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Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! You know what that means. It’s Bachelorette blog time! To say I’m exhausted is a HUGE understatement so I apologize for typos and if I don’t make sense in places. I also just found this episode slightly boring so I don’t have a ton to say. But here it goes…

I can’t write about anything else until we discuss Lincoln. Does he really think the world is flat? You’ve got to be kidding! Lincoln was my husband Kevin‘s favorite on night one, and now I keep giving Kevin crap because Lincoln has turned out to be a bit of a weirdo. I’m calling him a weirdo from a place of love! Ha! First he cried over his picture being broken, and now he thinks the world is flat? He’s quite a character.

It’s pretty obvious that Becca has a great connection with Garrett. I do, however, understand that she’s concerned that he recently went through a divorce after only being married for two months. It’s not the being married for two months part that I think she should be concerned about. It’s more that he’s probably going to be a little hesitant to get engaged again unless he’s absolutely certain. But I’ve said this before in past seasons and I’ll say it again, the end goal of the show shouldn’t be a proposal. It should be finding love. And that doesn’t always mean getting engaged right away. But I’m sure that storyline will come up again since it’s pretty obvious he’s going to make it very far on the show based on how smitten she is with him. So I’m sure we’ll hear more about his marriage as the season goes on.

I think what bothered me the most regarding Garrett’s past, is how he talked about his ex-wife. He blamed their marriage failing completely on her. And regardless of what happened, that’s just not fair. Could it have been completely his ex-wife‘s fault? Sure, I guess that’s POSSIBLE. Maybe she’s the worst person ever and it was 100% her fault that they didn’t work out. But something in me says that’s just not the case, and I just wish he took more ownership for why they didn’t work out. I’m curious to see if we’ll hear from her in the press. I kinda hope we do!

Jean Blanc is waaaaay too intense. And quite honestly, It definitely seemed like he was saying what he thought he needed to say to stay in the game. Which is so not cool. Becca handled it perfectly. Go girl!

Wills seems like SUCH a solid guy. I adore him. But that said, Becca is so not into him. It seems so obvious to me who she’s into and who she’s not into. I think her giveaway is the way she kisses them. The guys she likes she full on makes out with passionately! But when she’s not totally into a guy, she keeps her mouth tightly closed and doesn’t let the kiss go beyond a peck. Anyone else notice this?

All in all, I was a bit bored by this episode. The only person that’s keeping it entertaining for me right now is Jordan. Don’t get me wrong, he can be pretty awful at times. But the things he says are just so ridiculous that they end up being hilarious! He’s my favorite person on the show right now other than Becca. He’ll probably go home next week on the two-on-one date, but don’t worry we’ll see him again in paradise for sure!

Well, that’s all I have for this week. But before you go, make sure to check out some of my favorite outfits that I shared on my blog over the past few weeks. I haven’t been blogging that much so I don’t have a ton which means the few looks I did share are just absolute favorites of mine!





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43 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Utah

  1. I completely agree about Garrett! Being divorced isn’t terrible and probably not a deal breaker for most people, but a guy that cannot admit fault would be for me. I think everyone has been in “good” and “bad” relationships, and in either of those, people know that they do not typically succeed or fail because of one person in the relationship. My husband was divorced when we met and he was honest about the reasons his marriage failed – including his own decisions that led to their divorce – and I respected him so much because of that. I would not have thought he was ready for a real relationship again had he not been able to admit the whole reason a serious relationship/marriage failed. Just my thoughts. 🙂

    1. I am hoping that they didn’t show the whole conversation regarding the divorce. Probably want to raise red flags since she is so into him, so they want to make some drama?

      1. That’s a fair point! Although what we did hear seemed pretty one sided and some steep accusations. Emotional abuse is no joke!

    2. Such good points. My mom always told me to pick someone who you think would be a good ex husband. Not in a cynical way necessarily, but choose someone who would do right by you even if you weren’t married. Doesn’t seem like Garrett is that guy.

