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I feel like at the beginning of the Men Tell All every season, when they introduce all the guys, there’s always a clear favorite based on the cheers in the audience. I didn’t feel that this time. Either they edited the cheers this time around so there wasn’t a clear favorite or maybe there just wasn’t one. If you’re wondering why would they would edit it to make it sound like the crowd has a favorite, it might be to push us in the direction of a certain guy that ABC might be considering as the next Bachelor. So if the next Bachelor was in this crowd of guys, the audience would usually cheer loudest for that person because they were the clear fan favorite, or the editing would make it seem like the audience cheered. Does that make sense?

Let’s talk about these guys shall we?

Joe the Grocer

I didn’t get everybody’s obsession with Joe when he went home on first night, but now I get it! He was so funny last night and totally made me laugh while watching. I’m excited to see him in Paradise!


I honestly could have watched an entire Men Tell All episode about Jordan. He needs his own show. I’d watch. He’s the perfect amount of ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I probably couldn’t stand him if I was in a room with him. He’s probably a lot to handle in real life! But I think he’s hilarious to watch on TV. I’m so excited that he’s going to be in Paradise this season. I think it might be one of the best seasons yet! There are some real characters on there this year.


A lot of people seem to like Wills. I definitely like the dorky side of him and I think he’s very respectful to Becca, which I love. But I honestly find myself having a hard time saying much about him other than that. Maybe he’s just so normal and laid back that there really just isn’t much more to say. It’s pretty sad that someone who is normal and chill is hard to blog about. These should be the people that we’re talking about, but at the end of the day drama is more interesting I guess. Maybe he has too many walls up? I’m not sure what it is.


When Colton broke down about being a virgin, it really resonated with me. Especially when he said that when people call him names for it, he starts to believe them. I totally understand that. Meaning I understand, and I know many of you can understand, what it feels like to start believing the mean things that people say about you. I just found the way he opened up to be extremely endearing. I was so unsure about him at the beginning of the season, but he slowly grew on me every single episode. I know we’ll be seeing him in Paradise, so I’m very interested to see what happens between him and Tia. If they end up together I honestly think that’s great! That doesn’t mean that he was any less invested in his time with Becca when he was there with her.


Jason just seems like a ridiculously nice person doesn’t he? I didn’t watch the hometown episode but I almost want to go back and watch his because I feel like his parents did an incredible job raising him and I want to know more about them. And I thought it was really sweet when he asked Becca if they could be friends moving forward. So the big question is – will he be the next Bachelor?

Do you guys think Jason is Bachelor material? I think he is. There’s part of me that’s a little unsure on how he would be in the role but I found over the years that some of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes that I’ve been unsure about have gone on to be some of the best ever! Plus I think he just deserves to find a really great girl. But I wanna know what you guys think! Do you want Jason to be the next Bachelor? Colton? What about Garrett or Blake depending on which one she doesn’t choose?

Right now I think I’m leaning towards Blake if she doesn’t pick him. And if she does pick him then my next choice would be Jason or maybe even Colton. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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157 thoughts on “The Men Tell Becca All

  1. YES to everything you said!!
    If she ends up engaged to Garrett in the end, I’m totally Team Blake as the next Bachelor.
    You’re right though….there’s clearly not a favorite this season.

      1. In your comments about Jason you said his parents didnt incredible job raising him. I knew what you meant, just thought you’d want to fix it. Xoxo

          1. Can you please find the earrings she wore on the men tell all show? I’m obsessed and can’t find them or even anything similar – anywhere!

    1. I feel ridiculous commenting/writing this but I’m curious for your take- Was really liking Jason as Bachelor material—- but last night was just too much. I felt like he was sort of campaigning for it? Almost too ‘aww shucks’/ ‘gee i’d love to be friends’/ ‘no one likes a bully’/ ‘give me feedback on my mistakes so I learn the next time…’
      It didn’t feel sincere to me- it felt like he was trying to implore/ endear himself to the audience instead and I’m bummed!
      Also- thanks to you for your postpartum honesty both with motherhood and the body issues- it does get better but some days you do feel like you’re drowning!

      1. I think Jason is a genuine person. I’m not sure his heart would be ready for the bachelor role though. He’s a class act! More men should take note!

        1. He is a really successful banker. I don’t think he will be able to take off for another season of this type of show. I am sure he is not ready retire from that just yet. We will see 👀.

        2. Totally know Jason’s Parents and they are very classy people and did a great job with Jason….. so I’m all for him being the next Bachelor! Fingers crossed!

      2. Oh my gosh… I didn’t get that vibe at all from Jason. I believe he a very genuine person & to think he would be ‘acting’ just to promote himself for The Bachelor is hardly believable. I honestly think he is just truly THAT NICE & GENUINE. By the time the begin filming for next Bachelor/Bachelorette season, there’s about a 6 month time gap. That’s plenty of time to mend your broken heart after dating someone for only 2 short months. I say JASON for BACHELOR!!!!

      3. I agree. I like Jason but I did notice that last night. He was campaigning for it. I don’t know if Blake has enough personality to carry the lead but I would like him to be the next Bachelor (Blake)

    2. I’m Team Blake too. Only because I think he’s going to be beyond crushed if he’s not picked. I do think Jason would be good too no doubt but if I had to choose after watching this season, I pick Blake for next Bachelor.

