The Bachelorette Narrows the Guys Down to Four

Is it just me or is this season of The Bachelorette FLYING by?!?! I guess that’s what happens to time when you become a parent to two. Everything seems to go by so fast. I remember people telling me that time would fly when we had Molly. But honestly the 1st year of her life was the LONGEST year of my life. Ha! But now that I have two, things seem to be going by so quickly with Riley! Anyway, my mom brain is getting sidetracked. That is why I think this season is going by so fast for me. Riley was JUST born when it started and now we are down to the last 4 episodes! Crazy.

Colton Date

Colton’s a virgin. That explains so much to me! All this time I thought he was being distant and disingenuous with Becca, but now I honestly just think he’s kind of an awkward guy. This may sound so stupid but he was plugging his nose when diving underwater. Ha! I just think he’s a dork. And I love a dork! So maybe he wasn’t trying to set himself up as the Bachelor in past episodes like I thought before, and instead he’s just a little awkward and dorky when he talks.

What I was confused about in last night’s episode however was Becca’s reaction to him telling her he was a virgin. I get that it’s a big deal to talk about, but I don’t really understand why she left the room. I feel like that was kind of unfair to him. Although I will say so much is going on in those instances that we don’t see behind the scenes, so who knows why she left the room. Producers could’ve even asked her to leave the room to talk to them. We really don’t know for sure. But in general, she just seemed a little bit down about the fact that he was a virgin. I guess I kind of understand that because on the show you’re getting engaged to someone so quickly and a big part of figuring out if you’re right for each other is physical chemistry. But at the end of the day, if she is concerned about it then he’s just not the right guy for her because they’re on such different pages.

And in general after seeing their date, it just seemed like Colton is still around because Becca is very physically attracted to him. She had the most positive things to say about his looks and not necessarily about their compatibility. But at this point, why not keep a guy for a little while if you just want to make out with them a little longer. Ha! Especially if you are more into him then some of the others.

And for those of those wondering about her swimsuit on this date, it’s by Becca Swim.

Garrett Date

Another reason I don’t think Colton will be around for much longer was seeing her date with Garrett right after his made it so much more apparent that she’s connecting with Garrett on so many more levels. I mentioned this in a past blog post but it bothers me how negatively Garrett talks about his ex-wife. I just wish he’d have a little bit more respect for her given the fact that he’s on national television talking about their relationship and she’s not there to defend herself. Isn’t there a saying about marrying a guy who would make a good ex-husband? I think it’s something like that. Meaning that you should marry a guy that is the type of person that wouldn’t talk bad about you even if things didn’t work out. And with that, I can confidently say that if Kevin and I were ever to split up, which will never happen, he wouldn’t talk about me the way Garrett is talking about his ex. Ha, it’s weird even talking about me and Kevin in those terms. You guys get what I’m trying to say. Marry a guy that would respect you even if you wern’t together anymore. Garrett isn’t proving to be that type of guy on this show.

Blake Date

I really feel for Blake in this situation. It’s absolutely impossible to understand what he’s going through unless you’ve been through it yourself. I so often hear people say things like “well, he knew what he signed up for.” But the truth is nobody really knows what they sign up for when they agree to do the show. In fact, the majority of people that go on this show will tell you they signed up for fun never even thinking they’d fall in love. I know I didn’t think I’d fall in love when I signed up to go on The Bachelor. And even though I didn’t fall in love on that show, I definitely knew it was possible when I became The Bachelorette. So with Blake, even though he signed up for the show, he couldn’t possibly have prepared himself for the feelings he’s experiencing now and I totally sympathize with him.

One of my absolute favorite things he said on their date was when he said that falling in love is fun, but staying in love was more fun. I think a more accurate thing to say would’ve been that falling in love is fun and staying in love is work, but it’s even better than falling in love when you make it work. But regardless, I just love where he was going with that thought.

Group Date

As sad as I was to see Leo go, I wasn’t surprised at all. I just like him so much and I really hope we see him on Bachelor in Paradise!

But when it came down to Jason and Wills, I honestly thought she was going to keep Wills. Deep down I wanted her to pick Jason because if you guys read my blog last week, you know I’m obsessed with them as a couple! But it just seemed to me like she had a closer relationship with Wills. I think that just shows you that we really don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Think about it this way, the show is filmed about 18 hours a day, 6 days a week and we only see two of those hours each week. So a lot is on film that we never see.

So excited for hometowns! I think I am most interested in meeting Blake’s family. I really hope she ends up with him and I think there is SUCH a good chance she will! What family are you most interested in seeing? And who do you guys think she’ll end up with at this point. Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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163 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Narrows the Guys Down to Four

  1. I am very concerned by everyone’s reaction to Colton being a virgin. Why did everyone on the show act like that was so bad? I was very bothered by Becca leaving the room and in fact, was disappointed. I would have been thrilled that he hadn’t been with anyone else! Are moral values just off the Hollywood chart now?

    Becca is confusing me so much! I thought she was very in love with Jason then she acted the same way with Colton, Garrett and Blake.
    She has some great guys for sure!

    1. And I don’t think it’s a Hollywood thing. Becca isn’t from Hollywood. But I was confused as well.

      1. So confused!!! On a happier note, I LOVE a dork! Especially a dork who seems like a cool guy. My husband was/is that way so Colton plugging his nose reminded me of that and now I have such a soft spot!

        1. He was plugging his nose to equalize as he swam down deep. He said he scuba dove before and that’s what you have to do to go down deep…so he was blowing the pressure out when he plugged his nose lol 👍🏼

      2. I have the answer! The reason she was SO upset was because she couldn’t wait to sleep with him in the fantasy suite, and she knew in that moment that she would never, ever be able to have sex with him (unless she picked him, which deep down she knew she wouldn’t). I think it is so great and amazing he has waited!

    2. I honestly think the producers “made” her walk away. Because that action and then returning saying she would never judge him for that and then giving him the rose are polar opposite responses. I agree too, Ali with your assessment of Colton. Just because he has been blessed with good looks doesn’t mean he can’t be an awkward dork. Last week I liked Jason and her as a couple and this week I’m hoping it’s her and Blake! I don’t know why – but I’m still not a fan of Garrett. I hope she ends up with Blake.

