Celebrating Body Diversity

Hey guys! I got an email from one of you the other day that really resonated with me. I’ve searched my inbox to see if I could find it so I can give a shout out to that person, but of course I can’t find it anywhere. Anyway, one of you wrote me and said that you thought that it would be great if I could include some more plus sizes on my blog. And that got me thinking. I’ve definitely done multiple blog posts in the past in which I acknowledged when things come in sizes from XXS up to 4XL, but I totally think I could do a better job of making it more of a priority! Because the truth is, we all come in so many different shapes and sizes! And that’s especially apparent to me right now since my size has changed so much in the last nine months.


So today on the blog I want to highlight clothes that come in all different sizes, from petite to plus size and also maternity clothes! When I first realized I wanted to write this post, I knew I wanted to do my research. I got online looking for brands that really celebrate body diversity and that’s when I rediscovered LOFT. I’ve ordered clothes from their website before, but always in my size obviously. So when I looked at the site with a fresh pair of eyes, I realized that they carry clothes for so many different body types! They carry petite sizes, plus sizes, maternity clothes and even clothes for taller women! I just think that’s so cool. So instead of buying something online, I thought it would be fun to go into the store and go shopping with a girlfriend! They carry her size and maternity clothes, so we were both able to shop at the same time which was pretty great. And then I realized that really any of my girlfriends, no matter what our sizes, could go shopping together at LOFT. BTW, they are having their Friends & Family sale this week so now is a great time to stock up because EVERYTHING is 40% off on the site right now!

While we were there, I got this super cute floral maternity dress you’re seeing me wearing in these pictures and a pair of gold hoop earrings. And she got these gorgeous printed pants and a white top that’s just so cute for Spring. I may have gotten the pants too for post baby 😉 I couldn’t resist! They are so comfy AND cute!


And then of course we did a mini photo shoot. You guys might know my friend Ashley Burns since I post about her every once in a while. She’s not only my dear friend, but she also takes the majority of my blog photos. I have to give it to Kevin though because he’s the one that took these pics! Not bad, Kevin. Not bad! Ha!

Anyway, I really encourage you guys to check out LOFT if you haven’t already. They really truly have something for everyone and I love supporting a company and buying clothes from a company that celebrates women of all sizes!

Before I go, I’ll share a few of my favorite items from LOFT from a few different categories.


And I want to end this blog post by encouraging everyone to comment with something that they love and appreciate about their own bodies. I think we should celebrate our bodies and the amazing things they do for us. I’ll go first! I’m especially in awe and appreciative of my body right now as I watch myself change and grow through pregnancy. So what I appreciate most about my body right now is my belly. And I don’t just mean my womb and the baby growing inside of it, but also all the extra weight I’m caring around the midsection. That extra fat is protecting my child and I’m grateful for it! Now it’s your turn! Share what you love about your body in the comments below!


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68 thoughts on “Celebrating Body Diversity

  1. I just had my fourth baby (third baby boy, and we lost a daughter at 20 weeks), and I hardly recognize my body anymore. This last baby was nine and a half pounds, and he did a NUMBER on my stomach! I’ve probably got 45 pounds to lose, and it’s so easy to beat myself up over it. Thank you for this reminder to appreciate it! I’m thankful that my body has given me four babies to love. It’s so much harder to appreciate those stretch marks and that extra pooch after the baby comes out and there’s pressure to get back to our pre-pregnancy size. But I’m determined to continue being grateful for all it’s done for me! Even though the full length mirror has become my worst nightmare. 🤣😭

  2. Hey Ali!
    What an awesome and empowering post today! Thanks for your positivity!
    I love my legs – for being able to take me everywhere I go, no matter how short they are 😜
    Can’t wait to see you’re new little guy! He’ll be here so soon!

    Rachel T

  3. Love this post! You are such an inspiration to ALL women! Keep it up!


    Ps – What size dress are you wearing?
    I’m pregnant as well, with a little boy. Due in July. Which is funny because Molly and my daughter Grace are about 3 months apart!

    1. Thank Rachel! I am wearing a size Medium int he dress. I was a medium before pregnancy so I stick with that for maternity sizing.

