My Bachelorette Blog is BACK!

Hey guys! My Bachelorette blog is back!!! However, I apologize if this blog isn’t on par with my past Bachelorette blogs. It’s probably going to be a bit more confusing than past blogs, since let’s face it, I’m basically a walking zombie right now. Ha! Mommy brain is a real thing, especially when you’re barely sleeping at night! But I’m gonna do my best to recap and give my thoughts on everything that went down in last nigh’ts episode. I love blogging about it and I want to continue to blog all season even though I missed the first two episodes!

Let me start by saying, since I haven’t gotten a chance to yet, I love Becca! She is just the sweetest and most down to earth person! I feel like it’s so important for us to see women like her in leadership roles on TV. I know a lot of people have different feelings on the show and what it teaches our youth, but I think it’s empowering to see a woman in charge of her own destiny on a show like the Bachelorette. And I just think Becca is a really great role model for all the young women out there watching the show. I’m so happy she’s our new Bachelorette!


I want to dive right into this whole Colton and Tia situation. I really like Colton. He’s certainly handsome and seems like a sweet guy. Honestly, at this point I feel like he’s one of the best options to be the next Bachelor if he doesn’t end up with Becca. But that said, I can’t help but think it’s weird that he reached out to Tia to pursue her and then applied to be on the show. Something about that just seems fishy to me. Whether he dated her first and then applied to be on the show, or applied to be on the show and then pursued her, it doesn’t really matter to me. The point is it just seems like he is trying to get into the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette world. Am I wrong in thinking this? And I don’t know if you guys saw this, but I recently read online that he dated Aly Raisman – the Olympic gymnast. The photos of them circulating online show them walking a red carpet together.

Given all of this information, it just kind of seems like Colton’s to into the fame aspect of the show. Most people go into the show not even really realizing how it’s going to change their life (I for one had NO IDEA!). I feel like Colton knows exactly how it’s going to change his life and he wants that fame. And I just don’t know if that sits right with me. I will say though, he seems like a super sweet guy and the fact that he spends so much of his time working on his charity is something to be truly admired and appreciated. It definitely takes a good person to do something like that. So while I’m not sure his intentions are true on this show, I do think he’s a really good person! Meaning, I think it’s possible to want to be famous and still be a good person. Ha! I just think Colton wants to be famous. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be famous. I just hope that he is actually into Becca and not playing games so he can be on the show longer and get some fame. If that makes sense. I’m so curious what you guys think about him and the situation. Please tell me what you think in the comments below because I’m wondering if other people read him completely differently, or if you guys agree with what I’m saying. Let me know!

And I guess at the end of the day I could never know his true intentions. Only he knows that. So I kind of feel bad judging him on just a feeling I have. I’m just trying to be honest about my feelings on him.

Chris and Becca’s Date-

I didn’t think I could possibly adore Becca as the Bachelorette more until I saw her date with Chris! The way she sat down with him and talked him through what he was feeling was just truly awesome to see.  I feel like we saw Becca for who she truly is, which is just a genuine and kind human being. There are few moments on the show where I feel like people’s guards are completely down and they’re just speaking from the heart, rather than worrying about what they’re saying out of fear of being judged by everyone watching. And this was one of those moments. I just adore her!

Football Group Date-

The main thing I want to talk about for the group date is Clay’s injury. First, I think Clay is a great guy and I know Becca does too. But I have to say, even if he hadn’t sent himself home, I don’t think he would’ve been the guy in the end. And the main reason I say that is because she didn’t go see him at the hospital. Does she have the option to? Absolutely! Think about it this way, if you were really into a guy and he got injured on your date, and you know it would make him so happy if you went with him to the hospital, wouldn’t you go? I guess I’m assuming Clay would want her to go to the hospital. But don’t you think he would have given the fact that he’s competing with all these other guys? And by her showing up, it would’ve confirmed that she was actually into him. She had the opportunity to either go with him or get to know the other guys better. And she chose to stay with the other guys because she’s more interested in getting to know them better, plain and simple. Which is totally fine. I just wanted to point that out. But then again, I don’t think any of us really saw a connection with her and Clay anyway. But man what a sweetheart! I really hope he finds a wonderful girl that’s right for him! I just don’t think it’s Becca. Same goes with David going to the hospital and being in the ICU and Becca not going. He’s not the guy for her either.

