Blue Jean Baby – Showering and Celebrating Our Baby Boy

Super excited to share my baby shower/sprinkle with all of you today! As many of you know, it was a little over a week ago and I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to write about it until now. It’s just been a really busy week! But better late than never, right?!

You might’ve seen some of the coverage on or in People Magazine this past week. We’re so grateful that they covered the special day for us and even if you did see it on/in People, I’m going to share a bunch more photos here on Ali Luvs today! Honestly, it kind of feels like you guys should’ve been there with me! So many of you are such a big part of my lives. Many of you I talk to every day really. As those of you who comment on my blog daily know, I try my absolute hardest to comment back every single time! So know that even though you guys weren’t there in person, you definitely were in spirit!

Photos by Brandon Kidd Photography

I have to start this blog post by thanking my friend Leila Lewis for throwing this beautiful shower for me. I almost didn’t have a baby shower/sprinkle. Life has just been so crazy lately that I didn’t even have time to think about it, and even though a few friends offered to do one, it just seemed like a lot of work for everyone. But then Leila Lewis stepped in and insisted on showering me and my baby boy. You guys might recognize her name because she not only planned my baby shower for Molly, but she and our team also completely planned our wedding! She’s the type of person that I can count on for anything and everything! And everything she does through her company Be Inspired PR, and in life in general, is pretty much fabulous. Check out her Instagram HERE to see all the incredible events she throws!

And all the photos you see on today’s blog are by Brandon Kidd Photography. Brandon also shot our wedding and he does absolutely beautiful work! Not only that, but he’s just a really sweet person. All the girls at the shower kept commenting on how kind and lovely he was. It’s so important to have a photographer you enjoy being around to capture special moments like this in your life. If you guys are wondering why my dear friend Ashley didn’t shoot photos of my shower, it’s for two reasons. One, she was out of town. And two, even if she had been in town, I would’ve wanted her to sit and enjoy the shower! And we just adore Brandon so we were happy to have him shoot our special day!

And I say “our” special day because the baby shower wasn’t just about me and my baby boy. It was about Molly and Kevin as well. I honestly think all dad’s should attend baby showers/sprinkles. The day is just as much about them as it is about me and the baby.

OK, time to share details about the day! The shower was very small and intimate. 13 of my closest friends came to shower me, Kevin, Molly and our new baby boy with love. We knew we wanted it to be somewhere beautiful and peaceful so we decided on Malibu Beach Inn. If you guys ever get a chance to visit Malibu you definitely have to stop by! My sprinkle was in a private room, but they have a gorgeous balcony overlooking the ocean. And their food is just unreal! I’m a big fan of avocado toast and there’s is on point! My guests had a poached egg on their’s, but I did mine scrambled since I can’t have runny eggs until after the baby comes. Man do I miss runny eggs! Eggs Benedict might be the first thing I order and eat for breakfast after I have this baby. After I have a few sips of wine of course. Ha!

Oh let me backtrack for a second. When Leila and I were trying to decide on a theme she sent me the idea of doing “Blue Jean Baby” as a the theme for the shower. She sent a few other ideas, but I knew that Blue Jean Baby was the one for two reasons. The first being that Kevin and I love a song called “Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts” by the band The Gaslight Anthem. The album that that song is on is one we listened to a ton when we were first falling in love. So I loved the idea of the Blue Jean Baby sprinkle because it reminded me of that song and reminded me of a time when I first fell in love with my baby boy’s father. The second reason I loved it is because Leila suggested we do denim pockets for the flatware to put on the table. I just thought that was such a cute idea! And I knew the perfect person to make them! My dear friend and colleague (we work together on Home & Family) Orly Shani, who is a DIY queen! So I knew I could count on her to make the denim pockets for the flatware. But she took it a step further and also made the fringe backdrop for the name cards. I think both the details really brought the whole table together. Thank you Orly!!! She was at the shower too of course.

And speaking of the table, every detail was just perfect. I mean, the flowers were stunning! A floral company called Hidden Garden did all of the arrangements and I really think they did an incredible job. Flowers can be a very girly touch at any event. But I really feel like the flowers they used perfectly complemented the theme and everything else on the table. I took home one of the centerpieces and so loved having them in our home.

We got our table top rentals (beaded chargers, goblets and gold flatware) from Soiree8. We actually used this company for our wedding too and I was so blown away by everything about them that we had to use them again! They’re just really professional and have the most beautiful items! I can’t recommend them enough! And the beautiful menus and name card calligraphy was done by Xowyo Paper & Press. The menus were even backed with denim. Such a lovely touch.

Every good party needs a backdrop for photos! So we had a braided blue jean backdrop made by Jesi Haack Design. And the sign on top that says “blue jean baby” was made by Creative Amme (she also did the “Oh Boy” stir sticks). My bestie Stefanie and I posed with our baby bumps in front of the photo backdrop in the pic below! She’s about two weeks behind me with her little baby boy. How cool is it that we’re having babies so close together! Technically, if she delivers a little early and I deliver a little late we could have babies on the same day! Although, I REALLY hope I don’t go late! Ha!