  2. I love Jason. I think he’d make a fantastic Bachelor! He’s older & ready to really settle down & has a great job – holds himself together so well – a great family. I totally hope he’s next up!

      1. Either Jason or Grocery Joe! I get a strange vibe from Blake.I really hope she picks Garret. You can just see how much he loves her in his face.

        1. I would pick Jason, Joe or Wills for the next Bachelor. Blake should get the final rose because with all those racist, misogynist post on Garrett’s social media page, he does not seem like the kind of guy Becca should be with. Beside Garrett said he loves Becca but he never said he was in love with her. He is also not really ready to marry her anyway because he is afraid because he has been divorced before. Becca only really likes Garrett because he reminds her of her deceased father. Clearly that is no reason to start a marriage with someone. I have a feeling that if Becca picks Garrett she will realize at some point she has made a mistake.

        2. I❤️ Joe the Grocer! I would love him to be the Bachelor. I get tired of them picking so many that we have seen so much of!!

    1. I’m old enough to be Jason’s mom but I too love him . I agree that he presents as an outstanding human being .
      I am all for Jason as the next bachelor because would love to see him every week . Loved his “gimme a hug”energy to Becca last night too at the end of their chat .

      1. I agree in everything Laura said above. I too could be his mom but what a pleasure to watch him on the tv!! He’s definitely a catch!!

      2. I’m with you! If only I was younger…and um…not married with kids…haha but seriously he is the total package. I adore that guy and think that his mom did an amazing job raising him. In fact, she should write a book about parenting boys because I would love for my boys to grow up as charming and confident as Jason. While she is at it, she can also share her skin care routine. She has the most gorgeous skin! So yes, Jason for next Bachelor!!!

    2. Omg I picked him early on the season how sweet he was. Best bedroom eyes ever. He better be next bachelor. He is so sweet. Kind. And from what I see an honest family man. He’s got my vote

    3. YES!!! Jason should definitely be the next Bachelor!!! I think he’s an amazing guy!! And does anyone else see the resemblance of he & Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) from This Is Us???? TWINS!!!

  3. I’d love to see Jason as the next Bachelor! Blake is a sweetheart and I think he’d be more of the typical all-American, emotional choice they usually go for – but Jason is so much fun, not to mention sweet and well-spoken. I think it would be great to shake things up a bit!

  4. Girl you should go back and only watch Jason’s hometown. His family is amazing and they clearly mean so much to him! I loved him even more after hometowns which I didn’t even think was possible. Jason for Bachelor for sure!

    1. Man I might have to go back and watch. Now if I could only find the time to do it! Maybe if I watch just his I can since it’s not such a big time commitment

      1. Yes Ali, I would recommend going back and watching his hometowns! I really liked him before hometowns, but I LOVED him afterwards! That’s when I started rooting for him to be the bachelor just because I wanted to see more of him 😂

      2. Ali I know this question would be hard for you to answer now that you are happily married, but if you were the bachelorette which of these men would have been your choice?
        And, I would choose Jason for bachelor as I think he is ready, well spoken, mature and great family. Not sure Blake could handle the situation and stress of being Lead. It will not be Colton as he just completed Paradise!
        And, the winner for Becca will be Garrett so he can not be Bachelor. I hear gossip that Ben Higgins could get the lead again. Don’t agree with 2nd chances.

        1. Ugh I heard that rumor about Ben possibly getting the role again. I like Ben but I hated his season on the bachelor. I thought he was so boring so I really hope they don’t do it! I’d love to see Colton in the role or Jason, even Grocer Joe! Lol but not Ben again.. I like Blake too but I don’t want him as the bachelor. I don’t know why though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

          1. I liked Ben’s season but don’t want him a second go round. Love Jason and think he would be an amazing bachelor. I listened to him on the almost famous with Ben and Ashley podcast and loved him even better. He is humble, very articulate, great family values and as he said ready for a partner, wife and mother to his children. Any woman would be blessed to be loved by him.

        2. I absolutely will not watch if Ben is on…please no, he was a total disappointment to me. Garrett is one of those people that just rubs me the wrong way but I couldn’t tell you why….. women’s intuition? Hope she chooses Blake , love him. I’d love to see Jason as the next bachelor or Blake if he is not chosen.

      3. Ali definitely go back & watch just Jason’s hometown it made me want her to pick him so much more, & I hope he his the next bachelor

  5. I think Jason will be an amazing bachelor. You can tell there was a connection between him and Becca, but I could not see them together in the long run. He seems like an upstanding guy to be the next bachelor.

  6. I totally love Jason. I am hoping they have him for the next bachelor. If not Jason then it should be Colton.
    Both of these guys are real. Not in the show for publicity they are on ur for finding love.

    Team Jason

    1. I agree ! I hope Jason is the next bachelor because he’s so sweet genuine and kind ! Plus he’s from my town ! I hope Colton ends up with Tia on paradise . If not he would be an outstanding bachelor ! Easy on the eyes too !

