Taking Time To Myself

What an amazing week this has been. Not only did our little girl turn 2, but because a holiday fell in the middle of the week I actually for once let myself take some time off. I didn’t have any work commitments this week and I answered about 10% of my normal amount of emails. And I think I only wrote a couple blog posts which you guys know I normally write every other day. Well, I guess in general I haven’t been writing as frequently since Riley was born but I know you all understand why.

In general, I just took some time to relax a little bit and be with my family. And I think it’s something I really needed to do. I found myself getting extremely stressed out and losing my cool more often than I’d like to admit. I think the lack of sleep just makes my fuse super short these days. There were multiple occasions where I snapped on my husband for really no reason at all. It’s fascinating and kind of terrifying what sleep deprivation can do to somebody.


So what did I do this week. I meditated. Just kidding! Did you believe me for second? I’m totally just messing around in the above picture. Plus I don’t think I would do meditation in skinny jeans and a cute top. By the way do you guys recognize this top? On my Instagram story about a month ago I asked you guys if you thought I should wear it for my home tour series that I’m about to start in a few days on my blog! I asked you to help me choose between this top and a jumpsuit. So I posed the question and put a poll on Instagram stories and the majority of you told me to order and wear this top so that’s exactly what I did! You’ll see it in photos of our home tour in the coming weeks. I made a few outfit changes during the home tour but I definitely wore this top in some of the photos. And it honestly ended up being one of my favorite tops that I own! The material is super lightweight and breathable. And the color is just so pretty. I feel like it’s the type of top that is great for just hanging around the house, but would also be great for work or going out with friends. It’s super versatile. I highly recommend getting it! And it’s a good deal under $50.

OK, back to what I really did this past week because meditating was not one of those things. For the Fourth of July there was a block party in our neighborhood that we went to and we had the absolute best time! It let us meet some of our neighbors and just sit outside in the grass while listening to music and eating yummy food. Then some friends came over to our house afterwords and everyone got in the pool to cool down because it was such a hot day.

Because Kevin had a few days off of work he let me get a lot more sleep that I normally get. He would wake up with Molly at 5:30 AM, she’s been waking up earlier than normal lately. And then when Riley would nurse around 6 AM, Kevin would take him as well so I could get a solid three hours of sleep without waking up to every little noise the baby makes. I wear a fit bit and it tracks my sleep and it basically told me that I was getting anywhere from 8 to 9 hours of sleep on July 4th, 5th & 6th. Not consecutive hours obviously. Riley still wakes me up every 2 1/2 to 3 hours to eat. But it told me that despite all my awake time I was still getting between eight and nine hours and it made such a difference for my mental state!

I’m also super excited to share that we finally started our search for a nanny to join our home! Kevin and I have basically been doing this mostly by ourselves since Molly was born. One of our close girlfriends actually watches Molly some mornings when I would go to work at Home & Family. So basically two mornings a week from about 9 AM until 12 PM, when Kevin gets home from work, our friend would watch Molly. But besides that, we really didn’t have anyone helping us over the last two years. And no real help from family since the only family we have in the area are Kevin‘s brother and his wife and they work the same hours as Kevin so they aren’t available to help us during the hours we need help the most. Which is in the morning when I need to work and answer emails or go to Home & Family and Kevin’s at work. So basically, we really haven’t given ourselves time together or given ourselves a break in the last two years. I think the reason it took us so long is just because we were afraid that we wouldn’t find the right person. But I recently met the founder of a nanny agency called The Nanny League and she totally put my mind at ease that she could find the perfect person to come into our family and our home. So I’m so happy to say that we’ve begun interviewing nannies and so far the process is going better than we could’ve expected! We’ve met with four different people and two of them were really great fits for our family. So over the next couple days we’re going to be doing trials with them to see which person fits best with us both on our end and on their end! It’s a two-way street after all! I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes but I will say if you’re looking for help to find a nanny, I couldn’t recommend The Nanny League more! The process has been so wonderful so far.

And to finish off our week Kevin’s parents just arrived in town today. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that Kevin’s mom was here about a week ago for two weeks straight. She’s been so amazing helping us out with the kiddos and around the house! But Kevin’s dad hasn’t met the little ones yet so even though Kevin’s mom only flew back a week ago, actually not even a week ago, they are coming back so grandpa can meet Riley! We are so excited to have them here again and I plan on continuing my streak of letting myself breathe a little bit while I am on actual maternity leave from my job.

