The Bachelorette – It’s Down to Two

I have a confession to make. Don’t judge me, but I totally didn’t watch last week’s episode of The Bachelorette. I know I know, how can I call myself a fan when I missed the hometowns episode?! Last week was just extremely busy for me and after I posted about my postpartum body on Monday, my priorities changed regarding what I wanted to talk about for the week. I wanted to talk about things like breastfeeding and my children rather than the show. And it turned out to be a really beautiful and meaningful week for me both here on my blog, and mentally as a human being. So since I haven’t seen last week’s show, my opinions on this week could be different from some of you depending on what happened last week. I was going to go back and watch it but let’s face it, watching a two hour show last night was a hard enough time commitment for a mom of two! Forget watching four hours of The Bachelorette this week to catch up. Heck, that’s a huge time commitment for anybody even if you’re not a parent! But I’m gonna do my best to share my thoughts on this week’s episode and hopefully I didn’t miss anything too important last week. If I did, tell me in the comments below if something I missed might change my opinion on something I wrote about this week.

So let’s get into this. At the very top of the episode we hear Becca talk about how she feels about each guy. We hear her say that she’s in love with both Garrett and Blake. But she never says that about Jason. So right from the top of the episode I knew that Jason would be going home this episode. Her relationships with Garrett and Blake are just so much stronger and I think it’s pretty obvious for anyone watching.

Blake Date

I found this date extremely interesting! And the reason is because on most of the dates we see on the show the couple spends the majority of the time making out. And I think that’s a mistake! I get that physical attraction is important, and when you don’t see each other for a long time it’s easy to want to have your hands all over each other. But I honestly think that if people spent more time talking on the show and less time making out, the chances for successful relationships would be much higher. And no judgment on my part. I’ll be the first to say that the guy I chose on my season I spent 90% of my time with him kissing. Maybe if we had spent more time talking we would’ve realize that we didn’t have as many things in common as we might’ve thought. So I think it was really cool that she and Blake couldn’t touch each other and we got to see them have some really great conversations.

Watching Blake get emotional, especially when they woke up after their night together, really got me emotional. You can tell he is just head over heels in love with Becca. I honestly think I might need to go see a therapist if she doesn’t choose him in the end. Yes me not him. Well, maybe him too. I just adore him so much. I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is if she chooses him, they’ll be an amazing couple… and if she doesn’t I think he’ll be the next Bachelor. Would you guys like to see Blake as the next Bachelor? I think he’s perfect! He’s handsome, sweet, smart, thoughtful and just the right amount of dorky.

Jason Date

I really appreciate that Becca sent Jason home when she did. I think we all know she made the right choice, even though she was being hard on herself. And she’s right, Jason is a great guy! Just because someone’s an incredible person doesn’t mean they’re the incredible person for you.

What surprised me about their date was the order in which it was shown. It was interesting to me that the editors of the show chose to show us their date second instead of last. Because on her date with Garrett, we obviously knew that he stays around, otherwise the show would be over. So it didn’t leave much suspense for the rest of the episode. And even if her date with Jason happened second, the editors can always choose to show the date in whatever order they want. For example, on my season they would show the dates not necessarily in the order they happened. It’s really common for hometown dates and these last three dates to be shown out of order.

Garrett Date

I really feel bad even saying this, but I had a hard time staying focused on her date with Garrett. I don’t know if I just found it boring or if my mind kept wandering because I have 1 million things going on – but for some reason I just could not keep my attention on the show. I even rewound it a couple times and tried to re-watch things but my mind kept drifting. Ha! I’m blaming the lack of sleep I got last night. But the one thing that absolutely did stick out to me about their date was when he told her he loved her. It seemed very genuine and sweet and I love that he followed it up by saying “I hope you’re the last woman I ever have to say that to.”


Basically what I got from yesterday’s episode is that Blake is the safe choice for Becca. Yes they have a great connection, but I think she might be leaning towards Garrett because there’s a little bit more of a chase. Well, I shouldn’t say that’s WHY she’s leaning towards him, but this just seems like a good boy/bad boy situation.We all know you should probably be with the good boy since he’s absolutely perfect and treats you like gold, but you can’t help but want to be with the bad boy. The one that’s a little bit of a challenge. Does anybody else see it this way? Blake even said it himself – “Maybe it’s too easy with me.” Is he right?

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111 Thoughts

111 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – It’s Down to Two

  1. Hi Ali! Never posted on here but had to share the funniest thing. Those books you posted about were created by a mom that lives in my town & she recently was posting on our local moms page looking for help creating them so I offered to help! Never heard back but I thought they were adorable so I made some myself for my own home (being a stay at home mom that loves to decorate and all). I may have to make some for my daughters room they are adorable!! Anyway was so crazy to see she made yours, small world! Lol! Love your home btw everything looks so cozy!! Definitely getting ideas for my own 🙂 xo!

  2. In case you review your posts beforehand please feel free to not post my last one publicly in case the woman reads it & remembers me contacting her on the moms page ( it was about a month ago). Just thought it was crazy that she made your books & I just recently offered to help when she needed it & then saw them on your blog . Still can’t believe it lol. Thanks!

  3. If Becca doesn’t choose Blake, he’s going to be one very upset guy and I’ll feel horrible for him! Garrett was always my third pick for her – maybe it’s the editing. I just always thought something was off with him. I loved Jason! I would’t mind him being bachelor either.