  7. Joe the Grocer has been my favorite from the beginning but I am also from Chicago so I’m a bit biased 😉

    My vote is for Jason to be the next Bachelor! I love Blake and think he’s an awesome, genuine guy, but I remember how his parents talked about how long and extremely difficult it was for him to get past his last relationship. I just can’t imagine him bouncing back fast enough to be the Bachelor if Becca doesn’t pick him :/

    1. Agree completely. He doesn’t have the fortitude in his love life to be the Bachelor. He has a lot of baggage and also maybe needs to do some maturing emotionally. My first choice would be Colton for Bachelor, second choice Jason or Joe the Grocer! Please not Ben Higgins!

  8. I want it to be Jason. None of the men, in all the seasons, have touched me like Jason. Blake or can’t remember his name, sorry, plain vanilla.

  9. I think Jason would be such a refreshing bachelor. He’s comfortable in who he is, and I think he genuinely wants to find his person. I mean, sign me up! The respect he shows for Becca and how he wants to be friends is so endearing to me. How often at the Men Tell All does the most recently broken up with guy go out of his way to give her a hug!? I can see either Garrett or Blake chosen to be the bachelor too, but I’m team Jason. I wouldn’t be upset either way! I thought Colton was a bit dramatic with the Jordan thing… he seemed a little more aggressive than he had on the show. I think they’re genuinely a great group of guys, and there’s no bad choices for the bachelor!

    1. I agree that Colton did not come across great with the whole Jordan thing. Though the whole virgin talk actually had me choked up for him. Why should it be such a thing- right?! Ugh. I’m totally team Jason too!! Blake didn’t do much for me and I’m betting she’s with Garrett.

    2. I totally agree! I was a little put off by how Colton handled the Jordan situation… he seemed to lose his temper a bit. I still like him though and can’t wait to watch him in paradise!

  10. Jason for Bachelor. He seems like a real guy. His family is sweet and him talking about his love for his brother. Aww! Colton really opened up tonight and I’m glad he did. Many males and females are doing what he’s is doing and feeling exactly how he does. Jordan is a trip. He is going to make Bachelor in Paradise so much better. Not sure why the guys can’t just laugh at Jordan. Let’s get Jordan a show!

  11. Jason for bachelor!! He is such a class act and I would love to see him find love! I think he would bring the wholesomeness that the show needs because right now, a lot of people go on just to sell ads on Instagram (or it feels like it).

    1. I agree! There will be SO many girls that want to be on his season, that the ones with alterior motives would get weeded out.

    1. I’m crossing my fingers Leo makes a love connection with Kendall in Paradise. I could see them being a real life couple!

  12. I am team Jason 100%. I think he’s such a great guy and completely genuine. I don’t think he does any type of nice guy act or anything. He’s such a great guy and the girls would be lining up to be on his season.

    I feel like she does choose Garrett based on how upset she is in the previews when she sends the runner up home. I think she sends home Blake and it near crushes her because she knows that guy is completely in love and cares for her so so deeply.

    I cried with Colton last night. I wish I could tell him that guys may give him a hard time for this, but I can assure him that his future wife is going to absolutely love this about it and it will be beyond special.

  13. I would love for Blake to be the next Bachelor if he isn’t Becca’s final choice.
    Blake is like a Disney character, sweet adorable and makes the girl feel like a princess. It’s time for a really GOOD guy again. Sean Lowe still wins for the nicest guy to ever grace the screen. If Blake isn’t able to then honestly Jason is a truly standup guy and Colton is also a great choice. They really did cast some great guys this season. I actually liked the bottom four. Usually I have a favorite the entire season.
    As for Becca…I really like her with Garret :))

    Totally agree I looooove Jordan. I would totally watch a show all about him!
    Btw as a new mom, I applaud you for being so vulnerable and honest about your post body look. You are amazing!

  14. I love Jason. Of course I’m a fellow Buffalonian so I’m biased but I found him to be very respectful and well spoken just like Becca. I’d love to see him find his happiness/love.

    Ali, I have to say I don’t know how anyone finds Jordan funny. I couldn’t wait for him to be kicked off. I just found him so self absorbed but that’s my opinion…..

    1. I’m with you with the Jordan part. He’s so annoying and not funny. I’m not sure I’m going to watch Paradise because he’s going to be on it.

  15. I still would LOVE to see Peter as the bachelor! And I know majority of America would!! Question is, why hasn’t he yet when everyone so clearly loves him!?

  16. I’m not ready to be done with Jason yet! I think he has so much to offer to a woman and even society. He is so kind and I think we need more of that right now! I’m rooting for him to be the next bachelor!

  17. I’m 100% a fan of Jason! Love love love him. I love his heart. He seems so kind and tender. He said wise things last night. He’s so handsome and who doesn’t love a good kisser 😉 but last night he won me over even more. On top of all those things I just mentioned he’s also level headed and deep. It is rare to see that these days. I loved when he mentioned “I like to self reflect and be self aware” … wow! So awesome! I really really hope he will be the next bachelor because I would love to see more of him 😂 but more than that I want him to find a really great girl who will love him well.

  18. Jason is such a class act and well spoken! He kind of flew under the radar for me most of the season (editing), but I started liking him more and more towards the end. Plus – he looked so handsome! I also thought it was super sweet when he blew Becca a kiss. I’d love him as the next Bachelor. I think he’s a much better fit for that than Paradise.

    I really want Becca to chose Blake in the end! If she doesn’t he would be my second choice for Bachelor. If she doesn’t pick Garrett I couldn’t see him being leading man material.

