Polyhydramnios – Excess Amniotic Fluid

Hey guys. I wanted to update you on my prenatal appointment the other day since I briefly wrote about it on here, and so many of you were so sweet to leave me comments of concern and continued to check in with me. I did an update on my Instagram stories right after my second OB/GYN appointment, but then it dawned on me that maybe not all of you that read my blog follow me on Instagram or watch my stories, so I wanted to give you all an update on here too.

Basically what happened was at my regular OB/GYN appointment on Thursday, my doctor was measuring my amniotic fluid and saw that I had a lot of it. I’m not quite sure what the unit of measurement is when they’re measuring, but basically anything 24 or higher is considered Polyhydramnios and I definitely fell into that category since I was measuring at 29.

So at that point, my doctor began explaining to me the possible risks involved with this condition. To be honest with you, a lot of it went in one ear and out the other because I had Molly with me and Kevin wasn’t able to make it to this appointment because he had a work commitment. So holding a fussy toddler on my lap while getting an ultrasound, you can only imagine how difficult it is to focus on anything. I basically left that appointment knowing that I needed to book an appointment at the Center for Fetal Medicine and Development and my doctor wanted me to get in before the weekend.


So on my drive home I gave the other doctors office a call and left a message, and by the time I got home 40 minutes later, they had called me back asking if I could come right in. I told him that I lived about 40 minutes away and I could turn around and drive back, but I guess the doctor wasn’t available at that time so they just asked me to come in the next day. Needless to say, I was a bit worried that they called asking me to come right in. But they didn’t seem concerned about me waiting until the next day, so I tried not to be too concerned either. But let’s face it, I was kind of freaking out inside.

So when I got settled at home, I did what any mother would do and started googling everything I could possibly learn about Polyhydramnios. I was relieved to read that in most cases, it’s not harmful to your baby at all. However, I also read and remembered my doctor telling me at my appointment earlier that day, the main concern is that the baby is not swallowing fluid. I guess one of the reasons you can end up with excess fluid is if the babies not swallowing it and therefore it builds up. I also read that only 1-2% of mothers get Polyhydramnios so of course I was feeling alone. But when I briefly mentioned in here on my blog, I got an outpouring of love and stories from other mothers that experienced it. So thank you for that. It made me feel so much better and less alone.

So the next day, Kevin and I were both anxious to get to the appointment to make sure everything was OK. And even though we knew chances were strong that everything was going to be fine, I think part of us was nervous because this pregnancy hasn’t been quite as smooth as my pregnancy with Molly. For example, at our 20-week ultrasound where they measure the babies heart and brain, they found a cyst on the baby’s brain that they wanted to monitor. We went back at 28 weeks, and thankfully the cyst has completely disappeared! It wasn’t a huge deal, which is why I didn’t write about it on here. But learning that there is something abnormal going on with your baby’s brain is terrifying as a parent. So the fact that we had that minor scare and then now a possibility that the baby wasn’t swallowing, it just didn’t sit right with us. We didn’t experience any of this when I was pregnant with Molly. Every check up they would say “baby looks healthy and perfect!”

Thankfully, at the Center for Fetal Medicine and Development we found out that our baby boy is in fact swallowing! I never knew that seeing fluid in a little baby stomach could make me so happy! The doctor told us that he looks absolutely fine and healthy and the only thing I need to worry about at this point is the fact that he’s humongous! Ha! At 34 weeks his head was measuring 39 weeks. It’s in the 99th percentile! Molly had a huge head too and has been in the 95th percentile since birth, so I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me that much. But what did surprise me is that she told me he was measuring 7 pounds already at only 34 weeks. And as many of you know, babies tend to gain a half a pound a week for the last few weeks, so with six weeks left that leaves me on track to have a 10 pound baby. Which I guess also shouldn’t surprise me because Kevin was 10 pounds when he was born. And I was 8 lbs. 8 oz. so I wasn’t tiny either.

In fact, the OB/GYN told us that at this point moving forward if the baby was born tomorrow, he would be totally healthy and fine because of his size. And luckily for me, one of the likely outcomes of my condition is that many women who have Polyhydramnios tend to go into labor early. I guess the extra weight and fluid causes your water to break earlier in some cases. So I guess at this point I can only hope that that’s my outcome! I’m nervous about not being able to push out a 10 pound baby with such a huge head! And I really don’t want to have to have a C-section, although I know sometimes that’s unavoidable obviously. As most women know, you could have a birth plan and hope it all works out one way, but it’s not in your control!

But I am just gonna throw this out there in the universe! Kevin’s brother is getting married in mid-May and it would be absolutely perfect if this little guy decided to make his entrance into the world the day after. That way Kevin’s parents would already be in town and we would have them here not only to celebrate and see the baby right away, but also built-in babysitters for Molly. We have a few people we will call when I go into labor, but all of those people have jobs and lives so I’m a little nervous about how it’s all gonna work out. But I guess at the end of the day everything works out the way it should and I find comfort in that.

So that’s an update on me and the little guy! Everything turned out perfectly fine and I really appreciate all of you sharing your concern and checking in with me over the past few days. You guys are the absolute best and I’m so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life!

But before I go, two things. I want to share a photo of our little guy’s cute face! How crazy is it that ultrasound machines can get images this clear now! I feel like he looks like a miniature version of Molly. In fact this is exactly what Molly looked like when we got her 3D ultrasounds. So basically I think we’re having a boy Molly in a few weeks!

