Choosing a Headboard for Our Guestroom – Help Me Pick One!

Design time! Every time I’ve had a hard time making up my mind about a design decision, I’ve turned to you guys on my blog and I feel like you always help make the decision so much easier! It’s funny because some design decisions, I know what I want right away. But others I can’t make up my mind for the life of me! Which is why I am reaching out to you guys for help on today’s decision! Picking a headboard for our guest room!

As you guys know, we’re in the middle of redesigning the entire house. And we were actually going to wait on the guestroom and leave it for later, but the other day I was scrolling through eBay looking for bathing suits (they have the cutest bathing suits at ridiculously good prices by the way!), and I came across a bunch of headboards that were so nice and had really great prices! All of their headboards are up to 50% off and have free shipping! So I decided, what the heck, I might as will start working on the guestroom now! It’s not like I’m going to have a ton more free time after this baby comes. Plus, since I’m on maternity leave right now, I have a little bit more time than normal so I might as well get started at least.

And by the way, I don’t know if you guys know this, but eBay pretty much sells everything! In the past, I was so used to it being an auction site that I didn’t really think of it unless I was looking for a used, older item. But in actuality, 81% of what they sell is brand new stuff that you can buy with the “buy it now” option. And they work with and have stores within eBay from some of the biggest online stores like Wayfair. So I’ve really found myself going to their site frequently to look for great prices when I’m on the hunt for something. And as I said, today I’m on the hunt for a great headboard!

Ok, so I’m basically going back-and-forth between three different types. Of course I love the idea of an all white headboard. I think the one we have in our master looks so pretty and they have several options like that on eBay that I thought were just gorgeous. Here are the white ones I love…

Then I started thinking about how our entire master bedroom is pure white and how it might be fun to change things up a little bit in the guestroom, so I started looking at options with woodtones. I really love this one that’s a full queen bed and not just the headboard. I think it looks super expensive even though it’s not. Here are all the ones I’m considering that have woodtones in them…

And then I stumbled across a few that were made of metal, or at least have the look of metal. I thought the intricate designs looked really cool and unlike anything I’ve seen before. However, our guest room is gray and I don’t know if those tones would go well with gray. What are you guys thinking? These are my favorites in this category…

So there you have it! Those are my faves and now I need your guys help choosing one! Tell me what one you think I should get in the comments below. That way, it will be easier for me to see who likes what. I’m dying to know what your opinions are. And of course when we pick one, I will let you know which one we chose! I plan on making a decision in the next few days so I can get it ordered ASAP and hopefully it arrives before the baby comes!

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142 thoughts on “Choosing a Headboard for Our Guestroom – Help Me Pick One!

    1. I love the white in our bedroom but I leaning towards trying to switch it up! I ALWAYS get everything white for our house. Ha!

      1. Unrelated but I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering where the comforter is from!? I have been searching for the perfect white comforter and can’t find it! This would help me out thank you!

    2. I love the white one because it would stand out with grey walls, since you stated the room was grey. I’m assuming that includes the walls… thanks. Cindy

    3. I agree. Color it up with flowers and pillows. Look at Jillian’s she always changes accepts with flowers or stuff on shelves. Baskets pillows etc. .

    4. With those padded head boards I’m always concerned they will get dirty so easy even though I think they are so pretty. For that reason I think I’d go with wood.

    5. With those padded head boards I’m always concerned they will get dirty so easy even though I think they are so pretty. For that reason I think I’d go with wood.

    1. I do love that headboard you linked. I like the height of it (because we have tall ceilings) and it’s kind of different than what I normally do because it’s not pure white.

  1. Hi Ali
    Hope you had a great Mother’s day.
    I like the Milano open frame gray metal headboard…I think it would look good in your gray guest bedroom. 😊
    Happy shopping!

  2. Hey Ali!

    Love today’s topic. Something as simple as picking a headboard is still an exciting detail in a room!

    All white headboards are definitely clean looking I just think they are very “expected”. I think for a guest room it’s fun to change it up a bit because it’s for guests so something a little out of the ordinary I think can be more charming.

    I love this one because I think it would go great with grays and whites and I love the details in the corner and at the bottom…has a romantic feel and sweet look to it.

    I also love this one because it has more design to it, the colour would still suit the gray as it’s a more toned down metal kind of colour and I think it’s romantic and inviting looking as well which I think is nice in a guest room. You want your guests to feel calm and at home and I think this has that feeling to it…with a bit of fun with the design.

