An Open Letter to my Daughter Molly

Dear Molly,

My sweet girl. I haven’t even started writing this letter yet and I’m already in tears. I normally think I’m pretty good with words. I write pretty much every single day and never really have trouble coming up with what I want to say. But as I sit here trying to write this letter to you, I feel like no words are appropriate for how much you’ve changed my life. But I’m gonna give it my best shot and hope that I capture a sliver of your beautiful spirit.

You’re going to spend much of your life trying to figure out who you are. That term is thrown away around a lot. “Who am I?” I want you to know it’s OK not to know the answer to that question. I for one didn’t discover who I really was or what I was made of until I became your mom. You’ve shown me the absolute best sides of myself. And the worst. And I mean that in the best way possible. I used to think I was a somewhat patient person, and then you came into my life and decided to test that patience (I love you for it) to help show me that I can be better. So every day I’m trying to be more patient and better for you.

You’ve also shown me how to love more. Not just others and most of all you, but also how to love myself. That love for myself stems from you showing me that I am strong beyond measure. Being your mom has definitely shown me the weakest parts of myself but in many instances, you have made me learn to love myself more as I see what I’m capable of as your mother. You’ve not only made me proud of you but also managed to make me proud of me. Thank you for that.

And as you know, because we hope to tell you about them all the time, you were named after your great grandma’s Molly Fedotowsky and Eva Sullivan. They would be in awe of you and beaming with pride to know you bear their name. Like your grandma Eva, I hope you always choose to see the bright side of things. She had a great sense of humor and could always make light of any situation. And like your grandma Molly, I hope you give more than you take. She put everyone before herself and would have given up everything and anything for me. And I know that your grandmothers, Mimi and Grammie, would give and do anything for you.


And I want you to know how truly special you are. At only 22-months old, we know we are seeing just the beginning of the incredible person you’re becoming as you grow. There are a few things I never want you to forget.

Keep fostering your thirst for knowledge. You are so very smart. Your most prized possessions are your favorite books – like the belly book, Goodnight Moon, Daniel Tiger and your Cubbies book.  They are the very first things you ask for in the morning. Your pediatrician said you should know 200 words by the time you’re two years old. You’re still two months shy from two and I’m pretty sure you know over 2000 words. I’m so proud of you. I really believe you could change the world one day. And at the very least, you’ve changed our world for the better.

Never forget the special bond you have with your daddy. Oh how your daddy makes you laugh. The two of you can play and giggle for hours. You adore him and so do I.  And know he loves your mommy too. I hope more than anything you grow up and meet someone like him who loves you as much as he loves me. And who treats you the way HE treats us. So when you’re 16-years old, and mad at us, because that time will come, remember this bond with your father. It’s truly special and unlike no other.

Never stop smelling the flowers. You are 22-months old right now and one of your absolute favorite things to do (besides singing “Havana” and reading) is to go for walks and to stop and smell every flower along the way. Never stop doing that. Life is wonderful and a gift, but so many of us take that for granted. I myself bury myself in work and emails and often find myself staring at my phone/computer for hours when when I should be staring at you. The most simple things in life are what makes life so beautiful. You remind me of this everyday with your sweet sensibility and how you always, always stop to smell the flowers.

And lastly know we love you unconditionally. You will never be alone because we will always be here for you. You are our very best friend and we never want that to change. Come to us when you have questions, lean on us when you feel defeated, and share all the beautiful moments in your life with us. Family is the single greatest gift in the world, that not everyone is as fortunate as we are to have. Cherish yours.

And as your brother comes into this world, I want you to know how much we’ve treasured this time with you as our only baby. But we truly believe that your world is about to get so much sweeter with the addition of your brother. You have so much love to give and we know you will be the best person in his life. He is one lucky little boy to have a big sister like you to look up to.  Always look out for each other.

We love you sweet Molly. Forever our first baby.

Love, Mom


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162 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Daughter Molly

    1. Ali, your letter is beautiful! Maybe you have already done this, but I think what will make this letter even more special, if that is even possible, is for you to hand write it, also. Put it in a special box with future handwritten letters! It will make a cherished treasure chest for her. 😍

      1. Handwritten letters! A beautiful idea that is getting lost in the our world of technology. I have letters my mother handwrote to me. There is something so special about seeing her handwriting; it also makes me remember her even more vividly too. She is in heaven now and has been for 43 years as of two days ago. I was 31 when she died at 64; I am now 74.

  1. Beautiful. I wish my Mother would have done something like this. She’s gone now and I wish I would have known her thoughts. 💔

  2. Okay so I commented this on your instapost before I even made it all the way through, but now that I have made it all the way through, I have to say it again: I am SOBBING. Just blubbering. This is so beautiful, Ali. I have a one-year-old daughter and, while we aren’t thinking of more babies just yet, this expresses every sentiment I have as a mom. Oh my lanta. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart. Molly is so very lucky, and so is her baby brother.

