Becca’s Final Rose – And The New Bachelor!?

I didn’t get a chance to watch After the Final Rose. So know that all of my thoughts here are just on the episode and not on the live show. But regardless, I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet. Or at least try to.

I want to start off by congratulating Becca and Garrett. I truly hope that their relationship is everything they have both ever wanted and more. I’ve been pretty hesitant about Garrett all season because of some of the things I’ve read about him online. Basically he liked some very offensive social media posts that mocked women, immigrants and even school shootings. So to be honest with you guys, I’ve had a bit of a hard time looking past that while watching him on the show. I do however believe that everybody is capable of learning from their mistakes and growing as a human being. So with all that said, I truly hope Garrett has grown as a human being and doesn’t believe the things about women, immigrants and school shootings that he supported by liking online. I will do my best to be supportive of their relationship and I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to do that as well. And here’s the thing, I truly believe that Becca is such a solid woman with a great head on her shoulders. So if deep down inside of Garrett he still feels these things, I think that she will see that in him. And if she does see that in him, I think the relationship will ultimately fail. Hopefully these were just big mistakes in his past and ignorant thinking that he has grown out of. And if he has, I truly hope that he and Becca have a long, beautiful and loving relationship!

Now can we talk about my favorite contestant ever, Blake?! OK maybe I’m pushing it by saying my favorite ever, but I just adore him! So let me just start this by saying Blake for Bachelor, Blake for Bachelor, Blake for Bachelor! Watching him get his heart broken last night absolutely broke my heart! But I think we all saw that coming right? It just seemed pretty obvious that Becca wasn’t feeling the same way about him as she might’ve at the beginning. And here’s the thing, I know that when I was the Bachelorette, throughout filming I gave little hints to the guy I picked in the end letting him know that I was most likely going to choose him. I don’t remember exactly what I would say, but I just remember dropping hints to reassure him that he wasn’t going anywhere. So if I had to guess, Becca probably did a lot of the same things making him feel super confident that it was going to be him in the end. So even though she didn’t say ”I love you” to him, I’m sure he was under the impression for a while that it would be him in the end. That’s probably why towards the end of the season he started freaking out when she was pulling back. I’m totally just assuming all of this. I obviously don’t know for sure. But it seems like a good possibility based on my experience on the show.

What are you guys think about Blake being the next Bachelor? Would you like to see him in that role? I’ve heard a lot of people saying they want Peter from Rachel’s season to be the Bachelor. I think Peter would be a great choice as well. But to be completely honest with you, I think the fame that comes along after the show is over makes it hard for someone from a past season to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette with pure intentions. Like I feel like when I chose to be the Bachelorette I was still naive to the fame and popularity that the show brought. And that’s because I wasn’t even allowed to use social media or really do much of any press until The Bachelor was over. And the Bachelorette films basically a week after the Bachelor is done airing, so I went right into filming and didn’t get to see much of the aftermath. I feel like past contestants (meaning from seasons before the one the just aired) get to see a lot of the aftermath of the show (the money and 15 mins of fame it brings) so they couldn’t possibly make a decision to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette without ulterior motive’s – if that makes sense. Whereas Blake is just an innocent boy that hasn’t fully got to experience the craziness that the show brings, and I think he would go into it with a completely open heart and the intentions of finding love. Hopefully you guys get what I’m trying to say. So I guess it’s safe to say that my pick for the next Bachelor is 100% Blake! Tell me who you want to be the Bachelor in the comments below!

Who else is sooooo excited for Bachelor in Paradise tomorrow?!?! I don’t think I will be blogging the first episode, but I will be doing some insta stories!

And here are my favorite looks from this week. Including an up-cycled dress that’s so good for the environment and a $17 black tee!




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200 thoughts on “Becca’s Final Rose – And The New Bachelor!?

    1. I agree. I love Blake, but I think Jason would be a great Bachelor. He’s such a good, solid guy. Good head on his shoulders. He deserves love!

      1. I’m not as into Blake- I say Jason all the way! A group I follow on facebook all wants Jason as well.

        1. I would rather see Jason as well. I think he is a better choice for the bachelor. Blake fell way to hard and is way to invested. This is to soon. I loved Blake and he would be a wonderful bachelor and loved him but he is an emotional wreck right now. Jason is the one.

          1. If theres anything we’ve learned from watching all these seasons is that no one ever falls too hard to bounce back just in time to be the next bachelor/bachelorette. I mean do you blame them? How much love can you be when you’ve known the person for only 2 months and that too while they were with tons of other people.

        2. Blake never did it for me. Plus I think he may still be too heartbroken. My pick is Jason all the way.

    2. I was gonna say Ali – from all the social media I’ve seen – the popular opinion seems to be Jason. That includes me! I wish for the best for Becca and Garrett but I could not get past his past actions either and I honestly don’t think someone’s heart changes oh those things. I also kept thinking that his family has influence on those opinions so…..I hope I’m wrong and as you said give someone the benefit of the doubt. It just seems like down to the be he was acting. I just never felt he was real. But Jake! Now he is rep and amazing and honest and caring and vulnerable and I could see how he could also be the next Bachelor although I did not for once think of him for it until you mentioned it. You would have liked him even more for how he was oh ATFR.

      1. Jason was so adorable, and I definitely like him best, but I’m not sure he’d make good/ dramatic TV, haha!
        did you look at the exact posts that Garrett liked?? I mean, there is no excuse, but I also feel like the media blew it WAY out of proportion, I have seen stuff that is soooo much worse. Again, not trying to excuse his behavior, just saying that if you look at them, they aren’t AS bad as the media makes them out to be. I think he’s a solid guy and I think the reason I can forgive him is because 10 years ago I would have liked those posts and thought they were funny too. But I now understand the world better and I get it more, and there is NO WAY I would think it’s funny now. Change IS possible, sometimes you just need a new perspective and it clicks. I think we should give him a chance

        1. Nicole – 100% agree!!! I forgave him also. He seems so genuine in his apology and he doesn’t shy away from the topic when it is brought up. Plus I believe if Becca forgives him then that is all the matters. I wish those two nothing but happiness, laughter & lots of love in their future. Some people in Bach Nation (woman on a previous bachelor from years and years ago) keeps bringing it up and saying they want it discussed and then when it is discussed they still complain about the ‘likes’. You just cant make everyone happy… But at the end of the day Becca & Garrett look adorable together and she is just smitten with him. Its so cute!

          I cant decide between Blake or Jason for Bachelor. I adore them both!

  1. I think Blake might be too sensitive and still raw to be the bachelor, I don’t think he could be I multiple relationships without it really destroying him.
    He’s such a sweet guy, I wouldn’t like to watch him in agony again.

