The Bachelorette – Virginia

This week I was SO over the drama and I think Becca was too! So I am choosing to focus on the love this week and give little to no attention to the drama. Chris and Lincoln aren’t worth it.

Jason’s Date

Is it just me or did Jason totally come out of the woodwork?! He honestly wasn’t even on my radar for Becca until last night’s episode. But man, I totally fell in love with them together watching this episode! He seems like such a sweet guy and I think the fact that he’s able to genuinely open up to his friends says so much about who he is as a person. I truly believe that the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of who you are. And his friends seems like stand up guys! I love that he was even able to talk about love so openly with them. Not many guys are able to do this with their buddies. That shows a level of maturity that is needed in order to commit your life to somebody else. And I was also surprised how much Becca seemed into him. Just because he wasn’t on my radar before. But I honestly felt myself tearing up watching their date. I think it’s because things on the show can feel forced and disingenuous, that when something real happens like him getting to see his friends and getting so emotional, it makes me feel emotional too! The way they both fully opened up to each other over dinner was just beautiful. That was another raw, real moment that we got to see between the two of them. I just love them together! I never thought I would say this before last night, but I’m really rooting for them as a couple! I really hope he is on the show til the end. I think right now my favorites for her are Jason and Blake. Who are your top two guys for her?

Group Date

Thank goodness both Chris and Lincoln are gone. What Chris did at the debate was totally childish and uncalled for. And Becca had every right to be upset with him for airing their dirty laundry in front of all those people. Lincoln is just as bad. He straight up lied to Becca. They both just cause so much drama and honestly I don’t feel like giving them any recognition beyond what I’ve just written. So I think it’s safe to say we can all agree that it’s a good thing they’re both gone now.

Leo’s Date

I just really like Leo. Don’t you?! He’s so silly and playful but he can totally step it up and be romantic and serious when it’s called for. I certainly don’t think he and Becca are going to end up together, but I really hope we see more of him in the Bachelor world. I’d love to see him on Bachelor in Paradise next season! I know they already announced the main cast, but maybe he’ll be one of the people that pops up throughout the season. Wouldn’t you guys love that?!

Sorry for the short blog post this week! I’m still recovering from the wedding I went to on Saturday night. But it was so worth it!

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56 Thoughts

56 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Virginia

  1. Hands down my favorites are Blake and Jason! But I am getting nervous that Blake isn’t “it” because we haven’t seen much of him the last couple of episodes. They are both young, but seems so mature and together and ready for a lifetime commitment.

    1. I love Garrett and Blake, wills is ok. I like Jason and Leo but I’d prefer them with someone else.

    2. I agree with you Ali. I love Jason suddenly! He kinda just snuck up on everyone besides Becca. He’s my number 1 for her now and I hope she picks him. Re Chris: all I can say is I was yelling “bye, bye, bye”at the tv when he was speaking to her. He claimed he was putting her first but he NEVER once did, besides all the rest. Peace out. Btw – I just love how Becca says “out” like a Canadian – “oot”. She does live nearby in MN!

    3. Can we talk about Colton? She’s into him it’s way obvious BUT what’s he there for? I fear keeping him much longer she will end up 💔

  2. Love Jason!! They really surprised me with their chemistry. I saw glimmers of it in the past but last nights episode was a huge turning point for him. I have to say, I think he may just be my favorite and front runner to win!

  3. Any chance you’ve found where Becca got her hot pink jacket that she wore in this episode? I’ve searched for it but can’t find it and was hoping you would know! 🙂

    1. It’s the Keyla Jacket in Fushia by Ted Baker 😉 Happy shopping!

      PS – I posted a reply to you earlier but I didn’t see it, so reposting.

  4. Definitely would love to see Leo in Paradise! They haven’t announced the whole cast yet as to not spoil what happens on The Bachelorette — so he may be announced later! Like this morning, they announced Chris (ugh) and Connor will be on it since they’re now off The Bachelorette so it’s “safe” to announce now that they’ve been been eliminated. Fingers crossed! Leo seems great and his hair is just beautiful!

  5. Jason is hands down my favorite guy on the show. I knew he would be a dark horse! I teared up when he told the story about his father and his grandmother. I hope he and Becca end up together!

    Leo is so sweet too but you can tell even he knows that he’s not right for Becca. They talk about their relationship in a broad sense. I hope he finds a great girl!

  6. I’m loving Garrett and Blake. Garrett honestly seems so genuine to me, and super invested in their time together. I feel like Jason and Blake are tied for me right now. Love them both and their quirky personalities!

    1. Garrett always lights up with a big smile and heart eyes lol when she walks in the room!!! Omg especially when she calls his name for a rose during the rose ceremony! I think that is so cute!!!

  7. My oh my, the drama. The bickering. It was exhausting just watching it. I can’t stand how angry and aggressive Chris was. So happy that Becca finally sent him packing and said that he is not the type of person she would ever want in her life. Ever.
    Disappointed that the franchise is keeping him on and bringing him the BiP. I’ve seen everything I need to see… definitely over him.
    Also, found it hilarious that Leo called himself a caricature. It’s so true. I’m having trouble seeing him for himself and not his Fabio-esque look.
    Btw.. good luck on the 2nd birthday party this wknd!

    1. I know! I feel like they think they need to play up the drama to keep viewers watching. It’s getting so annoying to watch. I like BIP because you get to see relationships forming and conversations. Now that’s just going to be dramatic too. I would rather see Becca and her genuine conversations getting to know the other guys. I feel like all they show us is the “pretty” talk about being “vulnerable” and “open” and “letting down walls.” I’d love to hear more about these guys for real. Anyone else?!