  3. Wow!
    I myself have tears 😭!
    So beautifully written! Ali, she’s so Angelica!
    It’s funny I feel that I myself have a relationship not just with Jolly Molly, but you as well as Kevin! Omg! I cant forget Owen! And I’m way over in the East side of the map! Lol!
    Who would have thought as I had watch you on the Bachelor and bachelorette that I would’ve became a friend!

    Thank you for allowing me to share in your love for your family!
    Your a true friend! 🤗😘
    As always for Jolly Molly 😘🤗

  4. Oh my goodness! Ali, that was so beautiful and I know the Molly will love reading this when she gets older. I have been following you ever since your season of The Bachelorette (and really The Bachelor) and I am amazed at how much you’ve grown and become an amazing mother to your babies ❤️

  5. Ali I have cried so much reading this letter. This is a great way of telling your baby all the feelings that we as mothers have for them. It is such an enormous love! I write letters for my Meredith and save them until she can read. I don’t think we know how much our world is going to change but for the better when we become mothers. Such a wonderful time!

    Ps: I have always thought that Molly looks like Kevin but in the new pictures of this blog she is your mini twin!

  6. I just had my second baby and you hit the nail right on the head!! Thank you for sharing this! What a treasure for your daughter to read these words!

  7. What a beautiful and heartfelt expression of the love you have for your daughter. I’m sure she’ll treasure reading this one day! I know you are soaking up your last days as a mom of 1 but with two kids it only gets sweeter. 💕

  8. Oh my goodness. This is so beautiful. I have a 2.5 year old girl and so many things resonate. I bawled like a baby reading this. I always tell my daughter that she will never truly understand how much I love her until she has her own baby. A mother’s love is indescribable. Best wishes Ali! Can’t wait to see the new baby boy. Xo.

  9. Absolutely beautiful and heart warming and without a doubt, the best thing I’ve read all day. Makes me wish I had written something like this for my kids. Maybe I still will, even though they are in their 30s and 40s. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  10. A really great letter Ali. I read your blog and watch all the adorable instaposts. This is my first comment. Molly is great. As a mom of 3 boys you have touched on so much with this letter to her.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one in her final days of pregnancy trying to find the time and the words to show my first born how much I love him. I thought the tears would flow less freely as a second time mom but they seem so much greater and carry much more weight. Good luck to you- it sounds like Molly doesn’t need any!

  12. Hi Ali, I love reading your open letter to Molly. I teared up on some parts ( well every single part). Thank you for letting us be part of your journey. Hope you have a smooth delivery and I’m sure Molly will be the best big sister for her little brother.

  13. This is such a good idea. My daughter will be 27 months when I pop out baby #2 in November. I’ve tried writing her letters in the past but like you said, I never know what to say!!!! There just arent words! 😭😭😭

  14. Major water works over here! How sweet, genuine and special was this! I just had my second child and can relate to every single word! Goodluck Ali! Xoxo

  15. Sullivan would be a great baby boy name. And call him sully. It would be another great tribute to your grandma too.

  16. Dear Ali,
    My goodness…I’m bawling. That is so sweet and special. Molly will always be exactly who she is right now just older. Those things instilled in her will never go away. Life is only going to get better and better for you all. She will adapt and be the best big sister. Beautiful letter to your daughter. I love it.
    Hugs, Karen ❤️

  17. Wow, this is really amazing. I startwd crying while doing this. Not only are you lucky to have Molly, she is very lucky to have you.


  18. Ali this is beautiful and so well written. I just gave birth to my daughter Ashlyn in March and I feel so many of those things too! I was in tears reading your letter. Your daughter is going to love that letter! Such a good idea!

  19. Beyond beautifully written. Yup the tears are flowing! Love your family! Good luck with the arrival of your baby boy! I also have an older daughter and a baby boy and I can tell already how close their bond is! Enjoy!!! 😍

  20. Bawwwwwling!!!! Take a pic with her right before you head to the hospital if you can. I was in active labor and took one last pic of me wirh my first born. Her last moment before she was no longer an only child. 😭

  21. Ali,
    Thank you for sharing your life! You have helped me so much as a new Mommy this year. Your letter was so beautiful, Molly will cherish this forever! You are such an outstanding Mom and such an amazing example for so many <3 At first I couldn’t imagine having another baby but you’ve opened my eyes to what a joy it’ll be for Molly to have a baby brother 🙂 Wishing you all the best for the arrival of your precious baby boy!! Can’t wait to see photos and find out what name you chose!!

  22. Lovely, meaningful letter from you to your Daughter.
    The photos also show what you have written…it’s so sweet.

  23. My dad wrote my brother and I a letter like this for our 18th birthday and attached his favorite picture of each of us with him. It is our most prized possession and is displayed proudly in each of our respective houses. Molly is a lucky girl to have such caring parents as you and Kevin! You both have such beautiful souls which obviously got passed down to your little Havanna dancing girl! Thank you for sharing your life with us (especially the insta stories which are a light in the dark world of the internet)!