All right that’s all I’ve got today. I just wanted to share with you guys what’s going on in our lives, and some of the things I’m doing to slow down a little bit. I hope you all are having a great weekend and make sure to come back to my blog on Monday because I’m doing another mommy must haves post! I’ve done it a few times in the past and ever since I had Riley so many of you have been asking me about my favorite products that I use with him. So I’m doing a round up of six or seven of my favorite items that I could not have lived without the last six weeks. So come back on Monday for that! Luv you guys!

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27 thoughts on “Taking Time To Myself

  1. Wow Ali-can’t help with nannies. Only on on the 4th did my 2 sons and I get together-they’re grown- for first time in many many years. …….. I enjoy your pictures and miss you on H & F, best wishes family

  2. Wow Ali, can’t help with nannies. Only on 4th did my 2 sons get together for first time in many many years………… Love your pictures and miss you on H & F best wishes family

  3. Alone time and sleep are so key! You should follow pbfingers – her blog and Instagram! You’d love her and you both have newborns and are new mom’s of two! I told her to follow you when Riley was born!

  4. I knew I was in for much less sleep, waking up every couple of hours, and being tired when I had Theo, but I had no idea the extent of sleep deprivation until coupling all of those things with going back to work. H.O.LY crap! The stress went off the charts and I literally had a stress fever on Monday. We don’t have any family close to help us out either so even though it’s only been 16 weeks, we have not had a real break either. You definitely deserve some help and alone time!!!

  5. Hi Ali
    You’re not alone with having lack of sleep nor are you alone with sometimes ‘snapping’ at our better half. 😕
    You’ll find the perfect nanny!
    I’m happy Grandpapa & Riley have met one another.
    God bless your family for being supportive. ❤
    How’s Owen? 🐶

  6. Can’t wait to see the house tour!

    Glad you got some time to catch up a bit on sleep and so happy to hear you’re getting a nanny to help you guys out! As a nanny to three, I know 100% how amazing finding the right family/nanny fit is.. they’ll feel like a member of the family in no time and they’ll love your children fiercely – I know I absolutely adore my little monkeys and thank their parents always for letting me be part of their lives 🙂

  7. First I’m not saying anything to be mean. I’m just really confused. I guess I’m old school. I’m really surprised to hear you say your looking for a nanny. I don’t understand the need. In my day I had 2 boys 10 1/2 months apart. I had no help from any one hubby was in the Army we were far from family.. i had never babysat I didn’t have siblings. I managed fine. I cooked meals from scratch every day. I even baked. House was spotless even was told the house didn’t look lived in it was too clean. I don’t want to sound like a marter i was exhausted. My boys never slept all night till after they were 3. I even worked. Was a breakfast and lunch cook. And I waitresses. I did have babysitters for that. I’m sorry I’m writing a book. I just wish I could figure out what is so different. Ali I adore you since the bachelor and you have found the greatest husband. Your kids are beautiful. I love watching the videos. Im now disabled and don’t get out often so I always check Instagram. I hope u didn’t upset anyone. It wasn’t my intention. Just a old lady trying to figure out this new world

    1. I think she is using the nanny for when she and Kevin are both working at the same time. I don’t see how that is any different than the babysitters you used when you were working. Ask, the type of work Ali does is different than the typical out-of-home work, so requires checking and responding to emails, writing from home, etc. It is hard to give your full attention to that stuff with 2 kids. Ali feel no shame in hiring a nanny!! I think it’s great and will be great for your sanity.

    2. Mary Jane. I am older. Kids grown and live on own. Although like you, a generation ago we did not have nannies. (Perhaps those only with Great financial ability). But today’s world is different. Some is good some not. But I don’t judge. I can remember my own mother not understanding my generation.
      If it works and my kids are happy is great. I have a cardinal rule. I bite my tongue, smile, and stay out of it. HaHa. 👍🏻
      Ps. Don’t for a minute not trust Ali’s mothering skills. 💜

      1. I adore Ali and Kevin. Love little Molly. I had said I wasn’t trying to be mean. I just want to understand. Things are so different now. I was always told if you don’t understand something ask questions. I’m sorry Ali if I was rude. It wasn’t my intention. I think you guys are GREAT parents.