    Anyway those two get my votes!

    Happy choosing 🙂


    1. Thank you Kate! Your notes are super helpful! I love both of those. I feel like you are right and I am starting to lean away from the all white the more I think about it this morning. Just for something different!

  3. I looked at them all, imagining that I’m a guest, and the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard stood out above the others. It’s so inviting, and cozy. It would feel like I was being held in the arms of the bed – snug and pampered. I don’t care for metal headboards – I’ve had one in the past and they aren’t comfortable to sit up and lean against when you’re watching TV or reading. Plus, the fabric feature (opposed to metal or wood) aligns with your master headboard. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    1. This one right?

      I LOOOOVE that one and that is definitely towards the top of my list.

      And I never thought about the comfort this when sitting up in the bed! Thank you soooo much for that info! That totally changes my decision!

      1. I totally agree with you both!! Scrolling through, I instantly picked that one as my favorite. I too don’t love metal frames because I am a reader and love reading in bed. The One Allium Way headboard looks sooo cozy and inviting! I also love how it’s got a touch of color but is still very neutral and calming. Good luck, Ali! And congrats on baby #2 🙂 watching Molly talk and explore is the most adorable thing. You must be over the moon.

      2. I like this headboard also! It gives cozy feeling with the fabric but you also get the extra color from the wood!

      3. Out of the ones you posted, I liked the One Allium Way also. It caught my eye right away. (or try looking for one that is similar, but with a taller headboard) I think you ought to reserve the white headboard look for your own romantic master bedroom. I also think “guests” might worry about getting the white dirty and not feel as comfortable and at ease as they should during their stay.

    2. Yes! This one is the one I liked the most. Love the contrast with the wood, and think it looks inviting and cozy, perfect for a guest room.

  4. I love this headboard if you are trying to switch it up. It is the 3rd in the wood tones, it still has the white and it is light wood. Not too dark for the room and still feels light and bright. It feels almost beachy, like an oasis. LOVE

    Can’t wait to see what you choose! Your house is beautiful!

    1. Someone just told me the metal ones are comfy to lean against while watching tv. I never thought about that!

  5. I love the wood ones!! I definitely think you should change it up if you have a lot of white- it makes it more fun!

    1. Agreed Mary! Everything is white on our house. Which I LOVE, but ti might be nice for something different.

      1. Yep, that one is rustic and you could do so much with cute accessories, maybe incorporating some stainless steel. Best wishes Ali, for a quick and easy delivery. 💖

  6. I like the “One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard!” Still maintains the white vibe but adds in a little of the more natural wood that would go well with grey tones, as well. Beautiful!

    1. It seems like a lot of people like that one and I LOVE it too! I like that it’s not just a headboard but a full bed frame and a great price!

  7. I personally like the white the best. It is very clean looking and elegant. The grey is also nice, but I do not think the metal would go well. Either way your house is always beautiful so I know you will make the right decision! Take care and praying for a smooth delivery.

    1. I love white so I know I can never go wrong with a white headboard. But I think I’ve decided to go with something different in the guest room!

      And thank you Hannah! It should be soon!!!!!

  8. I’m really liking the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback. I think this adds some warmth and coziness! I’m a huge fan of white, but it may be fun to change it up for the guest room! Have fun with it!

    1. I’m totally with you Jen! That one might be the one! I love it and it seems like a bunch of you guys do too!

  9. I love the idea of the wooded headboard- specifically the stand alone one that has that farmhouse look. You can still do all white in the room (which btw I’m OBSESSED with), but at least the headboard will break it up & still have the same consistency throughout the house.

    1. I love farmhouse EVERYTHING! Our house is really “modern farmhouse” so I am trying to take away as much of the modern and add more farmhouse!

  10. I love the light tan wooden one. Very clean, but still will look pretty with all the white bedding. Happy nesting! 💙🤰

  11. Ali,

    I really like the headboard that is gray with gray wood around it. There is also another headboard with the wood around it and the buttons that I really like. Overall I think the slight wood look is still clean and beautiful. I would definitely go that route.

  12. Hi Ali! Great choices. I love an all white room but adding pieces with another color or texture can bring the room to life. So I would choose the ”One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard”. It’s beautiful & timeless. ☺️

    Happy Monday!

