Keeping it Together – Some of the Time

I know that I keep saying this, but now that I’m 38-weeks pregnant, this baby is really coming any day now! In fact, I’m a little shocked that he hasn’t already made his arrival. I had Molly at the end of my 38th week and my doctor says that moms tend to have their second babies earlier. So if I had to guess, this little guy is coming this week!

At this point in my pregnancy, I definitely feel like I’m ready for him to get here. But knowing that we’re about to go from one kiddo two kiddos feels a bit overwhelming. OK, I’m lying, it feels a lot overwhelming! I just feel like I’m barely keeping it together with one child. How am I supposed to do this with two?

I will say this though, I’ve found a lot of comfort in connecting with other moms. I feel like when we are able to talk about our shared experiences, or even our completely different experiences, it brings us all comfort in a way. To know that we’re not alone and that others understand what we’re going through. That’s one of the reasons I feel super honored to be one of the people that Plum Organics has asked to be a part of their Keeping it Together campaign.

We’ve been a fan of Plum Organics for a really long time. In fact, I wholeheartedly credit Plum Organics as one of the main reasons that Molly is such a good eater. You guys are always commenting about Molly’s meals on my Instagram stories when I’m feeding her and many of you are shocked at how healthy she eats. She’s obsessed with quinoa, broccoli, peas and pretty much anything that’s really healthy or green. It’s funny because sometimes I just wish she would eat something like a grilled cheese when we are out and about and it’s the only thing available. But literally she will turn down a grilled cheese and ask for bites of my salad instead. It’s pretty incredible to be honest with you. (By the way, check out this class I did with Plum Organics and Brit + Co about raising adventurous eaters.) 

The reason I credit Plum Organics is because when she first started eating purées/solids after I breastfed her, we pretty much only gave her the all veggie Plum Organics packs for the first month. She absolutely loves the Carrot, Beans, Spinach & Tomato.  Did we try to make some homemade baby food in the beginning? Of course we did. I thought I was going to be this incredible rockstar supermom that could cook all of my baby’s food fresh every day. That lasted a whole 5 to 7 days before I realized that just wasn’t possible long-term. Not with my schedule. Now that I’m about to have two kiddos, that’s definitely not gonna be possible when this little guy starts eating solids. But truthfully, I really think that’s why Molly is such a good eater. To this day she still loves her veggie Plum Organics packs . She’s also obsessed with their puffs which I always keep in my diaper bag for snack-time on the go.

Anyway, I bring all that up because when they reached out to me to be part of this campaign I was honestly truly honored! We are such huge fans of the brand and Molly eats their products on a daily basis, so it was a no-brainer for me to work with them. Plus I just love what they’re doing by encouraging moms and dads to come together to share stories of new parenthood. Because let’s face it, parenting is hard! Really hard at times! And to be completely honest with all of you, on a daily basis I feel like I failed as a mom in some way. I know it doesn’t always appear that way on Instagram. But we all know Instagram isn’t the whole picture of what’s going on in peoples’ lives. I actually have a super embarrassing story to share about how I really didn’t keep it together one day. I honestly went back-and-forth on whether or not I even wanted to tell you guys this because I feel like it was such a mom fail. Here’s what happened…

It was not even two weeks ago when I was 36-weeks pregnant and having an extremely stressful, busy week. I don’t remember all the specifics but I just know it was a really busy morning and I was already exhausted by the time I got to my 11:30 AM doctor’s appointment. And as any parent out there knows, most moms and dads that are at home with their kids get more done by 9 AM every morning than most people get done in an entire day. Molly gets me up at 5:30 most mornings, so by 11:30 AM we’ve already had half a day in the books. So, by the time I got to my prenatal appointment I was completely wiped. I got Molly out of her car seat and was so exhausted that I decided to leave the diaper bag in the car because it was pretty heavy and I didn’t feel like I could carry any more than just her at that moment. So we went up to my doctor’s office and while we were in the waiting room, a gentleman wanted to get Molly‘s attention. He kept calling Molly saying “Hey little girl. Look at me little girl.” And I honestly think he was just trying to be friendly, not realizing that the reason Molly wasn’t looking at him is because she was super uncomfortable and getting very shy. But he kept pressing and I was trying to be polite by not saying anything. Needless to say, and as I’m sure many of you have already guessed, Molly absolutely lost it. She started crying so hard and as I picked her up to console her, I realized that her clothes were wet. She had peed through her diaper! So here I am in the doctor’s office, exhausted from a long morning, super stressed out because I feel like I had 1 million work things racing through my head that day, and my little girl was screaming in the doctor’s office. Then I get called in to see the doctor.

Here’s where the embarrassing part comes in. Remember how I was too tired to bring the diaper bag with me from the car? Well here I was getting called into my doctor’s office realizing that my diaper bag was five floors below in the basement parking garage and my daughter was soaking wet through her clothes because she had a wet diaper. Since I didn’t have the time or energy to run downstairs to get the diaper bag, I went into the ladies room and grabbed a maxi pad to put on Molly. I’m not even kidding you! A maxi pad! Well really, I got two maxi pads and put them in her onesie as sort of a makeshift diaper. I was mortified.

At that point I was sitting on the floor in the exam room, because Molly didn’t want me to sit on the exam table, basically in tears as my daughter stood in front of me looking at me confused in wet clothes, wearing a maxi pad. I felt like I had completely failed as a mother.

I’m sharing the story because I know so many other moms have been there! I can’t be the only one that’s ever done this, right? Or maybe I am. Who knows! Looking back I can kind of laugh at the situation, but in the moment I was absolutely heartbroken. I just felt like I couldn’t keep it together in that moment. And you know what, that’s OK! I hope me sharing the story encourages all of you to share the moments in your life that make you feel vulnerable as a parent.

I would absolutely love it if you guys would join me in sharing those stories in the comments below. Mostly so I don’t feel so alone and like such a failure of a mom because of the story I just shared. And you guys should really check out Plum Organics and their keeping it together campaign here. They have stories from all different kinds of people, like other parents and experts on how to handle the first year parenting. And even though this is my second year parenting with Molly, I’m about to go through the first year all over again so I’m definitely going to be visiting the site often so I don’t feel discouraged.

Alright guys, now it’s your turn! I’d love if you could share the moments in your life where maybe you didn’t feel like you were keeping it together and how you either overcame those moments or are able to look back on them and giggle. I shared two stories. One where I feel like I made some really great choices as a mom that led to my daughter being a really great eater! And another story where I wasn’t winning any mom of the year awards. To put it lightly. Because like I said above, parenting is hard. Really hard. And I don’t think you’re always supposed to know how to keep it all together – all of the time.  We’re all just doing the best we can, and that’s ok! Love you guys! Excited to read all of your stories and respond to them!

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      1. As a mom of 2 boys myelf, I say good for you in finding a solution to an immediate problem. That’s all that really matters. Second, we take only our wallets in the store at times leaving our purses behind so why not get a small make up bag or something and put 1 or 2 diapers and a sample pack of wipes or any other travel size items you may use and just take that with you into estsblishments and leave the diaper bag in the car knowing in confidence “you got this” !!!

        1. That’s what I did with my second boy. I pretty much ditched the diaper bag and all sorts of other things the 2nd time around. A cross body larger bag but not too large which keeps your hand free is the key. An extra diaper, pad, wipes, extra onesie, and a snack! You’re
          doing an AM-zing job and realize that like the house that is never truly clean with kids, life raising kids is also messy emtionally and that’s because it’s 24/7 and it’s HARD! But just because it is and we have days – many – where we just want to collapse and cry – does not mean we are a failure! And btw, I just feel your baby is coming in the next day or two!

    1. Oh, Ali….you’re the quick thinking Mom McGyver!! My son was 7 wks, I took him for a visit at the college where I had been working, sure enough, nursing baby “grainy mustard ” went up his back, out the sides of diaper, what a lovely site, not! No one was injured, no one was sick. He now has a little guy of his own. Message is….we all have these things happen if we tell the truth. You’ll laugh at Molly”s wedding and when you tell her children the story. Trust me….as a Gamma, I’m having fun and my children survives their human mother; )… to you also. PS. 1st born was early(on my birthday! ), 2nd was 1 day early….they call the shots…always.

    2. I wouldn’t say that was a failure I would say it was resourceful!! You took care of the situation as quick as you coukd with what you had!! That’s being a super-mom!! Don’t worry you’ll be an awesome mom of 2 !!! ❤️❤️

  1. I have learned ALWAYS bring the diaper bag. When you don’t, you need it. When you do, you don’t need it. It’s some weird parenting murphy’s law…haha
    Take a breath, Mama. All will be fine.

    1. I learned that 2 weeks ago! Ha! I can laugh about it now…kind of. But man I was so defeated and embarrassed at the time.

      1. Omg Ali I think my story may top yours. So my son was sick with an ear infection so I took him to the ENT, he was about Molly’s age. I remembered the diaper bag but guess what, I forgot diapers. I’m in the doctors office and he takes a huge poop. It smelled up the whole room. And I knew I couldn’t have him sit in it. They treat mostly adults there so they didn’t have diapers. Ok, I can’t believe what I did but I hurried up and took his diaper off, I dumped his poop in the trash and covered it with paper towels and put his diaper back on. I dumped some sanitizer over it to hopefully mask the smell. I’ve never shared that story til now. So yes, we’ve all been there!! I wasn’t even prepared enough when i brought him home from the hospital! I had two outfits and he peed through both of them before I even got him in the car seat so he came home wrapped in a hospital blanket. I could tell you mom fail stories all day. I don’t think yours was a fail as you did something about it! Hang in there mama. I think you wear a cape. My son is now 5 and he’s my only. Parenting is allot of work and I cannot imagine doing it while pregnant!!! Keep up the good work! -Missy

        1. When my son was 9 months, he gagged on his mucous and threw up a little on the drive to the daycare. When I took him into daycare, they saw the mess and told me he couldn’t return for 24 hrs. Of course I was leading a 300 person staff meeting that morning, so I loaded him back into he car and took him with me. On the way up to my desk, he pooped. I arrived at my desk in tears with a baby with a poopy diaper and pukey onesie. Of course I had no diaper bag because I thought he was going to daycare. My coworker took one look at me, took my smelly son, and sent me to the meeting. I came back two hours later to a clean napping baby. I have no idea how she pulled it off, but thank goodness for supportive friends!

        2. Thank you for sharing and making me laugh! Laughter can be the best medicine!! Survival mode can make you come up with the craziest ideas!!

  2. Hi Mama,

    Well I’m glad to see that you were able to still waddle down the isle for your brother-in laws wedding! Ha!

    Hey listen take one day at a time. Live for that day only. It is what it is for all of us dealing with life changes! Don’t worry about tomorrow Gods already there for ya!

    You will be great! You might think OMG! How am I going to handle all this, but you will. You have Kevin and even Jolly Molly plus your family! And I’m sure Molly will just want to be by your side always to help and experience the love that you all will be giving to your son and her baby bro. 🤗

    Only wish I would be around to be able to smell his little head! Ha! What mom doesn’t enjoy that! 🤗

    Keep Ali safe!
    😘 Kisses to Jolly Molly! Can’t forget Owen also! Will be in touch! 🤗

    💙 di

    1. You are so right Di. I need to take it one day at ta time instead of worrying how I am going to manage it all – all of the time. Because I will go nuts if I keep thinking that way. Day by day 😉

          1. Four kids. Have fun and enjoy. Keep them safe and enjoy each phase cause its over so fast! Highs, lows, great moments, and fails, what a gift to have these children!!!

  3. I have to say — SOOO SMART to think of the maxi pads! I don’t think I would have been that quick.

    1. Ha ha ha! Thanks Courtney! Your comment just made me feel 100 times better. Thanks for thinking that was smart opposed to being a huge fail!

      1. I so agree! I was reading your story thinking about how genius you were to think of that. No one can blame a (at the time) 36 week pregnant mama for not having the energy to not bring in the diaper bag. Pat yourself on the back for thinking outside the box!

          1. As a mom of 4 older kids I have to say I think that was a genius idea! I wouldn’t have thought of it but you made the best of the situation you were in. Good job mama!!

      2. AND – it’s great practise for when she gets her period! 🤪😜
        That’s a funny story and you are a great improviser. ( she could have pooped!)

      3. I was thinking that was smart too! If that is the worst you are doing pretty great!!! I’m pretty sure this has happened to me, but I just did no diaper and hoped for the best! 😆

    2. I agree. So not a mom fail, a mom win!!🙌
      I have three kiddos and can honestly say we have all been there and have done “different” things just to get through the day!! Good job Momma!! You got this!!😊

    3. I agree!! First let me say that I could literally feel your stress in that situation as I read your post. I was impressed by your ability to think on the fly and under significant stress!! You shouldn’t be embarrassed at all, and I bet this has happened to soooo many moms!

  4. Ps! We’ve all been there! Let’s put it this way I had taken Jason for along walk really too long in his coach.
    I had forgot to pack myself here I am summer time and it’s, hot, so thirsty like.. I feel like Chevy Chase in the movie National Lampoon Vaction trying to get help for the family and I’m in the desert.. Ha!

    Well here I noticed that I had packed a bottle of water for Jason so here I am looking down as the bottle is now hanging out of his mouth since he had fallen asleep..
    I stop walking him I grab the bottle open it up and started drinking the water not realizing that cars are driving by at a slow speed seeing drinking at of a baby bottle… Lol! Thinking what is this mother doing? Either she’s drinking water or she has vodka in the bottle…LMASO thinking about this..

    Well thank God Jason never woke up till we got home! My family could not stop laughing when I had told them..

    So remember Ali we’re all humans! Lol!
    Thanks for telling us the story since you brought back memories that I had when I was a mom back in the 80’s! Aww! The good ole days 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

    💙🤗 di

  5. Awww, thanks for sharing! Too many moments like that too. And yes, I won’t sugar coat it; having 2 in the beginning is hard!! So just remember that whatever hard thing you’re going through with 2, it doesn’t last. It gets better and better as #2 gets older! I have a 3.5 and 1.5 year old now and while they fight, get jealous, get physical, etc, it’s also amazing at the same time and I feel so complete with my 2 girls!

    1. That what I’ve been told. Really hard at first but it gets easier with time. Do you find that now that your littlest one is 1.5 it’s easier? Everyone I’ve talked to says the first 1.5 years with two is the hardest.

      1. Hello Ali, I have two boys 15 months apart and literally almost everyday we would “live” on the bed back when my second baby was born…Both diapered babies and one is breastfed 😅. Reading your story today made me realize how wonderful parenting can be and I can definitely relate on so many levels👍We are super blessed to live in a such a wonderful time that there are even “diapers” or “pads”. Hang in there maybe baby will come any day now👍 Second baby is a lot easier when they will have a sibling to hang out with…never gets boring and no “potty training” needed (at least for me). Well God bless you with your labor, rest of pregnancy and recovery🙏

      2. Sorry for just jumping in (I just like reading all these comments it makes me feel better as well) lol but anyways my second is now 1.5 and it is MUCH easier now! It was hard and stressful and a big adjustment at first but yeah I say around 1yr is when I finally felt like I was sort of getting it together and wasn’t running around like a crazy lady 24/7! 😉

  6. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and took my 22 month old daughter shopping with me last weekend. We are about 6 weeks into potty training and she decided she needed to go potty while we were in the dressing room of old navy and I had on no clothes!!! She pulled down her pants and reached for her travel potty I keep in the diaper bag and it was go time. Needless to say- thank god old navy has cement floors. You better believe I cheered her on while she was at it, too- she was still going “on the potty”! Nothing a few wipes couldn’t clean up 🙂

    I don’t know if I’ll be shopping with her again anytime soon but hey- you live and learn!

    1. Good for you for potty training at 22 months when you are 37 weeks pregnant!!! We are basically in the same boat. Molly is 22 months and I am 38 weeks tomorrow. Molly has NOOOOO interest in potty training yet so we are waiting until after baby. But I think you are a super mom for doing that now! Good for you!

  7. I’m so embarrassed to say this.
    I knew few days ago we be running out of diapers so I order them at sams club. But unfortunately we only had 2 diapers left before new box was due to arrive. One diaper for the night and one diaper for the morning before he goes to daycare. Well i waited to change him right before we would read a story. 5 minutes later he was wet. And I left him in a diaper for the whole night. My husband works second job at night for 2 days so he wasn’t home to go get the diapers. And I didnt want to drag my son at 9 pm to the store. But it’s all excuses. I failed. I wasn’t a great mom at this situation.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up for that. Truly. I have run out of diapers and left one on longer than I would have liked as well. In fact, I bet EVERY parent out there has done that! You’re doing great mama!

  8. I think that was a brilliant idea!!! I don’t always bring the diaper bag with my 8 week old, but now I just might! You are looking fabulous by the way!! Enjoy the last few days with just Molly!

    1. I now make sure I have a smaller diaper bag with me at ALL times! Are at least a diaper and wipes in my purse!

      1. I was going to suggest this to you. When I was pregnant (22 years ago yesterday!!) I got so many little lunch bag sized baby diaper bags, I would stock them with two diapers, one disposable diaper bag, bib, extra pacifier and wipes. I would leave one in each of our cars and at both grandma’s houses. I think your use of maxi pads was a brilliant idea! You are a pro now and will do just fine when baby boy comes along.