  24. Ali- this is so beautiful. The morning my water broke and I was leaving for the hospital to meet my second baby, I remember looking at my first and feeling such overwhelming love and sadness that it brought me to tears. I didn’t want our time of just him and I to end. It’s truw what they say though, the second baby teaches you that you can love more then one person with your entire heart. Although my time with my first baby was special, having two to love is a million times better. I’m so excited and happy for you, Kevin, and Molly! 💜

  25. Beautiful, Ali! I have a 2 year old daughter and a newborn baby boy so I just recently felt exactly like you do now. I was so emotional about another baby coming into our lives and worried about how my daughter would react. From the minute she saw him she was instantly in love with him, her exact words were “wow, he’s amazing!” You will be astonished by the love you see between your children…it makes you feel like you are actually doing something right in this crazy world we live in! Best of luck to you and your family!!

  26. You absolutely managed to have me in tears.Molly is so lucky to have you has her mom. Thank you for sharing so much of tou with us.

  27. Yep, I’m crying. We have boxes for both our kids that we write letters in occasionally and our kids will get to open their box when they turn 18. This would be great to add to the box so she can read it when she’ll appreciate it! The pictures make it extra special!

  28. 😭😭😭😭😭
    SoI beautiful Ali. I feel the same way about my angel daughter. I couldn’t even imagine another so now we just have her. Your heart is going to be so full! And you’ll be so tired but you can handle it 💪🏽
    Best of luck in labor!

  29. Sobbing. I’m due on the 30th as well with our second and our daughter just turned 2 this past Saturday. Everything you wrote rang so true to me, especially the bit about the father daughter bond. Ugh! Wishing you the best of luck in the days to come!

  30. This was so sweet to read and definitely started crying at the part about her dad. My daughter has an amazing dad too shes 20 months they have such a great bond. Not everyone has this, so it’s a blessed feeling knowing these beautiful kids are loved so much!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring myself to write one as well

    Love watching videos of Molly! Reminds me so much of my daughter Cali.

  31. Ali, this is so beautiful. I have my 21 month old little girl in my arms right sobbing and reading this. I just found out i am expecting my second in January. Thank you for this 💜 such beautiful words. Best of luck with your next delivery. Much love. -Lindsay

  32. This made me cry from the very first sentence! I am pregnant with my second (29 weeks along) and have a 14 month old son. The emotions of the world changing and not having the same one on one time anymore gets me in every angle. I think writing a letter to them before it all changes is such a beautiful idea.

  33. TEARS TEARS AND MORE TEARS! It is a blessing to me as a mom you follow you and the joy you show of being a mom. Thank you Ali. Your family is beautiful and blessed and I truly appreciate you putting some light in my life when I feel like I’m failing. Praying for y’all and your new adventures ahead ❤

  34. Ali, that was perfect. I am pregnant with my second and this resonated so much with me. It is so hard to not have them as our only babies yet you know how much more love will fill the house. It’s so bittersweet. This is a wonderful gift to give her. Sending love to your family! xx

  35. I’m in absolute sweet tears! Molly is going to chereish and treasure this letter her entire life. Like her books, this will become a prized piece of her heart. You are an amazing mommy Ali, never forget moments like this. All the love – Cassie

  36. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said get that box of tissues, I cried from the first word to the last!! I am also expecting my second (I’m two days past my due date) and have a wonderful daughter who just turned two so believe me when I say I’ve felt all the feels with you these past 9 months!

    I simply wanted to say that Molly is very lucky to have you as her mama. Although I don’t truly know you (but it feels like I do since I’ve been a fan of yours since the bachelor) you’ve inspired me as a parent and have allowed me to feel human so thank you for that!

    Good luck with your next chapter, I wish you and your family all the best.

    – Tina

  37. Ali, what a beautiful letter to Molly! I cried reading it. I can’t imagine the tears you shed writing it. She will cherish you and Kevin, and Owen and her little brother forever! You’re a great mama!!!

  38. Beautifully written Ali! I love how honest you are, how you share so much into your beautiful family, your life, your real life. You’re a blessing. Wishing you and your family the best. Thank you for sharing! Hugs & Blessings. Brenda

  39. Sitting here reading this as I hold my 3 month old daughter, just two weeks shy of returning to work, wondering how I will trust another to take care of her like I would, questioning how I’m going to manage it all, and hoping I don’t lose some part of my bond with her. My daughter was born 2 months early and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. Just when I feel like I got her back, it feels like she’s being separated from me again. Although it’s different circumstances, I can relate in some strange way to the fear of change. What a beautiful letter to your baby girl. There’s nothing more beautiful in this life than the love between a mother and babies! Xoxo

  40. I’m not pregnant and do not have children and I cried.. molly is so lucky to have all you. She will grow up and be so happy to read this.. good luck with the birth of baby boy manno.

  41. I can hardly see through my tears to write this. Ali this letter is so beautiful and Molly will cherish it. Congratulations on your new little addition coming soon!❤

  42. So so so so so sweet. I’m standing here in my bathroom bawling as I look at my baby girl on the monitor taking a nap. They are such a precious gift. Thanks for always being so open and sharing your stories.

