Our Baby Boy’s Nursery!

Welcome to our son’s room! It feels so surreal to even say those words. I don’t know why I find it so strange to think of myself as a mother to a little boy, but for some reason I do. It’s funny, before I had Molly I only could see myself as a boy mom. But now that I’ve had the chance to soak up little Molly for almost 2 years, I feel like a total girl mom! I’m not even sure if I’m making sense. Regardless, this is my little boy’s room and I’m so excited to share it with all of you today.

Photos by Ashley Burns Photography

Our Designer – Veronica Valencia

My designer Veronica Valencia and I have been doing a ton of work on the house this week so I feel like you guys know who she is by now! But if you don’t, just know that she is truly one of the best designers out there! Kevin and I feel so extremely lucky to have found her to help us, not only create this beautiful nursery for our son, but to help turn our home into a sanctuary for our family. We trust Veronica wholeheartedly to bring our vision of a dream home to life! And she certainly did that with this nursery.

We love it so much that sometimes Kevin and I will just go sit in there with Molly and Owen because it’s our favorite room in the house right now. I’m sure though once the rest of the house is complete, all the rooms will be our favorites! So thank you Veronica for creating this beautiful space that we get to bring our little boy home to. The first room your child has is a truly magical and special place and we couldn’t be more grateful that ours is this beautiful.

Oh and all these gorgeous photos are by my dear friend and the world’s best photographer Ashley Burns! Thank you Ashley for capturing this room so beautifully!

Ok, I’m sure all of you guys want to know details! So I’m going to go through where we got everything in case you feel inspired to snatch up any of it for yourself! I’ll start with the furniture.


Really all of the furniture can be bought on Wayfair. We’re absolutely obsessed with Wayfair and honestly have ordered almost everything for our entire house from there! It’s just really a no-brainer because they have pretty much anything you could dream up and it’s super convenient because it gets shipped right to your doorstep. By now you guys know that I am pretty much exclusively an online shopper. Veronica made it so easy for me by putting together idea boards on Wayfair and going through them with me so I could pick out my favorite things. Then she creates mood boards for us. It’s great! And as I was saying, all of the furniture is from there – the crib, the bookcase and the changing table.

In Molly’s nursery when she was a baby, we just used the top of the dresser as the changing table. But since we turned our little guy’s dresser into a bookcase we needed a separate changing table in the room. But we didn’t have a ton of extra space so we needed something smaller in size. Luckily, Wayfair has a ton of options for changing tables and we found one the absolute perfect size for the space. Plus, I just think it looks classic.


The crib and bookcase are specifically by the brand Evolur. A couple of my girlfriends used their stuff in their nurseries and I just loved it so much when I would go to their homes that I knew we were going to use it in the nursery. Veronica was totally on board when she saw all of their pieces too because they have gorgeous styles and they’re really great quality pieces. We got the Parker crib in white on white and the Napoli dresser with the bookcase hutch, both in slate to have a little contrast in the room. What I love most about the dresser and bookcase is that I feel it’s something our little boy will really grow into and have for years to come!

Monte Designs

And as any mother knows, you absolutely have to have a glider in your nursery. I’ve talked to some moms that went with a regular chair in their nursery and totally regret it because it gave them back problems while nursing late at night. We did a bit of research to find the perfect glider for our nursery and ended up going with Monte Design. They have a bunch of different options and we ended up going with the Luca glider because we felt it gave the room a slightly modern feel, while remaining classic by doing a solid white with smoky grey piping. Like I mentioned above, sometimes I go in the nursery and just sit in that chair holding my belly thinking about bringing our little boy home. I know he and I are going to spend many hours in that chair, late at night in the months to come.

More Wayfair!

The knitted rug, ladder for blankets, white pouf and wallpaper are all also from Wayfair. And speaking of the wallpaper, is it not absolutely amazing?! I couldn’t be more obsessed with it. When Veronica suggested it for the room I was honestly a bit hesitant. I think I went back to her at least three times and asked her to show me a few more options. In the end I trusted her and basically said “you pick, I don’t know what I’m doing!” Ha! Seriously, there have been so many points in the design process on our house where I’ve just told Veronica to choose because I know she’ll make the right choice. And in this example of the wallpaper, I’m so glad I went with my gut and trusted her. It’s one of my absolute favorite things about the room! It totally ties into the forest/wildlife theme without being obvious. It makes me want to do wallpaper in every other room too!