        1. Have you all seen Garrett’s wedding video?! One part of the vows is sooo disturbing…a reality show is referenced in a really awkward and strange way

          1. Yes I saw that! So weird! And they were only married like 2 months.. very bizarre to me!

          1. The producers edit this show so much to produce drama so that someone could say one thing about a different situation but because it sounds better in another situation they play it during that. I have no doubt they could do it with her walking away to legit use the bathroom and make it seem like it was because of this statement. I’m a fan of the show but we have to be realistic that this is a show, and they edit it to create drama and good tv.

    3. Becca twitted last night that she just got up to use the bathroom and they just made it look like it was right after he told her

      1. But it showed her standing there acting like she was thinking after she walked away. If she went to the restroom producers really wanted to portray something different.

        1. My guess is that she went to the bathroom so they pulled him for an interview. When she came out of the bathroom they prob told her he was interviewing so why don’t you walk outside so we can get some footage while we wait for him to be done. They seated him first to make it seem like he was just sitting there the whole time. Editing at its finest. Lol. Love you Ali!!

      2. Hearing that makes it better. My thought at the time was that it wasn’t necessarily the virginity, but that coupled with “only one serious relationship”. Although, my daughter said she would have lost all respect for Becca if she dumped him over his being a virgin. (Gotta love and 18 year old who tells it like it is!)

        1. I agree with your daughter, I would have too. As it is, I lost some respect for her with her reaction to his ‘news’. I think it’s wonderful that he has high standards and feels it’s important to be with the right person and the right time. I’m glad she didn’t dump him because of it, but it definitely seemed like she didn’t like hearing that. It makes me sad that so many people think he is wrong,…when in fact, he is following what it SHOULD be!

    4. I personally think it is wonderful that he is a virgin. I didnt care for her statement that it was a love thing not a marriage thing so it was ok! What the hey? You KNOW if theres chemistry BEFORE you get married. So thats a stupid reaction to his virginity. We are SUPPOSED to be pure for marriage, male AND female. Sex is the icing on the cake. If thats all you are after it is a shame. People need to get to know one another, their likes and dislike, if they are on the same page with what they want in life etc. Jumping too quickly unfortunately screws things up for everyone. I loved his explanation of how its a gift! It is!! I am proud of him for his virginity and think more women AND men need to be so. And if it scares her away or any bachelor is scared away BECAUSE of someones viginity shame on them.

      1. Totally agree…being a virgin is a gift…and a person should be proud that they have the will power to keep it for the right person. I was a virgin by determination when I got married and I feel that is why God has blessed our marriage for 47 years! I know..that makes me very “old”…but I’m young in my mind! 😉

      2. I don’t think anyone is “supposed” to be anything, including “pure for marriage”-what does that even mean? I respect people who chose to be virgins, whatever their reasons, however let’s not shame those who aren’t. Clearly this was edited to create drama. I say, that it’s admirable that Colton is a virgin and I hope it’s true and that he’s not doing all this for attention. At the end of the episode it almost seems as if Tia is going to tell Becca that he may have lied. We’ll have to see!

    5. I felt bad for Colton that he was honest and told her and then she just got up and left. Also the guys were referring to his virginity as “a skeleton in a closet” like he had been hiding something so bad and huge and although it was a big deal it had a lot of negativity around it.I think she likes Garrett and I am most excited about his home town. I like that he wants a family and loves the out doors like hunting and fishing. It is easy to tell that she is so into Blake and she seemed elated when he told her he was in love with her and then she said in the interview they were on the same page😱 and she said at the beginning of there date something to that fact that there relationship is the strongest or maybe her feelings for him is the strongest but as of right now I think that Blake is who she ends up with and I think he is great and would be so sad for him if they didn’t. Sorry for being long winded 🙈

    6. I felt like I kinda lost respect for her after seeing her reaction by leaving the room. Ali makes a great point though, who knows why she left. I just felt like once she did return her response was very forced when she said she respected him. I felt in that moment he was too good for her. I hope he finds someone who appreciates him and the fact that he is saving himself for that special lady. I don’t he’ll have a problem in that department, he seems like the whole package.

    7. Becca actually tweeted that she had gotten up to use the restroom during their conversation and that’s how they chose to edit the ‘reveal’

    8. I respect anyone who saves their virginity. Hollywood went bonkers over Sean Lowe’s virginity. They mocked him! Good for Sean to have some morals and convictions, and stick to them! So I have to disagree with Ali about Hollywood in general. (Especially the media and movie stars) Hollywood is primarily made up of liberals and Becca is no exception to that. I suspect editing was done after Coltin professed his virginity. Becca is an alleged Christian so why on earth would she be troubled by a man who is being obedient to God and His Word? I highly doubt it.

  2. I was a little confused and disappointed at Becca’s response to Colton’s news.. thinking maybe the producers made her do it, for the drama perhaps? Either way, it didn’t look good. My husband and I were so confused. I would have been like, good for you! And TOTALLY applauded him for it. I do agree with you about the way Garrett speaks of his ex wife; not a good look to constantly throw her under the bus. I’d be so curious her thoughts on what he’s been saying! If she was so bad, why’d he marry her?! Blake definitely looks like the front-runner, but I feel like that means he won’t be the last man standing, although they are super cute together. I like Jason, but I feel they’re not as far along as the rest. Love your adorable family Ali! : )

    1. I bet you are right about Blake. Because he looks like the front-runner that probably means he is being set up as the next Bachelor. Yay!

      1. I’m so not on the Blake bandwagon like a lot of others. He really seemed whiny last night. I like Garret but not his remarks about the ex but I love Colton!!! And then there’s Leo❤️❤️❤️ He’s so cool but he wasn’t for Becca. Like when he said something about the other guys could give her nice houses…but not him. Interesting.

      2. I thought it was soooooo awkward when Blake and Garrett discussed how important sex is in this process…like, if we make it to the fantasy suite, she’s going to sleep with all three of us. I have watched The Bachelor from the first season (when I was a 22 year old virgin myself!) and was sooo naive…I had no clue they actually had sex in the fantasy suite!

  3. As someone who is married to a man who has an ex-wife, I think you need to cut Garrett some slack. First, the show is edited so they are probably showing the portions when he talks about what the ex-wife did wrong. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t talked about how their relationship as a whole failed. And I think he references their issues to talk about how he has grown from them. I don’t feel like he throws her under the bus. She was hot-headed, so what? She probably was and it didn’t work for them. Would he also look bad if he told her he was cheated on but the ex isn’t there to defend herself? I just think you seem to not give him any credit and he seems like just as nice of a guy as Blake. Nobody anticipates getting divorced and can’t say how they’d react to questions about it on national TV until they’re in that position. Give the poor guy a break.

