Cute Summer Dress for $31!

Happy Affordable Friday! I feel like I haven’t done as many Affordable Fridays lately as I used to. I think that’s because most of the clothes I’ve been getting are either maternity clothes (which aren’t really ever affordable), or non-maternity clothes that I have a very limited selection from so I usually have to spend a little bit more. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the dress I’m wearing in today’s post that’s on sale for 40% off at only $31 right now! It’s funny, because I think the last dress I wrote about on Affordable Friday was $31 as well. You can read about and purchase that dress HERE. It’s a good one!

Anyway, the dress is non-maternity and really very flattering for most body types. I love that I can wear it with flats and it’s super comfy!


By the way, are you sick of the flats I’m wearing yet? I think I’ve worn these sandals almost every day for the last three weeks. They’re just so comfortable and go with everything, so they’ve been my go to.

The pink sunnies on my bamboo purse I wore a couple days ago in some of my Instagram stories and I got so many DM’s asking about them. So I shared a swipe up link in my next story on Instagram. But since that story has disappeared I’ve gotten even more DM’s from people asking me to repost it, because they didn’t get a chance to buy then. So I’m linking the pink sunnies here! And I am pretty certain my code ALIF will still get you 25% off the sunglasses! They’re just so fun with the pink lenses! But you can get the same frames with a bunch of other different lenses as well. I have them in blue too!

I’ve linked my hat, necklace, purse and bracelets all below the first picture.

Hope you guys love today’s post as much as I do! I love when I can share cute clothes that don’t cost a lot! Have the best weekend everyone! I’m pretty excited because tomorrow I am having a me-day and getting my roots done! I desperately need it, hence the hat 😉


20 Thoughts

20 thoughts on “Cute Summer Dress for $31!

  1. Good morning to my blog friend from the East Coast.! 🙂
    Oh my gosh! I never thought I would be the first comment for you to read! Ha! I finally found out that I have to be up around 5:00 am to post! Ha ha!

    So cute you are on wearing the dress. Love the style. I love the fact that you had mentioned your sandals. I had noticed that you were wearing them on thursday show as you were sitting on the sofa! As I had said, “ooh 😮 she’s wearing the sandals! “ Lol! I’m sold then! Ha!

    Hope your in good sprites and only thinking positive thoughts no negative thoughts for your delivery!

    As always stay safe my blog friend and hugs 🤗 to all and kisses to “Good Golly Miss Molly” 💙
    di 🙂

    1. Ha! Second is still great! I just appreciate you being such a supporter of me! It’s mean the world!

      And yes, I wear these sandals ALL the time!

  2. Ali,
    I am 28 weeks pregnant and am having a hard time deciding on what to wear while in the hospital. What are you packing and what robe and slippers are you going to be wearing?

  3. Hi Ali! I’m a long time reader, first time commenter. We were pregnant at the same time. I loved seeing your maternity and then breastfeeding friendly looks! Could you try to include some pictures sitting down? I’m disabled and rely on a wheelchair for mobility. Sometimes dresses that look great standing aren’t as flattering when you’re sitting down 100% of the time. Or the dress is much shorter sitting down. I love this look, but I wonder if it would be too short sitting?

    1. Of course Melanie! Thank you so much for reading my blog and for commenting for the first time!!! Thank you for letting me know! I will absolutely try to start adding more sitting pics when I post outfits! xoxo

      As for this dress, I absolutely don’t think it would be too short sitting since it doesn’t cling to the waist.

  4. Hi Ali! I love following you, Kevin, and Molly on your blog and Instagram! I was wondering what size you are wearing? Love the dress, but I thought it maybe looked a little short in the picture online?

    1. It’s really not very short. It was long enough on me with my HUGE belly underneath which makes it slightly shorter than it would be without my belly pushing it up. I got a medium 🙂


  5. Ali. Love the outfit. So cute.

    This goes to the last post. But can you share quick healthy food ideas that I can make once I get home from work so I don’t waste too much time away from my son.

    My son eats healthy but once in a while we give him some Sweets
    This morning he told my husband he wants “Thomas cake (we just celebrated his 2nd train theme bday party) and mommy’s corn” lol.

    Also what bday theme you doing for Molly,?

  6. Ali,
    Such a cute dress! How is the length?

    Also how do you decide dresses to wear that are non maternity? (while pregnant) Do you look for empire waist or some other specific feature. Maternity clothes are so expensive, so I have been wondering how you do it?

  7. Ali,

    I just love this dress, so I had to purchase 😉 I can’t wait for it to arrive. I will send pictures!

  8. Hi Ali
    the colour/pattern/fabric of your dress is pretty. I’m a hat gal, too.
    Wear whatever shoes that make you feel comfortable. (cute sandles!)
    I was messing around with my phone & can’t view your insta videos. dang
    Have a nice weekend & enjoy your me-day!

  9. Obsessed with your soon to be sons nursery. Can you tell me where the rug is from?!? We are having our second a few weeks apart and we had our firsts a week apart too, it’s been so nice being able to follow along with you. Congrats!

    Thank you

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