    1. I agree. Even though Becca was made Bachelorette after Arie chose her then broke up with her, she had a strength that made it work. I was genuinely worried about Blake and hoped they had a counselor available for him! He said he had friends and family, so that was really good. I’m not sure he would be ready for the lead, or be able to handle it.

      1. Agreed! He isnt a bad guy, but it’s all too fresh still. I dont think it’s a good fit for blake to carry the show…plus, maybe it’s just me, but he talks SO fast that I couldn’t understand half the things he said on TV. I dont know if I could watch an entire season.

        1. Cassie I totally agree! Blake is a sweetheart and a great guy but I could not understand him half the time, my mom and I actually had to put subtitles on. I don’t know if emotionally he can be the lead of the show especially after his heart break with Becca. My choice is Jason!

      2. Your reasons are the very reason why we would get a very good season.
        People said Becca wasn’t ready and she did fantastic although I didn’t like her choice.
        Although broken she went back determined to get herself a man.
        As Blake would say, “when you fall off the horse you get back up and try again ”

      3. I totally agree with your comments @Blake! I was so worried about him and hope he got the healing and even the counseling he needed to move forward.

    2. Don’t forget. Producers want to see raw emotions. It’s GOOD tv.
      Blake will be good tv and he will find his girl

      Blake for Bachelor.

    3. I agree. Becca shouldn’t have been the Bachelorette. She wasn’t ready. She spent half the season talking about Arie. So, I don’t think Blake is ready. I’d love to see Grocery Store Joe or Jason.

      1. Why Joe? Other than being very handsome, he doesn’t have much to say. And that wouldn’t make for good tv. And who knows, he may have found love in paradise.

        1. Right.. He doesn’t seem outgoing enough to be the leader of a pack of women.. It would be very boring tv

  2. I kind of wish they would have aired the convo they had with Arie and Lauren in the Maldives. That would have been interesting. But yes! Blake for bachelor!!

      1. Yes I saw on Aries Instagram that the show flew him and Lauren out to the Maldives and they talked to Becca. Why do you think they didn’t show that? Also definitely want Jason for next bachelor!

      2. I know I want to know the conversation and reason why! I was hoping that it would get brought up on some media interview but all they talked about was the instagram crap.
        IF Blake is feeling up for it, I would love him to be the Bachelor. I think being in control of the relationships will really help him. BUT if he doesn’t feel up for it again, then I say Jason for sure!!!
        Ali, your red flags you mentioned from the get go about Garrett, I warmed up to him but still not as much as I lvoe Blake. He has this amazing zest about life that is so refreshing to see.
        I don’t really care for the way Becca made it sound like Garrett was her pick from awhile back, basically disregarding the fact that she DID love both of them, even though she never said it to both of them. That kinda threw me off a little, just because you didn’t say it to their face doesn’t negate the fact that you did say it. I feel like she kinda blew Blake off in that sense.
        I love the insight you bring Ali, and I can’t wait to watch PARADISE!!!

  3. I feel bad for Blake and think he’s a good guy but I really don’t think he’s cut out to be the bachelor. It seems to me like he cracks under pressure and may be lacking the self confidence that a bachelor needs. I also listened to a podcast that interviewed his ex-girlfriends best friend and she said he was a total clinger which I could definitely see after watching this season. Jason would be an AMAZING bachelor because he is so charismatic, charming, and has a good heart!!

    1. The question is, Could he carry a whole show?
      Why did we only know about him at Hometowns?

      Was he on the show all along?
      My opinion.

    2. I completely agree about Blake. He seems to be lacking self confidence and is very unsure of himself, maybe it’s because of the show or maybe that’s his true self. Jason for bachelor!!

  4. I’m team Jason for the bachelor. I really don’t think Blake could handle being the bachelor. He loves too hard to handle the process of dating multiple women at once.

    1. That’s what I’d rather watch though! Jason is like cookie-cutter Bachelor campaigning.. Saying all the right things. Being perfectly diplomatic. Blake articulates a range of emotions and is SO much more interesting to watch because of it.

      1. Yes, so agree with this! Blake is honest and refreshingly real in all his emotions. I just feel like Jason is too “polished”, even though he is very articulate which is nice. Plus I think Blake is HOT and Jason just doesn’t do it for me I’m that way haha.

  5. I’m right with you on not being able to look past all the disgusting stuff Garrett liked online. This didn’t happen years ago where he’s had time to grow as a person and learn, this was recent issues and he only deleted his account because he got caught. I don’t think he’s any less of a close minded ignorant jerk personally and I can’t believe Becca picked him.
    I loved Blake and I thought it was so obvious that he truly loved Becca where as Garrett just seemed so desperate to love anyone and be married again.
    I hope Blake is chosen for the next bachelor! I know people love Peter but he’s way too Mr. Social Media now I think it would be another broken engagement 6 weeks after the show finished.

    1. I’m glad you brought that up about Garrett. This happened in very recent past. Last night he said all the right things and cried at all the right times but I still wasn’t picking up what he was putting down. And I definitely wasn’t buying what Becca and Garrett were saying on ATFR. With Blake, I could feel everything between him and Becca through my TV. I’m a little shocked. But like Blake, I’ll get over it.

    2. Yes!! Yes!!
      Blake. Blake and more Blake.
      Put him in the driver seat and you’ll see another side of him.
      Look at his Social Media
      He is loved and respected, such a genuine guy.

  6. I low key wished she wouldn’t pick Garrett so we could get another season with him as the bachelor but I’m so happy for them (he was the favorite in our house). Blake was sweet though and he deserves to find love so I think he would be a good bachelor.

  7. We get it. You don’t like Garrett. Lucky for you, you feel you can justify your harsh judgement of him by some stupid likes he did on social media. Becca doesn’t care what you think of him, and she shouldn’t. It’s not like you had great success on your season. In fact, why DO you even write about these women analyzing everything they do. You’re lucky that when your season aired, social media and even blogging wasn’t as big as it is now. You would have been even more whiny and annoying than you already were on that season.
    Quit this job and focus on raising your kids…on your own, without a nanny. Oh, and your poor husband Kevin who for some reason is agreeably your slave.

    1. Here’s an idea. If you don’t like someone, which is obvious here, DON’T follow them just to make rude comments. Having a nanny for a few hours a day is no different, and definitely not worse, than parents sending their kids to daycare all day while they work. She writes about it because she was in that position, and she can provide that perspective. She’s well aware it didn’t work out in the long run.

    2. It never ceases to amaze me the nasty things people say on social media! I never comment because I choose not to lower myself to the level of the individuals who make these comments but really – who on earth do you think you are? Wow. Ali I love your social media presence. Hope you can ignore this very unpleasant person.

    3. I think you need to be reminded of the saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all! If you don’t agree with her comments about Garrett (which she even said she believes people can learn from their mistakes and basically deserve a second chance) then that’s fine, but you have no right to insult her and her family. You can’t call out a harsh judgement by replying with some of your own. Stop spreading hatred and practice love!