  43. That was a beautiful letter. Molly will treasure it forever. She will be the best big sister.
    Love to you,Kevin,Molly and the little guy who will be here soon to join your loving family. xoxo

  44. So very sweet and heartwarming. I have a daughter just a bit older than Molly and everything you said reflects my own thoughts. We’ve recently had a bad storm knock out our power for 8 days; keeping me from all the normal distractions of life (i.e. phones, computers, tv) and I am so grateful to have had these days to remember the important things. I’ve spent more uninterrupted days with Charlotte than I have in a while and it’s refreshed my outlook on life. You have a special one in Molly and I’m sure adding your newest baby will bring another beautiful chapter to your life. Best of luck!

  45. Beautiful Ali, just simply from your heart to your daughters.

    I think tbh, I would frame this and hang in her room.

    Blessings to you all

  46. What a beautiful idea and letter!! Her life will be filled with more love and joy than it already is!! 💓💓💓

  47. Ali oh my 😭😭😭😭😭 How beautiful one day when Molly reads this . I had tears I’m sure she will to , Molly has the best parents , you and Kevin spend so much time teaching her things you can tell , ugh I still have tears,
    I really think this was such a touching thing to do for Molly as she gets older to know how she means the world to you and Kevin. And when baby brother is born your gonna be such a happy family .
    Good luck when it’s the time to bring baby Manno into this world I Pray everything goes well and he’s healthy .

  48. Beautiful. My daughter and son are exactly 22 months old too and soon you will see that it is a wonderful gift to give Molly her brother. My two are so close and play together and are the best of friends. The first year was not easy I will admit, but now that they are older it was worth it. Soon you won’t even remember what life was like when it was just the three of you. Your family will be complete once he arrives. Just be careful if you decide to go for baby number three, we did and got the surprise of a lifetime with twin girls! Going from one kid to two was still so much harder than doubling the number of kids though!

  49. I knew I shouldn’t have read this while sitting in the airport. Big ol alligator tears rolling down my cheeks! Beautiful letter!!

  50. I’m crying and I’m a 20-year-old with no kids. She’s so lucky to have a mom like you. Motherhood seems like the most beautiful gift.

  51. I had my second child in March when my first son was a little shy of 20 months old. I balled my eyes out putting him to sleep for the last time before we drove to the hospital to be induced. I was so scared about loving another child, but even when you bring the new baby home, so much of your focus will still be on the big one. If anything I love him even more, because the special one-on-one time we get is less frequent. It all just feels so normal, really. Good luck!

  52. Omg…..I can’t stop the tears. Your letter to Molly is beautiful. She will cherish this letter one day when it’s least expected. But that is ok. She is one lucky little girl and so is that baby boy!!!!! Your children will be as close as ever which is absolutely a good thing…you and Kevin are lucky parents to have two wonderful children….and you and Kevin are doing a fantastic job with Molly..and having a second child will be hectic but it will be worth every minute….enjoy your children while there young because you can’t get those years back…..Love Cindy

  53. Your letter is so beautiful and I think every mom can relate. Best of luck to you with the new addition of your son this week. What an exciting time for all of you.

  54. Omg….😭😭😭😭 such a great idea to write a little to her. Thank you for sharing with us in your highs and lows of motherhood!

  55. I cannot stop crying right now. This is THE best thing ever!!! My mom is currently in hospital right now.. just left her to come to hers for a little lie down and read!! Molly will cherish this forever!!! Xoxo

  56. Oh Ali <3

    This is so beautiful, so priceless and has all the feels!!! Your sweet Molly is so blessed to have you and Kevin and now baby brother. May you all continue to shine on, spread love and light on everyone you meet.

    Much Love,

  57. You will be so incredibly happy you wrote this one day a long while from now. With this done, you really are ready for baby to come.

    All the best. More beauty of life is just ahead to discover. Good luck!

  58. This made me cry. I love how you tell her you cherish this time with her as your only child. So beautiful. The heart of a mother is the most beautiful heart, and you’ve laid yours out for all to see. This is simply beautiful. So excited for your sweet family! And keeping an eye on your insta stories for the new baby!! I hope you have a safe and easy labor! 💕

  59. This was written so beautifully. As a mom, I can definitely relate!
    My daughter was not happy when my son was born, but grew to love him. I’m sure Molly will be happy ! Good luck with everything

  60. Such a beautiful letter. It is something Molly will have for the rest of her life. It will be there when she is feeling sad and lost ( as we all have been at one time or another.).

    Ali this is absolutely the best gift you could ever give your daughter. It will be cherished forever.

  61. Tears are running down my face. So so beautiful, Ali. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your first baby is so special and always will be. I’m the oldest and still feel that special bond with my mom. I also feel that with my daughter, my oldest. My sons that followed certainly have me wrapped around their fingers. I can already tell Molly was made to be a big sister. She will be your sweet helper. Enjoy this time…it’s magical! Praying for a textbook delivery and a healthy mom and baby boy on the other side!

  62. This is so beautiful! I know she will always cherish this letter. This inspired me to want to write a letter for my son who is 21 months old. Praying for a happy safe delivery!

