What’s In My Hospital Bag

It’s baby week! That’s right my friends, our little man will officially be here THIS week! Eeeeepppppp! I can’t believe it. Thank goodness he has held off until now because I literally JUST finished packing my hospital bag. Well actually, I shouldn’t even say I’m finished because really I am writing this blog to get advice from you guys on whether or not I am missing anything important that you loved having in your hospital bag! But first, let me share what I have packed in mine so far…


A SUITCASE – I’m using a suitcase as my “hospital bag” because I find it easier to stay organized in a suitcase. Plus when you open it up, you’re able to see everything better. I do love a good travel bag though, I almost used this travel bag instead, but ultimately when with the suitcase. Plus my rose gold suitcase is just super cute.

AN EXTENSION CORD AND/OR PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER – Someone told me to pack an extension cord when I was pregnant with Molly to take to the hospital and it was such a great suggestion! Basically after the baby is born, you are going to get a ton of texts and phone calls from family and friends so you want to make sure your phone is fully charged and that the charger is able to reach a hospital bed. I also packed THIS portable charger to make life easier. So both are in my hospital bag!

MAKE-UP BAG – Call me vain, but I want my make-up bag with me when I’m at the hospital. Giving birth sucks every bit of life out of you – quite literally actually – a LIFE comes out of you! And I want to look somewhat put together when I take photos with my little babe. So I bought extras of a few staples that I love to use like a natural tinted moisturizer, a brow pencil, mascara, and my lip gloss color. The reason I got double is because I use this stuff everyday and it’s out on my bathroom counter. And I don’t want to forget to throw it in my hospital bag when the time comes. So I have double of some essentials in my suitcase and then then rest of my makeup is in a Just Love makeup bag on my bathroom counter that will make it easier to grab quickly (if I remember).


FACIAL WIPES – These are sooooo important! These were essential for me when I gave birth to Molly. Again, this might seem vain to some, but I did my make-up quickly when my water first broke because I wasn’t having contractions so I wasn’t in any pain. However, by the time I gave birth (30 hours later) I was a sweaty, hot mess! I needed those facial wipes to get all my old, sweaty makeup off and then of course I reapplied! Ha! Hey, I’m just being honest with you guys. I’m really hoping a bunch of you are with me on this one and don’t think I’m crazy.

NURSING FRIENDLY PJ’S – I got these super cute navy blue pj’s to wear after the baby comes. Honestly, there is a chance I won’t want to put the pants on, depending on how my birth goes. Sometimes you are so banged up down there that you can’t wear anything (that’s why many people choose to bring a robe instead. I packed a robe too FYI). But I loved these PJ’s and they match the outfit the I got for our little man to wear for his first outfit. I think they will make for cute pics together. They are also button down, so that makes it easier to do skin to skin contact and nurse while in the hospital. Both so important to me. I also packed a cute pair of slippers!

BABY’S FIRST OUTFIT – We packed two possible outfits for the baby’s first outfit! One long sleeve, and one short sleeve in case it feels hot. The baby will be swaddled all the time so a long sleeve might feel like too much. Both are super cute and will look cute with my PJ’s for photos. Can you sense a theme here? Photos are obviously SUPER important to me. But  you guys already know that about me. Photography and documenting my family with a professional photographer is a huge part of my life.

A GIFT FROM BABY TO MOLLY – We thought it would be cute if on his “birth” day the baby gave Molly a cake to celebrate. She will love it and it will look so cute on the little kiddo table we just bought her. We were going to get the baby a gift from Molly too but we honestly haven’t had time yet and we figured that one is less important since the baby won’t understand anyway. Ha!

NURSING ESSENTIALS – I have a nursing tank, bra and nursing pads all packed too! I can’t believe I am about to start nursing again and for so long! Well, I guess I should just hope that I am lucky enough to be able to nurse again. I nursed Molly for a year. Not sure if I will make it that long this time around, but who knows! I will do the best I can!

GRANNIES PANTIES – Big grannie panties (even though I will likely be wearing the mesh hospital ones they give you the whole time – oh joy!).

Well there you have it! That’s what’s in my hospital bag. But I would love to hear any suggestions from you guys that maybe I didn’t think of! Tell me what else I should pack in the comments below! I am hoping to have the bag finished today! It feels like he is VERY close to arriving. I don’t think I’ll make it to my induction date!

