What’s Cooking on Ali Luvs?!

I really want to start sharing more recipes on my blog! I’ve become such a fan of cooking the last year or so. I feel like I’ve discovered all these new yummy things and I want to share them with all of you! So really today’s blog post is just to tell you guys that more recipes will be coming soon to Ali Luvs! Because this girl loves to eat!

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to open the floor to all of you to ask you what kind of recipes you’d like to see from me. Healthy recipes? Guilty pleasure recipes? Virgin cocktails? Real cocktails once I’m not pregnant anymore? I want to know what you guys want to eat and drink!


I also hope to do some fun cooking with Molly over the next year now that she’s getting older and can actually help out a little bit. And by help out, I mean play with a bowl full of batter and make a mess everywhere! Ha! I will say however, she did do a pretty good job with me in the kitchen the other day when we made the cinnamon rolls. I’d like to say I made them from scratch, but I just got them out of a can. But Molly sure did love devouring them with me!

I’ve been a lot more lenient with her and sweets lately. So I need to dial it back a little bit. I think it’s because I’ve been craving sweets so much and when mom is eating something, Molly wants to eat that something too! For example, she had only tasted ice cream once in her life a couple months ago. But a couple days ago, I was craving an ice cream cone so we walked to get one and as soon as Molly saw me with it, she had to have one too. So needless to say, Molly got her first ice cream cone to herself! But once this baby comes, I’m hoping I can kick the sweets habit which means she’s going to have to take a break from them too. Plus, I just don’t want to give her tons of sugar. It’s not good for kids and I’m sure her sugar highs wouldn’t be good for my mental state.


For those who want details on my dress in these pictures, I’ve got them for ya. I totally adore it. Honestly, I love this brand. You guys saw me wearing the white dress below from this brand the other day and I’m just a big fan. The quality of their clothes is incredible, so you’re going to pay more for that. The blue pinstripe dress I’m wearing, I bought as an option to wear to my baby shower, but decided on something else to fit the beach theme a little bit better. One caveat however, it was a bit tight on me in the chest area. So if you have bigger boobs, I would definitely size up in this dress! It’s not a maternity dress and I still bought my normal pre-pregnancy size so I think it will fit me perfectly once the baby comes and my bra size regulates after the first few months of breastfeeding. During the first few months of breastfeeding your boobs are huge! Then your body gets used to it and they pretty much go back to their regular size, even if you’re still nursing. Last time, mine were really big for about three or four months, and then went back to a manageable size as long as I was consistently feeding Molly or pumping. So I actually think this dress is going to be an awesome breastfeeding dress once this little boy arrives! Gotta love those buttons down the front! It’s also available in another color HERE.


And I’m wearing the nude heels that I pretty much wrote an entire book about yesterday. If you click on the link to get them, just make sure you scroll down to select the color Oatmeal Kid Suede. I’m telling you this because when you click on the link it looks like they’re sold out because the color it lands on is only available in a few sizes left. But the color I’m wearing in these photos is fully in stock!

Oh and I linked Molly’s little romper here too. If you get this for your kiddo size down! It runs large!

All right, that’s all I’ve got for now. Don’t forget to leave me comments below on what recipes you want to see me blog about! I’d love it if my site was your go to stop for fun, fashion and food!

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46 thoughts on “What’s Cooking on Ali Luvs?!

  1. My daughter has learned the word cake. So, now every time we get home from daycare/work she starts to say cake, cake, cake. Well yesterday we didn’t have cake and I am really getting worried about all the sugar eating, so I decided to try something to see if she really knew what was cake. I showed her some whole wheat waffles that she loves to see if that is what she wanted and she said YES! I gave it to her and she ate it, she was so happy, like us just craving something sweet! Now that is going to be my new strategy, just replacing the sweets with something a healthier sweet.

  2. Cooking with your kids is a great bonding experience! We have cooked with all of our kids and now our two oldest girls (20 & 16) love to cook. AND they are pretty good!! My 10 & 8 year old kids love to be in the kitchen with my husband and I as well. I think it gives them such a good foundation for when they are older. I would love to see more recipes that focus on cutting out the sugar. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life and passion with us!

  3. Morning from the East Coast, Ali! I got PJ items from Soma for the hospital and was sooo glad I did! The night after I delivered Eloise I wore the “cool nights short sleeve kimono robe” in navy (the S/M is plenty big) – which I still wear around the house – and it was perfect! Also, loveee their sleep shirts (I always get short sleeve and sized up from s to m) and their two piece short sets. Best of luck to you as you welcome your new little guy in the coming weeks! Always sending you love! XO, Cindy

    1. Thank you for the rec! I just ordered some from Nordstrom, but if I don’t love them, I will check these out!

  4. I love that romper Molly has on, I thought I’m going grab one for my daughter. I would like to see recipe about baking, and how to make it easier. I’m horrible at baking like it’s the worst, and I’d love to bake more for my husband so any tips would be great!

    1. I’m not the best baker either! But I will try to get better and hopefully share some recipes! But that might take some time for me to learn!

  5. Hi Ali!!! I don’t think I’ve ever commented before??? Haha but would love some yummy vegetarian dinner recipes!! If I remember correctly, you don’t eat meat and I’m slowly removing meat from my diet!

    Love following along with you and your little family!! So cute

  6. Hi Ali
    Pretty dress & Mollys romper is the cutest!
    I’d like to learn to cook some of your guilty pleasure recipes with non-virgin cocktails 🍸 on the side!
    Have a great day

    1. P.s. I’ve tried making a beef meatloaf but need some hints on how to make one that doesn’t fall apart. 😕

  7. Hi Ali,

    Love all of it!!!!
    Don’t forget to get a present for Molly from the baby… to give to her when she meets him for the first time!
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. I dont have kids but I nanny 4 days a week. With that being said healthy receipes on a budget that would fill them up,that I could make. Thanks!