  63. I’m crying!! This is so perfectly said and so heartfelt. I hope you also wrote this in your handwriting – one thing I have learned to cherish as I’ve gotten older is my family’s writing to me (special notes in cards, etc.). I even have recipes framed in the kitchen from both grandmothers who are now gone, and seeing those daily is comforting. Molly will cherish this letter in your writing forever. You’re such a sweet family, as always thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  64. so many posts…not sure you will even get down this far. but I have a 26 month and a 10 month old and know what you are feeling these last few days. excitement and sheer sadness over losing this time with molly. I remember holding my oldest the night before my c-section for hours just crying that I wouldn’t have this moment again. that she would be afraid while I was in the hospital. that I was going to hurt her little feelings. I knew I was giving her the greatest gift of a sister (I have 5 so I know this to be true) but man it was hard.

    the postpartum feelings post birth were up and down. the moment she saw and kissed her sister I was on cloud 9. when she started acting up because she didnt want to leave the hospital it broke me.

    give yourself grace to enjoy your little boy, to mourn the loss of having an only and to enjoy the pure sweetness of molly developing a relationship with her brother. it will all be there.

    in the end…know it will all be ok.

    you will have one on one time with molly

    you will have one on one time with little bubs

    you will figure out this parenting 2 under 2

    your family will be amazing


  65. Bless your sweet heart!! My son will be a Junior in high school next year. I’ve alreadt started writing him a letter for his high school graduation. I bawl every time I add to it. Being a mom is the best gift in the entire world. Good luck on the birth of your son. I enjoy so very much watching the phases of your life. Keep up the good work!


  66. Oh Ali! This is such a beautiful gift to precious Molly. Please, please do print it and frame it or bind it in some way for her to rediscover again and again. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

    (I’m not crying you’re crying 😭)

  67. OMG crying the whole way through. This is a beautiful letter and Molly will love it when she gets older. Molly and her little baby brother are very lucky to have you as such a great mother and role model. I am going to do this with my 3 year old son when his baby brother or sister is closer to coming. Hope you have a easy delivery.

  68. My little girl is Molly’s age and about to have my second (also a boy) next week. I’m balling my eyes out reading this! So sweet! Good luck with this labor!

  69. Sobbing while reading this as all I can think of is our first!!! 😭😭 As devastated as I was to lose that one on one time with him.. his sister has only made all of our lives so much fuller. I never thought I could love another like I love him, but I do (your heart just grows even bigger)!! And to see HOW MUCH they love one another @ only 8 months old and 2 years and 8 months.. it makes my heart so happy!!! First thing they both look for in the morning is each other and to see them play on the floor together and to see him give her kisses at bedtime… it’s the best feeling in the world! Best of luck, Ali! Can’t wait to “meet” your little one!

  70. You mentioned grabbing the tissues on IG, but I didn’t think I would get that emotional. How wrong I was. This is SO beautiful. And exactly how I feel about my son, thank you for sharing. I for one can’t wait to see Molly as a big sister, I am the big sister and it is truly one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me. Thank you again for sharing this beautiful letter.

  71. What a beautiful letter to Molly, Ali. I currently don’t have children but now being in my 30s and thinking back (and now) my parents are truly my best friends. All you described, they have certainly been there for me and in those ways and I truly feel lucky. Molly is very lucky to have such wonderful parents as yourselves. It’s very evident how much you love her and each other. Thank you for always sharing yourself and family with all of us, and for being so relateable! Best wishes as your baby boy arrives this week. I look forward to following your journey 🙂

  72. This is Beautiful! I wrote a letter simaler to my nephews when they graduated, I wanted them to know how I felt! I myself dont have kids so my nieces and nephews are my kids!! I have been with My 3 nephews since the day they were born! So I wrote them heart felt letters at graduation, and gave to them, they will have them forever!!

  73. That is such a beautiful letter that Molly will cherish forever💕 You are such a great writer-you capture everything so perfectly. I look forward to seeing your family stories everyday! I hope your baby boy is here soon💙

  74. I’m totally in tears reading this. Made me cry! I have a little girl and due any day now with her little brother also. Sooo emotional! You’re such a great mommy. ❤️

  75. Ali,
    You are an amazing person! Molly is such a beautiful little soul! She will be the best sister to her new little brother. 🙌🌺🌸💗

  76. Omg I am so ugly crying right now. That was such a sweet letter. I love hearing about Molly and the family daily ftom Kevin on 104.3 My FM. I remember when he announced you were expecting Molly how thrilled he was. Yes daughters have a special bond with their dads. Now you guys will have a son. As. A mom of a 13 yr old boy….get ready for a non stop adventure. Ali thank you, Kevin, and adorable Molly for sharing your lives with us. Molly will sing “Havana” to her baby brother. She will be an amazing big sister. ❤❤❤❤👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  77. Anddd cue the tears. My first baby turned one today and I was having trouble finding the right words. These here capture how I’m feeling! What a sweet little one you have. She’ll be a great big sis and is lucky to have you as her mama! Good luck and many good wishes to you as you bring baby #2 into this worlds

  78. Oh my goodness I’m sobbing. Such an absolute beautiful tribute and gift for your Molly. You are such a wonderful mother and this is why Molly is growing into such a beautiful sweet soul. I know you are so very proud of her. Also, be proud of yourself for the great job you are doing as a parent! ❤️

  79. This is so beautiful Ali. I’m crying in my office reading this post! I have a 21 month old and am due for baby #2 in October. When I think about my daughter (also named after her great grandparents) no longer being my only child I get so emotional! I love that you are always one step ahead of me in motherhood so I always know what’s coming. Best of luck with baby boy! I’m sure Molly will be a great big sister. She seems to have such a sweet personality.