  9. I’m also 38 weeks pregnant with a 15 month old daughter at home and just wanted you to know that I’m feeling all the “how am I going to do this with 2?!” feels … solidarity! I think we even have the same due date (May 29) but I’m guessing this lady is also coming on the early side. Or at least hoping so… thank you for sharing your journey, I enjoy reading your honest and real Mom stories.

    1. I kept thinking our little guy was coming early because I was so worried about going into labor during the wedding I was in this past weekend. But now that the wedding is over, I feel like he could stay in there forever! Ha! And I am technically 38 weeks tomorrow. I am due 5/30! One day after you! But my doctor said she won’t let me go that long bc this baby is so big.

  10. You are rockin it as a mom!! 💕 I think you are pretty resourceful & quick thinking!! I ❤️ Seeing your stories with Molly. My kids are college aged😭 so I am reliving these moments through you! The days can seem long but the years fly by. You are really making the most of them. She is very lucky to have you!!💕

    1. Ha! Thanks Terri! When I had to ask the nurse for 2 maxi pads for the daughter I think she thought I was insane. Ha!

  11. Have definitely been there! Every time I didn’t bring her bag because it was a quick errand, she would poop. It probably happened three times! When you’re holding a baby, sometimes you just don’t want to carry something else to just run into the store to grab carrots you forgot when you went grocery shopping earlier. Mom life! Haha

    1. Isn’t it crazy how that happens?! No accidents when I lug that diaper bag around. But the one time I don’t do it, she pees through her diaper. That had literally NEVER happened before this time at the doctors office!

  12. The only parents that have it all together don’t have children yet 😜

    You are doing a great job!

    I hope baby boy arrives soon!

    You probably don’t want to hear this but my first was born 20 minutes after his due date and I had to be induced a week overdue with my second 😬
    But enjoy your time with just Molly. You’ll never get that back! Weeks may feel like years but it goes by way too fast.

    1. Oh my gosh you are so right!

      And I don’t want to hear that. Ha! Kidding. I’m in pain for sure. But I’m also nervous for what’s to come. My doctor said they won’t let me go past due date because this baby is so big. But I am fine if I stay pregnant into my 39th week. That’s so soon!

  13. I’m not a mom yet but I definitely don’t think you should look at that as a fail! That just shows how resourceful and quick you can think on your feet. I worked as a nanny and have seen the toll it takes working so hard with little ones. Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. You’re amazing

    1. Thanks for saying that Kathryn. I really appreciate it. You are right. I should think of that as being resourceful. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

  14. You are definitely not alone! When my little guy was potty training I had stopped to fill up at a gas station, when he announced he needed to pee. This gas station was just a small one with a booth no bathroom. He didn’t want to go outside ( understandable since it was on a busy street). I had a water bottle in the van, and well he ended up going in the bottle. He was so mad at me, but as a parent you’ve got to improvise. Let’s face it, there is no manual for how to be a parent.

    1. I think that was a smart thing to do! You cna’t help it that he had to go in the moment! I think that was good work mama!

  15. Such a clever resolution!!! I am a mom of 2 boys, now 2.5 and 5. My youngest had an allergic reaction to a bug bite at our family cottage last summer and he is our wild child so showed up to emerge looking like he lost in a bar fight with a fat lip from the reaction and a black eye from who knows what he ran in to that day! He was so drowsy from the meds that we have him to help with the swelling but so content in the stroller so we let him hang out there the entire time we were waiting (6 hrs!!!). Once we got in to the exam room, we took him out of the stroller and learned that he had peed through his diaper and shorts and I didn’t have an extra pair of shorts with me in the hospital, only diapers. So to add to his bar fight look, he walked out of emerge with a black eye, fat lip and no pants on! I felt like such a terrible mom at the time but looking back now, I can see the humour in it.

    I admire your parenting with Molly! You will rock being a Mom of 2. Best advice I can share is to adapt baby #2 to Molly’s schedule for napping etc. My kids still nap on weekends and I actually get to nap as well sometimes when my hubby is working because they go down at the same time 🙂

  16. I think this is awesome and hysterical and I admire your ‘thinking outside the box’ mentality. As moms we have to be thinking on our feet 24/7, fight or flight mode all the time (I once read something that the mental life of a mom is often compared to people at war because you have no time to not be thinking fully). A different type of mom might have gotten the diaper bag or not left in the first place out of fear… fearing the unknown but the fact you said screw it, got through it, everyone survived and you can laugh at it shows what a great mom you are and you’re ready for baby 2. I didn’t even carry a diaper bag until number 2 arrived, just some diapers, wipes and a bottle in my purse. Good luck to you, hopefully thatbaby arrives any day.

  17. You don’t have enough time in your day to read all my parenting fails!! I would like to offer you some unsolicited advice though, if I may. The next time Molly has a regular check-up, show the Ped the picture of her sitting on the floor in a “W” with her legs. My oldest sat like that, and I thought it was so cute, but it can be a sign of low muscle tone (which was the case for him). It’s nothing to be alarmed about, but I certainly didn’t know to look for that as a first time mom. He needed occupational therapy, but he’s 16 now and doing just fine! I hope this doesn’t offend or upset you, I just wanted to share my experience.

  18. I’m 32 Weeks preggo, took my daughter to her 18mo appointment after a long day of work. No diaper bag at all. Annnnd she had a massive blowout while we were waiting for the nurse (face palm). Thankfully they had diapers but I felt like an a-hole that I didn’t have the diaper bag. But you know what, we are all humans and sh*t happens. I will be following along your transition to 2 kids for all the tips since I’ll be there soon 😅😰

  19. Hi Ali,

    Awww, what a great story. One day Molly will get the biggest laugh about it. One day at a time. You’re doing great!

  20. Oh girl if this is your biggest mom fail, your doing a great job, I actually think that was a pretty genius idea and I wish I thought of it 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times I have forgot things or my kids have been wet, there is just so many things that can happen with kids and its impossible to be prepared for all of them. I have 3 and my oldest just turned 3 haha but you know what you just go with it and the fact that you felt defeated shows how great of a mama you truly are. Excited for you to meet your son ❤

  21. Haha Ali that’s actually super innovative! I think that’s a total awesome thing you did. I will remember this the next time I find myself in a pinch!

    Also, I wrote you an email the other day and it would mean so much to me if you were able to read xoxo but get if it not! 19 weeks with #3 here so I know!!

  22. I once packed ready made formula, nipples and no bottles for a FOUR HOUR PLANE ride!! I realized it as we were about to leave the gate and tried to get my checked bag back… nope not an option. Ran back to the plane, got on and managed to put the nipple on the ready made formula tied with my only pony tail holder. It worked miraculously and I still can’t believe I lived through that! It was just a few months after having baby #2 by the way! Your maxi pad solution is genius! You’ve got this mom thing handled. Just breathe ♥️

  23. Of my goodness I thought I was the only one! I totally had to do this a few weeks again as well!! I had the diaper bag and emergency diaper bag in the car but forget to restock both with diapers! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  24. My oldest is 21 months and the baby is 2 months old! 2 under 2!

    I’m a hair dresser and went back to work two weeks after the baby was born. The first day I got both girls and my self ready in 2 hours. Yay. So the second day goes. 2 hours again. Perfect. We were getting a good routine. Third day it only took us an hour and half!! I was like dang I’m getting really good at this. I go to drop the girls off at our family’s house. And I was thinking I can’t believe we got ready that fast.

    I realized I never fed my toddler breakfast!!!!!! Total mom fail. Lol thankfully she was at family’s and just ate breakfast there but I felt like a total dumb dumb! You’re not alone!!

  25. Maxi Pads? I’ll have to try that! 😉 Seriously, that is very quick thinking on your part! Did the pads last through the Dr’s appointment?

  26. Oh I have been there! My son was 6 months old and we had a photo shoot with the whole family. It was already raining my mom had broke her foot so she was in a boot.
    We get to the site and Conner has a blow out. I mean BLOWOUT all over his pants And I of course didn’t bring an extra photo worthy outfit. I cannot believe I actually suggested this outloud but I said “can we just put the pants back on for the photos” my husband looked at me like I had grown another head.
    So after paying for professional photos he is plaid shirt with star pants on….
    sometimes that’s how motherhood goes! I am just impressed you had maxi pads on you or did you get them from the bathroom? Cause I know I wouldn’t have had them pregnant haha!

  27. Similar story: My daughter is TERRIFIED of auto-flushing toilets. I recently had to use a maxi pad to stick over the sensor so it wouldn’t go off while she was using the toilet.

  28. I have been there…. I have a 5 year old and 11 month old twins so I understand. My kids dr doesn’t allow strollers in the office as the waiting room isn’t very big. So I have to carry both babies to there appointment. Not easy to do (can’t wait till they can walk). Anyways I only bring my purse (crossbody) and in it is a ziploc with a small wipes pack and two diapers. I carry some puffs and sometimes cram there bottles in there but that’s it. Much lighter and just in case we are kind of covered.

    I have been there though. My parenting fails are epic. Although for some reason none are coming to mind. They make for better stories. When you don’t have mommy brain and can actually remember them.

    Good luck!! Hugs.

  29. Yes, agreed, so smart to think of maxi pads!! I’m 20 weeks with our first child, so I don’t have parenting stories yet, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty in the next year or so! This is helpful to read in preparation of knowing moms aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes them so beautiful, and that our imperfections will help teach our kids about growth, strength and acceptance. 🙂 Xoxo – waiting patiently for pictures of your sweet boy!!

  30. I’m not a parent, but when you posted on instagram a mom “fail” I was expecting something so much worse! I think that was a Mom win… maxi pads can totally do the job for an hour or two!! One day you’ll be cracking up telling this story!! You seem like a great mom and you look gorgeous, always!! xo

  31. Last night I was up a bunch of times with a hungry and then sick kiddo. My husband usually doesn’t wake up—most of the time because it’s just to feed and then back to sleep. But I try to ask for help, otherwise I turn into a Momster. Anyways, it was about 5am which I felt was a respectable time since I had been up three times before 2:30 and I asked the hubs to check on our son when he started fussing. It sounded to me like his nose was plugged. So my husband gets up out of bed, tries to give him a binkie and when it doesn’t work after 5 seconds literally FALLS back into bed, bouncing me up in the air. I was livid. So I get up with our kiddo and use the NoseFrida, etc. Then I go back into our room with the humidifier to hold him upright because there is no way he is getting back to sleep flat on his back. I think I glared at my husband, sleeping peacefully next to me for the next hour. And then when he got up, he says good morning, looks at us, smiles and walks out of the room to start his day. If looks could kill… not a proud wife moment! That’s what’s been the hardest on us… trying to figure out how to not be a total b*tch when I’m not getting any sleep and keep our marriage a little sane!

  32. You did what you had to do. It’s a genius idea actually. Luckily you had money to buy the pads! One time my husband, 18 year old step daughter and I, went out to dinner and we all forgot the disper bag AT HOME. Eh not that big of a deal…. until she poops. Not only poops, has a blow out. Luckily my husband had 2 diapers in his backpack. But no wipes. No change of clothes. So my husband brings her back to the table basically wrapped in paper towels. 😆.

  33. Hi Ali!

    Totally have been there, recently with my toddler and 10 week old in tow, we went to the park and we forgot wipes! My 10 week old had of course pooped everywhere and we needed to use extra diapers we had in the bag to wipe him. Do you think ay this point we went home or to the store? Nope, decided to stay a bit longer and he pooped again. We had to leave him in a dirty diaper and go to the nearest store🙈 #momfail

    Also 2 kids is hard. But you’ll get a flow and you might still have momfail days and thats OK😊

  34. The big mistake I learned when my toddler was still tiny enough for those horrible, bright yellow newborn blowouts was not bringing an extra shirt for myself! After a pretty nasty one, my son was all changed into his fresh clothes, but I had to sit through a flight with poop all over my shirt. The worst! …but seriously—maxi pads? Genius!!

    Will be thinking of your family these next couple weeks! The transition from one to two is both magical & difficult…it’s one of those things that gets harder before it gets easier. I’m 2.5 months into having two under two, and we’ve gotten over the hump. I’d say it took us at least a month to really find our new groove…so be patient with yourself & ask for help when you need it! And rest assured that for every hard moment & sleepless night, you’re rewarded tenfold with the sweet moments you’ll get to witness between Molly & her little brother. There truly is nothing like it!

  35. Thank you for sharing that story! Isn’t so funny how many times you bring the diaper bag and never need it and the ONE time you don’t.. you need it?!

    Whenever my Lily (22 months) gets scared of strangers its embarrassing but she still is scared of her Grandpa (my husbands father) and that is just embarrassing and sad at this point! He loves her so dearly and isn’t offended but man, I hate seeing her so upset at family gatherings.

    My most embarrassing parent moment was equally embarrassing and scary. Last summer just two days after Lily’s 1st Birthday I had taken her with me to Target. It was July and 85 degrees with humidity. I had given her my keys to distract her while putting her in her car seat and when she pressed the panic button I finally took them away and threw them in the front seat. I shut the door, returned the cart to the carousel right next to my car and went to get in…somehow the doors had locked! I was so scared! I always scoffed at those stories of parents leaving their kids in a hot car and now I was one! A nurse just happened to walk by and helped me call 911 to unlock my car and stayed to make sure lily didn’t get sick. Luckily the cop came quick and we got lily out and she was fine but omg. The panic and people looking at me as they passed. I asked the man in his car that was next to me if he had a bat so I could smash a window and he just laughed at me! I’m so glad she was okay but I still have nightmares today about that. I always think twice now when putting her into the car.

  36. Very creative! I would of never thought of that! Once we got the Costco and my daughter was about 9 months (which she is my 4th kid) soaked through her clothes. I didn’t have any extra clothes with me. So I changed her diaper wrapped her up in a blanket and went inside (this was in the summertime). Once we got in I went straight for the kid’s clothes. I can’t remember if I put it on right there or waited until after we got all our stuff and checked out. We all have our moments and it’s okay. For me have 4 kids I’m not alway prepared. Oh I ust remembered a few months ago I forgot to give my mom the diaper when I dropped my kids off. Later on when my husband picked them up he told me that I forgot it but that my mom made a diaper out of wash clothes and I feel so bad. So after that my mom went and bought diaper and wipes to keep at her house! Lol

  37. Hi Ali! I am a long time fan of yours and I’m not a mom because I’m literally 21, but I have to say that was very quick problem solving and doing something is what makes you a great mom instead of freezing and doing nothing. That’s something my mom has always instilled in my siblings and I. My mom would have done the same thing!

  38. Don’t worry Ali, you’re not alone. I think most parents have potty stories like this that they wish they could forget. My kiddo is 3 (and not potty trained yet, aghh) but I stopped carrying a diaper bag a long time ago. My MIL lives in the middle of nowhere and he had a nice number 2 while at her house a few months back. I sent my husband out to the car to get a pullup only to realize we were completely out. The only thing I could find was a swim diaper from last season that was a size too small. By the time we got back from her house, that thing was completely soaked. I always make sure I keep extras in my purse now. I’ve also forgotten wipes before and had to wipe his little butt with wet paper towels. That’s never fun either. I’m 24 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and I’m already dreading having to carry a diaper back again since our accidents are usually so few and far between now.

  39. Awww Ali, your doing great!
    Trust me we all have days where we think we have failed at being Moms, I have twin girls, and everyday I think what can I do better?? I can’t even tell you how many times I did something and afterwards, wonder what was I thinking??
    We are not perfect and there will definitely be days where you are feeling defeated but love & support from everyone around you will get you through it!!!

  40. Who hasn’t been there?! I’ll admit I’ve never used a maxi pad in lieu of a diaper, but it is a brilliant alternative! I picked my son up from daycare one day and we had to go right to the doctor for some shots. He had an accident at daycare and she she didn’t have any extra undies so the daycare lady threw a pair of sweats on him sans underwear. We also didn’t have a diaper bag with us coming straight from work. We get to the doctors office and the nurse says we have to put the shots in his thigh and before I could explain she whips his pants down and his *ahem* business was staring us all in the face 😂😂 SO embarrassing!! I started stuttering quickly explaining that he had an accident and we don’t normally let him run around without undies! Hahaha So embarrassing in the moment, but a funny story now!

  41. Molly is such a bright little girl. She peed because her intuition was telling her something wasn’t quite right with the man who was calling out to her. May she always trust herself and continue growing into a spirited, observant young lady. 💕

  42. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second little girl. My daughter is almost 2.5. I’ve beat myself up this ENTIRE pregnancy because she has had more screen time and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches than I can imagine. Both of my pregnancies have been identical; I’m sick from the start, until the end. And I mean sick. Throwing up daily, constantly nauseous. I’m finding this pregnancy so much more difficult. I have semi-regular meltdowns to my husband about feeling like a terrible wife and mom and how I’m possibly going to be a good mom to two. But, then reality sets in. My little girl adores me. She’s happy, she’s fed, and thankfully I have a husband who takes over parenting and let’s me rest as soon as he’s home and let’s me sleep in every weekend. I think every mom goes through those thoughts of “how am I going to parent TWO?!” I know there will be tough days, but everyone gets through them. Thanks for sharing your real life. I’ve enjoyed following for parenting and pregnancy!

