Baby Shower Dress Inspo!

OK I need your help today! I’m trying to pick out a dress to wear to my baby shower on Sunday! I guess technically it’s called a “sprinkle” since it’s my second one. Regardless I am super excited to celebrate little baby boy Manno this weekend! BTW, we STILL don’t have a name. I am getting nervous and could totally use more suggestions! But first things first, I need your opinion on a baby shower dress!


I really love the dress I’m wearing in these photos, but now that my belly is so huge, it’s a little tight around the midsection. I actually shot these photos about a month ago. But I was able to wear the dress up until seven months pregnant which I love! I just sized up and got a large. But I still think a large would look cute on me post-baby because it’s supposed to be loose around your midsection. And get this, it’s only $31! Isn’t that insane?! The dress quality is honestly absolutely gorgeous and if I saw someone wearing it on the street I would think it was over $100 for sure. I got it from Shein. You guys have asked me about this site before and I always tell you that I only recommend you buy things from the site that I’ve reviewed. I’ve definitely had a few misses, but I’ve found some total gems as well! For example I love this shirt and this candy striped dress from there. Oh and my earrings look so cute with it! I love the white on white!

Anyway the dresses below are the dresses I’m trying to choose from for my shower…

I ordered all of them and they should be arriving today so I thought it would be fun to ask you guys which one you think is best for my shower on Sunday! I’m so glad I’m even having a shower. Literally my friend Leila Lewis (she planned our wedding and my baby shower for Molly too!) from Be Inspired pulled it together for me all in about 10 days. She’s a rockstar! I’ll be sharing details from the shower on my Instagram stories and of course I’ll have a full blog post all about it next week! Our theme is so cute and I can’t wait to share with you guys!!


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121 thoughts on “Baby Shower Dress Inspo!

  1. Hi Ali! I LOVE the second dress, the blue one with the open shoulders. I think it would so flattering on you. Have fun at your shower this weekend!

  2. Cole is a cute boys name! A little different but not so far out there…Dylan, Jack, Aidan, Jake, Gavin….etc.

    1. I agree! It’s my youngest’ name lol. I love love love the dress in the pic – in every way. And the shoes! Enjoy your 👶 shower!

  3. I like the white one the best. And for baby boy name suggestions –

    I can go on and on. 🙂

  4. If you ask me Ali!
    I love the Flutter Dress by Loft. And with a pair of cowboy boots with your hair in a loose braid that’s my style!
    You always look nice anyway! 🙂
    Also, could you repeat again the discount for Sole Society?
    I still say Preston 🙂

    Be blessed,

  5. You look so darling in the white lace dress, but since it’s too snug now, I like the 3rd or 5th dresses best. I’m sure you’ll end up with the one you feel the most compfy and prettiest.
    I like Cameron, Cooper, Jackson, Morgan or Taylor for your little boy. I know you’re not big on nicknames, but they do happen. Cam, Coop, Jack, Ganny ( what some of us call a nephew of ours and he’s now almost 43 yrs. old!) and Tay, are fine with me!
    Happy Sprinkle!❤️

  6. Hi Ali
    I like the cranberry shorter length dress (maybe with the comfy beige Sandles you love or with cowgirl boots) ☺
    the white lace dress your wearing is darling.
    Have fun at your ‘sprinkle’ shower!

    Brian or Trevor ? 💙

  7. I love the blue and white pin stripe Aria one from Nordstrom! I love that it’s blue (since you’re having a boy) and love that it’s perfect for spring and summer and still something you could wear after you have baby. Enjoy your special day on Sunday!

    My name suggestions would be Joshua, Joseph and James. Pregnant with my second girl, and I’ve had those as favorites for boys since I was pregnant with my first baby girl.

    1. Blue and white pin stripe is perfect. Blue for your little boy and functional, since you can wear it after the baby comes. Also it the perfect dress for summer. I’m sure you’ll look adorable in any one but the first white one in the row. Just my opinion. Have fun at your shower.

