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So Molly’s birthday is soooo soon! July 6th! We are planning on having a small party on July 8th and I have NOTHING planned! Eekkkk. I’ve just been so busy with trying to keep up with my work commitments and taking care of a newborn and toddler. It never feels like there are enough hours in the day.

But I have to do something special for Molly on her birthday. It just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t. It wont be as elaborate as her first birthday. I think I planned that one for months beforehand and order the sweetest touches online. And I do wish I could do that this time but I think it’s too late to order things online. I might see if I can get some things rush shipped from Etsy, but it might be too late! Let me know if you know any party supply etsy shops that rush ship!


Anyway, I am thinking the theme will be Pinkalicious because Molly is obsessed with that book right now (with a few Elmo touches of course!). So this is where I need all of your help! Any ideas for me?!?! Things I could maybe by in a local store? Like target or something. I need major help!

The only thing I do have under control is my outfit. How cute is this pink gingham dress I got the other day? My girlfriend had a pink Bachelorette themed party recently so I was planning on wearing it there but changed my mind last minute so I could wear pants. But I think it could be perfect for Molly’s party! It super flattering. I feel like this dress makes my waist looks small even thought I promise you it’s NOT right now. I don’t even recognize my stomach right now. But that’s ok. I just have to be on the lookout for super flattering clothes like this dress!


And every good party dress needs a fun pair of earrings! I find that getting statement earrings in white is the best way to go because they go with the most outfits!

And finally Molly with need an outfit!!!! I mean, the romper she is wearing in these pics is soooo cute and she wears it all the time, but it’s not special enough or PINK enough for her party. So I need to find an outfit for her too!

Ok any help you guys could give me in terms of idea would be soooo appreciated! If you see something online put the link in the comments below! Or just ideas in general would be great! Love you guys! So grateful I can reach out to you all for help when I need it! Thanks for being there for me always!

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  1. Honestly she will just care if she has her little friends/little cousins to play with, cake, and some water play. Us parents make these parties into way more with a intricate theme and decor and food when the child only cares about the basics. Don’t make it hard on you. Babies just want mamas to be happy and playful. 🙂

    1. I agree / the “Pinterest” parties are over the top and take up so much time and money. It was hard for me not to do it this year but it was **just** as special for my daughter and less stress. It’s more for the adults/for sure all this decor these days.

    2. I agree! The party is about her and her wants are so simple at 2! Her eyes will glow no matter what you do. A celebration with the people she loves is more than enough ❤️ I wouldn’t even worry about what you’re wearing! I’m actually surprised you figured out your outfit before hers.

    3. I was going to say the exact same thing! My 2 were close together and I had a fancy (aka expensive and too much work) bday party when my oldest was 3 and never again did I do that. I thought THEN that bday parties were outta hand! Do you know the “party”one of my sons remember most? I bought a pizza, a cake, threw a blanket out on my front lawn picnic style – and invited the kids in our culde-sac over. Another time I did same in a park. These are the only 2 parties my sons remember! And one w/ pizza at our community pool. So I’m not saying don’t do what you want but please don’t stress over it. I like the water play, pink cake and pink plates idea! And an outfit for her. You could order all online and have Kevin order and pick up the cake and food!

    4. Hobby Lobby has An adorable party section!! Just a suggestion, my friend threw me a book themed shower and every food was themed to a book (ex: cloudy with a chance of meatballs for meatball skewers)… you could do this so not all of the appetizers are pink? But then the cake could be pinkalicious? Just an idea!! My daughter turned 2 this May and our son was just 8 weeks old so I can absolutely relate!! We did Gracelyns Party at the zoo so I didn’t have to clean my house 🙈

    5. I completely agree , a 2 year old doesn’t care, wait for a few more years and when she turtns sweet 16 ! That’s a party she will remember and she will want to plan! 2 yr old parties are more for the adults, make it simple, food, cake, games, and just have fun, don’t stress over it, you have a newborn. Relax

  2. Ali, I know at my local Walmart they have a whole party section you can buy solid color plates, get pale pink. Let her play outside with friends/cousins. Don’t stress yourself out over it. She will just love having cake and ice cream. Or something easier for cleanup do pink cupcakes!! Try party city they may have what your looking for

  3. You could do light pink cupcakes or a light pink fondont cake!!!

    You could do an all light pink candy bar!