My Pick for Becca-

After tonight‘s episode my top choice for Becca would 100% be Blake. I loved their connection during the first one-on-one date of the season and it’s quite obvious how smitten she is with him after she told us how giddy she was when he called her his girlfriend. They also just make such a cute couple! I would love to see them end up together! At this point in the season, who do you think Becca will end up with? I’d love to know what you guys think! Tell me in the comments below!

Becca’s Outfits-

And last but not least I wanna share with you guys where you can find a few of Becca’s outfits. The red dress she was wearing during the evening portion of the first group date is so hot! It’s also available in black HERE for 50% off! And the sweater she was wearing when she met up with all her girlfriends is by 525 Amercia. I couldn’t find the exact one online but this white one is super similar. And her AMAZING velvet coat dress can be found HERE.

Ok that’s all I’ve got. Hopefully I made some sense! Ha! Now I’m off to nurse Riley.

Until next week my friends…

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95 thoughts on “My Bachelorette Blog is BACK!

  1. Hi Ali, I’m so glad you are back with the bachelorette blog! It was totally unexpected, since you just had a baby 🙂 I like your perspective on things and really missed it after watching the premiere, and the episode, since you are always on point, and the other recaps are not as fun to read!! Couldn’t agree more regarding Becca being such a sweetheart, and so happy she is the bachelorette!

      1. I agree with you 100% about Colton, and both the injured guys! She’s definitely not in to either of them!
        My pick for her as I see it now is Garrett! The way they look at one another this early on speaks volumes to me! Wait and see.. I believe this will play out in weeks to come and he will be her fiancé! 💕❤️💕… love you Ali and your beautiful family! Quite honestly, your family is the reason I’m using a Instagram! Always love yours and Kevin’s stories about Riley and Molly! They are a day brighter! Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life with us! You’re sooo very loved by many! God Bless!

        1. Vicki – you are the sweetest EVER! Thank you for following us and loving on my little kiddos!!! xoxo

      2. Thank you for taking the time to blog when you just had a baby👍😘😘.I also love Blake and Clay, I agree that Becca should of gone to the hospital to see Clay, he broke his wrist and risked his career for her. I dont think Colton is right for her, like you said, maybe he will be voted for tge next bachelor.

  2. When it came to the guys ending up in the hospital didn’t Becca want to go see David? Correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear she said ‘well can I go see him?!’ And then Chris Harrison said let’s give him a call. Again correct me if I’m wrong but just what I feel like I can remember 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. She did say that you’re right! But at the end of the end, she didn’t push to go see him. If she was really into him, she would have insisted on going. Ya know?

  3. I agree with your take on everything! And I didn’t realize she could’ve accompanied the guys to the hospital, so that really puts her relationships with Clay and David into perspective. I too am team Blake! They are so cute together. I’m glad to see your Bachelorette blog is back! I’m up nursing my newborn and it’s great reading material. LOL

    1. Really she can insist on doing whatever she wants! And I guess there’s always the chance she did behind the scenes. But I doubt it because it would have made for good TV if she had.

  4. Totally agree with your read on Colton. I think he just wants to make his way into the Bachelor/Bachelorette world. Like you said, nothing wrong with that except he should be there for Becca. If he’s not there for Becca, then he needs to go home. Speaking of men who need to go home…..can Becca send Jordan and David home already, please?!? They’re little arguments back and forth are so childish. Shouldn’t they be focusing solely on Becca…..I’m a big Blake fan; however, I think Garrett is totally into Becca and he seems to appreciate every single minute with her whether it’s just a casual conversation with just the two of them or when they’re on a group date together. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

    1. Don’t hate me but I kind of hope Jordan sticks around for a little while. He is ridiculous but PURE COMEDY on the show!

