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Hey guys! I have a lot going on today in just in my life in general right now so I don’t have time to write a full blog post. But I just want to put something real quick since I know a lot of you saw my Instagram post and are wanting more info on the beauty products I love (these are just a few of my faves). I wish I had time to write about each one of these products and why I am a fan but instead I’m just going to link them below and encourage you guys to check them out!


Everything I linked you can get at Sephora and I think starting today they have a discount if you sign up for their membership program. It’s free so I think you just have to give your email and get a discount! Worth checking out for sure!

Anyway, I’m off to the doctor. I went to my regular OBGYN yesterday and found out I have a large excess amount of amniotic fluid and I have to go get checked out by a specialist today who has a more high-tech ultrasound machine. I’m a little nervous and my condition (called Polyhydramnios) is something I’ll blog about in more detail later but my mind is a little bit preoccupied right now. Hoping all goes well with my appointment today! I’ll let you guys know for sure.

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49 thoughts on “My Beauty Faves Right Now

  1. Hi Ali
    Is Molly’s lamb called lambchop? It’s so cute.
    I buy IT ‘bye bye redness’…they have great products that are a bit pricey but they work.
    I hope everything is well with you…I’m glad you’re seeing the specialist.
    Take good care of Ali 💙

    1. Yes Lambchop! She loves her! It was a gift from one of my girlfriends.

      I also get so much redness on my chin so I will have to try that too! Thanks for the rec!

  2. I use Carmax, in the round container and not plastic tube (seems to be totally different) on acne. I put it on at night, and my face is clear the next morning. It works every time! Carmax does have a lot of uses!

  3. Thank you so much for the recommendations. I hope your appointment goes well. Sending you good juju!

  4. Ali-

    I had Polyhydramnios andny 3 month old turned out just fine. I know it’s scary but some women are just predisposed to having lots of fluids. They told me 99 percent of the time every thing is just fine. The only downside is, when your water breaks there is going to be a major flood! Yikes! Hang in there.

    1. I had this to and when my water broke everyone in the room couldn’t stop laughing. The doctor was even laughing. Like a tsunami. 😂
      All was well with the baby!

    2. I had excess fluid and all went well I ended up having two bags!! It was a flood when they broke my waters!

    3. Same here! I found out the day before my water broke that I had excess fluid. When my water broke it was a waterfall 😂 I ended up having a 10 lb baby and she was completely healthy. They told me sometimes they don’t know the reason for the excess fluid. I’m sure everything will be okay!

  5. Hope everything goes well for you today!
    I had lots of excess fluid with my 2nd babe. My bump was huge!! Baby was healthy and almost 9lbs! Just was a lot of fluid when my water broke. Yuck 😳
    Sending you positive vibes!

  6. Good luck today! I forget how far along you are, but I also showed excess amniotic fluid at around 34 weeks in my first pregnancy. My doctor said it could be a sign of gestational diabetes and they had me re-take the 3hr diagnostic test. Sure enough, I failed it. It was diet-controlled for the remainder of my pregnancy and I had to monitor my blood sugar, and I had regular NST’s for the last few weeks. Might be something to ask about!

  7. Thinking of you and hoping your appointment goes well!! I had polyhydramious with our little one last year, this same exact time. I was worried just like you but it all turned out well. Try not to overthink & stay positive!! ❤️

  8. Good luck with your appointment! I had the same condition that was diagnosed at 37 weeks and ended up being induced at 39 weeks 5 days. Gave birth to a perfect little baby boy! My doctor isn’t sure why I had it since I passed the glucose screening twice. Thoughts and prayers going your way! Love reading your blog!

    1. same situation for me, I was diagnosed polyhydraminos at 32wks. Passed both my glucose tests. I was seen by a high risk doctor and monitored twice a week with non stress tests and ultrasounds. I am currently 39wks 4 days and my docs started induction yesterday, but my cervix was not responding, so they sent us home for him to come on his own time. The unknown is so scary, but we are praying for a healthy baby!!

  9. I had the same thing with my last pregnancy! It really freaked me out, but I just ate as healthy as I could and tried to be active and the fluid actually decreased a lot. We now have a healthy 5 week old son!

  10. I had that with my last baby. He was just fine, just extra fluid! Praying all is ok with you and your baby, too.

  11. Hoping your apt went well and you and baby boy are both okay! I just had an ultrasound myself today (32 weeks w/twins) and any little thing that’s slight “off” is always freaks me out! Sending lots of good thoughts your way sweet mama!

  12. Your family is the sweetest! I’ve watched and followed you ever since the bachelor, your blog everyday inspires me to the better of myself!