The Giraffe – AKA “Surprise”

We got the tall giraffe HERE. Molly calls it “surprise” because one day when she woke up from her nap we told her there was a surprise in the house and it was the giraffe! So I think that giraffe will forever be known as “surprise.”

Select Blinds

And I have to give you guys details on the window treatments! I had no idea until we moved into a new house with no window treatments just how important they are! Ha! Seriously, when you don’t have them or don’t have good ones, it can make a room feel so cold and empty. For the blinds we went with Select Blinds. One, they’re just a great company with awesome products and our designer Veronica has her very own line with them! And like I mentioned above, Veronica is the best out there when it comes to interior design, so it’s no surprise to me that she has the most gorgeous line of blinds. They’ll be throughout our entire house, but in the nursery we went with her Veronica Valencia Coastal Woven Wood Shades in the color Bora-Bora. It’s a woven gray blind that couldn’t have been more perfect for the room.

Loom Decor

And for the drapes we went with Loom Decor. They’re are a really great company out of Nashville that Veronica and I discovered on Instagram one day and we knew we wanted to use their stuff. They have the most gorgeous fabrics and they make custom window treatments so you can get them the exact length and width you want. It was so fun to look through their huge assortment of fabrics and select custom drapery hardware. And since we were able to back our blinds to make them black out blinds, we were able to go with the Linen Sheer drapes which I think gives the room such an airy and whimsical feel. Perfect for a nursery! Oh and we chose the custom adjustable drapery hardware in nickle with the Hex finial. So pretty!

My Dress

Last but not least I have to give you guys details on my dress! It’s a maternity dress by Rachel Pally. I am pretty much obsessed with everything Rachel does. Her clothes are so well made and just gorgeous. You guys might recognized this dress because I wore the EXACT same one  in cream when we took photos of Molly’s nursery two years ago! It’s just so flattering and comfortable. It would be perfect for maternity photos or a baby shower! And Molly’s white dress is actually the same one she wore to her 1st birthday party! Love that is stretches so she can wear for so long and to different events!

It’s Perfect!

Well there you have it. This is the room our little man will grow up in and it could not be more perfect. I hope this post gave  you some nursery inspiration if you are putting one together yourself or really I just hope it brought a smile to your face. If you have any questions about anything at all ask away in the comments below. And please share you favorite parts of the nursery in the comments too! Luv you guys!

I’ll leave you with this picture of Molly because it’s pretty much the best ever!

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133 thoughts on “Our Baby Boy’s Nursery!

      1. Thanks for sharing, Ali ..I love your new nursery. It’s perfect. It’s also a huge treat seeing Molly..She’s such a little ham..the cameras love her ..she’s so photogenic. And I’m getting so excited to see your little son..Oh boy 🤗💙🌹

  1. Hi Ali
    I’m smiling.
    Veronica & Ashley are both so talented & it shows!
    The pictures of the raccoon & fox are adorable.
    My Sister collects giraffes & would love Molly’s ‘surprise’ Giraffe.
    Your baby boy will be very comfy in his dreamy nursery.

    1. Veronica and Ashley are both truly the BEST at what they do! I am lucky to work with both of them AND call them my friends 🙂

  2. The nursery is beautiful and I think it is safe to say, Molly loves it too. LOL. I’m so happy for you and your family.
    What advice would you give to me for wanting to start a blog too? 🙂

    1. My advice would be write it like it’s your public journal! That’s what I do. Share everything you are passionate about!

  3. Love this! It’s so bright and beautiful! Also, LOVE Molly’s face in the last picture! Haha! She looks terrified but still so dang cute!

    1. It’s like she’s just now realizing that the baby in mommy’s tummy will actually be coming home! ha!

  4. Love love love!!!!!! Such a sweet baby boy room! I am swooning over your floors…can you share the deets?!?

    1. All I know is that they are engineered hardwood. I don’t know any other details. Sorry! They were here when we moved in and I didn’t ask.

  5. Looks awesome!! Random question but what about the large plant in the corner! Is it real? If not where did you get it?

    1. It is real. It’s called an Areca Palm. It’s supposed to be one of the best plants for air quality!

    2. Ha. I was wondering the same thing! I was so curious about the plant the whole time I was reading the blog post. Love a little greenery. Beautiful nursery! Especially that wall paper 🙌🏾

  6. It’s just precious. He will love it too. Very classic and clean. You will have precious memories there

  7. Timeless and elegant! Such a beautiful family! Maybe I missed it in your post, but where are the adorable animal pictures on the wall from?