    You could put all light pink party hats on a table for all the little boys and girls to wear!

    Light pink cake pops!

    Light pink gum balls in a glass jar for decoration!

    HUGE light pink balloons!!

    A white and light pink banner with Molly’s name on it!

  4. I just got some really cute stuff at Target for a lemonade bar for my little’s birthday in August. You could do pink lemonade to go with the theme of course. It was all in the dollar spot!

  5. I would recommend a Pinkalicious Picnic! You can get watermelon decorationsand other fruit decorations at your local store. Then you can just serve food that would be in a picnic basket, like sandwiches, juice and fruit for the kids, and wine for the adults! You can buy the plastic food for a play kitchen so that the kids can pretend they are at their own picnic and then the kids can each get a picnic basket (dollar store) that has some goodies in them to take home!

  6. This theme is adorable so whatever you end up doing is going to be perfect so there’s that. I’d just go to the local party store and get all things pink and gold and shimmery pearl and go hog wild. She’ll love it. Decorate with the books and crowns and if you can find gold crowns just get what you can find and have Kevin spray paint them gold. Find a local baker that can do rush orders and order a cake and cupcakes or cake pops to have the Pinkalicious theme. Once you walk into a party store you’ll be overwhelmed with pink so I’d say just get out there and let your imagination take over! 🤣 as for the outfit- pbk with Monique Lhuillier makes tutus and they’re adorable!,%20Dress-Up%20%26%20Jewelry%20Boxes

  7. A pink tutu for Molly ❤️
    Now I wish my kids were little so I could plan a party…. guess I’ll have to wait for grand babies. 😊
    Love your posts and your special family. Thanks for always making me smile!

  8. I’m expecting my baby boy next week and our daughter turned 2 on father’s day- we did a small party with just family and a trolls theme since she loves that movie- just got a few decorations and a trolls themed cake- she loved playing with her 5 little friends and loved the happy birthday banner we had! So I’d recommend just keeping it simple- get pink decorations and a cake with pink flowers and all that matters is the day be about her! She will love it no matter what.

  9. A Pinkalicious Picnic! I recently went to a picnic 1st burthday party and it was so cute. Each table had a basket with salami and cheese, a baguette, berries and nuts. The kids ate a kid friendly picnic on a tablecloth on the lawn. Then of course, pink sparkly cupcakes! You can pick up solid pink party stuff at target and a few baskets at Michaels or other craft store, maybe even homegoods.

  10. Tea for Two! A Pinkalicious Tea Party! 🎀☕️🎀
    Would be easy to pull cute linens, cups, saucers, teapots with fresh flowers, etc together. I can see it in my mind. Haha!

  11. – Different shades of pink for all the decorations
    – Pink Lemonade
    – Pink Cotton Candy
    – Pink Cake or Cupcakes
    – Pink Straws

    If you do different shades of pink, or even some pink glitter, I think that it will look super girly and cute and fun! Good luck! My daughters Birthday is July 8th and we are doing a donut themed bday!

  12. Some easy party ideas!!! Take a pic of molly wearing pink, holding up the book. Blow it up at fed ex kinkos into a print people can sign!! (Easel would be awesome but not a must) everyone can sign when they walk in!!

    Pink desserts and snacks of course. Wafer cookies, pink donuts, etc nothing too crazy. They are two! They won’t care!!

    Pink paper goods and LOTS of pink balloons will Look amazing!! Try to find a place that delivers balloons so you don’t have to run out the day of the party!!!

    Have a great party and many congrats!!
    Your kids are beautiful!!!

  13. Tea for Two! A Pinkalicious Tea Party!
    Would be easy to pull together cute linens, cups, saucers, teapots with fresh flowers. The girls could wear cute hats & carry little purses

  14. I did a party similar to this for my daughter’s first birthday. The two best ideas I had were to bake cupcakes but let the kids/parents frost and decorate their own, put them in a cute box and let them take it home. The other thing is to get a hard back copy of the book and have everyone write a message to Molly. It’ll be a nice keepsake for her later on.