And secondly, I just wanted to link to my pajama pants that I’m wearing in the photos above. I’ve posted pictures of me wearing them to Instagram in the past and many of you have asked me for details on them and I’ve never blogged about them so I just wanted to link them here. I’m wearing a size large. I always size up in pajamas because I like them to be very loose fitting and I’ve gained all my weight with this baby in my hips and butt so I definitely needed the bigger size. I think they’re beautiful and I absolutely love the fit! They had a few bad reviews online, which is honestly shocking to me because I love them so much. But I guess everybody’s body is different. The great thing about Nordstrom is that if you get them and don’t like them you can always return them for free. I order so much from there and end up sending quite a few things back and it’s always been so easy for me that I rarely step foot in the store anymore.

OK that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you all have a great Monday! Thanks again for all the love and support!

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108 thoughts on “Polyhydramnios – Excess Amniotic Fluid

  1. Glad to hear that all is well with you & little man! Definitely scary as a parent to feel like something could be wrong with your kiddos. I am pregnant with #3, and this pregnancy has given me the least problems/worry of all of them, so I am thankful it’s been smooth sailing & hope it will continue! Good luck with everything in your last couple of weeks! It feels like your pregnancy is FLYING by!!

    1. I feel like when the doctor mentions that there is even a .0001% chance of something being wrong it is so scary!!! So glad this pregnancy is going smoothly for you!

      1. I had Polyhydramnios with my first child 39 years ago. Didnt know anything about this. The doctor touched on what could possibly be some effects to the baby. I was in my 7th month when diagnoised. I woje up on morning and my amniotic fluid had doubled. I was restricted from sodium and went on bed rest. Also had pitting adema. I was watched pretty close. Our son had to be induced 3 weeks after my due date and was a very large baby. 39 years later im happy to say is a very healthy, successful, highly educated individual, husband and father of four. Blessings to you and your family

  2. Hi Ali – so glad to hear all is well with baby. Wishing an early delivery for you. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Glad to hear that everything is ok with your little guy! Im relating to the parts where you mentioned having to take Molly to OB appts. and not being able to focus on whats going on (It happens a lot here!) and not family in town so that they could be there for Molly when you go into labor. We are in the same situation. We have no family nearby, a not very many people I would trust leaving my little guy with should we go into labor very early. Also around the time when our little dude is due, my parents will be in a totally different state from their home for my brothers graduation from US Army Basic training. Im totally freaking out, but I have to trust that everything will work out for the best. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way that everything works out for you guys!!

    1. I feel ya Latoya! And you absolutely have to trust that everything will work out. Do you have a few friends nearby that you could possibly call to help even for a coupe hours? We told a few friends we might be calling, but like I said above, they all have jobs and lives so we will see what happens!

  4. I had a c-section for my baby girl who is a toddler like Molly right now. She was 8.5 and I was 40 weeks already and I had no signs of contractions or open cervix. The doctor talked to me and said: You are tiny (I am only 4″11) and that baby is not ready to come out, she will keep gaining weight and chances are you are not going to be able to push her and I will end up doing a c-section anyway after putting you throughout all that pain is up to you but…So after fussing about it because I wanted to give birth to her, I decided to have the c-section and not put us (her or me) through any danger. I had other things going on, but my point is I know how we moms want to give birth naturally, but in the end, the c-section is giving birth too. So, don’t worry about it and make whatever decision feels right for you and your baby. Recoup time for c-section is not long and I took care of my baby and breastfeed her like a normal mom. Good luck to you!

    1. I think you made a smart decision and most importantly the RIGHT decision for YOU! I can imagine that was all hard to take in though.

      For me, I just don’t do well with needles or anything medical. I will pass out at even the slight of the smallest about of blood. Someone cracking their knuckles even makes me want to pass out! So I want to avoid a c-section if I can, but it’s really not up to me in the end! Come what may!

      1. I kept waking up the night before the c section swearing that I had contractions! Just because I kept praying she would come on her own!

      2. Don’t worry I had a csection and I never saw a single drop of blood or even a needle! It was the easiest thing ever! I was up walking around that day!

        1. I agree!! I had a vaginal birth with my first child and opted for an elective c section for my second.Personally the c section was hands down the easier for me,including recovery.

      3. I am the same way as far as needles and such. I had a 20lb tumor removed from my ovary a few years ago. The doctor told me I basically had a c-section without the baby because the had to cut me open to get it out. I was terrified and it truly wasn’t that bad. I recovered quickly and was able to deal with the pain with regular over the counter pain pills. No matter what happens, you’ll be fine and have a beautiful baby to hold in your arms after.

        1. Hi Ali! Living in the public eye and being pregnant and having a busy toddler I can only imagine getting this news was stressful. I am so happy to hear he is doing great! We all handle things differently… You are a strong beautiful woman and I will be praying for you and your family …can not wait to see some baby pics…xo

  5. Hi Ali,

    Glad to hear everything went well. I didn’t think of going on your Instagram to see if you had posted anything there.

    Had been a bit worry on my blog friend every time I went on your blog to see if you posted anything.

    My son Jason was 8lbs 3oz they had to use forceps to get his head out on me.. They had gave me too much epidural that I couldn’t feel anything! Lol!
    And with myself being born I was 10 lbs 2oz
    22 in long.. and since I was born in a catholic hospital all the nuns had loved me since I was so big Lol!

