ALI LUVS HOME TOUR – Molly’s Room – A Little Girls Room

Welcome to part 3 of my Home Tour series – Molly’s room! Isn’t this space just dreamy?! Every little detail feels so whimsical to me and I’m so grateful that this is the room she’s going to grow up in. Sometimes I find myself going and sitting in her room when I need a quiet moment alone. I think it’s because it’s tucked away in the outer corner of our house so it tends to be the quietest room we have and because we spend most of our time playing downstairs or outside, her room is actually one of the cleanest and least cluttered rooms in the house. Well, hers and Riley’s since Riley doesn’t even sleep in his room yet, much less play in it. Anyway, today I’m going to take you through all the beautiful details in her room and hopefully give some inspo to other mamas out there looking for ideas for a little girl’s room.

What I truly love about this room is that if there wasn’t a crib, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess the age of the child. Meaning, it’s a space that is gorgeous for my little Molly, but also a space that she can grow into. In fact, her crib by Evolur converts into a toddler bed and then into a twin bed. Can you imagine a twin bed on the wall and a 10-year-old girl in this room? Even a 16-year-old girl! As much as I loved Molly’s nursery in our old house, I definitely felt like it was for a little girl and not necessarily something she could grow into. The space will be one she’ll experience so many firsts in as she grows up. I can almost picture her as a pre-teen sitting on her bed in this room writing in a journal. It makes me tear up when I think about it!

If you read my other blog posts from this Home Tour series – like my family room post or my master bedroom post, then you know about our designer Veronica Valencia! She designed almost every single room in our home and we are so in love with her work! If you’re curious, the only spaces she didn’t design are our master bedroom balcony area and our guestroom. Only because I wanted to have at least a couple projects for myself. But, I almost wish we worked with her on those spaces too because of course those rooms aren’t done and probably won’t get done for a very long time! Ha! Well, I know I can always count on Veronica so I’m sure I’ll just reach out to her about those spaces in the future anyway!

Back to Molly‘s room. I told Veronica I wanted this room to be something Molly could grow into – light and bright, with hints of blush. I think it’s safe to say she nailed it! I feel like those things perfectly describe this room! And I know many of you are probably thinking that I’m crazy for having so much white in a child’s room. For instance, I know the white rug will need to be replaced sooner than a non-white rug. But I love it so much that I’m OK with that. And here’s the thing, while Molly is young she really doesn’t and won’t spend much time in her bedroom. She really only sleeps in there. And since it’s not a common space there’s not a lot of foot traffic in there. We basically go in there to read her stories and put her down for her naps and bedtime. So the rug will stay white a lot longer than if it was in a living room or something. Molly spends all her time playing in her play room area, which I’ll blog about soon, the family room area or outside. So honestly if any room in our house is going to be all white, her room would probably be the one that makes the most sense since it gets the least action.

We almost used her glider from her old nursery in the space but now that she’s older and I’m not nursing her anymore, we thought a more mature looking chair would suit the space better for reading stories before bedtime. This gorgeous accent chair is without a doubt one of my favorite pieces in the entire house! Want to know how much I love it?! We got 3 of them! I’m not even kidding. Two of these chairs are also in our formal living area (That’s another space I haven’t blogged about yet that will be coming up in this Home Tour series). We actually got the chairs for the formal living area first and loved the color and design of the chair so much that Veronica and I decided to get the exact same one for Molly‘s room. And I just said “color” because as anyone who has white things in their home knows, there are basically 1000 different shades of white. In fact, we have a similar chair in our family room that is more of a beige color, whereas this chair is definitely more white. Actually, we originally ordered a different chair for Molly’s room but it ended up being off-white and didn’t look right against the white carpet and white furniture. So I knew this chair would be perfect since I already owned two. Stick with what works right?