  15. Hey Ali!

    Do you follow @cammymumu? Checkout her rainbow themed baby shower pics. You could recreate the streamer look with shades of pink and pop in some red for Elmo!
    You could also grab some pink bounce balls, hula hoops, etc just to add some “playful” touches.
    – Love the idea of treats being pink – cotton candy, rock candy, cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons, etc!
    – Pink Lemonade for the kids
    – Pink Flowers & Balloons
    – For Adults : Sparkling Rose

    Hope this sparks something for you! Have a great time! She’s a doll! I love watching your stories!

    Happy Birthday Molly!!!

  16. Micheal’s has a whole isle with party decorations and all in designated colors (at least it was the last time I was there).

    When i think pink, I ultimately think of:
    Pink lemonade (target dollar spot for that)
    Pink daises
    Light pink feather boas
    Cotton candy
    Strawberry shortcake ice cream bars
    Pink frosted cupcakes
    Princess wands and crowns (anything dress up)—maybe you can have a stage and a dress up area for Molly and the kids. Then they can sing her favorite song and other cute party friendly songs

    Google image Pinkalicious party…there are so many cute ideas on there!!

  17. Since you are doing a small gathering with family I would get pink plates, cups, balloons, and napkins at any local store. Order pink cupcakes with cherries on top like in the book and make sure she is wearing a pretty dress of course. You can serve pink lemonade as well. There are lots of cute wand ideas but an easy and edible one would be to make a fruit kabob with berries and then cut out a star out of watermelon and put it on top to look like the wand from the book. Since you do not have much time those are things you can do quickly.

  18. Super cute! I did something similar for my daughter- all pink and gold. Large gold balloon number or even spell out TWO. Glitter on table. We also did it in the morning with donuts and it was cute. I did her favorite things- her favorite snacks and kept it super simple for the kids. Pink lemonade would be cute! Enjoy and happy birthday to M!

  19. Love the dress and inspiration! You can easily pull this together on short notice. Aside from my kids’ first birthday parties, all their other parties have been pretty last minute. Most Etsy graphic designers will send you a digital version within 24-48 hours, which you could then print yourself. Oriental trading has Pinkalicious-branded paper goods, but Target also has cute pink and white polka dot/zig zag plates/cups. You could rent a cotton candy cart and have a candy buffet. If you want an activity for little kids, you could have a cupcake or cookie decorating table with frosting and different sprinkles. Kids LOVE making it their own! We had a Pin-the-cherry-on-the-cupcake game when my daughter was little. So fun! I also made chocolate star “wands” as party favors – really easy and really cute! Get star-shaped lollipop candy molds, melt white and pink chocolate into the molds, add the stick and let it set. Once set, “paint” melted white chocolate to the side/rim of the stars with the thicker decorator sugars (I used turquoise and bright pink). Wrap with cello, tie with curled ribbon and display on a table in a vase until it’s time to hand out. Decor AND a favor AND food. Everyone wins! Not sure of your timeline, but M&Ms offer custom candies – you chose the three colors, add graphics/words and even a picture of Molly! So cute! One of my favorite cakes of all times would be perfect for a Pinkalicious party – a pink ombré rosette cake (just google it and a bunch will show up – any bakery can do it!) Have fun!

  20. There is a book called pinkalicious, you could get ideas from there! She loves dancing and singing, why not have a little stage area and let her go at it. Even get her a pair of tap shoes!

  21. What a cute idea!!! I LOVE party planning!!! You could getsome cute pink fabric and use them as blankets on the ground for a pinkalicious picnic!!
    Also, I’d get the book again(a new one) and have it set out for friends/family to sign/write Molly a note!

    You can make fruit kabobs to look like the wand with a watermelon star cutout for the top!

    I’d look on pinterest!!! So many amazing ideas.

    You could always have pink punch, and a pink candy bar!!

    I’m doing Toy Story for my soon to be 2 & 3 year old(in September).

