3 of my Favorite Affordable Chicwish Looks!

Are you guys as obsessed with Chicwish as I am?!?! Every once in a while I do a roundup of my favorite items from their site because I get the CUTEST stuff there! And I am sooo excited to share these three looks with you guys. They are not only soooo cute, but they won’t break your bank! Which is always nice 😉 Plus I just saw on the site that code E10 will get you 10% off your order and code E15 gets you 15% off an order of over $100. So that makes these looks even more affordable!


I have been eyeing this dress for a while and finally got it. I don’t know why I waited so long to get it because I knew I would love it! Well truth be told, I got the dress a little while ago but couldn’t wear it until now because I was SOOO pregnant. Ha! But you could probably wear this dress for most of your pregnancy (if you are pregnant) because of the high waist. It would be sooo cute on someone 4-7 months pregnant! Don’t you think?


I love the ties on the shoulders which make it feel super girlie and flirty. I will be LIVING in this dress all summer. It’s just perfect!

I’m wearing it with flat sandals in these photos and it STILL looks so cute. I love a dress that looks just as good with flats as it does with heels. This is a MUST get dress in my opinion. Check it out on the Chicwish website HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to see how it looks on other bloggers. I got a size medium FYI.



This dress is super breastfeeding friendly which I love. I can just throw it on to wear around the house casually or dress it up a little bit with heels to go out! But my favorite way to wear it is with sandals. Again, this is a great causal dress that works so well with flats! Can you tell I’m dressing more like a mom of two lately? I NEED outfits that work with flats right now! Ha! And I honestly don’t even feel like these pics do the dress justice. It looks even better in person in my opinion.




Does this top look familiar? It should because I own the EXACT same top in a different print. See me wearing it in a floral print HERE (scroll to the middle of the post). I love that floral top so much that when I saw Chicwish had it in this print I HAD to get it. I wore this top all through my pregnancy (even at 9 months pregnant), but as you can see in these pics, it obvi looks so cute non-preggers too! And right now with me being 15 or more lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, I need a little coverage in the midsection to feel most comfortable and this top does just that. Oh and it’s under $50. Score! I’m wearing a S/M in these pics and a L/XL in the floral version when I was pregnant. Although I think I could have done the S/M when pregnant too.


Hope  you guys love today’s post! I think all 3 of these looks are so great for summer! Let me know what look is your favorite in the comments below!!!

24 Thoughts

24 thoughts on “3 of my Favorite Affordable Chicwish Looks!

    1. The top isn’t at all. You can’t wear dark underwear on the bottom. I’m not wearing a slip in these pics and you couldn’t see through it. But you can always wear a skirt slip if you are concerned.

    1. It doesn’t, but I can’t see through it if I have nude underwear on. You just don’t want to wear dark underwear. But you wouldn’t wear dark underwear with any white bottom!

  1. I am newly pregnant and have been looking for tops like this for when o can’t fit into my tops!
    Is the s/m really big? I tend to wear an xs. I have seen a few cute pregnant women stores on line but I am unsure how they will fit. Any other stores you recommend?
    Thanks Ali!

    1. I don’t think it would be too big. It’s a tunic so it’s supposed to be loose. I LOVE this top when I was pregnant. I think you will too! I didn’t shop at any particular store. But if you search my blog you can find all my maternity looks!

  2. Love the tunic! I ordered the white one you wear too. I got sooo many compliments. And its super easy to breastfeed to of course wearing a cami underneath.

  3. I love all of these looks sssooooo much! Especially the tunic. It’s cute, summery, and can be worn with leggings!! I’m a Full time nanny and I want to be cute but I need comfy clothes to be comfortable all day and be up and down with toddler and baby. I was so excited to buy the top but then saw they don’t offer plus size. Bummer! It was still cute to look at and looks great on you. I’d love to see more clothes that you wear because you dress so freaking cute but that also comes in plus size. 🙂

  4. You look stunning in them all! I especially love the Grey dress. I might just have to purchase that to wear when my son arrives for breastfeeding! What size did you get?