    1. I think what Ali was trying to say is that when you once loved a person and wanted to spend the rest of your life with that person its just not a good look to talk bad about them… especially on national TV. And he knows that there are cameras around. There are always two people in a relationship and its always tragic when it ends. Her not being there to defend herself but it being shown to millions of viewers is not fair. And I very much agree with Ali… Its a very attractive quality in a person when they find the strength to not talk bad about their former spouse, it being on national TV or not.

    2. I completely agree with you on this statement. I really like Garrett for Becca. They do seem to compliment each other perfectly. I also love how he ended the date saying he’s not looking at Becca as a girlfriend, he’s looking at her for a wife. He’s for sure got some insecurities about a future relationship, but don’t we all?

        1. I think she will pick Garrett in the end. She gets very excited when she is with him plus he got the first impression . As far as asking all about his ex….that really is none of Becca’s business. Past relationships are past relationships If both want/need to talk about them, then fine. Do it in private. But it really was not called for nor should it have taken up so much air time.

          1. I think that even though it was important for Becca to know Garret’s past or what led him here, there’s a point where the past is the past and Becca didn’t seem bothered about Garret saying negative things about his ex-wife so why should we? Garret seemed like he was being honest best he could. He’s my top pic! He seems so family oriented and confident to take that step. Becca got choked up whenever she was talking to the camera about Garret I think that shows a lot.

    3. There is so much I agree with you on here! I divorced my first husband due to abuse. Although I wouldn’t go on bad-mouthing him there is such a thing as facts and should be discussed openly upon entering a new relationship. I think Ali was unfair in saying that she and her husband would never do that…well, how about this; you really don’t know how either of you would react in a situation like this. You don’t know all of the questions asked to prompt the conversation we heard. Garrett said she was emotionally abusive and that really takes a toll on a person. I thought he was just stating facts and who knows what was really said that was edited.

      I love Garrett for Becca! I hope they end up together.

    4. I agree, give Garrett some slack. It takes two to break up a marriage. Garrett admitted he got married too young.

    5. I completely agree. I am my husband’s second wife, and (not having met her) she seems like an awful person. My husband doesn’t have much if anything good to say about her either, but he does say he hopes she is happy. The edits could be cutting that out. My husband even watches the show with me, and he has said everytime Garrett talked about his ex he feels they went through the exact same situation. I have to give Garrett credit because he is so positive after going through that situation. It took me a while to get past my husbands pessimism and cynicism about relationships when we first started dating. It’s still something we struggle with and have to overcome. #teamgarrett

  4. I was thinking the same thing about the season flying by!! Becca confused me last night for most of the night lol… I’m really kinda ready for this season to be over, its not as good as I thought it was going to be, but its better than the last Bachelor for sure (which seemed to last forever haha) I hope she ends up with Blake!

  5. I’m thinking she will end up with either Garrett or Blake, but I’m hoping whichever one she doesn’t choose or Colton will be the next bachelor. I’m interested to see what Tia wants to talk to her about in the next episode!!

    1. I’ve noticed on most seasons, that #2 or #3 are usually chosen as the next Bachelor/Bachelorette.

  6. I totally understand why Becca needed a moment alone to think about Colton being a virgin. She is so obviously a physical person and probably has a healthy and natural sexual appetite. To be with a man that hasn’t yet had sex would be really off-putting to me. I think she wants a man who is her equal or more so in every aspect of life. Not a boy who has yet to learn. I do like Colton, but I wouldn’t have given him a rose.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting and starting a conversation! Really. But I have to disagreed Kitty. Just because I think that is a double standard. Who you feel the same if the tables were turned? If the Bachelor wanted a girl that was more experienced in bed? A “girl who has yet to learn” I don’t think you would. We would call him a pig! Curious if you agree.

      It just seems like being a virgin is socially desirable for a woman to be but not for a man and that feels very unfair to me.

      1. I totally agree with you, Ali! I think there is a double standard for male and female virginity. It’s almost expected for young guys to have sex in high school. But high school girls are supposed to virtuous and abstain. It sounds like a lot of people are aware of these standards and might be working to change them. However, I don’t think that time has come just yet. A virgin woman is seen as a prize in some cultures! Like you said if it was the bachelor looking for an experienced woman we’d all call him out! And the more experienced woman might be shamed as well!

        1. If everyone just saved theirselves for marriage, you know, had morals and values still…the dating world would be a better place! I was disgusted with how Becca handled it! I’d choose virgin over experienced any day!

          1. Oh please. People can choose whenever they want to have sex. It’s their body. People are getting married later because of careers and higher ed.

          2. I agree with you Becky. In my culture (Asian), it’s a goal to stay virgin (male or female) before getting married. So, Becca’s reaction to Colton was a bit of a disappointment to me and my hubby.
            We though about Tim Tebow when Colton revealed his secret, and it’s not a bad thing to remain that way. It’s a personal choice as well as spiritual (when someone follows Chirst like faith).

      2. Hmmm…I definitely see everyone’s point of view. I can’t say how I would handle this if the roles were reversed. I can only speak from my perspective, and I would be turned off by a virgin. I don’t think of sexuality in terms of morals, values or gender roles.

      3. Definitely a double standard!!

        Also note that one of the top reasons applicants don’t make it on to the show is because they test positive for STD/Herpes. So Yay for virgins!! My husband and I waited until we married-best choice ever.

      4. I would disagree Alli. I think it’s ok for a man to want the woman to be more experienced and if he were to say it in respectful way without judgement, I wouldn’t call him a pig. It would be a double standard if me. Expected women to be virgins and then told them he couldn’t be with them if they weren’t a virgin. To me, that would be a pig. What’s important at the end of the day is to be respectful of others’ choices, whether that be to abstain or not, even if those choices are not aligned to our own values. If someone has different values than us and is able to articulate those boundaries respectfully, it doesn’t make them a pig.

      5. I was not a virgin when I met my husband and he was! I can understand it being a lot to digest when you see this beautiful man who has abstained but, with that being said, I completely understood his stance and I appreciated he waited.

        1. My husband and I were in the same position. He was a virgin and I was not. I was shocked to be honest bc he is so handsome. It wouldn’t have changed my mind about him either way, but I feel so blessed that I am his only and just wish I could have given him the same. So I was surprised by Beccas reaction as well. My thought was that she didn’t believe him and that he may be saying this to get an edge up on being the next Bachelor.