      1. I agree with the whole Colton thing. If I were Becca I would have sent him home. The issue is how incredibly good looking he is!!! I think it makes it harder for her to see past his flaws. I like Blake a lot and her date with Chris was really sweet. I like Garret a lot too!

      2. It’s Jordan’s “professionality” that i really love lol. He makes me laugh. Didn’t really feel a love connection between Becca and Chris but see how they could be good friends. Colton is a doll but he might have his own agenda- time will tell.

      3. hahaha I cnat stand Jordan but I want him to stay lol. I am so glad his face is a 3 year contract lmao …

        I think garret & blake will be the top 2 definitely rooting for blake but somewhat hope he is the next bachelor!!

        I also really liked Jason in this episode!

        1. Yes me too! I really liked all 3 of those guys. I thought Jason was great and obviously Blake and Garrett too!

    2. Well rumor has it maybe Colton will be on Bachelor in Paradise with Tia?! So it’s all for show and a little drama considering Becca is not about drama at all but the show needs that drama to keep people interested?

  5. Colton was an NFL football payer previously too so I don’t know if he is there or originally went into this looking for fame. I think they just saw a chance for drama and ran with it because when Becca sat down to talk about it with in at the end of the group date and give him the rose, they didn’t show us any of that conversation so I don’t think it was that big of deal. I thought Tia made it the most awkward. I would say Blake or Colton are front runners, I do like Jason too but I don’t see her picking him!

      1. I’m sorry but there a TON of
        Bachelor family members who 1) ABC uses for drama and ratings and 2) after their shows never work but just exploit ABC and become sponsored advertisers. I truly believe that many on the show truly want to find love. Like you, Claire and even Ben. But I think it’s better to watch the ones who are honest and if they find fame and America likes them – great. If not, ABC cut them loose please. I don’t ever want to see Corrine again. We’re done with Chad I pray. And now that Ashley & Jared are together no more crying Ashley. As for Colton—- yeah he wants to be on tv. Same as Jordan but obviously a nicer guy. Jordan will marry himself ha ha after all he’s “the perfect match”.

      2. No not if he’s only looking for fame. That’s what the show is for not to become famous even though that happens during the process.

      3. Right now Colton is filming Bachelor in Paradise with Tia! I’m sure they will end up together. The guy I liked was Joe, the grocery guy from Chicago. I hear he’s in Mexico filming BIP too!! 😎

      4. No!! He is way to confident!!😎 I want Clay to be the next bachelor! He is a sweet, manly teddy bear.

  6. Tia did an interview with People (am I allowed to say that here?) where she stated Colton applied for The Bachelorette, followed her on Instagram, and then SHE sent HIM a DM, all of this before Arie’s season began airing. I’m not going to speculate as to who has what intentions, but I just wanted to point out the timeline. I feel like he and Tia both may have some lingering unresolved feelings based on the way they were looking at each other on that group date, but I did like the way Colton met Becca halfway across the room and kissed her when she came back from grabbing the group date rose.

    And I agree with you—I am team Blake, all day, every day! He seems so genuine, and their chemistry seems really organic and comfortable. If Becca doesn’t choose him, I think he (or Joe!) will be the next Bachelor. However, there is something about Blake that gives me a Say-Anything-era-John-Cusack vibe—the haircut, maybe?

    1. Yep, feels like he was really straight forward with Tia, letting her know he applied. That plus hearing Tia DM’d him…I think he can still have good intentions.

  7. Love your blog! My girl friends and I have a bachelorette watch party every Monday night! It’s nice because it allows my girl friends with kids to get out of the house for a bit and do something for them! We filled out brackets for this season – so fun! I picked Blake as well for Becca! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

  8. Hi Ali! I always look forward to your bachelorette blog! I agree with you that I love Becca and she was a great choice. I like Colton and I don’t think he is there for Just fame,he was a football player previously and I think he had enough fame from that even if his football career ended earlier than anticipated due to injuries. Love his charity work,I think his heart is in it and not just to look good. But I have to say I do love Blake and Becca! They seemed to have an easy instant connection and loved their date together💕

    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view! I love hearing other people’s opinions! I hope you’re right!