    Don’t fret about not watching Bachelorette! (did that rhyme?) There was very little drama on the home towns. But seeing Jason play hockey was very cool!

  4. I will be heartbroken if she does not choose Blake. Not only is he just so in love with her and so cute about the way he expresses it, but he is just so hot. I adore everything about that guy. If she doesn’t choose him, I would be happy with him or Jason being the next Bachelor. Jason – what a sweetie. I definitely saw that coming last night but he handled it beautifully, especially with his heartfelt conversation when he came back to talk to her. I kept thinking – maybe they are grooming him for the next Bachelor because they let him do that. Who knows?…Either way, I love the guys this season and I hope she is still happy with the person she chose!

  5. I actually thought Garrett was saying what he thought she wanted him to say… until later on when he had tears in his eyes. Then he seemed more genuine. I really hope she picks Blake. They have the long term potential, but I agree with your assessment. She’ll pick Garrett for the chase. And I adore Jason. It’s too bad it wasn’t there with him because he seems like a really solid guy.

  6. It’s funny the difference in perceptions….Blake has always been 2nd (or 3rd) pick for me. To me, he’s just too….confident…happy…not sure what exactly, something just seems a little off to me with him! I know there is no real way to get who a person is on the show with editing and limited exposure, but I AM willing to be won over to becoming a Blake fan if he doesn’t make it and becomes the next bachelor.

    1. Yes! So glad I’m not the only one. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something unstable about Blake.

      1. I totally agree! To me Blake seems like stalker status, jealous type. Something just doesn’t seem right with him. My pick is Garrett, they seem like the most natural fit, and I’ve heard her mention kids and Garrett being a good dad, but haven’t heard her mention anything about Blake being a good dad, unless I missed it.

        1. Yes yes yes to this!! I think she is starting to lean toward Garrett because he makes her feel stable and secure. He’s solid and it’s easy with him. Blake makes me uneasy. He seems immature with some of the things he says about the other guys & if she likes them as much as him. He is totally the jealous type and I think if she chooses him he won’t be able to get over the fact that she slept with Garrett in the fantasy suite. I maybe wrong but somethings off.

          1. I see the jealousy with Blake too but honestly it just reminds me of Shawn Booth on Kaitlyn Bristowes season. It’s not a controlling type of jealousy where he’s demanding to know how she feels and that she end this with the other guy but it’s a true concern because he is so in love with her and can really see them together forever.

          2. Yes Kelly! I have been thinking the same thing. He reminds me of how Shawn was, especially towards Nick in the end. He knew him and Kaitlyn were something real and special, but was having a hard time with there still being another guy(s) there. I think Blake is feeling the same way

          3. Just caught up and I totally agree that there is something not right with Blake. He certainly seems very possessive. Jason has been at the top of my list since his first date with Becca. What a sweet and solid guy. My vote of the next bachelor!

        2. I disagree! I like her and Blake together! He just likes her so much that it would make anyone insecure not knowing for sure which one she will pick! I think there is something odd with Garret, there doesn’t seem to be that much chemistry with her and Garret.

  7. I remember on an older blog you posted, you talked about how the editors are possibly editing this season to show how great of a guy Blake is. Don’t get me wrong, he is AWESOME, but by showing all the emotional & great parts about him, the world is falling in love with him. Garret is probably doing the same things, but it could be getting edited out so we purposely fall in love with Blake? No expert here! Thoughts?

    1. I kind of agree.. Blake does seem great and all but I feel like they did the same last season with Rachel’s guys. They made peter look so amazing and kind of didn’t showcase the guy Rachel picked (I can’t remeber his name for the life of me right now!). So it was almost hard to be happy when she did pick him!

      I’m worried about Garrett. I want to like him but I really hate how he portrayed his ex numerous times on this show and making it seem like he was innocent in the split up. Maybe that’s how it went down but I feel like to truly be ready for marriage, you have to accept blame for your wrong doings as well? Just my opinion. I also do agree that Becca talks too much about arise but maybe that’s all she feels she has to help these guys through the situation? Who knows. Hope she finds what she’s looking for!

  8. I liked all four of the last guys, which has NEVER happened on Bachelor or Bachelorette. Last week I felt like Becca would choose Blake, but now I’m not so sure. I really hope she does choose Blake. Whoever she doesn’t pick is going to be devastated.

  9. Hey Ali! Love this post because I agree with just about all of it. Blake has always been my number one. I am still uncomfortable with Garrett. Something just seems off…maybe it is because he has never really owned up to his failed marriage and has blamed everything on his ex. That has always bugged me- I know you have addressed that too. I was sad to see Jason go but we all knew it was coming. I totally agree with the editing. It was weird. I could not focus at all on Garrett’s date. I was so bored too which rarely happens.

    Anyways, I thought the editors did a nice job of almost setting Jason up to be the bachelor. Bringing him back to say bye to Becca was so interesting. He was so mature, thoughtful, and kind. It is as if the producers wanted this scene so people would fall more in love with him. I definitely like him so much more than I already did after last nights episode. You are right- if Blake is not chosen, it will be him but I could see Jason as well.

    Have a great day

  10. I don’t normally post about the episodes but this season has been so great! I thought I would chime in. I think all three guys are wonderful. I felt Becca didn’t connect with Jason’s family the way she did with Garrett and Blake so maybe that’s what was offsetting her?

    I’ll start with Blake. I think from night one he has been insecure and kind of clingy. I know it’s tough cause you’re on such a public show at a very crucial time of your life. If he had a little more confidence, I think he could be a good fit for her. But Becca has amazing confidence so that tells me she needs the same in a partner…she keeps talking about having a “fifty-fifty” partner.