    4. Wow. It amazes me that someone can write something so hateful. Ali’s blog is all her own opinion and if you don’t like it then don’t read it PERIOD! I never like to respond to someone who says such means things but I couldn’t take this one… You don’t even know Ali and you say horrible things about her family and her job, so you must be a very unhappy person. It sounds like instead of attacking her and her husband and her sweet babies, you really need to focus on yourself. Get a life and leave hers alone!

      1. Not unhappy and I have a wonderful life! I’m simply not a fan of Ali and I’m allowed to say so. Perhaps a bit harsh, I just call it like it is 🙂
        Have a wonderful day. Ali will be sending you your pay cuts in the mail for coming to her defence….hahahah

        1. I pray for the hatred in your heart. I hope if you have children you are raising them to be loving and nonjudgmental. Woman and moms have so much against them already in this world. You are more than entitled to your own opinion but don’t judge someone before looking in the mirror. Ali does a great job of supporting all mama’s out there and I look up to that!

          ALSO please go read the hundreds of other recaps out there. This is literally the nicest one ✌️

        2. Janelle – You are awful. Period. It’s simple, really… Get off of Ali’s blog if you don’t like her. No need to rip her and her beautiful family apart. You don’t even know them. Be a nice human being. Geez!

          1. LOL LOL LOL
            Google defense vs defence.
            One is American English and the other is considered British English which is used by Canadians, Australians, and the British.
            But, I forgot. You’re probably an American and think the world revolves around your messed up gun-ridden country.

    5. Really…if you are so concerned then why are you reading her blog and following her life? Just to be hateful and mean? Which is exactly what you are criticizing her for (although she is not judgmental in any of her posts).

      Some of us like reading what she thinks since she was in the position. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

      Geez…for someone who is so hateful, you sure know about every aspect of her life to judge her on. What a petty person you are.

  8. Blake would be my number one pick for the new Bachelor!!!! If not Blake then Jason!

    I’m so excited for Bachelor in Paradise tonight!!!

  9. I LOVED Blake the entire season he was my pick! Blake for Bachelor all the way! I’m not a Jason fan at all & did not think Becca liked him either

  10. My vote for the Bachelor is actually Wills! He seems confident with himself and truly open to finding love. We didn’t get to see as much of him so we would fall in love with him as he finds love. Plus I’d love to see him be styled each week!

    I couldn’t get over this feeling that Blake’s actions came across as “young” and I think that may be why he fell so hard so fast. I don’t know if he is mature enough to handle emotions of the season and make the tough choices to find his person. I also think his heart needs more time to heal.But thats just my opinion!

    1. wills would be fun to watch, as long as he shaves that mini-mustache. not that i want him to go full steve harvey, but i could grow a better mustache- shave it off.

  11. I figured Becca would choose Garrett but I was still hoping it would be Blake. I think he was a little too intense at times but overall, he just seems like a really good guy that loves hard! It didn’t really make sense to me how she said she knew it was him all along but it didn’t give opportunity for her to explore other relationships..that may be true but doesn’t make sense to why that was a deciding factor. I know you didn’t watch ATFR but Becca also gave a weird reason while sitting down with Blake saying that he got in his head too much and it worried her how he would act in certain situations such as taking care of sick kids or one of them. That was a really weird and hurtful response. It’s one thing to say you just had a stronger connection with Garrett but that was a low blow in my opinion. You should really go back and watch that convo.

    I don’t not like Garrett but what bothers me about him most of all is his precious marriage. I’m wondering if anything else with come out about his ex wife or if we will ever hear from her. After watching their wedding video trailer online, it seemed like they were so in love… I would just love to know the real story.

    I’m all for Blake being the bachelor and think he deserves to find true love! I think he would be a very sincere and raw bachelor… if not him then totally Jason. I wonder if they will offer it to Blake or go straight to Jason…

    1. Agreed about the comment. It seems like she needed something to say and it cane from watching the show back.

    2. Well Chris Harrison said last night he (Blake) broke the internet. FYI: Blake really carried Bacca’s season. Even on group dates/ cocktail parties.
      I believe Blake already passed the Bachelor interview.
      It’s up to Producers now.

    3. Totally agreed!!! I like Garrett! I could careless what he likes on instagram. I saw the memes he liked…I’ll be honest I laughed at a FEW..not because I am for the things he liked but some of the memes just made me initial chuckle. I didn’t take what he liked personal he is human and can stand for whatever he believes. If he is not for immigration or doesnt support transgender people then who am I to get pissed at him for it. If he was liking things that bashed Trump or other conservative ideals I bet it would have NEVER been so blown out of proportion. I consider my self a conservative but Hey I would even give a chuckle at a funny Trump meme. It is just nothing that needs to be so talked about. You have an insta… you probably like things that others don’t agree with. That’s just the world we are in. The world can’t always be a safe place. You gotta have thick skin and just stand for what you believe with passion! The people that are pissed at Garrett for liking the memes are the same people now bullying and hating on him on his Insta. Blowing it up commenting hateful messages. I think it’s just hypothetical.

      At the end of the day Becca chose the man she loves. And he loves her so that should be celebrated!!

      1. Amen amen!!! That is what I have said over and over — if someone thinks the things he “liked” on Instagram are so terrible…. please don’t look up what I have “liked” cuz they’d explode ! Haha! If it’s funny – I will probably double click – whether it’s “politically correct” or not -/ the saddest person in that situation is the chick who took hours searching his old “likes” so she could broadcast it and get her 10 seconds of fame!!
        NO ONE’s character should be attacked the way Garrett’s has been based on instagram “likes”!!! Seriously if he “liked” Trump bashing things not a word would have been said — but since he seems more conservative— then the attack went out full force! Sooo wrong!!! This double standard on tolerance is ridiculous!!

        On another note..
        I’m extremely happy for Garrett & Becca ! Garrett was my favorite from night one and honestly I liked him even more when everyone started hating on him!! Ha! I liked Blake OK but he was kinda weird to me… and Jason… ewww sorry he was super weird to me — I never found him the least bit attractive – if he’s the bachelor I would skip the season.

        1. so much yes to all of this! I was just thinking that there are memes that are actually really horrible against transgender and all of those other things, but the ones he liked really weren’t that bad, and some of them were actually funny. Not in an “I’m laughing because that kid belongs on the other side of the wall” kind of way, but in a “hahaha that soldier swinging that kid is funny, and OBVIOUSLY is not going to throw him over the wall, so it’s funny” kind of way. Anyway, I just think it wasn’t that big of a deal. Some were a tad harsh, but honestly a change of perspective could help him be a little more sensitive to others.