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  1. Wee so soon! Best wishes for a smooth delivery, and mostly, a healthy baby!!
    I know the best advice my sister got (she just had her first) when talking to other mommas was to bring adult diapers (like depends) cause they’re more comfortable than the pad that always moves around (not sure how it all works in the states since hospitals are better equipped, but here you have to bring everything you’d need so she was in charge of her own pads/diapers!)
    She also was told by friends and she is so thankful to make “padcicles” .. its a maxi pad with aloe vera, a few drops of eucalyptus and lavender oil then freeze it.. she said they were a saviour those first few days when everything was a mess.
    Oh.. and you’re SO not vain!! There is a picture my brother in law took of me doing my sister’s makeup in the delivery room somewhere around hour 9 of 18.. we were bored (epidurals are magic!) and she wanted nice pictures when the baby came! Lol

  2. I love the earth mama products!!! They make nipple cream and mama bottom spray! Sounds terrible but I have never used anything more helpful! I also packed a pillow and blanket! I loved having things like that from home! Good luck Ali! Hope you have an easy delivery! Congrats!

    1. I was going to comment and say the same thing! New mama bottom spray! I give it to all of my girlfriends just prior to delivery now— that stuff is magic in a bottle!

  3. Ali, I’m totally with you in the makeup department! I did my makeup (not heavy, just something to make me look alive) my entire stay at the hospital after both babies. It just made me feel a bit more like myself & I wanted to look cute in the pictures too. Best of luck this week!

  4. I have a lot of the things on your list! But I also have a pillow/light fleece blanket from home and a bath towel. I loved having my own pillow and blanket with my other two kids and also remember after my first the hospital towels were tiny and rough so lived having my own for my 2nd. Do you have shampoo/cond/soap? Hair dryer/straightener? Ha, I’m totally not vain! Oh and water bottle.

    1. I was thinking the same things! I showered twice in the hospital and it was nice to use my own shampoo, etc. Same with makeup! So necessary lol
      And a pillow for sure. I don’t know about your hospital, but mine was stingy in the pillow department.
      A huge cup for water is a must.
      And snacks!! For you and Kevin!
      Good luck! 🙂

  5. I also love the earth mama products. Bottom spray, nipple butter and I use the baby bum cream on babe for every diaper change! This time around I also have scrunchies packed! My husband tried to put my hair in a bun while in labor, and I had to practically cut the elastic out! My doula also brings that aerosol water spray (I have Evian stuff) in her doula bag and it’s amazing in labor!

  6. I agree with the comment above recommending Earth Mama products – the nipple butter is fantastic! Chapstick is a must-have, and I liked having a travel size bottle of hand lotion. Hospitals are always super dry! I also took my oldest shopping to pick out a present from him to baby, so when he came to the hospital they “exchanged” presents and he was so excited to give his baby brother the pacifier and book he picked out.

    Good luck!

  7. I made sure to bring a water bottle *with a straw* because it’s so much easier to drink than tilting your head back while pushing. My doula recommended it and she was spot on.

  8. When I had my daughter, my biggest ‘thank God I had items were Chapstick and hairties. Plus some snacks. I was in labor for 34 hours and ended up havibg my daughter at 4am, so i was told breakfast wouldnt be until 8. We had a pop tart with us and it tasted like a filet migion. I also found I was freezing so I was so glad to have a blanket plus it gave me comfort and a piece of home.

    Don’t forget toiletries to shower and lotion!

    I wish you the best Ali!! I hope your little man comes fast, healthy and smoothly! You got this girl!

  9. I definitely recommend bringing a pillow! I just had my little girl 2 weeks ago and ended up with 2nd degree tears (childbirth is so glamruous!). I so wish I had brought a pillow. Not to sleep on but to sit on! The car ride home was so incredibly painful because car seats are definitely not the softest thing to sit on! I feel like a pillow would have made that experience much more enjoyable!