      1. Yes! Pick a guy who will be fair when the going gets tough. I agree 100% with your mother. Smart woman!

  2. Jordan is ridiculous but obviously around for entertainment and I would say she has no interest in him either based on how she almost flinches when he tries to make any physical contact with her! Haha I’ll be glad for him to go – and David for that matter as well.

    1. I agree that both Jordan and David should go. There’s no chemistry between Becca and either of them. I think this show will hurt Jordan’s modeling career. He’s an odd one.

  3. Hi Ali! There are a few things I want to comment on. 1, Lincoln being a flat-earther is hardly the worst thing about him. Have you and Kevin seen the recent news about him?! 2, I agree with what you said about Garrett and wishing he talked about his role/what he’s learned. However, I do think that we did not see even remotely the whole conversation. For all we know, he did talk about his role and learnings.

    Love your blog and hope all is well with your family 🙂

    1. This is true! I always forget we only get to see part of their conversations. I was annoyed with Garrett too for not taking ownership for the divorce but you are right, they may have edited it out. Because Becca looked satisfied and happy with whatever answer he gave after the conversation o he must’ve said more?

  4. Hi Ali!

    Great post, I did want to touch on something important about Lincoln. From day one I always had a bad feeling about him, then when he cheated at the game I further thought something was off with him. I wondered if you saw the news that’s come out about him:

    I’m interested in Becca’s thoughts about how the producers missed a convincted sex offender and allowed him on the show for her to date. Obviously, everyone makes mistakes but this makes me sad for Becca since she’s already gone through her fair share of bad guys (Arie and now Jean Blanc).

    1. This occurred after the show was done filming and the week that it aired…so nothing to do with the producers missing something.

      1. The assault took place before the show; conviction took place after. So yes, producers definitely missed something.

  5. I was also thought last night’s show was so boring, which is a bummer because I look forward to Monday nights! Thank goodness for Jean Blanc’s drama… it was the only thing keeping my attention!

  6. I was really disappointed with Garrett’s response re why his marriage failed. Becca appeared to be so smitten with him and it will be so disappointing if he ends up being not a strong, stand-up guy. Why he ever decided it was OK to throw his ex under the bus, puzzles me. He could have so easily just said that after they married, they discovered that they were not compatible. After being w/ the girl for what I can recall was 2 1/2 yrs. before marriage, I’m surprised that she all the sudden became emotionally abusive?? I agree with Ali that Garrett has a role in the failure, too.
    Ugh! Lincoln’s sexual assault and battery charge that he never shared in the vetting is bad news. From the judge’s sentence, it sounds like Lincoln got super drunk and out of control. He’s handsome, but his personality is so quirky and the things he says are just odd. Is he acting or for real?
    I see only four guys I think Becca will keep until the end from what we know about her relationships with them up until now: Blake, Colton, Garrett and Jason, with Blake and Garrett being the final two.

      1. I think she will pick Garrett, just based on how she has said that he feels like “home” and that her dad would love him. Those are huge statements. However, I want her to choose Blake, because he seems very sincere and sweet and adores her.

  7. I thought last night was so boring too I switched half-way thru to watch the new episode of West World. Quite frankly I like Nick Viall and company’s Bad Chiller spoof better than the show: they spoofed every point you brought up lol. The more annoying thing about Garrett is what’s been in the news about him since Day 1 so honestly he’s out for me. Lincoln is a – sorry, kook. Re Jordan – I just imagined the producers handing those gold undies to her to give him. You know she didn’t go out she buy em herself and we know they are just keeping him around for me for production’s sake. Sorry to be so sour but I guess I’m not digging this season. I like Becca a lot though. Keep up the good work and don’t apologize for being exhausted! Any mom knows that this is every mom’s middle name – ESP one with 2 under 2 and one of them being a newborn! I’m glad you have help this week and the biggest gift they can give you is caring for both the kiddos so can grab those naps!