  8. I love the blue or off the shower, pink and blue long! You’re gorgeous and will look stunning which ever you choose 😊

  9. I like the second dress (blue maxi with the cold shoulder), but you will look great in any of them. Enjoy your shower.

    I have 2 boys and they are Jonah and Levi so I’m partial to those names. I also love Matthew, Logan, Caleb, and Micah.

  10. I love the first one (white with the bow on the back)!!!! So beautiful!! But they are all great so you won’t go wrong with any of them.

  11. We have a Hudson! I love the name and we get lots of compliments on it! Not too out there but not too trendy -yet!

  12. I think for sure the Aria Stripe Cotton Midi Dress! Plus it’s blue for your baby boy shower! Definitely my favorite out of all of them, but I like the white ones too!

    1. I love the blue Aria pinstripe as well.
      As far as boys names.. Miles, Logan, Liam, Max, Grayson, Simon, Carter, Grant and Charlie.
      Happy Shower Day.

  13. I think you should wear the blue off the shoulder dress! Although, anything you wear will look amazing on you! Have fun at your baby shower 😊

  14. All, I love the blue dress!! But honestly whichever one you pick, you will look great (as always)! 🙂

  15. I personally love the blue and pink floral dress! So fun and springy. And looks like it would work for this summer too after you have had little boy!

  16. The last dress, for sure (off the shoulder maxi)!!! It’s so cute! My “sprinkle” is this weekend as well! We have very close due dates… I’m about 2 weeks ahead of you. I had a boy first, and this time it’s a girl! I’d recommend our boy name – Owen, but I know that is your pup’s name!

  17. Love the off the shoulder maxi dress…so so cute and would be perfect for Sunday’s LA weather.


  18. I like the first one, dark background with the big pink flowers. Looks springy and comfortable! You look so lovely in everything, so anything will look great! As far as baby boy’s name, I bet when you see him, you’ll know. Don’t stress!

  19. I ❤️ The blue with pink floral print maxi or the white dress, you can never go wrong with that.

    For boy names- Grayson or Graham

    Good luck and have a great shower!

  20. I love the white linen one, especially with that sweet doe detail in the back! Our little guy’s name is Gideon Joseph to give you more name ideas 🙂

  21. The second blue one!! It’s the perfect length and doesn’t look too casual like it could be worn for anything. Also classic blue for baby boy!!!

  22. That white dress is amazingly cute.
    My boys are William West and Shepard Cole. I am due in June with boy 3 and we are leaning toward Adrian. Hope that gives you some ideas! I also love Graham.

  23. I love the cold shoulder maxi dress and then next is the linen like light blue with pockets. Can’t wait to see what you choose! I’m near 14 weeks with baby #3!

  24. Hi, Ali! I love the white dress with bow in the back or the open shoulder palm print dress for your shower. You’ll look pretty in anything.
    Good luck with choosing a name. I love Hudson because that’s my son’s name. I also like Miles. Enjoy your “sprinkle” on Sunday! 😊

  25. Definitely vote the 2nd blue off the shoulder dress or the 4th blue stripped dress. They are so fresh looking and perfect blue colour since you’re having a boy!
    The other dresses are sweet but nothing special about them in my opinion.

    Enjoy your shower!

  26. Hi there!!
    You are glowing girl!!!! Love the Ingrid and Isabel blue dress the best!


    My boys are Sebastian and Jeshua

  27. Hello Ali! I really love the 2nd dress. Open shoulder palm print dress! I remember you wore pink for your baby shower when you were pregnant with Molly and think it would be cool to wear blue for your sons.. Also just really love the style and think it will look perfect on you!! Best wishes and have fun at your “sprinkle” 😂

  28. One of the blue dresses since you’re having a boy. Love the baby blue one or the blue and white open shoulder! Love all your blogs/posts! ❤️

  29. I also think blue is the way to go for your baby boy’s upcoming shower, so I’d pick the linen-like light blue dress with pockets.
    As for boy names, I think the name Micah Manno sounds fantastic – you can even use “Mikey” as a cute nickname, (yes, even though the name itself is already two syllables, haha.) Congrats!