    Garrett. I think he’s very confident but last night he showed a more serious/emotional side, even though it came off kind of awkward. Emotion and seriousness is what’s been lacking the whole time so I think Becca sees he is serious now. I think she will choose him.

    Jason. I just love him. He’s so sweet and he was reserved but rightly so. There were two other guys and he wanted to make certain his feelings were genuine. I think he should be the next bachelor!

    Btw I’m 33weeks pregnant and I hope to be an inspiration like you have been for me 🙂

  11. I was also bored by the Garrett date. How unromantic would it have been on that float with ALL those other people on the river. That was bad planning on their part. I think she will end up with Garrett but something is just off there. I don’t know what it is but I like both guys & wish her all the happiness she deserves. I admire her for the straight forward/ honest way she has been with the men.

  12. I have so many similar thoughts on this episode! Blake is hands down my favorite and my favorite for her! My fear for him is exactly what you said… he’s the safe choice and she may want to take a risk. I think Arie chose her as the safe choice and we all saw how that played out. The only positive of her not picking him is the potential of him being the next bachelor (he’d be perfect), but I think he’d be truly broken if she ends it with him and he may not be ready for that. It also seems like they’re setting Jason up to be the next Bachelor. When Becca said something along the lines of what a great guy he is and how he deserves love, the background music provided some optimism for Jason. I wouldn’t have picked him from the beginning, but he’s totally rose to the top of the pack – he’s such a good guy!

  13. I had a very difficult time focusing on her date with Garrett as well! It was so boring. I really hope she picks Blake. He is the best

  14. It wasn’t only you Ali – after about 1 minute of the Garrett date – I turned the channel! Why do I keep thinking that they are winding the sbow down? It’s the most lack-luster season I’ve ever seen and I seriously just can’t keep my attention it! Maybe the producers are just getting old and boring themselves and it’s being reflected on the show? I’m not saying this to be mean – I just think something is up – especially with The Proposal being produdced by the same team and on after. Has anyone watched this? I tried twice – only lasted less than 5 mins. Back to SYTYCZ & HBO and Netflix original series. Oh – and the Bachelor if Jason gets picked.

  15. Hi – Your family looks wonderful in the photos. Love how Owen is included.
    As for The Bachelorette – I think she will choose Garrett just from how she acts around him. I love Blake but I think he will have to endure heartache from this choice. I think he should be the next Bachelor if he loses. He will have audience sympathy. it will be very sad to see him lose.

  16. Blake is a likable guy, sweet. But I’ve never been able to see him with Becca. (And this is petty, but he sweats too damned much). Honestly, my spidey sense tells me that she’s convinced (allowed) herself to fall for the closest possible match(es), but that her perfect match is still “out there.” Obviously I could be wrong (and hope so). But, from what I’ve seen of Becca, I don’t think Blake or Garrett are perfect for her.

  17. I just can’t get past Garrett’s comments about his ex-wife. I’ve dated guys with “crazy/horrible ex-girlfriends.” Spoiler alert: THEY were the crazy ones.

    1. I totally agree with this!! There are always two (well actually three) sides to a story. And bashing her on national TV is not cool.

      1. YES!! And I have been reading about him and it sounds like her friends are saying that what he is sharing is not truthful and that he was the one with issues. Don’t even get me started with his likes on instagram… I think we are seeing an act on the show.

        1. You do realize the show is edited, right? You don’t think he’s ever talked about what he did wrong in his failed marriage? I think ABC chose to not air that for obvious reasons – he’s one of the final two.

          1. I totally agree with you.. Everyone keeps talking about editing but I guess no one believes they edited him.. I truly feel like it’s all in the editing.. I have been Team Garrett since night one.. I truly believe maybe they have edited things to show him a little different to throw us all off that she chooses him.. Of course this is all just my opinion.. But I did love Jason I was kind of disappointed she sent him home.. I am team Garrett but would loved to seen Jason chosen

  18. Someone has got to explain to me what they see in Blake. He is SO whinny. I am beyond over it. I’ve been team Garrett since day one. He is so sweet and genuine. No clue where everyone gets the bad boy vibe from. I would watch Jason’s season for bachelor but not Blake’s. Woof!

    1. Totally agree with you. Jason was a wee out of Becca’s league, imo. He needs someone with a little less midwest residual (and I can say this as a Minnesotan). But, I’d be surprised if Jason takes the Bachelor role. I wouldn’t watch Blake either. But Jason, for sure.

    2. Yes! And when he watches Becc with the other guys he looks like a psycho. Garrett is my choice. He’s taken it serious the whole way. He arrived in a minivan to show her how serious he was. He didn’t say he lived her until he was sure he meant it. And I want to bamboo raft in Thailand!!! That looked like so much fun. You’ve for to have fun in the relationship too. Plus it would have been stressful and difficult so it showed how they work together. I feel like Garrett is real and Blake is barely hiding a stage 4 clinger side. But just my thoughts.

    3. I wouldn’t say he’s “whiny,” I just don’t think he’s emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship with Becca outside of the show, given the circumstances. Hearing she was in love with both he and Garrett would send him into a funk. I also don’t think he would be ready to be the next bachelor if Becca breaks his heart based on what he and his mom disclosed about his last breakup.