  80. I have no words, just soo many tears of joy and love. Molly is soo lucky to have you and Kevin. The joy that your little family brings to so many others is AMAZING. Congratulations on baby #2 and I cannot wait to see the wonderful big sister Molly will be♡

  81. Life is about to change forever! My boys are the exact same months apart as yours will be. It’s definitely not easy, but once they’re old enough to play together, it’s fun to watch! Molly is going to seem so grown up the first time you see your kids together, that was hard for me. Enjoy the messy, sleepless, rewarding ride of 2!

  82. Life is about to change forever! My boys are the exact same months apart as yours will be. Going from one to two is anything but easy, but once they’re old enough to play together, it’s fun to watch & it’s great that they always have a friend to play with! Molly is going to seem so grown up the first time you see your kids together, that was hard for me. Enjoy the messy, sleepless, rewarding ride of 2!

  83. Definitely in tears! What a beautifully written letter and beautiful display of your unconditional love for Molly and your family as a whole. Cherish the moments and best wishes as baby boy makes his way into your wonderfully loving family. All the best!!

  84. First of all, that was beautifully well written Ali. I’m sure Molly is going to cherish this letter when she’s older & more mature. Secondly, I’m not a Mom yet, but I was crying reading this because I want the same things for my future kids, but first off for myself. To have a man love me & respect me like Kevin does with both Molly and you. You sure did hit the jackpot with Kevin & I wish you both a wonderful & safe delivery this week with your son. 💙

  85. This is an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful letter to your sweet baby girl. She will forever cherish this from you. Wishing you and your family the utmost happiness and joy. Can’t wait to see Molly and her little brother together. She’s just the most precious little lady ever!

  86. So beautiful, congratulations on all your success but most importantly that beautiful family you have. Enjoy every minute they grow up in a blink . Molly will treasure this letter from you when she is older. 💕so happy for you all 💕

  87. For not having the words you sure found them and so beautifully! 💗 Always makes me smile to see your cute little family on my feed and I’m so happy for you 🙂 Best wishes to you as your joy expands in the best way possible with the arrival of Molly’s baby “bruder”! 😍 I love her cute voice too!

  88. Soo beautiful, & you do have a way with words! You are one blessed family, and Molly is so lucky you have you for a momma! ❤️

  89. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I just wrote my daughter a letter as well. She’s three and won’t be able to read it right now, but I hope when she gets older she will treasure it as much as I’ve treasured my time with her being my only baby.
    Your letter was beautiful, thank you for sharing something so personal with everyone.

  90. Omg😭 Seriously I am BALLING. This is very sweet, as a mom it is so hard to find the words to describe how you feel about your child and this is just absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing💗

  91. That was such a beautiful letter you wrote to Molly. You are such an amazing person and an amazing mom to Molly and soon to be with your son Ali.

  92. Ali,
    Your words are beautiful. My husband and I have three year old twins whom we love dearly. Even a small outing with only one of them feels weird to us… I can only imagine how you must feel knowing that your days with just your sweet girl are coming to an end, yet for such a beautiful and welcomed reason. May you be blessed this week as life gets even sweeter, and your heart expands infinite amounts ❤️

  93. I’m surprised I’m not bawling even tho I couldn’t get past the first sentence without some tears. It’s a beautiful letter. It definitely hits home. I’m 25 weeks pregnant with our second child, another boy! We were so blessed + still are with our first son. He’s 7 years old, but I’ve still found myself struggling with so many emotions how much our family is going to change. He’s so excited to meet his little brother and for himself to be a big brother, but I’ve been so worried he’s gonna feel left out. I think it’s more me just focusing on the fact that he won’t be my youngest baby anymore. But forever our first baby as you said. I’ve thought about doing something like this for him to read one day, but the thought makes me cry and no idea how I’d get through. Word for word, it was beautiful. I know you all will love to be able to look back on this. Especially during those teenage years;) Good vibes for a healthy baby boy! Congrats to you all!

  94. So beautifully written, what an amazing testament of how much you love her! And when when is old enough to understand she will treasure this letter forever ❤️ Such a sweet idea!

  95. Just a pregnant lady crying on the couch reading this beautiful letter to a beautiful little girl! I have a beautiful little girl and she will soon have a baby brother too! What a blessing they’ll both be!