  30. Eithee the baby blue dress or Ingrid and Isabel are my picks but I think you’d look great in any of them. I think it’s so fun to wear a similar color to the baby’s gender.

  31. You would look great in any of them! But my favorite for you would be the light blue and white pin stripe! It looks like it would be adorable with your bump, plus, I think it’s cute that it’s blue sense you’re having a boy, but still quite feminine. Have a great time at your sprinkle!

  32. Love all the dresses and have know that you of all people, could rock any of those options! But with that said, my top three (in favorite order) are the white lace one in your pictures, the Dominic Open Shoulder Palm Print, and the Aria Strip Cotton Midi Dress.

    As for baby names… you were looking for 2 syllables, 1 that hopefully won’t really have a nickname, right? I have a running list in my phone that my husband and I keep for when we have babies (hopefully starting to try next year). Mind you though, we really like unique names, but thought I would share a few of our favorites:


    I could go on and on 🙂

  33. Love the dresses! I say go blue for for boy! I have my second boy named Cooper and he was born about a week before Molly. So I have loved following along and watch her grown because she reminds me so much of my Cooper. Enjoy your sprinkle!

  34. Hey Ali!!! I absolutely LOVE the second one where it’s floor length with open shoulders, long sleeves, and spaghetti straps! I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s so beautiful.

  35. The off the shoulder Nordstrom dress just screams “Ali!” – but I’d suggest the blush color. It always looks good on you.

  36. The blue and pink off the shoulder from Nordstrom’s is adorable and looks super comfy!! Have such a great sprinkle!!

  37. I love the off the shoulder maternity maxi dress from Nordstrom’s! It’s super cute!!!!! I’m sure whatever you choose will look amazing! I like Mason for a mas since it’s my nephews name and I think Molly and Mason sounds cute. Kevin, Ali, Molly, and Mason Manno

  38. I really like the blue off the shoulder with the pink flowers! I also love the name Landon!

  39. Oh my goodness I love the white dress from Nordstrom’s that ties in the back with the big bow. Will look so cute on you. Super classy and fun at the same time!!!

  40. I’m loving that Rachael Pally dress the second one you have pictured! I also think it will look amazing on you! Plus it’s got some blue for your baby boy :)! As far as boy names go we have such a hard time choosing one for our son. We needed up naming our little guy Aiden but we were torn with Zachary too. Best of luck choosing. Have an amazing time at your shower!!

  41. I love the Dominic blue palm print maxi. I’m sure whatever you chose will be absolutely gorgeous on you!!!!
    Can’t go wrong with Kyle or Sean (of course, I may be biased, those are my sons names)
    Charlie or Eli are great as well!
    Happy Sprinkle on Sunday!!!

  42. Hi Ali! My faves are dresses number 2 & 3 above. If I were to choose though, I would go with the one from Loft 🙂 Have a great baby shower, and thanks for letting us be part of this experience.

  43. Love the Aria stripe for baby boy.

    There’s been one name that keeps coming back to me….and I think it matches 🙂

    Winston Manno

    Have fun celebrating!

  44. All the dresses are so cute but I would have to say you should wear one of the blue ones since you are having a little boy!

    Some boy names I am loving right now are Oliver, Ford, Lincoln, and Edison. They are a tad old fashioned but I like them any way.

    Hope this helps!!

  45. I love the blue pinstripe one!

    For names I’ve always liked Austin, Avery, Matthias, Brogan, Oliver, Hudson, and Easton.

