to serve Moscow Mules. Plus they’re just really gorgeous. I’m always impressed when I go to someone’s house and they serve a Moscow Mules in these cups. It just seems fancy to me or something. Ha! It doesn’t take much to impress me! And so many of you had told me that you think there’s too much white in my house, so I’ve been trying to buy more things with wood-tones. Because to be honest, I kind of agree with you. I need to branch outside of the all white home decor zone! So I got a wood serving tray and this gorgeous wood serving bowl.


















And I wanted to serve some of the food on something a bit more special than just a plate, so I thought a cake stand would be a cute idea to serve these crostinis. All I used to make them was a baguette that I toasted with some butter in the oven, goat cheese layered with walnuts and cranberries and drizzled them with a balsamic glaze that I bought at the store. They are soooooo good! I also got some cute blue and white striped napkins. I’ve decided now that I have a grown-up house, I should use grown up napkins instead of using paper napkins. Plus I’m trying to be better for the environment.

And so many of you have asked me about the signs I have hanging on the wall in my dining room. My designer bought them for us from an antique flea market, but I found super similar ones on eBay! I will link them all in thumbnails below.

Anyway, just wanted to share these great finds with you guys and give you details on the drinks and appetizers I have planned for tomorrow. Do you guys have any suggestions for another easy appetizer or drink I could serve? Also, let me know if you find any really great deals when you’re browsing the eBay End of Summer Sale. I know fans are on sale and I really want to get one for our bedroom. Just because we don’t keep the AC on too cold because of the baby, but I’m always sweating so I need a fan to be pointed at me. Let me know if you guys find a good one that’s part of the sale! And wish me luck entertaining tomorrow!

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30 Thoughts

30 thoughts on “Entertaining in our New House

  1. Goat cheese is my new favorite thing! Everything you made looks delicious (and adorable!)

    Please post more recipe ideas!!

    1. Goat cheese is soooooooo yummy! It’s so easy to use in appetizers! I make a REALLY yummy avocado toast with goat cheese! I’ll post it soon!

    1. How stinkin adorable are those?!?! I might try to make my own little version of those with different ingredients! Thanks for the inspo!

  2. Seriously I LOVE Moscow Mules we are having such a hard time finding Ginger beer though in our area it’s so strange. Also I just found out I’m expecting our second child haha so I guess I’ll have to drink Virgin drinks now.
    In regards of your house having too much white…. no way!! haha if I had it my way that’s how I would have my house too. Don’t get me wrong I love colour too but the white makes everything look so light and clean. And makes any colour that you add just pop! The wood trays work perfectly with your decor! Looks awesome Ali and I totally wish I was one of your friends coming over for those yummy goodies! Haha

  3. We make Caprese skewers with cherry tomatoes, the little mozzarella balls and basil. Just alternate on a little skewer or toothpick. Then we drizzle with a little olive oil, balsamic glaze and salt and pepper. 🙂 Enjoy your brother’s visit. I always loved when mine would come. Now, he lives with us! 😉

  4. I have been looking for Moscow Mule mugs (that aren’t like 15.00 EACH!!) all summer! These look awesome so I just irdered them; less than 25.00 for 4 is amazing!! Thanks!!!
    Also, have a great partu; everything looks fabulous!

  5. Hi Ali! I absolutely love these pics! It all looks so fun and inviting 🙂 I know your friends and family be super impressed with you this weekend!! I usually just do fresh guacamole in a fun bowl. Also, cream cheese with a pepper jelly! 😋 add some tortilla chips and you are good to go! I do love Harry and David jelly. Found that Tabasco pepper jelly-at USA Walmart is delish!!Can only get H&D in USA 🇺🇸 😣So I stock up when I am there! Have fun!! 😋🍓🍹

  6. Hi! Can you share where the pitcher is from? I’d love to get one to go with the mugs, but am not finding one I love. Thanks!

  7. Did you post the drink recipe? I’ve certainly heard of moscow mules, but never had one. Share the recipe please! Cheers Ali!
    P.S. – I had no idea Ebay had new items! Who knew?! 😁


    My “ go to” appi which takes 10 minutes and every single time it’s a hit.

    Fresh dates( pitted)
    Fresh almonds roasted in a pan for 5 minutes on medium heat( keep moving them so they don’t burn). I roast almost all my nuts when purchased because they stay fresh longer and it enhances the flavour a ton.
    Stuff an almond into each date
    Place on medium heat with about EVOO. TOSS constantly( they will burn quickly) just heat them thru

    Place on a nice long white platter( white looks stunning as the oil and lime zest merge)
    Drizzle the remaining evoo from the pan all over

    Toss a bit of Himalayan salt over them and then zest one medium organic lime

    The colours pop as the lime and salt merge with the oil. It’s pretty. I add three slices of lime at one end for a little pretty and a few fresh flower stems.

    It is insanely good, always a huge hit and they are my go to sweet snack in the fridge when I am craving sweets.

    Enjoy Ali

    PS. Be sure to tell guests that it’s filled with a date not the pit. Lol

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