One thing Veronica taught me, among many things, was that plants and trees can really pull together an entire space! But I’ve killed almost every plant I’ve ever owned so most of ours are faux plants. Like this faux fiddle leaf tree in Molly’s room! I mean, this room would be beautiful without the faux fiddle leaf tree, but I feel like it adds so much! When we first got it Molly would wake up from her nap‘s, look at it and say “lettuce!” HA! It was the cutest thing ever. But of course we taught her that it was a tree and now she knows the difference. The tree doesn’t come with the basket, so we bought a basket to put it in. If you get the tree you definitely need some sort of base to put in. And a woven basket is kind of perfect.

The light fixtures in the room, like the white beaded chandelier and the gold floor lamp, add just the right amount of girlishness! They’re both so whimsical! The floor lamp feels like it came out of a fairytale book or something. I don’t know why I feel that way I just do!

The biggest showstopper in the room has to be the wallpaper! If you guys read my blog post about Riley’s room, you know I was hesitant about the wallpaper until Veronica talked me into it. Then once it was up in his room it ended up being my favorite thing in his entire room! Well, the same goes for Molly’s room. I was so hesitant of this wallpaper when Veronica sent me the link for it. (By the way both wallpapers are from Wayfair. I had no idea that Wayfair had so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from.) In the end, I’m so glad that Veronica convinced me to go for it and now when I walk into Molly‘s room, that wall is the first thing I see and I fall in love with it all over again every time I see it.

Blush details really bring a room together. We added a blush throw blanket to Molly’s accent chair, blush vases and blush decorative books. I got these books from a cute little Etsy shop called Book Bundle Lane. Molly loves books, and even though these are just decorative, it seems only fitting to use pretty blush books to decorate her room! These are the only books I got from that Etsy shop. I got white ones and navy ones in a plethora of other types of books for our family room that I blogged about HERE. I had no idea how much using painted decorative books can help fill spaces in a room without it feeling cluttered. We added a plant, a worn mirror and some of Molly’s stuffed animals to fill up the shelves. And cute little blocks with her name!

And now for one of the CUUUTEST parts of the room! Molly’s “full length”mirror! Full length for her! To be completely honest with you guys, Veronica and I didn’t realize how small this gold mirror was when we ordered it – even though it says the size in the dimensions! I blame our pregnancy brains since we were BOTH pregnant at the time! And I don’t know if I mentioned this to you guys or not, but we completely furnished and decorated the house in mere months which means we were really rushing to pick out furniture at certain times. This mirror was originally going to go on Molly‘s dresser. But when it arrived, it felt much too small to put on her dresser leaning up against the wall. So that’s when we decided to hang it low to the floor like it was a full length mirror for Molly. And let me tell you, not only do I love it, but Molly absolutely adores it! Any of you who follow me on Instagram know that Molly loves to put on not only her own dresses and twirl around, but she likes to put on mommy’s dresses too! So it’s so cute to watch her spin around while watching herself in this mirror. I could watch her do it all day long.

Let’s see, what else what else. Like in the rest of our house, the blinds are from Veronica‘s line at Select Blinds. The ones in Molly‘s room are the same as the ones in our master bedroom. They are the Veronica Valencia Island Woven Wood Shades in Austral Island. The only difference is Molly‘s blinds have a blackout liner on the back of them. We didn’t put them on the ones in our master bedroom because let’s face it, as parents of two small children, we’re never asleep after the sun comes up. But blackout shades are ESSENTIAL in Molly‘s room! Not only are her blinds blackout, but her drapes are also blackout to make sure the room is super dark. No light is getting through those bad boys! And our drapes were custom made from Loom Decor.

And I’ve gotten a few questions about the hardware throughout our house recently. So I wanted to include a picture here to show you guys! We got them through the new custom line of door hardware from Schlage Hardware. These crystal knobs are on the door handles throughout our entire house! In some places they’re matte black and in others (like here in Molly’s room) they’re nickel. We used to have really modern door handles that made our house feel way too modern for my taste, so I absolutely love how these give a little bit of a vintage feel in our otherwise very new home.

