A Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Ok, I thought last week’s episode was boring but boy did this episode make up for it! I feel like there is SOOOO much to talk about. Starting with how confused I am about Colton…

Colton Date (Is he for real?)-

Colton really confuses me. I think in general I’ve had my guard up about him from the very get-go. Not only because of the whole Tia situation, but also because I know Tia isn’t the only public figure he’s dated. He also dated Aly Raisman the gymnast. And it could just be by chance that he went after two girls who are in the limelight, but it’s definitely something to question.

And on his date with Becca in last night’s episode I just found him extremely awkward. Like he had nothing to say to her. I mean, I’m sure riding a camel is awkward in general. But Becca seemed to just go with it and have a good time and be playful. Whereas Colton seemed ridiculously uncomfortable. Like he couldn’t string two words together or even begin to form a sentence. Is that because he has nothing to say to her? Or is he just shy and a little bit awkward? I don’t know the answer! I also thought he didn’t have much say in the hot tub with her.

But I will say this, I’m really trying my best to not judge him. I’m trying to base my opinion of him on his actual actions on the show and not my perceived judgment of his past actions or how I perceive his awkwardness. We also only see an edited version of these people so maybe he was saying more and it was edited out. There’s really no way to know for sure.

I do like that he opened up more at dinner and we saw him speak to her. However, I’m wondering if we’re going to hear from this ex-girlfriend of his in the press. I’m curious if the way he’s describing their relationship is how it actually was. And you know what, I have no reason to not believe him. I keep wondering why I’m doubting him and the only thing I can come up with is that it’s because of the way he looks. And that is so unfair to him! I almost don’t want to write this because I don’t want you guys to think that I am the type of person that judges someone based on the way they look. But I’m just trying to be as open and honest as possible. I think we all have preconceived notions about what someone is like based on the way they look. And let’s face it, Colton is a really attractive guy! And most guys I’ve met that look like him in my life, have been players. But that is so unfair of me to judge him based on that. So I’m really trying to be as open minded with him as possible.

I’m gonna say one last thing about him. Even though I feel like maybe I am unfairly judging him because of the way he looks, I also feel like he is reading lines out of the manual to audition to be the next Bachelor. He said verbatim, “As much as my guard is up and my walls are up… only having said the word love once, is obviously because I hold a lot of weight behind that word because it has so much significance. But you’re making it easier for me to take my walls down.”

I feel like it sounds like he’s reading a script. Or setting up the narrative for all of us to “get his heart broken” at the end of this and then become the next Bachelor. Am I reading way too much into this?! I don’t know! Just who talks like that? It sounds like not something someone should say when they’re on a date, but something I would write in this blog about someone on the show that actually was genuine and did have walls up. Does that make sense? It’s like he knows the cameras are there and he’s telling us all an elaborate story about why he is a “vulnerable guy.” And then at the end of his date he says “I’m falling in love with Becca” after just telling all of us how he wouldn’t say that unless he was sooo sure. He’s had ONE date with her! And I thought his walls were up? Again, it’s like he is trying to sell us a story and I don’t think I’m buying it.

Ok did I say that was the last thing I was going to say about him, I lied. I write these blogs as I am watching the episodes and as this episode went on, I started to like him more and more. He seemed to have some level-headed things to say about some of the craziness that went on in last night’s episode. So I just don’t know what to think now! I HAVE to know what you guys think!

Group Date –

There are really only two guys I want to talk about from the group date, Blake and Chris. Let’s start with Blake!

Without a doubt Blake is going to be in the top three guys! At this point, it seems pretty obvious that she’s most into him. So I almost want to say that he’s for sure going to be the last guy standing. And I do feel pretty confident in suggesting that. However, I almost feel like we’re seeing too much of their love story at this point for it to be him in the end. I feel like we, as an audience, are falling just as much in love with Blake as Becca is. And usually when someone gets that kind of edit it’s because the producers want us to fall in love with him because they’re setting him up to be the next Bachelor. I for one would absolutely love to see him as the next Bachelor! He’s a cutie, super sweet and well spoken. Plus he has a little bit of a nerdy side to him to that I find really endearing. So if he doesn’t end up with Becca in the end, I would love to see him be the next one handing out roses. What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments below!


Now on to Chris. He honestly immediately turned me off in the beginning of the episode when he said Vegas was his speed. Or maybe I’m not remembering his words correctly, but he said something about Vegas being his kind of city. Any guy that says Vegas is his kind of city I feel like isn’t ready to settle down. What do you guys think? Don’t get me wrong, I love going to Vegas for a night or two! But I would never describe it as my kind of city. That just seems like something someone who is single and likes to be single says. No? I’m curious to hear what you guys think. With all that said, I think it will be easy for us to judge the way he acted at the end of the group date because we see a lot of him being super confident and a lot of him complaining. But here’s the thing, I honestly understand why he was so upset. I bet he and the guys were sitting there for five hours while Becca went off on one-on-one dates during the group date. And after sitting there and waiting so long, I get why he was mad that he didn’t get any time with her. And she didn’t really seem like she cared that she didn’t get any time with him. Which was an immediate sign to me that she wasn’t into him.

