What Being A Working Mom Looks Like…

You guys are gonna think I’m crazy, but yes, I went to a work meeting yesterday – in heels! Or maybe you won’t think I’m crazy. I’m not really sure. I keep saying I’m going to slow down and I have a little! I don’t know what it is about being 9 months pregnant but it seems like every cool opportunity that could possibly come up in my life is popping up right now! And I had the opportunity to meet with a really great company yesterday about possibly working together on a line in the future so I couldn’t turn it down. Plus, they were totally cool with me bringing Molly since I didn’t have anyone to watch her.



My friend Ashley happened to be nearby a little before we were heading out so I asked her to come by and take some pictures. I really liked my meeting outfit and I wanted to blog about it! But as we were trying to take pictures, Molly was not having it! I just laugh at the series of pictures in this post because I feel like it kind of sums up being a working mother in just a few photos. Really, if I had a big stain down the front of my shirt that might sum it up better. Ha!

Speaking of my outfit, like I said, I absolutely love it so I knew I wanted to blog about it today. The blazer is just so cute and perfect for the spring and summer time because it’s light weight. I’m wearing a size medium which I think works well for me with my big belly. And after I have the baby the blazer will be slightly oversized which I kind of like. But if you don’t like an oversized blazer, go down one size from your normal size.



I love the blazer with an all white outfit underneath. This might be the last time I get to wear my white maternity jeans and my white maternity tank his been a staple my entire pregnancy. I finished off my look with a large tan tote bag and nude heels. But I’m not gonna lie, the heels came off immediately after my meeting because my feet were killing me! I think it’s time to retire the heels until after baby.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this outfit and share these hilarious pictures since they show what it can be like when you try to take photos with a toddler. Or really when you try to do anything with a toddler. And I for real got a call in the middle of these pics! Ahhh the chaos of motherhood!



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27 thoughts on “What Being A Working Mom Looks Like…

    1. I almost tripped so I am officially retiring the heels now! At least until after the baby is born!

  1. Hi Ali. Just image in few days, weeks ( well lets hope not weeks), you will have Molly in one hand and her big brother in the other. I scrolled down to look at newborn picture of Molly. Oh how i cant wait till her big brother arrives. Will he have same dark hair, light hair or no hair. lol. I keep looking at your blog everyday, thinking, if no new post then that means its time. Your in the hospital. I just want to wish you good luck. Wait is that what you say? Any ways. I hope you have a safe delivery and I cant wait to see pictures of the new Mr. Manno. Have you picked a name yet? I know we wont know until after he’s born, that okay. Thanks again for sharing you life with all of us.


    1. I HAS to be soon! I honestly can’t believe I am still pregnant. The doctor was so sure I would go early. I guess there is still time for me to go early. I’m only 38 weeks! So weird not to know when we’ll meet our son!

  2. Hi Ali
    Thanks for sharing these pictures of you & Molly. Her romper is adorable just like she is!
    I really like your blazer, too.
    Keep being a bit ‘crazy’….it makes me smile. 😉

  3. How do you always have your hair in such a perfect, beautiful messy ponytail? It’s so frustrating cause when I try I look borderline homeless lol!
    So sweet the pictures of you and Molly! Real life with children!
    Hope you can slow down a bit and enjoy the last few days before your little man arrives!
    Do you have a name that you’re not sharing until he’s here? Or no name yet?
    Wishing you an easy delivery! Can’t wait to hear news!!

  4. Truly think your one of the most beautiful pregnant women.. Molly truly so cute she will be such a great big sister. Thank you for sharing your posts!!

  5. The pics make me giggle. Just wait till you have 2 to chase after. Babies are SO much fun, but two this close together is twoce the work. On the flip side twice the reward with hugs and giggles! Im so looking forward to “watching” you with the new little guy coming. Enjoy down time when you can!

  6. I think it’s awesome that you’re keeping up with work up until baby #2 comes! A lot of us work right up to delivery and save every bit of time for maternity leave. It’s definitely hard but it’s also kind of fun when you love your job, which obviously you do. Would love to learn more about your childcare situation and how you balance work with that! Thx for sharing your life with us…

  7. Haha!! Boy are you strong!! My second had me thru another week and a half before he popped out. And on the 42 week appointment day, he decided it was time. Hang in there, he’s touching up some tiny areas that still need to be cooked to be totally perfect for the fam. Lol!! It’s easier said than done, but enjoy these last days…
    Can we help you pick the name from the options you like? Like a poll?

    Hope you have a speedy delivery.

  8. You are seriously the prettiest pregnant mom ever!!! Hope delivery goes well and can’t wait to see you back on H&F!!💕

  9. You are so stylish! Like more stylish pregnant than I even attempt not pregnant HA! Love it! You always look so cute and I love your positivity!! Lord knows we can use more of that!! Thanks for sharing with us-as a mom of two (a lot less stylish mom HA!) I love reading your blog 🙂

  10. You look fabulous in that outfit, Ali! Ahhh, Molly! She certainly had her own agenda in mind!😄

  11. Ok you are super mom for sure. I absolutely love following you on instagram and your blog is just beautiful. White looks amazing on you, and way to go on the heels. Seriously, I feel like heels make a girl feel like she can do anything!

  12. Love this outfit! You look so great momma! I had my June 3 baby boy as a surprise yesterday, and just wanted to send a shout out to those weird belly cincher things – can’t remember what they are called and hate them for trying to just relax – but my uterus shrinking hurts so much more this time (3rd) than with my 1st! Wearing it while nursing I don’t even feel it happening, 24 hours post delivery! Good luck in the coming days! Can’t wait to see your little man!

  13. I think you look so great and so put together! That little guy will be here before you know it….I remember so well waiting and waiting for my babies and all 3 of mine were late. And here they are now in their 30s and 40s with kids of their own. What I wanted to say is that my first two were 16 months apart and honestly, I did not feel like it was much different having two babies than one. I know others who have felt the same way. Yes, your busier, but you are already in full on baby mode, the house is already overtaken with baby stuff, and honestly the ‘double work’ doesn’t seem that daunting. Don’t listen to all those who tell you that you’ll be so overwhelmed. You will do just fine and little Molly will be a bigger help than you realize. Even the tiniest siblings can be of some help and they love it!

  14. Love that blazer, Ali! You look like you should be sailing ⛵️ away on a yacht! 💫👌🏻Love how you rock the maternity look 🙂 Super excited for baby to arrive soon! ☺️☀️🙏🏻💗Thinking of you! Sending hugs and prayers for a speedy delivery 😘

  15. Ali,

    When did you go back to work after having Molly and what do you think is the biggest difficulty you face in balancing work and home life with a little and soon two? I’m a nurse and have been just an occasional staff member since having my daughter a year ago but am now weighing my options of going back probably 3 days a week. Always super cute and I love following you!

  16. The best is having the baby in the Moby wrap and the toddler on the hip 🙂 gosh how did women with 8 or 9 kiddos do it? I feel like super-mom with 3!! Good luck!!

  17. I LOVE your outfit! Do you mind me asking how tall you are? I need that blazer! I’m considering going down 2 sizes but I’m 5’9 so don’t want it to get too short on me! Thanks Ali 🙂

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