Something else Veronica taught me is that adding ottomans and poufs to different spaces is a good way to fill up a lot of empty space in the middle of a room – and it’s a good way to add seating. We used them to add seating in our family room and living room and we used this white poof in Molly’s room not only to kick our feet up when we’re reading her stories before bed, but also just to fill the blank space in the middle of the room.

And you might notice Molly‘s height chart over on the right-hand side of the room. We got that on Etsy before her first birthday and every year on her birthday we are using it to mark her height. When we bought it we lived in our other house. And the reason we got it is because it’s a perfect way to measure your child’s height and not have to worry about losing those measurements if you move houses.. For instance, my parents measured our height by marking it on a doorway as we grew up, but when we moved we couldn’t take it with us. So by having this height chart, if we do end up moving houses in the future, it will allow us to take the memories with us! I got it from a small Etsy shop and she hand makes them!

Oh and I can’t forget the paint color on Molly‘s closet doors! I wanted a blush color for the room but I really didn’t want it to feel too pink. So Veronica found this gorgeous color from Benjamin Moore and called Bashful. If you’re looking for a dusty blush/rose – this is it!

And last but not least my outfit details of course. I wear this light blue top all the time so you guys have seen me in it a bunch and I’ve blogged about it a few times. It’s under $50 and one of my absolute favorites. I love wearing it with my go-to high waist jeans that are under $60. High waist jeans = covers my squishy postpartum belly 🙂

OK I think that’s everything! If I missed anything in the room that you want details on leave me a comment below. Or just let me know what you think about the room in general! What’s your favorite part?!

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91 thoughts on “ALI LUVS HOME TOUR – Molly’s Room – A Little Girls Room

  1. Hey Ali,

    Love the colour choice for the room. It’s soft and very feminine. I think the plant is great as it adds a touch of greenery and even though it’s a faux plant…I think a plant always gives that bit of life to a room!
    My favourite parts would have to be the lamp, the “full length” mirror and the painted closet doors. The lamp and the mirror are so Cinderella-Disney-little girl like – so charming and perfect for a girls room! And the painted doors…well I love the colour so soft and pretty and I think it’s a cute-quirky touch as appose to painting the rest of the walls that colour – doing just the doors gives the room some character!

    Thanks for sharing Molly’s room. She’s a lucky girl to be able to grow up in such a beautiful space!


  2. Hi! Which color print is the wall paper? LOVEE it and the whole room!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I love the mirror!! ❤️ My daughter loves looking at herself in the mirror, especially when she’s chosen her outfit herself (she’s 3! 😍) A gorgeous space for a gorgeous girl!

  4. The room looks beautiful. Love her “full length mirror ” & the color of the doors. Actually love every detail in the room. Great job.

      1. I don’t think that’s it. The link has a light fixture that is tanish and it’s white in the pictures. The light fixture isn’t tagged in the blog post.

    1. Agreed, I would also love to know where the chandelier is from.
      I would also love to know what the colour of the wall colour is.
      Please and thank you! What a gorgeous space 💗

  5. So pretty!! And love the full length mirror that’s just for her! I’m sure Molly would love growing into her room.

    1. Thank you Maria!!!! We don’t spend a ton of time in there yet. I never make it upstairs with the two kiddos. Once we come downstairs in the morning we stay there! Ha! But when we are in there – she LOVES it!

  6. Your house is beautiful, but I finally figured out why everything feels a little off. It’s just so impersonal. There is nothing that gives any indication of who you guys are. There are no mementos from trips, nicknacks that display your hobbies, beloved family heirlooms, or even real books. I love walking around my home and having all those memories and reminders to look at. And I love that my home is a reflection of my little family.