And at one point in the show he said that Becca needed to win him over and I kind of love that he said that. Because it is a two-way street. The one thing that annoys me about the show is that every contestant is always head over heels about the lead. But in real life, that’s just not how things work. I like that somebody is saying, especially a guy, that he needs to be won over.

2-on-1 Date

David is the worst in my opinion. He purposely tries to push Jordan’s buttons and I think that’s just ugly. I know we see Jordan lash out and say ridiculous things, and really that’s just a part of who Jordan is, he says ridiculous things! But David takes it to an ugly place by trying to be cruel. I just don’t like him. And the way he worded it when he told Becca that Jordan said that he was settling for her was just so messed up in my opinion. It wasn’t like he said “Jordan said he’s settling for you.” Instead, he said it in a way where it almost seemed like Becca should feel like she’s someone guys settle for. I don’t know if that makes sense or even how to word this properly. I just remember feeling like what he said to Becca was so hurtful. For instance, on my season I remember being super self-conscious about not feeling like I was pretty enough or good enough to be the Bachelorette. If one of my guys had said something like this to me, it would’ve totally messed with my head. I wouldn’t have felt good enough and I would’ve felt like the guys were settling for me. I just get the sense that his comments made Becca feel that way. Not cool! I’m glad Becca sent him home first and I think it speaks volumes that she just walked away from him and didn’t even give him a proper hug goodbye. I think she felt exactly what I’m feeling towards him.

Jordan is great for entertainment on the show, but obviously not for Becca. I don’t think it surprised any of us that she sent him home at the end of the day. I’m actually surprised she kept him around this long. But I’m so glad she did because man does he make me laugh! Every single episode of the show so far I have literally laughed out loud at the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. He’s hysterical! But I have no doubts that we’ll see him in paradise this summer. How amazing would it be if Jordan and Daniel from Canada both ended up in paradise. They are my two favorite people in the history of the show! Bye for now, Jordan! See you in paradise! And by that I mean I’ll see you on TV. I’m obviously not going to paradise. Ha!

OK, this is getting way too long and at this point I feel like my head is spinning with everything going on. And I have to go nurse Riley now anyway :-). Ha! Mom life. A far cry from my days as the Bachelorette over eight years ago. But let’s discuss everything in the comments below! There’s so much to talk about!

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88 thoughts on “A Bachelorette Party in Vegas

  1. Is it just me or was the whole David/Jordan thing so over-produced? It seemed to me Becca would have told them both to go home but producers told her to keep him. I know that goes on every season but last night just seemed really fake with Becca’s reaction to them. I think the fighting & arguing was real with the two of them though.
    I was surprised to hear Becca say she was falling in love with Blake. She seems more into Colton and Garrett to me.
    Colton is definitely hard to trust but he was hilarious last night trying to referee the David/Jordan fights!
    I don’t feel like you’re judging anyone Ali – relax and enjoy! I enjoy your blogs!

  2. As of now, I think the top 4 will be Colton, Blake, Garrett and Wills. Those are the 4 I see her really liking and enjoying her time with them. I do have some hesitation about Colton but he is so darn cute and that smile…
    I want to marry Blake!! He seems like the kind of guy that will stand by you and fight for you – who doesnt want that in a guy?
    Chris’s attitude totally turned me off this episode. And Ali – YES! As soon as he said that Vegas was his kind of city, red flags went up immediately!!
    The 2 on 1 was terrible, ugh they were both sooo wrong for her. Sometimes I get mad at what is so obviously producer driven, I want to see the good guys win out, not the drama queens/kings, but I guess thats what has become of these shows!
    Love your blog, Ali!! And Molly & Riley are the cutest!! xo

  3. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to share your thoughts. It’s definitely fun to hear your perspective. I agree with you about David. His smug face made me so mad. It was great how she just walked away, but I also think it would have been nice for her to call him on some of his manipulation. And Jordan talking about his skin and hair regiments…oh my gosh, he has some growing up to do.
    I just love Garrett and Blake, she lights up every time she’s with them. The rest are just friends she kisses from time to time. Lol. 😉
    I’m distrustful of Colton also and don’t think he’ll be around the whole time.
    Have a great day!

  4. I love reading your blog. I agree about Colton, I don’t think he’s into Becca, i think he wants to be the next bachelor or try to be more famous off the show. I’m curious about what you thought about Chris interrupting Wills and how Chris acted when Wills came back. I didn’t like how rude he was to Wills after he was nice enough to give him a few minutes and how Chris acted like his time was way more important.