    1. I agree. I had a 4th degree tear 150 stitches inside and out. I was so glad our hospital gave me a dome thick nice pillow with the center cut out for our 1 hour car ride home. That took 2 hours because my hubby wanted to be extra careful with baby and I. The most important thing I forgot was a hair brush. And it literally took me 1 hour to comb all the knots out of my hair. It has always been so amazing at what a women’s body goes through during and after child birth. My tear happened so bad because he came out so fast the Dr almost dropped him. He said it was like I spit a water melon seed he came out so fast he didn’t have time to cut me. And my boy was only 6pounds and 13 ounces. And only was in labor 3 hours. My second one 1 stitch and he was 7 pounds and 6 ounces I was o lay in labor for 1 hour. But the boy that comes over you the moment they lay them on you is like no other. Ali good luck and congrats to you and your family.

  10. I’m due Tuesday! With a boy too! But no sign of him coming yet 🙁 anyway, with my daughter, born two years ago, a friend of mine suggested bike/spandex shorts as her number one go to item! I packed them and I can’t recommend them enough! I pushed for 3 hours and had two tears, so let’s just say I was in a ton of pain. Between the huge pads and ice packs in the mesh underwear, all of that felt like it was falling to my knees. The spandex shorts held everything up in place and placed a good amount of pressure against me to actually feel the comfort of the ice pack. And everything I loved I didn’t feel like I was leaking all over the place. For this time, I got a high coverage pair to make me feel a little compressed in the tummy/hip area since I plan on using a postpartum corset when I get home too! Best of luck and can’t wait to see pictures of your baby boy!

  11. Hi Ali
    i brought warm, comfy socks (& slippers with non-slip soles) 😉
    sending good wishes to you!

  12. I’d bring a diffuser and essential oils with you! It’s so calming and relaxing! Not necessary, but nice. Maybe try and find a battery operated one because I don’t remember outlets being readily accessible. I’d also bring a breastfeeding pillow (I loved “My Brest Friend”) because it’s so awkward trying to nurse with just regular hospital pillows.
    Love your bags!!! Rose gold is so chic!! 😍😍😍

  13. I brought with me a brand of body wipes called good wipes that I purchased from Amazon to the hospital. They were an absolute lifesaver because my induction took forever & then I ended up with a cesarean & couldn’t shower immediately afterwards. I used the wipes to freshen up my body, especially my pits & they really helped me feel not so yucky. Good luck to you. I have a little dude turning 2 next month & I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second little dude. Boys are tons of fun. Can’t wait to read all about your birthing experience. Thx for always being so open & willing to share.

    1. Hi Ali I would bring a little bottle of hand sanitizer I know you mentioned your gonna bring wipes but instead of always grabbing a wipe to sanitize your hands really quick might be alittle easier just a thought .
      Good luck !!! And Praying you have a easy delivery and healthy baby boy . I’m so excited to see him 😁

  14. If you are induced, have some fun thing to watch / read – I was induced with my first, and there was a lot of waiting. And it was harder to move around because of the IV, so I read a book and watched TV.

    Also, have snacks for when your daughter visits. It helps keep them still and not pushing on all of the medical devices, etc.

  15. I just had my second baby 6 days ago. 3 weeks early 😳. But he’s healthy. My water had broke while I was at a grocery store. Plus that morning I found out baby was breech. Lucky I was able to natually (with an epidural of course ) deliver him breech! Good luck with your delivery! Can’t wait to see the little man. Molly is going to be a great big sister.

  16. I am with you on the makeup. My baby girl is 4 weeks old and I took makeup with me to freshen up. The only other things I took were shower stuff (shampoo, etc) and my own pillow. Good luck. Praying for a safe and quick delivery. Congrats!!!

  17. I had three and by the third, I really felt like I had my bag down lol.

    A few things I noticed you hadn’t mentioned:

    *Non-slip socks/slippers that you don’t mind tossing (no amount of washing could make me wear those things again — post-hospital, ugh!).

    *A baby doll for Molly so she can “help” take care of her baby alongside you taking care of her brother.

    *Your own pillowcase from home

    *IF you feel so inspired, maybe little treat bags for the nurses who will be taking care of you. I know they appreciate them….but don’t stress yourself out doing them if you don’t have time!

    —-Biggest tip I have: prepare yourself for the fact that Molly will look SO big when her brother comes. That was the biggest surprise to me after I had my kids. The older one will always look like they grew overnight….just something to mentally prepare yourself for 🙂

    Good luck on your delivery, you are not vain at all and relish the remaining moments as a party of 3!