    1. Agreed. This looks absolutely nothing like a child’s room to me. It’s a room meant to impress adults.

      1. Agreed. When you spend a whole paragraph explaining why you got a white rug (because no one is ever in the room to mess it up) it speaks volumes about what is important to you. Molly’s room is lovely, but just like the rest of the house it looks like a model home that no one lives in. I prefer Jillian Harris’ house because it feels comfortable and lived in. Plus there are always people in her house enjoying the space. Just different taste I guess.

        1. Jillian Harris has an entire team behind her staging her house. That is why it looks the way it does. She clearly has indicated this. Ali’s house is just as nice.

    2. We are adding those things as we go! There is a HUGE family picture in our master and pictures in picture frame all through out house downstairs. We literally just don’t spend any time in Molly’s room yet since I NEVER make it upstairs with two kids so young. We LIVE in the family room and in molly play room/area right now. I love the room and I’m sorry you don’t feel the same.

      1. Way to go Ali! What a perfect response to people that should never have commented. You are such a positive person and I wish more people would take your lead.

        PS Molly’s room is beautiful and perfect for Molly!

      2. Thanks for sharing your home! You have not been there long enough to even add all of your personal touches. Why compare to Jillian Harris?!? Once the kids are older their rooms will definitely be lived in! 😜
        People are rude….

  7. Where are the shelves from?!? Maybe I missed it but I read through it twice! Could be newborn baby brain on my part 🙄 Those are gorgeous and I need that in my little girls room 😊

  8. Love your rooms and how clean an simple everything is in our house!!!

    I would love to see the inside of your closets and how you organize everything! I am sure they are just as clean as everything else in your house! 🙂

    1. Ha! NOOOOOO my closets are soooo messy! That is where I hide everything so the space looks clean. Ha! And really, my house DOES NOT look this clean all the time.

  9. It’s so precious!! I love the woven basket and Molly’s mirror, Haha, I can actually see her twirling around in a insta story. It’s been awesome the intake if designing ideas for when we (my family), finally and hopefully get our own home sometime next year. It’s looking beautiful!!

  10. Ali- As an adult looking at pictures of this room I find it stunning. However, it looks nothing like it belongs to a two year old. Can Molly really appreciate the show stopping wallpaper or the modern looking chair? Like you said, without the crib you wouldn’t know the age of the child who sleeps there.

  11. Love everything!!! Looks beautiful!! Sorry I didn’t see in the blog post where the chandelier is from? I would love to know thanks!!


  13. Ali,
    I have always felt connected to you because we have so many crazy coincidences! My name is also Ali (spelled the same way!) full name Alexandra, and Riley was born on my birthday, May 24th!! I wanted to share this fun fact with you. I love keeping updated with your beautiful life and family.

  14. I absolutely love the balance between white and blush in the room! It’s perfect! The wallpaper and accent chair are my favorites!

  15. Ali you have out done yourself! I am absolutely in love with the blush closet doors and the little mirror on the wall!

  16. This is adorable!! So many good ideas for when my daughter gets to be that age- hoping she stays little forever though 😢

  17. Where are the shelves from? Also, what white paint did you use throughout your home? Molly’s room is beautiful!

  18. At what age did you take away the changing table? Or did you have one? My daughter is 17 months and we haven’t used ours in ages! Thinking I might put it away for now. This room is a dream!

    1. Her changing table in on the dresser in our master bedroom right now 🙂 We do bedtime routine (diaper, lotion, PJ’s, snuggles on mommy and daddy’s bed) in there and only go into her room to read stories and then go to bed.

  19. Absolutely beautiful!! Do you mind also sharing the color of the closet doors in Riley’s room? Both colors are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  20. Gorgeous! Where are those white shelves from? I’ve been looking around for something similar for our nursery and cannot find anything like those! Thanks!!

  21. Well I absolutely love it completely stunning! I designed my daughter a dream room, but speaking with experience when she got 3 and 4 it wasn’t what she wanted and she wanted a “paw patrol” theme. How could I say no when she never picked the original theme and wanted to make it her by adding everything under the Sun paw patrol. I don’t like the new theme at all and it goes against all of inner design diva tendencies, but having her chose and be individual I’ve come to realize is more important than my show home😊be prepared for her to want to “commercialize” it when she develops more individual likes and dislikes. Otherwise you’ve done an outstanding job!!