    4. I completely agree. I’m not a fan of Blake at all. I LOVED Jason – I hope he’s the next Bachelor! And although I love Becca, I think he’ll be better suited for someone else (and she + Garrett will live happily ever after).

      1. I loved Jason too. He’s so good looking, has a beautiful smile, love the slicked hair, and just seems like a genuinely nice guy!! She kept saying what a great kisser he was. It’s because he was clean shaven. A scruffy face might look good, but it’s not fun to make out with…lol! Jason for the next bachelor!!!

        1. I agree with all that you have said about Jason. I was hoping against hope that Becca would keep him. Would love to see him as the next Bachelor.

      1. Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one that finds Blake annoying! Whining about what she does or says with the other guys, etc. I think he’s forgotten what show he signed up for.

        1. Amen! Blake seems too whiny/full of himself. I guess I’m confused why Ali states that Garrett is a “bad boy.” Am I missing something?

    5. Yes–I was beginning to think I was crazy that NO one was noticing that Blake is kind of pouty and whiney. He’s that guy from high school that is waaaaay into a girl too fast and gets too dramatic at the breakup…he’s just a bit too sensitive for my fellow Minnesota girl. She’d totally have to take the fish off the hook for him 😂

    6. I agree with you about Blake, I also think he is whiny. But I’m the oddball in the bunch because I saw her best connection with Jason and was shocked she let him go! At this point though, I will root for Garrett.

  19. Becca definitely had 3 great guys so close to the end! I actually see her with Garrett but it’s going to be a hard choice. Ali, you should really go back and watch Jason’s hometown date especially when it was just the 2 of them… so cute!

  20. All I could think last night was – if she doesn’t pick Blake, he is going to be so broken. I can’t help but put some blame on Becca for this. She keeps saying that she knows what it feels like to be in his situation, so she is avoiding saying the words “I love you,” but all of her actions are just as affirming, are they not? I feel like she is leading him on. Garrett seems more in touch with the possibility of her being in love with 2 men, but I wish, because of how badly he was hurt in his last breakup (which she knows about), I wish Becca would make her mind up PRIOR to the proposal day, and not wait. I felt the way you handled Chris’s heart on your season was so much more humane!!!!!!!

    PS: I totally caught that the airing order of the fantasy suite dates was obviously not the order in which they were filmed.

  21. I think Blake falls too hard too fast and I’m not a fan of him for Becca or the next bachelor. In the hometown episode his mom said he was so broken over his last girlfriend and he said “he was never going to find love again”. That seems a little over dramatic and whiny. Guys like that tend to be almost possessive as they hold on too strong for fear of losing the other person and it ends up actually pushing the other person away.
    I’ve actually been a Garrett fan from the beginning and hope she picks him. I don’t think he’s playing hard to get, I think he just doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve and has a healthy awareness of the fact that she’s dating other guys and he may not end up with her in the end. I think if she picked him he’d 100% be in it.

  22. It’s not just your mind wandering…I find this season SO boring!! I love Blake so much, so I’m sure she will not pick him. They never pick my favorites. Haha.

  23. I was telling my husband last night that I feel more invested than normal this season in these last two guys and my heart is going to break for either one of them because you can tell they are both deeply in love with her. I do think she will pick Garrett, but I just love Blake. And sometimes when things seem too good to be true, it’s just because they ARE that good and you’ve found that right person. <3

    1. I feel so invested too! I loved the last three and just can’t believe that she has had such great luck with guys. She really could have chosen any of them! I like Blake and really felt for him this episode. After his date, I was just like, I’m going to be so crushed if she doesn’t choose him. I really like Garrett too and I feel like he’d be so fun and adventurous with her in life. The only thing that I worry about, is that they portray him as always being so happy, that I worry he’s not showing a more normal way of being. Maybe they’re just showing it that way. But, looking at next weeks episode, it looks like Garrett gets super emotional and that looks so sweet. I could totally see her with both guys, but I see Garrett as the one who would genuinely be wanting to settle down sooner and have kids and Blake might want to just date awhile. She just has to decide which is right for her. I’ll be happy either way cause I just think they’re both so great. I’d be super happy with any of the top three being the next Bachelor! Hot damn.

      I also have to note, I feel like in the past when we see these overnights, when the guys have their shirts off, they’re always like crazy ripped. Like, unnaturally in shape. I totally noticed last night that Garrett and Blake both are in shape, but it seemed like a more natural body image, rather than these crazy abs all over the place. I guess I just like that more myself, but it seemed like two dudes who are probably just active outdoor type guys, rather than guys who spend hours in the gym all day.

  24. I am team Blake all the way! 😍 It just seems like they both can be themselves when they are together and the way he looks at her is so sweet and genuine! I know she gave Garrett the first impression rose and may be leaning more towards him but on last nights episode, their date seemed a little less exciting/eventful idk what word I’m looking for. And if she isn’t quite sure how her future with Garrett will be, I think that’s all the more reason to chose Blake because there is no question with him! 😉

  25. I can tell Blake is a great guy but I think his insecurities are a red flag. I know it’s a really tough process, but I feel like if Becca picks him he would be the type of guy to feel very insecure in his relationship with Beca when watching the show back (or just hearing things about the show if he doesn’t watch). He already verbalized being insecure about not knowing how she feels about the other guys… imagine how he’d feel when he hears her say she was in love with him AND Garrett. I don’t think he’s emotionally strong enough to handle a relationship with her outside of the show!

    I think Garrett is her safe choice as well. Although, I just don’t reallt feel it with him. It’s not that I don’t like him, but I find myself trying hard to like him because I think she ends up with him.