  13. Hello!! The white is awesome. However I think the bedding could brighten the room up so I think the south shore Lionel is a great piece to break it up and super affordable.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Can’t wait to follow your next adventure

    1. I agree that I can add so much to the room with the bedding! Any bedding brands you love that you could recommend?

  14. My favorite is the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard! I love the wood touches, but it also still has that neutral fabric look to it. Whatever you choose will be perfect- they are all so beautiful!

  15. I like the first wooden one – you could keep the room bright with white bedding but bring in the farmhouse look (like Joanna Gaines Magnolia style) it’s warm and inviting yet still very light – you could accent with pale aqua candles, pillows

  16. I LOVE the South Shore Lionel Queen Panel Headboard. It would look so beautiful in your gray guestroom!!! Changing up the look in the guestroom from your master would be fun and different!

      1. South Shore Lionel Queen Panel Headboard
        OUR SKU# TH4659 | MPN: 10302
        It so modern farmhouse!!!

  17. I love the wood panel headboard. I’m such a sucker for wood accents and think it really adds something to a room.

    I could also get on board with a gold bed in a grey room…

    I’m not much help….

    1. Since I started decorating my house with my designer Veronica Valencia, I’m starting to learn the importance for bringing in wood tones into a room! Makes such a difference!

  18. Ali- I LOVE the first white one pictured. With grey walls, I think it will look very modern. Unsure about the metal looking ones. Not sure how they would go with grey.

    1. I really love that one too! I wanna try something different then white (I’ve decided this morning) but that one is sooooo pretty!

  19. Gray square upholstered headboard! My house is all gray and white and it is so crisp and clean feeling- much like your home. My sister just redecorated her home with the color pallet she liked it so much! Plus, how sweet would little yellow accents be in a white and gray room!

  20. I’m a sucker for wood headboards haha so I’m a bit partial but i think the one you chose that has both the wood trim and the white upholstery is an awesome mix! The One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard would be my choice for you. The detail is just awesome and gives you that mostly white appearance with a bit of other texture, color and detail. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I love that one. I am starting to think that’s the one. I just put it in my cart! I’m going to make a choice at 9am PT!

  21. Definitely wood and you can do a white bedspread or something with very neautral tones to bring in your grey & white!

  22. Hi Ali I like the wood tones to switch it up. Just wondering what type of bed you have that fits any head boards

    1. I have a queen that’s on a metal standard frame at the bottom (attaches to any headboard). All the ones I suggested come in a queen 🙂

  23. I love the white one with the wood grain. It looks so fancy and beautiful. I think you said it was one of your favorites.

  24. I like the One Allium Way LaSalle Upholstered Panel in the Grey. I thinks it’s very regal looking!!

  25. I like the wooden one. If everything in the house is white I think that matches it but at the same time different. I love white everything too.

  26. I think one of the upholstered with wood trim is the best compromise. They are all pretty, but that’s what I’d go with.

  27. I love the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard (white with wood). It’s classic, yet the wood adds just that little extra touch of color/texture/detail it needs to make it that much more beautiful without just being the basic white headboard. Your home and decor is absolutely beautiful so I’m sure whatever headboard you decide on will look absolutely gorgeous!

  28. Hi Ali

    I love the upholstered look, especially with buttons, so my first choice would: “Myra Light Beige Scalloped Queen Upholstered Panel Headboard”, but I also love the full queen sized bed frame that you linked, the wood colour is gorgeous and you get the best of both worlds with the upholstered look!

    Looking forward to see what you guys choose! Congratulations on your baby boy, hope he comes pretty soon! 🙂

  29. I love the all wood one! It’s different from classic white that you lean towards but yet still has a neutral look.

  30. One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard is my absolute favorite. I have a white wood one from West Elm in my guest room and went with a grey cloth upholstery one for my master. This headbord looks so pretty and inviting. You can do a lot of different accents with it.

  31. One Allium Upholstered Wingback Headboard is my absolute favorite. I have a white wood one from West Elm in my guest room and went with a grey cloth upholstery one for my master. This headbord looks so pretty and inviting. You can do a lot of different accents with it.

  32. I love the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard! Still has a soft, cozy vibe but adds a little extra flare with the wood.