    So stay safe my blog friend!💙 Hugs to all! 🤗
    And a kiss 😘 to “Good Golly Miss Molly “ when she’s rockin’and a rollin’ she’s too sweet!

    Hugs! 💙

      1. Try not to worry on reading every ones reply if they themselves needed a c section on what your going through. Everyone’s body is different. And worrying is not going to help you or Molly’s bro.. Everything is possible if you have faith Ali! My suggestion is take a little bit of quite time with God when Molly is napping! 🤗💙

  6. I am so happy you posted an update!! I logged on this morning to check! HA! When I was pregnant with my son (my last baby, out of 4), it was a hard pregnancy on me. He came 6 weeks early and he was 8lbs 14 1/2 oz. He was SO big! They said if I had carried him to term, he would have been well over 11 pounds. I had an issue with the umbilical cord. It was twice as long and three times as wide. Crazy what our bodies do! Can’t wait to see your little man!!

    1. Did you get induced or did he come on his own? I really don’t want to be induced again. I had to with Molly because my water broke but contractions didn’t start.

      1. They were going to induce me because I ended up with pre-eclampsia BUT when I got to the hospital, I was already contracting so they left me to my own devices. My water broke within an hour of being at the hospital and he was born 3 hours later.

        With my third daughter, I had the same experience as you did with Molly. My water had broken but I wasn’t contracting so they gave me pitocin. Oh my, that was horrible. I hope you can go on your own when he is ready.. after your brother inlaws wedding!

  7. It seems pretty clear that all is well, but I just have to toss this out there. Is your baby moving as much as your first? Combined with high amniotic fluid, lower fetal movement has linkage to a genetic anomaly. Knowing before may not help even if this was the case, but I think it is maybe helpful to know that if the movement is the same as your first, you are even more likely to be in the clear. And you can do it, people push out big babies with big heads every day!

  8. Hi Ali! I just gave birth to my second daughter 4 months ago and had the exact same number.. 29! I hope your little guy comes early for your sake!

    My doctor wanted to induce me at 39 weeks and wait as long as possible to break my water because the biggest risk is the cord will come out with the water breaking. Luckily the baby broke the water on her own and the cord stayed in. 🙌🏼 Once my water broke it was only 45 minutes to get from 5cm to holding her. Boy was it a flood in the room when my water broke!! The nurses were slipping everywhere ha! I’m wishing you an easy last few weeks and speedy labor! xo

    1. I had polyhydraminos, and undetected by anyone before delivery a SUPER long cord. The combination of those two and my water being broken to induce me likely caused a cord prolapse. My son was born by a crash c section and spent two weeks in the NICU. Luckily he is almost 2.5 years and doing perfectly!

      I don’t say that to scare you, but just to share my story. My OB and the nurses were watching me closely and did not see any indication that there was an issue until it happened. I would just ask for extra monitoring. I am just a week behind you in pregnancy this time and am borderline on the polyhydraminos scale, so my OB is just monitoring me and the baby super closely out of an abundance of caution.

      Side note: Cheers to big babies! My son was 10 lb 3 oz when he was born, so the largest by far in the NICU. They did not even have clothes big enough to fit him 🙂

  9. I had a 9lb baby with a huge head- 3rd degree tear. Then I had. 10lb baby with a huge head— 4th degree tear, with stitches that didn’t keep. I need to have follow up surgery. Every surgeon I’ve seen asks me why I didn’t have a csection. So my advice if a dr suggests one, have a csection. I hope you enjoy the last few days or week as a family of 3!

  10. I also was carrying extra fluid with my 2nd. I’m Canadian and was told it was an extra 5lbs worth. I will admit I was very big and always measured at least 4 weeks ahead of schedule from 10 weeks onward. I went into labour at 35 weeks exactly. It did not cause any issues the fluid just made a mess during delivery, as it gudhes out following baby. Good Luck and Congrats.

  11. Our second baby also had a cyst on his brain and it completely freaked me out because it can be a marker for other things. Luckily his went away as well! On the size thing, my first was 9lbs and my second was almost 10lbs and that delivery was way easier than the first. I think usually our bodies just figure it out!!

  12. Hi Ali,

    Happy to hear all is going well! I had the same condition when I was pregnant and I went into labor at 36 weeks and my son was born at 8 pounds hahaha with a head in the 99th percentile! All will be okay and soon enough you’ll have that little baby boy to cuddle and hold every second of the day!

  13. I had Polyhydramnios exactly a year ago when pregnant with my second daughter. I was huge, getting bigger every day, so much fluid, so uncomfortable and miserable. She was measuring big on the ultrasounds from 36 weeks on (and measured so much fluid that kept increasing)…and at 38 weeks they measured her head in the 99th % and thought she would be over 10 pounds as well. They scheduled me to be induced at 39 weeks on 5/25 and she was born on 5/26 weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces (not huge at all!!!). I was stressed and miserable so I was happy to finally have her here, and she was perfect 🙂 I was induced as well with my first girl when my water broke at 38 weeks and contractions did start on their own (so I really didn’t want to be induced again and was bummed about it the second time). Everything will be fine, your little boy will be perfect! Hope you can stay somewhat comfortable these last weeks!

    1. Oh yeah, and when my doctor broke my water it was insane how much fluid came rushing out. They had to use at least 20 towels to wipe me and the floor up.