  5. I love those dresses but what kind of nursing bra do you wear? It’s hard to wear cute dresses and tops that require strapless bras. I still haven’t found great nursing bras that is wireless and gives enough support.

  6. Hi Ali
    I like all the dresses/top but especially the white dress.
    a couple of those flowers would look pretty in your hair.
    & I love the high waisted jeans!
    Owen looks so well-groomed

    p.s. i’m glad you’re asking for and getting help. Nothing better than a Grandpa’s & Grandmama’s love. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the recs, Ali! I just bought the tunic and then also the white shirt that you talked about in a previous blog. I’m 7 days past due with my second child, a little boy, and have been looking for “forgiving” clothing options for my after baby bod. 🙂 These should be great! I love following your blog and instagram. Our daughters were born one day apart and then we have been pregnant with our sons about the same time as well so it has been fun to watch you go through many of the same life stages and get ideas from your posts. Have a beautiful day!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing! I have seen this stripped tunic on IG and have been trying to hunt it down! I think it will be perfect for our newborn photo shoot (not till the end of September if our little guy is on time). LOVE these looks, I loved it so much I got the white top from your previous post as well.

  9. Ordered the tunic and the white shirt too. I’m excited – love your style! Thank you for sharing! I would have never ordered if I didn’t see these pieces on you.

  10. I just ordered the striped shirt! I’m due in November and I think it will be perfect for my pregnancy and after I have my baby in the fall. I loved your floral one and I’m so glad I finally ordered it!

  11. This has nothing to do about your above post. My daughter is getting married soon and we were wondering where you found the delicate necklace you wore on your wedding day?

  12. Ali, I used to be such a big fan of yours, as was my whole family from your Bavhelorette days. The way you called out a commenter on your Instagram stories was so uncool. Then you unleashed a little pack of instragram follower bullies on her. For you to sit there, a couple years into motherhood and brand new to motherhood of two, and tell people what is possible – ie a clean house – rings so tone deaf to me. You don’t know the situations of all of your followers. Nor do you even know what it’s like to have children past the ages or families where husbands work demanding jobs or are deployed. Families with many children or children with disabilities. And yet, you can sit there selling them products and an image to make them believe their life can be like yours. Well, I’m proud to say, my house is messy. My kids fingerpaint and craft. They love kinetic sand and play dough. They run through the sprinker and drag in those little grass blades that remind me of my own childhood. They bring home dirt from the petting zoo and the muddy puddles they love so much. The are sweaty after long days at the playground and this glorious sticky popsicle film they ends up in patches in my house. Don’t even get me started on our stomach bug or potty training stains – or battle scars as I’d call them! You choose to prioritize cleaning. Your daughter walking around your house singing Havana is a clean hobby so I guess that’s nice? You had a similar attitude after birthing Molly – “just because I’m a mommy doesn’t mean I’m going to spend my days in my pajamas”. And I gave that to you because you were new to the rodeo that is motherhood. But I’m not watching you on Home and Fanily nor am I following you anymore. I know one person doesn’t matter to you. I never bought the stuff you sold here anyway. But maybe, you could try to understand that not everyone’s situations is yours. And even maybe how maybe some of your fans simply have different priorities than you do. Also, one of your biggest fans – my mom – didn’t keep the neatest house always. But she was the most amazing, fun mother to her THREE under 20 months!!!!! Good luck with the new baby and adjusting smoothly to family of four life.

    1. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking!

      I would also like to add that I am so tired of her shilling cheap foreign clothing. I wish that she would instead use her platform to promote ethically and locally made clothing. Buying fewer quality items is so much better for the environment and local labor force.

      1. I totally agree with you there, too! To each their own, but I feel like currating a pretty life around selling goods just doesn’t seem like the healthiest, happiest existence. Normally I just kind of let people do what they choose to do but yesterday she and a few followers were giving a woman a hard time about having a messy house and that struck me as really uncool.

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