          1. I’m disappointed Garrett felt he had to apologize for, and maybe even change his feelings (?) about anything. We are a world of “offending” people now, for anything and everything, rather than being able to feel safe to have our own opinion. And if we don’t have the “correct” opinion, shame on us. (I have no idea specifically what he even “liked” on IG)

            Blake is a great, but I did sense and hear his insecurities that Becca seemed to pick up on at the end. Maybe the shows editing, but they were his words. I understand, we all have them. Garrett seemed so sincere, and obviously really loved Becca. If a young man said those same things he did to me, my family, and my daughter (during his visit with her family), I’d be thrilled. He said (paraphrasing) he would get over her, if she didn’t pick him, just because he wanted her to be happy. Blake told her she was making a mistake.

            Jason for Bachelor!

  12. I think we should give Garrett the benefit of the doubt. He seems like a great guy with a good family background. Social Media sensationalized everything and anything so people picked on him becasue he was already a tv personality.

    I respect Becca’s choice, she’s in love and that’s what matters most.

    1. YES!!!!!! Thank you! And honestly, move on everyone and let them be happy! We are in no place to judge anyone – nobody is perfect. And Team Jason for the next Bachelor!

    2. Yes thank you! I wish everyone would just STOP with the Garrett drama…and frankly I’m a bit disappointed in this blog post focusing a lot on that stupid controversy. Also, I havent ever been a blake fan. Something about him just rubbed me the wrong way. He was just so intense! And he seemed to easily get rubbed the wrong way. Not a stellar trait.

    3. Agreed!! I’ve been team Garrett since the beginning and hope they end up as truly happy as they seem. I’m not a fan of Blake for some reason. He seems like a nice guy and I do feel bad for him, but I don’t think he should be the bachelor.

  13. Something about Blake I just didn’t like. He seems like the type of guy that falls in love very easily so I don’t think he will have a problem finding a girl!
    I 100% think Jason should be the next bachelor! He is sweet, attractive and just cool!

  14. I really liked Blake in the beginning but he just seems pretty insecure and too emotional. With that being said, I think his heartbreak is too raw and recent for him to be the next bachelor. I would love to see Jason as the next bachelor!!! Or even chase from Jojos season 💁🏻

  15. I truthfully was not upset or disgusted or felt Garrett was a bad person for the posts he liked (I did see what he liked). Was it in bad taste or form? Yes, obviously not something that I would be liking myself but to be completely fair and honest he is a republican (comes from a conservative state and lives in a conservative area) and those are posted on right wing sites as a satire, not to say that they are right or wrong but that is what is there…just like on the the other end there are multiple blue sites satires. Ones where people mock the president, hate on police, make all republicans to be racist etc. I can bet someone on her season if not multiple liked one of those types of instagrams but received no backlash because it was with what people agreed with. We live in a social media age that unfortunately scrutinizes in the silliest of things like our Instagram posts. Sorry to do this on your site but I just feel bad for the guy, not at all scrutinizing your opinion, just feel he wasn’t given a fair trial so to speak. On another note….. lllloooovvvvveeeee Blake! Three cheers for Blake for bachelor! Loved him all season and totally saw it coming at the end when she started to say it was supposed to him. I want him to find happiness so bad, he seems so genuine in his feelings which is what a bachelor needs. He seems like he could be like Sean Lowe and actually make being the bachelor work. Once more, three cheers for Blake for bachelor! Hip hip hooray!

    1. Yes, he is genuinely looking for love and not for a TV romance.
      The innocence of not knowing the perks will get him chosen. I hope.
      Ali I agree with you.

    2. Thx Twilla for your reasoned and well thought out response re Garrett’s social media. I, myself, like different accounts because I want to follow their responses…for my education. I do not follow them because I like their point of view…it is that I want to see how they are thinking…know thy enemy, as they used to say. I like Garrett and his family.

    3. YES! I agree about Garrett and his Instagram ‘likes’!! How ridiculous of the show to even make a big deal of this. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions….this IS still America.

      I would also like to add that I wish Garrett had more of a spine and didn’t cave to political correctness. Not a good look on a man. I liked the two of them during the show, but I doubt this relationship between him and Becca will last after watching ATFR. One partner should never have to basically apologize for their political leanings in order to keep someone. That can never turn out well.

      1. You say caving to “political correctness”. Perhaps Garrett reflected how those memes were mocking people that are “different”, or marginalized people, and that could be hurtful. There’s a difference.

    4. SO WELL PUT ABOUT GARRETT!!!! I wish more people (easily offended and triggered liberals) would understand this!!

  16. I’m on team Jason for bachelor! I liked Blake but he also seemed a little too close to a nervous breakdown to me. He just seemed a little on edge. Also I loooooved Garrett and was so happy she chose him. I think judging someone for something they casually liked on social media long before they knew they’d be in the public eye isn’t fair. And to be honest, I think people have blown what he did way out of proportion. Just because someone isn’t liberal doesn’t mean they’re evil (not to say the things he liked were good taste, they were not. But I also think it was just a joke, and we shouldn’t assume he is a bigot just because he laughed at a joke that was off-colored).

  17. I want to see them just pick someone off the street… A Bachelor who we have never seen or met. It’s so weird when these people come in so in love already and practically stalked them. Or they are bummed it’s not one of the other guys/Girls. And Fans have way to high expectations for the ones they already know.

  18. I have liked Garrett and her from the beginning. I have never been a fan of Blake a not sure why. The “likes” occurred after she picked him and while I wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t dump my fiancé that I lived over it. I think Becca handled it with grace and it showed how much they loved each other.

    I don’t think Blake is ready to be The Bachelor. I think Jason or someone else would be better suited.

  19. Hi Ali, you are great!! Loved every word of this blog and couldn’t agree more. I had a hard time understanding what made Garret to liked ignorant and embarrassing things, but I really hope he has learned since. If not, the relationship won’t last because Becca is a great woman.
    And yesss, Blake for next Bachelor, please!!!!

  20. Blake! All day, every day, Blake. He has the best back story, the look, the personality. His doubts, insecurities etcetera were edited to create his storyline with Becca, just as Garrett’s conversations were spliced and diced. If he is up to doing it, and I think I detected last night that he might be, I think he would be a great choice in the same vein as Sean Lowe and Ben Higgins.

  21. No way to Blake. He’s a emotional disaster! Hands down Jason as the next Bachelor ! This is not even a option.

  22. Garrett’s instagram likes actually made me like him MORE. He didn’t mock women, but feminists. He didn’t mock school-shooting victims, but gun control advocates. Likewise, he didn’t give in to the transsexual delusion that media elites are pushing down the throats of America. The media mocks anyone with traditional values, as seen by the campaign against Garrett from Vogue and many other media outlets.

    1. I like your opinion here! I agree, and as far as controversies go, this is so small in comparison to let’s say.. Lincoln?!

      Move on, Garrett is a good man and they are happy!

