$39 Sweater from the Nsale

Good morning guys! Hope you’re all having a beautiful Saturday. Early this morning we spent some time as a family and then Kevin just took the kids to the store so I could get a few moments to myself. So I’m sitting on the couch in a comfy sweater,  reading my favorite magazines and re-charging a bit.


It’s going to be about 90° in LA today, but right now with the AC going in our house and because it’s the morning hours, it’s still cool enough for me to throw on this comfy sweater. Plus there’s just something so yummy about putting on an ultra soft sweater and snuggling up on the couch while reading your favorite magazine. This is something I used to do all the time pre-kids and I definitely didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now that I have children. Plus, to be completely honest, I put this sweater on so I could show it to you guys because it’s on sale for only $39 right now! That is such a good deal for the sweater! Don’t pay attention to how it looks on the model because I feel like the models on Nordstrom never show the clothes well. Have you guys noticed that? I don’t know why Nordstrom does that. I feel like they always choose unflattering photos of the clothes. It’s the weirdest thing.


I like to wear the sweater both off my shoulder and on both shoulders. It’s cute either way. And I think it looks really nice with high-waisted jeans tucked in a little bit at the top. And I know I just mentioned this but it is ridiculously soft! You know how sometimes you’ll buy a sweater and then put it on and it’s kind of itchy on your skin. You will not have that issue with this sweater I promise you! It feels so comfy on my skin. And it comes in a few different colors so if navy blue isn’t for you, there are a few others to choose from.

And if you haven’t seen my other pics from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet, check out this blog post because I rounded up a bunch of my favorites.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

15 Thoughts

15 thoughts on “$39 Sweater from the Nsale

  1. Pretty photos! You look beautiful. Love the sweater but it’s already sold out. You are brave to wear dark coloured jeans on your light coloured couch. Doesn’t it rub off? My dark jeans rub off on everything…shoes, purses, leather car seats.

  2. Love the sweater but more importantly…your makeup 😍 if you get a chance, can you tell me what your lipstick and foundation color/brands are? Thank you ❤️

  3. Ali

    You are always so beautiful and so sweet that we do not see you wearing such a pretty and sweet sweater. ❤️ 💖 🖤

  4. Coming from a mom (who can’t find the best bra there is..) what kind of bra do you wear when you wear off the shoulder tops?

  5. Love this sweater so much! I think I might order it 🙂
    Also, Have you ever thought of doing a hair tutorial?! Your hair always looks so beautiful even if it’s just up in a simple
    Low bun lol and I can never seem to get my hair to look as good. Do you have any tips or tricks?!

  6. Commenting about your snap chat story for good cookware! Pampered Chef cookware is literally the best!! You can order it online but I swear by it. My mom used to sell it and it’s all we have in our kitchen. I hope you see this!

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