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Gosh I love doing this home tour series on my blog so much! Every Wednesday when I write one, I get so excited to share all the details of our home with you guys. I’m going to be sad once I’ve shared all the spaces in the house. But I guess with the holidays around the corner, I’ll be decorating and I’ll have more stuff to share in the future! I guess I’m just starting to realize that I really love talking about home design. I just wish I was better at actual design! Ha! But I’m not. And that’s where my amazing designer Veronica Valencia comes in!

This is another fabulous space in our house designed by Veronica! I feel like throughout the home design process, I had an idea of what I wanted in my head and then she took that idea and made it even better! She’s just the best! And so is her husband Kris who was here helping out along the way! So thank you Veronica and Kris for another gorgeous design!

The dining room, like any good dining room should revolve around the table. And my goodness do I love this table! It seats 8 which was important to us because we really want our house to be a place that our friends can come and enjoy meals with us. Family too of course when they visit from out of town. My sister, her husband and my two nieces just happen to be visiting us this week! We all sit around this table and eat yummy food with our kiddos or we’re gathered around watching them play with Play-Doh. And yes, we let the kids play with Play-Doh in this area. It might look bright and white and it is, but the rug is blue (see above photo) and the chairs and table are hard surfaces so they are easily wiped down.

The table is made to order so it takes several weeks to arrive and it was the very last piece of furniture we moved into our house, but boy was it worth the wait! I just love everything about it!

And speaking of the rug I mentioned above, it’s honestly a bit more blue than it appears in these photos. When we shoot photos of our house, I really love the light and bright look so some of them are overexposed. I would say that the color of the rug is best depicted in the photo above of Veronica and Kris. So it’s definitely blue. But the blue against the white of the table and the chairs along with the white walls just makes everything feel super crisp and clean.

Even the captain’s chairs at either end of the table are kind of kid friendly because they are slip covers. Meaning if kiddos spill anything on them, I can take them off and wash them. But I say “kind of” kid friendly because that’s not something I want to be doing every day. So usually the adults are in the captain’s chairs and the kiddos sit in the wooden chairs in the middle. We have them eat the cleaner meals with us at this table, and the messier meals are eaten at the kiddos table in Molly’s play area. I wrote about the play area last week here for those of you who haven’t seen yet.

One of my favorite things about this space is how everything is bright and white, but the neutral tones and black really break things up and make it feel more farmhouse. I absolutely love the neutral tones in our blinds. If you read any of my other blogs in this home tour series, you know our blinds are from Veronica’s line at Select Blinds. In our dining room we used the Veronica Valencia Oceania Woven Wood Shades in a beautiful neutral color called Island Earth. I’m so glad Veronica convinced me to do this color throughout the bottom floor in our house. Of course, I wanted to do white. But she really encouraged me to bring in some neutral tones to break up all the white in the house. And of course she was right! They look gorgeous throughout the downstairs portion of our home. And of course I had to get some white in, so the drapes by loom decor are white. The gold hardware is also by Loom decor.

And isn’t this large window statement mirror so cool! When we ordered it we really had no idea where we were going to put in the house but Veronica and I both just loved it so much that we figured we would find a spot for it one way or another. It ended up fitting perfectly in this wall space where we really wouldn’t be able to put anything else. The space wasn’t large enough for us to put a piece of furniture there and really the only other thing that would’ve worked was a painting. But I think this mirror looks really cool and I’m so glad we found a space for it! Mirrors are also a great way to make a smaller space feel bigger. And this dining room nook is definitely one of the smaller spaces in our house.

And how awesome is this featured wall of signs?! Veronica actually picked all the signs up at an antique flea market. But I found some online that are super similar. So I will link all of them that I found here.

When Veronica first sent me photos of the signs when she was at the antique market, I knew I wanted a couple of them but she actually went out on a limb and bought all of them knowing that I would love them once I saw them in the space. I’m so glad she bought them and didn’t tell me about it because I honestly probably would have told her not to. I just wouldn’t have been able to imagine what they would all look like on the wall together. But I think they look so cool and this wall is one of my favorite walls in the house! Actually, it 100% is my favorite wall in the house!

