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I feel like fashion posts are going to be so much better on my blog now that you guys know what my body really looks like underneath my clothes. That sounds weird when I write it out. Ha! For those of you who don’t know, I shared photos of myself in a bikini last week because I wanted to be open and honest about what my postpartum body really looks like. So the reason I feel like fashion is going to be more fun is because now when I say an outfit hides my tummy, you guys know I really mean it!


So the outfit options I’m sharing on here today are really great for camouflaging your tummy! And the core pieces of every outfit I’m showing are from Chicwish. Whenever I blog about more than one look in a single blog posts I usually try to make most of the items from the same place, that way if you go to purchase something you don’t have to buy the items from multiple sites. Plus I just love Chicwish! I get a bunch of my clothes from them because they just have really pretty, unique and affordable pieces that are great quality too! In fact, a couple of the outfits in this post are looks I’ve already shared on my blog before, but they’re just so great that I’m sharing them again!

Before I get started, let me first say, I don’t want this to be misinterpreted as me being ashamed of my tummy. I told you guys this and I’ll say it again, I’m proud of my squishy belly! It’s my motherhood badge of honor! But let’s face it, when I get dressed in the morning I want to look and feel my best and putting on clothes where my tummy is camouflaged is going to make me feel better throughout the day. I know it’s kind of weird to say you’re proud of something and then in the next sentence say you want to hide it. It’s kind of hard for me to explain in words but I’m sure you guys understand what I’m trying to say.



Let’s start with this white lace dress! I love it because it hides my stomach at the perfect point so that it shows off my waist line,but then the way the fabric poofs out after my waist line and hides my tummy underneath. And it’s just absolutely gorgeous! I feel like the detail of the lace is incredible and it looks like a super expensive dress. But it’s totally not! It’s under $80 and really good quality. The only thing is, you can’t wear a bra with it. But the bodice is constructed really well so it provided me with enough support to wear it to a luncheon. I think this dress would be absolutely gorgeous to wear to a rehearsal dinner if you’re getting married or even a bridal shower. Or if you have any fun summer all white parties coming up, this would be a showstopper dress for sure!

The dress is so beautiful on its own that you really don’t need to wear much with it. I put on a simple pair of daisy earrings and nude strappy heels.





My light blue shirt is flattering for the tummy area for obvious reasons. It’s very loose fitting around the midsection so it’s great for camouflaging anything in that area. And I love the dusty blue color. It matches my front door which obviously is a color I love, otherwise I wouldn’t have painted my front door that color. The top also has a really pretty pattern on it that I don’t know how to describe other than say it’s a texture woven into the shirt. I think it looks really expensive but this top is only $39! And that’s a really good price for something with so much detail.



The picture below is of me wearing this tunic at only a couple weeks postpartum. Trust me when I say there’s a lot going on underneath this top. But you’d never know! In fact, I wore this exact type a bunch when I was pregnant as well. So it’s not only great for maternity but it’s great well after as well. I feel like I’ll probably wear this tunic to Thanksgiving dinner this year. Ha!



I think I was about 3 months pregnant with Riley in the photo below, but nobody knew it even though I was totally showing already. This dress hid my bump perfectly and will hide my pudgy belly now! It’s not available in the print I’m wearing below anymore, but I am linking the exact dress in a print that’s perfect for summer!


And I will end with a few more items from the site that I absolutely love and I feel would be good for postpartum or just for some tummy coverage in general.

Hope you guys found this post helpful! xoxo

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50 thoughts on “Clothes That Hide Your Tummy Area – All Things Chicwish

  1. Ali! I love all of them. As a mom of a toddler that two years later is still struggling with my little soft belly I love to have options to cover it and feel great about my self. Don’t get me wrong I am right there with you I have been learning to love my body as it is, but there are days that are so difficult! Plus I have a wedding coming up and all the dresses are good options. I am going to have so much trouble, maybe I’ll buy two or three!

    1. Don’t spend too much! I think you would be good with one option. The last dress would be my favorite pick to wear to a wedding! And it’s GREAT at hiding a (loved) and squishy belly – like mine!

  2. Hi Ali. Love all the outfits.

    What is the exact color of your door? I love it.

    Also can you share how you deal with Molly’s tantrums and when do you put her in time out?

  3. Oh my! I love all of these! I’m in desperate need of some new shirts for work and all of these are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing Ali!! They all look amazing on you!

  4. What kind of bra (if any) are you wearing with the white lace dress? Us busty girls have to stick together if we find a good strapless or stick on! 🤣❤️

  5. This dress is so cute! I’ve been looking for a dress for my rehearsal dinner and even though it’s in early October I still think this would work for an outdoor venue!! I am going to order! Thank you for sharing and for being so vulnerable! I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you 🙂

  6. Hi Ali! Wondering what size you’re wearing? Love to order it but not sure with their sizing chart.
    Thanks!! Xo

  7. How does sizing run on chicwish? Does it run TTS or do you size up? You look great! Love that white dress 😍

    1. I usually get my size but sometimes size up. I got my normal size (medium) in this dress). I would go with your normal size for this dress because you want the bodice to be fitted, not loose.