    1. Yes, I need to know where these precious pics are from also! Love the little fox and the raccoon!!

  8. I love love love it!! The colors, decor and the way it all came together is just perfect! I would totally move in myself-Lol! I’ve watched you on the Bachelorette and it’s so great to see you so happy and your beautiful growing family! I wish you an easy and healthy delivery and can’t wait to hear good news and meet the newest addition!

    1. Thank you Susan! Thank you for following along. It means a lot to me! I can’t wait to meet him too!

  9. This room is PERFECT! I saved the link on my Pinterest for future baby room inspiration. I can’t wait to “meet” baby boy! It’s been so fun watching photos and videos of Molly growing up and she looks so much like both you and Kevin – makes me so eager to see how similar Molly and baby look, and to see Molly being a big sis!

    1. I love that you saved it to pinterest for the future! That makes me so happy!

      And judging by the 3d ultrasound pic, I think they will look A LOT alike 🙂

  10. I love this, Ali! We just found out we are expecting a baby BOY too, and we are so excited! I think I had in my head it was a girl and had a few ideas, so now I have to go back to square one with the nursery plan! Haha! We are thinking some woodland animals and bright furniture, so this is honestly very inspiring! I LOVE how bright it feels! Thanks for all the Wayfair links – I found a few cribs I love on there already!

  11. I love the painted closet doors! Such a beautiful touch to add some color! We have the giraffe, too!

    1. The painted door really brought something special to the room! I am so glad Veronica suggested we do that!

      1. Love everything about your baby boys room! What is the make and name color of the closet doors and walls?! Thanks!

      2. Love the accent doors! Nice pop of color! What color is that? I couldn’t tell if it was a shade of blue, grey, or blue/grey haha! So pretty!!

  12. Love how bright and airy this room is! I’ve been stumped for my little guy’s future nursery design, so I’ll definitely be incorporating a few of these details! Are the shades blackout? Absolutely love them, but also want something that blocks the light well.

      1. Hi Ali I love these pictures u look cute in that dress I am a huge fan of you
        Nicole from pa

  13. Thank you for sharing. It is stunning. My “baby” is 14 but I remember doing her nursery as if it were yesterday. It is such a special time in life. Your family is so beautiful! Oh! I am getting ready to re do my windows and love the shades you chose.

  14. Beautiful nursery Ali! Love how it’s a space your little boy can grow into and not too babyish. Thank you for sharing and being so relatable 😊 As a new second time mama to a little boy I totally get you!

  15. Gorgeous!!! Who doesn’t love Wayfair?!?? It’s really the best online home store out there! The natural light from the window really highlighted the clean lines of the room and the wonderful color choices! It looks beautiful!

    1. Isn’t it!!!! We got EVERYTHING in our house from there. They just have so much stuff to choose from and it made it sooo much easier for us to get it in one place.

  16. Love the baby’s nursery! The colours are great! Such good taste Ali! Love you and your family! God bless! ❤️😍😘

  17. So adorable! So bright and inviting! You will love being a mom to a baby boy. They just love their mommies 😍 I am expecting my second boy the end of this month and cannot wait! Your nursery is very inspiring!

  18. The book that Molly is holding is STILL one of our favourites. I used to read it to our daughter when she was a baby and now that she’s 6 she reads it herself. Ours is falling apart now but I think I will tape it up and save it for her to read to her children one day 🙂

    Room looks gorgeous too!

  19. Aww, Ali, the nursery is so cute! I love everything about it! Lots of precious moments to be shared in that room.
    Love and blessings.

  20. Looks amazing! Can you let us know where the globe is from on the bookcase? Decorating my baby boys room too and would love that!


  21. Where did you get the pictures of the animals and the raccoon head? They are adorable! I’ve been looking for something similar from my baby’s room!

  22. I love it! Especially the slate blue bookcase and the closet doors in contrast with the white crib and changing table. The picture of Molly with her big brown eyes is adorable! Any day now, baby boy….

  23. Absolutely love this! Only a little while longer and you get to hold that sweet baby boy.

  24. What a beautiful nursery! I love the simplicity of it all! The brightness of the room with the neutrals make it feel so warm and inviting!