  96. I would like to first thank you for making me cry. I sit here almost 8 months pregnant with my first and feel almost all of these at this point without even meeting my princess. You captured everything so perfectly and I have no doubt that she will love and appreciate every word of this one day. It’s been amazing to follow your journey (and thank you for the encouragement and lessons along the way!) keep being you!

  97. Thanks…i needed a good cry!! That is so beautiful and something she will cherish her entire life and I kind of laughed at the 16 year old part…so very true!!

  98. That was beautiful, I have 22 month old daughter as well and she has just transformed our life too. My daughter and loves smelling flowers and has an incredible connection with her dad. Bless your little family, she is going to be an amazing big sister. Prayers for smooth and easy delivery.

  99. OMG! I’m not a mommy but I have students that I treat like they were mine! You wrote so beautifully! I’m sure Molly will cherish this letter forever! Thank you and Kevin for your daily dose of realism, laughter, and lots of love you guys show to each other (and Owen!)

  100. Ali, I’ve been a longtime follower but have never commented. My son is just a couple weeks younger than Molly. He also loves books and seeing him immerse himself in books has been such fun. And makes me so proud! I think a lot about growing our own family and I’ve struggled with the thought of transitioning from having him as our world, our only child, our cherished little heart. I really admire how you honored your love for Molly and her impact on you with this letter. When and if I’m ever lucky enough to bring another baby into this world with my husband, we will do this too. What a sweet thing she will treasure for ever. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  101. Ali your letter to your daughter Molly was so touching. You most certainly had me crying.
    Molly has an amazing parents with good parenting skills and she is so lucky to have you and her Dad.
    Ali you sure have a special bond with Molly and I loved all your
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your letter.
    All the best to you and your family.

  102. Oh Ali, you certainly have my waterworks turned on over here. This is beautifully written and I know your little Molly will cherish it forever. You’re making me second guess my decision not to have children! Watching you mother and grow as a person through the art of parenting makes me feel like I’d be a fool not to. Thank you for sharing your life with us and best of luck I’m the coming days/weeks/months as your family welcomes that new bundle of joy!

  103. Sweet, dear, so lovely, Ali. I am almost 68. I adored my mother who died 15 years ago when she was 88. She wrote me notes and letters like this one and they are such treasures of mine. I hope you and Molly will forever share the precious, close bond that you have today. I love the last picture in this post of both of you in the lavender garden! So darling, and my goodness, she IS mini you with Kevin mixed in with love! Her little brother will indeed be lucky to call her his Big Sister!💕💕

  104. Ali and Molly

    This letter is amazing. So cute and very sweet. Thank you for hearing such a heartfelt message. Your little girl is the sweetest and your very special yourself. Enjoy being a family of four.

  105. Seriously teared up reading “forever our first baby.” This hits so close to home when my second child came 5 months ago. I was very emotional before and after he came about my first not being my only anymore. Things do change. However, your heart grows bigger and those two will love each other so much that it just makes you want to cry (again!). Mamas can do some crying because we love our babies so much it hurts! Prayers for you and your family as you transition to a family of 4. Praying for a smooth and wonderful delivery/labor. Praying for Molly to adjust to brother and mommy and daddy to adjust to two sweet little loves!

  106. Your words are so beautiful! I have a 14 month old little boy right now and it seems crazy to think about loving another child as much as my husband and I love our son.. I know you and Kevin are great parents simply by the words you say and the pictures you post! Molly is lucky to have you. Can’t wait to see your new little one ❤️

  107. This has me in tears. I write my little boy emails to read when he gets older and I cry every time I write them but I cried a little more reading this one. She will absolutely love this.

  108. No words to explain how beautiful this is. Molly is one lucky girl to have parents like you & a little brother. I myself have a little brother (I was about Molly’s age when he was born) & I remember being over the moon excited about him coming into the world. Getting to attended “big sister” classes was my favorite thing. Nothing is compares to the bond of siblings. Love to you and your family

  109. This is so sweet! I have an almost 18 month old little girl. It’s amazing how they show us there is so much joy and happiness to be had. They don’t care what we look like or if we have the fanciest things. They just want to give us their unconditional love and to be loved back. Molly is so lucky to have you and so is the almost here baby boy!

  110. I don’t know how you got through that, but I’m glad you did. It’s absolutely beautiful and a gift she will cherish forever.

  111. Anyone would be thrilled to have a sweet mother as you. I can’t wait to see how it can change you, as we try for our first. Thank you for the good idea, it will mean the world to Molly one day!