    1. Agreed. Chris was such a jerk in that situation. I’m glad Wills stood his ground and was so cool & collected.

    2. I can’t trust Colton. I hope
      ABC doesn’t deed into the hunger for fame. I want an honest and true Bachelor next time around.

  5. You don’t have to explain yourself with what you said in regards to Colton- I completely agree! I couldn’t put it to words though. I really liked him the first few times but now something rubs me the wrong way. I think you described it well. I really would like to see more of Jason – is it? The real estate guy. I’m not as into Blake but maybe I haven’t paid alot of attention.
    And David- yeah. He just made himself look terrible. I actually felt a bit bad for Jordan last night. Especially maybe after the Mom comments…he’s probably had a tough life and is trying so hard to do better.

  6. I was cringing the whole episode, so awkward! David is a absolute loser. Not a fan at all. I’m so glad she walked away and didn’t even say goodbye. I agree there is something off about Colton, hard to pin point it tho. But maybe it’s the editing to make us not trust him. I dunno lol. Blake is my favorite by far. He’s a sweetheart and he’ll definitely make it far. I hope she picks him. They gave her a lot of weirdos, not gonna lie. I’d be a bit upset at the casting if I was Becca

  7. I have felt off with Colton since the very beginning too! Well, I liked him when they first introduced him, but something has felt off since. I think he may genuinely like Becca but there doesn’t seem to be any chemistry. Yes, he’s good looking, but where is the connection beyond that? I also feel like he wants to be the next Bachelor, which is a little off-putting to me. Obviously someone from the show will get the role, but it doesn’t sit right with me when they appear to be there just to get there own show. Plus, I really like Becca and want this to work for her!
    My top two are Blake and Garrett! She’s so smitten with both of them and it’s so cute to watch.

  8. I’m on the same page as you Ali. I think Colton is saying what he thinks Becca wants to hear. I think David got caught up in the tattle tell role and couldn’t dig out of the hole. I LOVE Blake and I really hope she ends up with him. He’s the good guy. And Chris’ whiny behavior was a major turn off.

    1. I can’t believe she gave him a rose! He is such a drama queen! I think he will be gone in the next episode.

  9. David and Jordan both needed to go! Chris is too controlling. He has to go next. I think she is physically attracted to Colton (who wouldn’t be?!) but he’s not the guy for her. I think it will come down to Blake and Garrett, with Blake being the winner! BUT… I don’t underestimate Wills. I think he handled himself well, and he might sneak in at #2!

  10. Your thoughts on David are spot on and exactly how I feel. Jordan is totally harmless. Obviously not for Becca, but he’s got great sound bites and is good for TV; I too think some of the things he said were so ridiculous it was funny! But David was just being mean to be mean. I’m glad Becca saw right through him! I’m positive she already knows who her top 3 choices are and is just riding out the season til she can get down to the nitty gritty 🙂

  11. I look forward to your Bachelor/Bachelorette blogs after each episode because my poor fiancé does not care for the show unfortunately. LOL. Anyway, I can’t get over how immature both David and Jordan acted. I kept thinking while they were arguing, “You both are going to be sent home!”. Poor Becca expected to take 2 guys on a 2 on 1 and ended up playing referee. David could’ve saved himself by focusing on his conversation with Becca and getting to know her. He has spent so much of his time on the show beating down on Jordan. And Jordan is easily provoked so it’s a lose-lose situation. Oh, and then Joordan goes on to dinner with Becca and couldn’t stop talking about his modeling career or models. Yikes! The poor guy needs a dating manual stat!

  12. Colton is not into her. His body language was screaming that his mind is somewhere else- that it he is just extraordinarily boring!

      1. And did anyone notice the way he kissed her?? They showed so many kisses between the two of them, but not one was a nice make out. All closed mouth pecks! It’s so sad how some people do not see what’s going on right in front of them, because they’re blinded by looks 😔

        1. I actually had to rewind a kiss between Colton and Becca to show my husband- I was like “look at his mouth, he’s like tight lipped, and soooo not into it!!!” He’s either sooo not into her, or not into girls at all 😆

        2. He says he is a virgin, and pretty inexperienced in the relationship department. I have just assumed that Colton, as an attractive man in his 20’s who had a career in the NFL and probably went to college has AT LEAST made out with tons of women. But what if I am wrong? Maybe he has only kissed a few? Maybe he is terrified of making out on camera or he doesn’t even really know how to do it? I mean, it seems highly unlikely, but is it possible?

  13. Yes, I have been waiting for this blog all day! I love your blog, I’m a momma to a 17 month old so I can relate to a lot of what you talk about!