  43. This made me smile! I agree, you were quick to think of that! But really, how many of us have made makeshift maxi pads with toilet paper when we discover our periods have started unexpectedly?! We just do what we have to do! I am long beyond my baby years, my four kiddos are pretty much grown😔 but watching your stories and reading your blog posts takes me back! It’s a crazy, exhausting ride, but truly fleeting! Just look how fast Molly has grown! You are living your best life with your darling little family and it shows! Thanks for keeping this (older) mama in the loop~ Your stories spark so many memories! You’re doing great! 😘

  44. Don’t feel like a failure! I was the same way. I just had my son in March and have two other children 7 and 4 year is old. I get it. It’s so hard to do everything you can for every one. You are a rockstar for Quick thinking and I wouldn’t have thought that. You got this. The end of the pregnancy is always the hardest. Good luck love! You’re an amazing momma.

  45. Sometimes even having the diaper bag doesn’t help! When my daughter was small, we took her to her first Christmas Eve church service. She was sitting with us nicely for a while, the got fussy and I took her to the back of the room to stand up with her. She was facing outward with her bum on my stomach and pooped. Big time! Blew out the diaper, all over her dress and covering me! I had the diaper bag with me but no clothes for me! I walked out of church with no shirt on and only a thin rain jacket.
    It happens to everyone at some point and is fun that we can look back and laugh now!

  46. We moms are harder on ourselves than anyone else! I laugh reading this, because with three kids of my own, there were so many times I felt like OMG, I cannot believe I did that. But, my three kids are healthy, happy kids, and that’s all that matters! Real life is much like this…..messy! 😊. You are showing her real life from the start!

  47. I’m only 28 weeks pregnant with my second and already freaking out about going from a threenager, that I can barely handle these days, to two! 😳 I keep stressing out about how the adjustment period is going to go, but I know that after a week or so it will be the new normal and everything will be fine. Like you, I have no family out here to help, which is stressing me out even more. Especially once it’s time to go to the hospital. So, I can absolutely relate. We’ve got this, right?!?! Lol

    I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to pick up my son and he’s soaked or looked over and his pants are darker where his diaper leaked. I’ve always had the diaper bag when it happened, BUT I haven’t always had a change of clothes with me. I remember him having to ride home in just his shirt and a clean diaper before. I totally applaud you for thinking of the Pads! That’s genius! I probably would have just had an emotional break down crying in the doctors office. 🙂

    You’re an amazing mom and Molly and your little guy are so lucky to have you as their momma. Thank you for sharing with all of us. It’s comforting to know that we aren’t alone in the ups and definitely the downs of parenthood.

  48. I’m 33 weeks pregnant with my second and am overwhelmed at the thought of two kids. Like how will I go grocery shopping? I’m already a walking zombie – will I ever sleep again? Lol! I’ve definitely had several Mom fails, mostly I just lose it because I’m so tired and have no energy. But we just have to take one day at a time and trust that it will all work out, we’ll find a new routine and we will survive one way or another!

  49. Genius. Pure genius. You thought outside the box. Quick game plan modification on the fly. You adopted with what you had. I don’t see a fail in that at all!

  50. Awww! I had my two youngest almost exactly a year apart. The baby is 3 months now and it does get easier but the hardest thing is feeling guilty during all the feedings and cuddles that my 1 year old isn’t getting enough attention. It definitely gets easier though so hang in there!

    I was so exhausted at my last doctors appointment that I forgot to make sure my oldest (8!) had shoes and she went with me barefoot because I was not turning around. Haha

  51. Smart thinking on the maxi pad!! I forgot to check the bag for diapers before going to a theme park. Thank goodness they sold them there.
    This is not a mom fail, you did the best with the situation! You’re rocking being a mom!!

  52. When Potty training my 2.5 year old a few months ago, we walked to the park and I didn’t have a diaper or any extra clothes on me of course… she pooped in her underwear… I ended up taking off her undies and Just throwing them in the trash at the park 😩. Hope no one saw me! We’ve all been there some way or another! Hang in there! Xo!

  53. I think the maxi pads is a genius solution actually! Way to problem solve in a stressful situation 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

  54. Me and my husband had brought my son to the pediatrician for a check up. He’s only a few months younger than Molly. Not only did we not have our diaper bag with us, my son decided to take one of those poops in the waiting room where it almost goes up the back. So I told my husband to grab the diaper bag I thought we left in the car. We left it at home!! Thank god we live five minutes from the dr’s office. He had to go home and get it. The nurse was nice enough to bring us in the room while my son was hysterical crying from being uncomfortable so I could start cleaning him up while I waited for my husband to get back. You’re not alone!!

  55. You are looking at this all wrong! You are Mommy MacGuyver! You may be too young to remember that show- where he magically saves the day with toothpicks and string…but anyway, great use of resources if you ask me! 🤗❤️

  56. Man! I think pads were a great solution in the moment! We’ve all been there in some way or another. I was traveling with mine when my oldest was 2.5 and my youngest was 3 months. I had the baby in the ergo and was trying to get from the plane to the bathroom because we’d just potty trained my oldest and I knew an accident was coming because she refused to go on the plane. She was so tired from a busy travel day and before I could get her to the bathroom she completely melted on the floor. I’m talking screaming, crying, refusing to let me touch her because she didn’t want to use the potty. And then during the screaming she starting peeing, all over herself and the floor. People were stopping trying to help me, but just making it worse because they were saying things to her like “oh little girl, cooperate with your mommy!” And that just made her more upset. And then this nice woman came up and put a hand on my shoulder. She didn’t say anything which is good because kind words would have made cry but I could feel her sympathy and encouragment. Finally I just scooped my screaming daughter up and carried her soaking wet body, my son in the carrier, and our luggage as fast as I could manage. Poor thing. I changed her as soon as we got to the car and she was asleep before we even pulled out of the parking lot. From then on we put her in pull ups for flights 🙂 you live and learn. I also now always, always give a sympathetic smile or offer an extra arm to moms who are struggling. Been there!

  57. First of all I just had my second baby, a girl, and have a newly 2 year old boy at home as well. It certainly is a challenge and some days I feel like a mad woman running around, but it is manageable. It took adjustment, but we had our first good day yesterday while my husband was at work. You just have to make a new schedule and adapt.
    My mom fail moment was when my son was like 2 weeks old. We took him to his doctor appointment and he peed all over EVERYTHING. We had fresh clothes and diapers. However I only brought one blanket. I ended up taking off my shirt and wrapping him in it and wearing a tank top home in mid March in Wisconsin. 😳😳 safe to say I’m always over prepared now.

  58. Sooooo funny you must watch the Netflix series The LetDown. She uses a nappy as a maxi pad hahaha. You’re such an amazing mom and truly inspiring, so nice to know that you have bad days too

  59. Hi Ali,

    I just had my second child a month ago and my first is the same age as Molly, so we are in the same boat!
    Lugging the diaper bag around is a feat in itself…let alone being exhausted and 36 weeks pregnant! I wouldn’t have brought it in either!
    I’ve been in search of a diaper bag that’s less cumbersome and isn’t a total nuisance to haul around. Maybe something smaller that just fits the essentials or something more comfortable that you can throw on your back when we have these two littles to cart around. If you stumble upon one you like, let me know and vice versa! Good luck Mama.

  60. We LOVE plum organically too! My daughters favorite is their prune pouches! I’m so excited for your little guy to arrive! I keep checking back daily! After I had my daughter we had our first checkup with her pediatrician two days later and when we got into the exam room we realized she had a wet diaper. Where’s the diaper bag you ask? At home! First time parents problem! 🤦🏼‍♀️ So the nurse pulls out a box with varies diapers and wipes and said they have this for just this reason! Ha needless to say we had to dip into it a couple times before we left! So embarrassing, because we were so unprepared! I just had a c section too, so my brain was not functioning!

    We’ve all been there! This will just be a story you can look back on years from now and laugh with Molly about! ❤️

  61. My 23 month old has Croup and yesterday was given medication that I had to crush and mix with something. So I chose milk because he always drinks his milk before nap. But for the first time ever he refused after a few sips! I told him he could watch tv after if he finished (he never watches and loves it), so he forced it down and before he could finish…he threw up! Everything! The medication, milk, breakfast 🙁
    All over his sheets, clothes – he was scared and crying. Disaster. And I had to call the pharmacy to order new prescription (gave it with ice cream second time around). Mom fail: forcing your child to eat when full until throwing up.

    1. Are you sure he was full? He might have just reacted to the meds! Don’t be too hard on yourself! xoxo

  62. doesn’t sound to me like you failed at all! you made do with what you had at the moment. I cant imagine being pregnant and carrying around my toddler or even bringing him to a prenatal appointment with me! lol youre doing great just like the rest of us are, its all we can do and ask of ourselves. good luck with the second baby and I’m sure you will continue to be a great mom =)

  63. Hi Ali…love your stories…here is a funny one! My husband who is the best Grandpa in the world was taking care of 2 of our 11 grandkids and they were somewhere in LA when our 3 yo granddaughter peeded in her pants. She was potty trained but had an accident. So the only store close by was a very fancy children’s store. He walks in (my 6’3” big guy) asking for panties for a 3 yo. He walks about with very fancy, very expensive hot pink panties! What a great guy!

  64. You handled that situation so well considering !! I don’t think anyone would have thought to get maxi pads either ! That’s a pretty quick fix 🙂 don’t be embarrassed at all. You inspire me everyday and make me look forward to being a mom in 6 weeks ! 🙂

    Keep doing you, you’re doing amazing.

    1. 6 weeks! So soon! And very exciting for you! Becoming a mommy is the best! And the most challenging thing ever 🙂 You’ll do great!

  65. This made me laugh… sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves. This is a part of mommyhood I feel like. I have 10 month old twins and I feel like I look like a hot mess in public with them. You should see us trying to get through the door with a double stroller when there isn’t anyone else to hold it. You are doing great! I wouldn’t have even thought of getting maxi pads! I think that was really creative! 🙂

    1. We HAVE to laugh at ourselves and find the humor in the hard parts of life and parenting. Otherwise we would never get through!

  66. Your doing great Ali, we’ve all been there! Anytime I don’t feel like carrying the diaper bag I put a few diapers and a pack of wipes in my purse.

  67. I don’t think it was a mom fail, I think you were very innovative! Way to think on the fly! That’s just part of life – making your situation and cicumstances work even when aren’t ideal!

    I dropped my little girl on her head on tile when she was a few months old! I was setting her down on a pillow on the ground and my hand slipped (luckily about a foot from the ground)! I was mortified! But you know what? It’s in her baby book and it just is what it is! Accidents happen!

  68. Ali, you are a great mom! Never doubt that. In all honestly, I probably wouldn’t have thought of maxi pads. My child would have stayed in the diaper and I would have asked the Dr. to hustle it up!!!! So, good for you for being smart enough to find an answer! Hang in there, you will get through this. 2 is easier than 1, once you get the groove…

  69. Hi Ali!
    This post is all too real for me! I am a new mum (my son is 6 months old), and he recently came down with some sort of stomach virus where he pukes and has diarrhea all day every day for the past week…but the first day it happened, I felt like the worst mum. I heard him squawk in his room at 6am, and we usually don’t get him up until 7am (he’s usually a very by-the-book baby, thankfully!), so I left him there. He continued to squirm around and make noises, but I didn’t want to break our routine, so just left him. I finally went in at 6:45, only to walk into the most awful-smelling room. He had a big brown spot by his face, which I initially thought was barf…as I got closer, I realized he had pooped through his diaper and it went all the way up and was all over his body, and even on his face! I felt like THE WORST mum! I let my kid sit in his poop for 45 minutes! The poor guy. Of course, we instantly put him in the bath and got him all cleaned up, but man…that felt like a huge mum-fail to me. So nice to know we aren’t alone in these things!!!
    Thanks for being so honest! You’re a great mum!

  70. The other day my 2 year old and 3 month old and I went to the grocery store. We went fairly early around 830 but my toddler gets up around 6. I realize as we are pulling into the parking lot I’d forgotten to feed him breakfast. Who does that?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Luckily I had some old fruit snacks in my purse to get him by then treated him to a trip to the donut shop for more sugar. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mom brain is so real!

  71. Ali,
    Thanks for keeping it real and sharing personal stories. Parenting is so hard and it’s the hardest job ever. You’re doing a great job and i love seeing your posts, pictures and reading your blog.


  72. I have my daughter those pouches when she was a year old too, but now she doesn’t have much interest in them and she is the opposite of Molly. She only likes pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, etc. and a few fruits and veggies. So every kid is different! She just turned 2 and we have a six week old. It’s been really hard!! Like definitely harder than I expected. I fee like a failure most days. But when the older one hugs the baby, it just melts my heart. I know it will get easier too!

  73. I really don’t know of any parent that hasn’t made mistakes. I went to the zoo in the Summer with my two year old and brought everything with me but my wallet and sunscreen. I obviously couldn’t buy sunscreen at the gift shop so I had to ask another mother if I could use some of her sunscreen. I felt like it was such a Mom fail at the time. I was so worried about being judged by the other Mom but she was so sweet about it. I think it’s because we can mostly all relate to making silly mistakes. It’s always good to feel you have a supportive Mom community around you.

  74. Oh girl I feel for you! When my now ten your old was two months old we went to a family reunion about two hours away. I had packed a super full diaper bag, for her….after nursing her I laid her on my lap so I could fix myself. She proceeded to have a giant blow out diaper all over my legs and shorts. No clothes for me. I cleaned myself up as best I could….then I had to walk in to the tiniest Walmart of all time to try and find something I could wear. We no longer need a diaper bag but I still have a bag full of clothes in my van for myself and my four kids.

  75. Omg thank you for sharing! I have a son one week younger than Molly and I am 30 weeks pregnant right now! While me and my son were visiting my grandma, he peed through his diaper and although I did have my diaper bag with me, when I opened it there was no diapers in (real useful diaper bag lol) and I did the same thing with two maxi pads!

  76. This past mothers day i had a similar situation. My 3.5 yr old had to pee mid drive to our mothers day brunch. Dressed so cute. Hair done. I had no extra ANYTHING for her. All i could do was pull my car over. Go into my diaper bag and grab one of her sisters diapers and put it on her. When i grabbed the diaper. I realized it was the last one in the bag. Clearly did not check before i rushed out the door. So. I put it on her. Begged her to hold it until we got to the restaurant.

    She did. She didnt pee. But my other daughter did … and did a little somethig else as well…so i re used the only diaper i had left and changed her… THEN the poor baby had to sit in that diaper until we got home. 3hrs later. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    You gotta do what you gotta do!

  77. You poor thing! I think all mom’s have been in a similar situation at some point. One time I left the diaper bag in the car for my daughter’s 18mth check up and she had a messy diaper! Ah! Thankfully I had an extra diaper in my purse but I had to wet paper towel to use for wet wipes!! I felt soooo bad. That couldn’t have been comfortable
    for her and I was super embarrassed. I felt like I should have known better because she is my second baby! You’d think I’d have been a pro by now, but obviously not lol

  78. OMG!!! I love your story.. this is really funny not to make fun of your really stressful moment but in the sense that I wish I would of thought of putting maxi pads on my daughter when I was in your place several years ago… 😂😂 I took the wet diaper off and kind of paryed that another accident did not occur until I was able to get home because unlike you who left the diaper bag in the car, I had the bag just no diapers in it 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol!!! You are an amazing mother and Molly is such a beautifuel child. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. God bless you guys and wish you the best in your delivery!!

  79. Not going to lie, two little ones is not easy. I have a 27 month old and an 8 week old. Last night my husband had to take one of our dogs to the vet so I was solo for bedtime. The baby was crying when I was reading to the toddler so I just read louder and kept giving the baby a pacifier. I did the best I could and we all survived 🙂

  80. I lugged my 25 week pregnant self and my 2.5 year old girl to a golf tournament last weekend with my husband. They had a strict no bag policy, so I just stuffed diapers and wipes in the stroller. No sure how or when it happened, but our diapers must have fallen out of the stroller. Of course my daughter has a massive, stinky explosion and there is nowhere to buy diapers. We wiped her clean and left her commando under her dress until we could get back to the car about 45 minutes later! It was not funny at the time, but it is definitely a funny memory to look back on! We made it all the way to the car with no accidents. I think funny Mom moments are what keep me going! Hope you get some sleep in your final weeks!

  81. Hi there! I have five kids in age 15-24 years old. Dont know how I managed when they were small but I did and so did kids(with many mistakes) 😂 You will manage too.👍🏻 Just take all the help you can get,dont hesitate to ask 😊 Best wishes from Finland! Thanks to your season in Bachelorette we found our favourite place on earth to visit,Portugal Lissabon ❤️😄

    1. 5 kids!!!! You are my hero!!!! I truly cannot imagine how hard that would be! Thank you for reading all the way from Finland!!!! xoxo

  82. Don’t feel bad mama. I’ve been there too. I was about 8.5 months pregnant with my second and my daughter was almost 2. My mom, daughter and myself went out to eat and I thought just a diaper was good enough to throw in my purse. WRONG! That’s when my daughter decided to have diarrhea 😳 when I opened up her diaper and noticed what it was I was beside myself. I iswd that hand paper towels and wet them to wipe her LOL her poor bum bum. Whatever it takes as a parent!! You’re doing great, and will be just fine with 2. It comes natural.