    1. I had to laugh at your comment about the older one looking so big….my kids are all grown with kids of their own now, but I had my first two 16 months apart and I SO remember that! My husband brought our 16 month old to the hospital to meet her brother and I kissed her cheek and thought her cheek and face looked huge! And she was actually a,very petite little thing. You really forget how little a newborn is….but your comment brought back that memory for me!

  18. A good chapstick! For some reason your lips get sooo dry while in labor!

    I thinking Molly is going to rock this sister gig! It’s amazing to watch the relationship between siblings! You are going to love it!

  19. Check out the Fridababy Fridet, the “MomWasher”. Hands down the most useful postpartum item for me! Good luck 😊

  20. So I have birth to my first 3.5 months ago. A friend of mine told me to bring chapstick and I am so glad I did. It’s dry in the hospital and I felt like my lips were so dry while going through everything. My husband would grab my chapstick when I started licking my lips often. Even though I was dinking water, I still felt so dry! And I would also recommend some snacks! Hospital food is always so blah!! Trail mix, granola bars, some fruit cut up. It will help you feel more yourself if you snack when you can!

  21. Red and white peppermints they help longer with dry mouth and nausea… especially after all that breathing. Can’t wait to see him

  22. So excited for you. I packed snacks for my husband and me. Along with mints, lemon drops, etc. If you’re going to shower, toiletries, hairdryer, flat iron and some flip flops to wear in the shower bc it can be nasty. Going home outfit for you and the baby and socks. My feet got cold during labor. Good luck. Can’t waiy to see pics.

  23. I used always discreet underwear instead of the hospital mesh undies and the long pad. I swear it was a life saver for me! I found it more comfortable and I was able to move around without worries.

    Best wishes to you

  24. The most important thing to pack (for me) is Aquaphor!! I use it on my lips religiously, but it can also be great for cracked nipples, and baby dry skin. I have probably 6 of the tubes, nightstand, bathroom, car, purse, work… I love that stuff!! You definitely need some sort of lip moisturizer!

  25. Best wishes to you! Make sure you bring feminine products as the hospital ones are not comfortable at all! Ear buds if you need to listen or meditate. Best wishes to all of you!!!!

  26. You sound ready! The only thing I’d suggest is some snacks for you and hubby. With my last baby it was really nice to have a few things with us – trail mix, protein bars, some apples, and some Greek yogurt muffins from Trader Joe’s.

    Good luck!!!

  27. My daughter was born with long finger nails and scratched herself the first day. So bring whatever you plan to cut his nails with just in case.

  28. Hi Ali!

    Have you thought about a lip conditioner to keep your lips hydrated or even a lip exfoliate too? I’ve heard they won’t let you drink anything during a certain time period so your lips might get super dry. I LOVE MAC’s lip conditioner … it’s $16 and I ALWAYS keep one at home & one in my purse — it’s a staple for me. I also LOVE Tarte’s lip exfoliate to get all of the dead skin off of my lips. They’re extremely smooth after & the scent is AMAZING. I think the newer packaging is an actual lip exfoliate pencil, making it easier to “apply” then wipe off with a warm wash cloth. The only other things I can think of for you is maybe bringing your own pillows from home & your favorite throw? That way you’ll be more comfortable during labor. There is something about having your own pillows in a hospital that I just can’t explain. Also, a sleeping eye mask and ear plugs for if/when you try and nap {if you end up getting an epidural} would be critical for you. The eye masks I have are BOTH NAVY & both so soft. You can get them from Brookstone. I gave my mom the one called “Night Flight Travel Sleep Mask” which is $36. The one I have they unfortunately don’t make anymore, but I did some research and found one very similar to mine which is called “Nap Plush Eyemask”, which is $20. The ear plugs that I use are from CVS. They are actually a CVS brand, and called “CVS Health Extreme Protection Earplugs 33 decibels” so naturally they are cheaper than a brand name , 2) they are the BEST ear plugs out there because they are the highest decibel available {33} to buy and I have tried SO MANY brands AND decibels. 3) They are under $5 and 4) if you decide to use a new pair every day or every two days, they’re cheap enough to buy another pack whenever! I always buy two to three packs at a time just because my mom & I go through them like water haha. 10 come in a pack and sometimes you will find a pack that has the traveling ear plug case inside. When I tell you I take my eye mask and ear plugs everywhere I truly do, and I always use a new pair whenever I wash my hair! Also, a good hand cream you might want to think of packing {which I know might be hard to use depending on the placement of your IV, which most likely will be placed in your hand}, maybe some hydrating face cream, and maybe a neck pillow or bean pillow, as well. I hope some, if not all of my recommendations helped! Best of luck to you & congratulations to your family once again xoxoxo


