Basics and Accessories – A Sole Society Giveaway!

The winner (Sarah G) claimed her prizes today! Thank you to everyone for entering. I will do another one next month!

Hey friends! I’m super excited about today’s blog post because it involves a giveaway! YAY! It always makes me so happy when I can do these giveaways because it’s my little way of thanking you guys for all your love and support. And today’s giveaway is so good! You know I’ve been a fan of Sole Society for a really long time. I pretty much get the majority of my shoes and bags there. If you go back and look at my blog posts over the last few years you’ll notice that I’m almost always using Sole Society accessories. And today on the blog I’m giving away this light pink scarf, this purse and these studded flats! If you win, you’ll get to pick out what color you want in this purse and what color shoe. The shoes come in black and cream. I absolutely love the cream colored ones!


My light pink scarf is also a great transition piece from summer into fall. It’s really lightweight so you can wear it in the mornings or the evenings during the summertime. But it would definitely work on a fall day as well. And I really just love the color. In the summertime, I’ll sometimes start off my mornings wearing a scarf like this, and then when it gets too hot out I’ll tie it around my purse like in the picture below. Then in the evening when it gets cooler again I can throw it back on.

My purse comes in four different colors. I went with the camel color because the neutral tone goes with so many things. But really any of the colors would work for a variety of looks. Sometimes I feel like a purse can take an outfit from being super casual to looking more put together. And I definitely feel this is that type of purse. I think it’s the details and structure that make it special. And it’s such a great price!


My loafers might be my favorite part of this outfit! They’re under $100 and look super expensive because of the studded details! Like I mentioned above, you can get them in black or cream. Really, you should just get whatever color you tend to wear more of. I don’t wear a ton of black so that’s why I went with the cream. But if you wear a lot of black then the black ones would be super cute with jeans, a graphic tee and a leather jacket.

And you’ll notice that really the accessories completely made my outfit. If I didn’t have them I would just be wearing jeans and a navy crewneck top. Although, I will say that I really do love this crewneck top that I’m wearing. It’s super affordable at only $25. And the neckline is cut in a way that’s super flattering. It has over 450 reviews on Nordstrom’s website so as you can see a lot of people have it. And the majority of the reviews are 5 out of 5 stars, so I think it’s safe to say it’s a pretty incredible top! You’ll need a lot of basics like this for fall for layering so I suggest getting a few colors. I have it in white, black and in this navy color I’m wearing.


Now for the giveaway! Unfortunately, I can only give away these three items to one person. But I’ve noticed on Sole Society’s website that you can get 15% off if you sign up for their emails. I get their emails all the time and they always have special discounts and sale alerts so it’s definitely worth signing up anyway! The 15% off is just a bonus! And here’s all you need to do to enter for a chance to win these items on my blog today!

  1. Like my photo on either FB or Instagram that I posted this morning with this accessories in it.
  2. Tag a friend in the comments of my Instagram post OR share my FB post.
  3. Comment on this blog post and tell me what color purse you would want and what color in the studded flats, along with your shoes size!

Again, I wish all of you could win. But I plan on doing these giveaways once a month for the next few months! And even longer if you guys are loving them! I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday night or Monday morning so check back then 🙂


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1,742 thoughts on “Basics and Accessories – A Sole Society Giveaway!

    1. I would love both the black loafers and i love it all and size 9.5 or 10 would be perfect ❤❤ thanks Ali

        1. Such great looks! Thank you for sharing. I would like the oxblood handbag and the shoes in black, size 9.5.

          Please keep the photos and stories of you and your sweet family coming!!

    2. Hi Ali,
      Love following you and your beautiful family in Instagram ~ you have beautiful taste in clothes and your home.
      I love this give away and these amazing pieces! As a plus size person it’s great that these items are one size fits all!! 👍🏻😂😂😂
      I do always wear black but love the cream as well so I’d be happy with either colors in the shoes!
      Thanks for the opportunity to win!! Happy Thursday to you.
      Linda Pappas

    3. Hi Ali!! I just love your blog! ❤️
      If I were to win, I would love the camel purse and the cream colored shoes in 8.5, please and thank you!! xo

    4. I love the whole package! I’d keep the same as photo and size 8 shoe! Thanks for showing me what I could be wearing lol

    5. I think u are awesome and it’s amazing how down to earth you are and always inspire women thank u for that 😀❤️
      I would like both in black and shoe size 8

    6. I LOVE Sole Society!!
      PURSE: oxblood color
      SHOE SIZE: 8.5
      Love this giveaway & totally up my style alley. So is YOUR style, Ali!