  19. I think there is a typo in first paragraph about Jason “parents didn’t” versus “parents did an”?

  20. I am Jason all the way! He is intelligent and carries himself very well. His family was also the best! I think Blake seems a little needy!

    1. Yes I agree! Blake seems a bit emotionally immature. Did you see the way he was shooting daggers at Garrett at the most recent rose ceremony? Yikes! I like Blake, but hes yoo young. Jason jason jason! 100% I dont think blake could handle the pressures of being the bachelor.

  21. i honestly think theyre going to do what they did with arie and pull someone out a guy from an old season. Don’t know who.. but I’m not sure if any of the guys on this season are going to pull very big numbers or ratings for abc. They’re all kind of safe.. UNLESS something really crazy happens after the final rose.. who knows!? we shall wait and see….

  22. I think they’re leaving it open to see how BIP plays out. Ever since they brought Nick back to bachelor BIP has the potential to change who it is. I’d be happy with Jason or Colton at this point. Also, I think they could do something unprecedented and pick Joe. It would freshen the show up some since it’s not their usual formula, but this also depends on how he comes across on BIP.

  23. Sorry, I can’t stand Jordan. I would love Jason as the Bachelor or Blake if he isn’t picked. Either one I would be fine with. Definitely watch Jason’s hometown!

  24. Jason has been my front runner from the get go!!! He seems like such a genuine great guy and such a cutie to boot!!! I would LOVE to see him as the next Bachelor!!! I’m not a huge fan of Blake’s or Colton’s ….sorry🤷🏻‍♀️ JASON all the way I say!!!

  25. It makes me sad that Colton was teased about being a virgin to the point that he felt he needed to make up stories. I was shocked earlier in the season when he said this. When did it become wrong for someone to save themselves for the right person? He said it wasn’t even necessarily marriage he was waiting for, it was the right person. This is a personal choice and is none of anyone’s business! Way to go Colton! I hope he finds an amazing woman to spend the rest of his life with, he deserves it.

  26. I’m surprised at your reaction about Jordan. Jordan’s comments to Colton were crude and unnecessary. Those aside, he was like that with several others. Just so disrespectful. And when given the time to have the last word he went around and basically told everyone off. Don’t get me wrong, I saw how everyone was hating on him, but I think that’s because Leo had it right, he’s a narcissist.

    1. Oh my Gosh, thank you for saying that ! I couldn’t agree with you more! I couldn’t believe ABC allowed him airtime to basically tell everyone off? Why? He was so rude to Colton and people were laughing. It was awful! Meanwhile if he were a woman he would been expected to appear on there after his antics this season and be apologizing to everyone. Jordan makes me NOT want to watch Paradise. ABC got this one wrong. He’s a bully and it shouldn’t have been tolerated.

  27. I agree with you about all of this! It was actually refreshing that at the end, all of the remaining guys were so mature and drama free. They seemed to respect Becca so much and handled themselves wonderfully!
    Colton seems like an absolute sweetheart and I hope he finds someone as great as him.
    Jason seems amazing!! He is the kind of guy that I would hope my daughter would find in the future! Yes, his parents did a great job with him! I would not mind seeing him as the next Bachelor, but in some ways don’t want him to go through some of the anguish… if that makes sense!

  28. Ali, What jeans are you wearing with the tan cardigan?? I love them!! I also just love Jason! I can’t get enough of him. He’d make a great bachelor!! Or even Colton. I didn’t like him at first, but he’s really grown on he. Jordan is ridiculous and funny. If Becca doesn’t pick Blake, he would also make a great bachelor! So many awesome options.

    1. I was wondering the same thing! They look to be the “perfect” jean- wash, fit, everything! Ali, you have to share!

  29. My clear favorite has always been Jason! I’m rooting for him to be the next Batchelor. He seems super genuine and nice guy and super easy on the eyes!!! I think him and Becca would have been so great together! I hope she ends up with Garrett. I’ve never been sure about Blake.

  30. Ali, I’m SO surprised that you actually are/were entertained by Jordan! He might make make for “funny” TV, but he’s a bully and bullying is no longer funny! And he’s an egomaniac. He was disrespectful to everyone, what he said to Colton on air last night, was absolutely awful!? How can you say you relate to a Colton yet say Jordan is entertaining? I almost turned off the Tells all because of the airtime they gave Jordan. I am a big fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette but someone like him constantly taking shots at very nice, respectable men and never apologizing for his inappropriate comments and outrageous behavior in the guise of “I’m unapologetically me” is just an excuse for somehow making his bad behavior acceptable. He should have been called out. I can’t be the only one that feels this way…It was way too much for me.

    1. I agree with you that Jordan is an egomaniac, a bully, so very disrespectful of others, and I think Leo may be correct in labeling him a narcissist. Throughout this season I found myself alternating between laughing and cringing at his behavior. Week after week I kept hoping he would be sent home, and then almost feeling happy that “The Jordan Show” would be continuing. Ultimately, I think Jordan is a hot mess! The very small sliver he shared of his fractured family leads me to believe Jordan needs therapy to help him heal his broken self. His behavior is all an act to protect him from more hurt. He is a classic bully. His reaction to being sent home by Becca told it all: He was blindsided ecause he is living in his self-made fantasy world. I kind of dread watching the continuation of his act in Paradise.