  14. Oh my that was a lot to take in. So glad everything will likely be ok!

    I had my anatomy scan at 18 weeks because I begged to find out gender before Christmas. It turns out that because we went early, baby’s brain wasn’t fully developed and we also went through the cyst scare! I was googling everything associated with brain cysts and was totally freaked out. It turns out they’re quite common, and our baby boy’s cleared up by our next u/s as well.

    Now I have a repeat 39 week c-section scheduled for May 18th. Our boy is healthy but I have potential complications from my placenta growing into my previous scar! I find out this week if I have to deliver at a different hospital because of it and receive a hysterectomy (boo).

    Good luck to you these last few hours/days/weeks (haha) that you may have!! Can’t wait to see an update on his arrival!

  15. So glad your ultrasound went well. As much as I like to know what was going on with our baby, I almost wish they would’ve kept it to themselves and just wait. Unless it was an emergency, of course! Our little guy, who is now 4 was measuring big and we were told to expect a 10lb baby 😳. We were also told they found a calcium deposit on his heart. I went in for many ultrasounds and ended up delivering at 37 weeks because I was developing preeclampsia (from all of my worrying). Thankfully calcium disappeared and he was 6lbs 5oz… nowhere near 10! I know it’s hard to not worry, but try not to, you’re doing great Mama!

  16. We are exactly the same amount pregnant! I am 34 weeks 4 days today. I feel like we have so much in common this pregnancy too! I have a 19 month old also, and being pregnant with a toddler is very different. I am also on early baby watch, I’ve been to the hospital 2 times now to have early labor stopped but now we are safer at 34 weeks! Good luck to you and your family! Glad all is well with baby!

  17. Hey Ali,
    So happy for your good news!! Wishing you and your little man the best throughout!! I pray everything continues to go smoothly for you!! ❤️

  18. Good luck Ali! Thank you for updating us on your condition and I wish you all the best. I’m currently pregnant with number 3 (almost 34 weeks) so it’s lovely to follow along. My second son was a big guy 10lb 12ozs (my first son was 8lb 13oz). He had shoulder dystocia and it was a difficult delivery so I’m hoping this one is much smoother. So far this one (gender unknown again) isn’t measuring as big as number 2 so keeping my fingers crossed for a smaller babe and the size is definitely being monitored more closely 😉 great to hear you’ve got great support and doctors that are very clued in to your condition! Good luck for your last few weeks x

  19. Glad to hear you and the baby are ok!! So scary but so glad they were on top of it!

    Sounds like you might have a big baby on your hands! But sometimes the ultrasound can’t pick up the weight and sometimes it’s spot on! Have a similar story actually- Two of my friends had ultrasounds a few weeks before they gave birth to their daughters. One said the baby was over 7lbs 4 weeks before her due date and the baby was born 2 weeks early and was 6lbs! And my other girlfriend had the same thing where it was 4 weeks before her due date and the baby was almost 9lbs but when she was born she was only 8lbs 3oz and she was 4 days late. So it’s so hard to tell sometimes. I know my girlfriends were stressed out haha but everything went smoothly and both came out healthy!

  20. I am 22 weeks pregnant now and I love reading your blog. It is a huge help because I have realized that, being a first time mom, I have a lot to learn. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  21. Good luck! I had polyhydramnios with my daughter (now 6 years old and perfectly healthy). Unfortunately, when they discovered my extra fluid, they did the same tests and found out that she was NOT swallowing the fluid because she had a knot in her intestines. It was all a blur because my water broke just days later at 27 weeks and I was on hospital bed rest until 30 weeks when she decided to join us via emergency c-section. 49 long NICU days later, she was able to come home (and hasn’t slowed down since!). Obviously, that’s the worst case scenario, which is probably why they wanted to see you ASAP. Best advice – stay off your feet as much as possible! They think I was pushing it and that is why my water broke so quickly AND I was measuring MASSIVE. My fluid numbers were in the 30s! Best of luck!!

  22. I had the same thing… my son was 9lb 8.4oz due Nov 30, born c section Dec 9! lol so not always does it make early labor but it usually gives good stretch marks lol Good Luck

  23. Hi Ali,

    Just wanted to tell you that I recently went thru the same thing. It freaked me out because I hadn’t heard of it, didn’t know anyone who it had happened to, and I didn’t check the boxes for reasons that could cause it. We were already high risk for other reasons so I was going in weekly and they just increased to twice a week once diagnosed. At my 32 week appt my fluid first spiked to Polyhydramnios and it continued to go up and down between 17 cm (high range but not Poly) and 28 cm (definitely Poly).We had planned to induce at 38 weeks but my doctor decided to do 37 because of this. Baby went from being in 50%tile to 80%tile, and measuring 3 weeks ahead.

    She was born 3 weeks ago today, everything was just fine, and she was 8 lbs even and 20 in long. She did spend some time in the NICU, had some lung transition issues that were typical of a 37 weeker, but all has been great since then and she’s completely healthy! We had some feeding issues with our 18 mo old but this baby matched right away, without any reflux. I’ll also say, I was down 28 lbs coming home because of all the fluid and an 8 lb baby! While pregnant though, those last 4 weeks were hard with a toddler who wanted to be picked up and the heaviness and discomfort from the extra fluid and larger baby. Heating pad, belly support belt and prenatal massages were my three amigos!

    I’ll be praying for comfort and ease until your baby boy arrives.

