NOT at Coachella

I feel like almost everyone I know was at Coachella this weekend. Me, and my almost 34-weeks pregnant belly, certainly weren’t there. Although, I will say I did see some photos of people I know who are pregnant and there. Talk about total rockstar mom status!

But I’m perfectly happy staying home this weekend and relaxing. I don’t want to complain or vent in today’s blog post because I want to stay positive, but it’s been a rough couple weeks to say the least. I’ve been going and going nonstop and it’s really taking a toll on my body physically. It’s a VERY long story but my SI joint pain is back (read my blog about my condition HERE), and it’s been very painful the past week since it flared back up. So yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing and really only left the house to go for a brief walk with Molly, Owen and Kevin. We also went to the park with Molly in the morning. Which was so nice because I feel like I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my family the past couple weeks. I’ve been focusing on work so much that my family time has definitely been suffering. But I made a promise to myself to slow down over the next six weeks before this baby comes. So we’ll see if I actually end up doing that or not.


Anyway, my plan today is to hopefully get outside and use our pool for the very first time since we moved into our new house! So I’m gonna throw on the cover up that I’m wearing in these photos, lay by the pool with a virgin margarita in my hand, and hopefully gets warm enough that I can jump in the pool for my first dip! Plus I really want to bring Molly in the pool because she loves water.

But since we’re home and chilling, I’ll  probably ditch the sandals today and go barefoot. In fact, my goal today might be to not put on shoes at all. Ha! And as much as I love my gold earrings, I’ll probably go without them today too. But I’m linking them both here for you guys just because they’re great pieces!

Anyway, just want to give you a little update since it’s been a few days. I’m trying to chill out a little bit and it’s definitely helping my mental state which is so important. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and are able to recharge so you can take on the rest of your week!


25 Thoughts

25 thoughts on “NOT at Coachella

  1. Hi Ali
    I hope your pool is warm enough for you and your family to enjoy!
    Have a restful weekend…recharging is on my menu too. 😉
    Sending you a hug.

  2. Ali, we worry about you. Please slow down and take care of yourself. Wishing you a restful weekend and some great family time.

    1. Thanks Terri! This weekend didn’t end up being at restful as I had hoped. Molly had a full on meltdown and it took a LONG time to snap her out of it all while trying to discipline somewhat. And that threw me into a funk because I felt so unprepared for it mentally.. But I am taking it EASY this week. I’m actually writing another blog post about just that right now. I’ll post it tomorrow.

  3. Sorry to learn you’ve had that awful pain again.😔 I hope the rest of today is what you need and want it to be and that you WILL slow down and savor your last weeks as a family. Say No when you know it’s best for your mental and physical well being.❤️

  4. I have had that for 20 years but mine was cause by another problem I have. I know how you feel and sending healing vibes 🙏

  5. Hang in there, you’re almost done! The last few weeks feel like eternity sometimes but they also go by so fast.
    I also just wanted to say how sweet your little Molly is. Her jumping skills remind me of my daughter’s. Haha. It’s so adorable. I have a 3 yr old girl and an 8-month old boy. 🙂

  6. Oh Ali, I feel your pain!! My SI joint was a nightmare with my second pregnancy!! I had to wear an SI belt and runners for three months through a very hot (for Van., BC) summer! It’s not fun when you can’t even get out of bed on your own in the middle of the night to pee!! Pregnancy is bliss…right?!! Ha! Hang in there and be good to yourself 🙂
    Btw, a family Hawaiian holiday beats Coachella any day IMO!

  7. Ali, definitely slow down and take care of yourself. You deserve it. Hope you get some much needed relief soon.

  8. I have so much admiration for you. You are welcoming and wonderful on Home and Family show. Love 💕 what you do. Thanks for being a positive role model for all!!!!

  9. Hang in there, Ali! The finish line is sooo close now and then you’ll get to meet your baby boy 💙 I know the feeling though, about a year ago, I was very pregnant (my baby was born past his due date on May 18) and very much in pain due to my back. While I don’t have your condition and it was purely because of the pregnancy, I feel for you, I remember the pain so well. I really hope you managed to get some rest and enjoy your family.

  10. Hi Ali, hopefully the pain goes away and you are relaxed before the baby comes. Molly is adorable!! We have a pool and totally wish I could go in it, but I live in MN and guess what???.. Yesterday we got 15.5 inches of snow and forecasted to get more this week. 😭

  11. Please slow down. I had the same pain when I was pregnant and I thought it was the SI joint and I kept working. Turns out my pelvis was fracturing carrying him bc I developed a rare disease known as pregnancy lactation osteoporosis. Not trying to scare you but your body is telling you to rest.

  12. Ali, I had terrible SI joint pain with my son and it was like the minute he was born *poof* gone. Hopefully it’s just baby and not a chronic problem for you. And I also have a toddler that has epic meltdowns and it really does ruin your spirit. I read something from a “two year olds prospective” that was talking about how they can’t reason and they can’t do everything for themselves and that’s so frustrating for them. This week redirecting my toddler has worked. For example, meltdown when we got out of the car at the grocery store yesterday. Baby was strapped to me and toddler was kicking and flailing on the parking lot floor. I told him it was windy and we needed to run or we’d blow away. Boom, up and running. It took a doctors visit to realize that even through the shrieking and crying they’re listening. Try and slow down, but just keeping swimming.

  13. So sorry to hear your joint pain is back!
    Hopefully you’ll be able to rest up the next few weeks! Have you ever done a blog post on molly’s Birth story?? I’m just so curious about it!
    Have a restful week 😊

  14. Sorry to hear you are in pain again. Yes, I’m a total believer in slowing down after living a vey hectic life and it took me forever to learn to say no but it’s probably one of the most important things I’ve ever learned (boundaries). It so hard when the norm is for everyone to run around like a chicken with their head cut off thoug, right? And family is the most inportant thing as it’s one thing yo u cannot redo (time w/ kids) so I would recommend just trying to listen to your body and enjoy these last 6 weeks with Molly alone! My firstborn never forgave me for having to share that attention after 2.9 years of having me all to himself. I never even thought of that until my second one was born! And yes meltdowns are so common especially when you’ve got a bright one like Molly who seems so far ahead of her age developmentally. She’s probably like : “look can I just talk already please. I have SO much to say lol!” And when they can’t its frustrating to them. My bf’s 6 years old daughter reminds me of Molly & she was super verbal super early too plus a super secure and advantageous upbringing like Molly, all to me of which creates a really dynamic young one. And she is like 6 going on 30 now. Future something-brilliant. I keep telling my friend, look out: MIT there she goes. So hang in there and just know all that you are experiencing – yes, hard at times, maybe a lot of the time – is also normal.

    1. Ongoodness, one of these days I’ll make a short post. I guess being an older mom I just have TONS to say lol.

  15. I LOVE your blog. Your posts are such a joy to read. Hoping your SI joint pain is feeling better. I’ve been dealing with it for about 8 months. I’m probably going to try regenerative therapy with Regenexx. It’s alot to learn about otherwise I wouldn’t have posted while you are trying to enjoy your new family member there is a FB group dedicated to PRP and SI joint pain. I’ve learned a lot. Best wishes to you!

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