  9. I totally agree with your comments about Colton. It seems to me that he really is seeking fame. These days, I think several contestants go on because of the fame/ Instagram followers that you get. It really does change your life. But like you said, not a bad thing- they just should be here for Becca. I could see Colton possibly breaking her heart. I fell in love with Chris last night. What a sweet date! My top picks are Chris and Blake as well. I love your blogs on the bachelorette! Thanks for doing them despite your busy family life 🙂

    1. I see Colton breaking her heart too! I hate saying it. It’s just a feeling I get. Maybe its our woman’s intuition!!!

    1. Yes the show pays for the clothes when you’re the Bachelorette but I didn’t get to keep my clothes. I got to keep my final rose ceremony dress and that’s it. But I’ve heard that other Bachelorette’s got to keep more things. I think it depends and you have to ask!

      1. Ali, Do you get to keep your engagement ring if you break up? And does the show pay for the ring or the one proposing?

  10. Morning Ali! You did a great job with this blog considering how tired you must have felt! I totally agree with you regarding Colton; couldn’t have said it better. I’m happy to see you are blogging again. You have such a beautiful family, and I really enjoy watching the instagram posts – Molly is such a happy little girl, and a wonderful big sister 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Barbara! I’m glad I didn’t leave the blog to this morning to write because I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Riley had me up ALL night!

  11. I’m team Blake definitely! They make such a cute couple. There’s something about Colton that gives me a weird vibe and makes me feel like he might not be genuine. Just a gut feeling though.

  12. Ali, first of all… congrats on baby #2! Such a blessing! And Miss Havana baby!!! Ugh!!! SO ADORABLE!! Now… on to Colton. I think that Colton clearly dating Aly shows that he would do “fine” finding fame aside from the Bachelorette. He’s not a stranger to cameras and fans because of his previous career. I think he found Tia attractive BUT they just didn’t click. I like his honesty with Becca and I think he’s there for the right reasons. 🙂

  13. OK one question ya’all? If someone breaks an arm or a wrist —- why couldn’t he have had his surgery and come back and recovered at the mansion and stayed on the show? I mean really, LA has wonderful doctors and surgeons and even with the travel he would be totally fine in a cast? After all on Big Brother last season Christmas had ankle or foot surgery came back and even competed in some competitions. It seemed like no one said “have the surgery come back and recoup here the next five week? Right? I mean with an arm or a wrist he wouldn’t even need crutches and all we ever hear is the house is a ton of down time seems like a perfect place to recoup! Just saying..

    1. My guess is that w/orthopedic injuries there are lots of followups, new casts, followup PT/OT, etc that he wouldn’t be able to commit to if they were across the world in a new country in the coming weeks.

  14. Yay you’re back with the Bachelorette blog! You impress me mama! I totally agree about Blake. I didn’t see their one on one and I honestly have been in and out of episodes, so I don’t totally remember him. Before he called her his girlfriend I saw the camera pan to him last night, and I said out loud to my fiance.. ‘she’ll probably pick him!!’ they look like they’d make a great couple and something about his energy told me.

  15. I like Colton – and think he seems very sweet.
    I think he really likes Becca and if the whole Tia thing wasn’t being played out on TV it may have a different outcome. But I believe he in the end will go him because of this.

    Ali – you are an AMAZING girl, to come back to write your blog for all of us we can’t thank you enough.

    Your little ones are as cute as they come, and I 💞 that you allow us to watch them grow and see inside your family life.

  16. So I feel the same way you do about Colton but I like him for her. I have a feeling something is gonna go down later with him. I don’t know why though… I feel like it’s either gonna be Blake or Garrett at the end, she just acts so smitten and different with these two… see if it keep growing week over week but those are my top 2 pics after the first couple weeks.