  29. This sounds kinda random as I know your not there for long but I brought a small bedside lamp. Feeding through the night and having to turn on the awful fluorescents was the worst. So I brought a small lamp and made it so much more cozy!! Best of luck!!

  30. Apple TV – this was a lifesaver when I was in labor for 2 days. There weren’t that many channel options on the TV at the hospital, so this was perfect when my husband and I were trying to ‘pass’ the time 🙂

  31. Colgate wisps! They are disposable one time use toothbrushes with a little toothpaste bead on them. My husband made fun of me when I packed them, but they were lifesavers when I was hooked up to ivs for 24 hrs after delivery and couldn’t get out of bed.

  32. I have the same pajamas picked out for my September delivery! For my first baby I loved having fuzzy socks and wish I would have brought my own bath towel to the hospital. Wishing you the best of luck. You’ll love having a little boy. 💙

  33. I recommend snacks for you after the baby is born, and food for your husband to eat throughout. We brought a cooler since the hospital didn’t have a fridge available and we knew that ahead of time. Need to keep daddy fed so he can help with everything!! Best wishes you will rock this!!

    1. Also I totally agree with the comment above about treats for the nurses. We brought some Pepperidge farm mixed cookies and some other sweets and they really seemed to appreciate it and went above and beyond for us! So I highly recommend picking up a few things on your next grocery trip. Doesn’t have to be a lot to be appreciated 🙂 PS sending some love from a fellow Clarkie, go psych!

  34. Don’t forget baby fingernail clippers! Both my boys came out with razor sharp nails and was thankful I had those along!!

  35. Hi Ali

    Some advice from the Netherlands…
    Sorry for my english 🤣
    Don’t forget the camera, some nice badfoam…you love it after a labour😋
    Slippers…..I love them for walking in the hospital or the shower…. A photo of Kevin Molly and Owen….
    Wish you the best ….good luck🍀
    And stay safe
    Love Lisette

  36. I just had my second baby a month ago and I read from another blogger about how she used Always Discreet Underwear after giving birth so I tried it with this baby and it was the best thing ever. I wore them in the hospital and for a at least a week once we got home!

  37. So exciting that the day is soooo close!!

    I loved having a portable, battery-powered fan that my husband held while I was pushing – it was much needed cooling and refreshment! I agree with others’ recs about chapstick. I also made a music playlist for labor and delivery which I didn’t pay as much attention to during delivery but the staff enjoyed it. 😛 and I liked having it before and after. My fave songs on the playlist were Rachel Platten’s Better Place and Taylor Swift’s Never Grow Up. Having a straw for my water was also helpful so that I could drink laying! Oh! And I liked having my own pillow and my doctor recommended that I bring my own non-white pillow cover so that it doesn’t get taken away in hospital laundry when they switch things out during my stay so that was a good tip!

  38. That’s a good list! I’m going in on Tuesday for my scheduled c section and still haven’t finished my hospital bag! In addition to the things you memtioned, I’m bringing my pump, slippers, boppy (extremely uncomfortable for me to hold a 10 lb baby after a c section during long nursing sessions!), a maternity outfit for when I leave the hospital, and our good camera.

    Good luck!

  39. Hi Ali!

    With my first, A friend gifted me super cute flannel sheets to take with me to the hospital after labor. They were so cozy and made for great backdrop for photos.

    Also, for your lip gloss, which color is your go to?

    I am also prepping for baby numbers two coming in November. All of your tips have been so helpful!

    Thank you!