  24. Poly means many
    Hydro means water
    I think ya did Kevin are great parents and the universe has you in great hands – “try” torelaxand do last minute things
    I’m going to send you a link to watch – it is about enjoying your season. Just watch it – I promise it will bring you calmness.


    Even if you got to join MOPS page – it well worth it – mops stands for mother of preschoolers

    I had a 4 pound son premature – bed rest – but nerves that come with the unknown are scary. My thoughts are with you.

  25. My second (also a boy, following a girl) weighed in at 7.5 lbs at his 36 week ultrasound – and was born at 39 weeks, 3 days weighing 10 lbs, 5 oz. I knew he was big all along so when I got to the hospital with no time for an epidural, I was REALLY in my head, worrying about how big he might be and how I was going to do it (and with no drugs, nonetheless). Honestly? He was SO easy to push out. He might have weighed more than his big sister, but his delivery was a breeze. I wish I had trusted my body more – it knew what it was doing! Thank the heavens for sweet, encouraging labor and delivery nurses; my nurse was my lifeline when I was in labor. You’ve got this, mama!

  26. Prayers for you and the baby! I think Molly will be great in yhe big sister role! Prayers for a healthy delivery. Even if a section is necessary, prayers for a healthy baby and healthy recovery! Youre such a good mom. Its so sweet to see you with Molly. I cant wait to watch you with the sweet boy!

  27. I gave birth to a 9.6 baby boy naturally and didn’t tare. 😳😳 it’s possible girl! Oh and his head was massive lol good luck you can do it!

  28. You and I are at the same point in pregnancy and I feel ya girl! But what a sigh of relief that at this point of the baby comes he’s going to be just fine. We have to remember to take a deep breath and trust that everything is going to be ok xoxo

  29. So glad to hear everything is fine with you and the baby!

    I know I’ve commented on this before, but I am so impressed with your positive attitude and outlook on life. I love how honest you are about your worries and concerns but that you try to keep things in perspective and roll with things as much as possible. Sorry to sound cheesy, but it’s really inspiring!

  30. Ali I had Polyhydramnios also. I was at 21 but it worries me when my OB told me as well because I had not heard of that before. The doctor told me to cut back on carbs and that helped my fluid level go down. My water broke at 40 weeks 4 days while I was mowing the lawn. Lol. My baby girl was born April 13th! Good luck to you and baby boy!!!

  31. I had this with my daughter 19 years ago. She was born at 39 weeks 2 days and was 9lbs 2oz. Everyone thought I was going to go early. The only nice part was literally gained 90lbs and lost 70lbs by the time I left the hospital. My fluid levels were at 75% and she was huge. It is crazy looking at her now. She is 5’4 and like 120lbs lol.

  32. I had this condition as well with my second baby! Did the doctors talk to you at all about wanting to induce you? I ended up being induced at 41 weeks because they were concerned about the cord wrapping if my water broke at home. So they broke my water in the hospital so they could monitor it. Baby boy was perfectly healthy!! Best of luck to you!!

  33. Wow! Ali, BC you share your experiences and My curiosity, I just realized at this moment why my son was born with TEF (tracheoesophageal fistula) and ASD/VSD, 22 1/2 years ago. I was pregnant with twins. Lost one at 3 months. I honestly had a great pregnancy and delivery, but I always had what I thought was Braxton Hicks. I had to change OB’s at 5 months. I am sure that is why they did not diagnose this. I had a ton of fluid when I delivered and had was huge. My son should have weighed 8lbs and weighed 5lbs 3oz at birth. He is very healthy now after having 2 surgeries one to repair his throat (1 day old) and one to repair is his heart (9 months old). I always knew there was a reason I had so much fluid. I am very fortunate that he has grown into a thriving young adult. I am praying for you and baby and know he will be happy and healthy.

  34. Hi Ali,
    I just had my baby on 2/13 and had your condition as well. I was induced because with the excess of fluid by week 36-37 I was absolutely in so much pain. So I got induced at 38 weeks. When I had her the main concern was cord prolapse which means the cord coming out before the head so they let my water break naturally on it’s own. She came out like a slip n’ slide gushing tons of water all over the 2 intern doctors and 1 nurse. I never felt more pressure relief in my life (she was baby #5). I lost 22 pounds in fluid alone. Most of my weight gain had been fluid and my belly was HUGE!! Everyone thought and asked if I was having twins! You are definitely not alone in this! Love watching your IG and seeing your sweet Molly!

  35. Doctor here. Those “measurements” of how big your unborn child is are all just guesses. There is very little science behind them. So don’t freak out too much about the thought of having a ten pound baby- he could very well be smaller than that! Glad he’s swallowing fluid! Hope you’re feeling well and less anxious after the appointment 🙂

  36. Ali, so happy to hear you and baby boy are ok and that you have great prenatal care! The doctors seems super attentive, which is always reassuring. I just wanted to throw this out there – I have 4 kids and I had polyhydramnios w/ two of my pregnancies (toward the end). Those two kiddos of mine ended up being born w cleft palates. This kinda made sense seeing as polyhydramnios could be caused by baby struggling to swollow. Cleft palates more times than not go undetected because they are hard to see in ultrasound (even 3/D and 4/D). Cleft lips can be seen in ultrasounds, but my kiddos palates were only affected. Needless to say they are now 5 and almost 10yrs old and are happy and healthy. When I saw your post i felt compelled to reach out and share my experience w PH even though it may be completely different scenarios. God bless you and your family, and I am so excited for you and your growing family!