    7. I love the idea about tying the scarf to the purse when to hot. So cute. Cream shoes size 7.5 / camel purse 😊 thank you

    8. Thanks Ali! I love your blog and posts about mommyhood. I’m expecting my second and get lots of inspiration from you! Camel purse, black shoes, size 8. 🙂

    9. Camel purse, cream shoes, size 6 pretty please! 😃 I absolutely love that you’re doing giveaways and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    10. I would love the Oxblood purse! And the shoes in cream, size 8.5. If no half sizes, an 8! These shoes are everything!

  1. Hi Ali! Love these items. I would choose cream colored and size 8 loafers and camel colored purse! Crossing my fingers! Thanks 🙂

  2. I’ve bought a couple pairs of shoes from Sole Society since you spoke so highly of the brand and I have to say I LOVE THEM! Such great quality for reasonable prices and so many options.

    I like the camel bag, cream shoes and size 6.5. Thanks Ali!

  3. I have never commented on here but have followed you for a long time.. love your blog and I am from the berkshires😀😀I never win anything but maybe I will this time lol
    I would do the same as you and shoe size 8

  4. Camel purse and cream shoes in an 8.5 would be a great combo! Always looking for simple and versatile pieces to elevate a look

  5. I love that scarf! So cute. I would pick the cream shoes (size 9) + the marigold purse! Love the fall colors!

  6. Cream shoes (size 11) and camel bag.
    I’m impressed they have size 11 shoes!! Doesn’t happen often!! And that scarf- is perfect.

  7. Love this outfit. Super Chic.
    I love the camel purse and the cream shoes (size 7)

    Have a great day! 🙂

  8. camel purse, cream shoes..size 8.5! I love everything you are wearing and really just want your entire outfit!!!

  9. Hi Ali! I love your blog. I’d do the same as you-Camel bag and cream shoes, size 8!

    I LOVE your outfit and that scarf is absolutely adorable!

  10. You always post such cute stuff! Thank you for sharing! I would get either the cream purse or black purse and definitely black shoes in a size 10!

  11. Those shoes look amazing!! I’ve been looking for a pair just like this! I would do cream shoes, size 8. And probably the camel bag – like you said, it just goes with everything!

    Love watching the IG stories you & Kevin post of Molly…she’s literally the most adorable thing ever!!

  12. Ali, this is a wonderful thing you are doing! Love following your blog. Camel purse & cream shoes size 9.

  13. I love the purse and shoes! They are both adorable. If I won I would want the camel purse and cream shoes. I’m a 5 1/2 in shoes. Thank you for the chance!

  14. Camel bag, cream shoes size 7.

    I’m such a fan. I recently had twins and love your honesty about your body. You are an inspiration!

    Lindsey S

  15. Beige purse 👛 , Black shoes 👟, And my shoe size is 9! 💖

    I have never won a contest before so I always love entering in these!

    Thank you for being you as an amazing role model!

  16. Hey Ali!! I love following you and your family!! 🙂

    I would love the black purse and black flatts..size 8.5!!!

  17. Omg amazing!!! Thanks for the chance to win these amazing items!
    I would pick
    light pink scarf
    Camel purse
    Cream shoes 🙂

    💕💕 thanks Ali!

  18. I love the purse and shoes! They are adorable. If I won, I would want the camel purse and cream shoes in size 5 1/2. Thank you for the chance. Have a great day!

  19. Hey Ali!! I love following you and your family!!

    I would love the black purse and black flatts..size 8 5!! 🤗

  20. Ah I love these! Very versatile and totally great pieces to have for late summer and fall, or any season.
    I would choose the camel purse, and cream shoes in the size 7 1/2! ❤️

  21. Camel Purse, cream shoes size 9.
    Keep up the amazing blogging, IG stories and posts.
    Thanks for being you. PS – can I have Molly? She is the cutest thing ever. 🙂

  22. Ali this look! I love it all!

    I would do the camel purse. Such a great neutral color and I really rock more tans and camels vs blacks these days. So then I would also do the cream studded flats. Which I really need a new pair! Size 7.5!