  17. Everyone said the same thing about Jordan on JoJo’s season, and they’re still together/happily engaged!

    Team Colton!

  18. I’ve been team Blake since After the final rose! Something about his smile just seems so genuine and sweet!

  19. I think the top two in the end will be Blake and Garret. 🙂
    My daughter Liv is 21 months and loves watching Molly on your stories and My son is 6 weeks, so I’m right in the thick of all of it with you. 🙂

  20. I do agree with you Ali; I believe Colton is fame seeking too. The fact that reached out to Tia gives that away. It’s clear when she talks to Jordan that she feels no connection, but I definitely wouldn’t mind him sticking around for comedic relief! Can’t believe the chicken fell out of bed.. that was too much! Blake stands out now as a front runner, but I don’t believe he’ll get her final rose. Love following your family by the way!

  21. Ali,
    I agree with you about Colton. I don’t feel like he’s mean-spirited, just maybe things didn’t pan out great for his image. Tia didn’t bash him so that is a good sign, but she also wasn’t sure Colton applied to be on the Bachelorette because of the possibility of Tia being the Bachelorette.
    Clay was super sweet! Not a real connection, but I hope he gets maybe a Paradise spot???
    Chris seems sweet, but they don’t seem to have much in common, at least from what has aired.
    I think Blake and Garret are the front runners for sure. Their connections are staying strong even without a whole lot of one on one time.
    I love Becca as the Bachelorette. She is down to earth and real!
    Also, I enjoyed your Facebook Live yesterday! You responded to me which totally make me geek out a little. 😉 Love watching your family grow. Take care!

  22. Someone mentioned this above, but Tia has come out and confirmed that she was the one who originally reached out to Colton. I’m still not sure how I feel about him in general, but I think that this fact does change the perception of this particular scenario a bit. Nonetheless he did agree to meet her and somewhat pursue her, but it changes things in my mind knowing that he wasn’t the one that reached out to her.

  23. I don’t know if this is a fair critique, but it bothers me endlessly how Colton always seems to have a smirk on his face. Why is he always smiling?! haha

  24. I’ve liked Colton since the beginning, I just wish they would have showed us more of their conversation leading up to her giving him the rose on the group date. She seems really attracted to him, otherwise she probably would have sent him home already when she found out about the Tia thing.
    Another guy I am surprised about is Jason! She forgot his name (LOL) and they haven’t had much time together, but she seems to really like him and said she had a crush on him. He’s growing on me!

    1. Also, thanks so much for bringing back the Bachelorette blog despite being so exhausted! You go mama!

  25. Hi Ali!! I agree with everything you said! As much as I LOVE Blake I think they may be setting him to maybe be the next Bachelor too! Idk I just feel like they are trying to get us to fall in love with him early! But I hope I’m wrong because I just love them together! I think top three guys will be Garrett, Blake and Colton. I think she picks Garrett but I again I hope I’m wrong! We will see 🙂

  26. With regard to Clay,Becca DID give him the rose when he came back so it seems she genuinely wanted him to feel special.
    Colton? Yes, he wants exposure,whether for personal gain or to promote his charity, I just wonder too whether he is invested in an engagement st the end.
    Jake Pavelka was the same thing and we saw how poorly that went down.

  27. Thanks for your blog Ali! Regarding Colton, I was watching the Bachelorette recap on After Buzz (link below) and they noted that Jared publicly said Tia pursued Colton, and also that Colton and Aly Raisman are both professional athletes and could just be in the same circle, and have really similar faiths. Just some things to think about!

  28. I really like Garrett! I want to see more interaction with he and Becca!

    Ok, since you’re familiar with how all of this works, Ali, please explain how a contestant can sign up to be on the show and not be clear on who the Bachelorette is? I’ve heard this talked about during the limo exits at times and it always baffles me because they make the announcements right after the previous season. We all know and hear about it for months! So how could Colton not have known that Becca was the lead?

    And also, Jordan seems like he’s the token joke contestant this season. I’m starting to catch on that every season there is either a villain or an obvious “no” that they force the Bachelorette or Bachelor to keep giving roses to, until the last few episodes.