      6. I think what I find interesting is why either the bachelors or bachelorettes feel the need to confess their sexual experience so early on in the relationship,.especially on national TV!!,…..I feel like its something that should be confided to your partner in private when you are closer emotionally and physically.

      7. Ali, I think you are right about the double standards with virginity. My husband told me that I was, “the marrying type.” I am virtuous and conservative. I don’t judge others it’s just been my personal convictions. I had a very conservative virtuous mom as a role model. I always respected my mom.

        I don’t respect men who are players and never would date them.

        I have two son’s. I’m not thrilled with the way women dress these days. Men are visual creatures. Our oldest lives in Chicago. He says there aren’t many nice type girls that he’s met. He lives in a very nice part of Chicago. Two blocks from the Gold Coast. He’s lives in the River North area.

        Women who dress scantily are not respected by all men. That’s a serious problem. Some guys see them for one thing only. I wish all women would have more self-respect. Instead of flaunting their half naked bodies, be a woman of integrity and moral character. Most guys really want to marry those types of women.

    2. There absolutely is a double standard, and I for one, think it is admirable for anyone, male or female, to wait until the time and person is right, and not simply have sex to have sex. It’s supposed to be about love, not just something physical. I think it’s disgusting that he should be judged wrongly or people think he is ‘strange’ because he is a virgin. Where in the world are our morals these days? I mean, this is what we teach our kids, right? I admire him for it and see him as an all around VERY decent guy because of it. I’m very disappointed in Becca for her reaction, but it shows me a different side of her I didn’t see before and I don’t like it. I’m glad she still gave him a rose, but I’m unclear why this ‘gave her something to think about.’ He’s still the same guy, for gosh sakes, a decent respectable one. And this should make no difference whatsoever.

  7. I was disappointed when she walked away from Colton. It made her look judgemental in a way, which I know she isn’t. I believe that was the producers trying to make it “dramatic”. Either way, I don’t see much between them. I absolutely love Blake! He is a sweetheart and I hope they end up together. The fact that she wanted to tell him she’s in love with him says a lot. I’ve been all for Garrett until this episode, something set me off a little. I dunno exactly what it was. Ok.. Is it just me or does Wills always look high???! Hah! And he mumbles way too much. I’m glad he’s gone. Jason is a cutie and I’m excited to see their hometown because I live in Rochester which is right near Buffalo!

    1. Same! I agree with all of that. I don’t think Jason will be the one by any means, but it’s cool to see people from much closer to home than the big popular cities that seem cliche to hear and watch about all the time! I went to college in Buffalo. Rooting for Blake in the end!

    1. Ha! That is a very strange time to do that. Unless it was edited to seem like she got up right after he told her. Which could totally be the case!

      1. Even if she did go to the bathroom, her face showed that she wasn’t pleased by what he told her. I was very disappointed in the way she handled that situation. She has a cross tattooed on her hand too.. seems odd to me that she wouldn’t applaud him for staying pure and that she was glad he didn’t say he was waiting until marriage. I think it’s sad too that she said he hasn’t lived much of his life since he hasn’t had sex… I think that was a rude thing to say.
        On another note…
        What do y’all think about Wills for the next bachelor?

        1. I agree with you 100%! I don’t think sleeping with a lot of people equates to having led a full life! I’m sure part of her thinking that is him saying he hasn’t had a lot of serious relationships, but he has also lived a lot more life than many people at his age because of his career! I also think you can totally tell if you have chemistry with someone without sleeping with them. Becca even says she has a lot of chemistry with Colton!

        2. Yes her reaction to Colton was strange but I think a bigger reaction was hers to Blake. Here he tells her about a MAJOR family drama situation from his childhood and she sat stone faced. Can’t remember what she said when she finally spoke but I know for sure it was not an – I’m sorry you had to go through that- or anything close. It did not sit well with me at all.

          1. Becca is just sooo bummed that she doesn’t get to sleep with Colton now! She knew she’d never end up with him but was so attracted to him that she definitely wanted to enjoy time with him in the fantasy suite. Now she can’t… she can’t sleep with a virgin then dump him! If she was going to end up with him in the end, his virginity would be fine. She’d probably be thrilled! But she knows that deep down he isn’t the best fit for her…he is just gorgeous. I would loove for him to be the next bachelor!

  8. So confused!!! On a happier note, I LOVE a dork! Especially a dork who seems like a cool guy. My husband was/is that way so Colton plugging his nose reminded me of that and now I have such a soft spot!

  9. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Jason is my top pick for Becca. Knowing this process unravels quickly shouldn’t make them feel too set back for feeling a lasting connection in the end. He is just so positive and goofy with a great head on his shoulders like her, I can totally see them being each other’s other half.
    Blake seems like he would need reassurance in a relationship even beyond the tough situation he’s in now. I agree with Ali that her connection with Colton is more physical than any other aspect which I think will eventually feel forced to her in justifying him as a life partner. Then Garrett is my 2nd pick because of their well rounded connection, but I’ve heard about the public apology he made after the show for some statements he made on social media and that’s such a downer. Whether he really feels a certain way or not, your presence on social media is no joke and should be taken far more seriously than making statements you don’t actually stand behind or if you do, it alienates people from your character.
    Kinda rambly, but that’s what I see after this last episode!

    1. Jason is my pick for her too, he’s so sweet and genuine. Unfortunately I think she feels stronger about the other guys, so if she doesn’t pick Jason I hope he’s the next bachelor! Blake is a good guy but is it just me, or does he kind of mumble? Or maybe his voice is just raspy? I can’t figure it out! Lol! He would be a good pick for the next bachelor too if she doesn’t pick him!

      1. I’ve noticed something about his voice as well! He starts each sentence in a normal voice and then along the sentence his voice gets more and more raspy and the last words of each sentence sound kinda creepy to me. Once i heard, i cannot unhear it anymore! lol!