  112. Beautifully written 🌸 I have a 15 month old daughter, Aubree, and I feel that this letter encompasses how I feel towards her. Being a parent is the toughest and most amazing gift we are given. Congratulations on your family of four! ❤️

  113. Ali this is such a beautiful heartfelt letter. I cried like a baby reading it. I also have a 22 month old daughter (born on the 4th of July) and I’m due with another daughter in August. I have so many emotions thinking about the last 2 years with my daughter and what it’s going to be like adding another baby to the mix. I am definitely going to write a letter for her after reading this. I love your blog and it’s helped me so much during this pregnancy! Your one amazing momma and Molly is so lucky to have you. Congrats on your little boy can’t wait to see pictures once he is here ❤️❤️

  114. So beautiful, Ali. You had me all in tears (sitting on a cruise ship deck..ha!)

    Molly is not lucky little girl and her little brother is even luckier; to have her as his big sis. 💕

  115. Ali what a beautiful letter!! I just had my 3rd and last baby 2 months ago and shes my only girl!! And man what a beautiful idea!!! My 2 older kids are 7 and 5 and man do those boys really get you they are 100% anything boy but at the end of the day have to have momma kisses and tucked into bed. I’m going to write all of them a letter now by your very sweet letter I hope that this little guy brings you as much joy and love as miss molly does and that your family has continued love and support from all of your fan like myself!!!!

  116. Beautiful! You had me in tears on my train ride. Its all good! Nothing wrong with emotion! Molly will cherish this forever ❤️Love u & your blog! Good luck!!

  117. Oh Ali, this is absolutely beautiful! Our daughter’s are only a couple weeks apart so I have always loved reading your blog and watching Molly grow. Your words are spoken from your heart, and Molly is so lucky to have you as her mom <3

  118. What a lovely letter!! You are honoring Molly’s uniqueness while also celebrating her important transition to big sister.

    You said that one of Molly’s prize possessions is her Belly Book. As the authors of Belly Books we were hoping that you were referring to our first title: Can’t Wait to Show You: A Celebration for Mothers-to-be! We’d be so honored if this is one of Molly’s favorite books!!! 🙂
    How cool that you read to her before birth! It certainly explains her advanced vocabulary at such a young age!!

    Best wishes for this next phase. What a beautiful journey, and it’s so wonderful that you’ve made literacy and language a priority for your new family! So much joy and fun in store!!

  119. Ali those were the sweetest words
    I’m tearing of joy for Molly because she has such a special momma. What a beautiful letter, she will sure cherish this one day. Hope all goes well with baby #2.

  120. Im 33 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and crying over here! what a beautiful letter and so special… you just inspired me to write my first son a letter to put in his baby book and save for a later date. I am brainstorming all that i want him to know as i type this! thank you for sharing this with us, what an amazing family you have. I also wish you a smooth and quick delivery with baby boy, cant wait to see him!

  121. currently sobbing. uncontrollably. i’m 34 weeks pregnant with our second and related to every ounce of what you wrote. My husband literally just came over to me and asked if everything was ok because i couldn’t catch my breath from crying…he thought someone died haha…I made him sit down and ready what you wrote and even he got tears in his eyes! Our almost two year old daughter is the light of our lives and it is so difficult to imagine having another baby to love. We are also having a boy this time. I keep telling myself she’ll always be my baby girl.

  122. 💦💦💦SoProudOfTheWomanYouHaveBecomeAsI’veGrownFromYourJourney~YourTheBestMommyToMissMolls&SirOwen&NowYourNewBabyBoy~YouInspireMeTooMz.Ali&EvenThoughIt’sNotInPerson~IFeelYou&Your presence&It’sBeenAJoySeeingYouOnSM~ThankYouForSharingYourLife&ExcitedForMore~Much💖xoxo

  123. This is truly a beautifully written letter that Molly can and will treasure always. She is so very lucky to have such a wonderful mom. 💖 The bond you two share is what I strive for between myself and my little one.

  124. I’m bawling! 😭😭 Thank you for sharing your family with us! We have literally seen Molly growing up and now can’t wait to meet your new little man! And by far, my favorite insta-stories is if Molly singing “Havana”! 😂😂 Praying for you and your precious family as you grow from 3 to 4.

  125. Absolutely beautiful Ali… brought tears to my eyes. She is truly blessed to have a mom like you. This letter to Molly will be a prized possession of hers one day that she will turn to time and again.

    May you have a smooth delivery and sending you much love as you bring your baby boy into the world to join your wonderful family. ♡

  126. I just want you to know this blog put me to tears. I love love love how dedicated of a mom you are. For me I am struggling getting pregnant and I didn’t really have a good mother growing up. She was never involved in my life and we never had that connection which I am so sad about. I sometimes feel that my struggles getting pregnant is a sign that I wouldn’t be a good mother or have a bond with my child like my mom and I. Thanks for always sharing your like and your babies lives with us. Means so much.

  127. Your daughter will always appreciate your words, your respect, and your love.

    As a Single Mom who has a 6 year old with very special needs, one of which is a prosthetic leg and twin 4.5 year olds – my hat is off to you. Life is challenging, for everyone, and anyone.


  128. Oh Ali, you were not joking when you said grab a box of tissue. I’m still at work and I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes dry. This was beautiful. Congrautlations on your beautiful family.

  129. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog and I am truly in awe over your writing skills and just how very « real » you serm to be. I am in Québec (Canada) so to be honest, I don’t really know about you…(sorry!).

    That being said, this post had me sobbing fron the very first sentence, ha! My little girl is 2 1/2 and my baby boy is 7 months old so I totally understand those feelings, questionings and the love for our little duckies!!!!

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