  40. I found having a water bottle with a straw was so helpful (like the Contigo ones!) and also lip chap, and hand cream as hospitals are often dry. I brought a “calming” eucalyptus scented lotion and everyone ended up putting it on so I was surrounded by a nice relaxing smell! Gum or mints in case your mouth gets dry or for all those people who are going to be in your face, ha! And I downloaded some movies and magazines, books & music on my ipad as well which came in handy (a little speaker is helpful too)! Hair ties, head bands, bobby pins, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, heating pad for labour…
    Good luck, such an exciting time!! Wishing you a safe delivery and speedy recovery👶🏻❤️

  41. Thanks for your tips Ali. I’m due in 3 weeks and just starting to get my hospital bag together now. So much to think about and pack so it’s always great to have some suggestions!

  42. If no one else posted I’d say shoes to shower in and something to wear on your feet in general. Those are the only things different on my list. 😂 I’m being induced Tuesday morning if my little one doesn’t make her own appearance beforehand.

  43. I took a small battery powered fan. It had a clip on it so we just cliped it onto everything. it was amazing during labor when I was sweating my ass off and I used it after labor when I was still pretty hot and needed to cool off quickly. And now we use it for the stroller!

  44. Chapstick, shower shoes(sandals) since you don’t want to stand barefoot in the shower, trust me!(nurse advice) some snacks, protein bars etc for a power snack and they can help milk production. I’ll keep praying for an easy, safe delivery and a healthy mama and baby!! I cannot wait to see pictures!!

  45. Flip flops!!! I didn’t read the comments above.. but those were a MUST HAVE. Hospital floors are nasty (not to mention the showers)… and my feet were way too hot for anything but flip flops.

    Also – travel shampoo conditioner. That shower after babe was the best thing ever – and even better having my own stuff!

    Adult diapers (Depends) were great! Our hospital only allowed a few (and i mean a few) of the mesh undies & pads. But i was quite surprised how handy those Depends were to have!

    As for babe, depends on your Hospital, but diapers & wipes. Plus SOFT blankets (I love Little Unicorn ones❤ ).

    All the best!

  46. Breast pump in the car just in case! My first 3 were eager eaters but 4th wasn’t so I had to pump to drip in her mouth to get her going.
    Flip flops for walking around hospital.

  47. Don’t forget chapstick, and slippers or flip flops! Good luck with everything! So excited for you. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us.

  48. I always packed my own toilet paper because I didn’t want the rough cheap kind after giving birth. Also brought a small fan the second time because I got really warm.

  49. Hi Ali! Do baby books still exist? It’s been 24 years since I had my last baby, I had 5!!! I would take their baby book to the hospital so I could record everything about the first days of my child’s life.

    1. This is what I was going to say. We brought our baby book so they could put her tiny footprints right in the book! We also used it to tuck in other mementos (hospital bracelet, a print out of her heartbeat). Good luck Ali!

  50. A hairdryer!!! I didn’t bring one and ended up in the hospital for three nights following my c section and couldn’t wait to shower and wash my hair. I had a mini meltdown (hello hormones and sleep deprivation!) after I showered and discovered that I didn’t pack mine, the hospital didn’t have one and the photographer was coming by any minute.

  51. Hey Ali,
    I’m actually getting so excited myself for you that I feel I should be packing a bag also. Ha! Your really throwing me off on the time that you post. Ha!
    I got so use to early morning my time reading your post.

    I think the most important thing not to forget to pack is Love 💙💙💙💙
    Which darlin you have lots of! 🤗

    Hugs 🤗 😘to Jolly Molly! And of course now to also Kevin! And wags to Owen! 🐕

    💙 😘🤗

  52. Tips from me: the labor nurse: chapstick, hair tie, phone charger, snacks for dad, camera charger if it’s separate from your phone, breast pads, going home outfit for you as well if your water breaks you don’t want to put that stuff back on, mittens for baby, if you want a breastfeeding pillow, flip flops are great for going home if you are super swollen.

    Good luck!

  53. Hi Ali, Just 2 days ago I gave birth to a little boy after a short but difficult labour (I’ll spare you the details about his admittance to the NICU). The extension cord was something I forgot and did require. I didn’t pack make-up, but I did have multiple outfits including a homecoming outfit for myself and the little one. If you have a chance, apart from your regular toiletries, pack some clean underwear and toiletries for your husband. If he’s allowed to stay like my partner, then he will thank you for it!
    Bring some dextrose with you, that will help during labour. And depending on how long you have to stay, bring something else for entertainment because I noticed I got fed up having my phone in my hands all the time.
    Good luck, stay strong and take care!
    Regards from the Netherlands

  54. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet but the best thing I brought was a sound machine!! We have a Homedics portable sound machine and it was sooo soothing and drowned out all of that hospital noise! It’s battery operated and we put it right in the bassinet with our baby girl. She still sleeps with it on in her room and it’s my favorite essential 🙂 A friend told me to bring it after she had her baby boy and it was the best advice!!
    Congrats and good luck!