    1. As a mother of 3 teenage girls, I was thinking the same thing! Don’t get too attached to the idea of her in this room as a teenager, because chances are, she will want to change the color of the walls and add her own personality to it over time! My girls change the color of their walls every few years. It’s a fun way to express themselves as they grown and change.

      Molly’s room is certainly beautiful though.

  22. I like the little “full-length” mirror the best, for sure! That is just so cute. What did you end up doing with the pink roses from the accent wall of Molly’s nursery in your old house?

  23. So so beautiful! I screen shotted it and noted the blush paint color! Can I make a replica for both my girl’s rooms?! Lol! Love it! X

  24. This room is nicer then my master! What a beautiful room Molly will get to grow up in! Love all the details.

  25. I have enjoyed all your posts exhibiting your beautiful home! PLEASE do a blog regarding your flooring. Your choices fit so well with the rest of the decor. It can be terribly hard choosing the right hardwood floor and you seem to have mastered it. What products did you use?

  26. I love reading your blogs!! I look forward to them whether it’s Home Tours or Bachelorette Recaps! Love the design of your daughters room, and that it’s something she can grow into 😊

  27. Omg so adorable. It is the perfect little girls room. The blush accents are perfect and you are so right this room will be perfect even as she grows. My favorite room so far. It has sweet little Molly written all over it

  28. This is so beautiful, I love the colors in it, so what does the little boys room looks like, congratulations on your new house an family.

  29. Her bedroom is beautiful! I love neutral classic type kids rooms. My daughter is 5 and still has many items from her nursery. As she got older and wanted a cartoon theme, I just added those items as an accent instead of redoing the entire room. I let her pick out a cartoon theme fitted sheet, throw blanket, stuffed animal to go with her neutral comforter. She kind of gets her own style without changing too much of the room.

  30. Honestly I feel like it’s a little too bland, it needs pops of color. And can someone please give Kevin a haircut?! why does he always look so messy?!

  31. You didn’t mention the dresser. I am looking for that exact same style and color. Where is it from??

  32. So gorgeous. Maybe this is a silly question that you’ve already answered, but how do you keep everything so clean and are able to have white everywhere with two kiddos and a dog? You must have some amazing stain remover secret you’ll have to share 😉

    With my 17 month old, I don’t even try to wear anything white anymore since I’m basically a walking breathing towel to her little hands. If you have any suggestions, I’d love some advice!

  33. Can you tell me where you got the chandelier? We are currently decorating a nursery and I’m loving that light fixture!

  34. LOVE this room – just beautiful! Hey, quick question. I am interested in getting this blush throw blanket for my baby girl’s nursery, but there was a review on World Market’s website that is sheds really badly – ugh. Is this true? Please say no. 🙂

  35. Thank you for sharing! I borrowed your “full-length” mirror idea for my daughter’s room (she’s 23 months) and she loves it! I wasn’t sure what to do with the mirror that came with her bedroom-set and this was a perfect way to make it useful now.

  36. Hi Ali!
    Do you remember the name of Molly’s dresser? When I click on the picture or link it takes me to Wayfair but I can’t find the dresser. Thanks for always being so raw and real on your blog. I love following you! -Erin

  37. Hi Ali!

    Thanks for sharing your room design. I really love the gold “full length” mirror. I clicked the link but it just took me to wayfair shopping and I am having trouble finding the mirror. Can you tell me the product name to search? I know its been a while since you posted, I am just hoping this mirror is still available to purchase for my little girl’s room..


  38. I absolutely love the little “full length” mirror and I want to do something similar in my daughters big girl room… sadly it isn’t in wayfair anymore but I’m curious how small it actually is? Found a few similar but wondering if you’d share the measurement

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