    2. I agree with you on the pts. you made, Shannon. Jason is my favorite guy, too. He is kind, smart, stable and fun. I loved what his friends said about him in last week’s episode. From what we’ve seen, their relationship hasn’t progressed as far as her’s w/ Blake and Garrett. They are attracted to one another but other than his very touching story regarding watching his father w/his own mother who is suffering w/Alzheimers, we haven’t heard much in depth conversations. Colton is so sweet and gorgeous and well spoken and he and Becca have super chemistry, but his inexperience w/serious relationships bothers her, I think. I’m not talking about his lack of sexuall experience. Blake is her safe guy for so many obvious reasons, but his family dynamics look like they may give her pause, watching the previews. Garrett does not come across as being bright or deep enough for Becca. I know they have fun together and chemistry now, but I think she’d grow bored with him. He is a pleaser w/out spunk and adventure in his bones. He may be smart, but his slow, gentle speech is off-putting to me.

      1. I agree 100% that she would grow bored of Garrett. She likes to be challenged and he seems to lack depth.

  10. Becca tweeted that she only got up to use the restroom during her date w/Colton, so that was some “editing magic” and made it look like she was really off-put by the news that he is a virgin! I do not see a ton of chemistry between her and Colton. Completely agree w/your comments about Garrett-between his Instagram history and ex-wife comments I am not the biggest fan-although they do seem to have a spark between them. Blake is a sweetheart and I do hope she ends up picking him in the end!

    1. Central Time here, so I was viewing “live” so to speak. Unlike other news breaks, the Supreme Court break didn’t play over the show, they basically paused the broadcast and then picked right back up where they left off once the news break ended (at least here in CST). If you were watching on DVR, then you would have missed the ending since they didn’t extend the time slot, they just ran over the typical 9 PM end.

      I started watching the DVR’d episode about 45 minutes after it started so I could scan through the commercials / boring dinner conversations. Luckily I had caught up by the time the news break was ending, because my DVR stopped recording at 9 PM so I would have missed the ending too!

      It’s definitely available On Demand if you did want to catch the last 20 mins!

  11. I was bummed by Becca’s reaction. I love her and have mostly agreed with her decisions until now. I think Colton being a virgin is a good thing!!!! It’s rare these days. I personally like someone who hasn’t been all over town. Ha! Those qualities in a man are something to be noticed and celebrated. It means he doesn’t take it lightly. He said it was “a heart thing” not “a marriage thing”. Ali you are right! There’s definitely a double standard here. Colton is a good guy. I’d be happy if she chooses him, Blake or Garrett. Just curious what Tia has to say next episode! 😳

  12. Do you think she cut Wills instead of Jason because she couldn’t reciprocate Wills’ feelings? She said she wanted to be on the same page, which means she probably was sure Wills wasn’t the one and didn’t want to lead him on. Whereas with Jason, she may not be sure, but neither is he, so he’s less likely to get hurt. That’s how it played out in my head, anyway.

    1. Mary Beth, that was my thought too! I think she knew how strong Wills felt, and keeping him one more week would hurt him more. Whereas her and Jason aren’t as strong and it would be easier to send him home as they are both not as connected (if that’s the right word).

    2. Mary Beth, I completely agree! Becca and Jason seemed so connected on their one on one date though and I don’t think it’s a bad thing to say he feels so strongly but didn’t say “love.” I think there is this pressure to say “I love you” especially when the other guys are, but when he does say it, it would mean more if that makes sense. Some relationships just need a little more time to build. I totally see her and Jason together but I don’t think she will pick him. I really like Blake but I think she will pick Garrett. Something is off putting to me about him. After seeing the wedding video of him and his ex-wife…it makes it seem like they are so in love and then they divorced after only 2 months. He said last night that he was young but wasn’t it only a few months before filming? I don’t know if anyone caught it, but Becca did say she feels most strongly for Blake! We will see what happens!

  13. My husband and I were both virgins until we got married and I praise the Lord for it! (We’ve been married 6 years and known each other for 8 years). Its been a blessing in every sense because we can’t compare to another person and because you both are just learning together. It truly is the best situation and one that God calls Christians to. It saves so much heartache. Sex is more than just for pleasure; it is to bring unity and oneness. When you give yourself to more than just one person you’re missing out on what God intended and the joys that come from being obedient to His design.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Hannah! I’m so saddened by people’s response to Colton being a virgin. Why is this such a shocker nowadays?! People who say a physical connection is so important (aka you have to have sex before marriage) clearly don’t understand the beauty of what sex is truly designed to be. It’s a shame that our world today doesn’t understand just how amazing sex is supposed to be. That’s why you first build up the strong foundation and THEN you become one flesh with your beloved. It’s how it was supposed to be…not because sex is wrong or dirty, but because it’s SO AMAZING! I don’t think Colton is a virgin for this reason, but I still applaud his decision and pray that he will wait for his beloved bride.

      1. Love, love, love your comment! It is sad. But this is the world in which we live and we can’t expect our views to be the popular one. Grateful though that the Lord preserved mine and my husband’s virginity and I applaud anyone who has done likewise. It isn’t easy, but the wait is always worth it. Christian or not! It’s God’s design.

        1. I agree sex is a VERY special gift and should be shared with someone special to your heart. My only thought on the whole “wait till marriage thing” is what if you never end up getting married, for what ever reason, are you then supposed to go sex free your entire life?

    2. So glad to read this comment! I’m surprised that Becca wouldn’t think of what the Bible says regarding marriage and sex considering she has a cross on her hand and her Uncle is a pastor…

      1. It’s popular to be a “Christian” these days, but the way is narrow! True repentance is a full turning away from one’s sins and following Christ at all cost. It takes the Lord to change your heart and open your eyes to see the weight of your own depravity.

  14. Who the heck cares if he is a virgin! Good for him for keeping himself until he find his “Mrs Right” !!! He is a bit of a dork but seems completely genuine in his values. That’s what should matter NOT the fact that he has very little experience! I felt it very rude that she got up and walked away…if it was planned by the producers that’s sad. These are people’s lives they are dealing with! I like Becca but I feel like she’s playing games at times and says “I’m not gonna lie” A LOT😂

  15. I was disappointed in Becca’s reaction to Colton too. I think it was unfair to him, and I’m sure he was a little confused by her walking away for a bit too.

    You’d think that Becca would be at least a little happy (or relieved) about his virginity considering he used to play in the NFL, and could’ve slept around with dozens of women if he really wanted to!

  16. I was shocked when Becca left the room when Colton told her he was a virgin. Again we don’t know what happened behind the seems. Also when they showed previews for next week and showed Tia wanting to talk to Becca, what is it Tias going to tell her, it has to be about Colton….did Tia leave out information about her and Colton when they talked before….the reactions from Bella and Kendall told it all…. I think Becca will end up with Garrett. I just think their chemistry is better, I could be wrong. But I want to say Becca can’t go wrong with any of the guys left. Becca is the only one who knows whose right for her…..