    1. oh man! That would TOTALLY be something that would happen to me! Even when you think you have everything (aka diaper in purse) something happens to give you a reality check! I feel you mama!

  83. Genius solution, Ali! You’ve made me remember what it was like, having two toddlers.
    Each day, as I folded cloth diapers, I chanted, “This is one more day, through babyhood.
    I know it’ll get better, when they’re out of diapers!” Yeah, it was that long ago; they are
    in their 50’s now;).

    Anyway, I’ve kept track of you, since the old Bachelor days. Happy you’ve found

    1. I need to remember that chant!!!! I will tell myself the same thing! I am so nervous but I know it will be chaotically wonderful too!

  84. Um, this is a #momWIN … hello, you solved a problem with a perfectly creative and effective solution! Do you think our husbands would have come up with that idea? I have a daughter (my first) almost exactly Molly’s age… we’re all just doing what we can when we can with what we can!

    1. Ha! That’s a great point! I DO NOT think my husband (as clever as he is) would have though of a Maxi Pad. But I also don’t think he would have forgotten the diaper bag. He is a freak of nature and a total super dad! But then again, he isn’t 9 month pregnant! 😉

  85. Hi! I follow you from México. I have a 23 Months old daugther and a 4 months old twins (also girls). It’s been crazy but beautiful. It’s amazing what we as moms can do.. I’m breasfeeding both of them, so after doing that everything is possible 🙂 good luck!

  86. I have three little boys! Don’t worry you will adjust to number two! When my oldest was about a year and half we were headed to the dr for a quick check up and I didn’t pack any spare clothes. On the way there he had a major blow out in his car seat. I stripped him down by the car and then had to walk him into the doctors office with just the diaper on covered in poop. I got him cleaned up in their bathroom has best I could but all I had was one more diaper to put back on him. I felt like I had to reassure the doctor and the staff that I don’t usually bring my child in naked(this was our first time at this office, we had just moved there.) I wish I could say I learned from my mistakes and always carry spare clothes for my boys but nope. My husband and I joke that the only time the younger boys get new clothes instead of hand me downs is when they have accidents in the car and we have to stop at target to buy them new clothes.

  87. You only get better as a mom from your mistakes! My son was just a couple of months old and I took him out of the car and realized I never buckled him in!!!! I remember bursting into tears thinking how could I be so awful of a mom! But I learned and never did it again!!! You are a great mom!!! We are so hard on ourselves!

  88. Oh mama! I’m 38wks with baby 3 and have a four year old and two year old daughters. I have so many moments where I’ve felt like this, especially when we wake up middle night to soaking wet beds for the whole family bc our youngest. As for that gentleman trying to be nice (having a shy child myself) I’ve had to politely and not so politely tell people who ask why she’s not responding that well, she doesn’t know you and she’s feeling shy and that’s okay please digress.
    Side note I had baby 1 @ 38.5wks, baby 2 @ 40wks exactly now I’m feeling this baby will be in here much longer and I’m also super ready to not be pregnant anymore.
    Just remember this won’t be the first peed through diaper (wait until she’s in panties and pees through while walking in Target 🤦🏼‍♀️) lol. You just have to laugh it off and know she won’t remember these moments 💖

  89. Hey, we’ve all been there! I have 3 kids (14yrs, 10yrs and 21mo). I have plenty of stories like that. I one time didn’t bring a change of clothes for my potty training toddler to Disneyland who proceeded to wet her shorts. Yup, rinsed and dried her undies as best I could in the bathroom and kept her in the stroller while her shorts dried. Not my finest moment, but she doesn’t even remember. But, I’ve hopefully learned my lesson for her baby sister. I had my 3 rather spaced out, but it is tough having them close together or farther apart. We do the best we can and they still love us! That was only one story. I have so many more in my 14yrs of parenting. You’re doing a great job! Wish my kids would love eating salads!

  90. Wishing you a soon delivery! I also had polydraminos (actually the same exact measurement as you) and I had to get induced because there was so much fluid, the baby couldn’t engage with my cervix.

  91. Oh my goodness! I think every mom has been in some similar situation like this…I mean I could be wrong, but I have had 2-3 incidents similar and I felt like a total failure. The worst was in Macys with my 4 month old. Somehow I had lost my husband in the store who had the backpack diaper bag on his back and I had the my son in the baby carrier attached to me. I heard and felt my son “toot”, which it did NOT sound like any little normal “toot” and immediately I knew we had a total blowout on our hands. I was searching frantically for my husband…almost to the point of shouting for him, while poop was running down my front side. After what seemed like a lifetime and probably many stares from people, I finally found him and lets just say it was a disaster cleaning up the mess and he had to go buy me more clothes. I guess it was a good thing we were in Macys! So now our rule of thumb is wherever baby goes, diaper bag goes! Ahhhhhhh!

  92. Thank you so much for sharing. That was awful creative of you even think of doing that when you’re so tired. You’re right, it helps keep us moms sane to know we’re not the only one going through crazy stuff and it will only get crazier with two. My 2nd is almost 15 months and to see the interaction she has with her brother, and vice versa, warms my heart everyday. Even when they antagonize each other I am in amazement that they even know how to do that. Enjoy every second, as I’m sure you will. Keep up the good work.

  93. Ali I personally think you are an amazing mom! I love seeing your posts! Being a mom is so hard sometimes, but so rewarding. Mom fails happen all the time. We are human it’s bound to happen at some point. 😂 I have a 4yr old, a 2yr old, and I’m 36 wks pregnant. (Mom fails have been at an all time high for me lately 🤦🏻‍♀️) The first year with 2 kiddos is definitely hard, but once you get a routine established it helps. Also going with flow, and just working through each obstacle as it comes. I do happen to think you’re idea with maxi pads was very clever! You gotta do what ya gotta do. You are doing an awesome job! Your sweet Molly is so precious, so smart, and most importantly it’s obvious she is so loved by you and your hubby! ❤️

  94. With 2 boys who love to drink water and juice I always make sure to have a few wipes and diapers in my purse! If that’s your biggest parenting fail you are doing a great job!! It’s a story to tell her when she’s older and a mom
    And she has one of those moments!

  95. Just yesterday at the lake I took my eyes off my son for a split second and heard my sister yell “oh my gosh” as I looked up I saw my her sprinting towards my 2 year old son face down in the water. She grabbed him and he must’ve been holding his breath because he didn’t even cough. My husband apparently saw the whole thing and it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as what I thought I saw but man, I have never felt like I have failed my child more then in that moment 🙁 I just held him so tight and just cried. I still can’t stop thinking about all the what if’s and I think I may be traumatized for awhile. But he is safe and I just keep trying to think about that instead of all the what if’s.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is so important that every mom knows they are not alone in any struggle or rough day!

  96. My son is 6 now but when he was a baby we went to the grocery store and i left the diaper bag in the car. In the checkout line he was sitting in the cart and TMI but liquid pooped through his diaper and all over part of our groceries. We had no diapers, wipes, or change of clothes so we had to buy diapers and wipes and my husband had to take him to the grocery store bathroom and give him a wipes bath and take him to the car naked. While I checked out with our poo covered groceries. So mortifying! But it’s funny now, haha. The hardest thing about adding the second one is this extreme feeling of guilt over not being able to spend all the time with number 1 that you once did. It will pass as everyone gets used to each other and you discover your new normal. But I remember being glad my friend had warned me about that because it made me feel more normal.

  97. Hi Ali
    You’re a good Mother & Kevin’s a good Father!
    Little Molly’s going to be a great big sister & I think she’ll love being your ‘little helper’ 💙💟
    Sending you a hug xo

  98. Awww…you are doing great! I have been a mom for 13.5 years now and I have had so many “mom fails” I have lost count! And they don’t stop when you have big kids, sadly.

    The good thing is that kids are resilient and all they really need from you is love. They won’t remember the “fails,” but all the times you showed them how loved they are.

  99. I was once on a flight solo with my son who was about 4 Months old at the time. Before we even took off he had What sounded like explosive diaper… I was two deep by the window seat. So I grabbed a muslin blanket and wrapped it around his bottom tight to keep anything from coming out… It was a very short flights and I changed him right upon landing… But there was no way I could get up and deal with that on the airplane and in an airplane bathroom. Sometimes you just got to do what you Gotta do! I think you acted quickly and your solution was great!

  100. Ohhhh man, have we been there! We were dying to go out to eat on a Friday night after a long work week and took our 3 year old (even though we could tell he was a little tired from the week and he didn’t want to go) and he had such a meltdown at the restaurant that he peed in his pants at the table while screaming. I felt HORRIBLE. He cried the whole way home so I cried the whole way home and I just felt like the most selfish mom in the world. 🙁 But then I realized – hey… so what? We tried something. We didn’t do it perfectly and he made it out alive. So did mama! Hang in there Ali! You’re doing a great job!!!

  101. Hey Ali!

    Your story actually made me laugh- I know it probably wasn’t funny at the time and I would’ve felt the same way! But This happens to me often lol
    I am notorious for forgetting the diaper bag. Not sure what is wrong with me- I’m a true believer that baby brain is a real and serious problem lol.
    My daughter Rylie is 2 years old and I still forget to bring the diaper bag with us sometimes. – we haven’t potty trained her yet so she’s still in diapers.

    I have dropped her off at my moms house for her to watch her if our daycare is closed and I have to work , and I will forget the diaper bag every time!!

    I’m also bad a dressing her in weather appropriate clothes sometimes. If there are a nice few days in a row I will think all days are nice and will send her to day care in a tshirt and not bring a sweater. The poor kid is the only one without a sweater or jacket. Such a Mom fail.

    I have learned to just laugh at myself sometimes. But in the moment I feel like such a failure!

    I hope your baby boy comes soon!! And remember if you have another Mom fail which you will- remember it is completely normal! That is a word I have drilled into my brain as a mom. This is normal.

    Have a great day 🙂
    Lindsay B

  102. Ali,

    I really loved reading this blog post. You have been one of my favorite people to follow as I am also pregnant right now. I am 33 weeks with my first baby and reading these real mom moments from someone that I look to as a mom role model are so REAL and normal. Thank you for posts like these!


  103. Your story is not as bad as my biggest parenting fail. When my daughter was 22 months old, we were crossing the street and I was heavily pregnant at the time (8 months along) and all of a sudden she just wanted to stop in the middle of the road with cars waiting on both sides and decided to have a epic toddler temper tantrum as well. I was mortified because I just wanted us to get out of the way and cross the road safely. But as she was having her tantrum I was holding her hand tightly and she threw her self to the ground. In that process of me holding her hand tightly and her throwing herself down, her muscle dislocated from her elbow (we found out later it was called nursemaid elbow and commonly happens with younger kids). And she cried and cried and I was thinking it was because she was just being a toddler. An hour or two passes and I realize she wasn’t using her left hand and arm AT ALL. I felt SO horrible when I realized she was in pain from that pull and fall. All I had wanted was her and us to be safe and cross the street and I kept thinking to myself that all I did was cause her pain in the end. This happened two years ago and now I don’t beat myself over it as much and I realize it was just a freak accident but the situation still haunts me at times! Took us 3 days to find out what was wrong with her arm and for a doctor to fix it. What was funny was no doctor knew how to fix it until we found a *pediatric* ER with a knowledgeable doctor to click the muscle back into place. Anyway, that’s my biggest parenting fail!!! At least Molly is safe and never got harmed!:)

  104. Oh I totally feel you, and sounds like something I would do as well!! I’m 36 weeks pregnant with an 17 month old and it’s so exhausting and stressful.

    We went to an indoor play place and my pregnancy brain totally forgot to pack extra clothes. She rarely leaks, but of course that day she leaks through her diaper and onto her pants. We hadn’t been there long and had came with my sister and her kids so I didn’t want to make everyone leave. I did have her diaper bag so I was able to change her diaper but her pants were a little wet and I had nothing in my car to change her into. So I took a wipe to them and tried to clean it as best as I could. But I left her in pee pee pants. I felt awful!! But I have since learned to leave a pair of extra clothes in the diaper bag or car at all times. We are moms doing the best we can. We definitely aren’t perfect!!

  105. Oh I’ve been there but worse I think lol. So i gained a lot of weight transitioning from a cheer coach to a SAHM so I was trying to make an effort to go to the gym.

    My son was about to turn 1 and I had got a membership at a local gym that offered childcare. Trying to be that “fit” mom I head to the gym after our breakfast on a Monday thinking this is the first day to fitness!! Well not 5 minutes into my workout I hear my name get called over the intercom requesting me in the kids club…well my son Henry is in full meltdown mode white knuckling the half door that kept him in the play area. The Grandma behind the counter tells me she thinks he pooped and if he’s normally this upset when he poops…no…no he’s not.

    I think ok I’ll change his diaper and try big deal!!

    YES BIG DEAL! It’s a blow out and the diaper bag has everything…but a freaking diaper in it!!!!

    Back home we go and he had to ride 8 minutes in his car seat with a blow out diaper!!

    MOM FAIL!! Ugh. The “DIAPER” bag is for DIAPERS!!!

    We’ve tried to go back to the gym but they call me everytime to come get him because he’s crying so cancelled my membership and we just take walks together now lol the separation anxiety is REAL! Lol

  106. I have a 2.5 year old little girl and a 4 week old baby boy. Adjusting to two has been a wild ride so far! My husband was able to take off work for 3 weeks after we had my son, which was so nice to have the extra hands on deck! Last Monday he went back to work and I was terrified to be alone with both kids. I had a pediatrician appointment so I loaded up both kiddos, had our visit, loaded everyone back up and got in the car to head home. I was so proud that I had survived this first trip flying solo! No meltdowns from either one. I decided to treat us to Chick-Fil-A for lunch since I was feeling so accomplished as a parent. Pulled in the driveway only to realize I didn’t have my house key!!!! We had given my key to a friend to let out our dog while we were in the hospital. It was lunchtime, naptime, diaper time for all of us. At first, I was swearing under my breath. I even had my thumbs going a mile a minute as I was furiously texting my husband that I was locked out with two kids and feeding time and naptime! I pulled myself together and it turned out to be ok! My daughter ate her nuggets at the picnic table while my neighbors were treated to a free boob show as I breastfed my newborn! It was awful and hilarious at the same time!!

    Hang in there! Adjusting to two is hard, but Molly will be such a good helper just like my 2.5 year old. My daughter falls asleep cuddling her Elmo (who is wearing a diaper and one of my son’s onesies!). She’s a little momma in training.

    Best of luck with your delivery & congratulations! Thank you for keeping it real for all of us moms that are just trying to survive one day at a time! lol

  107. I think the maxi pad idea is ingenious! Quick thinking mama!

    I can’t think of my most recent mom fail, but I guarantee you that I also feel like I fail on a daily basis. But then I see my daughter’s face and realize she loves me no matter what!

  108. Two horrible parenting moments, one was when my son was an infant. I was so exhausted after a long day at work. I picked him up at his nanny’s house and totally forgot to buckle the car seat into the car. He was safely strapped in but the car seat tipped over and he was leaning sideways for about 10 minutes before I even noticed! Second horror moment is when I almost lost my son, same kid, this time he was 5 years old, at a park, at night. We were there to watch the Hot Air Balloon Glow. My friend was watching him along with her two boys while I went to the restroom. When I came back to her, she had her boys but not my son! He had let go of her boy’s hand as they were walking and was totally memorized my the balloons. I couldn’t find him anywhere in the vicinity and started running around in crazy hysterics! Luckily, my friend’s husband was nearby, saw my son totally by himself, and pulled him out of the crowd before he disappeared forever! That was the scariest five minutes of my life, hands down!!!

    1. Kim that story is so scary! I know because the same thing happen to me but with our dog Owen a few years ago when we were at the beach and the sun set. I couldn’t find him anywhere and I was so panicked! Being a mother is a human child now, I can only imagine what you went through! I am just glad you found him and it turned out so well! It can all happen so quickly!

      1. Absolutely! I have always watched my son like a hawk! And now that he is a teenager and I can’t, prayers and faith that he will be careful are what I rely on! Fur babies can give us heart attacks too! Glad your story ended as well as mine!

    2. So don’t worry Ali, I can assure you, you are not alone!!! Most of these moments we can laugh about years later. My son is now 15 and it is super scary to let go as much as I know that I need to, to give him his wings so he can fly!

  109. Ali, I love how real your life is! Us Mom’s all need to stick together and lift each other up. So often in public had another Mom just smiled at me or had given one of the “I’ve been there. I get it” looks I would have felt much better.

    My son was just about potty trained. For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to visit the Easter Bunny at the local mall with him wearing underwear. I also thought it would be fine to wait in the hour+ line to get that much needed perfect photo. I asked a few times if he needed to use the bathroom to which he assured me he did not. I should have known better.

    The epic moment arrived. It was our turn! Ryan and my daughter went running to the bunny, jumped up on his lap with excitement and happiness. Well, I guess there was just too much excitement because Ryan PEED all over the bunny’s lap. The mall workers were mortified, I wanted to hide in the cabbage patch, and poor Ryan (and the bunny) were soaked.

    A beautiful photo of my smiling children, my sons’ clearly wet pants, and an Easter Bunny with a sopping wet costume, decorates my mantel. To make up for it, I bought the most expensive picture package but I’m not sure if it was enough to get some smiles out of the workers.