    2. I agree with you Summer. Jordan is just annoying and immature. He acts so confident but I think he has issues.

    3. Summer, you said everything I was thinking. I normally agree with everything Ali says but I am lost on this one. I am so confused on how she found his behavior funny. I can think of many other words, but that is far from one.

  31. I think they should wait until after paradise to pick the next bachelor. None of them stick out to me.

  32. I honestly love Jason. His comment saying “get over here” to Becca so he could hug her last night just sealed the deal for him as the next bachelor in my opinion. He’s cute and funny but also very down-to-earth and he has a sense of comfort and normalcy that I think makes him relatable and desirable. I’m definitely team Jason for bachelor!

  33. I think they will go with Blake because he is going to be devastated. As much as people love Jason seeing Blake heartbroken will make them go with him. As for Jordan I literally changed the channel till Jordan was done. I can not take him. He’s just too conceited and strange for me. I hope he and Chrystal end up together. They deserve each other.

  34. One of those long time readers, first time posters, which is hard to believe because you have been my favorite Bachelorette lead by far.

    I am totally Team Jason for Bachelor (or honestly a Ben H. 2.0). I just think Jason is such a stand up guy and would be in it for the (ugh I hate these words) “right reasons.”

    I’m not sure if this is just me or if anyone else feels this way but I feel like Blake might be too emotional to be the Bachelor. Maybe it’s the way he’s been edited but that’s what I think. I also think Garrett would make a decent Bachelor but with all of the social media debacle, I don’t think they would want to deal with the backlash of that.

    Therefore, with that being said, I’m all in for Jason for the Bachelor.

    1. Yesssss Blake is emotionally unstable! My husband describes him as “psychotic” but that’s harsh to me lol.

      Team Jason!

    2. I agree with all of this totally! There are some online who seem to want Ben to be Bachelor, but I don’t think he’d do it again anyhow? Jason is the best!

  35. I am team Jason all the way! I don’t think they will go with Colton since he will be on Paradise. If she doesn’t pick Blake I could see people jumping on him as an option. I think Jason would be the best though. He’s so articulate!

  36. I would be most excited to see Jason as the Bachelor! If not him, then Colton. My husband and I watch together and we are NOT fans of Blake- I liked him early in the season but then saw that he is so emotionally immature and unstable. He is constantly whining and overthinking…he is annoying to watch.

  37. I am totally team Jason, I found Blake far too emotional and something seemed off about some of his reactions throughout the season.

    Jason is best choice for Bachelor.

  38. I agree with everyone you mentioned to be the next bachelor….Blake (if she doesn’t choose him, but she better choose him.) If not him, then Jason or Colton. I do really like Wills and think he’s an awesome guy, but I think he’s too laid back and reserved for them to ever pick him.
    The only thing I totally disagree with you on is Jordan. I think he’s such a smug narcissist and I hate rewarding or encouraging that type of behavior so I would never want to watch more of him and I’m disappointed he’s on Paradise. He just likes to create drama with the guys. His quirky humor isnt enough for me to look past his self-absorption and acting like a jerk. However, for those that like him, to each his own.

    1. I agree, I’m so disappointed Jordan is on Paradise as well! I know ABC is doing it for ratings, but honestly, it’s exploitive of him, and makes for uncomfortableness among everyone else. What fans want to see is not Jordan, but truly great people from other seasons form real couples that actually might work.

  39. I PVR’d last nights episode and so glad I did. I could not stand all the drama with Jordan. Fast forward it was. I truly believe that Jason would be an amazing bachelor for the next season.

  40. My goodness, it’s like you were saying all the things I was already thinking! 😆 I adore Jason & if Becca picks Blake, I would LOVE to see Jason as the next Bachelor! But if she chooses Garrett, I’d be torn, but leaning more towards Blake being the next bachelor. I just want them all to find happiness! 🙂 I’ve never watched Bachelor in Paradise but I’m looking forward to starting it in August!

  41. I completely agree with you about Jordan. He is perfect for television- smart, hilarious and fun to watch. I personally enjoyed having the opportunity to laugh this season. Bachelor can become too serious sometimes (and a little boring). If you are offended by him – you are taking him too seriously. I was more offended by the nastiness Colton showed last night.

    1. There is no way Jordan was “entertaining” to everyone. Sure, his silly made up words and how he refers to himself, and his modeling, that’s fine. I agree that it can get boring with without those personalities. But his outright rude and raunchy language squarely directed at fellow contestants was completely out of line! There are comments about Jason being “raised well” (I agree)— I would always tell my daughter that if you’re making a joke both people need to be laughing… That certainly wasn’t the case in all of the people that Jordan outright attached. Name-calling & bullying is not a joke. I’m sure Jason’s Mom was as offended as I was.

  42. I agree with you about all of it except Jason. I’ve never been a fan, mostly because I can’t get over that slicked back hair and he just seems boring. I imagine it would be like Ben’s season- super nice guy but boring. I really want Colton to be the next Bachelor because I think having a Virgin Bachelor would be interesting and Colton has been my favorite from day 1.

    Or I think it would be cool to have a black Bachelor. I can’t remember his name but that football player that left due to his injury on Becca’s season. He was also a favorite of mine.