  14. Hi Ali,
    I kind of agree with what you feel about Colton! Except for me, I was super into him from the first night (so much so that I gave him the benefit of the doubt about the Tia thing). However, I feel like their date last night was a little awkward and he seemed so scripted and forced. I think Becca is just really physically attracted to him, otherwise I think she would have sent him home after the Tia thing.

    As far as Chris goes, I totally agree with what you said about this being a 2 way street. Becca needs to show the guys she’s into that she’s into them too! Chris let his emotions get the best of him when he threatened to leave but I can totally see why he was thinking that way. From day 1 he seemed a bit too intense, but I do get where he’s coming from on this one. I just don’t think he’s handling it very well. The more he talks the worse he’s making it.

    Also, can we talk about Jason!? I think he is the most underrated guy on her season and they need to show more of him! From the little bit we have seen of them together, he has been so sweet and down to earth and I feel like she really likes him! Last week she said he was a really good kisser, LOL! I want to see more!

    Great blog and thank you so much for keeping it up despite being a tired and busy mom! Much love!

    1. I totally agree with you about Jason! I think Becca really likes him! Hoping he makes it into the top 4!!

    2. Totally agree about Jason, just something about him and he seems super normal and sweet! I also absolutely love Garrett so they would be my top 2. Another person who may be underrated is Connor… Need to see more of him to find out!

    3. Totally agree about Jason! he’s way under shown! kind of like Kendal was last season. Or even Catherine on Seans season!

    4. I agree about Jason. He has been a pleasant surprise. Hope we see more ! And yes, you can tell he is a good kisser!!

  15. My wife and I watch together and after a person gets kicked off she follows up to see what their social media accounts say about them and guess what?! David is STILL bullying/trolling Jordan on twitter etc! Gross. If it weren’t for the edits I bet we’d also come to find out David may even be homophobic. As a lesbian couple we are quick to identify bullies like David and STAY AWAY. Run for the hills, y’all. Thanks for the post Ali!

    1. I hated David on the show and do NOT want to see him on Paradise. The guy is a complete bully and seemed to relish being a jerk. He reminds me of a villain from an 80’s movie… the jerky rich kid who bullys the sweet poor kid.

  16. I love Blake!! So glad to see David and Jordan go home! I did like the fact that Jordan was able to get a little more “real” with us before leaving the show and I liked how he handled being rejected even though he didn’t see it coming. (How I do not know😬). I also really love how Wills handled the whole Chris situation. He was never rude or ugly but still stood his ground. Chris needs to go. I also really like Jason and think he’s going to be the guy who just “comes out of nowhere” much like Lauren with Arie. My top choices are: Blake, Jason, Wills, Garrett, and Colton! Love your blog Ali! I have a 3 year old daughter & 4 month old little boy so I enjoy seeing your posts and love that you keep it real! 😍

  17. Hi Ali !!! I was noticing that they kept Becca so far in the States. Nothing overseas I dont believe. Any idea why that would be?

    Riley and Molly are adorable!

    1. I noticed that too. Prob to save money! Maybe with that new show they are doing right afterwards, they are winding down the franchise. If they did I would agree bc I think it has gotten boring and predictable.

  18. I agree with all the comments. I am not enjoying some of these guys, but there are a few (Garrett being one for sure) who I think will be great for Becca. Excited to keep watching and reading your feedback.

  19. I totally agree with everything you said Ali! Can’t stand David. He tried to bring Jordan down all the time.
    Colton in my opinion is trying to raise fame on this show and I also have mixed feelings about him. I feel like he isn’t for Becca there, honestly can’t see it.
    I liked Jordan, he was himself and feels like he is sincerely nice guy. But mostly I like Blake! He is my fave. If he isn’t the winner, definitely would like to see him as the next bachelor.
    Love all the way from Croatia 🙂

  20. Just out of curiosity, does anyone ever check out reality Steve’s blog? It’s a spoiler from day one, so don’t look if you don’t want to know! I think Ali, you just watch and make your own predictions along the way?

  21. I dont trust colton further then i can see him. I have followed him since he was interested in aly raisman and asked her and dated her. They broke up and he was after chrissy from chrisy knows best or something like that he didnt get her. Then he is modeling. When he blocked me from his social media because i made a comment of him being after fame and moneu just proved i was right. I thot he was a down to earth Christian man. I dont think so. In my olinikn i dont trist him and fame and miney is what he is looking for.

  22. I am feeling this is so scripted. In real life she would have gotten rid of at least three of the men. She has no interest in Jordan or creepy Chris. But gotta keep them for drama.