  17. I thought Becca’s reaction to Coulton was weird but I know the show manipulates situations.
    I love Blake. He seems so sweet and sincere. I just do not think she will end up with him.
    From the beginning, it just seems like Garrett. For some reason, I do not feel that he is completely genuine. Maybe it is his comments about his ex but also the fact that he was married for around 2 months. There is a red flag there but I believe Becca is most into him.

    Good luck with your new addition – Riley. You havc a lovely family.

  18. Garrett has been my number one pick since the first night. Colton has been my number 2 guy. I think the way she looks at Garret and gushes over him I see in her eyes she is really in love with him. I hope 🤞 I am right. I do have to say Colton is such an amazing guy. Don’t o my w if any of you watch Cat&Nat but he went live with th last night on Instagram and was so nice. They invited him to come to one ☝️ f their live shows and he said yes. He got up from dinner with his family because his s brother is getting married. And joined them for about 2-3 min. I thought that was so nice.
    But I think Becca has s in love with Garrett and that’s who will end up engaged to her.

  19. I also was disappointed how Colton’s virginity was displayed. I really hope the producers made Becca leave and that is why we didn’t see her give an explanation on why she left.
    I can’t remember which guy said it that they need to know what they are getting with the physical chemistry before they get engaged or married. You can have physical chemistry and not have sex.

    I do have a lot of respect for Colton and how he said he isn’t necessarily waiting for marriage (which is totally fine to do!) but waiting for the right heart.

    I am though concerned about what Tia has to say next week though

  20. I love Colton! I think he is genuine, honest (right from the start) and just a breath of (gorgeous) fresh air.

  21. Totally agree! Was hoping that Colton’s date was just edited to make it look like Becca got up from the table without completely finishing their conversation about Colton being a virgin. Becca has been vocal about her faith and also has a cross tattooed on her hand, so it would be odd to me if she was not completely accepting of that fact. Even if she isn’t a virgin herself.

    Was also so sad to see Leo go! But you could tell they just weren’t right together. I hope he’s on Paradise too and finds someone. He’s adorable.

  22. Yeah it bugged me how her face dropped while he was opening up to her about his virginity. She looked very disappointed and I felt so bad for the guy. It must have been soo difficult to open up about it and it felt awkward watching her reactions. I did read she had to get up to use the restroom but then it would show her standing by the pool so i don’t know what to make of that haha Also I completely agree about that double standard! If it were reversed Colton would have been labeled “Player” “A pig” etc.. I just wanted to reach out and hug the poor guy! I think it’s so awesome!

  23. I’m interested to see how it all plays out. Is he really a virgin? Has he done everything but?… I was a full blown Colton fan in the beginning then that started to fade especially after the whole Tia mess. And now next week there looks to be more but that could be clever editing to get you to watch. I don’t know. We will see.

    I do feel like Becca’s “reaction” when she got up had nothing to do with Colton and his virginity. I’m 99% positive that was clever editing. Becca just doesn’t seem like the type to let that bother her.

    Can I just say that I’m noticing more and more tricks on these shows. I mean they put the guy that’s a virgin on the date where they are talking about conch the entire time on their date and even eating an aphrodisiac then only to have him declare later that he’s a virgin…. That was all the producers right there. I understand it makes for good tv but it’s becoming more unreal for me.

  24. Why is it so hard to see Becca passionate with all of them! Reminds me of Arie! I understand she’s trying to figure things out, and physical chemistry is good, but so many in such a short time is not natural! Is it? This show of course is so unnatural, and I’m sure that’s why it’s so hard to stay together. I just wish she could spend a week or two with each of the final four. Be around each other’s families, and get a real picture of each other’s lives together. Tia will,settle her mind on one of them! She’s got a secret

  25. I’m totally rooting for Jason, he is from my hometown in Buffalo, NY and I think they are so cute together!!

  26. I also wasn’t totally thrilled with her reaction, and I definitely agree that there is a double standard there! When I started dating my husband I was 18 and he was almost 22 and had been in a 4 year relationship before being with me, so I definitely had just been under the assumption that he wasn’t a virgin and that there would be a point where he would expect us to have sex. I remember being nervous about all of it because I wanted to wait until marriage to have sex and didn’t want that to be a turn off to him. I finally asked him straight up (thanks to liquid courage) if he was a virgin and was shocked when he said yes. I didn’t even believe him. I just thought that by his age all guys pretty much had sex, even though I was a virgin and I never thought that way about other girls either. Idk just super interesting the way culture has conditioned those assumptions when it comes to gender and virginity.

  27. While I agree with you about how Garrett is talking about his ex, I also want to give him the benefit of the doubt. His experience could have been absolutely awful and that’s what he is sharing with potential future wife. I’m not so sure I would sugar coat things about my past if I was wronged and hurt and emotionally abused. Especially if I worked hard to overcome that type of abuse and was again dating a potential spouse. He kinda has to lay it all out on the line there. But I definitely see you point. It doesnt make him look very good on TV, but it’s also kinda hard to be truthful about a situation like that by using euphemisms. Just my opinion. and my experience with a similar type of situation. 🙂 I just think Garrett gets a lot of flack for not being a perfect person. Who knows though… he could turn out to be a total jerk, but time will tell lol!

  28. Some friends and I were just having a conversation about how it is more acceptable for men to have lots of sexual partners but if it is a women she is called names…..much like Colton (Good for him btw) being a virgin and people are negative about it but if it were a girl it would be more of a way to go attitude. Double standards at the finest.

  29. What really bothered me about what Garrett said was when he referred to his ex as “acting out” when she got angry with him. I think this is kind of sexist- women are so often described as overly emotional or crazy when they just express emotions that aren’t positive. Obviously we don’t know everything that happened in that relationship, but he seems to be taking none of the blame for things going wrong.

  30. NOT A FAN OF GARRETT!! For the reason you listed, but also because I don’t trust him. I think he’s being elusive and lying through his teeth. Hoping hoping hoping she chooses Blake.

    Bad timing if the producers had her all away at the moment Colton shared his big news. I would have liked to see her answer him first.

    And Ali your right….time flies by!!! I tell my sister in law with little ones…The days are long but the years are fast. Soak it all up!!!

    Btw…Molly’s party was adorable!!!