    Haha the last picture of Molly! LOVE it! 😂

  25. What a beautiful nursery! You all did a wonderful job! 💙 going to steal some ideas for our little ones room!

  26. Aww your boys nursery is simply amazing enjoy the new memories elegant and natural. Very nice and molly looks excited and can’t wait to meet her brother. Did you all decide on the name for him yet? Thank you for sharing!!

    1. We haven’t decided yet. We have a few we are considering but nothing is jumping out at me yet!!!! I’m worried nothing will!

    2. Something will stand out as ‘perfect’ once you see him! I had a name all picked out for my 3rd but it just didn’t ‘fit’ her when I saw her! So she ended up with another name which was perfect for her. Some of my grand babies haven’t been named till they arrived for that very reason. As long as you’ve got a few ideas, you will know what is right once you cuddle that sweet little guy.

  27. Truly pretty Ali! So pure!
    To be able to have that talent to do what Veronica does absolutely stunning!

    And to your photographer Ashley Burns on how she had got that photo of Molly! Something else!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words.. I love it!!
    Omg! that look could be for almost anything! Lol! I would have to definitely frame that one!

    Keep Ali safe!🙏🏻 🤗 💙💙
    😘 to Miss Molly!

    di 🙂

  28. Your little boy’s nursery is absolutely darling!! I love the contrast of the dark dresser/bookcase with the white crib and that wallpaper is amazing. Ashley captured the room and your family perfectly. She is actually taking pictures of our family next week – we welcomed our first little girl 9 days ago – and I am so excited to work with her because your photos are always so stunning!

  29. Hi Ali! I love the nursery! I am about a week behind you and expecting my first baby, also a boy! Too funny – we have the same dresser AND the giant giraffe. We are still setting up the room (removing that New England popcorn ceiling took a little longer than expected, LOL), but it’s so fun. Best of luck as the due date nears!!

  30. So cute!!! You do realize that he’s a boy and going to try to climb that adorable ladder??

    It’s so fun watching your life!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  31. What a gorgeous nursery!!! These anazing pictures will definitely give many people inspiration for their future nurseries, including my own 😉 Enjoy your beautiful family! Hope you’re feeling well!

  32. It looks awesome, your baby boy is going to love it!

    The wallpaper is perfect! I think it’s a great idea to add a little bit of visual interest with a subtle pattern, and in my opinion, it opens up the room a bit.

    What color are the closet doors? They look so good with the floors and all the soft whites and greys.

  33. Can I borrow molly lol. Totally kidding but she totally adorns. Cute room. Usually I’m not into so much room but I like it. Love the dress and I’m sure once baby comes you for sure won’t want to leave the room.

  34. SO beautiful! Baby boy is so blessed to come home to such a beautiful room. The simplicity makes it very calm for you and your little one 💙

  35. Such a beautiful room!! I am very impressed I must say 😀 Now i have baby fever LOL Lots of luck to you all

  36. Hello Ali,
    From —-All Of Us @Evolur Baby /DOM Family—-we would like to say thank you for choosing us to be part of your wonderful journey…

  37. So sweet and darling! I can’t wait to design our little ones room once we find out what we are having.

  38. I’m so happy for you Ali. The nursery looks so beautiful and you look incredible. Such a wonderful family you have. 💗💙 wishing you all the best in your birth🙏🏼

  39. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the details and the soft greys with pops of Navy! And your dress 🙂

  40. Love it! Its so simple and classic. Its perfect! Are the closet doors from wayfair??


  41. Love LOVE the closet door color. I don’t see that in your blog. (If it is…my apologies for missing it)
    Can you share what color and brand that is?

  42. What a beautiful nursery! I am in the midst of getting my first baby’s (a girl!) nursery ready! I can’t wait to get it all together. Also nervous for all thats to come when she arrives in July, but excited mostly! All the best to your growing family!

    1. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful thing in the world! Hard but worth it and so so wonderful! Excited for you!

  43. Love it so light and airy. Love the wildlife theme and that wallpaper is great. I’m not a wallpaper fan but this one is amazing. What l love it’s not overcrowded like some nurseries I have seen. It’s very peaceful and soothing. You and Veronica did an incredible job. One day I might be using Veronica (not for a nursery) 😀

    1. I was soooo hesitant about the wallpaper but I’m so glad Veronica convinced me to go for it. It’s one of my favorite things about the nursery!