    2. Wow. I didn’t know all the specifics, but I agree now I like him more! Thanks for sharing!!

      It’s funny how things are twisted in the “news”

    3. I agree with you as well! Totally fine for leftists to mock the President and any Republican, but not fine to make fun of leftist ideals? Hypocrisy. It’s ok to be conservative, people.
      As far as new Bachelor goes, either Jason or Wills. Blake is way too intense and immature.

    4. agreed and thank you for writing what you wrote! it’s crazy how much judgement can come from someone liking a post… thanks for putting this “controversial issue” into perspective

  23. Blake was a red flag for me the whole season, I wouldn’t like him to be the bachelor. I would go for Jason or Ben Higgens.

    I’m happy for Garrett and Becca, and the photos he liked on Instagram weren’t that bad as far as controversies go, and it’s very easy to mindlessly scroll and double tap on things but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe that to my core? I think everyone needs to go easier on Garrett. He’s a good guy.

  24. Blake is VERY boring and would make a horrible bachelor.
    I love Garrett. So happy Becca choose a great man like Garrett. I’m so happy for them.

  25. I’m so glad she picked Garrett. I personally think everyone went overboard on getting upset over his “likes”. Blake was so boring only thing I remember is when he showed up in the terrible black shirt, black pants and red bow tie!
    I hope Jason is the next bachelor or someone from the past.

    Ali- love reading your stuff- I read the hater, clearly she’s trying to get her “fame” and has no clue about anything!!

  26. Jason for bachelor!!! Personally, I think Blake is too insecure and negative. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like Blake. Just think jason would make a great Bachelor!

  27. JASON all the way for the next bachelor

    I am not a fan of Blake, something about him rubs me the wrong way. I don’t feel like Blake can handle when things don’t go his way. I mean he seems like a nice enough guy and I can only judge him from what I seen on the show, but he doesn’t seem like he can handle when things don’t go his way.

  28. I was soooooo hoping she picked Blake! I have loved him from the beginning. He was always so real on the show. He constantly talked about how awful it was that she was dating other guys which my friends just thought he was being a baby but when you think about the whole concept of the show all the guys should be feeling that way! It’s normal human emotion, he just expressed it. I am pulling for that stud for the Bachelor too! Also, Riley and Molly are adorable!!

    ^sorry for the massive run on sentence about Blake 😂

  29. Blake didn’t seem over Becca at all! I’m going with Jason on this one only because Blake is still hung up on her and possibly not ready to move on…

  30. There actually wasn’t a separate after the final the rose special last night, they combined it in to one! So you didn’t miss anything!

  31. I really love Garrett. They are so happy together! Constantly smiling and beaming around each other. This show just doesn’t seem like something that Blake can handle. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to handle it and that doesn’t make him mentally weak by any means. I also don’t feel like he would would carry the lead very well. Jason on the other hand would do excellent I think. I would LOVE to see Peter or Ben again as well. Lots of options but will be watching regardless who is picked because I’m a dedicated fan!
    I just want to touch on the controversy surrounding Garrett’s instagram. First off it was blown WAY about out of proportion. It seems like if you don’t have some sort of liberal viewpoint as most celebrities do you are labeled as an ignorant person. Seems like freedom of speech isn’t allowed anymore. I have seen the specific posts he had liked and every one is by no means as harsh as people are making it to be. How dare Garrett have different viewpoints? Just coming to his defense a little bit.
    I’d like to see the matter with Lincoln as more of a concerning issue then anything.
    Love you Ali and your cute family!

  32. I really thought Blake was a better choice. Don’t see it lasting with Garrett. Ali i would love to know if you have the details from the earrings Becca wore for her date with Garrett. They were long and dangling loved them!

  33. I think I’m officially done with the bachelor/bachelorette. I hate that they made him keep professing his love. STOP HIM IF U ARENT PICKING HIM! And Garret? Ugh!

    I WILL b watching Paradise tho. Lol

  34. I do not think Blake would make a good Bachelor. Never really cared for him this season. Hoping the next Bachelor is Jason, I think it would be much more entertaining

  35. I do not like Blake at all!!! While I believe he l led Becca, and I felt bad for him, he came off as a very jealous and possessive guy to me. I’m sure most people don’t agree, but I there’s just always been some off about him!

    I think Garrett handled the controversy well. You should go back and watch ATFR!!

  36. Really happy to see some support for Garrett in the comments here!! I too wish your blog/the media focused less on his “controversy” and more on what we saw of him in the show. No love for how heartfelt and emotional he got during the last episode?! It was clear how much he loved her and people of different political persuasions make it work all the time. I just thought he seemed giddy and appreciates every part of Becca. I loved how he said he loves how she says “bag.” Little things like that make a marriage last.

  37. I’m having a hard time with Garrett being the guy she chose. I’ve known about the controversy surrounding him since the beginning of the season, and that made it extremely difficult for me to see beyond the things he liked on social media. To be honest, I was spoiled as to who she chose and haven’t even watched the finale. I was hoping so badly it’d be Blake that I’m not sure I want to see him getting his heart broken for Garrett.

  38. I would love to see Blake as the new Bachelor, he was my favorite from the beginning. I also like Jason and thought it was interesting when Becca and Garrett on GMA both said they thought Jason would be a good bachelor. I’d be fine with either but I really like the fact that Blake is a bit awkward and not as polished on camera which makes him much more REAL to me.

  39. I loved Garret from the start! I don’t think some likes on Instagram completely defines who he is. I think Becca is such a smart and strong minded women that if she saw those things, he had liked and still finds it in her heart to help him grow and become a better human….that is love!! and I think Becca fell in love with Garrett because she saw how genuine and sincere he was. Becca knows him more than we do so why should we judge him?. If Becca says she forgives him then so should we? He apologized on ATFR and people got even more angry. I guess you just can’t make people happy! For bachelor I like Jason or Wills. It would be to overwhelming for Blake!

    1. I just have a question…. just because Garrett liked some things that maybe you or others don’t agree with … why does this mean he needs help being a better human??? Personally if something goes against what the Bible says and I choose to follow the Bible and not the “world view” then I feel I am making the much better choice! I’d rather be biblically correct than politically correct! And another thing is sadly people don’t seem to understand satire or humor and instead take everything literally…. I saw the things he “liked” and I’m sure at some point I “liked” them too and laughed at the humor of one or two and totally agreed with the others … and I certainly don’t need someone to “retrain “ me to be a “better human”!
      Just my two cents worth!!

      1. You are SOOO right! It’s the elitist liberals and their mindset that they think they are better than everyone else. They look down their noses at people who dare to be different. Liberals demand everyone think like they do…or they will forever mock you.

        Garrett didn’t need to be made “into a better man” and if I was him I wouldn’t take too kindly to liberal gal Becca forcing me to change who I was. His attitude should’ve been…you either love me for who I am…or you can move along.