      1. True! I was thinking that each guy must have to come up with their one vulnerable thing and have it ready for the “when the walls come down” episode. Haha. It just seems too forced even with the good guys. Like they think they have to have a “vulnerable story” in order to pass the genuineness test.

  8. So happy Becca sent Chris and Lincon home they are not for her! Leo came out of nowhere for me, he is such a great guy. Love her chemistry with Jason!

  9. I love Garrett, Blake, and Jason!! Colton is on up there too!! She has a good group of guys left!

  10. My top two are Jason and Garrett for sure! I loved Leo’s date, but I agree with you completely. I am so glad Chris and Lincoln are gone! To be honest… Chris has freaked me out from the beginning! She’s building some amazing relationships for sure and I cannot wait to see who she is standing with in the end.

  11. I love Jason too!! My worry is that they are making Blake his own character on the show and possibly prepping him for The Bachelor? Not sure how it all works haha. But I really do like Jason and Blake! Becca is such a great bachelorette and I love that she doesn’t take any BS !

  12. Before Jason’s date my vote was for Blake or Garrett. But now Jason seems like such an amazing guy !
    Leo is awesome, don’t think he’ll end up with Becca, but I really think the group of guys she has now are all pretty stand up guys..
    Well except Colton lol
    Something about him rubs me the wrong way…. I think you mentioned the same feelings right ??

  13. Blake is my fav and then all the sudden Jason popped up!! Loving him and the chemistry between them!!

    1. I could really see this! He his not the typical look. He’s had so little airtime, but it would be good to find out more!

  14. Yep – Jason totally won me over last night too & I’m so rooting for him to be the last guy standing.
    I have always liked Leo & glad he’s made it this far & shown what a stand up guy he is. I hope we do see more of him in the future.

  15. I was so emotional during her date with Jason! Such a good part of the episode. I was hoping you had the link to her black long jacket as well:) ha

  16. I LOVE Leo… just not for becca! I thought their date was so awkward and he was way more into her than she was into him. My favorites are Garrett and now Jason!

  17. Blake and Jason are my top two! They’re both so sweet and seem realistic in all ways.
    I wish that Becca would have had the last say and just dismissed Chris and Lincoln right after the debate. She knew they weren’t for her. That would have been awesome!
    And when Becca came out for the rose ceremony, I was like “damn girl!” Woo she looked so beautiful, I wish I could wear that dress. It was stunning!

  18. I never noticed Jason till last night and I fell in love 💗and Leo what a sweetheart and telling her they didn’t have to do the date as she was upset from the drama that’s so mature !! I’m hoping to see him on paradise .. happy Lilcon and CHRIS are gone but sad I have to see Chris on paradise 🤮
    I think top three will be Jason , Garret and Blake

    1. Totally agree! Garrett seems like the one who is most genuinely invested in his relationship with Becca. I can’t imagine her choosing anyone but him based on what we’ve seen so far!

  19. I really liked how Garrett stood up for Becca the way he did. I’ve been watching the bachelorette for a long time and I feel like I’ve never actually seen a guy stand up for the bachelorette the way Garrett did. Garrett making Chris recognize that he and Lincoln messed with her head space is exactly what a partner should do in your absence. I feel like that was something my own husband would say to someone who upset me as a way of standing up for me. I think watching back, Becca will appreciate how he had her back without seeking recognition for it.

    1. I agree. That scene made me have a ton of respect for Garrett and I think he would make a great husband someday.

    2. I agree! Garrett is my favorite… second is definitely Blake. Can’t wait to see who gets hometown dates!

  20. I LOVE Leo but not for Becca. I’d love to see him on BIP!😉 wink wink producers. I think Jason could be perfect for her but I have a feeling he’s not her typical type. I think she will have Garrett and Blake as her final two. I think she has done a great job so far and her final six are all really great guys. I don’t usually feel that way until the last two or three. Good job Becca! 🌹

    1. After someone else mentioned it, and admitting I don’t watch BiP, Leo would be great for an unconventional Bachelor lead!

  21. Yes you hit the nail on the head about Jason I so fell in love with him and if they don’t end up together he’d probably be a good Bachelor or Blake. I think that drama is producer driven imo

  22. Top 2 for me would have to be Garrett and Blake with Jason being 3rd. But Jason was a pleasant surprise last night. 🙂

  23. You guys, what is it that Becca loves about Colton so much? She goes all googley eyed around him and almost uses a baby voice when she talks to him. She has shown herself to be very smart with these men, and a pretty good judge of character (Arie aside). We haven’t seen ANY interesting conversations with her and Colton. Why is she so crazy for him? I couldn’t believe she gave him the group date rose after Wills had just told her he was falling in love with her. Btw, she didn’t look like she was super excited to hear that from Wills, either. Anyone else notice that? And why is she obsessed with Colton???

  24. Agreed! Jason was totally a dark horse but man did they have a great date! I really liked them together. I totally want to see him go through to the end. Is it just me or does Wills always talk like he’s half asleep?? I like him but I don’t see the two of them going far.

    1. What is it with Wills’ tongue? He looks and talks like he’s stoned and his tongue is always moving around visibly in his mouth- just gross!

  25. I just love Jason,he is so sincere and genuine.I really hope he is there till the end.I am not sure on Colton and a bit iffy on Blake.Jason is definitely my fav.

  26. I LOVE Leo! There are always these great takes where he just looks at the camera like Jim on the office 😍 I adore it! I wish he would be the bachelor because it would just be so funny! But I don’t think he will be on the season long enough to get to be the bachelor 😕

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