  4. What a wonderful post and reminder to celebrate all types! Too many times I’ve seen social media posts where bodies are shamed on both ends of the spectrum, so this post is refreshing.
    Oh and for me, I am thankful for every movement and function of my body. It may not look “perfect” but I’ve been in a place where I wasn’t physically able to even be sitting upright due to health issues, so it really makes you appreciate even the “little” things like sitting at a table eating dinner and being able to go for a walk. 🙂

    1. We don’t realize how lucky we are to have our health until it’s gone. That’s how I feel about walking and my hip issue. So glad that you are doing better! Than you for sharing!

  5. Ali you’re the sweetest and this is such a great post. Bravo!

    Oh goodness, what do I love… honestly, I love how strong and healthy it is. I hemorrhaged with my 2nd baby (I am currently 15 weeks with my 3rd) and every dr and nurse was in awe with how awesome my vitals were after losing so much blood and going through emergency survegeg post giving birth to a 8 1/2 lb baby. You never know when you truly need your health, and I am so grateful that I have a body I am capable of making strong and mighty!

    Also I used to work at LOFT when I was right out of college. It’s suxh a great place!

    1. I totally feel you and went through something similar. I hemorrhaged with Molly too. Ended up in high risk unit after birth. It’s incredible how our bodies bounce back and what they do for us!

      1. Oh my goodness! I don’t know anyone else who has gone through this and then had a subsequent pregnancy. Goodness I was so scared to try again but we always wanted 3+ children. I met with my dr on 1/9/18 to discuss getting pregnant again, was given a huge green light and got pregnant a few days later. Absolutely a sign from God that this is what we were meant to do!!

        I will be absolutely thinking of you when you have your baby boy. Wishing you a healthy delivery!

  6. I’m 5’2″ and considered petite at 113 lbs. I celebrate my shape but still wish I was taller!! 😉 I enjoyed this blog.

    1. I am shorter than you but being reminded that I am a child of God healed me from lack of self-esteem and confidence. Now I am enjoying my being petite, short but cute, and a husband who always tells me I am beautiful.
      No one could guess my age becasue at 51, I like dressing well for office work, going to church, and date with my hubby.
      Let’s embrace the beauty that God has gifted us. 🙂

    2. I think we all wish something different about our bodies. And that’s ok in my mind. I think it’s normal. But we have to step back and appreciate them too!

  7. Thank you so much for this post! I’m plus size and happy to have options for me that are just as cute! 🙂 Appreciate your blog!

  8. Two cute ladies!
    I like my eyes & what they see and read on your blog & watching the adorable videos. 😉

  9. I used to get almost all of my wardrobe from LOFT before becoming a stay-at-home mom. I love that store!
    I love that I am able to feed my 9 month old with my body, and that my body could carry 2 sweet boys that have changed my life!

    1. It’s such a great store! And I totally feel you. Breastfeeding my daughter was an experience I will never not appreciate. I plan to with my son as well.

    1. Thank you Debra! I searched and searched for your email and couldn’t find it! Thank you for inspiring this post!!!

  10. Just started getting back in shape after 2 babies. What I love most is seeing my body get stronger and leaner, muscles starting to tone. I’m still not where I want to be forever, but I’m learning to appreciate the strength of our bodies and to admire each step of the process in pursuing health.

    1. When I used to do yoga all the time I remember feeling so proud of how STRONG I felt. I didn’t even care as much about the weight loss or my size. I just love feeling like I could do anything!

  11. Well, I broke my ankle yesterday morning on some leftover ice and so I’m really loving my left leg right about now LOL makes me super appreciative for when both legs/ankles are in tip top shape. Love the post! So glad you’ve included plus sizes 🙂

  12. Such a refreshing post! This is why I love you and your blog! It’s an amazing quality to be able to empower women of ALL shapes and sizes!!! So important for every woman to feel beautiful and stylish!

    I love my body as a whole! I love my curves and the femininity they represent.

  13. Ali! What an amazing post! You are such an inspiration! And such an amazing role model for Molly 🙂

    I’m not sure if there is something specific that I like about my body, but I do love the way it keeps up with changes. Between pregnancy, child birth, post pardum, stress, life changes and constant consumption of pasta haha (I am also obsessed with pasta and eat it a few times a week) it still maintains somewhat healthy! the body is an amazing thing and everyone should love and embrace their own.

    Thanks so much for this post 🙂 hope you are feeling well and are enjoying your last few weeks of pregnancy!

    1. Heck yes Lindsey! We will be pasta girls for life! If that means more curves on my body – so be it! I will love every one of them!

