Fur-EVER a fan of BISSELL and Here’s Why (A Fun Story)

Hey guys! I teamed up with BISSELL for today’s blog post and it’s honestly pretty cool how we came to work together. Let me start from the beginning.

First, this baby must be coming any day now because I am in full-on, supermom-style nesting mode! I think I’ve gotten down on my hands and knees and cleaned every inch and corner of this house. It’s so weird how we moms get this extreme burst of energy before the baby comes. I’ve been very tired this entire pregnancy, and now all of a sudden I feel like I drank 10 cups of coffee and could run a half marathon. OK, maybe I’m pushing it a little with the half marathon. Maybe I could walk/waddle a 5K if I’m lucky. Ha!

Anyway, I want to tell you guys about our BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro. First, let me tell you the reason I started looking up and researching pet cleaning solutions. As you guys know, we finished our nursery a couple weeks ago and I just shared it on my blog with you guys last week. Well, ever since we finished it, it’s not only turned into my favorite room in the house but it’s also turned into Owen’s favorite room in the house. Owen is our adorable little rescue pup (for those who don’t already know that) and it’s so cute because I feel like he can sense that our baby boy is arriving soon and it’s like he’s guarding the room waiting for him to get here. That or he’s just trying to find a quiet place to get away from the chaos of us bringing a ton of new furniture into the house (since we’re in the middle of designing it), Molly chasing after him and me cleaning like a mad woman all over the place. Ha!

Regardless of why he likes to spend so much time in the nursery, all I know is that our little guy is a shedder! He has short hair, but he sheds a ton! So just days after we finished the nursery I noticed that the rug and hardwood floors were already starting to collect his hair, and other little spills from Molly. Owen also has this quirky habit where he likes to leave pieces of his food all around this house and he was starting a little collection in the nursery. So as you can see, little messes add up quickly in my home, as I am sure they do in yours too. And for me, I really want to  bring my baby home to the cleanest space possible. But Owen is my baby too! In fact, he was my very first baby and I don’t have the heart to keep him out of that room because he loves being in there so much. So that’s when I started researching pet cleaning solutions and vacuums. This is where the crazy part comes in, I swear the very next day BISSELL reached out to me about teaming up on this post! It was like it was meant to be! Crazy right?

They told me about their CrossWave Pet Pro and the more they told me, the more impressed I was with all of the features. So when I got one the following day, I was so excited to try it out! And it exceeded my expectations! It not only vacuums and washes at the same time (which saves me an extra step while cleaning) but it also seamlessly cleans from rugs to hardwood floors with the touch of a button. This was a must for me because the nursery has hardwood floors as well as a big area rug, so I didn’t want to have to vacuum the rug and then go get a mop to clean the hardwood floors. Speaking of mops, they’re disgusting! No really, when you use a mop you basically keep dunking it in a bucket of dirty water over and over to “clean” your hardwood floors. How does that even make sense? What I love about this vacuum is that it has a two tank system that keeps clean water (mixed with the cleaning formula) and dirty water separate so you’re always cleaning with fresh water. That seems like a no-brainer when you’re cleaning things, but then again I’ve used a mop all these years and never even thought about the fact that I was cleaning with dirty water.

And even though BISSELL’S CrossWave Pet Pro is uh-mazing if you have pets, I honestly just think it’s an all-around great tool to have even if you don’t have a pet! We have hardwood floors throughout our house and several area rugs, so it just makes it really easy for us to clean everywhere. And cleaning is a must whether you have a furry friend or not.

And the thing that 100% sold me on this product, and this brand in general, was the company’s give back initiative. For every CrossWave Pet Pro purchased, and then activated on bissell.com, BISSELL donates $10 to BISSELL Pet Foundation to help every pet find a forever home. Both Kevin and I are huge proponents of adopting rescue animals. Owen is a rescue pup and he has brought so much joy and love into our lives. However, there are so many other little doggies and kitties like him in our country and around the world that need a family to love them too. So thank you BISSELL for what you’re doing! And I have to share that when I was talking to them about teaming up for this blog post, they even referred to people’s pets as their babies. I just found that so endearing that they truly love animals. I will forever be a fan! Or should I say fur-ever 😉

So if you’re in the market for a new vacuum I hope you guys check them out! And while you’re here, any tips for me on last minute things to do before this baby gets here? So far we’ve set most of the baby stuff up, cleaned everything (although I could be forgetting some things), washed all the baby clothes and cleared my calendar for the last two weeks of my pregnancy. So I feel like I should be pretty prepared, but a huge part of me feels like I’m missing something. So any suggestions or last-minute pieces of advice would be greatly appreciated! Love you guys!