  43. Jason totally grew on me throughout the season! I think he just didn’t get a lot of air time near the beginning (even Becca forgot his name!) but he is clearly a very kind, sweet, good hearted guy who deserves to find ‘his person’ so I think he would make a fabulous Bachelor! His demeanour is actually very similar to Beccas actually – I would have used the same words to describe her during Arie’s season, and she has settled into the role of the lead perfectly. I think I just can’t stand watching people that are full of themselves! Colton would also be a perfect choice. Besides the fact that I could watch him all day (seriously!), he is just so sweet. I wanted to reach through the tv and hug him last night when he was getting all choked up. He has a heart of gold and I think he would suit the role perfectly too.

    Blake really annoys me for some reason, and I can’t really say what it is. Clearly he is a little obsessed with Becca, not that that’s a bad thing, but I guess I don’t really see why they hit it off so well and that rubs me the wrong way! Regardless, he is a good guy too but I really hope she ends up with Garrett and that either Jason or Colton become the next Bachelor!

  44. I think Jordan is hilarious! I love him. And I didn’t know who Joe the Grocer was until this episode. He is adorable! I can’t wait to see him on BIP. I would love to see Jason as the Bachelor. I do like Blake, but I’m not into seeing him as the Bachelor. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  45. Jason is by far my favourite and I really hope he’s the next Bachelor! Colton could have been a good option too but I didn’t like how aggressive he acted on the Men Tell All regarding some things he wasn’t really a part of. He needed to simmer down. But I definitely felt badly for him with how he was treated about his virginity and obviously Jean Blanc’s comment was totally disgusting and uncalled for. I’m looking forward to seeing how his relationship with Tia plays out on Paradise!

  46. my #1 pick would be Jason but they may go with Colton whereas he has not been intimate with a woman yet….the only other Bachelor that I recall that was the same was Sean Lowe. I also love Wills…..he might be the first black bachelor….you just never know!

  47. I think Jason (or Andrew Keegan as I like to call him ha!) would make a great bachelor. You can tell that he is just a genuine person. I think he would be so respectful of all the women & I think he would do a good job of avoiding the drama & being true to himself. He seems kind of old fashioned to me – in the way that he’s just so respectful of others, has great manners, is so well spoken…it’s rare to come across guys like that these days. I think he’d be a refreshing change. I don’t think Blake would make a very good bachelor. While he’s definitely a sweet guy, I just don’t think he would be able to handle all the emotions that come with it & it would be too difficult for him to sort out his feelings with it. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait until the end of BIP airs to kind of let the outcome of that help make their decision.

  48. Jason is a sweetheart and I want him to find love on his own. I can’t picture him dating multiple ladies and kissing them all. Bring in a new guy to be the Bachelor and don’t recycle from the previous season. That’s what they used to do.

  49. First she has to pick Blake. Something about Garrett would drive me bits.
    Please Ali keep pushing!!!
    @chrisbharrison let it be Jason. You have to let a lot more women kiss him!!!!
    Good Blog Ali

  50. I so want Jason to be the next bachelor! Such an upstanding guy who deserves to find love. And funny/goofy, too! Would love to see him next season.

  51. I like Jason and Blake (if Becca doesn’t pick Blake). They are both very genuine and I think they have what it takes to be the Bachelor! However, Blake’s reaction to being rejected would be a key factor!

  52. Jordan was given much air time than others and I could not stand it.

    Jason for Bachelor for sure! Very witty and he carries himself pretty well. Such a nice guy!

  53. I loved Jason before the hometowns, but seeing him with his family and friends sealed the deal. And the class he showed upon his exit from the show reinforced my feeling that he was a catch, the total package. But last night, after his interaction with Becca and the way he spoke about his brother’s marriage, I would sign my daughter up if he were going to be the next Bachelor!!

  54. I think Jason is an incredibly fine man. He is smart, handsome, sweet, polite, funny, very comfortable in any situation, is very close to his warm, lovely family and he is very ready to find a partner. I would love to watch him for a season but I’m not sure the format of The Bachelor would be a good fit for him. I do not think he enjoys being in the spotlight. In so many scenes we witnessed, he was a quiet observer, watching and listening to his fellow bachelors, patiently awaiting his time with Becca. I think he would find it tedious, boring and hypocritical to drag out episode after episode when he knew early on the few women he would like to pursue. He’s much more mature and worldly than either Sean Lowe or Ben Higgins, and I really like both of them and think they are great guys, too.

  55. I’ve been #TeamJason from the very beginning! I don’t think I’ve ever been so bummed about a guy being sent home 🙁 He definitely seems like a standup man and deserves to be the next bachelor. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t had strong opinions about any of the other men this season..

  56. I’m team Jason. He’s extraordinary in so many. Considerate, respectful, kind, funny, handsome to the max!! And great kisser. He would make for a very interesting season. Disney prince charming material, too. He’d be the best of all the choices!!!

  57. I liked Jason from the beginning
    …dont see too many faults and an all around super nice guy. I wld love him to be the next bachelor and swoon thru the season. Ok I’m almost 72 but an old gal gotta have her kicks too. Good luck Jason….i think Becca will choose Gerrett….not sure if it will work. Thx for listening….all in all…Ali you make my day…since way back when on Bachelorette.

  58. Hands down I think Jason should be the next Bachelor! He is very sweet and genuine and what lots of women are looking for! Plus he is incredibly handsome!!