    How does that work, Ali? Give us all the secrets 🙂

  29. I actually really like Colton. Does he look like anyone to you from previous seasons? Maybe Jordan? The guy that really needs to leave ASAP is the male model.

  30. Along with you and Jillian Harris, Becca is one of my fav Bachelorettes!! She’s so down to earth…that’s the Minnesota in her!! I totally agree with you on Colton! Something just doesn’t sit right with me. But he’s cute and sweet so I think he will stay around for awhile. I think Garrett will be the one!! Those two are so smitten with each other!

  31. I don’t think it’s a good look for Becca to defend Garrett’s “likes” on instagram (which were all taken down). Pictures offending the Parkland survivors and the LBGTQ community. She said “we’ve all made mistakes in the past”. But these likes were all within a few months ago. Really hoping Garret is not her pick and it made me see her differently…😕

  32. I just read an interview with Tia in People Exclusive and she said that she was the one that DM’ed Colton on instagram and at the time it was before her season even aired. So at that point did Colton even realize that she would be one of the final girls in the season or be a potential candidate for Bachelorette? I thought that was some interesting information and may change our perspective of Colton since she was the one that reached out to him. Let me know what you think!

  33. My thoughts exactly on Colton! I’m totally ok with them wanting fame but at least be willing to fall in love. Can’t get over that smirk. It could be a defense mechanism but it just feels like bad acting on his part.
    My favorite is also Blake. He is genuine and nice. Garret is a close second. Colton was my favorite until that whole Tía thing came to light because it felt like he was just trying to make it into the bachelor world.
    And Jordan is hilarious. If he’s playing a role, he is doing it perfectly. I also like Leo and Christon for comedic relief. They don’t strike me as genuine but they’re definitely cool.

  34. Ali, I love your blogs, especially the Bachelor/ Bachelorette blogs! I always look forward to your recaps. I totally agree with you, Blake is definitely the front runner.. although I really think she will end up picking Garrett. If that’s the case Blake would be a great candidate for the Bachelor, in my opinion!

  35. Love your blog!! Congrats on your new little guy and thanks for writing the blog again.
    Agree with you about Colton. He seems really sweet but there is something I can’t put my finger on. I do feel like he was really respectful on the group date and didn’t cause any drama. I loved how he met her halfway when she came to give him the rose. That was so sweet. So torn… I guess only he knows his true intentions!!
    Also, Blake is my absolute fav. I have loved him from the beginning! He seems like the best fit for her.
    I also secretly hope Jordan stays around a bit, laughing at his ridiculous antics is a pastime of mine 😂 Can’t wait to see what next week holds!! Have a great week! ❤️

  36. Love your take on the show. Always look for your blog(s). Also, do you know if Chris Harrison is blogging the Bachelorette this season? I always liked his blogs but can’t find them this time.

  37. First off congrats on the beautiful baby to your lovely family. I love reading your blog and updates on the show. I was bummed that my DVR didn’t tape the entire show so I didn’t even know that Clay eliminated himself. I like Colton, Blake and Garrett thus far but still don’t know all that much about them. Need to see more. I sure hope Colton is there for Becca as he does seem genuinely nice. Time will tell. Thanks again for the update as I know you’re exhausted. When you have a second, lol, you will have to add Riley to your family addition in your paragraph below when you scroll down. 😘

  38. Yay! So glad your Bachelorette blog is here! I’ve missed reading your thoughts on the show since Becca’s season has started. She seems so cool and down to earth and smart—and I’m so glad to hear you say how much you adore her because that’s what I thought when I watched your season! Both of you are so relatable. If only Becca will start a blog when she’s done with the show… 🙂