  23. I think Garrett and Blake will be the last two standing with Garrett as the winner. Something about their chemistry is just undeniable and they act like two giddy kids when they get around each other.
    Not going to lie, I will miss Jordan. He made me crack up and I can’t wait to watch paradise!
    You are right on with your feelings with Colton. Something about him is just not right and I don’t think he’s that into Becca. I definitely see Blake as the next bachelor also! I just love love love him. Btw, I am expecting my second in 1 week (boy)…I also have a 19 month old baby girl. I love reading your blog. It reassures me I can do this too. 😂

  24. Ali, I totally get what you are saying about Colton and I appreciate that you recognized you may be perceiving him wrong. I feel like I have been doing the same with many of these guys…judging based off things they say, how they look, etc. It’s really not fair because I have totally been the victim of people judging me and them being totally wrong about their perceptions. Example: In high school a girl and I became best friends but she told me that prior to getting to know me she thought I was a snob. Once she got to know me she realized she was wrong! I was just shy/quiet and she perceived this as snobby. I definitely want to get better at not judging people but we can definitely discern when someone’s character comes into question.

  25. One of my favorite moments from last night was the interaction with Chris and Wills at the cocktail party! I thought it was hilarious and awkward, but then after the confrontation when Wills came back to the group of guys and Chris expressed he was upset with Wills I lost some respect for Chris and thought Wills handled the situation with class. I appreciated that after he said his peace he got up from the conversation and walked away. I think Wills, Garrett and Blake are the top 3!

    1. Did you catch how when Wills came over and joined the men at the table he looked at Chris and said “Sup, baby?” I fell in love with him a little bit at that

  26. I agree with everything you said. I 100% think Colton just wants to be famous…in what capacity the show can enable him to do that. I just love Blake, but I feel like she won’t pick him, because he’s not “bad boy” enough. Colton is the “type” of guy she wants and is most attracted to, but she knows he’s not the right guy with the best intentions. But I think Blake is too nice and doesn’t have enough edge to keep Becca’s attention…sadly! I feel like this always happens! The good guy goes home :(.

  27. I LOVE Garrett! He is so nerdy & corny! He always has a GOOBER smile on, but his past sets me back. Would a six month marriage last with them too?

    1. Yeah, his comments about the marriage being all the wife’s fault set up a red flag for me. I think there is more to it and even through divorce is common enough nowadays, it still makes me wonder what really went down and if his cheerful disposition is hiding something.

  28. This is random, but do they ever actually eat food on the dates?? No one ever is seen actually eating food-my husband and I are dying to know 😉

    1. I read somewhere that they eat before the date and not the food at the date. Better for filming and talking! (I’m sure Ali can verify!)

    2. I know someone who works on the show and the person told me they don’t because the sound gets screwed up. I swear though last season I saw him eating something, but maybe not.

    3. Haha, funny, I have wondered the same thing. The food is always presented so pretty and looks so good! But they never eat it. I can understand there would not be so much talking though, if they did. But it would be more like real life on a real date….I mean, you DO eat on a real date in real life!

  29. The David jordan scenario this season reminded me a lot of the Alex Chad scenario from JoJos season. The David’s and the Alex’s that KNOW how to push buttons, but taking it WAY too far. David was especially cruel. Jordan made me laugh and I clapped very loudly when I found out David had to leave first.

  30. By now you’ve surely seen that Jordan AND David are on Paradise lol. Regarding Colton, I just think he’s shy actually and I believe that he was hurt by his past relationship. Nick Viall’s spoof agrees with you about him reading a script – and is funny – but I didn’t get that. The thing that bugs me is that Becca is WAY more into him than he is her. And it bugs me when a girl can’t see that. I like Blake the most because and when I see Garrett I keep thinking about what came out about him in the news and I can’t get it out of my mind. I think he (Blake) really likes her and he is such a genuine guy. Chris bugged the heck out of me – he blew it when he spoke to her, was more concerned about himself and blew it again when he came back and interrupted Becca. Just trying too hard at all the wrong times. I’m surprised she kept him. All in all, I don’t really care for any of the guys except Blake and the sweet Software Engineer who got eliminated last night – he’s made it to Paradise as well! As did Kendall from Aries season who I like a lot. Thanks for your thoughts Ali – it’s such fun! I’m so glad Riley slept a stretch!

  31. Hello Ali~Always look forward to reading your blog. Team Blake all the way!! He’s just adorable and I really hope she picks him.

    So so so glad Jordan and David are gone…it was getting so childish and it seems there are always two guys so focused on each other they forget why they are really there. Glad she booted them.

    Chris….I just had a weird vibe about him from the beginning and now I know why. Definitely not my favorite, I think he will be on his way soon!

    And poor John 😢

    Thanks for giving us a little piece of your mind. Please don’t ever be afraid to be honest!!

  32. Ali I love your blog. I also love the comments here and wanted to hit reply to them all!
    It seems every season we have a David/Jordan type situation. David just got stuck on Jordan and couldn’t focus on Becca! Probably wouldn’t have been a good match anyway. My daughter thought Jordan was funny and wanted to see more (first episode she watched this year). But he really was in his own world!
    Chris was out of line from the end of the “show” onward! He got so caught up in being “better” than everyone with his song/act, that he expected the rose based just on that. He should reallize that performance in the activity of the day does not always equal a rose! They had a decent connection prior, but he didn’t try to talk to her any more than she did him. My daughter fell asleep during the rose ceremony but when I told her Chris stayed she was very surprised!
    Love your outfits and love your kid pics! Enjoy your mommy time!