And so many of you have asked me what our floors are. I wish I knew the exact answer for you but I don’t since they were just here when we moved in and we didn’t put them in. But I do know they aren’t hardwoods. They are something like a re-engineered wood that’s almost like a tile. I guess they’re indestructible or something like that. We really love them and people are always commenting on how pretty they are when they come in the house. I wish I had more info for you guys! I’ll try to reach out to the builder of our house to see if I can find out.

And we kept the decorations on the table simple with some blue glass jugs/vases that are super affordable.

The only spot we really had to focus on adding small decorations was the hutch across from the dining room space in the house. This was all Veronica! I am so bad when it comes to figuring out what to put on shelves to make them look clean and not cluttered. Veronica Valencia taught me that finding bigger items to fill up the shelves is better than trying to fill them with a bunch of small items. That’s the best piece of design advice I’ve ever been given! She’s so right! And her giving me that little piece of advice has made me feel more confident in designing other shelving spaces in our house.

We decorated with a couple framed photos, a frame that Kevin gave me with his written wedding vows as a one-year anniversary gift. Paper is what you get on your first year anniversary. He’s so thoughtful! And then she added a plant in this cute wooden planter, some blue glass jugs, decorative books and some others things that I’m not quite sure where they are from. Oh and Veronica decorated with a wooden serving tray that’s tipped on its side to fill the larger space. I thought that was a really cool idea!

Well I think that’s everything I have details on. Anything that I didn’t link is only because I don’t know where it’s from. What do you think about the space! Do you love it? What’s your favorite piece? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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63 thoughts on “Ali Luvs Home Tour – Dining Room

  1. Wow! Your house is so gorgeous! But I especially love your dining room! The large window statement mirror is so perfect in that space and I love the hutch across from your dining room as well! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your house is beautiful. You must admire Jillian Harris (and who doesn’t), as your house is very similar. The dining room table and chairs are almost exactly the same as Jillian’s.

    1. Our designer Veronica is friends with Jillian. Jillian actually introduced me to Veronica! And Veronica suggested we do these chairs. She and Jillian are both GREAT designers! Great minds think alike 🙂

      And yes, I’m obsessed with basically everything Jilly does 😉

  3. Blue, white, and wheat is one of my favorite color combinations! So beachy but sophisticated. I really love the leaning mirror against the wall—what a great way to bounce the light and brighten up the dining area.

    What’s really catching my eye is that incredible wine storage room in the second to last photo. Dude—is that a temperature-controlled room? I need more details! And maybe a glass of wine!

    1. Yes! It does have a beachy feel! Beachy sophisticated is a great way to describe it 🙂

      And thanks! It’s not temperature controlled but it’s pretty to look at! And hard to keep full 😉

  4. Love love love.

    What size is your ramper?
    Also random. What coffee do you make at home? Creamer? Sugar?

    Also. More food ideas pls!

    1. Oh and I have my coffee with either cream, protein powder, or whip cream – depending on how I’m feeling 🙂

  5. Where did you get theshelf (with big items on it).. we just bought a house and i’m looking for something like that!

    Thanks Ali 💗

    1. It’s a built-in that was here when we bought the house. I’m sure you could find something similar to buy online. I will let you know if I find anything!

  6. Why is it that every room is my favorite? This dining room is divine!! Love everything about it. Your house is gorgeous!!

    1. I wish I could say it was my idea, but it was here when we bought the house. Pretty cool right. It’s not temperature controlled, but I’ve seen others in friends houses that are!

  7. Love it! The hutch shelves and how they were decorated are probably my fave! I think because I have a ladder shelf in my home that I did the same thing with a wooden serving tray… and I felt genius when I placed it there and saw how neat it looked. Ha ha! I actually get a lot of compliments on it too!
    Your house is amazing! 🙂

  8. The captain chairs are my favorite. NEVER would of thought of that at a dining room table, Love it!! Who doesn’t like to be comfortable while they eat. Using slip covers-genius!