  55. Not vain! With both my babies, I shaved my legs, did my hair and makeup before I even woke their dad!
    Remember, baby number 2 comes out a lot faster! That I didn’t account for!
    I think you have the essentials.
    Ask for extra ice pads at the hospital and stash as many as you can for home. Those were life savers!
    Ah, the mesh panties and the pain spray! I loved both my labor days!
    I like the idea of a sound machine so you don’t hear other women screaming while you’re trying to sleep.
    Also, maybe your favorite pillow?

  56. Wow, Ali, what fabulous, thoughtful additions you have received from so many sweet followers! I’ve actually teared up reading their suggestions. How loved you are, by this mama of two adopted at birth sons, having never been able to experience childbirth. You’ll rock it and be so prepared! ❤️

  57. It’s funny (but more interesting!) how different we all are 🙂 I feel more put together in life just washing my face and wearing facial sunscreen/moisturizer when I get ready for the day. At this point in time/life the only make-up I wear is lipstick- but not everyday. Depends on my mood 🙂 Most of the time I love a good chap stick. Strawberry Carmex is my favorite or Soft Lips (sugar cookie scent is my favorite!).

    Of course as women we are put together whether we wear make-up or not, in my opinion, but it’s everyone’s preference that matters at the end of the day 🙂 As long as it’s not a general rule that all women need to wear make-up everyday to be put together- to each their own!

    So, I don’t see anything wrong with being yourself and wearing make-up to feel like yourself! 🙂 Again, to each their own! 🙂


  58. Colgate wisps. I vomited a few times while pushing (all the increased abdominal pressure!) and it was awesome my hubby could quickly hand me these and no one had to endure bad breath 😷

  59. I suggest bringing your own towels, face cloth, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, slippers, pillow, nursing cover (if you use them), deodorant, CAMERA, extra camera battery and SD card, hair brush… I could go on and on he he I had a SECOND suitcase in the car incase I had to stay longer than I expected LOL 😂

  60. Hi Ali! I ended up having back labor, and was so happy that we packed tennis balls to roll on my back! It really relieved some pain! And cotton socks were a must! Also “Beekman 1802” have the most incredible goats milk products. Like soap, shampoo and incredible face wipes. 100% natural and they raise the goats themselves. But the TENNIS BALLS were my savior. Good luck, long deep breaths! 😘

  61. Hi Ali! Best to you, Kevin and Molly on the birth of your son. My only son is going to be 13 yrs old in July, so it’s been a long while for me! But, I took lavender scented aromatherapy stuff, like plug-ins, but I’m not sure the hospital allows electric ones, so look for something similar. It creates a nice atmosphere. Also, since I’m a nurse…I highly recommend treats for the nursing staff…you will get lots of brownie points!!!

  62. Love everything in your Hospital bag, especially the pjs! My daughter is expecting her first in July. What size pjs did you order?

    Wishing you an easy labor!

  63. Someone mentioned the baby book and I second that…..they will do his footprints in it for you. Also bring your boppy…..much easier to nurse in the hospital bed. And, my daughters never even brought their own underwear, use the hospital mesh things, super comfortable, and let them do the laundry! Haha. Best of luck! So exciting!

  64. Chapstick and gum or mints! The hospital air dryed me out so bad, and after hours and hours of labor i felt like i definitely could have used some gum or a mint 😂

  65. Sooo exciting Ali can’t wait to see photos!!
    I’d suggest adding shampoo, and shower essentials even your own face cloths and towels. And SNACKS! I was starving and I couldn’t eat because of the epidural so I loved having snacks available to me right after I had my daughter lol that sounds really silly but honestly it was the best! Im not sure how long they keep you in the hospital but I would pack A few more outfits for baby if you haven’t already. I packed 4 sleepers plus the “going home” outfit and my daughter spit up on all of them before the morning lol my mom had to go out and bring us new sleepers – we didn’t know what we were having so we needed them anyway but it was a pain!