    Life happens. Things happen. This memory will stay with me forever and when the day comes that he no longer will be happy to visit the Easter Bunny, I will always have this photo (actually 17 photos) to look back on and smile. 🙂🙂🙂

    1. I love that you can laugh about that now because I think that is the best story ever!!!! And I love that you have all those photos! I wish you could photos photos in these comment because i wanna see! Ha!

  110. Last mother’s day my twin girls had just turned 2 and my older daughter was about to turn 4 (they are 21 months apart) and we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for an early dinner… we didn’t go out much alone with all 3 but we figured Mexican is always quick and the kids like guac and chips, rice and cheese quesadillas. So we are sitting there and everything is going so well… everyone is seated and eating and my husband and I are enjoying a margarita and i remember thinking wow this is awesome…we should do this more often! All of a sudden my one two year old goes “I have poopy.” I told my husband I’ll just change her in the car since we were just about done… he look on the floor and there is diarrhea poop dripping from her high chair… we both look at each other and then the smell hits us…her twin sister had done the same thing. He quickly got both babies and my older daughter out of the restaurant while I try cleaning up the poop trying to pass it off as something they spilled. I had diapers and wipes in the car but no change of clothes so they rode home in a diaper and a fleece jacket and we threw their clothes away! Needless to say we didn’t go back to that restaurant for a LONG time!!! Krista

    1. Oh my gosh!!!!! I would have been soooooo freaked out! Ha! I can only imagine the smell! But it’s pretty funny to look back on right? You guys should go back there on her 18 birthday and bring her boyfriends and tell that story!!! HA!

  111. Hey Ali!

    You did not fail you or her! No worries, she won’t even remember it, only you will and all you’ll do is laugh! I hate taking the diaper bag (20 month old so how much do I really need it?) so I got a small backpack made for our daughter Raelynn and I make her wear it now! She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever and it doesn’t have a ton in it, just necessities and snacks! Just an idea:)

    I’m so excited for you to start this next journey! You’ll have tons more stories to share! We are starting to try for our second really soon, can’t wait to follow your journey to help me during mine! 💕


    Ps-following from all the way up in Alaska! 🙂

    1. Hello up in Alaska!!!!! Thanks for reading! And that’s a GREAT idea to have her carry her diapers in a backpack. She has a backpack and LOVES wearing it! Thanks for the advice! I’m totally going to do that!

  112. I’m actually super impressed you thought to use maxipads! That’s pretty ingenious! We all have “Mom fails” and honestly I’d rather call them “Mom moments” because in no way are you failing Molly as a mom. I love following your Instagram and blog! Thanks for always being so real with us and sharing your life.

  113. Ali, nobodies perfect all the time. That you even had Molly with you by yourself without a stroller and was carrying her at this late stage is amazing. Again the maxi pads great idea! I remember this mom sitting beside me at a swim meet for my niece and she looked over at my daughter and said she’s still wearing diapers and i said yes we wear them out. And then she went on about her little boy being trained forever ago. About that time a puddle started rolling down from the little boy. That mom was wearing herself out and believing her child was perfect must have been exhausting. Of course you set the potty in the bathroom, let them know it’s there and when they are physically matured enough they will get it all on their own. Diapers at night. Boys bodies take longer to mature enough. Don’t make them feel bad that opens up a whole other problem. You have something in your husband a lot of wives don’t have. He’s like a mommy. With you two there’s nothing to worry about. You are very lucky and blessed. And in the words of “Pitbull”. “Everyday above ground is a good day, remember that”!!!! 😘☮️

  114. Oh man! That totally sounds like something I would do.. then again, who wouldn’t in the same situation? You gotta do what you gotta do. I’ve left the house forgetting the diaper bag so many times, been lucky so far. I guess the one time I’ll run out of luck, Leo will probably make it memorable 🤣
    Thank you Ali for sharing with us, as you said, in this first year of motherhood mom groups have really helped me a lot. Sometimes even if you don’t really, phisically know the other people, it helps to get a word of encouragement, share experiences and remind each other we are all on the same boat! 🙂

  115. My oldest son gets extremely nervous at the doctor..So my husband takes him in not feeling well and they do a strep test..Of course my son puked everywhere and all over his clothes…My husband comes out of the appointment with no shirt on and I’m like what the heck? I look down and my son is wearing his shirt!! My hubby said he has to wear something! 😂 The most embarrassing part…I worked at the doctors office! Lesson learned, ALWAYS take extra clothes!

  116. Ali, I would say maxi pads are pretty creative!! Don’t beat yourself up for that. You did it. You coped!! That’s all moms can do-try not to lose it and just cope the best you can. Good job. I live your insty posts. Molly reminds me so much of my girls when they were that age. They always make me smile. I love how Kevin parents. So much love. ❤️

  117. I decided when I had my daughter (27 years ago) that cloth diapers would be the best way to go. I was very young and on a budget.
    One day when I changed her diaper I ended up sticking the safety pin threw one side of her skin and out the other. I cried so hard that day and NEVER used cloth diapers again!

  118. Hey Ali! I’m currently pregnant with number 4 and I’m telling you, you just gotta let this one go and laugh! These situations just happen and I think it’s brilliant and hilarious you put a pad on her! I don’t think I ever would’ve thought to do that. Kids aren’t always happy in public and they don’t stay clean when we want them to be, but that’s not a reflection on you. All that matters is that you’re there for her. You didn’t fail, not even a little bit.


  119. OMG – I feel like I am ALWAYS forgetting something with the kids. Even when I think we are in the clear with something, it turns out we need it!
    I’ve gone to swimming birthday parties and forgotten suits and towels; bowling parties and forgotten SOCKS (ewww!); and most notably, sent my kids to school on Crazy Hair Day when that was really the next day. AHH!
    We’re all just doing our best, and anyone who claims to have it all together is LYING! You are doing a good job.

  120. I remember taking my daughter by myself to one of her first Dr.’s appt. Dr examsined her, weighed her..she peed when they took off her diaper and I realized I didn’t even bring her diaper bag with us. It was st home. I just wasn’t used to bringing it with me at the time. Luckily the office had diapers:).

    My next story makes me cry and is definitely my worst mom moment. My daughter was about 2.5. We just moved into our new house. We have a large backyard and on the side yard is a spiral staircase that leds up to roof for access (maintenance access). My daughter was playing outside on the patio and went into the grass with her socks on. The grass was wet and I had told her not too. So I took off her socks opened the screen door tossed them in the family room and turned back around (like a 2 second act)… I turn around and my daughter is not there! I run to end of yard where the staircase is and turn the corner and she is not there! I run up the stairs and there she is…hands on hip laughing at me. I grabbed her, I cried. The stairs are metal, she had wet feet, no slip guard on stairs and she’s on the ROOF of the house. Ladies…this all happened in seconds!! I got her down. Called my hubby. Told him to rip down those stairs. I was so upset! Funny thing is in the 9.5 years I’ve never seen her ever go to the side yard or even care about those stairs. We didn’t tear down but we made it no access. Anyway, it’s just crazy how fast something like that can happen.

  121. Ok…I know that was stressful in the moment but, girl, that is what I call CREATIVE parenting! Maxi-pads in a pinch = genius! Isn’t it good that our kiddos give us grace to have these “fails” that eventually turn into funny stories? Molly will think that’s very funny one day, especially if she’s a mom!

    I left extra clothes and the changing pad at home on the day my child had his first blow-out. Also in a doctor’s office!! Poop everywhere, including my sweet husband’s work shirt and tie (he had met us for the appointment.) We had to make an emergency shopping trip for poop-free clothes for us all.

  122. Yeah – the diaper bag… oh man!!!!! I remember counting down the days for them all to be potty-trained, just to have one less thing to have to worry about, LOL.
    But really – parenthood is all about trying our best. More stuff is going to happen – that is just how it goes – but you’ll figure it out and move on because that is what Moms do!

  123. My first thought was not that you failed, but how incredibly resourceful you were! I was thinking “now why haven’t I thought of that?!?!”! I can’t tell you how many times I have left the diaper bag in the car because I just didn’t feel like carrying it. Kuddos to you for the great idea! I may have to steal it one day! Haha!

  124. My girls are 14 months apart and let me tell you…that sounds like us on a daily basis! It’s so much fun though! I’ve learned to suck up the fashion side of me, and sometimes I carry a small fanny pack with 2 diapers, small pack of wipes, phone, and credit card. It isnt the cutest thing, but hands free is a must! Good luck mama! You’re doing great!

  125. I’m a mom of two. My daughter will be 3 in June and is currently potty training and my son celebrated his 1st birthday last week. We were at a party two weeks ago and my son pooped threw his outfit. I only had an extra cotton dress in my bag for my daughter in the event of an accident. Welp, guess who wore the cotton dress home that day. You live and you learn. And the photo is hilarious!!

  126. Maxi pads…genuis thinking in a pinch. I would never have thought of that. As a mamma to three girls age 4, almost 3, and 1 I can’t even tell the ridiculous things that have happened to me. I would say that this is a win…not a fail.

  127. So I read your blog a lot but I don’t comment usually, but this time I had to reply. I have 2 boys. 2 years and almost 11 months old. They are 16 months apart. I have been there. Crying in a public bathroom or in my car after I finally got them strapped in and I just need to breathe. Parenting is HARD.. Seriously hard. I was just in this “funk” of being down all the time but I’m slowly climbing up to take a breath of fresh air.

    I believe that having 2 is easier and harder at the same time. It’s easier becuse you know what to expect. You already took care of a newborn so you aren’t as clueless and scared as you were the first time. You will be okay even though all babies are different. I struggled with watching my older son looking at me nursing my new baby. He was only ~16 months so I don’t even know if he knew what was going on at the time but I watched him try to climb in my lap while I’m nursing the baby and get sad he couldn’t have my full attention. I honestly think it hurt me more than it hurt him. My husband took our 16 m/o son everywhere when he could to give me a break, so here I was with this new baby all time. I almost missed my time with my older son as bad as that sounds. I knew it would never be the same and I felt bad that they had to share my time..( a lot of this was the extreme hormones and lack of sleep talking)…Fast forward to now and I’m beyond thrilled they have each other. My son adores his little brother and I feel like it’s the best gift I could have given him. A built in best friend.

    Molly will be so grateful to have a little brother and I’m sure she will be a wonderful big sister. When you hear her talk to him or smile at him for the first time your heart will burst. I didn’t think I could love another baby the same and I didn’t.. It was a new love that was so different but the love was equal 💙💙.

    I’m sorry I wrote a long post reply but I wish you the best of luck. We all have been there crying on the floor thinking we failed but these little people still think we are the most amazing people in their world and it is our job to be that for them.
    Best wishes and you’re in my prayers for a healthy and safe delivery. So excited for you!

  128. My husband and both forgot to re-buckle our daughter in her car seat not once but twice!!!! Once we were at the park walking, she was sound asleep so we clicked her seat back in the base and took off….almost a mile from the house it screamed out, STOP!!! My husband about had a heart attack and said “what”, um we forgot to buckle her back in!! Second time we were leaving a breast feeding appointment, put her back in her seat as he pushed her around, got back to the car, again, clicked her in and went on our way. It wasn’t until we stopped at the grocery i again realized she was merely just laying up secured in her seat!! Freaked out again!! You’re doing awesome! Love the post.

  129. I loved you’re “fail story” which was really not a fail at all. You’re a genius! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve risked it and left my diaper bag behind. Luckily no disasters so far. Maybe I’ll just bring a diaper with me at all times just in case 🙈. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and I have a 19 month old. It’s pretty tough for me at only 25 weeks I can’t imagine how it’ll be at 38… yikes You’re doing a great job! !

  130. Lol! Are you kidding me that is Macgyver like thinking! Brilliant. That’s not a fail that’s mom smart! I have 4 kids and watch 2 toddlers 3 days a week and I say you got this mom thing down! I fail everyday but hey my kids are sweet and kind and have manners even though at home they drive me crazy!

  131. As a mother of 3, I have to say that’s not a Mom fail.. that’s being resourceful. Don’t worry.. I’ve driven 20 minutes in the car without my son being buckled in, sent my daughter to school in pajamas when it wasn’t pajama day, have called poison control 3 times because my middle daughter got into the baby medicine. Sometimes you just have to laugh and hope it makes a great story. Parenting is messy and you should laugh most of it off because , what doesn’t kill them, makes them stronger!

  132. Checking out at the grocery store and my potty training toddler looked up at me with big tears and says “I have to poop”. Knowing we only had a few minutes and she was in her big girl underwear, I quickly told the cashier where we were headed, abandoned the items on the conveyor belt, and rushed her into the bathroom. She took her time and even insisted we sing a couple of songs. I was mortified to have left in the middle of check out. But when we returned, the cashier had been busy ringing our items up and they were bagged and loaded in the cart. I swiped my card to pay and we were on our way. I learned it’s never as big of a deal to those around us as it is to us.

  133. Honestly that’s a genius idea about the maxi pads! Not sure I would have thought of that! I’m definitely going to remember that!
    I’m not a mother but a very involved aunt and everyone has forgotten the diaper bag at one point!
    My sister & I have too many fails to count!
    I have had to change my niece & nephew in the car numerous times and once had to change my niece on a floor as there were no change facilities whatsoever and the roll up change mat hadn’t been packed so just had to use her extra clothes for a bit of cushioning and hygiene ! She screamed the whole time felt so bad but it was an ‘explosion ‘

    When my nephew was potty training we thankfully had a potty in the car trunk and he just couldn’t hold it so in a car park with the trunk open it was!!!
    That’s definitely a tip for potty training that I need to remember, always keep a potty in the car & maybe a sealable container!!!

    I always see on posts on Pinterest that this week in your pregnancy cook lots of meals and freeze them, that way you’ll have something that just needs put in the oven or microwave ! And get visitors to help out around the house, I never mind say doing the dishes , running the vacuum over the place etc or getting the kids ready for friends, and lets the new mama get a shower etc or just plain rest!

    Plus you look so good and way to go for being a bridesmaid this late in your pregnancy!

  134. Mom fail moment here! My son had thrown up all over his clothes during cough attack and of course I didn’t have any spare clothes in the diaper bag, I was an hr and half away from home, without my wallet so I couldn’t go buy more clothes or even go to the bank in person to withdraw cash, so I stripped him down to his diaper, wrapped a receiving blanket under his butt and around his shoulders and we drove the hour and half home! I was embarrassed to have to leave my family function but it taught me a great lesson keep extra clothes in the car and diaper bag and at grandmas house.

    Ally! I feel you and I love your stories! Molly and my son are the same age.. same birthday! He also loves his plum! We call it space food! 😹 and he calls it sauce lol ..
    Keep it up and don’t worry about the mom fails, I’ve learned they help us grow and when they are older they will not remember them! They will remember the happy only!!

  135. You are a rockstar and innovator for thinking to use maxi pads!! Hopefully I don’t ever have to use that trick, but now I have a backup plan if I am ever in a desperate situation! Molly and Baby M are lucky to have you as their Mom. 😊

    Having two kids of my own (3.5 YO and 1.5 YO), I can definitely say it is starting to get a little easier now. My mom fail moment came after having our first child and I had just gone back to work from maternity leave. I was traveling out of town and stopped in a parking lot to pump. We were only doing breastmilk at that time with our 3 month old, so this was literal liquid gold for us at the time. Went to grab all the parts to start doing my mommy business and realized I forgot the containers that the milk pumps into. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Miraculously, I came across an empty Tupperware container in the backseat of my car that I had already washed and had been meaning to return to our friend (she has dropped off dinnner for us one night). So, I pumped my breastmilk right into that thing! I couldn’t help think “this is what it’s like to be a cow” 🐄 but there was no way I was letting my breastmilk go to waste, or risk getting an infection from not pumping all day. I was so mortified, but sometimes as a Mom you learn to roll with the punches and do what you gotta do to get through the day!!

  136. Omg – TOTALLY GENIUS to think of the maxi pads! And honestly, as someone who doesn’t have kids of her own yet, hearing stories like this makes me realize that being a mama forces you to find those quick solutions and think on your feet. You’re awesome!

    I’ve been a HUGE fan for a long time and it’s SO good to see you so happy and beautiful as always ❤️

  137. Don’t feel embarrassed, at least you solved the situation with what you had handy. Every time if you feel like you’re failing just think of the positive things of the situation. Parenting it’s a learning process.

  138. My daughter was 3.5 months old when we found out we were expecting baby #2. Being a new mom is a pretty big adjustment in itself, so you can only imagine the whirlwind of emotions I had! I could go on and on, but needless to say I have never been that excited and happy, but scared and guilty at the same time. I’d catch myself worrying that I wouldn’t be the effective mother I wanted to be having two so close, and had to keep reminding myself that God’s plans are far better than our own. (Thank goodness!!) God knows exactly what we need & when we need it. We had our second daughter just three days before our oldest turned one. And I am telling you- every single one of my worries disappeared the moment I held her. We now have a 13 month old and 6 week old, and I’m honestly amazed at how laid back I am with two babies. Everything comes a little more natural with #2 and you kind of know what to expect. As crazy as it sounds, I’m way more relaxed with two kids than I ever was with one! I’ve slowed down and calmed down and I’m enjoying it so much. Of course there will be difficult times when you feel like you need to get it together, but that’s inevitable and part of it whether you have one child or multiple.