    Jason is a sweetheart and I hope he is the next bachelor. It seems like he can handle it emotionally (can’t say the same for Blake at this point), he has the charisma and personality, and is very genuine. The way he handled his abrupt elimiantion from the show was so classy and you could tell he really really cared about her genuinely.

    1. I disagree. I think his insecurities are normal. It’s clear he really loves Becca. I can feel it through my television. I think we’re trying to put our normal lives’ expectations on an irregular situation. I doubt he would be this insecure in a real life situation because he would know he’s the only guy. He has been open and mature and honest which is what Becca has asked for.
      On the flip side, I think Garrett told Becca what she wanted to hear but it felt so disconnected. Becca however has said he reminds her of her father. So she is really trying to make that work.
      It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      1. I agree! I think Blake has really fallen for Becca and it’s totally normal to feel insecure in this situation, not knowing who she loves more. I think Becca and Blake have real chemistry but I’m not feeling it with Garrett!

  26. I had an opposite reaction. I was a bit bored with Blake’s date. The conversation was a bit monotone for me (both for tone and content). He does express his feelings well, but is there more depth to him?
    Jason was a late arrival to her attention. He’s a really nice guy but once she realized she couldn’t picture the future with him, you knew he would be going home. I’m glad she saved him the wait and didn’t put him through the Rise Ceremony.
    I actually liked that she had a fun date with Garrett during the day. I also keyed in to their conversation more. I think he is a better fit for her. First impressions CAN lie, but I think there is a definite connection. And while the physical side is only one part, they definitely showed a little more of their attraction!

    1. I agree with everything in this post!
      I’ll also add that although I am a fan of Becca and the final three men, I don’t think any of them have the “TV personality” to make the whole season entertaining, which is why I started losing interest as the season progressed.

  27. When he was talking to Chris and said ‘I even dropped the I love you’ it irritated me like he thought he should as opposed to feeling it! Did anyone else think it was an odd choice of words?

    1. I did, I told my husband the same thing, even though I am Team Garrett – but then my husband said that is just a guy way to say it. Its more macho sounding, guy to guy, and from a guy’s perspective, he didn’t think it was bad

  28. During the rose ceremony Blake had the evil look when she called Garrett’s name first and again when Garrett was saying how much he loved her. He seems to have a jealous possessive streak. I think Garrett is more of a secure choice vs Blake but she may get bored with him because he is such a great guy and seems emotional and very sensitive. I agree Jason wasn’t the right one for her but I am not sure that Garrett or Blake are either. We’ll have to wait and see. Love your blogs and instastories. ❤

  29. Am I the only one who doesn’t really like Blake? He just seems way too insecure & a bit on the clingy side. I feel like Becca wants someone who is her equal & is confident like she is, and I think if she ended up with Blake she’d have to constantly help him through his insecurities & he would depend on her way too much. As far as Garrett, he’s not my favorite, he actually seems a little boring in my opinion, but I have a feeling that’s who she picks. And for Jason….I can’t look at him without being reminded of Andrew Keegan. Does anyone else think they look so similar?! Haha

  30. I think the producers are showing Blake as the all time front runner and purposefully not showing the depth of Garrett. Us ladies are already feeling sympathy for Blake if he does not get picked! I think that will make for a more exciting Bachelor reveal, don’t you think??

    1. I agree! I totally think they are making it look like Blake will be picked but I don’t think he will be. He will be heartbroken 🙁

  31. Blake is way too intense. I can’t handle him. Like, I’m really quite concerned about how he will handle it if she doesn’t pick him. And I don’t think she’s going to. Garrett may not be everyone’s favourite on here, but I think that Becca and Garrett have the best fit at this point. I guess time will tell but my money’s on Garrett.

  32. I think she’s going to go with Garrett because like you said he’s more of a challenge and Blake is the safe choice. I know Blake will be crushed if she doesn’t pick him. Either way she will get a good guy, it’s just who she can see herself with.

  33. Ali, don’t be so hard on yourself in terms of your body. You are pretty inside and out, and, your body will come back in your stomach area. You just literally gave birth. I always seem to lose weight when my focus isnt on it!! Enjoy Kevin and your beautiful children! God bless, Debra

  34. I dont personally think blake would be a wonderful bachelor. His emotions are too all over the place. I dont think he would be able to emotionally handle being the bachelor. I DO think that Jason would make a great one! But I really do think blake deserves every happiness and I would love to see him find his forever person. After their date I wanted her to choose blake so badly (and I haven’t been a fan of him really at all this whole season)! Then….I saw Garrett’s date and it was not a snoozefest for me at all! I loved it! And now I’m back on team Garrett like I have been since the mini van! Garrett IS more guarded, but once cracked, he will be a wonderful partner for Becca. I feel that Garrett will take care of becca…whereas I feel like becca would be taking care of blake. Just my opinion.

  35. I just hate how Garret keeps getting pushed below Blake! I love Garret and I don’t know I just see something so much more fun and carefree than Blake. Blake is always questioning if Garret and Becca have a better connection, and Garret hasn’t said any of those things because he is truly focused on the here and now and HIS relationship. I think that shows maturity that Blake doesn’t have

  36. I want Jason to be the next Bachelor. I teared up when she sent him home
    Jason is the first man since Roberto that just really stands out.
    Don’t care about the other two at all. Yawn fest.
    Thank you Ali for doing the blog. Love you since your time on the Bachelor. Your season as the Bachelorette is my favorite.