    Thanks for being so great and generous with these Ali!

  23. Our styles are very similar. I would stick with the neutral colors as well. Camel purse and cream shoes in size 7.

    Thank you!

  24. Love this look Ali! Thank you for sharing and offering a great win!

    Camel purse, cream studded flats, and my shoes size is 8! 🤗

  25. The purse looks so cute in oxblood, love the cream shoes (in size 10), and I love everything you post on Instagram! Anytime there is a new outfit I quickly run upstairs and see if I can mimic it with something I’ve got :).

  26. Oxblood purse, cream colored loafers in an 11, which they may not have. If they don’t, a size 9 so I can share the awesome with my mom??

  27. Long-time blog reader here 🙂 Sole Society has some great finds! I’m loving the marigold purse and black/silver shoes, size 8. Keep up your awesome outfits and posts, Ali!

  28. Hey girl! I’m all about the camel purse and cream shoes in size 9.5/10 😍 Sending love and best wishes foryour sweet little family ❤

  29. What a fun way to start dreaming about fall! If I win, I’d love the purse in camel and the shoes in black, size 8.5.

  30. Black shoes size 7.5 and oxblood colored purse.
    Thank you so much for your consideration. I would be grateful for any color.

  31. Hi Ali, I love this look and your style! You looks so amazing. Cream shoes (size 9 or 9.5) and Camel purse.

  32. Caramel purse, cream shoes, size 8 😊 so cute! I’m a teacher and always looking for stylish, comfortable shoes and cute accessories! 🤞🏻

  33. hi!

    love your style, i choose same as you. camel purse, cream shoes; size 6!

    fingers crossed, thank you!

  34. The camel color purse and the cream shoes (in a size 8) perfect staple pieces for ANY season. So in love with the way you paired everything! 😍😍😍 plus the pink scarf is sooo cute!

  35. Love the camel purse and the cream loafers (I’m a 7.5!)! Both are so neutral and lovely! Thank you for these giveaways…so fun!

  36. LOVE the outfit/accessories. So cute.

    I would definitely go with the colors you have picked. Tan bag, cream shoes in a 9.

    This mama could use some cute in her wardrobe!

  37. hi,

    i have a 4 year old & now 6 month old, having a nursing baby & toddler make it difficult to look cute! you do it so easily! love your style, i choose same as you. camel purse, cream shoes; size 6!

    thank you!

  38. Oh yes, definitely the camel purse and cream shoes!! Size 8.5. Love, love, love!!!

    Thanks for doing this!!

  39. Love your style! Oxblood coloured purse! Such a good fall colour. Size 10 flats in black even though I love the cream.

  40. LOVE that bag, the camel color is perfect for fall, especially because I live in New England, your home! I also adore those flats in the cream color, (size 8). Love your blog and posts on insta, gives me great style inspiration!! 🙂 xoxo

  41. I would love the bag in the camel color as well! I love the cream shoes, but I think I would wear the black ones more. Probably in a size 9 or 9.5, do they run pretty true to size? I love Sole Society as well! Thanks for turning me on to them!

  42. Ali! I absolutely love this blog and your Instagram — your family is adorable! So is this outfit…size 8 cream loafers and camel purse would be a great addition to my wardrobe 😉

  43. Although I love the camel and cream combination, I would choose black in both the bag and the shoes (size 6). Thank you for sharing, Ali!

  44. Love all your picks! So camel purse, cream flats in size 7.5… super fun give away! I love Sole Society ❤️

  45. Such a great giveaway!

    Purse: Oxgood color – so great for fall!
    Cream shoes in size 9.5!

    Good luck everyone!

  46. Camel purse, cream shoes in size 8. Love following your IG and blog—Riley was born the same week as my baby boy!

  47. Thank you, Ali! This is an awesome giveaway and generous. I would like the Camel purse and Cream shoes, size 9.5.

  48. Cream flats and I love your camel color purse. My shoe size is 7, thank you for all of your great posts and blogs. ❤

  49. Oxblood purse, 7 Creme shoes.
    I love you so much! Been a fan ever since you were on the bachelorette ☺️

  50. Camel purse, cream shoes size 8 😁

    Love you and all your blogs and insta posts! Such a cute family!