    Last weekend, we were getting ready for a busy day with my neices dance recital and a birthday party. My husband picks on me because I am ALWAYS running late for everything. He was excited and high-fiving because I had everyone dressed, diaper bags packed and we were actually getting out of the door on time. It actually was a miracle and I was pretty proud of myself for being ready. We met my parents, siblings, etc. there and got seated and situated a few minutes before the recital was supposed to start. Baby starts waking up ready to eat, so I reached down in the diaper bag to mix up her bottle while I could see before they dimmed the lights. Guess who filled the bottles with baby water but completely failed to pack formula 🙋 My husband was a few rows up visiting with a friend of ours, so I didn’t even tell him what I did. I left the babies in my parents laps and high-tailed it to the store to buy formula. As I’m trying to squeeze by everyone in our row to get out, all of my family asking me where I’m going because it’s about to start- all I could do was laugh and tell them I’d be back in a second. I made it back in the middle of the first dance, with my husband just grinning and shaking his head. Of course everyone gave me a hard time when I walked back in with the can of formula- and I was laughing right there with them. Things happen 😊
    With my first baby, stuff like that always had me all out of sorts and frustrated, but I have learned to laugh it off and realize mistakes happen. I only stayed disappointed in myself when I tried to be the perfect parent who had it all together all of the time. We are all human, and we tend to focus too much on our mess-ups and forget everything we’re doing right. You will be an AMAZING mother to two!! Don’t ever doubt that.

  139. My two biggest fails out of all 3 kids: I didn’t latch the infant seat into the base and looked in the back while I was driving to see the entire seat flipped over on its side(with my tiny infant in it). I was horrified and pretty certain I couldn’t do anything worse than that. The second was when my 6 mo old was on a bed in our hotel playing. I thought my husband was watching and stepped away, he thought I was watching and wasn’t paying attention. That baby sailed off the bed and knocked his poor head so hard. I felt like such a failure!!

  140. Been there for sure! Some days you got it and some days you have to give in to whatever is happening. Especially with two, some days will be better than others. I had my son three years ago on July 6 and my second on May 29 last year. I love following your preganany and toddler journeys because my little people and I are going through the same things. Deep yoga breaths always. 😉 Best wishes!

    1. Also, I hired a mother’s helper to come take my two year old to play in the backyard for a few hours each day. It gave us all a better balance when the second one was born.

  141. If I need help I’ve found that I just need to ask. In addition if I see someone struggling in life I try to help them. Your Doctors Office probably have diapers if it ever happens again. But great job just improvising with what you have. Prayingbyou habe an easy delivery with baby boy💙.

  142. We have all been there! I have two girls and with my first I thought of and packed every thing I would ever need and everything I may could need before leaving the house. With my second I normally grab a diaper and a pack of wipes for my purse because it’s so hard to keep up with two that diaper bag is just a hassle! Well I was visiting my grandmothers house when my youngest who isn’t potty trained went number 2! Well I soon realized after I took her diaper off I had wipes but no diapers in the bag! I couldn’t let her ride home with nothing on in the car seat so I just did what I could…I had to use one of my grandmothers depends and some tape to make it fit my daughter! So my toddler rode home in a depend and tape! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!! I remember my last weeks of pregnancy with my second being so emotional because you know your time with your first being the only one is coming to an end, but I promise your heart will only grow that much more to see her be a big sister!! Good luck!!!

  143. Seriously—quick thinking on th maxi pad front! I would have been frazzled to no end, probably started crying along with her, and definitely not been as resourceful as you are. I’ve learned that when I rush myself, that’s when I become the worst version of myself as a mom. If I know it takes 25 minutes to get to the doctor, we leave 40 minutes ahead. This accounts for traffic, a carsick-prone kiddo, a tantrum or two, etc.

    My biggest mom fail was when my daughter fell out of her crib at five months. ON TO HARDWOOD FLOORING. And where was I? Asked in my bed. I knew she could stand in her crib and I didn’t even think* to check that the mattress was on the lowest level. So out she bounced, and when I called the pediatrician in a panic, I couldn’t even tell them what happened because I wasn’t there. Ugh, it was awful. You are not alone in feeling disappointed in yourself sometimes, but know that you’re 1000% the most incredible Mama Molly and her brother could ever even imagine.

  144. You’ve got this mama! My daughter is the same age as Molly, and I just had my second last week. I’m right in this 2 kid parenting thing with you! The last couple weeks of pregnancy and this first week of 2 kiddos has been challenging and I feel like I’m barely holding it together (maybe an extra movie or 2 when we normally keep the tv off 🙈) Just so I can get a minute to rest! One day at a time ❤️❤️❤️

  145. Girl. Try it with a poop explosion diaper. No diaper or wipes. Covered in poop that is seeping into the car seat. It was glorious. I would like to say I learned my lesson, but sometimes I still forget wipes. My daughter loves to play with them in her diaper bag… too many times I have gone to change her diaper to find an empty wipe container. I need to remember to check it before I leave.

  146. Reading your story my first thought was GENIUS! You are doing amazing and are an amazing mom. Def don’t feel like a failure (I know I can sometimes feel that was with my 19 month old daughter). It’s such a learning process and I just take it day by day.

  147. That’s such quick thinking! I’m so impressed! Don’t feel shame. I had to dry my kids underwear and shorts with the blow drier st the gym and put them back on him (I rinsed them of course) to go to an appointment. Motherhood is survival mode all the time. It sounds like you’ve passed the test with flying colors!!! Go easy on yourself! You’ll be fine with two (I have three and if I can do it so can you)! My house is a mess and we sometime have chicken nuggets for dinner, but my babies are happy and healthy! Win-win!!

  148. Ali I love how real you are and seem just like a normal friend!! Wish we could hangout lol! I love your blog and seriously have been thinking about you and the new little one on the way a lot lately, can’t wait to hear the news! I love the story you shared soo genius with the maxi pad!!! I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with my second and my Mom brain is at an all time high it almost is scaring me! Last week I went to the playground 30 mins away with my daughter for a play date and forgot shoes…luckily another mom had extra socks and we had to just double them up for more cushion, ugh embarrassing letting her run around like that but oh well…the next day I went to a neighborhood garage sale and after being away from my car for quite awhile came back and noticed after taking my daughter out and getting her in the stroller I had left the door completely wide open, omg!! Whoops! What’s it going to be next?! Haha you have to laugh after the fact right?! Best of luck to a safe and easy delivery!!!

  149. Girrrrrrl….. Don’t you worry! You will have plenty more “mom fails” in the coming years. I can’t think of any specific ones because I am running out the door but with 3 boys ages 14. 12 and 6, I assure you my “mom fail” list is pretty high. Molly was with you and safe. That is not a mom fail. You are doing the best you can and parenting is HARD! These times are truly the hardest but also the best! xo

  150. When my 3rd baby (THIRD!!!) was born, we had a super traumatic birth, everything went wrong, long story, but he had to be resuscitated, I was yanked around every which way , so I felt it was very important for us both to see the chiropractor immediately ! I made an appointment, and my mom offered to watch the 2 bigger kids for us. We hopped in the car, headed to the appointment, we went to get out of the car, and I realized he had pooped his pants. All of a sudden I looked at my husband in horror, we’re 30 minutes from home, 2 minutes until my appointment, the baby is crying, (and we live out in the middle of nowhere in the back mountains of PA , so not like we could just run to a store) I had forgotten the diaper bag. I had no pacifier. I had no diaper, no wipes, literally nothing but a screaming newborn with poopy pants! I was so embarrassed and I just wanted to sit down and cry! I have been a mom for 11 years now and I could go on for hours about even worse parenting fails. It doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or your 10th, we all slip up now and then. Laugh about it and realize we’re only human! We all screw up in our own delightful way! <3

  151. Hi Ali,

    thank you for sharing not just the pretty but also sometimes embarrassing moments. That’s what I love about you and your blog.
    The incident might have seemed embarrassing to you but to be honest I think you handle the situation pretty well. You didn’t leave Molly in her own puddle of per. So don’t be upset about it or anything. You did just fine. It’s what happens after a busy day or week and nobody’s perfect and that’s the beauty of it.

    You asked us to share a story where we feel like we failed as a mom. Well I’ve got a pretty bad one myself (my daughter is 2 1/2). It was a year ago when she was only 18 months. And my day started just like yours busy and I tried to get everything done at once. So my little likes to help making my tea which included opening the wrapper, getting the tea bag out of there and putting the tea bag into an empty mug after that I’d hold her and we’d watch the water boil and that would be it. Don’t know why but she loved doing that. Anyways that morning I tried to get everything done at once and I put my mug down right next to her while pouring the hot water (I’d never done that before always far away from her and out of her reach) and turned around for just a split second. As you can guess in that second my little helper wanted to be so kind and hand me the mug but it was too heavy for her which is why she dropped it and the boiling hot water ran all over her arm. She had 2nd degree burnings. It looked so nasty and to this day I blamed myself for not slowing down and wanting to do everything at once just to get to work in time. I should have just breathed and taken a second but sometimes we (moms) forget to do so and then these things might happen. She had to wear long sleeves all summer long but luckily that little baby skin is pretty resistant and it grew back within a few weeks and now it’s hardly visible anymore. But yes I feel very embarrassed about this story or failure and the unnecessary pain I caused my little baby. But at the end of the day we are only human and these things happen I guess. Nevertheless, we still try hard and as you said it is a hard job and I’m sure were all doing just fine.

    Thank you again for sharing. I’m wishing you all the best for the birth of your little baby boy.
    I’d definitely like to know how things will change for Molly and how she’ll react (if you’d consider writing a blog post about it once the baby is born and you’ve adjusted and all.) 🙂

  152. Girl, that is pretty innovative to me! Way to go “Momgyver” lol. I would have never thought of that and would have trucked all the way back down to the stinkin’ garage and probably died on the way from exhaustion while holding up everyone else’s appointment!

  153. My 4 year old son climbed up the cupboard and ate 100+ gummy vitamins this morning before I woke up and I had to call poison control! He also pooped his pants in his room just because he wanted to! 🙄 He has been potty trained for well over a year. It was a rough morning. I told him I was probably going to have to take him to the ER to have the doctor put a tube down his throat to get the vitamins out of his stomach so he wouldn’t die. Apparently all he heard was that he was going to die and started sobbing! Yep! Great mom moment here! 🤦🏼‍♀️ We cuddled and I told him he wasn’t going to die, but that mom and dad have rules to keep him safe. He is a handful and runs off no matter where we are so deep down I am hoping that somehow this traumatic morning will help him make better choices! -Wishful thinking, right? 😉

  154. Quick thinking with the maxi pads!

    We went to our very first doctor’s appointment with our oldest the morning after we brought him home from the hospital. As new parents, we packed up his diaper bag with everything we could possibly need in it. We got to the doctor’s office and realized we left the bag on the kitchen table! Of course our sweet baby pooped and peed all over the scale and we had no diapers or wipes. The nurse gave us some wipes and the only diapers they had were size 4 (our baby was under 6 pounds at this time)! We basically had to wrap the diaper around him twice 😂

    We now have a 2nd and we have diapers and wipes in our cars and always take our diaper bag with us.

    And ours are 17 months apart. It was really hard for the first few months. I struggled to take them both places by myself. Now the little one is 6 months and the older one will be 2 soon, and it is getting a lot easier!

  155. I locked my daughter (2 at the time) in the car on accident in the Target parking lot. Someone walking by and had to call 911 since my phone was also in the car. Then the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars show up with lights and sirens. It wasn’t a hot day and she was fine thank God but i was horrified!

  156. Okay, first off can I get a “Hell ya!!”
    for another mom using this tactic! I’ve so been there…and by been there I mean literally in the ladies room digging in my purse for something that absorbes and will fit under my sons clothes.
    Always to the rescue!!
    You are not alone in this situation, but I’m glad you shared! It made my situation feel less isolated and more common in today’s parenting 🌎
    Take Care, Ali 💛

  157. I’m so sorry but I had to laugh reading that story! I could picture the whole thing, and I was anticipating something going down with that guy trying to get her attention – I probably would’ve ended up freaking out on him just because bad timing LOL. As a mom-to-be I have not experienced these moments yet, but I’m sure they’re in the very near future. Thank you for being real and honest, always! 🙂 Keep the stories coming! I got my giggle for the day!

  158. Honestly I wouldn’t have even thought to use a maxi pad, so kudos to you! Lol. I loved this story because literally every day is a catastrophe at some point for me! You’re doing great 🙂

  159. I actually think using maxi pads was a pretty brilliant move! That quick thinking, even during a time when you felt overwhelmed with guilt (and add that on to major pregnancy exhaustion), is what makes a good momma. 😉 I don’t follow too many people I don’t personally know (although we did meet briefly at Jones Wood Foundry in NYC), but I find your posts refreshing and honest, and I like that I can tell your love for Molly is genuine and deep. You three (soon to be four), are lucky to have one another. Ps…my Hazel Rose is only 7 months and I’m certain she will experience goof up’s from this momma plenty. But I just think these stories that I’m sure I’ll have many of, will be a great way to show her when “she” is feeling as though she messed up, that we are all human and make mistakes (because of COURSE she think I’m perfect)!

  160. Wow your actually a great mom since she’s almost 2 and the first time with this situation. I give u props Ali ! They’ll be many more I don’t knows or whata coulda shoulda experiences it all makes life interesting You go mama 😉 Just go with it you’ll laugh later ! God bless

  161. Girlfriend we have all been there! I had a similar situation my little guy pooped and he has super sensitive skin so he needs to be changed ASAP or he will get a bad diaper rash. Totally forgot that I ran out of diapers so I literally cleaned poop out his diaper and lined it with toilet paper until I was able to get some. I wish there was a maxi pad available that’s a good idea!

  162. I honestly think that was a brilliant solution. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort and creativity to get through life. Well done, Momma!

  163. Oh my goodness, I feel that that was a brilliant way to handle the situation. You’re embarrassed and I’m impressed! I would have been wrapping her in a hospital gown or something not absorbent! Without fail, my kids poop when I don’t take the diaper bag. You’re a great mom.

  164. I feel like you did a great job improvising! How stressful though. A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I decided to go on a walk with our 19 month old. I changed him right before we left, and he had pooped earlier so I didn’t even think to bring diapers. We ended up walking to the beach and having a drink at a local restaurant. My son poops. I tried to ignore it, but it was super stinky. We ended up washing him off in the dog wash station, where a line of owners and their pets formed… we put his pants back on and prayed he wouldn’t pee in the 15 minute walk back home. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  165. I’ve definitely had that same situation happen to me before..I didn’t use maxi pads but I had to ask to borrow a diaper from the doctor’s stash!

    My most embarrassing mom fail happened about 2 months ago. I was returning from dropping off our 4yo at preschool and had our 2yo twins with me. When I got home I took one twin out of her car seat and put her inside the house. I went back to the van to grab the other twin and by the time I got to the door, the first twin had locked us out. I had already thrown my purse with keys into the house and we didn’t have a spare outside anywhere (why? I have no idea). I ended up having to call the non-emergency line because my husband was 2 hours away, and a police officer and city worker had to break into my house for me while the twin inside was so scared and bawling her eyes out. I felt like the worst mom ever 🙁 (and now we definitely have more than 1 spare key!)

    We all do the best we can, but sometimes, sh*t happens! You’re doing great!

  166. I love Plum Organics too, have fed all three of mine with them!! I kind of had a similar situation but I was at my older kids swimming class when my 7 month old had a poop explosion and of course I left the diaper bag in the car and just brought in the swim bag. I figured he is sleeping we will be good for a little bit. Nope, poop every where and all over the car seat. I wrapped him in a towel and thankfully my friend held him so I could go get the diaper bag. Then after I got it it came to my attention that I had no extra clothes for him. So he went home in a dirty car seat (cleaned it up with wet wipes as much as I could) and just a diaper. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again. You are rocking this mom thing, so don’t be too hard on yourself! This is my third and you think I would have learned!

  167. Maxi pads-that’s genius!! I’m gonna use that the next time I don’t have my diaper bag (which happens more times then I would like to admit!) 🤦🏼‍♀️ And you are so not alone and shouldn’t feel bad at all! My little girl peed through her diaper in her car seat the other day on our way home and I didn’t have a diaper anywhere in the car!! We were about 25 minutes from home so I had to improvise. I had just gone to Petco so I had a brand new bag of wee wee pads in the car for my dogs. So i pulled over, took off her wet leggings and diaper and put a wee wee pad down on her car seat and that’s how we drove home! She was dry (sort of) and if she peed again, the wee wee pad would soak it up…definitely not my proudest moment but instead of a mom fail I like to call these moments mom wins-cause I found a temporary solution! 😉So good for you and the maxi pad solution-that’s a mom WIN for sure!!

  168. Parenting fail? I think it’s pretty genius. I don’t know that I would’ve thought of that.

    It happens to the best of us!! We’re all just humans trying to do this mom thing!

    Best wishes to you!!