  46. The flutter flare dress from Loft is adorbs!! That would be my pick. Though, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Enjoy your day celebrating the little guy….Max? Mason? Liam? Grady? 🙂

  47. I love the second dress! They both would look gorgeous though!! Since Molly is such a classic and beautiful name, I think another classic like Theodore would be so cute. You can call him Teddy and then when he gets older, Ted or Theo. 🙂

  48. Ali, I love the little white number you have on face book. Also the last two the blue cotton midi and the blue off the shoulder is really cute too. You would be adorable in anything you wear even a flour bag. As far as baby names even though I haven’t seen where you are really asking us for our opinion but I guess I can give you mine. I have some great family names of Jack, Mark, Michael, and even Luke. But I am probably certain you will pick something with family value as you did with Molly. You are such a tender heart and love yours and Kevin’s family. Whatever you decide it will fit this child just as Molly fit her. She is just adorable and her name truly fits her to a t. Best Wishes for your party this weekend and a happy baby boy coming ever so quickly. Lyn

  49. I vote for the blue and coral off the shoulder dress from Nordstrom. You’ll look fabulous! As for names, I like the idea of staying traditional – what about Henry, Adam, Mark, or Grant?

  50. The floral off the shoulder maxi is really cute and with the cooler weather we have been having in Southern California it would be a good time to wear it! You will look gorgeous in any of them! Have a beautiful shower.

  51. All options look really cute. But I think you would look amazing in the “Off the Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress by INGRID & ISABEL”. Have fun at your “sprinkle” 🙂

  52. My 3 kiddos are all grown and my son is William, super traditional. I have 7 grandsons:

    Quite the variety but I like all their,names!

  53. Love the second dress. It’s super cute. It depends on the theme of the sprinkle too though. I would pick the one that better suits the theme! As for names, I think since you have a Molly(she’s adorable btw) how about Milo? Both names are cute together! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and birth of your baby boy. He is due on my birthday!

  54. I love the 4th dress, the off the shoulder look is very flattering. If you can still wear the white dress, its really pretty too!

  55. Love the name Jackson. Gives an old name a more modern twist now. Especially nice if there a past Jack in the family that u want to honor but still allow baby to have their own name.

  56. That’s over 600 in dresses. My husband would KILL me! 😱😱😱 and the white dress is too short for your age IMO. Just constructive criticism.

    1. Out of curiosity, what age is it you shouldn’t wear a short dress anymore? My opinion has always been that if it’s a good fit and flatters your body, go for it! Something a bit more youthful could look sloppy and out of place on one women who’s 25 but then be gorgeous on someone who’s 35 all because of the difference in body types. I think Ali has a great body and lives in a warm climate, so long as she’s not distasteful, why should her age impact her clothing options and choices? As someone who’s relatively short, any dress longer than my knees swallows me up. They’re not flattering on my body type. To think that when I turn a certain age I must no longer wear what looks best on my body is a bit disheartening, no?

    2. Are you serious?? She’s young and I think she looks great. I’m 65 and just bought a knee length dress for my son’s wedding. If it looks good, why not?

  57. I love all your choices and whichever one you decide on, I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous. I was given the advice for my bridal shower (and it was even more pertinent when pregnant with twins) to wear a maxi or pants, especially if you’ll actually be opening gifts because it’s hard to be ladylike while navigating with a big ol bump.
    As far as boy names, I love Wyatt, Killian/Cillian, Brady, James, Noah, Declin, Liam, Griffin, Everett and Hunter

  58. I love the Off the Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress by INGRID & ISABEL. You’ll look amazing in any of them, have a great time and enjoy every minute!

  59. Off the shoulder blue dress or the Aria dress! Soak up all the love and spoiling for baby boy Manno!

    Our 2 boys are Tyson and Maddox and baby #3 will be Ozzy if it’s a boy!

  60. The off the shoulder dress is super cute! Also, don’t stress about the name. We didn’t decide for sure on our baby girl’s name until we were on the way to the hospital when I was in labor! 😂🤦‍♀️

  61. I vote for the flower maxi dress! It’s well-suited to spring and will (hopefully) make you pop in the pics! Enjoy your sprinkle! 💙💚

  62. I love the purple dress from the Loft.I’ve bought many things from there and it is great quality. Although I think you would look good in any of the dresses…Cheryl

  63. The second dress! If my daughter Nari has been a boy it would have been Rhys….have a lovely “sprinkle”! I enjoy following you and can’t wait for baby Manno to arrive soon!

