Three Cardigans – $30 to $60

Let’s talk cardigans! I know it might be hard to think about Fall fashion right now since it’s well, about a thousand degrees outside. But now is the time to start thinking about updating your Fall wardrobe since so many great Fall pieces are on sale. So today on my blog, I’m reviewing three cardigans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to help you choose the right one for you!

This first cardigan is a great option for everyone because it not only comes in small, medium, and large but it also comes in plus sizes! I’m wearing a large in the photos below but I almost wish I saw the plus sizes before I bought it and got a 1X instead. It really depends on your preference but I just really like an oversized sweater. There are very limited colors left in the small medium and large but almost all the colors are in stock in the plus sizes! And here’s just a little tip that I use when looking for sweaters in general. I actually purposefully search for plus sizes when I buy sweaters because like I just mentioned, I like the oversized look. So consider searching for a size that’s bigger than your regular size one looking for sweaters if you like your sweaters to fit on the looser side as well. This sweater is only $31 FYI!!!

Pros: Super affordable and lots of size options

Cons: Low in stock in some sizes

This next cardigan is the most expensive of the three but still a great deal at only $60. And quite frankly, I this one is my favorite of the three. As you’ll see in the reviews for the sweater on the website, it’s supersoft and truly oversized. In fact, you might even want to size down on this one and it would still be oversized. It’s also fully in stock which is awesome! I think it’s because this is one of the sweaters that doesn’t necessarily look super cute when you see it online but when you see it in person it’s amazing! I actually didn’t buy this cardigan online and bought it when I went to Nordstrom a few weekends ago. Not sure I would have gotten it based on the online picture.

Pros: Super soft and truly oversized.

Cons: A wide/loose sleeve. So if you like your sleeves to be more fitted this might not be the cardigan for you. It’s really just a preference in style. I happen to love it! So it’s not a con for me, but might be for you.


This final sweater is very limited in stock but I wanted to write about it anyway. And really I’m not too worried that this one is low in stock because it’s my least favorite of the three. This cardigan is oversized which I like, but the material is very heavy and unless you’re on the thinner side it can make you look heavier than you really are. I honestly didn’t love this what are paired with jeans but thought it looked extra cute when I wore it with a dress and boots. Sorry I don’t have a picture of that. But to be 100% honest with you guys I actually ended up returning this sweater since I liked the other two I got so much more on me

Pros – A heavier material I will keep you warm during the fall and really pretty knitting. Also has the oversized look.

Cons – Not super flattering on girls with curves like myself.


Well there you have it! I just wanted to review these three items from Nordstrom anniversary sale to help you guys out if you were looking to find the perfect cardigan for you for this fall. Hope you guys have a great Monday!

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38 thoughts on “Three Cardigans – $30 to $60

  1. Ali, thanks for including plus size! I will buy it in three colors! Your plus size fan, Deb 🙂

  2. Love these cardigans! Thanks for the recommendations! I would also love to hear about your favorite maternity pants at some point. I’m pregnant and having a hard time finding maternity pants that are cute :).

    1. Just realizing you and Heather (below) basically wrote the same comment!!! Too funny!

      So glad you love it!

  3. So my question is…..what do you do with the sleeve length? LOVE the oversized look but then the sleeves look messy…

  4. Thank you so much for reviewing the cardigans, Ali! It’s so hard to decide/tell when looking at them online. I love the ones you have picked out! 💕💕💕

  5. Ali – I always admire your necklace and I’ve seen you link it before… What does yours say? I’m looking for a piece of jewelry with my daughter’s name stamped on it… Thanks girl!

  6. Hey Ali! How long is the first cardigan on you? I’m 4’11”, so I fear the cardigan will be crazy long on me! Love your blog!

    1. It would be long on your for sure. But I don’t think it a bad way. I think it would be cute. Get it and see. You can return for free with Nordstrom. Can’t go wrong!

  7. After reading many other recommendations from other bloggers, I bought the third sweater thinking I would love it and I’m just not impressed.. it makes me look so much heavier than I am because of my curves and before I even read your blog I had already come to the conclusion that I was returning it. Nice to see I’m not the only one not impressed with it.. super cute and I love it on other people just doesn’t work for me.. can’t pay money to have something sitting in my closet that I won’t confidently wear.. 🤷‍♀️

  8. Ali!! You’re so darling! I love watching your stories & reading your blog. Thank you for being REAL 💗

  9. I got the second one too based on your previous comments about it. I got it this weekend and love it! I’m still not super happy with my post baby body and it’s a little warm for it yet but excited to wear it for fall!

  10. Love the Chelsea28 cardigan! Love a great oversized sweater and this one looks more expensive than it is! I think I’ll be getting it in a couple colors. I live in oversized sweaters in the Fall and Winter. Thanks for including this one!

  11. I was about to get the second one but worried it’d be too small on me (xl) but I ended up getting one recommended on the page below it (Leith Ribbed Shawl Cardi) in a pretty mint color so it worked out!

    I also finally picked up a couple of those vnecks! Yay!

  12. Sigh… what a bummer. Seems like they are out of the ‘medium’ / 12 size in most styles.. 🙁
    Thanks though, I love getting ideas from your tips.

  13. Hi Ali! You look amazing 💖☺️ Now I feel like fall shopping 🙏🏻 Love those cardigans:) Any recommendations for some fun cafes or bakeries in the L.A. area? Hubby and I just left on a road trip for our 10 yr anni 😇to LA/Cali Coast! Thanks!! 💖

  14. Hi! Last cardigan is heavy and chunky but I bought it for a robe! Will be perfect for cold mornings in NY!

  15. love the 1st sweater but just don’t like the Fall colors. Was looking for the cream colored one you had on. Disappointed.

  16. Hey! I love your blog. Just ordered a sweater. I never thought about going up a size or two. Such a great tip! Thank you so much. Now I’m getting excited for fall😍

  17. Ali, beautiful girl, what’s your opinion on vintage stores? Do you shop in them? Can you make a post about it?

  18. Okay, Ali. I have to ask….what do you wear under your white shirts!? It doesn’t look like you are wearing a cami under this one, but I don’t see a bra. I just bought this shirt in white and dark gray and I feel like I would need to wear a cami with both! Let us know your secrets! 🙂

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