  37. Hi Ali! Totally agree with you, I loved Blake’s date and I also got so distracted on Garrett’s date. I could not keep my attention to the show. I just found it pretty boring and honestly wondered what they would talk about when they were together after the show? I also really appreciate that her and Blake weren’t allowed to touch and had to conversate because I feel like you’re not going to be making out with your husband 24/7 a year from now. You need to know that you have someone you can talk to and open up to. I’m interested to see who she will pick. I’m ready for her to stop talking about Arie! Be done with it already! Haha

  38. Easy is not always bad! Relationships are hard, but you don’t want them to be so hard that you spend more time trying to make it easier than enjoying it! Of course they take effort, but it shouldn’t be an excessive amount of effort. Easy does not equal settling. (This is totally not what you said, so please know that is not a direct response to you — but it’s something a lot of people misinterpret it as so I wanted to speak out on it)

    Totally don’t blame you on the not-watching-last-week thing. If it helps, you didn’t miss much. And you’re right about two hours being a lot to commit to. I’m not a mom and even I think that’s too much! The last few seasons I’ve started watching on Tuesdays on demand so I don’t have to sit through all the commercials, because otherwise it’s WAY too long (and it’s still pretty long without commercials!). The only time I really watch live is the finale, because otherwise it’ll all get spoiled before I can watch.

  39. i Have been torn between Blake and Garrett and Jason! Her moment of anxiety with Jason was so telling. And I wonder who she had slept with before seeing him. If she had been with both Blake and Garrett, and felt in love with both, I can see how doing the fantasy suite with Jason would have been somewhat deceiving. To be with three different men in a week is not healthy. In fact this whole process is not healthy. I think there should be separate episodes with the final 3 or 4, which has her spending a week with each one, every day! And then we would see more of the reality of the relationship! Blake seemed to be in disbelief that Becca could have any stronger of a relationship than his. And Garrett must also feel the same way. I must admit, I find it so unnatural for Becca to be loving on two men practically at the same time. And it must be driving the men nuts, cause they know how it is. Garrett seems more likely at this point to be picked. I only say that because Blake is internally jealous and I think there is rage under that skin, I could be wrong, but Blake will blow, if not picked, and I feel he’ll be very possessive, if picked!but all in all, I hope her pick is with peace more than conflict.

  40. Ali, love all of your insights!
    Blake seems more in love with Becca than she is with him which makes me sad for him! I think she feels more for Garrett, but he doesn’t show that very well except for in his ITM’s! He’s much more genuine in his interviews and more endearing. He comes off a little goofy and not taking things very seriously when he’s with Becca…but maybe that’s all the show is showing us to throw us off???
    Jason was great, but not for Becca. I do think he’d be so much fun as the Bachelor, of course if Ben H. doesn’t do it again! I think Blake might get boring as the Bachelor. I do hope maybe he gets a stint in Paradise!
    Riley and Molly are adorable! I definitely commend you on your post about post-baby bodies. You spoke to so many of us moms out there! It gave me confidence to wear a swimsuit to my son’s swimming lessons. 🙂

  41. The edits keep have Blake say again and again, that he is so in love with her and that their is no way she has the same connection with the other guys. They showed him say this several times last night, in various ways, but the same message. I told my husband then, that he was not going to be the last man standing or the editors would not keep focusing on that. They are definitely shadowing Garrett. I think Garrett is sincere and genuine. I love them together. I think he is definitely more confident which is important to her. I never saw a possessive side or insecure side to Blake until last night. I have always been Team Garrett, but I also love her and Blake. I was never a big fan of Jason and find him to be boring. I don’t know why viewers are so captivated by him. I also do not find him attractive at all.

  42. I wish she’d choose Blake but pretty sure she’s going to pick Garrett. Something about him just doesn’t seem right. I guess we can just hope it all works out for her.

  43. Yes! I love Blake! I’m worried though he won’t be the next bachelor because of how devestaed he would be ( based on what he has said from his previous break up). Also, the biggest thing you missed from last week was that Tia told Becca that she still had feelings for Colton!! Maybe something in Paradise will happen??

  44. I want her to pick Blake but I’m not sure at this point. She seemed most comfortable with him last night. I would definitely watch him as the Bachelor. There is something about Garrett that I don’t like but I can’t pinpoint it. I think either guy would be good for her though. By the way, I love that you included a picture with Owen. I almost forgot that he was around (sorry)!

  45. Hey Ali! I’ve never commented on here, but love your work and your genuine heart to share with all of us!

    This season has been SO great. I found it rather refreshing that the final few guys were all great humans, and not full of drama. Drama can be fun and all, but something about this end of the season has been nice.

    I am torn between Blake and Garret. Jason was such a standup guy, but it was clear they just weren’t as far along. As for the other two, Blake does seem safe. But while Garret is adorable and has his moments of true charm, I can’t help but shake this feeling somethings off. Did anyone else notice he said the word “like” 500 times per conversation? That made it hard to focus I think. I’m positive he’s a very bright guy, but the editors seem to be portraying him as a little less intelligent? Not sure. All I can think is Becca finally realizes how Arie could choose her and then go back on his word and choose the other. I genuinely could see that happening. She chooses Garret, is happy for a while, but then realizes she could have had it all with Blake, and wants him back!

  46. I think the last 3 guys were all great guys. She’d be a lucky girl to end up with any of them. I picked Blake in our pool at home with my husband, daughter and son in law.