  14. I absolutely LOVE this post, Ali!! Thank you for sharing. I have been such a big follower of you for many years now and love following you through your different journey’s in life. I have a degree in fashion design and business and I happen to be a super savvy shopper as well. The two come hand in hand when following all of your posts about affordable fashion. But, being that I am a plus size woman I can never “swipe up” or use your incredible discount codes because the places usually don’t offer plus size. I think it is really great for you to use such an incredible platform you have to empower women of all shapes and sizes. Not that you didn’t before, but making a point and recognizing that you want to start doing that is amazing!!

    Something that I love about my body is my butt. As cliche as it sounds… With being a plus size woman not every piece of clothing item looks great on me. But, I know that when I find something that looks great my juicy booty gives me that extra boost of confidence to rock what I am wearing. 😉

    1. Yes girl! Love that booty! Thank you for sharing! And I hope to do posts like this more often to showcase different companies that celebrate different body types! Hope you enjoy them!! xoxo

  15. Thanks Ali! I had never heard of this company. It’s very difficult to shop for clothes when you’re tall! I’m happy to see that they ship to Canada.

    1. Oh good! I am so glad! Their Tall options are sooo good! Today and tomorrow is 40% off which is awesome 🙂

  16. Ah!!!! I just hopped on here because I just saw your insta story!!! I just wanted to say I love you, avid reader and insta watcher! Can’t wait for baby boy! LOVE YOU (plus Molly, Kevin and Owen) LOL

  17. Hello! I am thankful for and appreciate ME as a whole. I have struggled with self consciousness for a very long time, but I have come to realize that I am blessed . Even though I’m not skinny and am a curvy girl, I’m thankful for every inch. Sure, there are days when I feel a little down, but I get back up. It feels good to find a brand that offers your size..and where the clothes are actually cute!😊 thank you for your positive vibes! Blessings on your pregnancy!!!!!

  18. I am really happy with my smile! It may look good now but i went through multiple teeth being pulled, and almost three years of braces to get to wear i am today. It may seem small, but years of hard work got me to where i am today with my smile! I love to be positive and smile and it makes me feel even better when I am happy with my smile! Also, Ali you look great! Thanks for all your fashion advice and sharing your life with us all here! We really appreciate it

    1. I don’t think that seems small at all! Be proud of your beautiful smile!!!! I think a smile is a best beauty feature ever!

  19. I LOVE that you are including more sizes on your blog!! My favorite part of my body is my heart ♥️

    Love you and your little family!!

  20. You are an absolutely amazing person from what I can see! Seriously so sincere and down to earth. Love this post. Keep it real. 😘 xx

  21. Hi Ali, love watching your instastories and reading your blog. I’m so guilty of being so hard on myself but as they say we are our own worst critics. But I am most grateful for my scar which sounds weird but is a reminder of the gift of a kidney when I needed it. It has given me my daughter when my husband and I thought after many years would not ever happen.
    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Can’t wait for pics when your little guy arrives! 😊

  22. You look absolutely amazing. I apologize if you’ve already addressed this, but what do you do to stay in such great shape?

  23. Ali, I have couple of beauty/fashion questions that I’d love to ask you. If I DM you on Instagram would you be able to respond?

    Thanks, Patricia

    Btw Molly is adorable!

    1. You can ask me on here! I can’t respond to DM’s. I get a lot. I would never live my life if I responded. So I make it a point to respond on here instead!

      1. . Here goes my questions.
        What makeup do you use that looks flawless and lasts? I feel like I put my makeup on and it comes off ASAP and also doesn’t cover up great. Second I have a very big chest. And don’t know where to get good bras. Those websites that sound bras don’t have my size which is 40 DDD. I want a bra that lifts, separates and covers the back fat lol. Lastly how do i wear skirts if I don’t want to tuck in my shirt.

  24. Love this post Ali! So true about all of us women. We are each unique in our own way:)
    I love watching how you embrace your own pregnancy with such zest and joy 💙💙💙 You are definitely rocking all of the sweet fashionable pieces that celebrate you & baby 👶 boy! When I had my son 22 yrs ago I wish I had such a cool inspiration as you :))) 🌹Let’s just say the selection for maternity clothes back then was 👎🏻🤷‍♀️

  25. What a great post Ali, thank you! There is too much pressure on women & girls to be & look like a super model. More posts like yours are needed so that everyone can embrace people of all sizes (men & women). It’s hard to feel comfortable in my own skin though…after 3 pregnancies (lost my 1st daughter at 9 months due to hemorrhaging), 3 c-sections and intestinal surgery due to Crohns my body isn’t perfect by any means. While the scars aren’t pretty they remind me how strong I was to battle through the rough times so I can embrace the good times!