    1. I like this dress best for Molly! It is cute, simple, totally comfy looking and washable! She can wear it all summer and fall w/out you spending a fortune on a too fancy party dress or a costume she’ll wear 1x!

  22. If it is going to be warm, I would suggest water play for the tikes. Really all a good party needs is good food (make sure you have kid-friendly food as well), a few things that will keep the kids entertained, and a cake! Keep the decorations simple. I think a lot of parties go overboard with the treat table and decorations. Simple is best!

  23. My friend owns an Etsy shop and makes the cutest banners and decor items. Her shop says she is in Georgia but she is an army wife so she is in a suburb of LA right now so she might be able to get it to you in time. She is the best and has made everything for me. Check her out, I always just send her an idea and she knocks it out of the park because she is so creative.

  24. She will have a blast no matter what you do. I would have her wear a fancier dress and converse. Like this dress : Get a gold crown and a wand from any party store or Target. Get some fake pearl necklaces and let her later them. Put her hair in pigtails with pink bows. Games could be put the jewels on the crowns.( You could do paper crowns and have them color or stickers on them) Make your own wands. ( Sticks with 2 stars glued on). Make your own cupcakes. For food I would get a sandwich tray or pizza. Fruit , veggies and hummus and some chips/pretzels. Costco makes a AMAZING cake. We get one every year for my daughter. ( We order Chocolate cake with white frosting have them write happy birthday and modify one of their designs to fit her theme). Decor wise I would stick with pink, stars, wands and crowns. Maybe get a gold number two. If you happen to have any decor left from her first birthday that would fit in, use it.

  25. I like the above recommendations of a pinkalicous picnic. My daughter just turned two and we did bbq, Mac and cheese, fruits, veggies, cake and cupcakes. So easy. I was worried about games, but we bought a bounce house off Amazon the week of the party and it was the best! So worth it and we can keep it for all birthdays to come! Hula hoops, balloons, and coloring pages are a hit too. We had a bunny theme, but got $1 large bubble wands at Target and made carrots out of them as favors. You could get long pink bubbles and make pinkalicous bubble wands for the kiddos favors too! Most of all, have fun!

  26. Sent a bunch of idea to your Facebook page, she love Elmo my recommendation would be an Elmo themed party, have a Girlfriends craft wine party to help you prep sent you pictures for ideas on your Facebook page

  27. I just saw someone post on IG yesterday that Khols has Pinkalicous dolls. That might be a fin present or even party favor and also act as decorations.

  28. My daughters 4th bday party was pinkicious! Everything was pink….the chocolate in the chocolate fountain was pink, I made pink bread for sandwiches, my ceilings were covered with pink balloons, Most of the food was pink (or had pink touches) in some way or another. It was a very fun theme!!!

  29. Hi Ali
    You & your daughter look so cute together (& Riley is a doll)
    Do you like the idea of a pink ice cream cake? Maybe with little cones spelling 🎀TWO🎀
    Someone dressed as Elmo could present it to the birthday girl.
    I’m sure Molly’s 2nd birthday party will be fantastic.
    Happy friday

  30. I’m sure someone has mentioned this already but what about a pink lemonade pasty? Target has these adorable ceramic lemons for $1!! You could incorporate flamingos too! 🤗

  31. I would keep it simple…a pool party!!! She has the best birth date..get the inflatable flamingos, and other fun summer accessories.

  32. Keep it simple. Go to a park with a water feature, keep the food easy and don’t make it a big production. If you go to a park, you really don’t need any more decorations than a few pink balloon bouquets. She’s only turning two, and she will remember the day for a very short time. Have cupcakes or a cake, some rose wine and beers for the parents, and pink lemonade or a pink punch for the kids. If your park offers a bbq, grill hot dogs, buy storemade potato salad and a few other salads or finger foods. The simpler the better. Breathe!