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33 thoughts on “Fur-EVER a fan of BISSELL and Here’s Why (A Fun Story)

  1. We live in military housing and have the WORST floors ever when it comes to cleaning. It’s linoleum that looks like wood. But, it has tons of little grooves that were nearly impossible to clean until I bought the regular crosswave.
    It’s THE best floor cleaner.

    1. Oh I love that you LOVE it too!!! I couldn’t believe that it washes and vacuums at the same time!!!! And on hard floors AND area rugs! It’s really the coolest vacuum ever! 😉

        1. Change for the vending machine! Kevin might get hungry while you are in labor. Or just put snacks in your bag.

      1. I’d love to see a hospital bag post, too! As for suggestions:
        – warm socks & slippers (but be sure to toss the slippers in the garbage before bringing all those germs into your clean home!)
        – hair elastics
        – face & body wipes to freshen up
        – dry shampoo so you feel refreshed for any visitors & pictures
        – phone with a music playlist or an iPad to stream some shows while (impatiently) waiting
        – phone & tablet chargers for each of you
        – loose-fit clothes (& underwear) for going home in
        – a robe for your stay
        – lip chap (hospitals are so dry!!)
        – a few outfits for baby (maybe two different sizes to make sure there’s a fit)
        – cute swaddle blankets and hats for photos
        – I’ve seen people bring letter boards to announce the birth & name which is super cute!
        – camera
        – comfortable clothes for Kevin

        Best of luck!

  2. Is there an ALI discount? We have hard wood plus rugs and two Roomba’s but this sounds amazing! We have 1 dog and 1 cat!

  3. love it…. and i *am* in the market for a new vacuum! i’m so glad you did the research for me! 😀 such a huge help…. so THANK YOU! i will check it out!

    1. Hey Elaine! (That’s my middle name FYI!) So glad this post was helpful for you! I did a FB Live on BISSEL’S FB page if you want to check that out to see how the vacuum works. It’s pretty cool!

  4. So cute!! I have a 16 month and and expecting our second in November. They will be 22 months apart. I’m wondering if Molly will be staying in her crib when your baby boy arrives? I’m debating what the best thing to do is. Your nursery looks amazing – I have to get on that 🙂

    1. Yes! Our sleep coach recommended keeping Molly in crib until age 3! As long as she isn’t climbing out. Which she doesn’t. Partly because of her sleep-suit

  5. My lab mix dog sheds a ton! Is this vacumm good enough to pick up lots of dog hair and clean dirty floors from a toddler?!

  6. Hi Ali,

    Would it work on carpet too? Not just rugs?
    For your hospital bag, Maternity pads, big comfy black underwear,
    Mini skin care, feeding tops & singlets & nighties.
    All the best for baby boy! Have you guys picked your name yet?

  7. We have a four month old son and a one year old golden retriever..needless to say I’m always cleaning the dog hair because I don’t want my son rolling around in it during tummy time! We have ceramic floors as well as hardwood. Will this vacuum work on ceramic floors? I’m so intrigued by this!! Thanks Ali!

  8. Food! Make casseroles, lasagnas, soups, chilies, etc etc etc. Once baby comes you’ll be so busy with TWO you’ll appreciate the timesaver of a freezer full of food.

  9. Is the cleaning solution baby friendly? I always worry about my daughter rolling around in chemicals from cleaning solutions on carpet.

    1. My question too! Or can another cleaning solution be used? My cleaning products have to be fragrance free. :/

  10. A lot of times these so-called, vacuums aren’t really good for everyday hardcore vacuuming and cleaning do you feel this is we to have pets shedding to pill I could use it on my shag rug all the time and also if it washes and cleans at the same time do you mean the vacuum the carpet then wash it and how does it dry or do you have to switch from button to button sorry for so many questions wish you the best of luck with your baby

  11. Just wondering if you still use your CrossWave? I’ve been considering getting one but not sure if it’s worth the price or not?! Thanks in advance 🙂

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