    P.S. I love following you and always get excited when you have a new insta story 🙂 I love how real you are, and Molly is just the cutest. I just had a little girl in March, so I’ve enjoyed following along your mommyhood journey. <3 I also really love how you still treat Owen as one of your kiddos – I have a puppy too and he’s always been our first “baby” 🙂 it’s so sad not being able to give him as much attention now, but it makes me happy to see other people like you still loving on your pup so much after baby<3

  33. Hi Ali,
    Hope you had a great weekend with family. I absolutely love the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard. It would look great in your guestroom. Can’t wait to
    see the other rooms as you decorate. I also would love to see your house from the outside to see what style you chose, it seems to be very large.
    Best Wishes.

  34. I really like the east the tones one with the blue bedding and slight curve at the top. It’s stilo light and sleek and I don’t think it would clash with much.

  35. I would absolutely go with the wood headboard! That would also look so great with white so you can still use that in the room. I love it so much I may have to go get one for myself! Good luck with the room!

  36. I like this one for a couple of reasons. The style is a blend of both white chicness and cozy warmth of wood. It transitions from an all white theme to a bit of wood without losing the chicness and elegance of the white or feeling disruptive to your overall home theme. The other reason I like this option is the broad length across and curved wingback edge feel so welcoming and cozy. As a guest it just says “ahhhhh, relax” Good luck with all the future happenings. Looking forward to seeing the results and your new babe.

  37. I love the Wooden headboard along with the white one, but leaning more towards the wooden, gives a rustic look.

  38. I really love the One Allium Way Michiel Upholstered Wingback Headboard! It almost adds a cozy/inviting feel to the bed and room! Your guests would feel so comfortable and at home!

  39. I think it’s always good to think of comfort for guests. What if they want sit up in bed to read meditate or use a device? Metal wood forget it make it comfy and practical unless you don’t want them to stay long

  40. Hi Ali!

    I like either the white, non-tufted headboard or the wood plank looking one best! I like tufted ones, but the contrast to what you guys have in the master (from the picture above which I think is the master) could add some dimension to the individual guest room. Happy shopping!

  41. I really like the square wood tone headboard! It would look really pretty with white bedding and adds some nice texture. It’s so hard to break from your usual design aesthetic (my husband always complains that everything I buy is white 🤷‍♀️) but the guest room is the perfect place to experiment a little!

  42. I am hooked on the upholstered headboards for so many reasons…great for sitting up in bed to read or watch TV, no dusting required (as there would be for wood or metal), and it just FEELS cozy.
    I love the carved details on the wood Amott! It looks like it only comes in 2 fabric colors and the grey seems pretty dark, so not sure that will work with your shade of grey, but to me, it screams “guest room” lol.
    That said, I also love the Michiel; the way the sides come around a little…like a cozy little hug!
    Both are very different styles so I think it’s going to depend on the look you’re going for. I love both of them!

  43. I am extremely curious about how you keep everything in your house White! White is so scary for me even before we had our little bambino! Now I’m thinking about how we need to replace are white(“vanilla”) couch before he is mobile and eats more than milk!

  44. Most definitely the Hillsdale Furniture Milano Open-Frame Headboard. I have a brass bed and I’m in awe of it since I’ve bought it in the early 90s for my home in Clarksburg near Wmst. This is similar but grayish and it’d look extravagant in a grey bedroom.

  45. I do love the One Allium Way Michiel the best!!!! Love the little bit of wood on it and the detail it has. Simple and beautiful. Still looks cozy with the upholstered part and the wrap around is very unique. Can’t wait to see what you choose! I love decorating and this is the fun part. Please post pics for us to see! 😊

  46. My vote is for the wood/tufted one (third from left). That easy you mix it up with some wood but still carry over the white tifted theme! It will look great with any of these super cute options!

  47. Obsessed with the intricate Jo Liza headboard. It almost has a peacock type look. I’m obsessed with all white but I think it will make the white pop even more to have a contrast. And I think it would go fine with the grey walls considering it almost appears to be a wicker/wooden material. Love love. Whatever you choose I know it will be gorgeous 😍😍

  48. Why not a gray tufted headboard? Checkout I’ve ordered a chandelier from them, as well as recently a recliner – which is beautiful & comfy, and was not expensive at all. Good luck redecorating.

  49. I would choose the farm wood or the middle iron one with all the details.

    Do something different to make a statement in each room otherwise every room looks the same. Your colors can be the connecting thread.