  26. Hi Ali! I just want to thank you so much for this post! I’ve been a follower of your blog/social media since you’re bachelorette days and you by far are my favorite person who has come out of that franchise 😉. I am a plus size woman and I unfortunately see too many posts telling me(and other women) that I’m not good enough. I try not to pay attention to those and find people, like you, who are positive and empowering. I appreciate you doing research too! There are also many plus size bloggers/social media fashion experts you could also look into. You asked us to write about what we like about our body. I’ve been recently doing more to be active in my life and appreciative of the growth I have seen in my body in terms of ability to do things I didn’t think I could (like kickboxing!).

  27. Loft is my favorite! I’m an XL but there clothes are super flattering and the quality is great! I just spend $51 on Saturday getting a cardigan, cami, and T-shirt 🤪 it’s really hard because there is a store two doors down from my work so I work and then the amount I earned I spend but I can’t get enough!

  28. I love my arms. They have gotten so much stronger carrying my now 2 year old plus many other items while carrying my 2 year old 🤣 who knew my arms were that strong and I was able to multitask that way?

  29. Hi Ali, so I said that I would check this out HOURS ago (sasssays on IG) and today just turned into one of those days with my 3 month old. She’s still up as I write this 😫 it’s hard to find things I love about my body right now, postpartum changes are so much more than I could have ever expected! But I’m working out and slowly getting back. I love that I may not be comfortable but that I’m working on it! Thanks for today’s post!

  30. Congratulations on baby #2. How exciting! Have been following you so nice bachelorette. Congrats and best wishes!!

  31. Hi Ali,
    Thank you for this post.It’s a breath of fresh air that you had included us women in all different shapes and sizes.
    I would have to say my eyes for I’m able to see the beauty of all that God has created,
    And of course your blog, your yummy goodies that you make for us on Home and Family 🤗🍡 and “Good Golly Miss Molly”
    when she’s rockin’and she’s rollin’! 🙃🤪💃🏼

    Hope your enjoying your week with your family!
    Stay safe! Hugs! ❤️
    di 🤗

  32. Absolutely love this post <3 As a plus size woman, I really appreciate it! And I love that your blog seems to be one of the safe spaces on the internet where the comments aren't all negative about the inclusion of plus sizes!

    I mostly come here for your general life update blogs and of course Bachelor universe ones, but I catch outfit ones every here and there (and the clothes are ALWAYS so cute) so I love that you're going to start incorporating more for all body shapes and sizes. I'll have to make sure to catch more of the fashion posts from now on 🙂

  33. I started my first job at the height of the cropped pant craze. I’m 6’0 and mostly legs. So that was unfortunate. Loft was the first store I found that had long pants that were actually the right length for me! More stores have full length pants again, a few seasons later, but wow was I grateful to Loft. Cropped pants + 35” inseam= not good.

  34. I really love this idea! I have a lot of struggle with clothes for the past few years. I used to be extremely skinny, maybe even bordering a tad underweight. I took an enormous leap in 3 months in 2016. It is a complete mystery as to why I gained weight. The hardest thing for me to think about is that the general public thinks that the reason most women end up gaining weight is because “They eat themselves into it.” This could not be more wrong! There is so many reasons anyone can gain weight. My weight gain was extremely unexpected and caused by medicine I had taken. I had absolutely no control over it whatsoever and it took some serious thinking about what could have possibly caused it. With all the weight I gained, I have no idea how to dress my new body. On top of that, I get so self-conscious about going to shop for clothes-from everything to bathing suits to dresses. Never in a million years would anyone who knew me would have guessed how much my body has grown bigger and it was the most heartbreaking when my wedding approached. I brought with me my closest friends, but the thought of having to walk out in a wedding dress in front of everyone almost made me want to burst into tears from feeling how unattractive I saw myself in the mirror. It is still am active struggle for me to look in the mirror and love who I am regardless of the way I look. This post warmed my heart and meant a lot for me.

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