    3. As a former nanny myself, I’ll lend an additional explanation/view in that these days, nanny’s are almost viewed as more responsible babysitters. To me, I was a “babysitter” until I was about 18. My work was casual and I would often work for various different families at any given time. I would go to school in the day and when other kids were working at the mall or movies, I would babysit (so, mostly evenings & weekends). As a nanny though, I worked primarily for one family and it was day time hours while the parents were at work (I did this into my 20’s). As a nanny, I had to be more responsible, almost as a second or third parent; I would drive the kids to school/activities, ensure homework was being done, sometimes make meals or help with laundry, etc. As a babysitter, it was more relaxed and I was there to have fun with the kids, watch a movie and put them to bed. So in Ali’s situation, her kids are too young for school and she & Kevin have decided that a nanny is a better fit than a daycare right now (likely because of their hours needed, how young Riley is, etc.). Hiring a nanny really allows you to connect with the person watching your children, oversee the care, ask for additional help (like laundry or meals!), and have it take place in the comfort of your own home so you aren’t rushing the kids out the door in the mornings.

      At the end of the day, a babysitter is for the occasional date night, work event, etc. A nanny is in place of traditional daycare and used instead during working hours (whether that’s day time, shift work, etc.) or full time, around the clock (i.e., a live-in nanny). The term ‘nanny’ comes with more responsibility but also more respect. I remember past families insisting that their children refer to me as a nanny and not a babysitter because I was “so much more” than a babysitter, which is likely the reason you’re hearing the term so much more these days! Hope this helps!

    4. Actually Mary Jane, you are being mean. And ignorant. Especially for an old lady. You shouldve know better with all these years you’ve had on this planet. Where are your manners?

  8. Hi! I don’t mean to be mean but REALLY! You haven’t had a break since Molly was born. It is called being a parent. Particurly, being a parent of young children. It is what you signed up for. It amazes me that people PLAN to have children close together and then complain how hard it is and need to get help.

      1. How is she complaining? She’s being honest. Everyone deserves a break. She works and takes care of her kids with no actual child care, something a lot of people arnt able to do (most working parents need daycare of some sort).

        Keep up the great work Ali and thanks for being so relatable!

    1. Wow, Brenda. You are truly an inspiration. Able to throw judgement on someone else’s life without “being mean”. What a joke.

  9. Hi Ali

    We recently switched from a home daycare to a nanny and WOW- game changer!!! She cleans, helps us make meals/bakes and our kiddos have consistency with schedules and sleep. Also you don’t have to work about other sick kiddos, and she doesn’t care of our kiddos are sick. It’s the best! Once you find the right person I’m confident you will have so much peace of mind. I work part time and used to feel like I spent my Fridays cleaning, but because of the nanny the cleaning is done and I can just be present with my kids.

    Good luck and enjoy those beautiful babies 🙂

  10. Good for you Ali!! Finding time for yourself is SO important and so is sleeping! Ha! Kevin sounds like my husband, so thoughtful and helpful. How did we get so lucky?! Good for you for getting a nanny/babysitter. I don’t understand how you get so much done without the help. My husband and I both work full time and our daughter Rylie goes to a home daycare! We are so grateful that we found a lady so perfect to watch our child while we can still work and provide for our family. Best of luck on your search!


  11. I’m SO excited for your post on your favorite baby items, as I’m expecting my first in October and I’m totally overwhelmed by all the options.

    Also, don’t let anyone make you feel bad for getting a nanny – I have so much respect for you guys doing this without family close by – that can not be easy!!

  12. I can’t wait to find a good nanny when my first comes in a few weeks ! I also plan on having our housekeeper come every week instead of bi-weekly. I’m definitely going to let the house get messy inbetween and probably leave the house with stains on my shirt so I can get alone time. And I will get horribly judged by lonely unhappy people who have nothing better to do. Good for you Ali for doing what’s best for YOUR family! I’m sure you will find the perfect fit for your beautiful family 🙂

  13. Hello Ali! My daughter is a nanny and looking to relocate to Southern CA. She would LOVE to nanny for you and your family! She has been a nanny for close to two years and just loves it!

  14. Well, if you have nothing nice to say, just don’t say it. It’s better to lift up one another than putting others down.

    Btw, Ali, you really look like Molly in your photo sitting in the ottoman. 🙂 May you find a Nanny that is a great fit to your growing family. God bless!

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