    1. I pretty much agree with that. I like her so much and do not like these guys! I mean c’mon now! Jimmy Kimmel called them the worst bunch yet! Oops.

  8. I agree this episode was boring. Becca is so smitten with Garrett, which is cute. Though I do like him, there is something just a little off about him. I don’t think he’s a bad guy though. Blake is still my favorite. I hope they have a one on one soon. I can’t remember the second guys name she had a one on one with. He is super sweet, but I only see them as friends. I totally agree Garrett and Blake will be finally two. It’s very obvious who she’s into and not, which is refreshing in a way compared to arie. Becca is a very honest, transparent woman.

  9. Ali, you are one of the most down to earth, coolest bloggers I’ve ever blogged with. Is that a word? I can tell you’re tired and you’re really trying to get these out! I find it hilarious. I agree with you on everything about this show. I almost always do! Jordan definitely keeps it entertaining! I also like Blake and I’m thinking she’s into Colton too.

  10. Omg Lincoln was my husbands favorite since night 1 too!! 😂😂 I have been giving him so much crap about that! 1st there was a rumor online that he poops on his office floor, then he was in the news for sexual assault! Now finally when Linc (as my hubby says) said that he believes the earth is flat my husband finally said “No, not my pick anymore” 😂😂 I told my husband “YEAH you chose a real winner”

  11. Girl high five on him blaming his ex and not owning ANY fault in his divorce. It takes two people to fall in love and two people to fall out. 🙌🏼 I’ve been there and was completely blamed for why we divorced. It is not fun and I was like WHATEVER. I know because it was my marriage. Make sense? 😂 And yes I do think Jordan is a character but being mean is not my cup of tea. He can be funny, but to be mean about David’s face was a turn off. Was he kidding? I hope so. Great blog…albeit short. Your sweet little family is adorable. Best Wishes Ali. ❤️

  12. He did say he was trying to make something work that really wasn’t there anymore. I took that as him taking responsibility for jumping into marriage when he shouldn’t of .

  13. I don’t agree with the Garrett situation.
    I felt he acknowledged he fell in love with the adventure and saw red flags but wanted it to work so bad.
    Unless you have been in a similar situation (yes I have), it’s hard to understand.
    Sometimes it is majority the other person and it’s heartbreaking because there is nothing you can do but sadly divorce. Especially with the yo-yo coaster. One you are trying to ease out and adjust.

    I think he’s a super sweet guy.

    I’m sure his ex is not a terrible person, we all have flaws. We all grow at different stages. I’m sure it was hard on her too.

    All the love to everyone in the situation.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Sarah, and for reminding us that life and love are complicated. The format of this show does not enable us to really get to know the contestants and their history or know how much editing occurred.

  14. Agreed, Ali! The divorce conversation with Garrett left a bad taste in my mouth, but I also agree another comment on here saying that the producers may have cut some of the convo so it keeps things interesting. Who do you all think front runners are besides Garrett at this point? I would say Blake for sure, but then I can see that Jason guy being a late comer/dark horse.

  15. I had the same feelings about Garret! That totally rubbed me the wrong way that the he claims the entire divorce was on her shoulders. He had to sign the papers too. Up until that moment I would have said he was the guaranteed winner but the look on her face revealed big time hesitation after he discussed his past. As it should.

  16. I still think she is going to end up with a Garrett! And you’re right! She is totally different with the guys she likes vs the guys she isn’t as into.

  17. Ali, you’ve got to help us all understand! There seems to be a bachelor abc rule that the producers get to pick one contestant to remain in the competition for a certain amount of weeks for ratings’ sake!!! Its just so obvious!!!! Tell us, please!!!

    1. Every. season. Without Jordan this would be a drama free snoozefest. Which personally I’d prefer- to see more of- the actual love relationships developing, not the entertainment idiots. Just my opinion.