  51. Camel purse, cream shoes size 7.5
    I love how you involve your followers and are doing these giveaways! Thank you!

  52. Love your outfit. I would probably do the same. 😊. Shoes size 7, camel purse and cream shoes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Love following your blog!! I have a daughter who is almost 4 and a son who is almost 2 so it’s nice to see when other moms are going through similar things!! I love the camel colors purse and the cream loafers. My shoe size is 8!

  54. Neeeed a new purse!!! Love that you do giveaways! Big fan of yours.

    Black purse and cream shoes size 8 1/2! ♥️

  55. This soon to be mom of two (only 15 months apart 😊😬) will need a style refresh!!! I can relate to all your posts lately about being a mom! You are so encouraging – thank you!

    Camel purse and cream shoes, size 8! 💕

  56. Love them all so much! The camel purse would be fabulous and the black studded shoes in size 7.5. Pick me please please, haha 🙂 🙂

  57. ❤️❤️❤️ sadly I wear black with almost every outfit because I know it matches with everything! So I’d take cream for a change sz 9 and a cream bag too! Perfect outfit from the classroom to the arena to watch my kids play their sport!!
    I think you’d like Luna Blue for shoes, bags and clothes! Locally owned store here in Calgary AB!

  58. I am a new mom and these new surprises would really brighten these stormy newborn days!!!! I would LOVE to get the marigold color purse and the cream flats, size 7.5! I have never won anything before so I hope I win!

  59. Ohhh how i would love a burgundy purse with a pair of brown flats perfect looks to start fall very soon. Great comfortable out fit for us mamas to run our busy mom life.

  60. Love 💗 you so much, and admire you. In this photo everything looks good and I want the same- shoes: size 38 (Europe)

  61. Omg I would be so excited to win these items! Camel colored purse and cream shoes, size 9!! It would mean so much to this girl on a budget!

  62. Camel or marigold bag.. cream shoes size 7! Love your blog so much! Been following it for just about 3 years now! <3

  63. Hi Ali! Thanks for thinking of us and doing a giveaway! I’d love the camel purse and cream shoes size 8!


  64. Hi Ali! read you blog religiously…while at work of course..haha, but have been following since you where on the bachalorette and love watching your life changes and sweet family! Im obsessedthe black especially in the fall season so i would love the Black loafers and purse! I wear a size 7 😉 Hope all is well !xoxo

  65. First off, you are mom goals, blog goals, style goals, wife goals, human being goals (lol). I follow you on instagram and I read your blogs when I have a chance (working mom over here). I love all the helpful insight you give about being a mom. Especially with how vulnerable and real you are with your posts/blogs. It’s so helpful and you’re so relatable. I haven’t had a chance to thank you for all of your posts, so there it is.
    Second, this whole outfit is amazing!! The scarf, shoes, and purse looks like it can be used for casual but also if you want to use them for going out or for work. Perfection!
    Camel purse, light pink scarf, and cream loafers. I’d maybe pair with a navy blue dress for work. 🙂 #workit

  66. Always love your outfits! Moving from CA to PA I’ll need cold weather accessories and clothes.
    Camel purse and cream shoes size 7. Thank you!!

  67. What a perfect outfit for the fall and football season! I love the cream loafers, size 10! And the oxblood color bag is 😍😍! Love reading your blog, style advice, and family/children stories!!!

    Melanie C

  68. I would absolutely die if I won lol you’re my style icon, I’ve been following you since the Bachelorette days and I love your fashion posts!! I would love the camel purse and size 7 cream shoes!! Fingers crossed and thanks for doing this!

  69. Hi Ali!

    I love your blog! So sweet of you to do a giveaway!

    I love the camel bag and cream shoes (size 8.5).

    Thank you!

  70. Hi Ali!!!
    Camel purse and cream shoes size 5!!
    Loved you on the Batchelor/Batchelorette days and to be able to keep in touch 😀
    Have a great day!