  47. I will be in the room next to you at the therapists office if she doesn’t choose Blake! He is the sweetest man on the planet. And so in love with her. If she doesn’t pick him I’d love to see him as the Bachelor but honestly he might be too heartbroken to do it. The world needs more Blakes.

  48. I feel the complete opposite about Blake! He seems like he will be too possessive and also seems like he is in general insecure. At the end of the episode you could see that Garrett was concerned with where Jason was and Blake couldnt care less. I think that says a lot. I personally love Garrett, though. I feel he is so genuine, which I don’t see in Blake. In my opinion Jason was perfect and I was so sad he went home. I wasn’t really a fan of his until the last couple weeks but in my opinion he should be the next bachelor… or they should choose someone fresh that hasn’t been on the show.

  49. Becca should choose Blake. He is a genuine guy . He loves her with all his heart and was honest and humble about it

    Garett – there is something off about him. He is handsome but something not right.

    He talked against his ex- wife too much on camera . He should have respected the woman he loved once
    Don’t bash her on national TV for a show. He will do the same to Becca

    Watch how Blake never talked against his ex / but just how he felt hurt and blindsided . HIS feelings that’s all

    If becca chooses Garett it
    Will not last

  50. This actually has to do with your I ya story about cookware. Scan pan or bust. We bought one. My parents have had theirs since I was a little girl and it’s still going strong!! That’s like 25 yrs. I’m actually getting a smaller one in addition to the 10” one I have.

  51. Hi Ali!

    You are awesome and I have been following you since your season. Love your brave post last week! You look amazing!

    I have a question- On your season and others, the bachelor/ette have been able to tell someone before the final rose if they are not picking them so that they don’t have have the awkward almost proposal. Are they not allowed to do this anymore? The last few seasons it hasn’t happened so I have to wonder.

    As for the guys, I picked Blake night one as the winner and still stand by him as the best for her! I am worried she will end up picking Garrett though who is so surface and hard to trust. Don’t like that he continues to blame the divorce on his ex- huge red flag! Take some ownership of your role at least…

    I LOVE Jason! It was very clear he wasn’t going to win for awhile BUT I am so hoping they pick him as the next bachelor. I have a hunch that producers had EVERYTHING to do with his return for closure and giving her the scrapbook. Total set-up for him to be the bachelor. Fingers crossed!


  52. I feel so bad saying this. But, when Blake’s mom started talking about his reaction to his last breakup HUGE warning flags went up for me. I am actually surprised noone is talking about this. But, his reaction to his last break up was super severe. Panic attacks, feeling like he would never feel love again, crying with his mother who came to visit 4x/week. It may be within a healthy degree. But this sounds like untreated anxiety/depression. My dad struggled with this and never pursued treatment. It is serious and difficult, affects the spouse and family and needs to be considered. Also, looking for reasons to stay in an unhealthy relationship, rather than leave. I couldn’t see it as healthy either. Flags. Red ones!! Despite seeming like a sweetheart and great friend.

    1. I don’t agree with that, I’m not an expert tho and don’t know him personally obviously lol but I’ve been with my fiancé for almost 7 years and if he abruptly broke up with me I’d probably react in a very similar way. I’m very emotional, I love hard , and I will put myself out there to make my partner feel loved something tells me Blake is similar in that regards.

    2. I agree, my eyes got big when she said panic attacks!!!! Red flag. Unless you’re married kids etc. or unless the mom is making it worse than it is. Some ppl toss around “panic attack” easily. But even listening to him…he sounds so perfect…but smothering. We have all been with that person…you wished you loved them..but you don’t. She won’t chose him. Ali said it…one with more chase.

  53. See I think they both seem like “safe” choices. I honestly feel that she will choose Blake tho, unless I missed this (which is possible) he is the only one that she has admitted on camera to feeling the same way as him (in love). Than again Ben Higgins and Jason Mesnic had said those things too 😏 I think he is madly in love and devoted to her and it’s sad that to some that it translates to “whiny and clingy”
    Garrett And Jason i found to be dreadfully boring and while Garrett hasn’t done anything on the show to come across as a bad guy, him putting all the blame on his ex is questionable to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe it’s the shows fault for putting more focus on it than there really was. I just find that when guys say they have a crazy ex, there’s usually more to it than that… usually.
    If Garrett became the next bachelor I’d probably sleep thru most of it. I think Blake would be too devastated to want to be the next bachelor if he didn’t get picked.

    1. I think they put so much camera time into his ex. Is because they talk about his “horrible past….change man…..bad influence gone” etc is bc of the tweets he liked. It shows he”s a changed man.

  54. I love your blog. I have to say I was surprised you thought what you did about the order of the dates. I totally understood their edit. She would look like a hoe, if you will, to truly love two men and having passionate dates with true feeling. It looks better if she dumbs the guy in between, and it’s respectful. Looks like a saint. You said it best, it’s all editing. I like her, that’s not what I’m saying. Just that she looks better this way.

  55. I agree. I got very bored with Garrett! Not sure why either. Ready for the drama of BIP 🤣 PS – Bug fan of you and your blog!!