  64. Ali! All the dresses are so beautiful! You have great taste. The off the shoulder maxi from Nordstrom is so classy! Can’t wait for pictures from the shower! Congratulations!

    Mason would be a cute boy name that sounds great with Molly!

  65. All of the dress are gorgeous! It will be hard to choose. Our son’s name is Sully, and I think Sully Manno would be adorable!

  66. Aria blue stripe from Nordstrom would be perfect on you – pretty, fresh and elegant. I hope you will choose a classic name for your little boy, as you have for Molly. There are too many weird names around now – trying to be “different”. Maybe when he’s finally in your arms you will look at him and a name will just happen… Happy days!

  67. I love the sleeveless blue one with the pockets. Super cute and perfect to celebrate your baby boy! I had my son seven months ago and his name is Jax. Another boy name I hope to use someday is Henry. Feel free to steal if you love them! Xoxo

  68. I need maternity help PLEASE! Can you recommend some basics that I would need? I’ve been following you for years but this is my first pregnancy so need guidance on must haves. I’m barely showing and 18 weeks. Thank you Ali!!!

  69. Love that white lace one!! Out of the other ones I love the blue cold shoulder dress and the pink floral off the shoulder dress 🙂

    We had such a hard time with boy names as well! If we ever have a boy we would have a real difficult time naming him. The only name that my husband and I really like is Jack!

    Good luck and enjoy your baby shower! Can’t wait to see photos!

  70. So sad to see that your white lace dress from Shein has sold out. Is there a way to be alerted when/if it restocks?

    As for names, you’re a bit more traditional than I am but I particularly like the following and think they flow well with Molly and Manno!


    Bennet may be shortened to ‘Ben’ and I’m sure people may call Mason ‘Mase’ but only off the cuff, not as though he’d be introducing himself as Mase later in life. The rest are (pretty well) nickname free and (mostly) two syllable. Best of luck!!

    1. LOVE Silas! It’s a family name, too, but I’d love see it used these days, I have 14 grandkids and one great, but no one has named their child Silas yet, maybe someday!

  71. Ali, like the – Off the Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress. You would look great in any of your choices, but sometimes you must try them on to choose the favourite one for yourself.

  72. I love all of the dresses, but the white one in your pics is my favorite! It’s adorable and you look fantastic!!

    As for names, we have a little boy on the way and had the hardest time coming up with one. Girls names were so easy for us— we have a Lila and had several names picked out if this second baby was a girl. We decided a few weeks ago on Tate. I love that it’s traditional but not common. Our just turned three year old calls him “her little tater tot” and it melts my heart every time she says it. Tate sounds cute with Molly too! 🙂 Best of luck picking out a name you love!!

  73. The white dress hands-down. I am all about white lace and think that one looks fantastic on you, perfect for a baby shower… hope you have a beautiful day! FYI – I own a sleeveless white lace dress from Guess and it’s still one of my faves.

  74. Enjoy this time, I cried when I was expecting my second (15 months difference between them). Was so scared I couldn’t love another baby as much as the first. Then BOOM! Baby 2 is here and I love him just as much and my little girl. Plus I love how they love each other. As far as names, you know what you like when you hear it. I did family maiden names for middles but could easily used as first names. I love the sense of passing down family history even if only in a name.

  75. I’ve never seen a more beautiful pregnant mama! If I looked half that good with a toddler and baby on the way I’d of been thrilled!! I have two boys ages 3 & 4! They are Camden and Mason. So Camden Jesse would be cute with Molly.

  76. You looked stunning in the dress that you selected for your shower! Hope it was a fun filled day for you & that you got lots of goodies for baby boy!

    Are you guys still having a hard time with names? I think Mason is really cute, and would go well with Molly!


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