  71. Hi Ali!!

    These accessories are SO cute!! I’m a huge fan of oxblood (I’m ready for fall and that color is beautiful!).

    You are totally right about the details in the flats adding a bit of polish that makes them look way more expensive than their very affordable price. Both colors look cute, but I think I prefer the edgier black (size 9).

    Love your blog and style! Can’t wait to see more fall outfits!


  72. You have the cutest things!
    Love the camel bag.
    I’d wear a 7 in the flats and the cream color is lovely.

  73. Love all of this! I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of Sole Society shoes 🤞🏼 I love the bag in camel and the shoes in cream:). I wear a size 10! Fingers crossed !!!

  74. Love the bag in black! 7.5 in the flats!! Thank You for doing this giveaway and your kids are absolutely adorable keep those posts coming!

  75. These are all so cute! I’m a first year teacher and this purse would be PERFECT to use transferring all the paperwork back and forth. I’m a size 8, love the cream shoes and carmel colored purse.

  76. I absolutely LOVE your style!! As a stay at home mom this would be a huge blessing!! Camel bag, cream shoes size 9! 😍

  77. Hi Ali!!

    Omg these accessories for fall are amazing!! If I won, I would die for the black purse. I am normally such a black clothes/accessories person. However, those cream colored shoes completely changed my mind!! I would love those! Lol my husband said I can’t keep BUYING shoes. However he didn’t say anything about winning them lol!! Thanks for the give away!!


  78. Hi Ali! I am obsessed with your style! I would love the marigold purse and the cream shoes. I am a size 8! Thanks for doing this!

  79. Camel purse and size 9 in the cream shoes. These are such great pieces!! Thank you for doing a give away! ❤️ Fingers crossed!!

  80. I haven’t purchased a new handbag since before my son was born. He is now almost 6. Money just goes everywhere else! I would LOVE ❤️ this!!! I would pick the tan/ camel colored bag and my shoe size is 9 either black or cream I am sure they would both be perfect!!! Thank you for being so generous!!! 🤞 ❤️

  81. Love this whole look! Favorite for fall. I would love a camel colored purse and cream studded flats ina 7.5 😍😍😍

  82. In an attempt to simplify my life, I made a huge move – I no longer have a cell phone and no longer use social media. Gulp. If I had kids I’d definitely keep the phone. I’ve been amazed at how my life has changed. I’m still an Internet junkie, but I no longer carry it around with me. Having said that, I am entering the giveaway here rather than on Instagram or Facebook. Camel purse and size 10 shoes. Thanks!

  83. I would love all the colors you chose since you have great style. Carmel and creme size 9💕. Thank you!!

  84. I love your blog, Ali! Thanks for sharing your life worn us!

    These pieces are perfect for Fall! Black purse, cream shoe, size 7.

  85. Your outfits are always so cute! You are totally my style inspiration 😍 Camel purse, cream shoes size 6!

  86. I just love your style! I’ll be a new mommy in a month and have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs on your two little ones along with all the mom advice you have for us! I would love the Cream flats, in a size 9, and Camel colored purse. These accessories will pair nicely with a lot of my outfits!!

  87. Absolutely love this giveaway! Would be so excited to win this one! I would choose the cream shoes (size 9) and the camel purse like you did. You have great taste! I need some neutrals and the pink scarf is so cute! Thanks for a chance to win! ❤️

  88. I guess I’m a copycat because I would definitely choose cream shoes and the camel purse. But I do love the purse in black and oxblood too–I just need a camel purse more.

  89. Camel purse and cream shoes size 11. Because I want everything you wear and you make it all look so good. 😍💕

  90. I gotta win, Ali!
    The colors of the scarf, bag, & flats in the pic are absolutely fine by me. Flats in size 7, please😊

  91. So cute! Camel bag and cream shoes in an 8!

    I got the Faylina bag in Taupe that you recommended a long time ago and still use it all the time!

  92. Hi Ali!

    Loving these accessories!

    If I won, I would love the camel purse and black studded shoes size 9.