    1. I own the floral print in the tunic in the L/XL and the one pictures above is the S/M. I think I could have worn either while pregnant honestly. I don;t think you can go wrong! Base it on your arm size, not belly size if that makes sense!

      1. Is the S/M tighter in the upper arm area than the L/XL? I have the floral print but I don’t think I’d want that area any smaller. Thanks!

  8. Can I ask how you find good support in outfits you can’t wear a traditional bra with? I, too, am a big chested woman which lack “perkiness” due to the demands of motherhood and struggle trying to find something that provides good support for clothing that does not accommodate a traditional bra! You always look so cute, but I dread the thought of putting on items like these!

    1. Honestly this dress has great support because the bodice is so fitted. Think of the support as similar to a corset. Not in the waist but in the chest,

  9. Love the lace dress! Does it run true to size? I usually would be afraid to order it since I’m on the busty side, but it looks amazing on you! Are you wearing a strapless bra with it? Just worried about if it will show or not!

  10. Like many of the comments above, I’m wondering what kind of bra, if any, you’re wearing with the white dress. Also does it run TTS? Thank you!! You look amazing! I look forward to your insta story everyday and your blog posts. 😍😊

    1. As I mentioned in the blog above, you can’t wear a bra with the dress so I’m not wearing one. The bodice provided me with enough support! And thank you for reading Tashi!!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing! I loved your after baby body post too. I’m 39 weeks and will definitely be buying some of these things so thanks for the suggestions!

  12. Hey Ali, thanks so much for sharing. The clothes and your body. I LOVE that you love and don’t love it in the same moment. It’s always a work in progress. Kinda personal question for you. I don’t have children but I do have a larger chest. I’m assuming with you nursing yours got a little bigger and you still felt super secure without a bra in the white lace dress? Always my main concern!

  13. In regards to cookware, you should check out the Zwilling J.A. Henckels ceramic coated line. They sell at bed bath and beyond and are non toxic and safe for you. The nonstick coating on other pots and pans are not healthy and especially scratched pans are unsafe. Lots of research saying the Teflon coating can lead to cancer so I’m all about using only stainless steel or these ceramic ones. 🙂

  14. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for this post! I’m a mom of two under two as well (Lincoln will be 2 next month and Weston just turned 5mo!) and I’ve been struggling to find clothes that make me feel comfortable and attractive.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you do a post on nursing friendly tops!?

  15. I need to look into some of these items! They’re gorgeous! 20 months PP and still trying to lose 25 pounds I gained. Ugh!

    PS can’t reply to your stories on instagram… check out Heritage Rock cookware. Seriously the best pans I’ve owned!

  16. I’m seriously thinking of buying this for my bridal shower!!! So cute and I think it would be cute to wear on our honeymoon in Barbados as well!

  17. Ali, you make everything you wear look so great! As a mom of 3 (4, 3 and 16 months), I try to hide my squishy belly as well with cute, flowy clothes. I totally bought the green floral tunic from your previous post when you were pregnant bc it was so darn cute on you…and I love it! I’m digging the blue top here too 😊 💰

  18. Ali if I wear a size 2 petite what size would you recommend for the chicwish dress. I think it is beautiful and I’m going on a cruise this summer and think it would be perfect for it.

  19. I LOVE this post! I know what you mean about the belly, and while I am proud of what it means, I too want to look my best! I will definitely look into the styles you shared with us. thank you sooo much 🙂

  20. Hi Ali! Totally unrelated but I know u were asking for cookware rec’s the other day…we got the Calphalon Contemporary set for our wedding from crate & barrel & I love it!! It has a non toxic, non stick finish & super easy to clean, can go in the oven and dishwasher 🙌🏼 it’s super reasonable too, think we got the 12 pc set and it was around $400? I bought a couple other pieces too like the griddles & roasting pan & they weren’t too $$ either! We also got a couple Le Creuset pans which I love for certain foods like frittatas, they’re a bit more $$ but worth it!!

  21. Totally ended up purchasing the flowy tunic because of your blog post. Can’t wait to try it! Looking to try and start a family soon and will need more creative wardrobe ideas (both to hide in the beginning as well as to last throughout multiple body changes) for work as well as casual. Your blog posts have always been so real, honest, and helpful. Thank you!

  22. Hi Ali,
    I bought the stripped tunic on sale and today I wore it. EVERYWHERE I went today people commented on how pretty it was! Thank you for the great affordable fashion advice!

  23. I remember you don’t an IG post about leggings that came up higher and supported your stomach area. I can’t find the blog with the legging info though. I have a 2 week old and could use leggings that help support and cover my tummy right now. Help!

  24. This dress is so beautiful! I’m looking for clothes for my rehearsal dinner and although it is early October I still think it will work for an outdoor location!

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