        1. The things he liked were pretty cruel and went behind political views, in my opinion.. that is why everyone got so fired up about it. It is not about being liberal or consevative, I think. Liking something mocking a guy who survived a high school shooting or joking about literally throwing a child back on the other side of the wall.. that’s just being cruel. Also, if he did/does believe in those things, then why rush out with a full apology saying he “didn’t even read what the posts were about”? He could’ve stood by his beliefs, by going with what your saying, right? Just my personal opinion, I am not even American, so I am really not invested in your political situation.

  40. I am so glad she picked Garrett. They look so GREAT together. Blake is a sweetheart and I do like him as well. I am 100% all in for Jason for the next Bachelor. He is so cute and sweet. He looks like a young Al Pacino and that’s a huge bonus! 🙂

  41. Definitely Jason for Bachelor!!!!!!! Jason is very handsome, established career, intelligent, sweet, well spoken, ready for love and would treat a woman like gold!

  42. Ugh. I’d hate to think we are being judged by a selection of memes. That’s like playing Cards Against Humanity and judging a person based on what they laugh at. It’s called satire.

    And all because people got offended. But the media didn’t care when Becca gave the middle finger to the Trump/Pence banner on Instagram? That offended people too…

    Team Jason 1000000000% for the next Bachelor. Blake seems too intense and clingy.

  43. Jason should be the next Bachelor. He has a career and frankly he’s just got more life experiences making him appear to be a wonderful person and seems like a terrific candidate for marriage. For weeks now Blake has totally creeped me out. Number 1 red flag is he acts like a total stalker and frankly he scares me. Secondly, I love a guy who can be vulnerable and cry, etc but Blake has acted like a total baby since the conversation sitting on the couch I believe it was with Jason, Leo,Colton and one or two other guys. He was practically crying then, totally freAking out over if he would get a date card. He acted VERY immature and I just can’t say it enough, stalkerish !! I hope it’s Jason for sure. If Blake is chosen, I will NOT watch.

  44. First of all I’m a Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie. When the online stuff was brought up from Chris last night I had no idea what he was talking about. Who really has time to see or know what people are liking/not liking on Instagram. Whoever shared that with the media needs to get a life. Garrett is the best. I wish them many years of happiness!

  45. Like you, I had a really hard time getting past the controversy surrounding Garrett. So much so that I didn’t even watch the last few episodes because I (unwillingly) found out who she picked in the end. BUT I read somewhere that said, if you can believe people can change for the worst, you should be able to believe they can change for the best. So I wish them the best of luck!

    That being said, I’m definitely #TeamJason for the next bachelor! Love love loved him.

  46. Yay for BLAKE!!! He’s one of my favorite bachelors ever. He seems like the most genuine, kind person and he’s absolutely gorgeous! Jason would be good too!

  47. I think you should go back and watch the after the final rose. Becca and Garrett addressed those things that came up About him. Also you can tell Blake isn’t ready to be the Bachelor. I would love him in that position but he just seems like he really isn’t ready and still very broken up.

  48. I REALLY would love to see Jason as the next bachelor. He is so genuine, mature, articulate & not afraid to show his feelings or have those ‘intimate’ conversations. He definitely seems to be in the right place in his life to find that life partner. This time the journey would be on his terms & I feel like it would be a great season with a fantastic beginning at the end! #teamJason

  49. Becca was ready so why not Blake? I think Blake would be a GREAT BACHELOR!!! He is way more sincere than most of the other bachelor’s. Go Blake!!!!

  50. I LOVE Blake and felt so bad for him. I totally agree that Becca had been reassuring him throughout and then pulled back. I am so sad for Blake. I really hope he is the next Bachelor. I would absolutely be watching!

  51. I really like Blake and thought he was a good fit for her but the heart wants what the heart wants. I don’t think she was fair to him with all the loving she gave him when she knew he wasn’t going to be her pick. She said that she knew that Garrett was her pick at home towns and yet she still kept playing on Blakes emotions, didn’t like that at all. She took him to bed and that isn’t fair to Blake what a way to break a guys heart. I lost a lot of respect with her when she said that last night. Doesn’t matter if they had sex or not they slept together and that is a huge lead on to a man especially when he is telling you how much they love you. Just to bad she didn’t tell him the night before the ceremony that he want the one. Why wait and make it worse. As far as the next bachelor either Jason or Blake are great picks but I really think Jason is better for now because Blakes feels are still way to raw and wouldn’t be a great choice. Love Jason he is a wonderful pick this time giving Blake a time to heal. Wish Becca and Garrett the best of happiness

  52. J AS O N!!!! I think Jason is up for the challenges etc. of being the bachelor and he’s the complete package! There’s something about Blake that I can’t put my finger on but doesn’t sit well with me. Blake is not right for the show. They would not have made a good couple in my humble opinion. Wishing everyone well!

  53. Definitely not into Blake. He’s too anxious and something seemed off about him. I think Jason is the best option out of this last season. Or grocery store Joe…

    1. Totally agree. Something was off with Blake. He didn’t seem grounded in reality. Definitely team Jason or Peter !

  54. I didn’t care for either Garrett nor Blake. I think Blake’s a good guy, just not my type. Garrett on the other hand, never trusted his sincerity from the start. After the whole social media scandal: NO, NO, and NO. Do people change? Yes. But not usually unless they really want it. If these values were how he was raised and are core to who he is, I think she’s in for a world of misery. My prediction, it will not last long.

    Next bachelor: Jason. Blake is so super emotional and I believe, had deep feelings for Becca. It would be emotionally draining for him to go through that process IMO.

  55. JASON for the BACHELOR!! 100%! Not super impressed with Garrett. Nor was I impressed with what he said to Becca when he stood before her. It was awkward. I was like “what?” Then I heard about things he did on social media. I’m all about grace and second chances because goodness knows I need them but I just think she could have done better. However, I hope they last and go on to have a wonderful life together. Now let’s get Jason as the next Bachelor ♥️

  56. You are right – 100% Blake. he has it all with looks and sensitivity. Peter and James just do not work. I hope they recognize that.

    Loved your analysis of last night but it was painful to watch Blake.