    1. I forgot to mention the “Vegas” thing. I am a cynic when it comes to Vegas after having lived there for 6 years. After moving and going back to visit family, the way things have changed leaves a bad taste for me. So yeah, Chris saying it’s his kind of town (as well as all the guys with the “Vegas baby!” thing, I was a bit turned off. (Although, I did not know you could ride camels there!)

      1. Omg I just moved from there having lived same amount of time – and totally agree with you. Any guy who’s into Vegas – and in addition, says that – is off my list. I didn’t know they had camels there either.

  33. Hey Ali, Adeola here from Ireland. Well done for taking the time to write this blog. You’re amazing.

    Colton is really cute, he’s not right for Becca. When Tia came on the show, you can see the spark between her and Colton. Think they still have unfinished business.

    I’m going to miss Jordan. Cannot wait to watch him in BIP.

    All the best with your family.

  34. The Bachelor in Paradise cast was announced today. I am sure not everyone was announced, because Becca’s season is still showing. But i was really disappointed to NOT see Christon or Clay. They are both so sweet and handsome.

  35. Colton is 100% being set up to go meet up with Tia in paradise. The whole thing just seems too weird. I think he’ll go far, but he’ll hop on a plane to Mexico the second he’s eliminated, and the producers will try and set up To and Colton’s love story. I get what you mean about something seeming off about him. He just doesn’t seem genuine to me!

  36. I’m not into Blake as most people are. Not sure what it is about him that bothers me. I think Garrett will be the last man though I’d love it to be Colton cuz I really like him but previews last night show her getting hurt by someone and I’m guessing it’s Colton. Sigh.

  37. I believe Garrett and wells and Blake will be top 3 I like that Garrett makes her laugh. I like Blake too so much chemistry. I wish her so much happiness she deserves it. Colton and chris I’m not cool with Colton I liked at first intill the whole tia thing I get people date and relationships you go through things and work things out but tia is her friend I would be awkward. Depends on the person. Chris I think will be sent home soon. Ali your awesome by the way

  38. Garrett, Blake and Colton will definitely be top 3. It’s funny to me how obvious that is already and I feel like so many of the other guys are so obviously not a good fit for her. But I guess that’s a part of the show.
    Also, I wasn’t sure about Colton at first but really like him now. Although, what you said about seeming like it’s scripted and he’s just saying all the right things could also be true. I hope that’s not the case though! 😉
    Um and I totally agree about chris. I don’t like him one bit. He’s very full of himself and also I just don’t see it between them. He’s way too dramatic for my taste. I was shocked that she kept him there.
    David and Jordan – so glad she sent them both home. David was very annoying and I do love how real Becca seems to be. Like she was so aggravated and fed up with their petty, immature drama. Haha I loved how she said she felt like she was back in middle school.
    Unfortunately, I feel like there’s been lots of that so far this season.
    But I do love her connection with Garrett and Blake. They both seem so sweet and genuine and it makes me so happy for her. 🙂

  39. Thank you, Ali! Loved your post and the comments made by others! I think it will be Blake, Garrett, Jason and either Willis or Colton for the final four. Colton is darling, savvy and sharing “lines” with Becca and she’s waaaay more into him than he is into her. He definitely has an agenda but it doesn’t include Becca. I’m disappointed because I do like him. Blake and Garrett will be her final two, I think. Love that you take the time to share with us. ❤️

  40. This blog post is awesome!

    I also don’t think I trust him. Sometimes he seems a bit calculated, however when he was at the dinner, I thought that maybe he is just shy. Time will tell. I’m excited to see!

    I think Blake would be a great bachelor but Jason is by far the best guy!

    The one thing I didn’t 100% agree with is your comment about Chris. Relationship are definitely a two way street- there is no disputing that. Chris’ reaction to not getting time with Becca seemed rather immature. At the rose ceremony, he kept trying to argue that the guys weren’t putting themselves in “his shoes”. I was laughing because they are literally all in the same set of circumstances competing for one woman. It seemed like a selfish response. And even after Becca explained she didn’t appreciate that type of response- he said it again!!

    I thought that situation could of been easily resolved had he explained why he said that and tried to make the most out of the time they had together.

    Just my thoughts!

  41. I do kind of feel for Chris in this episode. I completely understand that he wants to be wanted. It can be terrifying to feel like you’re falling in love with someone and think that the feeling isn’t being reciprocated. Becca honestly didn’t seem to upset about not talking to him that night so I can understand why he’d lash out a little and say the thing about going home, because he wants to be wanted and won over as well. And then she goes on about how she wants 50/50 and basically says she isn’t currently seeing that with him while in his eyes, he’s giving more and she isn’t giving 50/50! Ugh poor guy.