  39. Ali I love you! You are the greatest! Wish we could be friends. Lol also I agree with the whole Colton situation. I find it weird that he was talking to tia and then stopped bc he made the cut…. so now I’m gonna go date someone else? Obviously he was interested in tia or he wouldn’t have reached out to her. Since tia and Becca seem to be close I feel it’s so strange. I think it’s all for fame. He knows he’s not going to get an income from football anymore so he wants the indorsements and fame from the show. I do agree that he’s a good guy. I just don’t like that he kissed one of her best friends and it’s not weird even for him. Also curious to see if he opens up about his relationship with aly or not. I also wonder or think about what Aly thinks about him being on the show or if she even cares. I hope if he does bring her up that it doesn’t hurt her anymore than what has already happened to her this year. 😟

  40. So glad you are blogging again this season! I agree with so many – Blake and Garret for the final 2 🌹
    Does anyone else think Colton resembles Channing Tatum? 😍

  41. Hi Ali!

    Love your blog. Wanted to ask you, when are you planning to move Molly to a toddler bed or big girl bed? I also just had my second baby and my first is very close to your Molly’s age. Mine are almost 20 months apart (baby is 3 months, toddler is 22 months). Personally I am so conflicted about what to do. My toddler sleeps perfectly fine in her crib still and has never climbed out. But I don’t really want to buy a second crib to only use it for 6 months. Baby is still in a bassinet and probably will fit in it until he’s 6 months. I’m too afraid to switch my toddler to a big girl bed and then have her sleep terribly because she can ‘escape’ :P. I don’t know what I’m going to do if she starts boycotting naps, etc. What are your thoughts on this?


  42. I’m team Garrett!! I got to go to their concert date in Park City, which will air next week, and their chemistry was on fire! They were SO cute together!!

  43. I totally agree with all of your input! I do think that Blake will probably make it to top 3 or 2 but I think ultimately she will choose Garrett. She did say that he reminds her of home. I think Garrett is so genuine too and I see a deep connection with them! But I love Blake too and I would not be disappointed if she ended up with him too.

  44. I agree with you on Colton. I have liked Blake or Garret for her since night 1 those are my favorites 💯❤️😍

  45. Honestly, I love Becca, but I am not loving this cast of men. Seems like they are doing a lot of ‘damage’ control on Garret so he may ‘win’. Jordan needs to go. Leo….dude….love the look but so clearly not really ‘into’ Becca. Blake is sweet, but I think too sweet for Becca?
    But Ali, what I really wanted to say was HOLY COW you were in a movie! I finally watched
    Blue Jasmine the other night and boom – there you were! I literally sat up on my couch all alone and went – Ali! And very nice job girl!

  46. So glad you’re back on your Bach Blog Ali! I don’t usually comment, but I feel like I need to stick up for Colton! I truly think Colton is a genuine person. He was honest straightaway with Becca about previously dating Tia; he knew telling her might not go well and he still did it because it was the right thing to do, and now he’s paying for it! The Bachelorette is using this as their drama and that is unfortunate but the price for good TV. You can tell Colton was extremely uncomfortable during the group date and just wants this behind him so he can focus on Becca. Colton and Tia had their chance! He didn’t need to go on the Bachelorette to be able to date her which is another reason I think Colton is here for Becca. As for wanting fame, he was in the NFL and created his own charity foundation! He’s successful on his own, and has made his own fame. Contestants wanting to be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette, especially the past couple years with the rise in social media, should know EXACTLY what being in this franchise means since a large Marjorie you end up with a LOT more followers and some even end up sponsoring products/with blogs/podcasts of their own. I think Colton has a taste for beautiful and successful women like Aly R and Becca and that shouldn’t be held against him. Whatever happens with he and Becca, I wish him the best in love and success! Thanks for the blog Ali, I can’t wait for next weeks!

  47. Great point about her not going to the hospital to see the guys- I never thought about that!! They definitely aren’t the guys for her. Also, thanks for your post about your first day with 2 under 2- I am about to have a baby in August and already have 18 month old- I don’t even know how to begin to prepare! I hope Molly is napping for you and Riley gets into a routine for you! Please continue to share your journey and helpful things you learn along the way!

  48. Hi, Ali! Great that you’re back with The Bachelorette recaps. Hope your family is great apart from your lack of sleep.