  37. Glad it’s nothing too serious. I am a week behind you so I know that worrisome feeling. Also I make very large babies. My first measured ahead the whole time. He ended up being 11lbs 15oz. I am average height and weight so for me to have a baby that big was a shock. I ended up with a csection because I stalled at 7cm after 38 hours. No matter how baby arrives you will do just fine!!!! I hope he stays in a few more weeks for you! Yay for being at the end of pregnancy though. I know I am ready to meet my little fella. Best of luck Ali!

  38. Hi Ali! I too had polyhydramnios with my second baby. I went into labor 12 hours before I was going to be induced. I delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 10 lbs 6 ounces (with a huge head as well – 99% lol). I remember how heavy my belly always felt, especially trying to get up! Good luck with everything!!

  39. Thanks for the update 🙂 Hopefully all goes well for you when welcoming you little man 🙂 Molly is so cute, she will be a good big sister 🙂 My little guy was 9lbs 1oz when born had 16 hours if labor, you got this Ali 🙂

      1. I was scrolling the comments to see if anyone else asked before I did! I wanted to see him too!!

        By the way, Ali, I’m so glad everything is well!

  40. Hi Ali,

    You look Sublime.
    Molly gives the feeling with her candid gaze of sharing with her mother the joys but also the pains of pregancy. Amazing!

    Pay attention to your health! ❤️

  41. I am so glad everything is okay. I kept checking back on your story that day. Pregnancy can be the most scary party of our lives as well as the happiest.

    If you ever have time, I would love
    To talk to you about your hemmoraghe experience with Molly. I was so scared to get pregnant again and I don’t know anyone who has been through it.

  42. I’m sure you’ve had many people tell you that the weight estimates they give you via ultrasound can be way off! It was very true in my case.
    At 32 weeks, I was told my son weighed just shy of 6 lbs! My husband and I were so nervous, as he was our first and the thought of him having 8 more weeks to grow was terrifying!
    My son was born healthy at 37.5 weeks weighing 6lbs 11oz
    Don’t bank too much on those guesses!

  43. Ali,
    I love how positive you are and that’s exactly how you need to be during your pregnancy. My son is 8 months old now and I had Polyhydramnios as well. I wouldn’t say I had a complicated pregnancy but I did experience some unexpected things. I was miserable the last month with the extra weight and I looked swollen everywhere (my legs and feet were the worst). Because of all the extra amniotic fluid I didn’t feel my babies movements much my last month of pregnancy so I was constantly seeing my OB to monitor him. My water never broke so I was induced which went smoothly. My son was 9 pounds and 5 ounces and a 99% head circumference. He’s been a pure joy and is extremely healthy now at 27 pounds at 8 months.
    Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and I look forward to seeing your sweet family grow. 😊

  44. So glad everything is okay with your baby and you! I hope he decides to come the day after your brother in laws wedding too. My due date for my son is July 6th. I believe that’s Molly’s birthday right? Best wishes to you on your last few weeks of pregnancy!

  45. Hey Ali,
    I’m a childbirth educator and honestly everybody’s body is different and every single birth is different. I completely understand your fears and concerns. Also know the weight from an ultrasound is rarely ever 100% accurate. It’s basically impossible not to google everything nowadays but look for evident based information.
    This is what your body is made to do, you got this!

  46. This sounds like my pregnancy story with my son a year ago. I was diagnosed with the same thing and was freaking out until I saw my specialist! My baby was also measuring large …..95% and up! Little did I know that bigger babies just made more amniotic fluid and all was good with my son.

    However I did have a C-section in the end. He weighed 9lbs 3oz….enough said.

    Hopefully you have a smoother labor and delivery. Good luck. I love reading your blogs I can really relate 🙂

  47. You didn’t post the ultrasound pic you mentioned.
    Also – re: your insta story – Kate Middleton could walk normally after birth because she likely didnt have an epidural. Ive had 1 medicated and 1 unmediated birth and EVERYTHING is better unmedicated. Pushing more effectively = less soreness etc.

  48. I’m so glad everything’s going well with baby boy. I had a perfect pregnancy with my son, and then went into labor 3.5 weeks early, had a horrible labor, and ended up having to have an emergency cesarean. While I completely understand your desire to avoid that at all costs, I promise if it comes to that, you’ll forget all about those wishes and will just be so excited for that healthy baby boy in your arms.

    It’s be fun walking through your pregnancy with you – I’m just a few weeks behind you with our little girl. Good luck in these final weeks!!

  49. My boy was weighing 7lbs at my 34 week ultrasound but only weighed 7lbs 7oz when he arrived at 37 weeks so hopefully they are a little off. 10lb babies sound scary!!!

  50. My 2nd baby had cysts on her brain too but they said they would go away also! It’s a very scary thing but they say it’s very common. Thankful all is well with the little bambino!