    BUT I have to say on another note, I do love some of the other guys a lot as well. Blake is amazing and gorgeous and I wish I could snatch him right up if he doesn’t last on the show. I am iffy about Colton. I like Garret a lot and Wills was pretty quiet at first but I’m starting to like him a lot more now too.

    David disgusted me this episode. His pure intent on this show became to destroy Jordan and only destroyed himself and part of Becca’s confidence in the process.

    Not feeling it much with Lincoln, I never saw the big hype with him.

    And lastly, I feel bad for John but I think he’s just way too socially awkward for Becca 🤣 which is totally okay, I just think he needs to find a girl that’s as awkward and nerdy as he is. He’ll be just fine!

    1. I think that a great fit for John would be Danielle M. from Nick’s season, the are bringing the same energy..maybe in paradise? 🙂

    2. I think Chris missed an opportunity to redeem himself. I get that he felt their conversation was cut short and Becca expressed he needed to be more assertive and is why he sought her out while she was with Wills. Wills was gracious enough to give him a few minutes, when he returned Chris should have thanked Becca for her time and thanked Wills and left. It would have left a better impression than him arguing with Wills.

  42. Hi Ali, I just have to say- love your blogs!!! While watching the episode, I can’t wait to see what you say about it, cause you verbalize exactly what I’m feeling about it 🙂 I can’t agree more about Colton, he is cute and attractive but for some reason it doesn’t feel 100% genuine..and I went through the same thought process as you did about him.. so there might be something to it.
    Blake is such a nice and lovable guy, and it seems that he is concentrated on being there for her and compensate her for all the bad experiences she had with others, but by that I don’t feel we really getting to know him on a deeper level. Thanks for writing this blog 🙂
    Love your looks from this week!!

  43. My husband and I were saying we feel like Colton studied past seasons and is regurgitating what he learned with zero believablility (for the audience anyway)..what to say, how to say it and when to say it…and she’s eating it right up. He seems so canned! Too bad he’s so nice to look at…

  44. So, apparently I completely missed this in the previews, but Colton at some point tells Becca that he is a virgin? I noticed that on their date, they very obviously edited in the “Virgin River” that they were driving over, and other things to insinuate that Colton was inexperienced. So has he already told Becca this, or is that something to come that they were just prefacing?

    Anyway, when I went to google Colton that is how I discovered that he (at some point) tells Becca, because it can be seen in a preview. But he does come off as a total player. Not that a virgin can’t be a player too, but it’s just not what I was thinking! Maybe he is telling the truth, and he is just being awkward because he truly is nervous? I can’t tell.

    1. I agree that is hard to believe that he is a virgin, especially when it referenced him and Kia spending a weekend together.

  45. Hi Ali! I’m deaf so I often rely on body langage and I pick up a lot of information beside what people say. I like Garret. Wills seems nice too but I don’t see him with Becca, the chemistry isn’t there. Blake seems okay but I keep forgetting about him, because it’s so smooth sailing. David is definitely evil-minded. I like Jordan, he says the most silly, ridiculous and narcissist things, but they do seem to come from a genuine place. He wasn’t for Becca but I liked how different he was from the others. Chris, to me, is a passionate, impulsive guy. I think he’s good-hearted, just hasn’t got control over his emotions just yet and it makes him not reliable. Colton is a total player, and will continue to be until he find the right girl, and it’s not Becca. I cringe when they kiss because it feels to me like Colton is forcing himself to kiss her.

    Personally I respond better to shy guys, I liked John, Clay and Leo as well, but Becca didn’t connect with them as much as Garret and Blake. I hope she picks Garret, they have so much fun together.

    I love reading your posts, keep them coming 🙂

  46. I completely agree that Colton is trying to be the next bachlor! I even said that to my husband when watching the show. I really like Garrett. He seems so fun and goes so well with the flow. But sadly I think she send him home at some point. Im not a huge bachlor/bachelorette watchers. I usually never watch it but what happened to Becca, I knew I had to watch. I most def watched your season! You were always my fav on the bachlor and when it was your turn I watched for sure..! But yes I agree Colton wants to be the next bachlor!

  47. David is nothing but a bully and he made himself look so much worse than Jordan! It really did seem like he was obsessed with him. A truly cool, level headed guy would have just ignored Jordan and waited for him to go home. Instead, he took every possible opportunity to talk to him and about him. Anyone who has seen any season of the Bachelor knows that getting caught up in drama with someone in the house always gets you sent home!

  48. I come here every week for your Bachelor/Bachelorette recap because they are usually on point and I love hearing an “insiders” perspective on the show. It’s crazy to me how long group dates/cocktail parties last!