  33. Amazon Prime to the rescue for this one, especially for decor & paper goods! It saved me for my son’s 1st birthday. I was in such denial that he was turning 1 that I procrastinated planning his bday till the last minute. Thank heavens for 2 day shipping! Plus, you don’t have to leave the house. Even better! Good luck! I’m sure it will be amazing 🙂

  34. You look fabulous! I completely understand, mom of 4 girls here and I’m 9 months pp, 29 years old and still having a hard time with all the body adjustments. But like you’ve said in past posts its all so worth it, just a little hard when it comes to shopping of course!
    We have some cute fun “play gowns” that would be darling for her party, or any other day of the week. We would love to send you one if you were interested! Shoot us an email.
    Target has some really darling unicorn themed party items right now that could keep it fun, cute, and inexpensive. I agree with above comments that you dont need a Pinterest party. Being a mom of little girls I know a little effort goes a long way when it comes to parties and they are happy with anything! She’ll love whatever you create, have so much fun, 2 seems like such a huge milestone!
    Love your blog, always a reader even though I rarely comment. You look fabulous, cant wait to see the party unfold.

  35. Let me know if I can help! I have that theme in wha to call my decor totes. You rent and set up great deal only $100.00
    Savvy shindigs and soirées

  36. The first thing I thought of was an Ice Cream Cone theme. You could get pink and mint green (or any color really!) plates, napkins, party hats, etc. Below are some decor ideas I looked at. And then the last one is a super cute outfit idea. Time may be a factor but maybe other sites might have it for a quick turn around or someone could possibly make at least the shirt for you. Best of luck! No matter what you do for a theme, it’ll look amazing and I’m sure she’ll love it!

  37. We did a Pinkalicious party for my daughter and the invitation asked everyone to come dressed in pink from their head to their feet!

  38. Such a cute theme! We just had my daughters 2nd birthday party last weekend it was a TWO-tried fruitti theme! I got most of the stuff from party city, target ( believe it or not some stuff from the $1 section)! I made some of the stuff like the big number 2 and then the letters to spell out two! I turned out so beautiful! Definitely not as elaborate as her first birthday but just as beautiful!

  39. We made some really easy and cute “pink princess magic wands” out of wooden skewers, grapes and watermelon stars that were a huge hit! No baking required and only a trip to the grocery store : ) we like our parties low stress!

  40. Your dress reminds me of a garden/ tea party. We did a theme like this with my daughter’s first birthday and it was super easy and cute. I actually got all the decor from oriental trading. And then just bought a bunch of flowers and potted them.

  41. My daughter is 2.5 and also Pinkalicious obsessed!! 😂 Can’t wait to see how it turns out!! Love the idea!! 💕💕

  42. I think a certain normancook has become an expert at pink parties lol she would have a blast picking pink stuff!

  43. Idk if anyone suggested a Country Fair theme but a great picture area would be to get a couple of bales of hay w/a butcher paper back drop, some of the big flowers that are super popular right now, throw in a wagon wheel or two, use a pair of old cowboy boots you can get from a 2nd had store & jars for canning as vases for flowers. You can serve lemonade, use jute to tie bows around the vases & use lace & burlap for the tables & chairs. I could go on & on but I think you get the picture! So whatever you do, have fun & enjoy! Live in the moment! Be blessed!
    Elizabeth 🤗

  44. I have no comments about the party because our birthday party themes are always “balloons cake and fun” 😂 but just wanted to say the PBS app has a Pinkalicious show that my 2 year old daughter is obsessed with!

  45. Your adorable dress reminds me of a summer picnic! I think a pink lemonade / picnic theme could be accomplished easily.

  46. A pink lemonade theme party would be so cute!! I have twins, boy and a girl, so we did a joint birthday and the theme didn’t really fit but the pictures and ideas I’ve seen for it are adorable.

  47. Maybe throw in some pink pineapple themed stuff! You have great taste so I’m sure just some last minute pink party supplies will pull it together. Check out party city, target, sometimes even the dollar store! They have a lot of pink stuff haha. Good luck 🙂

  48. If your feeling the pressure of time, don’t over think it streamers/balloon walls are always a hit and easy to get and do! make some cute signs and have a pink candy bar or dessert bar!! (I don’t know that book, I got 5 boys no girls!) but maybe take one thing you love from the book a quote or something and hilight that!! Parties are always fun to do whether you go all out or do a small gathering, it’s a special day to celebrate!