  57. I agree with you, Ali! I have a question though…I read an article posted from People Magazine today about Becca’s ring and how Neil Lane designed it special for Becca and how it was different than rings he designed for past contestants. Do the producers tell Neil who the Bachelor/Bachelorette is going to pick so he can sway them in choosing a ring or does Neil just tell them which one really is for the girl? I know a lot of it is edited and we don’t see everything but if that ring wasn’t there when Blake was looking and right away it seemed like Garrett had a reason for choosing the ring he did (it was too good, too quick…again I know it’s edited so maybe it just looked that way. I’m just curious as to if the ring was “designed for Becca” how they made sure Garrett chose that one! 🙂

  58. hola ali saludos desde VENEZUELA, he tratado de suscribirme para tus boletines pero no llegan a mi correo ,saludos gracias

  59. I think that given that Garrett has now apologized twice, the written instagram post and last night, and Becca’s made it clear they worked through it and he just wants to grow, we should support them as a couple. I truly believe that had he been stuck in his ways, they couldn’t have worked through it and they wouldn’t still be together. At this point it doesn’t matter what all of us think because they seem really happy and I hope they live a beautiful life together ❤️

  60. Omg I was so devastated she didn’t pick Blake especially after the last date but I think they edited the show and blake probably had the first date and Garrett the 2nd. Really hope he’s the next bachelor too ! I think she made a big mistake, but happy for her she found love!

  61. Blake for The Bachelor 100%!!! I thought he would win and I’ve never seen any contestant on the bachelorette as emotional as he was. H deserves it!!

  62. I agree with you 100%! I really hope Blake is the next Bachelor! He is so sweet and genuine! My favorite thing that he said last night was that he will never apologize for how hard he loves❤️ That makes me love him even more! I hope he finds his happily ever after that he deserves!

  63. Most def Team Blake over here! I’ve loved him since the first episode. He’s so genuine and sincere and sweet and a gentleman and I could go on and on. And the way he handled everything after being let go was so mature of him. He had nothing but nice things to say to Becca. Can’t wait to see who they choose!

  64. Jason for bachelor! Honestly I don’t think all the hatred for Garret is necessary. As a woman of color, I have liked things on social media that could viewed as offensive to someone. It’s not my thinking, most times they are just funny. Doesn’t make it right, but people need to lay down their judgement card on someone double clicking, retweeting, unless said someone purposefully posted something on their feed.
    Blake – He showed how he would handle Becca when he was feeling insecure. Easy to be insecure on Bachelorette, but that is exactly how he would handle other things in her life when she was giving it too much attention over her. I kept saying all season, Blake was full of red flags.
    Ali you’re one of my favs. When you left the bachelor and then returned – YES! Keep being a role mom for working wives and moms.

  65. Please ignore people who get “angry” at your thoughts….like really!?!? If I didn’t agree with you I may so so but in an adult way. But… I agree with you. Call it women’s intuition or whatever, but not getting good vibes from Garrett, seems sneaky or something. If Blake is ready he would be a good bachelor but would probably prefer Jason (never mind that, I have to introduce him to my daughter LOL, maybe you could arrange that, Ali). No really, he is so caring and real, I believe that he could easily weed out the wrong women and end up with a true match! Please not Ben H.

  66. Jason is my pick for Bachelor. He’s everything a girl could want. Blake and Garrett are not perfect for everyone!!

    Come on ABC PICK JASON😘☮️☮️☮️

  67. So, when Chris said that the breakup was going to be a tear jerker I was basically like, “Yeah, whatever…” and then when it happened I was literally IN TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have never cried watching a break up on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. I didn’t even cry when Arie was breaking up with Becca, to be honest, even though it was hard to watch.
    Something about Blake just tugged at my heart strings. Seeing him walk away from Becca, the sad music and then watching him cry into a towel…OH MY GOSH…I was in tears! I told my Husband that I was so surprised at my reaction.

    I think Jason is a great guy and would be a great pick for the Bachelor but I would easily be supportive of Blake, as well. Nothing wrong with being a sensitive person!!

  68. JASON!! While I think both Jason and Blake are great guys with kind hearts and good intentions, Jason just has way more personality and is much more interesting so I think that makes him a better choice for the next Bachelor!

  69. Blake Blake & did I say Blake?! Omg I absolutely adore him, he is one in a million. He would make a FANTASTIC bachelor. Becca really lucked out she had some amazing men on her season. Colton, Jason, Blake & Garrett are all so wonderful. I actually loved Garrett for Becca from the beginning. They just radiate happiness, she is over the moon, giddy jumping out of her skin happy. THAT is the reason I absolutely love her. She is so real and I felt that she was a FABULOUS bachelorette. YAY to Becca & Garrett. Yay to Blake most likely being our next Bachelor! If Colton or Jason is chosen I don’t think they will be poor choices but Blake is just so perfect for the role.
    Love you Ali, you look amazing. Love how honest you are about your personal life. Thanks for being so vulnerable and truthful. As a new mom I appreciate you opening up!

  70. Has anyone else ever been in trouble because of memes they have liked on social media? Imagine if we were all judged by the thoughts in our heads? I refuse to judge Garrett by stupid memes he should not have liked. We all make mistakes. We are human… we all make mistakes. I truly hope Becca and Garrett last and that people are kind and supportive toward them. After what she went through with Arie, she deserves a happy ending. I can truly see them together forever with children. I vote Colton for the next Bachelor!

  71. Ali,
    We all love you, and that’s why we read your blog!! I’ve been a fan of yours since you were on Jakes season.
    I hope you ignore all the negative people who come on and just try to stir the pot.
    You are your own best judge, you are doing what’s best for your family!!

  72. I love Garrett and Becca together….perfect match! Can’t stand watching Blake and his gestures and facial expressions. I really don’t think I could handle an entire season of that. He is so annoying !!! He might be a nice guy but I don’t think he is mature enough to be the bachelor, plus it’s too soon and he is still in love with Becca. Team Jason all the way !

  73. Does the bachelorette pick out a few rings that she would like? I can’t imagine leaving it to chance that I wouldn’t be her style!

  74. Am I the only person in America who isn’t a fan of Blake?! He just seemed a bit much for me, his mannerisms and personality I didn’t love. I mean don’t get me wrong I honestly think he adored Becca, but he was totally unpredictable; and he seemed a little “angry” at times. I think he will make some girl happy one day but him as The Bachelor is not my first choice.

  75. I really liked Blake, but felt he was a bit flat at times. Dare I say dull? Jason is my pick, warm and sensitive and open. Jason!! 🤗

  76. First I will say, the way Garrett apologized publicly last night about the inappropriate likes in social media was super cool. He owned his mistake, and apologized without hesitation.
    Let’s be honest here, every single one of us has laughed at some type of inappropriate joke, without meaning to offend anyone. People have become son sensitive and criticize every move people make. I think his likes were inappropriate, of course, but I think it was blown way out of proportion. I also think he is a stand up guy for immediately addressing his actions.

    Onto Blake – for he love of God – no Bachelor Blake. He was too intense about half way thru, seems a bit controlling, and sometimes a bit creepy. At first I thought he seemed okay, but he seems way to serious. You have to have fun and silliness in your life. I just think he would be all work, no play, type of partner and dad. Garret has more zest for life the way Becca does, which is why I think they were better suited. I think Blakes season would be as boring as Chris Soules!