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  93. Hi Ali! I love sole society, and super excited for this giveaway! I would do the camel purse and the black shoes in 7.5! Love your blog, I also just had a little one, and she was born on 5/18 so her and Riley are very close in age! Thank you for being so real, as a new mom it is definitely appreciated! 😘

  94. The cream shoes (7.5) and the camel purse!! LOVE them, and love everything you post from sole society!! Thanks for doing a giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  95. Hi Ali!

    I would please love a 7.5 in the cream color loafers.

    And for the purse, I would please love it in the camel color… I want to give it to my sister as a gift and I don’t think she has this color yet so it would be the perfect addition to her closet!

    Thank you for always being such an inspirational role model!

  96. Camel purse and cream shoes size 11. You have amazing taste and style and always look great. I’m amazed as a mom at how positive you are it’s very humbling

  97. Camel purse. Cream shoes size 7.5. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all the mothers out there!!!! You are just the cutest and sweetest!

  98. Absolutely LOVE this giveaway! 😍 I would definitely choose the cream shoes (size 9) and the camel purse! I need some neutrals. The pink scarf is so cute! You always have great taste and I love your blog. Thanks for giving us a chance to win! ❤️

  99. This is all so cute!😍 Camel bag and cream shoes in a size 8!

    I bought the Faylina bag in Taupe that you recommended a long time ago and still love it!

  100. So exciting! Thank you for doing this, Ali! I would want the:

    Camel purse
    Cream shoes, size 8

    Enjoy the day!

  101. This look is awesome! Casual but the accessories just make the outfit!!

    Cream shoes, size nine and the purse in the neutral camel colour!

    Loveeee ❤️

  102. Wow!! So many comments already! Love this whole look…so camel purse and cream shoes. Size 8.5. Thanks for doing these giveaways!!

  103. Your look is so pretty. I would go with the same look you have, camel purse and cream colored shoes in a size 7. Thanks so much for the chance at winning such a pretty prize 😊

  104. From a fellow Chicago Cubs fan to another… <3

    I'd love the bag in the maroon/red color and the flats in black, size 9.

    Thank you so much!

  105. I like be your outfits and accessories you put together.
    I have a TON of navy and black so the cream shoes in a size 8 and camel bag to be versatile with many outfits I have. 🤞 this would’ve a great way to accessorize my outfit for my birthday date!

  106. LOVE THESE items!!! Also love that the purse is vegan leather! Hard to come by one that is vegan yet looks real!
    Camel purse, Cream shoes size 7 1/2

  107. Same as you!! Camel purse, cream shoes size 7. Thanks for all your fashion/home/baby/life recommendations 🙂

  108. I entered on the gram! Wahoo!

    Definitely loving your choices for color, but I also like a black purse and shoes too 😉 we’ll see what happens!

    Size 7 1/2-8 in shoes 😁

  109. I ordered from Sole Society for the first time a few weeks ago; got myself a handbag and booties. I would like the camel purse and cream shoes size 8

  110. LOVE this look!!! You always look so put together but not over the top, which is totally ally style too (especially as a new Mom!). Black bag and shoes. Shoes a size 10.

  111. So simple and classy! Camel Satchel, white/silver shoes size 6 please!! I’m a new mom about to go back to work and this would be a great first day back outfit.

  112. I’d love any color you would choose for me for the scarf and purse. I’m size 8.5 in shoes. Thank you 😊

  113. Looovveeee this purse and I love all your fashion ideas! And of course your bachelor blogs 😉 I’d pick the camel color purse and cream shoes size 8

  114. Hi Ali… Love your blog! I would love the camel purse and size 10 off white shoes. Thanks! 🙏🏻😍🙏🏻

  115. This is so very sweet of you! And I agree with your color choices. Camel bag, cream shoes (size 7) and that beautiful pink scarf.

  116. Love all of these pieces! What a great look for fall ❤️
    Black purse, black shoes, size 8.5
    What a great giveaway!

  117. Hi Ali! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway. I love all your content. Your kiddos, your house, your style… AMAZING!

    I like the camel purse and the cream shoes in size 7.5

  118. OMG they are all awesome and love the way you accessorize!! I love the purse in camel, and the cream shoes in a 10 (yeah big feet) but maybe the black would make them look smaller? LOL Thanks for the chance at beautiful items!