  56. Love Blake and just love the things he says to her as well as what he says about her.
    Garrett…seems to either be shy in front of the camera but really can’t see any depth to him. He typically will agree with whatever Becca says. Not sure he will challenge her with convos etc. Again he may just be shy…

  57. I actually cringed when Garrett said “I hope you’re the last woman I ever HAVE to say that too” … it sounded like he is sick of saying “I love you, and just wants to settle and have a woman… which makes me think about his divorce and the way he speaks of his ex-wife. Hm I don’t know, it just came off the wrong way to me…DEFINITELY more insincere than Blake. Shouldn’t she be the last woman he WANTS or wishes to say that too? Just a thought that came over me instantly. Team Blake! I too will have to enter therapy if he is not chosen…LOL. Love and appreciate your humor and real-ness Ali!

  58. Hi Ali!

    Jason is a sweetie and maybe Becca didn’t like that he called her “Becster” and “future hockey mom”. Lol
    Poor Blake; he will end up getting so hurt.
    Becca has been smitten with Garrett from Day 1 so she is willing to overlook his faults, and choosing to believe him saying that his first marriage was due to his ex-wife.

  59. I can’t believe there’s so many people for team Blake. lol he just seems so young to me, little boyish. On the home towns he took her to his high school! He just kept saying how formative those years were for him. Boyish mentality.

    I don’t think Garrett is a bad boy at all. He seems like a man who has made tough choices and learned from them. He’s always seemed so in love with her even if he only just said it. They seem to balance each other out well. Go Team Garrett.

  60. Hmm… I totally thought Blake was clear front runner until this week. I think Garrett is the kind hearted puppy dog in this scenario, where Blake is the one with the chemistry. I can see why she’s torn!

    Jason was framed perfectly to be the next Bachelor. “She’d better treat him like a king.”

    1. I totally agree with you! She seems more passionate about Blake! Garrett had red flags…bashing ex-wife, etc.

  61. Love Blake and I feel like his behavior is consistent with how anyone I know would react to being on television and dating one girl along with several other strangers that somehow he is now friends with. It’s just not real life. Garrett on the other hand seems somehow more casual about it and sort of happy go lucky. Don’t get me wrong that’s a great quality but a bit odd given the circumstances. I feel like Garrett is ready to date but Blake is ready to get married.

  62. Omg…I have never posted before, however after tonight and reading the replies on this post I felt inclined. I have had a tough week I was apart of a massive lay off at work and just trying to cope with it. My hubby is my best friend and always makes me laugh. We have a lot of common interests and definitely the same goofy humor. We are lucky that we are different enough to bring balance as well. I see this with Garrett and Becca. If you watch Becca and Blake there seems to be alot of intensity but not alot of laughs. When choosing a life partner it should be effortless and I see more natural energy and happiness with Garret. I hope she chooses who is right for her! I do hope Jason is the Bachelor. He is comfortable in his own skin, sexy, confident, intelligent, kind, and a man not a boy.

  63. Two things. I will be shocked if she doesn’t choose Blake. And second, Justin has to be the next bachelor! Out of the top 3 he was my favorite! Such a great guy and so cute! Ooohh!

  64. I have said for years that I can’t imagine being this far into the “game” and not knowing who you have the strongest feelings for. I get that the editors can and do change things up. I personally don’t feel the over nights need to be about sex. Maybe they shouldn’t even involve sex? That should be a time to really talk without the cameras rolling. Or maybe just have sex with the one you really feel is the “one”. It would certainly make watching back easier on the one you chose. Some one said it earlier, you can tell when there is chemistry way before having sex with someone. Isn’t that why you would agree to see someone after the first date? Maybe I am being a little old fashioned but I am not a fan of “friend’s with benefits”, or making sex a recreational sport!! Just my opinion.

  65. Something off with Blake! He creeps me out a bit, maybe just the shows editing.
    LOVE Jason and would be so excited for him to be the next Bachelor : )
    I’m actually glad she didn’t pick him because with all the controversy over the guy she does pick and his offensive tweets, I didn’t want Jason to be the bad guy!!

  66. I think Blake is just too needy. We’ve seen him be jealous, and nervous, and I get that all that is normal, but he should want what’s best for HER and not for HIM. I feel Garrett just wants her happy and if it’s not with him he will be okay. Sad but okay. I think Blake will fall apart. Garrett just seems more mature and well… I hate to say it.. but manly. He’s a total man, and I feel Blake is a bit fragile. I want Jason as the next Bachelor! I knew he wasn’t going to make it also, but he would have been my pick.

  67. Hi Ali, missed your bachelorette post last week!! It is so fun to read your thoughts after watching it, and last week with the hometowns you could learn more about each personality. For example with Blake, now I see him as less mature and more boyish, since most of his date was at his high school and his mom telling becca that she will be the one that cooking, doing house chores ..something along these lines. With Garrett you could see how his family relationship is so tight that I’m not sure how welcoming they will be for Becca. They were talking about his ex in a very negative way, as if Garrett doesn’t have anything that he contributed to the problem of his relationship. It was totally one sided.. Becca is such a wonderful personality and such a sweetheart, that I feel that no one is good enough for her!

  68. In Nick’s season, Raven said her father always prayed she would find an easy love. I thought it was sweet at the time and still do. That’s what Becca seems to have in Blake – someone who doesn’t play games, is faithful and devoted, and fits without effort. If they end up together, I do wonder how he’ll handle seeing Garrett’s relationship with Becca on the playbacks though. It could just be the editing but he seems to have a capacity for insecurity and jealousy.

  69. I feel like we have seen a lot of Becca’s comment about her being so sure about her relationship with Blake. It seems to me like the editing is setting him up to be the next Bachelor… Although I’m definitely rooting for him and Becca I feel like this is going to go in the other direction !

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