    With all of that being said, my favorite part of this week’s blog is that striped tunic! Ali, you are stunning!!! That top was definitely made for you.

  49. My top 3 are Garrett, Blake, and Colton. I do think she ends up with Garrett. They seem to have the most chemistry. I don’t think Colton is being himself. Maybe this type of setting isn’t for him. Blake is really cute and sweet and would be a good Bachelor.

    I am glad that both David and Jordan are gone. To be honest, I thought David was way more annoying than Jordan. He was so whiny and bitched about Jordan way too much. I liked that Becca just walked away without saying goodbye to David.

    Chris’ aggression is off putting. Becca should’ve sent him home. And is it just me or does Chris look A LOT like Ben Stiller? It’s crazy how much he resembles Ben. HA!

  50. I was very happy when Becca sent David and Jordan home! The fighting was pretty ridiculous-reminds me of some of my students who are 8! I wish she had sent Chris home-he really was obnoxious last night and caused a lot of drama. I thought Wills handled everything pretty maturely-I was impressed when he walked away when Chris went on ranting. My favorites right now are Wills and Garrett. Blake is ok- Becca seems to be really into him. I do miss Joe, the grocer-he was so normal! 🙂

  51. I LOVE your blog. I look forward to it every episode of every season. This season especially because I am not even watching the whole episodes. I can not get into it – I think it is a combination of Becca (sorry) and the guys. I am just not feeling it. She seems sweet, but I am bored to tears. From what I saw, I think Colton is on this to become Bachelor famous or continue in the spotlight somehow. Chris was a jerk and I don’t see her with him at all. The two on one was so producer driven it was such a joke. David was so awful and Jordan was as well. I can’t believe she didn’t send them both home there. I think she has a strong connection with Garrett, Blake and Colton although I don’t think she will chose Colton.

  52. I have just started reading your blog and really love it! You look beautiful in the maxi dress! Hopefully, you’re settling in with Riley and your beautiful family!

  53. Hi Ali! I read your recaps every week! With Colton, I think it is his facial expressions. They make him seem like he thinks everything is a joke; therefore he is not being sincere. In my opinion, he is overcompensating for his nervousness as he is supposedly still a virgin.
    As for Chris, does he nor know how the show works?! All the guys have to work to get the one girl’s attention. So Chris just sits there all huffy and expects Becca to come to him?! His attitude totally turned me off him. I really thought Becca would send him home but he is safe for now.

  54. I totally agree that Colton sounded like he was reading for a bachelor audition!! I thought that exact thing! Smh!

  55. Oh my gosh, I completely agree with mostly all of this 😉 David was awful, but Jordan drove me nuts. You could tell the network was keeping him around for entertainment; they had zero chemistry!
    I have strongly felt this whole time that Blake and Garret will be the last two!! I love them both for different reasons so it’s hard to say who I think she would pick if it does come down to those two. But I also agree that Blake would be a great Bachelor if she doesn’t choose him!
    By the way, I loved watching your season!! I’m from the Berkshires so I loved that your hometown wasn’t far from mine and you were just fun to watch!

  56. I am really not a fan of Colton. I liked him at first but now it seems like everything he says is SO careful and rehearsed. I thought the camel and hot tub date was just kind of awkward. Becca was all about him, but Colton just kind of sat there looking pretty. Then in the evening, he just said a bunch of stuff that sounded good, but didn’t seem to be coming from a genuine place. I think Becca is crazy attracted to him, but something about him seems really insincere. Why did he say he never says “i love you” and then say it right after?? Date 1 is REALLY soon to be saying that – even in “Bachelor world.” Typically contestants wait until hometowns, or even overnights. Just seemed really fast! Plus, all the drama with Tia… And they clearly still had chemistry when she was on the show. I hope Colton isn’t made the next Bachelor.

  57. I have to agree with you, I find Colton very emotionally immature and I really feel a deep concern for the girls that will be on his version of the Bachelor. I can’t imagine how the “fantasy suites” are going to go. He was so in love with Becca, but cried to Chris as he didn’t want to go to the fantasy suite. WHAT? Picking Colton is totally wrong, cute, yes, but way to immature to be the Bachelor and I can’t imagine what his conversations will be like to the nervous girls. There will be a lot of dead silence cause he is awkward and I hope that some of these girls don’t accept his rose, now that would make headlines. Because he is so young and has never had a solid “love” relationship, he is not going to know how to behave. I’ve watched every single Bachelor and Bachelorette, BIP, Winter Games and everything else. I didn’t agree with Nick Viall coming back and look how that worked out, another fame seeking person. He is leaving BIP cause he needs to find himself and ABC will think he will find it on Bachelor, oh my, Colton is not ready or emotionally stable enough to handle this stress.

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