  49. Ali!! This shop on Etsy is amazing and Holly (the owner) makes the most adorable handmade Pinkalicious doll. This would be the perfect
    Bday gift for your theme and Molly would love it. (The link is: Honestly, it is the cutest doll ever and Holly ships very fast. If you tell her your deadline, she may be able to make it happen. Tell her Lila’s Mom sent you!!! 🙂
    Also, if you just need pink plates, napkins, favors, etc Oriental Trading ships SO fast too!! Good luck and happy planning!!

  50. So Pinkalicious actually was inspired by the cupcakes at Icing on the Cupcake. Maybe order the REAL LIFE pinkalicious cupcakes or try to duplicate them! They’re so yummy

  51. Pink Lemonade with yellow and white paper straws!! Glass canisters in various sizes with pink gum balls, pink taffy, etc (or any various pink candies). Have organza bags with the same candies for party favor 💕

  52. Your dress makes me think of a picnic and a Pinkalicuous picnic party could be super cute. Have books all around picnic blankets. Simple but fun picnic food, cake pops, etc. and then I got my girls first birthday dresses on amazon actually. Amazon prime is my favorite and can do one or two day shipping. Thy have a ton of adorable dresses for under 25 bucks.

  53. We can help! Etsy shop ZCDgifts or Z Create Design! We make decor and can help with a cake topper, photo props and cutouts if needed! 🙂

  54. I love Molly’s love of reading 💖💖💖So sweet that she loves Pinkalicious!! I think it would be super cool if you could bring in a local (LA) based actress to dress up as Pinkalicious 💖💖💖She could come and read to the kids and enjoy a slice of pink cake 😍 The look on Molly’s face would be priceless!
    Ps-I followed Kevin for his b-day! 💫

  55. What a cute party theme!!! I can create custom party garlands, cake topper etc. that coordinate with your theme, if you’re interested. I’m in Newport Beach area and I’d love to help you out. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Little Paper Farm on Etsy and Instagram or I can send you some pics from customers

  56. Definitely pink cupcakes with cherries on top. Lots and lots of pink balloons! I love the idea of Molly wearing a pink tutu; it just screams out party!!!!!

    Pink kiddie pool with pink balls for a ball pit. You’ll get the cutest pictures. A birthday girl table with everything pink so she can sit with her friends.

    Pinkalicious cut out for pictures.

    I went all out last year for my lil ones first birthday and this year we decided to go to Disneyland instead to make memories!!! Love the pinkalicious theme too cute

  57. The first thing I thought of was an Ice Cream Cone theme. Something you could go very detailed on or keep it simple. Pinks, mint greens (or any color scheme you like!) I found some inspiration and linked them below for you. Good luck; no matter what theme you choose, I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

  58. That dress is amazing on you Ali! And happy birthday to Molly!
    I would think go to Party City and get lots of pink candies and things to go with the theme.
    One thing I like to do that adds some fun is go to michaels and get candy melts and you could get different pinks and reds and dip them in pretzel rods or Oreos or other treats molly might like with some sprinkles. It’s a fun and creative way to add some color and treats!

    Here’s a cute dress!
    NNJXD Girl Shinny Stripe Baby Girl Sleeveless Printed Tutu Birthday Dress Size (90) 13-24 Months Rose

    Or if you already have something you could just add the wings and stuff like pinkalicious too?
    Girls Hot Pink Fairy Costume with Butterfly Wings, Wand, Tutu & Halo

    Or how about a pink Elmo dress?
    Elmo Birthday Dress outfit in hot pink- personalized with your child’s name and birthday number

  59. Pink fruits, strawberries, watermelon. Strawberry shortcakes, strawberry lemonade.
    I had the cutest Sesame Street themed party ideas for my kids, but switched idea at last minute. Let me know if you need those ideas for a party sometime

  60. I pinned this dress because I’m so obsessed with it and now it’s on sale! I’m a bf-ing mom too, 5 months postpartum–did you need to size up at all? Trying to figure out if I should just order two sizes…thanks!

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