  51. Although I didn’t have the same condition you have now when I was pregnant with my first two years ago, I was measuring very big on the belly. Even though I had only gained about 30 lbs, apparently most of it went to my belly. So when I went into labor at 39 weeks and I was measuring 43 weeks on my belly, the nurses in labor and delivery were freaking out. My doctor wasn’t on call and the dr that was on for my practice had an ultrasound done and we were told our son was measuring 10 lbs 13 oz. We ended up having him via c section a few hours later and he was only (ha – sounds funny to say) 9 lbs 4 oz. Basically, don’t stress too much about what they’re saying he is size wise because there is quite a bit of room for variation/error on those estimates. I’m also pregnant with my second right now due at the end of May (literally due within a day or so of you). Wishing you a happy and healthy birth and hope timing ends up being just right. Xo

  52. I not only also has polyhydramnios when I had my son, but we were also told about the cyst on his brain at our 20 week ultrasound! Everything turned out fine for him, but it was scary to hear that during the ultrasound. I had so much fluid, he was still flipping even a few days before delivery. I ended up having to be fully induced with him at 41 weeks. But all went well and he is a happy and healthy 5 year old boy. Coincidentally, his ultrasound picture looked exactly like his big sister (who is two years older), but he ended up looking nothing like her! Can’t wait to see your new little man – best wishes!

  53. I actually had the opposite of your condition! My fluid levels were only at a 3-4 (I also don’t know the actual measurement term 😂) we thought we were going to have a pre term baby but after days IV fluids, bed rest, and drinking at least a gallon every day I ended up having to be induced a week past due! I have a friend who had your condition and know how uncomfortable she was. Prayers for a safe pregnancy and delivery!

  54. I’m sooo glad all is looking well. But I do understand the worry even over .0001 % worry – sooo normal. One of the many things I never ever realized before my 2 boys came into this world is that you will worry about them from before they are born and their wholes lives! Also normal! But still hard….I mentioned my first one came 3 weeks early at 7.6 and my second one was induced past 40 weeks and was nearly 9 lbs with a 100% head!! Yes, 100% which pretty much means no babies are born w heads this large ! But I did have an epidural and it was fine. In fact I was up and searching for a burger – something I normally don’t even crave or like that much – within 30 mins of giving birth. My doc got mad at me – esp having to find me lol – but that’s how unaffected it was for me – that head. I give credit to that epidural though. I’m betting the moon that you deliver early and I will hold hopes it’s right after the wedding!

  55. I had this as well and my water broke the day I hit 37 weeks thank god because I couldn’t imagine going longer! I had so much fluid they had to wheel me in the gaurney from triage to the room because I basically had a waterfall going over the bed! One thing no one warned me about regarding this is when your water breaks you need to go to the hospital ASAP because the extra fluid may sweep your cord and cause prolapse. Ask your doctor about that one. My daughter was also very high and even though I was a 10 it took a hours for me to try to push because they wanted her to drop. Not sure if this was due to the extra fluid . Next time I will bounce on a yoga ball to help drop baby. Good luck momma!

  56. Did have that exact problem, had 2 water bags…I measured 3-4 weeks bigger almost all of my pregnancy. 2nd pregnancy. Was in labor for 6 days, dilated to a 5 but wasn’t at 36 weeks so they would break my water!! At 36 weeks and 3 days my water bag broke, or one of them did. I am 5’2 and my son was 9lb 1oz and 213/4 inches long…he was on track to be 11lbs. So I have faith you can do it!!! Your family will soon be complete:)

  57. Oh Ali I’m so sorry you had to experience some stressful times during this pregnancy but I’m so happy you have a healthy boy in the way! I absolutely love how down to earth you are and how personal you get with your fans. Crossing my fingers for you that you get that 10 pound baby out without too much trauma haha. P.s you look absolutely stunning! Best wishes 🙂

  58. My little girl, Gracie, was born four weeks early in June 2016…and the day before they induced me for preeclampsia she was measuring almost 10 pounds at my high risk doctor appointment at a Chicago hospital (so a legit, great hospital lol).

    I was TERRIFIED about having a huge baby come out of me…but lo and behold…she was 8.6. Still big for a month early! But less than the measurements. She was the biggest baby in the NICU lol

    I have several friends that have had similar experiences. The measurements are not always totally accurate.

    We had the exact opposite scare…at 20 weeks she was measuring with too little amniotic fluid. No matter if I drank a gallon of water a day even. Which is not fun when you’re pregnant!! It’s such a helpless feeling though…wanting to protect our little ones and make things better.

    Praying for a healthy boy and a safe remainder of your pregnancy!

  59. Hi Ali, I am happy to hear everything is going well. I also had polyhydrominos with my second. I understand how it can feel scary of the unknown. Like you had A LOT of extra fluid and I was measuring way further along then scheduled. I had to go to our special kids hosipal here bi weekly for an ultrasound. I was told she was a big baby but she came out at 6lbs 7oz and perfectly healthy! 🙂 So you just never know! Best wishes as you continue on with this pregnancy.

    Oh and like you mentioned I was told 1-2% of women develop this during pregnancy, funny enough my cousin also developed it as well with her first. Doctors here never heard of two people in the same family developing it.

    Again best wishes and I cannot wait to read your best post!

  60. Ali I’m kind of a mother figure I’d guess you’d say. I’ve watched u grow up on tv let’s say. Watched u blossom. It wasn’t always the best times for you I know. So I’ve kind of fallen in luv with u. Just love your passion your zest and energy in life so happy you you follow your heart. I feel your just a true little sweetie in real life. Congratulations with your choices in life. I wish the very best Maybe someday will cross paths. May god be good to you and your family

    Love 💕, from a following mom

  61. I just delivered my first baby March 2nd, an 8 LB 8 oz boy! I started seeing a specialist due to his size by 24 weeks and was finally diagnosed with polyhydramnios around 34 weeks because my fluid was measuring at 30. They were tracking Nash to be about 10 lbs also, so they induced me one week early and he wasn’t close to 10 lbs, so you never know! The only thing my doctors were concerned about was him turning, because he had been head down since 20 weeks and with extra fluid sometimes they can move. That’s why they suggested inducing. Other than that, they said that while polyhydramnios is rare, it’s not likely to harm you or the baby.
    Prayers for a healthy delivery!