Last but certainly not least are the cake jars by Sweet and Saucy Shop! Are these not the cutest desserts you’ve ever seen?! I’m not gonna lie, I took a few home with me and ate them later that day. And for Molly, the cake jars were definitely the star of the whole show! She doesn’t get sweets very often. In fact, the only other time she’s ever had cake was at her first birthday party. Man did she dig right into the cake jar! She was eating it while dancing for all the girls. It was quite the little performance!

Well, I think that’s everything! Oh wait! How could I forget my outfit!!! I can’t believe I almost forgot. Fashion is what I do!!!! My maxi dress is by Rachel Pally. You can get it HERE or HERE. Rachel Pally has the BEST maternity dresses. If you are looking for a dress for your baby shower, I would definitely look at her stuff. I got my sandals HERE. I had to be comfy! And we did spend a good portion of the day on the beach so sandals were a must! And I wore these earrings.

Ok, NOW that’s everything! So many of you were sending me DM’s asking me about specific details so I thought it would be easiest to share them on a blog! Before I go I have to thank all my girlfriends for being there. It was a much smaller and more intimate shower than what we did for Molly. For example, family and friends from around the country weren’t able to fly in because it was planned so last minute, but we definitely felt them there in spirit even though they were missed. And my girlfriends that did come made me feel so very special and loved. As I get older I think it becomes more and more apparent to me how important your friends are. I think I’ve always known that but they just mean even more to me now. So thank you Orly, Kaley, Bri, Stef, Valishia, Kim, Willa, Mel, Brittany, Emma, Jenna, Amy, and Ashley! I just named everyone from left to right, top row to bottom row in the photo below. That’s because they all mean so much to me and I could never decide who’s name to say first so I just had to do it that way! Ha! I’m lame and think about things like that. Anyway, to all you girls, I want you to know how much I love each and every one of you and how grateful Kevin, Molly, baby boy Manno and I are for all of your friendship.

Can’t wait to meet our little boy!


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34 thoughts on “Blue Jean Baby – Showering and Celebrating Our Baby Boy

  1. Uhm, where to even begin with how beautiful this shower was?! I am dying over the jean pockets and fringe name cards. That flower arrangement with the white anemones is so gorgeous, and thistle is one of my all-time fave flowers, so I’m in awe of how all these lovely shapes and textures came together! You can really feel the love here from your friends—so glad you had a fun shower!

  2. The pictures of this shower are picture perfect and Molly is just cutest good luck on your journey with your new little one just remember to take time to enjoy this journey cause they grow up fast

  3. Literally the cutest ideas here! Congrats Ali! Looking forward to photos of your newest addition!

    OK, now wait, I gotta ask…. is Willa the same “I Wanna Be Bad” Willa?? If so, I LOVED her and that my karaoke jam😁

  4. Your family is the cutest! Such a beautiful day. I had a girl first and then a little boy. It is great and you will love it! Congrats!

  5. My mom always said you’re only supposed to have a baby shower for your first baby, but I think it’s important to show the love for all the babies no matter if it’s your 1st or 2nd or 5th! Such a cute theme and special day & it’s so nice you let Kevin be involved!

  6. What an awesome baby shower/sprinkle theme!! I loved the blue jean utensil pockets and the flowers were gorgeous as were you!! I love that Blue Jean Baby theme so much….it reminds me of the movie My Girl 2!! So special!! Thanks for sharing images from you and your precious family’s special shower!!

  7. Ali, I think you knocked it out of the park with the dress choice!! I know you said you wish you had worn white, but i LOVE this for your theme!

  8. Hi ali! So so cute! Love this! I’m having a sprinkle for my 2nd baby that my friends are hosting (my first is a boy and I’m expecting a girl) and initially I did not do a registry but I went ahead and did a small one with just mostly a few inexpensive clothing essentials and I wondered if you did a registry? At first I wasn’t going to share it with my friends and only tell family, but I’m wondering if it’s ok to do a registry for baby 2 and if you did? Thanks so so so much!!!

  9. You look so happy and relaxed and gorgeous! What a beautiful shower and such a nice way to celebrate your new baby boy! I’m 24 weeks with my first and can’t wait for my shower in July to celebrate this new addition! We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl though…chose to wait which is making me that much more excited!
    I love that you mentioned that “Daddy” should be part of the experience too! They are so often forgotten but let’s face it, we can’t do it without them 😉 I’m helping to plan a “Dad-chelor” Guys weekend for my hubby to celebrate HIM and how incredible and supportive he has been throughout this whole journey so far <3

  10. Hi Ali
    I’m so happy you had such a fantastic ‘sprinke’ with your friends & with Kevin and your nugget being with you.
    I love The Gaslight Anthem band/music.
    If I could…I’d send you a bottle of wine! 🍷
    Congratulations to Stephanie too!
    Can’t wait to see the People magazine.
    Take care of Ali

  11. You have amazing friends! Your shower looked so beautiful and so did you! That was my favourite dress that you posted and it went perfectly with that theme I think!
    I can’t wait to see pictures of your little boy and to see what name you and Kevin decided on. I wish you luck as I would have a difficult time with coming up with a boy name as well!

