Fall in the Summertime

I know with the heat wave we’ve been having it’s hard to think about the fall. But given that it’s mid-August and school is starting for some, I’m getting really excited to pull out some of my favorite fall outfits. But here’s the thing, it’s actually still really hot in Los Angeles in late-August and even September. So I started thinking about how I could possibly wear some of my favorite fall looks in the heat without sweating my butt off. And that’s what inspired today’s blog post.

So I’m sharing two tops from Nordstrom in today’s post that can give you a staple fall look. You guys know I buy almost everything from Nordstrom. They just have so many options for every season so their isn’t really much reason for me to search multiple stores – which I totally don’t have time to do these days anyway. And when I’m shopping online, I love that I can buy things without worrying about returns because if anything doesn’t fit right, their returns process is SO easy. Heck, the pre-paid return label comes in the box the clothes are delivered in. So yeah, I’m a Nordy’s girl for sure.



SO let’s talk about these looks. The first set of photos is my “summer” fall look and in the second set of photos, I’m wearing my favorite fall staple look – which is a long sleeve striped shirt, a scarf, dark wash high waisted jeans and red hunter boots. I wear this exact look so often in the fall because it’s super cute, easy to put together and screams fall weather. However, it’s just too hot to wear this out right now. And I know it will be too hot to wear it come September. Maybe not every day, but most days. So I wanted to figure out a way I could still get the look, but not be drenched in sweat as we transition seasons.

So when I found this navy blue striped T-shirt online, I thought it was a perfect piece to give me that look but be more appropriate for summer. And this top is on sale right now for under $15! Isn’t that insane?! It’s such a steal and the perfect way to transition your wardrobe into a fall feel. I even think a little white bandana tied around your neck could look so cute with this outfit. And the neck line of the top makes it super flattering. The scoop of a neckline totally makes a top FYI. Something about the way it shows (or hides) your clavicle.



This second look is the fall option of the same look. This striped top is also super affordable at under $30. Striped tops like this also look super cute with plaid scarves which are a must have for fall. And if you don’t have red Hunter boots yet, snag them now!!!! They are SUCH a fall staple and I plan on styling a ton of outfits with them this fall. Getting them at the beginning of the season means you’ll get the most use out of them all season long.

Anyway, just wanted to share this simple way to dress for fall in this heat! Hope you guys love these affordable and cute tops!


Thank you for sponsoring this post Nordstrom! I am obsessed with you so I feel super grateful to get to work with you on some of these posts!

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23 thoughts on “Fall in the Summertime

    1. They are definitely an investment, but you will wear them EVERY fall season and they last forever. I’ve had mine for years!

    1. Yes, they are a rubber rain boot. And they can get hot. So you don’t want to wear on super hot days. Wear a look like this an days to transition to fall. So not too hot but not too cool either.

  1. Ali, you posted an adorable dachshund baby outfit on your instagram stories. Where did you buy it? We have 2 doxies and I love buying our little guy clothes with dachshunds on them! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. oh man I have no idea and it’s in the wash right now! I just know the front closure is magnets instead of buttons. Maybe that will help you locate it!

  2. I need a new pair of hunter boots! I have 31 and got my current pair for my 21st birthday hahha!

    I am also wishing it was fall. I just got a package from Nordstrom of Uggs or Sorels hahah

    1. You for sure should treat yourself to a new pair of boots! I wouldn’t suggest the red hunter if they are going to be your only pair. I would go with a nice nuetral color boot!

  3. Sooooo…….wearing Hunter boots with long pants and a short sleeve top is a summer look?!?!?!? Am I missing something??? How is this a summer look in 90 degree weather?!?? Could someone please explain that to me??? It’s a super cute look but for summer?? No. Not at all.

    1. This just a way to transition to fall while it’s still pretty warm out. And it drops to the 70’s and even 60’s here at night 🙂 Hope this explains a little better

  4. Cute boots!

    Came on here about your post about Molly’s tantrums since your messages were turned off! For her tantrums, you need to identify the “function” before you can decide whether to ignore or not. The three functions of human behavior are: access, escape or attention. If the tantrum is for attention, yes, ignore. But if it’s for escaping a task, follow through and talk her through it. If it’s for access to a preferred item, don’t give the item until she’s calm. Attention is a BIG one and remember that negative attention is STILL attention so giving feedback like “don’t do that” can still reinforce the behavior inadvertently. Good luck!
    – a behavioral psychologist that has followed you years!

    1. Thank you so much for this advice! I had no idea about any of this. I need to write all this down and put it somewhere I can see it all the time so I don’t forget!

  5. Last year I bought a pair of red hunter boots after seeing them on your blog and I wear them constantly in the all and winter. They’re so fun!

  6. These are pretty much my go to looks all year around! I love Fall!!! We just moved out of LA, so I’m excited to have more fall weather for longer. I’m having my second daughter end of November, so hopefully I will still be able to participate in the fall activities since Fall is my absolute favorite. Hoping to get some hunter boots myself.

    Love, Allison

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