  13. I got induced 3 days before my due date with my son because they said I suddenly had excess fluid. When the doc finally broke my water at 10cm she said it was the normal amount and decided the tech didn’t measure right….gee thanks!!! I’m glad they were cautious but maybe another tech or doc should have checked haha

  14. I had excess fluid with both of my two and all turned out to ok! Try not to stress. Both of mine kept flipping positions up until the very end but I could never tell if they were head up or down myself because of the fluid. It always had to be confirmed at an ultrasound. And yes a lot of fluid when water broke!! Lol

  15. Don’t get too caught up on the 7lb already thing !! Half the time they are totally inaccurate- Maternity nurse here- often see people with a predicted 11 lb baby and it comes out 8-9 lbs. I’m sure baby will weigh more than Molly but hopefully similar!

  16. Hi Ali,

    I actually had the same situation with my son during my first pregancy. They told me I was poly also but there was nothing to worry about. He ended up being a c-section because he was breech. When they delivered him there was a huge hush of water but that was all. You will be fine. My son was 7.5lbs when born. You look great and keep going!!!

  17. Hi Ali,
    I just wanted to comment on your story from today. I have a six week old grandchild who was born at 34 1/2 weeks weighing in at 7 lbs 4oz. Perfectly healthy and beautiful.My daughter in law also had high levels of amniotic fluid. Your story is just too similar so I had to comment. I hope this helps to give you a little reassurance that if your not so little guy decides to make an early debut things will probably be just fine. Sending love and prayers to you and your beautiful family!

  18. Ali,
    I had a similar experience at around 34 weeks.My doctor said I was measuring a little big about 4 cm ahead so they sent me for an ultrasound. My fluid levels came back at a 28 and was told the normal range is 20-25. My baby was also weighing 6.3 which freaked me out because it could be off by a pound in either direction so I was worried that I was going to have a giant baby! I was told they would induce at 39 weeks for extra fluid and have to take weekly ultrasounds and non stress tests. My next ultrasound at 35 weeks the fluid level had actually dropped down to 21 so it was in the normal range. I didn’t know that could happen but I was a relief for sure. Of course all this stress wasn’t good for me and I developed preeclampsia at 36 weeks and was induced at 37. Now I have a happy healthy baby and she only ended up weighing 6.6! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  19. I had the same thing with my second pregnancy diagnosed at 36 weeks. It finally explained why I was so huge. I went in two times per week for the next two weeks for all kinds of monitoring. They induced two weeks early. I had to repeat the glucose test but it all came back normal. When they broke my water to progress labor, it was a FLOOD! Everyone in the room thought it was hilarious but me. I gave birth to a very healthy 7 lb 14 oz baby girl. She was 1 pound more than my first. I think they induced early because they were worried about the cord and placenta previa. I am sure all will be well. Based on everyone’s comments today, it’s more common than I knew and everyone has great success stories. 🙂

  20. I had polyhydramneous with my first pregnancy. I was really worried about it and had to have NSTs and Ultrasounds weekly towards the end but everything was totally fine- I just had a big boy in there (9 lb 2 oz). I’m sure everything will be great for you too 😊

  21. I’m glad you updated us in stories bc I went into mom mode and was worried! As an older mom (and nurse) I was thinking you looked near term so I’m glad you went in. I had my first boy 3 weeks early and he was 7lbs 6 Oz and my second one past my due date and he was nearly 9lbs! Ppl thot I was ready to deliver since I was 30 week. Anyway, an example of how each pregnancy is different. I bet you will deliver early too. I am so glad to hear all is well! Again – sounding like a mom – rest and enjoy that time with Molly and your hubby – and Owen!

  22. Totally unrelated to this post but I, too, had polyhydramnios with my first pregnancy (a boy) and my water ended up breaking a month early at home. So. Much. Fluid. It was wild. And my belly was massive near the end of my pregnancy because of all the fluid.
    Good luck! I guess you’ll be having regular checks and u/s to monitor the fluid.

  23. Hi Ali,
    Hoping all goes well for you! I had poly with my second and I was scared at first too but everything was fine in the end. I had a healthy 8.4 lb baby girl. Good luck and try not to stress (I know, easier said than done!). 😊

  24. So excited to see pictures of this little man once he makes his arrival :).
    Saw your insta story – don’t worry too much about the weight they gave you! My sister has a one month old and at her 35 week appt. the doctor told her to prepare for a 9-10lb baby as she was definitely above average. When my sister went to 41 weeks we were all sure a giant baby was coming to meet us, but Charlotte came out at barely 7lbs and perfect!
    Good luck with the last few weeks!

  25. I had no issues when I was pregnant with my little girl, but when I was pregnant with my boy I developed the same issue. Kind of scared me at first from hearing all the things that could cause poly but all was normal when he was born. I was ranging from 27-30 each week so they end up doing a section at 37 weeks. Good luck!!! 👍🏼

  26. I saw on your IG that all went well at the appointment, rest as much as you can as you prepare for baby to come! Best of luck and thanks for sharing the products 😘

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