  77. So agree with you Ali! I remember reading about the social media issues with Garrett and it made it hard for me to look at him in a positive light all season. I can only assume that Becca doesn’t share his values, and I believe that unfortunately people can’t just apologize and all be forgotten. It broke my heat watching her say goodbye to Blake, hope he is the next bachelor. Also, I’ve been following you since your season! I lived in San Francisco at the time and remember seeing you at Monaghan’s a few times! Love your blog!!

  78. I really enjoyed her season and hope her relationship with Garrett is all she hopes it will be. The issue I have about the instagram posts is people are making comments about what his likes without really knowing the context of the posts. All I know of them is what others are saying about them and really don’t what the initial posts actually were. I sometimes think people take social media too literal and put too much emphasis on it. The other thing is about his marriage. I know a lot of what we saw was portrayed by how the producers edited it, but he made a comment lastnight that there was an incident between his wife and family that she was not willing to try to resolve and he felt he could not continue with the marriage. I thought when you married your loyalty was to your spouse/marriage. People don’t usually end a marriage of 2 months without some pretty significant reasons. Hopefully he will put his loyalty with Becca if an issue arises. I think Blake is a great guy and would be a good Bachelor but Jason would be better. Ben’s name has been thrown out there and truly hope they don’t pick him. He was a great guy but once you have been the Bachelor/Bachelorette and was engaged you should not be recycled. Ali I am so sorry for some of the very negative comments that were made. Everyone absolutely entitled to their opinions and may not often agree with yours but if they have such negative feelings then don’t read the blog. I enjoy reading your comments and insight with the Bachelor franchise.

  79. Love this post Ali. I agree with you about Garrett & always try to see the best in people. I’m really hoping Becca gets her happily forever after. I want Jason to be the next bachelor because I absolutely love Blake. Do you have his number?

  80. Blake for bachelor for sure!!!!! He totally reminds me of my husband, a tall soft spoken guy. He would be real and genuine. I’d love to see him come back especially with how he was on AFR with Becca after Arie, and throughout the whole show. Yeah he sorta had some moments, but we are all human! Blake for bachelor, forrrr sure 😉

    Also around home townish time, maybe a bit prior I totally had a hunch, what if all the social media deb-octal around Garrett was just to throw off the fans?!?? Just a guess though 😉

  81. Hi Ali!
    I agree with a lot of what you have posted throughout this season and I love your blog! I have a question though: Who decides when the Bachelorette is to let go of the runner-up? I don’t know about how any other feels about this, but I find it a bit harsh or almost to cruel to let both of them decide upon a ring and think about their proposal if the lead knows who she is going to pick. And I assume (and hope) that this is something the lead has decided upon before the very last day(s) … What are your (or any of you other guys’) thoughts on this?

    I agree that Blake could be a great bachelor, but I also think Jason is a hot candidate … and maybe Jason is more emotionally ready?

    Love from Norway <3

  82. Love Garrett. Didn’t find what he liked offensive at all on instagram. It’s how a lot of people in this country feel. With the football players who don’t stand for flag or letting illegal immigrants into this country when we are all working hard over here w no free handouts. I also just don’t get easily offended either if it’s a person that I don’t know that’s not saying anything to my face. Everyone is way to offended by everything in this country. And the media doesn’t help. Turns great people’s lives upside down and it’s sickening to me. With the bachelor I like jason better than Blake. Liked Blake but he had terrible vocal fry which makes it hard for me to listen to him through a whole season.

  83. I’m 100% with you on BLAKE FOR BACHELOR! To me, he was the most genuine this season and they had so much fun together. Garrett towards the end felt like he was pulling tricks to “sell” her where Blake was afraid of losing her, and that seems more real to me from a person who is down to earth instead of up in the clouds. I’ve been watching from the beginning and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone else as deserving as Blake for The Bachelor role! I thought about Becca differently after basically watching her tell Blake she didn’t pick him because of his doubts and insecurities when she obviously put him in that position to feel that way. He seems like a strong person who deserves better. After watching how in love he was and how blindsided he was, I really hope they can help him find love again!

  84. I will begin this response by saying that I have always like Ali…she was one of my favorite Bachelorettes ever and I also enjoy watching her on Home & Family. She has a beautiful family and I’m glad she found her happy ending.

    That being said, I cannot deny that her comments on the blog have left me extremely disappointed in her. Her comment that “everybody is capable of learning from their mistakes and growing as a human being” left me with a feeling that she is very close minded to the fact there are other points of view in America than what the “coastal elites” believe. Garrett didn’t mock all women….he liked a joke about feminists. He didn’t mock immigrants….he liked a post that was against illegal immigration. He didn’t mock a school shooting….he liked a post against gun control. Those are not “way out there” ideas. Those are rather common feelings and opinions that at least 1/2 of Americans have.

    Garrett doesn’t need to “grow as a human being”…he already IS a human being with feelings and opinions and the desire for happiness and love. He doesn’t need to be “fixed” because he has conservative thoughts and values….any more than a gay person needs to be “fixed”. For Becca to feel that she needed to “fix” him because he has conservative opinions and values screams loud and clear that this relationship is doomed.

    So please Ali….I hope you can find YOUR way to being more tolerant of ALL opinions…and not just the opinions displayed in your liberal echo chamber. There are a lot of people in America who do not think that way….and THANK GOD is all I have to say! We don’t want a country where everyone thinks the same….like the Stepford Wives. I also hope that you teach your beautiful children to not pass judgement on others who hold different opinions….and to not feel the need to “fix” those whom they love if they think differently or have different political persuasions. That would go far to make this world a better place.

    1. Agree completely 😞 all season I could tell Ali was dismissing Garrett and Becca’s relationship in her posts. And I knew it was because of his reputation with the “Instagram likes.” Which from the beginning were made a way bigger deal than they should have been! I wish Ali (and the majority of liberal-leaning people I am reading from on Twitter) had a more open-minded and forgiving attitude towards Garrett! He apologized and owned up to his mistakes from the beginning and that is all you can ask from someone.

  85. It’s was Blake the whole time for me, although in that last episode, I really did see it with Garret and I wish them a lifetime of happiness! With that said, BLAKE FOR BACHELOR!!!

  86. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ben Higgins again as Bachelor. I really liked him. Hate that him and Lauren broke up!

  87. I always feel so lousy for the runner up, and I hate it when they start professing there love, going on & on, then get the shock of their life! I wish Becca would not have let him believe for even a second , he was the chosen one! Is that part of the rules? She should have let him go before the final Rose 🌹 I think it’s too soon for him to jump into being the Bachelor. But realistically, it’s getting harder and harder to watch the last few shows of the season. It’s sooooo unnatural to love two people so much at the same time. And for each to believe it will be them. It’s actually cruel for all involved. I may or may not watch next season. I haven’t missed any since the beginning, but I think the format needs to change! What do you think?

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