  50. Love the wooden full queen bed! You should try to add voting buttons in these types of blog posts so everyone can just vote rather than having to comment.

  51. Love the metal look but would not recommend it. I have a metal headboard and the pillows always try to escape out of the metal. It drives me crazy!!!!

  52. I’d be leaning toward the all wood headboard, I think it would really pop and make the white feel cozy yet clean it would also help bring out the pink.

  53. I’m sure you e picked by now, but I do like the first metal one best! I think that one that so many followers like with the wood and fabric, total bed frame is just way to fussy and heavy looking for your, bright, clean lines decorating throughout this house and your last house. And as far as the comfort of sitting up in bed and reading, some nice sham- covered pillows, which I’m sure you’ll have, placed behind the sleeping pillow would certainly provide support. My second favorite is the all wood, clean-lines headboard.

  54. Ali, I am so happy you wrote this blog today! I am also in the midst of choosing headboards for our master and our guest room. There are sooooooo many options — eek! I also love white everything in the house:) Can you tell me where you got your master headboard? I love it. Did I miss a blog on that? If so, sorry for asking! For your guest room, my vote goes to either the first wood (somewhat rustic looking) headboard or the wingback headboard. I think the wingback one one looks so beautiful, comfortable and inviting. I tend to shy away from the metal ones:)

  55. I LOVE the crispness of all white, but understand wanting to switch things up. If you decide to stay with all white, the “Rita scalloped headboard” is gorgeous! If you decide to go with a change then the “wing-back headboard” (white upholstered with wood trim) is a great choice! It’s still in your white theme, but with a subtle change. I agree that the metal options might not look so great against a gray wall. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  56. I really like the tufted white headboard or the rectangular wooden one. Metal head boards are not my favorite bc my grandma had one and I always hit my head…lol! You have great taste. Your pallete is always so soothing and calm. Look forward to seeing it all together. Now c’mon baby boy, mama wants to see her feet again!! 💙🙏🏻🎉

  57. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the headboards. They are all super cuuuute! Although I do dig white/off-whites!
    So this is quite unrelated, but I’m hoping you can offer some advice…
    First off, congrats on (almost) having your second babe!! Molly is ADORABLE, so I’m 100% sure you’re little man will be super handsome!
    I’m currently almost 20 weeks preggo with my second. For some reason, this time around, all my underwear are so so uncomfortable. Rolling down, bunching up, riding up…you name it. I usually love everything hankie pankie, but they are driving me nuts right now. I have some new love handle additions to my backside, which does NOT help!!
    I’d LOVE some tips, brands, etc.! Sending healthy delivery vibes your way!

  58. Love the taller solid cream headboard. So many things you can put with it! I did a tall white headboard and had an accent wall and part if the trey ceiling painted navy! Love that guest room!

  59. I absolutely love love love the Allium Way Wingback headboard! So inviting and would be a dream to decorate with ! Too cute ! 💜❤️💜❤️

  60. I absolutely love the second wood one. I don’t really know how to explain why but it just caught my eye the second I saw it.

  61. I like the white because you can change up the bedding, wall color, decor and it will always look good.

    I’m looking for a new headboard too. We got a new bed last year and I just haven’t found a headboard/footboard that I just have to have. I’ve looked at many different options and the metal ones just make a lot of noise. Every time you roll over, get on or off the bed, they squeak. At least the ones I have come across. I want something quiet. When my husband gets up for work at 3:30 am I don’t want to be woken up. When I get up to use the bathroom or when I’m crawling into bed after he’s already asleep, I don’t want to wake him up. So those things are big factors for us.

    You’ve got great taste! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your home! 💕

    P.S. Would you hurry up and have that baby boy already!? 😉 Dying to see that sweet little face. Molly will be such an amazing big sister. 💕

  62. I love the grey-would look so stylish against the white of the room.
    Big fan of yours from New Zealand 😘
    Love your blog and your family (Molly is adorable)

  63. I’m going to have to say the wood one! It is timeless and you can add so much to a room with just a few changes!!!

  64. I love the second headboard in the wood collection. I like how it looks like the material headboards, but also adds details with the wood frame.

  65. Hi Ali,
    I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times, but where did you get your white tufted headboard? I’m IN LOVE with white too, and would love to find something similar.

  66. Love the white. To add some contrast look for one with nail heads. The fabric/wood contrast headboards are pretty too but seem to be off white not a true white

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