The Best Item Still Fully in Stock at the Nordstrom Sale!

Only a few days are left of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have shopped my little heart out this year! Ha! What can I say, I love a good deal!

As many of you know, so many items from the sale are either sold out or have super limited sizing left. That’s why I am pretty psyched to tell you guys about today’s look! It’s all based around this trench coat that’s not only is it in stock, but it’s in stock in every single size! Yay!


As you can see on Nordstrom’s website, the reviews for the jacket are really good! There’s only one that is negative and it’s from someone who is very petite and the jacket was just too oversized on her. And I get that. If you’re on the very petite side, even the ‘extra small petite’ might be too big for you. For example, I’m normally a medium and I sized down to a small in the jacket and it was perfect. So if you’re normally a small you might want to size down to the extra small, and if you’re normally an extra small, you’ll want to size down to the extra small petite. But the great thing about this jacket running a bit large is that some plus size women will be able to get it too! And I love it when I’m able to share products that women of many different sizes can wear!

And I know I usually post really pretty, professional photos on my blog but I want to try to start including iPhone pictures as well. Sometimes I think it’s easier for people to tell what a item will look like on them if I post a regular old iPhone pic. So I’ll try to do more of those moving forward! Let me know if you guys like the iPhone pics.


What I really love about this look is that it’s a really great way to layer clothes for Fall. Since it’s so hot here in LA and pretty much everywhere else in the country, when I wore this yesterday I planned on wearing a T-shirt most of the day. With jeans instead of shorts though, my post-pregnancy body does not look good in shorts right now. So I don’t care how hot it is, I’m opting for jeans over shorts! Ha! But in the mornings it’s still pretty cool in LA so I was able to wear my trench coat for a little bit while I went out to some work commitments with Riley yesterday morning.

To layer this look it’s as easy as a white T-shirt, a chambray shirt and this trench coat. I think it looks classic and put together even though it was super easy to throw on as I ran out the door. I think the key is just make sure you have a white T-shirt that you love as the base of your look. Especially since the point of layers is to be able to take them on and off as the weather changes. This morning it was cool enough for me to wear a light jacket, but by mid-morning it was way too hot and I still wanted to look cute and thankfully my white T-shirt and jeans are really flattering so I still felt put together even though I was literally only wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. I’ve written about this white tee so many times and I will continue to do so because I couldn’t be more obsessed with it. I literally have five of them in white. Plus a bunch of other colors as well. And like any white piece of clothing that you wear literally every other day, they get dingy so I’ll replace mine every once in a while. But at under $20, it’s easy to replace them. And then for a middle piece, any chambray button up will work.

Anyway, I hope you guys have had as much fun shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as I have! It’s only going on for a few more days, so if there are any pieces you’ve had your eye on that are still available, make sure you snatch them up quickly! Let me know what you think of this look! And if you are considering getting this coat for yourself, let me know if you have any questions.


Huge thank you to Nordstrom for being my favorite store ever and sponsoring this post! It’s been so cool for me to have a store I love and post about regularly turn into a Ali Luvs partner! So grateful!

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12 thoughts on “The Best Item Still Fully in Stock at the Nordstrom Sale!

  1. Love the IPhone pictures! Btw I noticed that if scroll down to the bottom of the comment section where you have the Ali Luvs bio, Riley hasn’t been added on to your family yet.:)

  2. Just wanted to say I bought the pj’s you wore in the hospital ahead of my baby’s birth last week and I’m so glad I did! Incredibly soft, perfect for breastfeeding, and I felt sort of “put together” (ha as much as you can be). Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I feel like you mostly post expensive clothing. Nordstrom isn’t exactly cheap. I look at your story, and see a super cute coat or dress and get excited…. but each time I realize that it is way out of my price range. I really like you as a public figure and you seem to be a great mom, and I’m not actually sure if you get these items for free. But I also won’t get famous off the bachelor to make a good living wage like you do if you do pay for it. With that being said, can you please post and promote more things that blue collar mommies and families can also enjoy?

    1. She posts a ton of clothing from other, more adorable sites like Shein and Chicwish so maybe look back to past posts? More often than not, each piece she posts is below $50 (some even significantly below that!). I have no idea what your clothing budget is but if you like her look but find it too costly, you could always use it as inspiration and something to keep an eye out for when shopping at your own stores or sites. Or, check out Nordstrom’s Rack, the discounted version of Nordstrom’s since they have very similar looks!

  4. You look so good!! I need to check out the sale:) Wasn’t feeling too hot today 🙁 Actually passed that store in a place called The Grove today!I need to go back. Very cool there 🙂 Did have a lovely pasta dinner and wine 🍷 tho 😉 Love the style on you!! So happy you have a nanny to help balance things 💖

  5. THANK YOU for posting the iphone pics. I sometimes catch myself wondering why my outfits don’t look as cute as they do on the instagram models in photos. I have to remind myself I’m not perfectly posing or using a professional camera lens. You always keep it real 🙂

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