  59. I didn’t like Jordan,a narcissist& overall douche. can’t see anyone falling for him who has half a brain. Ben Higgins doesn’t get another chance either!! I vote for Jason,Colton who is my overall fav. I would go for him if i was a few yrs. younger!!! or Blake if he isn’t chosen. Becca is off if she chooses Garrett.

  60. I do love Jason but I am team Ben Higgins 2.0 for bachelor all the way! I think he deserves another shot at love and honestly as nice as so many of Becca’s guys were I think they may have a hard time carrying a Bachelor season and making it interesting. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  61. I think it was such a wasted opportunity that ABC did not mention the Lincoln situation at all. All that needed to be said was that there are some people not there tonight and that they want to make it clear that violence against women is never ok or condoned. They could have made a real difference with just one or two sentences. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. I completely agree. I was shocked that ABC didn’t mention it. It seems very irresponsible to me. And also, Garrett is a huge racist and a homophobe and somehow that’s not being discussed either. ABC’s lack of accountability in both instances has really left a sour taste in my mouth this season. I’d also be interested in your thoughts on this, Ali!

      Also, definitely Jason for bachelor.

  62. I really really really love everything about Blake and Jason. For me personally I’m leaning towards Blake a little bit more. But they are both extremely handsome and amazing in every way. I’m glad to watch Colton and Leo in paradise they are handsome. Though, I’d love to see Clay again I wish he was in paradise. But Blake and Jason in my opinion are the best choices for bachelor. I mean they are amazing men respect and genuine. I just really love these two and would love to see them find love. She had a pretty great group of guys quite a few great ones.

  63. I would love Jason as the bachelor! I don’t believe Blake can handle the pressure of being the lead on this “drama” but would be a great catch.

  64. I am team Jason. Colton would have been awesome as well but that is doubtful now that he is on paradise. Blake would be a total snooze fest. I think Jason would be funny like @kaitlinbristowe.

  65. Jason has my vote! aren’t all Italians susceptible to looking like the mafia? Lol! Love me an Italian who loves to eat and cook! And is humbling and shows his emotions.

  66. I think she picks Garrett and then Blake is the Bachelor. He has had some great lines this season – “I’m the type of guy who looks for a reason to stay not for a reason to go…” come on!!!!!!!!

  67. All I know is that I will be extremely sad if she doesn’t choose Blake. Defiantly Blake as thr next Bachelor if he isn’t choosen. Otherwise, I think Jason.

  68. Yess I want Jason for bachelor! He seems so kind and normal!!! No big story, just ready to find love!

  69. I hope if Becca doesn’t choose Blake he will be the next bachelor! He’s seems so genuine, kind, and deserving. I feel like I’m not allowed to say it-but I’m not a huge Jason fan. Probably superficial of me, maybe it’s the greased back hair? He does seem to have a great heart, so I’m sure I’d end up investing in him if we was chosen. Overall I really hope its Blake or Garrett, they both seem like great men who are ready and committed to falling in love so if it’s not with Becca, I’d love to watch it be with someone else.

  70. Everything you said was so right on with what I was thinking… I truly liked wills, but I actually fast forwarded through his interview 🙈 #imterrible !! I’ve never never been in a bachelor/bachelorette situation where I like the final 2 guys, but I actually like both Blake and Garrett (prob Blake a little more)! I too thought I wouldn’t like Colton, but I think he is one of those “hot guys” that everyone assumes is an ass, but is actually a nice, sweet guy who just so happened to luck out in the looks category! BUT, I guess I disagree on Jason. I like him, don’t get me wrong. I liked him on the season, home date… but then kinda thought he was annoying after she broke up with him. He’s too “cross your legs kinda guy” and maybe if I can take some scissors to his hair I’d feel better about everything about him.. who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I also feel he’s laying it on super thick and possibly putting on a show to try and be the next bachelor? Idk? I’d be sooooo sad if he were the next bachelor!

    I also have never ever commented on a blog post (just a silent reader) and you would never know it based on this ridiculously long response! 😳🤪

  71. Ali, I just want to thank you for keeping up and having such an amazing blog! I seriously look forward to every post (especially your bachelor/ette posts). After every Bachelor episode I jump to your blog the next day to see your thoughts! 🤣 love you!
    Also… Im rooting for Jason or Colton as the next bachelor. I 100% agree on your thoughts about Jordan!!

  72. Jason for Bachelor! He’s awesome. Also, I really don’t want to see someone go through BIP and then be the Bachelor. One, because BIP is so salacious I don’t see that person as being a serious Bachelor for the right reasons. Two, it makes for 3 shows about the same person & that’s a little too much (learned that with Nick). Three, it seems like that guy will make a true match after opening & breaking their hearts so many times in just a few short months. It’s like they need time to breathe or heal or something.

  73. Omgosh if she doesn’t pick Blake I will be so sad! I’m soo into the idea of Becca and Blake together!! He is REALLY into her and I thought both of his intros to her were SO cute. “You gotta get back up on the horse” so so so adorable! That being said if Blake isn’t chosen id LOVE to see him as the bachelor, I can just picture all the hype!! If he’s with Becca in the end though, Jason for sure.. I don’t think Garret would be a good candidate because he got some bad press with the instagram scandal and the way he talked about his ex on the show was a no no… thanks for your bachelor blogs Ali, LUV them!!