  31. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Garrett speaking about his ex. If roles were reversed and a female was explaining a past, verbally abusive relationship we’d be praising her. Beetchez can be crazy.

    I love her remaining 4 and cannot for the life of me choose a favorite!!!

  32. I think she will end up with Garrett but I would love her to end up with Blake. I am totally with you on the way Garrett talks about his ex. I’m sure some of the stuff he says is true but it’s never just one persons fault. I’ve been divorced and I would never talk about my ex is such a negative way.

  33. Wow! I am so shocked by Becca and it actually made me take a step back from really liking her. Colton is a very good looking man and I can imagine being good looking and a football player he had many opportunities to be with women. The fact that he held off for someone he was in love with is admirable. I’m super disappointed in Becca for walking away after that conversation (even if she was told to by producers). How else would Colton be left to feel? Sitting all alone after that conversation doesn’t show them as being a “team”. You don’t walk away in tough moments you stick it out.

  34. I actually thought maybe she got up and seemed so upset because she possibly thought he was too good for her. Maybe she thought he should be with a virgin, and she started questioning if she was right for him, or if perhaps now he was too wholesome and better than her.

  35. I agree with everything in this post! Except that Colton wasn’t holding his nose he was clearing the pressure so his ear drums didn’t explode that far under water lol!! 🙂

  36. I feel that Becca will choose Garrett or Blake, and that makes me really happy! I have small critiques of both, no ones perfect, but overall they both seem to be goofy, optimistic, honest men with sincere and caring hearts. There have been many seasons of this show where I’m stressed about who they’ll pick, and if it gets down to Garrett and Blake it’ll be a win-win to me, because I truly can see her finding genuine love and joy with either one!

  37. I’m a little behind & currently watching the scene. Frankly, I am PISSED & embarrassed for her walking out after he told her that it was difficult to talk about. I don’t care if producers asked her to walk out or not, it was rude. Call me a crazy Sutherner, but come on. I would have flatly refused to walk out after such a personal convo. Her reaction in general was just flat & he deserved better.

  38. About Garrett and his ex comments … Ali, that is what everyone thinks before they get divorced. Would any of us knowingly marry a “bad guy” who would “talk sh*t” about us after we divorced? No, of course not. But most divorces produce a lot of emotion — anger, sadness, bitterness, hurt. And that emotion remains intense for years after. Only now (10 yrs later) can I talk about my ex with total calm. And he would probably say the same. We aren’t bad people, but it takes a long time to truly see your own part in it. Garrett probably isn’t there yet and won’t be for a while…

  39. I don’t think her reaction was strange at all! It’s hard to know why she reacted the way she did but I think people are judging her too harshly. If I was in her shoes I’d have to take a moment to process something like that mostly bc it’s kind of an unexpected thing to share when your a hunky football player who’s been making out with you for weeks and let’s not forget the Tia drama. Maybe she needed a minute to digest this because he hasn’t exactly been straight forward about everything since day one, and she’s wondering if she can trust him? Good for her for taking care of herself. Virginity is not a prize it’s not something to be proud of or to put on a pedestal. It just is.

  40. Hi Ali!

    I was a virgin when I got married at 29 and it was something that was special and important to me because of my faith. My husband was a virgin as well. We supported each other’s decision from day one and, something that may be shocking to the world, we are both normal human beings and have a healthy marriage. If I was in Colton’s shoes I would’ve felt out put off by Becca’s reaction.

    Also, I do think there’s a double standard. In a world that wants acceptance for all, it seems like staying a virgin until marriage is seen as something negative more often than not.

  41. I’ve been married for 5 years and I was a virgin until marriage. The chemistry was there and me being a virgin didn’t and hasn’t hurt our marriage. However, I think they made her reaction look that way. I also think she’s in a much different position than my husband and I were in when we dated. I don’t think it’s an issue but I also don’t think he’s the one for her!

  42. Always agree with your posts!!

    I think he plugged his nose to pop his ears though not to be a dork 🙂

  43. Ali, I’m honestly curious – if this was The Bachelor and a divorced woman opened up about her past and mentioned that her ex-husband had a temper….would you think less of her and write that she shouldn’t speak badly about her ex? (It seems like it’s okay for women to share unflattering comments about their exes, but not okay for men…it just seems like another double standard)

    Sidenote – those conch shells were pretty deep in the water, which means there could be some pressure in your ears as you descend. Colton might have been trying to pop his ears when he was squeezing his nose (it’s a technique you learn in scuba diving!) 🙂 💛

  44. I like Blake and Jason but Blake for sure now Colton is confusing I wonder what tia is gonna tell her next week maybe something about Colton.

  45. I totally love Leo & I hope he’s on Bachelor in Paradise as well. I’m also a sucker for a hottie with a man bun. My two favorite guys are Jason & Blake. I agree with you about Garrett, plus if you’re talking about an ex the way he is then you’re not really over the relationship. He may be over his ex, but he clearly has unresolved feelings about her. I’ve also heard that he’s made racist & misogynistic comments on social media. It just seems like Garrett has some growing up to do.

    Becca has such a short amount of time with these men I can understand her concerns about Colton being a virgin. Overnights are next and while that might not always mean sex, it’s a big thing to take from someone you’re not sure about a future with.

    I’m totally rooting for Wills to be our next Bachelor! I absolutely LOVE him & I think he’s make a great Bachelor!

  46. Dear Ali, loved to read your post! I agree with you about Colton, and wanted to add that Becca’s reaction to his virginity showed more clearly that he is not her person, that they are not compatible, and it doesn’t really matter if she approves of that or not.. I also didn’t like the way Garrett talked about his ex wife, and it felt like he polarizes the good and the bad aspects of people and relationships. Blake showed the most emotion towards Becca (and it was mutual) so I am rooting for him 🙂

  47. I thought Becca’s reaction was odd too. I took her reaction a little differently though. It seemed like she didn’t believe him and thought he was lying. I thought she had excused herself to call Tia and confirm, or talk to producers about her thoughts on him lying. I have no idea what Tia will bring up to her but I wonder if it has to do with his virginity..?