  12. You look absolutely STUNNING 🙌🏼 💙 everything about all these photos are perfect! Congratulations to you and your family on your sweet little boy!! Also, referring to your insta story today, I feel ya on how hard it is to get yourself ready plus the kids!! & getting in and out of the car all day is like a workout/ chore in itself , HA! But it’s also the best💗💙 I’m not a momma myself yet.. but am a nanny ( have been for 8 years ) to 5 sweet kids!! I enjoy watching your videos of Molly & can’t wait to see them with your little man soon! Xoxo


  13. You look absolutely STUNNING 🙌🏼 💙 everything about all these photos are perfect! Congratulations to you and your family on your sweet little boy!! Also, referring to your insta story today, I feel ya on how hard it is to get yourself ready plus the kids!! & getting in and out of the car all day is like a workout/ chore in itself , HA! But it’s also the best💗💙 I’m not a momma myself yet.. but am a nanny ( have been for 8 years ) to 5 sweet kids!! I enjoy watching your videos of Molly & can’t wait to see them with your little man soon! Xoxo

  14. LOVE, ❤️, LOVE the denim theme! So darn cute! Everything looked so beautiful!, can’t wait to see baby boy manno!! These are definitely exciting times!

  15. I love all the ideas. Can’t wait to copy your blue Jean baby idea and create a similar baby sprinkle for one of my friends here in South Africa. Can’t wait to see pics of your lil guy.all the best with these last few weeks.

  16. Oh what a beautiful shower!!! Congratulations. I may steal a few of your links for my daughters first birthday 😉

  17. In the hunt for a much needed pregnancy pillow. I saw your instastory and you showed a glimpse of yours. Where is it from? Brand?

  18. love that Kevin and Molly were there to celebrate. It looks like everyone had the most wonderful time and everything was so beautiful! You definitely have great family and friends!

  19. “Blue jeans and white T-shirt’s” was on the first cd my boyfriend ever made me five years ago! It holds a very special place in our hearts too, your sprinkle looked absolutely beautiful. So excited for you and your adorable family!

  20. What a gorgeous shower, Ali!! So excited for you, Kevin and Molly! Hope these last few weeks go smoothly for you! ❤️

  21. Such a darling shower!

    I have a 2.5 year old girl and a 10 month old son! They are 21 months apart. Sounds like your kids will be similar spacing! It’s the best! The first four months were a really hard adjustment for me in all honesty but it’s gotten much easier!!

    I saw your insta stories about Molly waking up early, this clock was a godsend for us! We started using it when my daughter was 2 but my friend used it for her son starting at 18 months! It doesn’t get the best reviews, only because it’s kind of tricky to set up but my husband figured it out! And once it’s set up it’s super easy to use! game changer!! My daughter knows when bunny is asleep she needs to be asleep, or hang out in her crib quietly until bunny wakes up then we will come in to get her.

  22. I love this!!! Such a cute sprinkle! So funny Molly is wearing that cute onesie from Gap! I got it when my daughter was born and today was the first day it fit her!! It’s so cute, floral and looked so cute with the jumper!! She’s such a sweetie! Best of luck and congrats to your growing family!!

    I wanted to ask if you got gifts at the sprinkle or if people just brought small things. I agree that every baby should be made to feel special even if it’s the second baby but I feel like people pass judgements at Sprinkles and it makes me sad!!

  23. Hi Ali,

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories, your friends and Kevin and Molly. It’s exciting to check out your blog everyday to see if you have posted anything or fashion. You’ve actually have dressed me with all your styles. Lol!
    Ali, thank you for being you and being my blog friend. 💙 and also thank your mom for me that she had raised up a Happy and confident daughter. I’m sure that you will do the same for Molly..
    I hope to meet my blog friend someday if I ever get to LA!

    Stay safe,
    Be blessed,
    di 💙 Hugs💜

  24. Looks like it was the perfect shower! Loved the theme and you look absolutely gorgeous! I love your dress!!

  25. Loved the theme of your shower! I think it all turned out really cute & was so creatively done! Looks like you had a great turnout, too! I am having a brunch themed sprinkle next month to celebrate my baby girl coming this June. I am getting excited to celebrate with friends & family. I totally agree kids & spouses should at least make cameo appearances at showers/sprinkles, too. They are just as much a part of the new addition as mommy is!! Thank you for sharing the details & photos from your event! Take care!!

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