  9. Hi Ali,

    My name is Kimberly and I’m excited to see some of your recipes! I’m always looking for new ideas. I’m hoping to see some healthy and fresh recipes. See, I began a complete lifestyle change/weightloss journey this past June at a very unhealthy weight of 385 lbs. I started documented everything on my Instagram – workouts, food, transformation pictures, etc. Since then, I’m down 105 lbs naturally with diet and exercise. I’m always try to find new and fun recipes to keep things interesting and exciting. I appreciate you taking the time to ask for feedback and always share with us!! You’re the best! Thank you! Xo

  10. Ok! My blog friend,
    You not only dress me with your fashions,but now your feeding me! Ha ha! Looking forward for these recipes now! I’m not one to cook so make them easy peezy! Ha!

    Hope your feeling well and your good in spirits! Only positive thoughts 👍🏻 no negative thoughts. 🙂

    Hugs to all 🤗 and 😘 to “Good Golly Miss Molly”

    Stay safe my blog friend 💙

  11. Hi Ali!

    I JUST found out I’m pregnant with my first baby (found out yesterday on my birthday 🎁 lol). I really want to have a fit/healthy pregnancy and I always admire how great you look and seem to feel! What is your everyday diet like from start to finish? Do you eat more than you normally would not pregnant?

  12. Hi Ali,

    Breastfeeding mama here to my 3 month old baby girl and curious what food you’ll be eating to help with milk supply. I’m definitely not an overproducer so always looking for helpful tips to increase milk supply. Also, I know this won’t be for a while with baby boy but curious what food/recipes you introduced to Molly first when she transitioned to solids. Thanks Ali! Love reading your blog and following your journey with motherhood. It really has been helpful to me on many occasions. I know this may not mean much but me reading blogs, let alone commenting is very atypical. Yours is truly special. Thanks for being so genuine. It’s refreshing!

  13. Hi Ali, first of all.. I think I’m in love with your kitchen 😍
    I’d love to see some healthy and vegetarian yummy dishes. Also, as I have an 11 mo baby I would love it if you shared what you prepare for Molly ☺️

  14. Hi Ali- I would be interested in seeing quick and healthy dinner ideas. I have such a hard time getting dinner cooked while my little one (Molly’s age) is still awake. I usually just cook after I put her down which is not ideal.
    Also, I would love healthy toddler recipes. We’ve also been eating too many sugars, carbs and snack foods.
    Thanks so much 💜

  15. Hi!
    Love your blog. Your little family is adorable! My daughter is around the same age. She is also Sesame Street obsessed! Where have you found all of the toys? Sesame Street stuff is hard to find!
    Would love to see any recipes you’re into!!

  16. I’d love some quick and easy recipes! I have a 2 year old and one on the way. I have no time to make anything fancy! Lol

  17. Hi Ali – I have a 16 month old son and my struggle is trying to find the TIME to eat. Being a Mom, you’re pulled in about 8474792 directions at a time, all at once sometimes. I’d love recipes that are simple, healthy and can even be made ahead of time. Oh – and any healthy and quick snacks for a Mom on-the-go that you can recommend too!

    Hang in there Mama, you’re almost there! -Cathy

  18. Hey Ali!
    I’d love to see some quick healthy dinner recipes for a busy mom, and your guilty pleasure recipes because I’d love to see how you treat yourself while staying in shape!

  19. Hey Ali! My daughter is just a little older than Molly, so I love reading your blog because we are in a similar stage of life! I would like to see some low-carb and low-sugar recipes. Maybe some snack ideas, too.

  20. You have a lovely kitchen – neat, lots of space and the stove/range looks like can accommodate tons of cooking. 🙂

    I cook almost everyday (Asian, Mediterrenean, Mexican), those I tried are from online recipes (most are successfull and yummy). I look forward to your healthy recipes.:)

  21. Love to see what you feed Molly. I have a 1 year old and have such a hard time figuring out what to give her.

  22. I love trying all kinds of new recipes! I’d love to see some great “family friendly” recipes that both toddlers and adults would enjoy, but are still very healthy! Thanks Ali. 😊

  23. Hi Ali,

    1. I am in love with your stove. It’s gorgeous!
    2. I would love to see healthier recipes (and any tips on willpower!)
    3. Your blog is fabulous! Thank you for sharing!


    P.S. Did your “wine wall” come as part of the house? It’s one of my favorite home designs/furniture pieces I have ever seen.

  24. Hey Ali!

    Your kitchen is my dream kitchen. It’s gorgeous!

    I’d love to see some recipes of healthy quinoa/rice bowls. Or some new pasta dishes. My family and I love pasta (mostly me) and would love to change it up every once in awhile. I want to know what your favourite pasta dishes are 🙂

    I also want to start baking with my daughter (she’s 2) so any guilty pleasures would be fun as well!

  25. These dresses look so cute on you and you look comfortable in them.
    I came home today and my husband had bought me Joanna Gaines Cook Book. Looks like easy delicious recipes. Something for you to consider.

  26. Girllllll, just wanted to say that I related to your “rant” on Instagram stories! I’m 35 weeks pregnant with a 24 month old and I’m exhausted! There’s no more room for “half a pound a week”! I’m very impressed you’re cooking with Molly! I can’t be bothered cooking and the idea of giving my son a bowl full of anything to “help” sounds exhausting haha Love your blog and social media posts! 5 more weeks! We can do it!

  27. Quick and easy dinner recipes (if they’re healthy a plus too)! Dinner’s the last thing I want to make after getting home from work, but with two littles and a husband that commutes every day, I like to have meals ready, but don’t have a lot of time to do so…probably 30-40 min. max.

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