  48. I think there is SUCH a double standard when it come to make vs female virginity! It’s such a negative for guys-they are perceived as inexperienced and unworldly and less ready for marriage if they choose to save themselves. If you sleep with lots of girls, you must be “good in bed” and are congratulated for your prowess! But women? If you are a virgin, it’s like some coveted prize, andbif you sleep with lots of guys you are “slutty” and “easy” and less desirable. I think you should either value it in both sexes, or say that both sexed are free to do as they wish without public shame because of gender! I’m personally on team virgin for both sexes-I do think Hollywood and the media in general portray virginity in a generally negative light! #poorcolton

  49. Did anyone else notice that when Colton told her about him being a virgin she was smirking? That was what bothered me she had this look on her face like she was going to start laughing! I felt she was being a bit condescending in her facial expressions, and to me facial expressions say a lot. I’m glad she came around she gave him a rose but it did seem forced and it did seem like she was obsessing over his looks and not who is is as a person. He seems great. So far I have loved Becca but that moment did make me lose a little respect for her. But who knows, I still like her I’m just not thinking shes this perfect person anymore. But no one is perfect. I love all the guys and honestly was so sad about Wills leaving, he is so sweet and he handled himself so well, I think he should be the next bachelor!

    1. Becca is not a perfect person at all. None of us are. We are all inherently sinful. What disgusts me about Becca is her cross on her hand but yet she doesn’t live out her faith by being disobedient to God by fornicating. She hurts the gospel by her disobedience to Romans 13:1-7. She flipped her middle finger at a picture of our president. She refers to the sacred convenet of marriage as, “Lets do the Damn Thing!” She has no faith in God’s sovereign plan. And is not subject to those God has placed in authority over us. Maybe Becca is lukewarm at best. But I don’t like her lack of character. She hurts the gospel of Jesus Christ. 😢

  50. Maybe it was the editing, but I am totally creeped out by Blake now. He was one of my favorites too!! He just seemed to be a little unstable and saying the cheesiest lines to reel her in. Just my two cents on Blake!

  51. Hi!

    I LOVEd reading your post this week. I think that I want Blake or Garrett to win, and probably Garrett more. I think you are right that he probably should speak better of his ex, but maybe he has and we are only seeing an edit of the few negative things he said about her. Maybe that’s too optimistic but either way I think I have liked Garrett from night one and I hope he makes it. I also hope that Blake will then be the bachelor!

  52. The Garrett situation: I don’t think it’s bad at all what he is saying about his ex. It’s not as if he is just going around saying bad stuff about her to everyone (that’s what it would be if he were really bashing her). What he is actually doing is explaining to the person he is trying to build a relationship with the reason his previous marriage ended. Is he supposed to lie and just say “oh it didn’t work out”? And Becca has asked for honesty this whole time… I totally see him feeling like he needs to be honest with her about his feelings on the previous relationship cause if he is just vague then she might have even more doubts. If his ex really was emotionally abusive to him and it affected him that way, why shouldn’t he expresses that to Becca? And like you said, he could have said A LOT more about that relationship and it was edited out of the show. If I were Becca, I wouldn’t be bothered by him saying what he did about his ex… I would want to know how he really felt about it and how it affects him going forward.

  53. I disagree with your comment re: Garrett talking about his ex-wife. The behavior he describes is abusive, so as a victim of abuse he has every right to tell his story without his ex-wife’s consent. If a person had been physically abused by their spouse, and then that victim of abuse had gone on television and talked about it, no one would be saying, “Oh, that poor wife beater. How dare she bash his character like that.”

  54. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a guy being a virgin. With that said – I don’t believe Colton. I say this not because he’s good looking but because of his personality and the way he has dated his way through “famous” people. I don’t think she picks him. I have loved Garrett for her since night one. I hope she picks him.

  55. I picked Blake from the start. Can’t wait to see next week with hometown visits. Agree with you on Garrett. Feeling like only being married 2 months is really concerning. Especially if you are dating and engaged for any length of time. I don’t feel like he is a good fit for her.

  56. Why does Colton saying he’s a virgin explain everything? He has obviously made out with girls before and has been in relationships so assuming that what makes him awkward is being a virgin is pretty rude and unfair. Yes he may be an awkward person in general but I highly doubt that had to do with him being a virgin. I can hardly say Sean Lowe was awkward on his season and he was also a virgin.

  57. I would love to see Leo as the next bachelor ? there are some very emotionally destructive women out there and I think Garrett’s kind personality did not recognize how different he was from his ex.

  58. I honestly find Garrett and Becca to have such a beautiful connection. The most obvious one to me, at this point! And it makes me sad that I feel like you’re missing out on that, Ali! Every recap seems to nitpick something about Garrett that you don’t like – and he’s SO likeable! I’m so confused. Blake comes across super cheesy to me. He sounds like he’s quoting romantic films when he talks to her. But then you have Garrett who seems to really not be caught up in this whole “being on television” thing – and sure, probably says more than he should at times – but is at least HONEST with her. I don’t know. I was hoping you wouldn’t let the whole Instagram debacle influence your opinion of him, but i’m getting the vibe that it has.

  59. Let me just say that you’re one of my fave Bachelorettes, Ali!! ❤️
    I love that your recaps are always so respectful and you draw from your own experiences as a former Bachelorette. I also read and listen to the Betches recaps and podcasts and I thought it was strange that in their podcast they joked (or perhaps they were serious) that Colton might be gay because he was blaming his career on not having time to date… its been bothersome to read/listen at how many people think him being a virgin is such a terrible thing. I don’t get it… I think that’s so wonderful that he’s maintained true to himself to save himself for love. It was disappointing to see Becca’s reaction to that and I understand being intimate is a huge part of a relationship but her response hurt me so I can only imagine it might have felt pretty terrible for Colton. I’m so Team Colton and Team Blake. They’re adorkable!

  60. I really like Colton, but not for Becca, I also don’t like Garrett talking about his wife like that on national television, something about him doesn’t seem right! I am team Blake, seems like such a real person, genuine, loyal and I love them together.

  61. Each man had a “dramatic” story to tell Becca and her viewers on the last date before hometowns. Isn’t that standard issue Bachelor/Bachelorette protocol? Two of them shared about women in their lives. Garrett discussed his ex-wife unfavorably, it was his reality and reason for divorcing. Blake shared his Mother’s infidelity! I get how awful that would have been, but how is this ok?! If he willing to humiliate his mother on national television, what will he do to you? I pick tossing an ex under a bus over son shoving Mom any day. I’m just Team Becca.

  62. Ali….
    Did WE all miss your blog on Hometowns? So curious what you thought …. Always go to your blog Tues. am to see what you have to say ….

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