  62. My son had a cyst on his brain at the 20 week appointment also. Our doctor told us she didn’t think it was anything serious but told us all the risks it could lead to 🙄which then worried us until our 24 week ultrasound appointment. The cyst was gone by then and the ultrasound nurse said it happens all the time. Now he is 18 months and surpassing all his milestones early!

  63. Congratulations on your baby!! Each pregnancy is so different & we just never know what will happen. You’re an awesome mom of 2 already & I’m sure with these things coming up having him here will be even more special. Praying for a good delivery & peace of mind. Also, your one of my top bachelor world people to follow. You’re such a sweet person, very non-judgements & respectful. Down to earth. Super sincere & kind. Basically you’re a gem! I always Enjoy how to write about this & keep the persons heart in mind. Thanks for being you! You kids are lucky to have you! And your husband too. Enjoy the last few days with your sweet Molly!

    1. Oops so many typos. 😉 “I always enjoy how you write about things & keep the person’s heart in mind”
      May you be blessed!

  64. Ali, so happy to hear you and baby Manno are doing well, and the amino problem is nothing to worry about. Having a c section is nothing. I’ve had 2, and they are simple, and your recovery is practically apiece of cake, but also depends on the person also. With you being super healthy, and active, you shouldn’t have a problem if you do need to have the c section.
    Wishing you all the very best. Looking forward to hearing you have had him.

    Good luck

  65. I just had a 9 lb, 9 oz baby with no tearing and only 3 pushes! And my last was only 7 lbs! I have NO idea how my body did it. But our bodies are amazing things! It’s possible!! Best wishes to you! Can’t wait to hear news of his arrival.

  66. Hi Ali! they told me I had 2 liters of fluid when I delivered my daughter via c section. They mentioned a few weeks before I had a lot of fluid but no one said anything really other than make sure I have a mattress protector and I should be sitting on towels bc when my water broke it was going to be a lot. I didn’t even know I had this condition until after I gave birth and saw it on my paperwork! So Don’t stress!

  67. I don’t always trust the weight the predict! I was on the delivery table and they told me my daughter would “maybe be 7 pounds, if that”. After 3.5 hours of pushing and a c-section out came an 8 pound 11.3oz beautiful baby girl! So they could be wrong! But no matter what he is healthy 🙂 Prating everything stays that way for you!

  68. Happy to hear baby boy is 👌🏻! I have had Polyhydramnious 1st baby born 37 weeks, perfectly healthy baby boy . 2nd pregnancy I had oligohydramnious ( too little fluid) and she was born at 32 weeks Bc the fluid was just too low. She was born at 2lbs 7oz and now is 11lbs at 6 months and perfectly healthy! Praying for healthy momma and baby in the coming weeks! Xo

  69. I had Polyhydramnious from 32 weeks on and had NST (Non-stress Tests) weekly that were very stressful. I thought maybe because I drink lots of water it caused it.

    I would be prepared any moment because may have to deliver early. I was hoping to reach due date because close to my birthday and wanted full term.

    But had to deliver early, dr’s orders because worried about baby. I had my lo 1 day shy of 37 weeks, no hospital bag, car seat, nursery setup. We also had to take precautions because she was small 5-10 percentile. Just don’t be surprised if he comes early.

  70. You are amazing! I love following your blog. My daughter will be two in May so everything you post is so relatable !

    Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby boy!

  71. Ali, I am 34 weeks, 2 days and at 32 weeks I had an ultrasound showing extra fluid ( polyhydramnios also) and baby is measuring big- We sound so similar! I have a 2 1/2 yr old and my pregnancy was so easy with him- this one has been different! I’ve been so nervous this baby’s going to come early but your words are making me feel much better. Thank you for writing about this and best of luck to you!!

  72. Don’t worry about the birth part— my son was 9 lbs 12 oz, we had NO idea. He’s my first and I only pushed for fifteen minutes. Your body can handle it!

  73. Thank you so much for being open and sharing your life with us, as well as your littles. My husband and I are talking about trying to start a family later this year, and reading all of your updates gives me so much peace because you don’t hear people talk about real life situations that much! Just reading this and knowing that JUST because there can be scares or “what if’s” doesn’t mean they’ll all be true. So happy you have another healthy baby on the way. You and Kevin seem to truly be a perfect match and are great parents to Molly and baby boy.

  74. Hi Ali! So glad everything is okay! and don’t worry about the 10 lb baby issue. Both of my boys were 10 lbs, and because of their size, both of them slept through the night after a couple of weeks 🙂

  75. My doctors estimation was nearly exact! At my 37 week ultrasound he said the baby was 7 pounds 3 ounces and said he figured on my c section date at 39 weeks he would be 8 pounds 3 ounces.He ended up being 8 pounds 4 ounces,crazy how accurate he was.

  76. Hey i had polyhydramnios with my second pregnancy. It went away on its own by the third trimester and i now have a normal healthy one year old. Try not to stress mommas!

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