  169. Honestly I think your improvising was genius!!! Definitely feel like I’m failing some days (2 girls – 4.5 going on 14 and a 2.5 year old with number 3 on the way!) mostly when I get so frustrated with their behaviour that I just want to lose my mind…need to take a step back and realize they’re still actually just little, and they haven’t learned everything they need to learn yet…sometimes that realization comes at night after they’re in bed and I’m on the couch after a long hard day and then I have to talk myself out of waking them up to huggle (our word for hug:) them for a little while. You’ll do fine with 2, just know that nobody has everything perfect all of the time and you won’t either…but some moments you will and that will feel amazing:)

  170. Oh girlfriend! That is what parenthood is all about! I laughed out loud at your story. I’ve completely done this before (forgetting my bag) never the maxi pad thing but that is brilliant. In fact I had this exact senario happen to me but I had ran out of diapers. I was pregnant with my fourth and my 3rd pooped. I had not packed my bag well and was at the doctors. I literally washed him in the sink and put him barebutt into his clothes. He peed on the way home so I had to wash the entire car seat. At the time I was so frustrated and humiliated when the doctor walked in and the entire room smelled of poo. Through all of my kiddos I learned that we mom’s are strong, smart and can pretty much handle anything life throws at us. Praying your baby comes soon and your labor is perfect!

  171. I think we all have our moments where we feel like we have failed. I definitely have… I think my worst mommy fail was forgetting to buckle our little one’s car seat. When I got home 20 minutes later and realized what I had done I was mortified! I was exhausted and my mind was elsewhere. Sometimes I can really understand the parents who accidentally leave their kids in the car. Your brain is just not what it used to be before kids. Just the other day my toddler was just screaming at me. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I just walked away. I let him scream his head off. I felt bad, but I didn’t want to scream back at him… See, we all have our moments. This to shall pass and you will look back and laugh one day. You are doing great and I can see how much you love your daughter and how much you love your soon to be born son. 🙂

    1. You’re not alone. I did this (at least twice) when my daughter was a newborn and my son was 2. I buckled my daughter and I noticed that my son was touching the window. I felt terribly guilty and even worse when it happened again within a week’s time. When you’re tired your brain does not have full functionality.

  172. Love this post so much. If anything using a maxi pad with Molly is resourceful and a sign that you’ll be an awesome mom of 2. I have two kids almost 4 and 19 months and if anything it is that flexibility and quick thinking that makes a great mom. Keep up the good work!

  173. I’m know I just posted but right after I remembered my biggest mom fail ever. It was just about a month ago. My youngest (number 4) was playing in my laundry room and I was just outside folding laundry. Anyway he closed the door and pulled out a drawer right inside and climbed inside. It was completely unexpected. He’s only 18 months but cleaver enough to flip over a laundry basket and climb up on it. He got really afraid and couldn’t climb out and basically barricaded himself inside. I had to pull out a 2 story ladder, climb up to the second story in the rain and break the window screen to climb inside to help him. It was so terrifying. Even if you have this Mom thing figured out it seems you learn stuff everyday.

  174. As moms, we have to be able to improvise and be resourceful – that’s just what you did! I took my 11 month daughter to the clinic the other day because she was running fever. I picked her up from daycare, went straight to the clinic and because I was coming from work, I didn’t have the diaper bag with me. Thankfully, I thought to ask her teacher for a diaper before we left. When we checked in to the clinic, I smelled poop. No biggie – I had a diaper! But when I went to change her, I discovered it was a full blow-out. After a brief moment of panic, thinking I’m going to have to carry my basically naked baby around the clinic, I realized I had just bought her a new dress and it was still in my car. Crisis averted! (although I still had to carry a naked baby through the waiting room and across the parking lot – praise Jesus I live in TX and it was a 90 degree day!) Anyway, we all have our stories. Doesn’t make us bad moms, or even failures. It’s incredibly difficult to raise tiny humans and NO ONE has it together 100% of the time (you’ll learn this full well when #2 arrives). Keep on, mama, you’re doing great!

  175. Ali,

    First off , I wanted to say we use Plums Organics too ! My daughter is almost 15 months and we love the to-go pouches, and Presley loves all of the flavors ! Reading your story I can totally relate ! Haha but I don’t think I would be that smart to think of using a maxi pad, genius !! 🙌🏼 Lol thank goodness it was number 1 and not number 2!
    So my daughter decided to have a major blowout the first time we went to the pumpkin patch ! I thought I had this mom thing down 🤦🏻‍♀️(she was 8 months at the time) and decided to go change her diaper in the public bathroom: without the diaper bag, just a diaper, changing pad, and wipes (thinking I got this !)At this time the bathroom was fillled with women, kids and more babies waiting to get their diapers changed. Finally it was our turn, and as I was changing her , I realized she pooped down her leggings and up the back of her under onesie and cute Halloween pumpkin onesie . The wholeee thing was poopied,even her shoes! As Presley is crying bc at that time hated being changed , I am realizing I have no other clothes for her, while moms are staring me down . So, I had to throw out her cute pumpkin outfit and walk back out to the picnic area with an almost naked baby (only diaper) while being stared at by other moms and dads lol it was awfulll ! Good thing was , daddy to the rescue and found some extra clothes in her diaper bag; they were all white 😂 , baby girl went from being a pumpkin to a lil ghost 😂😂 .
    So at the end of he day we have alllll been there ! We have had that one time (or several 🙋🏻‍♀️) of those “we think we failed as mom” moments but really they were just learning moments . You are a rockstar, and thank you for sharing your family with us ! Y’all are amazing, and even tho I just recently started following you this yr via instagram, I have always been your fan from The Bachelor/Bachelorette 💕 keep sharing and keep smiling 🤗!

  176. I agree!! You totally Mom-gyvered it! Honestly that was pretty ingenious.

    Being a mom is hard and you didn’t even lose your cool. My Little one is only 7 months old and I’ve actually yelled at my baby. No sleep, teething, pinching and biting while breastfeeding and I lost my cool and raised my voice. Not super loud but very sternly. But still… I yelled at a baby… A BABY!!!

  177. Hey Ali!

    We have all been there with mom fails!

    I was getting ready for work the other morning and I put my 11 month old in his little gated play area so I could have a few minutes to myself getting ready in the bathroom. Next thing I know about 10 minutes later he comes casually crawling into the bathroom! I almost died when I looked over and saw him lol! I forgot to make sure the little door was locked (which obviously it wasn’t) and he knows where it opens so he must have pushed against it and crawled out. It wouldn’t have been so mortifying if the gate to the stairs going down in our house was up but of course (second mom fail) it wasn’t! So thank God he crawled right past the stairs and down the hall to find me! I laugh now because nothing bad happened but you always think of what could have and can’t help but not feel like a failure!

    Best of luck with your delivery (hopefully this week!) Little boys have such a special bonds with their moms. It’s the best… 💙

  178. Always the one time you leave your diaper bag you’ll end up needing it! And always the ONE time you don’t make sure you have wipes in there, you’ll end up having to change a poopy diaper and not have them it’s kind of funny how that happens…. I took my toddler to my OB appt this spring and left the diaper bag and in the car he poured his entire water bottle on himself while I was driving and couldn’t see and was soaked when I pulled up. When I got to the doctor I held his pants under the hand dryer and used probably 100 paper towels to get him to not be soaking but honestly I just straight up didn’t care lol. He was fine I was fine unborn baby was fine so we were all good 😉

    1. Oh also I have on camera my 20 month old son running into my room about 2 months ago with a huge smile on his face swinging a giant pair of SCISSORS around in one hand so yeah… 🙈

  179. I think that just shows that you are a great mom that can think on your feet .. or Drs office floor! It’s all about improvising when things don’t go quite as planned. You probably just saved another mom in the future! 9/10 you don’t need the darn bag anyway.. its the 1/10 times you do that you leave it in the car! Good luck with baby #2!

  180. Something similar happened to me! Often I will change my daughter in the back of my car because bathrooms aren’t available. Well, I was in the mall and she took the biggest poop…I went to change her and realized I didn’t have wipes at all. So I was streeeeetching my arms between the sink/paper towels and the changing table keeping like one pinky finger on her so she wouldn’t roll off while I used wet paper towels to wipe her down!!! Thanks for sharing the story, these stories are what make us human, and sharing them for a laugh bonds us!!!

  181. Definitely not a parenting fail but super smart idea. I had run out of booster pad for sons nighttime diaper. So used maxi pads for 2 nights until I was able to get more. I knew it was either soaking went child and bed or solve the problem differently. You’re doing awesome. Enjoy the last few days as a family of 3!

  182. Ali — Definitely NOT a mom fail. Definitely a mom funny! And quick thinking on your part. Genius! Love it.

  183. When my oldest was 3 and almost fully potty-trained, I took her and her brother, who was one at the time, to the grocery store with me for an errand. My husband said : are you sure? I can stay with the youngest. I responded, no, I got it, I can do it. I can be the mom with two babies in the cart, perfectly in control!

    Well, the youngest pooped on the drive to the grocery store, so when I arrived I rushed to the bathroom when I hear : maman caca! My oldest had peed and pooped in the middle of the alley and refused to walk anymore. I was mortified! I had to pick her up, head to the bathroom, covering myself with pee and poop stains at the same time.

    So I had diapers, wipes, but no changes of clothes. So I put my oldest in her brother’s diaper, removed my long sleeved shirt, rolled the arms and put a hair tie on the neck hole so it fit her.

    I came home crying and laughing with no groceries! Sometimes it’s harder than it looks!

  184. Ahhhhh, these moments are not to be a “mom fail”….I like to think of them as learning lessons/ examples of what to do if this happens to you….to other mammas! You are doing a great job…..and thanks for the entertaining story! That’s what mom fails really are for, to entertain us and those around us at a later date! Congratulations on baby boy coming soon! I’m crossing my fingers for 5/21! You are gonna be just fine as a mamma of 2! hahahahaha.

  185. Oh Ali ❤️ I call that ingenious and thinking on the fly!!
    When I had my son he was 8 weeks premature. By the time we finally got him home I became so scared to take him anywhere so I became very house bound. I finally got the courage to take him out and meet my mum for lunch. I packed his nappy bag, bottle, and everything I thought I would need. It took me hours to muster up the courage but I finally headed out the door with him and drove an hour to meet my mum. I got there before her so I thought I’ll settle in and give my bubba his bottle. I reached into the nappy bag and…….no bottle! I pulled the bag apart trying to find it but it wasn’t there! Once I finally calmed my tears I realised that I had taken it out momentarily to put a cooler block underneath it and left the bottle on the bench. Needless to say I packed up and came home with mum consoling me the whole way. Rattled my confidence but I eventually pulled it together!!
    Wishing you all the best for the impending arrival of your little man. Sending love all the way from Australia!! 💙🇦🇺 X

  186. You are doing great, Ali! For what its worth, I took my 2 year old on an evening walk on vacation the other week without his diaper bag (it was 15 minutes, what could go wrong?) and he not only soiled all his clothes but the hotel stroller as well. Needless to say, he walked back naked (and even crashed a wedding on the beach while doing so). At least it was Maui and warm 😉


  187. Oh Momma!
    You were quick to think of the maxi
    My now three year old was 2 month and we were visiting my mom ( disabled kids camp director) at her overnight camp for the day so I had him in a cloth baby wrap. Well about 30mins of being there he had the massive of all
    Massive blow outs- like down his leg up his back hair all over my shirt and my white pants ( I was so pumped to wearing them 8 weeks postpartum.) Well I had change of clothes for him but not me.. so they gave me a volunteer shirt but I was stuck with poop pants lol
    This same sweet boy when he was 1.5years old and exhausted cranky and over Christmas shopping — Spiked a full Starbucks strawberry smoothie ( thought it would keep him distracted for another 20mins) in the middle of the gift wrap aisle at Target. Of course two others saw and kinda laughed but walked away offering no help to get a worker so there I was on my hands and knees using his DIAPERS and wipes out of the diaper bag to Clean up the floor while he is kicking and yelling in the stroller and I’m almost tears.

    It’s mom life and it’s the best. We added a baby boy this March so life with two has been an adjustment-
    Overwhelmingly perfect with a side of shit show!

    Love to ya momma

  188. You say mom fail…..I say genius!! Girl, you thought on your feet and came up with a solution in a stressful situation. 👏👏👏👏👏 I’m still anxiously waiting on my turn to become a mother, but if I’m half the mom you are I’ll be doing okay. Kiss your brain for that quick thinking (I’m a kindergarten teacher and tell my kids to do this when they have a great idea)!

  189. I think every mother has left the diaper bag in the car at one point in time and it always is the time you need it!!!! I didn’t take it into Target when my babe was 5 weeks old because I was grabbing something really quick. She was still in the infant car seat and I sat it in the cart and got back to the area I needed. As soon as I got back there I looked down and she had EXPLODED her diaper! Like filled up the car seat and it was dripping out the bottom! I was so embarrassed and when I got back to the front of the store I realized a monsoon had started outside! Thankfully I was with my mom and she ran out in the pouring rain to grab the bag and we did a full cleaning of the car seat and her body in the sinks at target.

  190. Okay Ali, I CAN relate!! So on a summer Friday I raced home from work to relieve my babysitter, grab my daughter (probably 4 at the time) in her cute summer sun dress, rush (why are we always rushing!? Lol) to grab a snack, put her in her car seat, race back in to get going because I have a hair appointment that is desperately overdue! Haha! We’re fine-driving, acting silly and singing and I’m thinking “I got this!-we might even be early!” Nope. I smilingly look back at my sweet daughter and realize she’s got on her sundress and no underpants!! I’ve got no diaper bag because well, I was hurrying and that’s all in the past, right! Mom moment of a quick pitstop to “ToysRUs” and a package of princess underpants (I’m mortified however that they weren’t washed first!) and off we went. Yes, we were late, but I still laugh at the thought of her, just happy as a clam and underpants-less!!

  191. Really if that’s your biggest fail you got it made. When she’s an adult you will have a big laugh over it!

  192. Aww that story actually brought a smile to my face. The fact that you didn’t just let her sit in a wet diaper is what makes you an amazing mom 💓 you did the best you could in a tough situation. I have a daughter who wi be 2 on June 25th. So very close in age to Molly. I absolutely love everything you share because we all feel that sometimes. You are such a great mom and role model for all of us other moms. And when baby #2 comes I know you will be a rockstar cause at the end of the day you do what you have to do to make sure your kids are happy and well taken care off!!!! Good luck in the delivery room 😊

  193. Oh Ali,
    I loved reading this story!!! I personally haven’t done this my self but I’m sure I will one day. My personal struggle I’m currently dealing with is a strong willed 19 month old littl ginger girl and having a hard time pleasing her she constantly throws a temper tantrum and nothing seems to make her happy. I can’t count how many times I’ve sat on the floor and cried feeling like I’ve failed as a mother. You are an amazing mom and I love watching your stories with Molly.
    Good luck this week if baby #2 comes

  194. You’re doing marvelous. I had an aunt fail. Try watching a very independent four year old and very attached to mommy two year old. Thinking the two year old is literally napping (should have spied on her), she left me two gifts on the floor. She was somewhat potty trained. I guess she wasn’t in the mood to use her princess potty!

  195. I actually think that was very creative solution to the problem hahah. I have had many many moments I feel like a bad mom and honestly think all of mine are way worse than yours 😊

    In your stories and Kevin’s, Molly is soooo smart and happy! Did you do anything special to get her to be such a great talker and know her letters? My daughter is so strong willed and I feel like always expressing her opinions (ahem tantrums on the daily). She is 17 months.

  196. You’re doing a great job! We’ve all had our moments… Im a first time mom, my son is 4 months old, and about 2 months ago I made a total rookie mistake. My hubby and I decided to go out to dinner with some friends who have a little boy my son’s age, and about halfway through dinner he got cranky and wanted a pacifier. Well guess what I forgot to pack in the diaper bag? A pacifier! It got so bad I made my husband drive home and get one… Luckily our house was only 5 minutes away from where we were eating. Never again will I make that mistake! lol I pack about 4 pacis now when we leave the house.

  197. I’m just amazed you thought of the maxi pads!! I wouldn’t have known what to do! Bless your heart. I think It’s a sweet and funny story, and if anything shows what a good mom you are. Not a fail at all! ❤️

  198. Ali, you sound like a wonderful mother. I think that was a great story. Hilarious and honest. I have been a fan since you were on Jake’s season. Congratulations to you on the impending arrival of your little bundle of joy. Your stories make me look even more forward to becoming a Mom. 💕

  199. I’d feel the same way you did but if you think about it… it’s honestly the same thing as a diaper! Just had a different name! And you changed her so that’s good too! One day me and my daughter had such a busy day and it totally slipped my mind to change her and she was soaking wet!!!! It was hourssss that I forgot! Like, how did I do that!? I felt horrible! I’m sure I have many other stories like that too! Every mom is probably more alike than we think! ☺️

  200. I actually think the maxi pad thing is sort of genius! You’re already pulling some veteran mom moves. And for the record, I rarely take my diaper anywhere anymore. I just throw a diaper in my purse and cross my fingers haha

  201. I’m sure you weren’t laughing at the moment but it’s funny now right!?
    Here is my story. When my son was a preschooler he was a ring bearer in my sisters wedding. Since i was the maid of honor i was so busy getting myself ready and helping my sister i totally forgot to pack a bag for my son (just Incase). He had been doing really well with “accidents” for a while so i thought we would be fine. Welllllll the little stinker (literally) decided he wanted to poop his pants in his rented tux right before walking down the aisle!!!! So we all stood there during the ceremony smelling MY poopy kid! I was sooo embarrassed! When it was over i had nothing to change him into so i had to throw his undies away and wipe him restroom paper towels. He went commando the rest of the wedding! Needless to say i headed right for the bar once i got him situated hahaha

  202. You are rocking parenthood, your little boy is a lucky little one to join your amazing family! I’ve definitely forgotten the diaper bag and needed to change my son, it happened at the doctors office and thankfully they had diapers but it was embarrassing at the time but everyone has those day. Molly won’t remember the embarrassing days, she will know she was always loved ❤️ Can’t wait to see your little guy!