  119. Hi Ali 🙂
    I love all these pieces so figured I might as well try!
    I would want the camel colour in the bag, and cream in the shoes in a 7.5.

  120. Thank you so much for doing this!! I’ve been on the search for a new bag and love this one!
    Bag: Oxblood
    Shoes: Cream and size 11 (or 10)

  121. I LOVE these pieces and I agree the accessories make the outfit!!!!!

    I would be thrilled with any colors but you definitely sell the camel bag and cream shoes..size 9 please.

    Thank You

  122. Oh how I love how these three items made your outfit!!! I’d love the black shoes and camel bag if chosen! Size 7!!!

  123. OMG! I love the camel purse and black shoes size 10 or 10 1/2 if they come in half sizes. Thanks Ali! Love your blogs.

  124. Oxblood purse and cream shoes sz 7

    My feet are bigger now after two kids in past two years 😳🤪 So weird but now I have to buy almost all new shoes 🤷🏼‍♀️

  125. Ali, you are such an incredibly generous and giving mama! Thank you so much for all of your realism. I am a new first time mama and there are days I go back and just read your blog posts when I’m having a tough day with the babe to realize we ALL go through these difficulties. It makes me feel so much less alone. So thank you. That being said if I happen to be so lucky as to win this incredible giveaway I would love the camel colored bag and cream shoes (size 7.5)! It’s all about the neutrals in my book! 🤗

  126. I would go with the black shoes – walking the streets of Chicago I don’t trust myself with a light colored shoe anymore. (Size 11)
    And the camel colored purse! Love the utility of that color

  127. Same as you! Camel purse, cream shoes size 7. Thanks for all your fashion/home/baby/life recommendations 🙂

  128. Love the outfit! I would love the OxBlood red purse and black flats in size 11. New Mom here and no time to go shop for myself because let’s face it – we buy everything for our littles! Son was born in May like yours! 💙💙💙

  129. What a beautiful giveaway! You always put such great looks together.
    Camel purse, cream flats (size 9). Thanks again for the opportunity. Sending hugs to you and the sweet babies and Owen of course! 🤗

  130. Hi ali! I love that you do these give aways! I have never won anything before so fingers crossed! I would love camel purse and cream shoes size 8!

  131. These items are such a fun take a neutrals with interesting details!

    I’d love the purse in camel and the studded loafers in cream size 5.5!!💕

  132. Hi Ali! I love your taste in clothing and home design! As a fellow mom of two (son is 3 months and daughter is 3 y/o) I would LOVE to win a little pick me up! I love the camel colored bag and would wear the black loafers in size 7.5.


  133. Omg you are adorable… love your style
    So very thoughtful of you to do this give away
    I would love to be the lucky one
    Cream shoes size 8 and camel purse please
    Thank you 😊

  134. Love you Ali.. I’ve been following you since day one on the bachelorette ❤️ I would love to win this give away! Definitely cream for both the purse and the shoes! Love everything in your giveaway so much.

  135. Love me some Sole Society! Black satchel and cream shoes size 8.5 🙂 they are so cute!! Perfect for fall ❤️

  136. Camel purse and cream flats, size 8! I admire how real you are so much. You give us ladies (and moms) a truthful voice!

  137. What a lovely giveaway. You always put together such great outfits. Camel bag, cream shoes (size 9). Thanks again… hugs to you, the sweet babies and cute Owen. 🤗

  138. Hello from Canada,
    Love the shoes and purse Ali. Same colors that you have chosen, size 8 shoes.
    Love seeing all your deals that you post :). Hello to your family, they are the cutest.

  139. Hi Ali, have been following you since the Bachelor I love yours and Kevin’s insta stories about Molly and baby Riley they are the cutest.
    My shoe size is 9 in cream.
    The purse in camel.
    Thank you so much…😍💞

  140. How fun that you’re doing this! Love all your posts! I’d choose the Marigold Purse and the Cream Studded Flats in a size 8 if I was the lucky winner!