  9. I wonder if your floors are a luxury vinyl plank? It is awesome how you can get the appearance of wood floors without the creakiness that real wood creates over time! We just put down luxury vinyl plank to look like a marble flooring, but I have seen ceramic “wood” planks as well as vinyl “wood” plank floors, so you might have one of those options. Beautiful home and gorgeous family to go in it 🙂

        1. Ah trying to search the blog for any details on your floors! I am Putting in new hardwood and love yours. Any clue what they are called?

        2. So curious too! We’re starting a remodel from the ground up- would love to know the make/color of your floors, they’re beautiful!

  10. Ali, thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if the floors could be wood look porcelain….I’ve had that product put in my home, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Absolutely love it! Enjoy the babes….they grow so quickly, I now have a 4 yr old g’son, he’s a clone of my son, and life is fun, (and can be tiring,ha). All the best, Kristen

    1. It was in the room when we moved in. I tired to find it online but can’t seem to locate it. Let me know if you find something like it!

  11. Looks great! What are the dimensions of the room? Working on my own renovation/design plans and always nice to compare to see if we could fit a similar table 🙂

  12. Hey Ali! I absolutely love seeing your room tours! What shade of white did you use on your walls?! Thanks 😊

    1. I think the person who built the house said it was the standard white flat at Edward Dunne. Which seems weird to me. Doesn’t every shade of white have a name? Who knows!

  13. It all looks nice. Love the words on the wall. Lots of white, maybe too much??
    If I were to nit pick, and you probably don’t want to hear this, I think the two end chairs over power the little wooden chairs. I would have found larger wooden chairs and paint them the same color as the pillows or each chair a different color to add some color to the room. Just my opinion. I’m sure you love the décor.

    1. Navy blue wooden chairs would have been pretty too. We just have different taste and that’s ok! I like hearing about other people’s idea and styles! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  14. Love everything! I have slipcovered captain’s chairs and I always get a little nervous when anyone sits in them! Just afraid they won’t look as nice once washed. And I’m a worrier!

    I’ve been looking for these bottles everywhere! Thank you! They look best near a window when the light flows through them.

    Looking forward to more of your home, Ali!

    Jane x

  15. This is so silly but I read EAT and Fresh produce signs as the start of a sentence and then the rest of the flow doesn’t make the sentence. Switch the Eat and farmhouse signs :-). Haha.

  16. Hi Ali!

    I’m loving your home tour so far! Is that a wine wall in your dining room? Love reading your blog!

  17. LOVE that wine wall!! So cool….never seen anything like it. Your whole house is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Does the rug clean up pretty easily? Love the design, but wondering what kind of material it is and if it cleans up good after the kids have been there. Thanks!

  19. Ali,

    I absolutely love your house and reading all your posts. You are an inspiration.

    Can you please provide a link for your curtain rods and white curtains?


  20. Hi Ali!

    We are in the process of building our first home (yay!) and I get so much of my inspiration from you!
    A while back, you posted a farmhouse magnolia wreath.. can you remind me where you got it? Or possibly post a link?

    Also, any suggestions or things I need to remember when building a home? Tip on saving money? Suggestions? Etc.?

    Thank you so much!

  21. Hey!! I love your dining room. Are the chairs the “Valdosta Solid Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2)” chairs. The link doesn’t direct me to a specific chair. How have the held up? It seems like reviews are mixed. Thanks so much!!!

  22. I love your blog. Beautiful home tour of your space. I’m after both your dinning room blue rug and your formal living room rug. Any chance you could provide the brand name and maybe a model number from the back of the rugs?! It is driving me crazy and I’n on a mission to find them! I have visual searched wayfair looking for each of them and having no such luck. Any help is much appreciated to finding these exact rugs. Thanks, love all your ideas and real life posts.
    -Shayne Olsen

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