    Good luck and fingers crossed he comes soon 🙂

  66. Just recently having gone through this.. I would say to add:
    Your Pillow
    A small blanket
    Bluetooth speaker
    Dry shampoo
    A couple nursing bra/tanks

    Those all were my most used items! Good luck with everything, can’t wait to see his sweet face!

  67. Ali!! You were in my dream last night haha! For some reason we knew each other and you were at a restaurant and I came to meet you. I said wow you still haven’t had the baby and then you said well he’s actually coming out now! Then you went into the back of the restaurant and have everyone come and watch!! LOL. I’m not sure that’s what you meant when you said you wanted your fans to come along on this journey with you! Haha. Well, we’re anxiously awaiting!! Good luck with everything! 😘

  68. Such an exciting and nerve wracking time! I had my first baby last July and I way overpacked for the hospital, but you never really know what you’re going to want and use! Things I packed and didn’t end up using were a mini handheld fan to keep me cool, my headphones, and a swimsuit (wanted to try to birthing pool but my water broke so I couldn’t). I brought my own pillow which was GREAT and I also used a heating pad all the way to the hospital (an hour drive) and in early labour for my back pain – a hot water bottle might work too but that heating pad saved me! Snacks are also a must to keep your energy up. I also brought along some lavender spray that made the hospital room smell much more comforting (especially after my husband ordered in food for dinner that smelled so garlicky, eyeroll) and for some reason I brought mints THANK GOD because my husband’s garlic breath breathing over me as I pushed nearly did me in. Good luck Ali, you’ll do great!

  69. The only other things I can think of (also thinking about my hospital bag since I’m due June 20th), are your toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste), and possibly dry shampoo and a blow dryer? Not sure you will be up for curling your hair but I would probably bring mine or a straightener just in case and depending on how crazy my hair gets during labor 🙈. LOVE the newborn outfit. I got ours from the same company along with their adorable surfboard swaddle blanket. Good luck to you and your adorable family as you welcome your little man into the world 🌎

  70. When I had my second, I made sure to have my one of my oldest’s favorite story book with me at the hospital. So when he was introduced to his new little brother (they are almost 17 months apart), he would also get a story and a snuggle from mom.

    Story time with Molly and the new baby could also make a cute photo opp.

  71. I hope you have a smooth delivery! Good luck! I have two boys and what I would recommend that you didn’t mention is a pair of flip flops. I took a pair from Old Navy and was so glad I did both times. My feet swelled up after each baby and I was unable to fit in my slippers. The flip flops were great and I also wore them in the hospital shower! Chapstick for sure! I brought my own pillow and pillow case. I felt so much better laying on something from home! I also brought Hope this helps.

  72. Good luck!!

    I made sure to pack shower shoes and a hair dryer!! Two things that made my hospital stay much better!

    I also liked having snacks. Sometimes a late night snack (especially while breastfeeding) is essential!!

  73. You never know if you will have a c-section or not so pack pajamas that are not pants and buttons at the top for nursing

  74. DRY SHAMPOO!!!! 😂 And tons of snacks (especially for the hubby). I also brought my sound machine to block out all the hospital noises. And a battery operated essential oil diffuser helped calm me when my entire birth plan had to go out the window…

  75. I’ve actually always brought my own pillow from home too! Hospital pillows and pillow cases are just awful and although there is little sleep happening while you’re there, it’s nice to have that comfort of home if there is ANY chance you get sleep!

  76. Hi Ali! What about a toothbrush and a rice bag to heat if u need any heat therapy? Can’t wait to see pics! Xx

  77. This is going to sound crazy but I actually brought a box of adult depends. They are more secure than the hospital mesh panties they give you so they keep ice pads in place and they are great for nighttime because they prevent any and all leakage. I bought two boxes, I think they come with 10 each and a week and a half after having a baby I was bleeding way less so I was fine switching to regular underwear. It was nice because none of my actual underwear got ruined!

    Good luck with baby! Fingers crossed your epidural works this time if you are getting one again!

  78. Hi Ali,

    Have you taught of bringing nursing pillow and obviously toiletries like toothbrush and shampoo. Also bring a blanket as in the hospital it may be a bit cooler. Maybe even a pump if you can’t directly nurse.

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