      1. Have you listened to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast? She mentioned something about this a few weeks ago. The producers don’t make you keep anyone, but they can suggest that “so and so” is good TV. Maybe you should keep him around. Becca has the final say though.

  18. I love your recaps! Glad you’re back. I agree with you about it being a big boring. I don’t necessarily need drama, but it seems the dates lately are just crazy challenges and dancing to entertainers we’ve never heard of, rather than quiet dinners and talking and getting to know each other? Each rose ceremony there are guys that get roses that I swear just showed up that evening! Jordan is the most fun out of everyone. At this point I’m just waiting for this season to be over and hope that Jordan and Grocery Joe both end up in Pradise.

  19. I actually really liked this episode. It had drama, a fun challenge and Jordan jokes.
    Also, did anyone catch how Garret just interrupted Becca when she was trying to calculate how long it had been since she was on a lift. Granted, she was just making conversation but it was still rude. Wills was really nice and genuine and totally won me over during that date. I don’t think he has chemistry with her but he’s definitely a good guy. He seems like he would be a too cool kind of a guy, but he was actually quite chill, if a bit boring. But he looks like he can have a silly side.

  20. I don’t know…I feel like a woman could easily be the one to cause the demise of a marriage just like a man could. It doesn’t mean the other party doesn’t have their faults but I believe the demise of a marriage could mainly be the result of one person’s actions, words, or inaction that ended up being a deal breaker for someone. Sometimes things don’t fit our reality, perception, or assumption of how the world works. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes…

    I have been married for 11 years in just a couple of weeks and it’s because we have fought tooth and nail for our marriage. It’s strong today! For us…having Jesus, our faith, grace for each other, communication, love, laying down of pride and admitting when we are wrong, etc… has been critical. I am a woman and the expression that the woman is always right is so WRONG. I’ve messed up plenty of times and have been flat out wrong. It’s okay as women to admit we are wrong and not constantly point fingers at our men…they need love, understanding, encouragement, etc…just like us women. We need to hold our men’s hearts high too ya know. This is just my two cents. 🙂

  21. I am finding this season to be SO boring! The only guy I liked was the banjo player and he got zero FaceTime and was sent home.
    But! I have to ask…am I the only one that thinks Becca looks like Kate Middleton?!

  22. I disagree about the Garrett situation because I know for a fact that it CAN be entirely one person’s fault based on something they did that you just could not live with. It’s happens. However, I’m not a Garrett fan and it has nothing to do with his marriage or divorce. I just don’t see the chemistry at all. In fact, I really do not see chemistry with Becca and ANYONE yet. But hey, I’ve been way wrong about these things before so who knows? I just don’t see a front runner yet with this season.

    1. I agree with you on this. My husband is emotionally and verbally abusive, and while I can see mistakes that I’ve made, like not standing up for myself enough, I know I don’t deserve to be treated this way. Especially after fighting so hard to make the marriage work. So it can definitely be more one person’s fault than the other, especially in an abusive situation.

  23. I really do not care for Colton. He completely over-reacted to Jordan walking around in his gold hotpants. For Colton to feel the need to take Jordan aside and get harsh and angry with him for something as silly as “golden undies” shows something ugly about Colton’s character. It seemed like he also called Jordan a p*ssy which, to me, is way more offensive than wearing something silly that the Bachelorette herself GAVE Jordan. Colton should be able to see that Jordan is silly and not a threat and that Becca will send him home soon enough. Why isn’t Colton more offended by Chicken man (I forget his name) being a bully? That is WAY worse than being a silly dork.

  24. I find this entire season so BORING……I really loved Becca, but she just isn’t cutting it to make this season even a bit interesting. For the record, I am, and have been a die hard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan from the beginning. Having said that, I truly hope that Becca finds her true and lasting love, but I’ll be watching when she gets down to her final four.

  25. Just catching up on your blog. I just wanted to say I totally agree with you about Jordan! My sister & I LOVE him. He’s hilarious. When he put that guard rail on David’s bed I almost died 😂😂😂

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