    About Colton: I do like that he told Becca himself about Tia and that Becca didn’t have to find out another way. Colton does seem straight up and honest and he’s cute. I really hope that he’s sincere and he’s truely there for Becca. She deserves happiness. We’ll find out this season I guess. 😉

  49. I really thought it seemed like Tia and Colton were still crushing on each other. Both of their faces showed it. Also, I want to see more of Clay!!!! What a great man! Family oriented, sweet, humble, handsome as heck! I’m totally not into Colton. I am Team Blake. Garrett would be good except for the recent stuff about his (hateful) politics. I also love Christon – he seems laid back, sweet and GORGEOUS. Thanks for bringing back your Bachelor Blog Ali!!! I hope you get some sleep soon. Xoxo

  50. I agree with you that the Colton situation is weird, but I also think he’s being genuine. Usually when there’s a bad apple, it comes out in their interviews, and there’s never any inconsistency in what he’s saying between his interviews and speaking to her directly. If he isn’t being genuine, then dang he should definitely be an actor!

    I agree the whole Clay is the sweetest ever, they weren’t going to end up together.

    I think if I were to guess final 4 right now it would be Blake, Chris, Colton, and Jason (we haven’t seen a ton of him yet but I think she’s into him)

  51. I might be wrong on this as admittedly I am often trying to do more than one thing while watching TV but didn’t Tia say that she reached out to Colton after he followed her on social media? Also, he was apparently a professional football player which often puts people in a circle where they date others in the limelight. Maybe it’s not as simple as him being driven by fame. Just my ponderings while folding laundry.

  52. Hi Ali I have followed you since you were on Jake’s season (good choice to leave, btw.. ha!) and I love your family & your blog. Anyway, I’ve never commented on here before but I wanted to give my two cents about the Colton thing! I have been following him on Instagram since the Olympics when he first started dating Ally Raisman and I thought they were just the cutest. Here’s a mix of what I know, and what I think went down:

    -Colton was teammates and great friends with Shawn Johnson’s husband. Shawn Johnson hooked them up. Ally was just coming off the Olympics (I believe, don’t quote me!) and their schedules were polar opposites and they ended amicably.

    -I believe I remember reading in an interview a long time ago that Colton was always an undercover bachelor fan.

    -During the very beginning of the airing of Arie’s season, Colton tweeted something like “Tia!! (With the heart face emojis)”

    -What People reported is that he followed her on instagram, and she was the one who DM’ed him.

    -So adding all of this up in my head. I think he watched the first few episodes, thought he would like her, applied to be on the show because of her, followed her on insta, then she reaches out to him, he’s an honest guy so he tells her right from the beginning, she probably still thinks she has a shot at being the lead at this point, they meet up for a weekend, but then they later find out she’s isn’t the lead and he STILL goes on it. Which confused me at first. But the more I thought of it, she made it clear they “fizzled” after they hung out.

    My guess is that he wasn’t as into it as he thought he would be so he decided to still go on the show for Becca.

    But after seeing tia’s face when she saw him, you could tell she still wasn’t over him. He already has his fame now from this show after just a few episodes, so I don’t think he would have stayed on the show with Becca after that if he really still liked Tia.

    I did find it interesting though that Becca never asked Tia “if she was ok with her dating Colton”. I never felt like she really confirmed it with her. That wouldn’t sit with me well, but then again they always edit things out.

    My response was way longer than I had anticipated. Haha! I get way too into this! Curious to hear your thoughts.


  53. I kind of have the opposite opinion on Colton. I feel like if Becca and Tia are such great friends like the show is portraying them to be, then Becca would have already known about colton dating Tia. Also Tia and Colton both already said they only dated for a weekend, so it’s not like it was a serious relationship. I think they are making it into a bigger thing than it really is. I’m interested to see how it all turns out!

  54. Blake is my top pick for her too! Both his introductions were so cute! (the horse and the ox 😉) and their one-on-one was sweet too 😁

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