  44. Your little boy’s room is such an inspiration! My son is 15 months now and I am just now designing his nursery (he came as a surprise a month early so no time to decorate!). Thanks so much for sharing, and Molly is such a cutie pie! <333

    1. Oh wow! A month early! I am 36 weeks today and I am REALLY hoping I don’t have more than 2 weeks left! Baby is already 7-8lbs!

  45. Hi Ali – love the nursery! So cute!!

    I was wondering where Molly’s dress is from..I am on the hunt for a cute dress for my little girl’s first birthday and I love this little dress!


  46. It’s so beautiful! Curious if you will get black out curtains or how dark the room gets? My kids rooms always seem so dark because they don’t sleep well with the light 💗 also, I must say how impressed I am with little Molly! She is incredibly smart and vocal! What a doll! Great job mama and dada!

  47. Ali the nursery is just so beautiful! I am getting total nursery envy, for a number of reasons we didn’t really get to do a nursery for or first baby boy.. so it’s something I’d love to get a chance to do if we have another baby.
    Love the white furniture, the crib is the cutest, love the chair, absolutely love the blue library. And the giraffe, oooh the giraffe 🙂 they are my favorite animals! It’s adorable about Molly calling it surprise 😍
    I can totally relate to the boy mom thing.. except before our baby was born I totally only saw myself as a girl’s mom ha! I must admit though, I am so so happy he is a boy, I think you’ll love it too 🙂
    Thanks as usual for letting us into your home and family, love reading your blog! I am based in Italy so I’m always checking at the most ridiculous times to see if there’s a new post (and see if baby boy arrived yet!)

  48. The nursery for your son is stunning Ali! I love how classic it is and how he will be able to grow into it as well. So excited to see the rest of your house once it is done 🙂

  49. Love this! Simple and elegant!
    Do you have to have a blog post about what skin care products you use while pregnant?

  50. It looks perfect! So fun following along your pregnancy as I’m not far behind (due June 17). Im curious if this is the same rug you had in your living room, or where that one is from? I remember seeing it and loving it!

  51. Love it! It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect! I particularly love that you have a nice sized chair. Because from having two that were 16 months apart, I frequently had my older baby in my lap or beside me while I was nursing my infant. It was the perfect time to look at picture books and cuddle both babies together.

  52. Your little boys room is absolutely adorable. How fun being able to work with such good people to help you decorate your home. Do you have pictures of Molly’s room? Children’s rooms are such fun to put together.

  53. Adorable room! So light and simple, but perfect! Also, the book that Molly is holding in the one pic….one of my favs for both my kids when they were little!

  54. Love!!! But where did you get the frames for the animal prints? We have the same prints but I need those wood matted frames! ❤️

  55. Dear Ali,

    Beautiful beautiful nursery! What a nice project! Love it. Quick question since we are doing renovation on the house, what type of floors are in this nursery wood, wood look tiles?
    Thank you

  56. It’s is beautiful!!! And looks like Molly and Owen approve too. 💙💙💙 can you share your pasta recipe you posted on your insta stories.ot looks yummy and made this momma to be crave it, lol.

  57. Ali- love the nursery! I am so happy for you guys. I love the name Molly for a girl so I am sure your boy name will be so cute too. Can’t wait to hear the news 🙂 I’m a boy mom of one and it’s the best!! His name is Aiden in case you still need ideas!!

  58. The nursery is perfect! It’s so light and airy. Can’t wait to see your sweet little man. Your family is so precious! And you are such an inspiration! I love your blog and hope to get mine to where yours is someday :).

  59. Such a calm, soft soothing, handsome room for your little one and Molly is absolutely precious! She looks like she is so expressive, alert and engaged! And Owen, oh my, he looks like such a quiet, mellow, well-behaved pup!❤️🐾🍼🐾❤️

  60. This baby boy’s nursery is timeless, airy, and whimsical. Love it.
    Can you specify the paint colour please.

  61. Absolutely perfect! Two quick questions…
    1.) What brand and color paint are the closet doors?
    2.) Can you provide a link to the pouf next to your chair?

  62. Hi Ali, can you reference the flower pot that is housing that huge plant in the corner by the crib? I have the similar indoor plant and looking to transfer it to a bigger pot. Thanks! Love you and your adorable family.

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