  74. I totally agree with your take, there is no clear favorite, but I would really love if either Jason, Blake or Colton were the next Bachelor.
    I have a feeling she’ll pick Garrett, based on how she responded to the whole insta drama at the beginning of the season. Knowing that, it’s really hard for me to jump on the Garrett wagon: he seems nice enough, but I don’t know, there is something about him and I honestly feel that if they end up together it won’t last, which makes me really sad because on the other hand, I totally see Becca and Blake lasting in time. Anyway, we’ll see what happens next week.
    Colton.. I was SO unsure about him at the beginning, with the whole Tia situation, but not only he always handled himself very well on the show, I also really truly believe he was over with Tia way before he started filming with Becca. About that, I really didn’t like how Tia went about the whole story, saying she didn’t care a the beginning and then going to Becca after hometowns to tell her she still had feelings for him. That’s not what a realy friend would do. I had my doubts about Tia during last season already and this proved she’s not as sincere as she portrays. I thought it was super telling hearing Colton talk about the timeline of their relationship on Ben and Ashley I.’s podcast as well (and pretty much the opposite of all those reports who made it look like he was the one with hi foot in two shoes).
    Jason is just a sweetheart and someone else who really grew on me as the show progressed, would love to see him as the bachelor.
    Can’t wait to see how this all ends and then move on to Paradise!!

  75. SO TEAM BLAKE FOR BACHELOR!! TMZ ruined the ending so I really want Blake for Bachelor! Jason grew on me but I just can’t get over his Andrew Keegan hair 😂

    First of all, this was the funniest Tell All I’ve ever seen! I was dying! 😂😂😂 i can’t with Jordan 😂. Paradise is going to be amazing. Loved grocery store Joe! Chris’ apology was hilarious too. Didn’t realize how much I liked Wills till I saw the play back! 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

  76. I recommend everyone who really likes Jason or anyone on the fence about him to listen to Ben and Ashley I. Almost Live podcast for this week. Jason is a guest for about a 1/2 hour. What a terrific guy, in my opinion! His work ethic, his love and loyalty to family and friends, his education, his financial standing, his humor, his ease and grace and openness in participating in conversations with people he doesn’t even know—Ben Higgins and Ashley I.—is refreshing and impressive!

  77. Team Jason for next Bachelor. He really is a grown up man and so respectful of people’s differences. I love his family and how proud he is to be their son and brother, and BIL. I think he’d be great at carrying a season, and I would bet the shenanigans would be kept to a minimum, as far as people like Krystal from Arie’s season. He’s a very bright man and I’d bet he’d see right through women like her. I can’t see Blake as Bach, because he is totally crazy in love with Becca, and while I get this ended just two months ago, would he really be ready to start filming next month? Anyway, it will be interesting to see who is our next Bachelor. Who knows, the producers could surprise us and it could be someone totally off our radar! Please, don’t do it…..Team Jason!!

  78. I am team Jason all the way for bachelor. What is wrong with being a good person? I think he is perfect!

  79. I’ve always been team Colton. I think he is so adorable and after the Men Tell All I think it so much more. I would love him to be the Bachelor… But I think it may be Jason.

  80. I don’t know why, but this Men Tell All made me laugh. There was a ton of drama in the house between the men, which I think is more unusal. I know that they were intending to shoot down others’ prides. However, they way the guys chose to do so was so corny and-I can explain it no other way than- high-school dance battle kind of gabbing at each other. I think that says a lot about what people think would make an interesting group of people for this kind of contest and the personalities. It’s almost like this year casters chose the Horror Escape Room idea for each personality and characters of all the guys they chose. I thought it was in good humor and to try to counteract the amount of negativity that they set up the stage this way. Some say that the most effective way of releasing tension in hard situations is through humor.

  81. I really hope its Jason who will be our next bachelor. Hes so well spoken and interesting. Hes deep and thoughtful and not dull at all.

    It wont be garrett due to the likes on Twitter and as much as i like Blake i find him very ‘young’ in some ways. Sharleen mentioned om her blog/flare the lack of words being used with some of the men..and i agree…but Jason did well in helping us feel why he loved her and i think he will give us so Much insight throughout his season.

    Thank you for a great blog Ali

  82. I totally agree with everything! I think that they are setting Colton up to be the Bachelor, but personally I think Jason would make a more genuine Bachelor. Absolutely love him!

  83. Looks like I’m not the only one who loves Jason. If he is the next bachelor I hope they find women who are good enough for him. He really is a class act.

    I don’t know if I can bear to watch the finale. Garrett is just plain creepy. I don’t get it…. Blake is adorable and seems like someone who would do well with a bit of a makeover, like a new haircut and clothes. Am I the only one who feels that way? Most of all, I’d like to see him happy.

  84. I love Blake for Becca or for Bachelor. Jason would be great, dont get me wrong, but i felt like he was auditioning a little too hard for the role. Why wasnt Clay on men tell all? He was the handsome, sweet, football player who had to leave when he broke his wrist. I would absolutely LOVE to see him as Bachelor. It is time for a Black Bachelor and he was a rad guy… humble, sweet, goofy, a total family man, respectful and super good looking. I want more of Clay!

  85. I think Wills is kind with great fashion and beautiful eyes. I am sure the right woman(women) would enhance all that sexiness. Wills all the way!

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