  203. Here in New Zealand we would call that ‘Kiwi Ingenuity’ – absolutely brilliant thinking to use the maxipad!!
    I took my son to Kindergarten when he was 4, returned home and half an hour later realised I’d accidentally left his 2 year old sister there too!!! Whoops!!! That was so embarrassing walking back in to get her.
    Also once changed my daughters diaper in the car (she caught me out while we were headed somewhere), lay her across my lap in the passenger seat, removed the diaper and about 7 or 8 little balls of poop rolled out of the diaper – all through the car!!!! I found most of them but a couple were missing for a while!!!
    Your doing great!!

  204. A couple years ago, I had an orthopaedic appointment for a past injury. Our twin girls were in preschool at the time of the appointment, so I had with me our youngest daughter, who was 2 at the time. She acted fine the whole ride, and then I got her out, and she was covered in vomit. I did the best I could with wipes, and had to take her in as is. They were so kind and gave me a pair of youth shorts for her to wear….as a dress 😂 I was mortified, why didn’t I pack an extra outfit?!?!

    Oh, and our daughter wasn’t sick, she had eaten oatmeal right before a car ride….mom fail #2 for that trip!

  205. I had the opposite thing happen to me! We took our 2 boys to mini golf (ages 3 and 18 months at the time) and I had just had a miscarriage the night before so I was bleeding very badly. We went to eat before we went to the golf park and I had totally forgotten a pad because I wasn’t used to being pregnant and I didn’t need any type of protection for myself. So I had to use my 18 month old’s diaper!! I folded it over and laid it in my underwear! I felt a little bulgy lol, but urban did the job!! Haha!

  206. That isn’t a fail, that is a compromise! You go, Mama! Step by step, day by day, we Mom… like a boss.
    I had a similar, but somewhat reverse experience. I had my diaper bag and left my purse… I started my period totally unexpectedly and heavy. So, I grabbed a diaper opened it flat and… you guessed it… wore it like a pad! Yes, it happens!

  207. I once locked my 15mo old daughter in her car seat in the car. Newly pregnant with my son and full on 🤰🏼pregnancy brain🧠 . I was across town at a friend’s house. There were the 🔑 keys, on the seat next to the car seat. My husband traveled so I had no access to an extra key or even keys to the house. Sure enough- called the fire department 🚒and they came out within minutes! She just sat there looking at me like “wth…why are you just staring at me through the window?!”🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t worry, Ali. When you think your heart can’t be any more full, it expands beyond belief!💗💙 Congratulations on Baby Boy👶🏻 Manno. You got this!💪🏼

  208. I think every parent has stories that make you cringe. I could share when my 13 month old got a self driving car stuck on his head or the day my 3 yo old “hid” on a houseboat while we frantically searched under the boat. My biggest share is the night we had our daughter. I had a dream that my son, daughter and I were in a pool on a floatie when both kids slipped off. I was frantic as every time i almost could reach one the other would go out of reach until we were all together at the bottom of the pool. Doesnt take a psychologist to figure that i was terrified of being able to handle two kids. 25 years later they are still alive, well adjusted and in loving relationships. You can do this. Lead with love and the rest will come. Hugs. You brighten my day. L

  209. Ali! I think you did great! You have to have those “fail” moment sometimes to learn and laugh about it!!

    So I can kind of relate in terms of using what you got. Mine was kind of an opposite story. We were visiting my parents one time and they live about an hour away. My daughter was about a year old at the time so she was still in diapers. On our ride home, my stomach starts gurgling and hurting. We had another half an hour to get home. I pleaded with my husband to try to step on the gas but we hit traffic here and there. I had to breathe through it and refused to stop at a McDonalds to go to the bathroom as he suggested. I just wanted to get home and FAST. In desperation, in case I couldn’t hold it in and had an accident, I grabbed one of her (clean, duh lol) diapers and tucked it underneath my underwear and just held it to my butt. 🤣. Thankfully, through lots of breathing, we made it home in time for me to use my bathroom. Whew! 😅. I never shared that story with anyone except my husband who was in the car. My daughter is now almost 6. Haha. I hope you had a good laugh with your situation and mine!

  210. You are not in any way a failure, you are actually a mom boss for coming up with that creative solution!! Seriously, that’s super resourceful and creative. I’d be proud to share that story. Parents have to think on their feet and that’s what you did!!!

  211. Oh Ali! Your story makes me want a second baby more bc what we do and stress about as mom’s is NORMAL :). Time to start trying!

  212. Awww!! Girl, you know you’re a mom when…….!! Man have we ALL been there, & for those who haven’t, they’re too “new” to have experienced it or they have completely decided to forgot all about it! When my oldest (now 8) & I were traveling on an airplane together solo (she was 7 weeks old) I thought “I can handle this right” I had packed everything I could ever imagine I might need in her diaper bag for the 4 hour flight. I had just finished nursing her & as we were walking on the plane she had spit up her ENTIRE “meal” all over me. Not a drop landed on her. I wiped off as much as I could since I didn’t think to pack an extra shirt for me (only for her). I had spent the whole 4 hours smelling like sour milk, I was for certain the passengers around me could smell me too. I was mortified. Then about half way into the flight, she, like most newborns (especially breastfed newborns) had a blowout, now I had baby puke on my shirt & a HUGE blowout mess on my pants. I wanted to cry. I was able to get her cleaned up, but I was pretty stinky myself. When my husband pulled up at the airport to pick us up I just lost it & started crying! Lol! That’s when I thought “I am going to make the worst mother ever” you’re not alone girl! 🙂

  213. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. At least you thought of something. You don’t need to be embarrassed. We all have moments like that and you will continue to have moments like that as they grow older. It’s okay! You’re not alone and it’s completely normal. Molly is going to grow up thinking she had the most amazing mom in the world. The things we feel like failures for our kids don’t even remember or even care about. It’s pressure we put on ourselves because society says we need to be perfect and have it all together all of the time. That’s too much pressure and so unrealistic. I shared a story on my personal FB page about my battle with my 8 year old and his bad attitude and messy room. I basically flipped my shit and grabbed garbage bags and started throwing clothing, toys, garbage from toy packaging he just had bought for himself, money…etc.. If it was on the floor it went into the garbage bag. He FREAKED out. I didn’t throw the bags away because he has separation anxiety when it comes to certain toys. My mom passed away unexpectedly last year and he lost his best friend. If she gave him a toy he cannot let go of it. He feels like if he gets rid of it he’s losing a piece of his grandma. I told him he could get each bag or bin back by paying $5/bag/bin. He gets $5/week for his chores. Needless to say his attitude has been perfection since but I could have gone about things better. I could have stayed calmer instead of yelling. Like, I really yelled because I was so angry that he was being so disrespectful even after me warning him about his attitude and the consequences of what would happen. He was awful to me on mother’s day and I just had had enough. I feel like I failed but then again I got the results I was looking for. Not a single argument, chores done without being asked, room perfectly clean, he even got his bedding put in the wash and got the wash started. He’s learning how to wash clothing, bedding, towels. He can’t grab out of the washer since we have a top loader but he’s been helping me do the rest. I have a lot of stories of how I feel like I failed my kid. It happens. He’s not dead. He’s health. I’m good and he’s good.

  214. Last week my husband and I ran to Target with baby #3 after dropping the older 2 kids off at school/daycare to get a coffeemaker since ours had sadly bit the dust. I hadn’t brought the diaper bag because I didn’t think we were going there but we did! As we were part way through our trip I heard my little man pooping (he has been exploding out his diaper nearly every time he poops no matter the diaper size) so I quick picked him up out of the car seat to try to avoid having it leak out. Well, too late…as I picked him up the poop started dripping down his leg and onto the floor. My husband looked at me in panic. Then I looked at him and said, go grab a pack of wipes and a small package of diapers-thank God we were at Target! After I cleaned him and the floor up as best I could I went to the bathroom to change him. I walked past the cashiers and the one looked at me, smiled, and asked if I needed some plastic bags. Every employee was SO nice and didn’t make me feel worse for what had happened. They kept saying “we see it all the time here!”. Anyway, with no diaper bag meant no change of clothes so he went with no clothes until we got home. I have told people, you don’t get smarter as a third time mom, just riskier.
    Hang in there, you’re doing amazing! You are a great mom even in your lowest moments.

  215. Oh girl! Way to go in my book. That a way to improvise. I’ve used boogie wipes to clean a dirty diaper from the dressing room in target after getting trapped in their after just using my last wipes in hands and praying a dirty diaper wouldn’t happen. I’ve also given a size 4 diaper to a mom at a wedding with. Newborn who ran out of diapers. She was a mother of 3 with only thr newborn in tow that night at the wedding.

  216. I have a sort of reverse story! After my first daughter was born, I had no idea when to expect my first post partum period and of course it came barreling in one day, unexpected. I didn’t have any pads/tampons on hand since I hadn’t needed them for so long and had this little sleeping baby so couldn’t go anywhere — so I lined my underwear with one of her tiny diapers until I could get to the store! Ha! I felt REALLY cool waddling around in a Pampers.

    I’m glad you can already laugh at the experience. I’ve had plenty of parent fail moments in the last 4.5 years, and most of them end up making the best stories! 😉

  217. I love that you share the not so glamorous side of parenting. I think too often people make it out to be all rainbows and butterflies, when in reality we all know it’s not!

    This is a completely horrible story, but a story in which I most definitely was not keeping it together!! So one day we were getting stuff ready for a yard sale and packing stuff in and out to my husbands truck. We have a privacy fence that lathes from the outside and locks with a key from the inside, so we will keep the back door open and let the kids play sometimes when we are in the kitchen cooking in the evenings. Well, during this particular incident we were carry stuff out the back door and putting it in my husbands truck when my oldest son saw us carrying a toy out he hadn’t touched for over year. He absolutely lost it! So we were right inside the back door dealing with his tantrum when I realized my youngest son hadn’t followed us in. It was only probably 3 minutes before I realized this, but in that 3 minutes the fence door had apparently not latched and the wind blew it open and he had gotten out of the fence. When I went out looking for him I yelled his name because I didn’t immediately see him and I heard a women’s voice outside the fence say “he’s out here.” I went running out of the gate and there he was being escorted by this women off of the road with another car stopped because he was just taking a stroll in the road and beating on my husbands truck trying to find us. He was just 2 years old. I was mortified and appalled at myself for letting this happen, but no matter how good of a parent you are – things happen!

  218. I have a daughter who is only about 2 weeks younger than Molly so I like following you!

    My fail was once this past winter when she was sick. She was snotty/congested and had a cough. The congestion went away after a couple days, but the cough was on and off. It seemed to get better every time I would be ready to take her to the doctor, and I swear it seemed to only happen at night.. She had no fever and I had already taken her in before and been told it was “just a virus”. At this point I am also sick with a sinus infection, working full-time with an 80 mile daily commute, and exhausted. After she went to bed I heard her coughing on the monitor. She fussed for a couple minutes but then went to sleep. The next morning, there was vomit all over her crib. She had coughed so hard she puked. And if I would have checked on her, she may not have slept all night in vomit-covered sheets. I bawled. So my husband gave her a bath and I threw everything in the washer. Then I had to have my husband take her to the doctor, because I have almost no sick days as I used most of them up for maternity leave. I felt like the worst mother in the world. Luckily she got medicine and got over it quickly. I have told hardly anyone this story because I felt so ashamed. I keep beating myself up about it. I should have taken her to the doctor again. I should have checked on her when she cried. I should have been the one to take her to the doctor that morning. I should be a SAHM. And on and on and on….

    Parenting is so hard and it’s so much harder feeling like your every move is being scrutinized. That’s why I haven’t told anyone this story!

  219. Thank you for sharing!!! I’ve felt like a failure many times as a mom but your story made me think of a particular time I didn’t bring a diaper bag. My son was (I thought) potty trained and I met my boss for coffee and a place that had a kids room. They came and got me because he pled himself. I had to wrap his coat around him going commando under his clothes and wait until my husband brought more clothes! 🙄🤣

  220. So I have a now 8 month old. My husband was deployed 4 weeks after she was born so until a couple weeks ago I’ve been doing this on my own pretty much. My parents love close by and have been God sends but these “mom fails” happen to me all the time. In the beginning I would leave the house without the diaper bag at all. Last month I was out other my daughter and forgot to check to make sure I resupplied the diaper bag with diapers. My daughter had a huge blowout…HUGE in target once and I went to the bathroom to change her on the changing table only to find out that my diaper bag had ZERO diapers in it. I mean I probably searched that thing for which felt like a solid 5 minutes. Welp the extensive searching didn’t help so….I had to resort to plan B. I took her burp cloth, folded it in half and shoved it in her onesie as best I could. It was obviously bulging out of her onesie. Keep in mind this was all before I did my shopping 🙂 I love following your Instagram and blog. You give me such inspiration as a mom! You’re also GLOWING and being 38 weeks I know you probably feel gross…it doesn’t show! Good luck with the 2 baby transition. I’m sure you’ll do it gracefully! 🙂

  221. My mommy failure. My 1st born who is now 10. It was me and my husband’s first outing we were just going 30 miles to Wal-Mart…but I was so nervous she was only 2 weeks old but we needed grocerys and lived in a very small town of 800 with a little store that didnt have much. So we made sure since we were going 30 miles that we packed the. Diaper bag full of formula, bottles diapers wipes, clothes. We get to our destination with a screaming baby who is hungry and poopy I go to grab the diaper bag realizing there isn’t one 🙁 I panicked felt terrible cryed and couldn’t believe I forgot every thing my baby needed. I called one of my friends who was having a baby any day that luckly had all the supplies I needed. I felt so stupid and she was such an amazing friend she just laughed and said hun your human its ok. I could have went into Wal-Mart and bought everything I needed but I was so upset I did that I felt like everyone would be able to read right through what I did. I am now the proud mommy of 4 beautiful girls and 15 weeks pregnant with baby 5. I now do not have to worry about the bottleaand formula since with my last i decided to try out nursing and its been amazing.

  222. I have been there. I have a son a month younger than Molly and just had a daughter end of feb. It has been tough at times and the jealousy! But through all the struggles and cries it is so worth it. I am curious, could you do a blog om whats in your diaper bag for molly? I feel like im always struggling to put the right things in. Thanks!

  223. I say you are an excellent mother and extremely resourceful! Excellent idea and you go to do what you got to do! When my son was towards the end of potty training and I was 6 months preggo with my second, I had a playdate at the park. Distracted talking to other mommies, I didn’t take my son for a bathroom brake and he ended up peeing all over himself! Well my preggo brain completely forgot to bring extra clothes in case of an accident. So there we where, my son soaked and I felt horrible. We went to the bathroom and stripped him of his underwear and pants and used the hand dryer to try his clothes. Talk about mom fail! I got the underwear and jeans dry enough to put back on him and ran to the car feeling mortified for him and I. Now that my second is 18 months old, I look back at that moment and I crack up! No harm done!

  224. We took our first baby on a trip to Italy when she was 17 months (look at us, traveling the world like before we had kids, ha!). For the 11 hour flight back we had about 8 swim diapers and 1 pampers. I had no idea swim diapers DO NOT KEEP PEE IN. My baby went through about 5 maxi pads that flight.

  225. When my second baby was 3 days old, my husband had to work late so I set off to pick up my daughter from preschool with baby in tow. I would be on my own for dinner, so I had already decided to go through the nearby chic fil-a to pick up dinner. I was patting myself on the back for a successful pickup, and headed over to the drive through.

    When we got there, there was a really long line. My daughter started melting down in the line because she had dropped the toy she was playing with and the baby was crying. They had people standing outside taking orders, and when the guy approached my car, I tried to stay calm and just concentrate on placing the order. All of a sudden I notice motion in my back seat, and check the rear view mirror to notice my daughter had climbed out of her seat to retrieve her toy. I had forgotten to buckle her in!!!!!!! Mortified.

    10 months later, I handle two kids like a pro. But those first few days were dicey.

  226. When my second baby was 3 days old, my husband had to work late so I set off to pick up my daughter from preschool with the baby in tow. I would be on my own for dinner, so I had already decided to go through the nearby chic fil-a to pick up dinner. I was patting myself on the back for a successful pickup, and headed over to the drive through.

    When we got there, there was a really long line. My daughter started melting down because she had dropped the toy she was playing with and the baby was crying. They had people standing outside to take orders from the cars (like at in-n-out). When the guy approached my car, I tried to stay calm and just concentrate on placing the order. All of a sudden I noticed motion in my back seat, and checked the rear view mirror to see my daughter had climbed out of her car seat to retrieve her toy. I had forgotten to buckle her in!!! I was mortified.

    10 months later, I handle two kids like a pro. But those first few days were dicey.

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