  141. Normally, my first choice when it comes to shoes and bags is always black! But after seeing the way you styled the cream shoes and camel purse in these photos I’d definitely pick those colors! 😍 They are like nothing I have but now are something I need!!! Love love love! (shoe size 7 1/2)

  142. Love all these! Black and silver shoes, size 10; and Oxblood purse. So pretty for fall! Thank you for doing this!

  143. cream shoes size 7 and camel purse 🙂 I’ve been following you for a long time and while I understand many of your followers may be moms, I’m a broke college student who is always excited by the idea of being able to treat myself (especially if that invokes giveaways 😉 )

  144. We share the same taste! I would choose the camel color purse and the cream flats as well 🙂 size 8

  145. Oooooo adorable, camel purse and black shoes xoxo size 10. As a mommy of a soon to be 1 year old and outfit like this is perfect!

  146. Holy comments!!!! I love reading your blog and relating to you! I would adore this bag in the camel color you’re showing! I’ve become slightly obsessed with this color just recently. I am a black clothes lover!!! So black in the loafers is an easy choice! The scarf might be a gift for my daughter since she’s obsessed with pink anything if I win. She’s a little fashionista so I just know she would love it!

  147. Thank you for always sharing with us. Your blog is part of my daily reading.
    Camel purse & cream shoes size 6

  148. Love your blog Ali & your honesty in your journey as a young, working wife & mom! Love the camel purse, black flats in size 7! BTW….big fan of the shirt. I have a few myself. 😊

  149. Hi Ali! I love the camel purse, and although I wear a lot of black, I think I’d love to try the cream shoes, size 8!

  150. Going right along with the crowd here….camel purse and cream flats, size 9.5. Really takes the t-shirt and jeans (my favorite “uniform”) to a new level!!!!

  151. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Love seeing your style and trying to mock it as a teacher.

    Would love the oxblood purse and black loafer in size 6!

  152. Hi Ali😍

    you’re awesome for doing such a cool giveaway! love watching your insta stories and following you!!

    Size 9
    Cream shoes and camel color purse!!🤞🏼

    thanks love 💖

  153. Camel purse & cream shoes size 9, love your exact look!!! With five kids dressing up an outfit with accessories would be perfect for me! I would love to be picked for this great giveaway thanks for the opportunity!

  154. Camel purse and cream loafers size 7.5…I doubt I will win but I think your outfit is so cute! And I’ve been following you for awhile and love you!

  155. I love reading your blogs and seeing all of the things you post on Instagram!! I would love the Carmel purse and the cream shoes size 8.5.

  156. Ohhh! The oxblood colour is gorgeous and beautiful for fall! The cream in a 6.5 would be fantastic for something simple, yet spunky.

  157. ALI! OMG I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. Everything about it is what I would buy. I had to take a double take on the cutest loafers ever and my eyes twinkled because they are so cute, and think the cream are best in size 9.5. The purse in camel color is perfect and it has the gold accents which is something I love, the gold over silver zippers are super cute….OMG! So excited for everyone on this cute outfit!!

  158. Thank you for this! I would love the camel purse and cream shoes in size 8! Would be kinda neat to win! It’s my birthday today! ❤️

  159. I would LOVE to win these things! You are beautiful inside and out! I would pic the same exact way you are wearing them. Camel purse, cream shoes size 8 1/2 (or 9 if half sizes aren’t offered). Thank you so much! Luv following your blog and seeing your family pics❤️❤️

  160. Hi Ali!

    So cute! I am a Mom to a 19mo old boy and expecting another little one on the way! I don’t get out much but when I do, I like to “dress up” a little to make myself feel normal. Lol. Most of the time I am in comfy clothes at home, running around. The shoes would be adorable and make any outfit standout. I would love the Cream color(7.5). I also would choose the camel color in the bag, love neutral tones.

    All by best!


  161. I feel like I’m playing the lottery (chances are slim, but sure would be cool to look this good)! Thank you for doing this! I love the camel color purse and cream shoes, size 7! Good luck to all! ❤️

  162. Camel purse, black shoes in a 10 please! I can’t wait til you get back to Home and Family! We’ve missed you!!

  163. Wow! You are so loved! It took forever to scroll to the bottom to leave this comment 😂! I personally like the long sleev crew in a large and the studded shoes in a size 8.5 or 9 : ) Thank you 😊 for taking the time to give back to your followers! It definitely shows your character and your appreciation for all who think you’re amazing!