Let’s talk Pregnancy Boobs!

Hey guys! Is it really only Tuesday? Good Lord I had such an intense day yesterday that I feel like today should be Friday. Anyway, I wanted to write today’s post because I feel really passionate about this company and how awesome they are and I wanted to share with all of you.

I’m talking about ThirdLove. For 100% full disclosure I did do a sponsored Instagram post with them today, but they did not ask me to write this blog post and this wasn’t part of my deal with them. I just truly had such an incredible experience with the company that I wanted to share with you guys. Plus, they gave me a coupon code for my Instagram post that I thought I would put on here so you could have it. After you read what I have to say, and if you decide to order from them, you can use my code ALI15 for 15% off your first ThirdLove bras.

Basically, my boobs have grown so much with this pregnancy! Don’t get me wrong, they grew when I was pregnant with Molly too, but not nearly to the size they’re growing with this pregnancy. Maybe it’s because I’ve already been pregnant before and I’ve already breastfed one baby? I’m not quite sure but literally none of my bras fit me this time around. When I was pregnant with Molly I didn’t get any new bras because mine still fit, even if they were a little snug. This time around, my bras don’t even come close to fitting and I had to get new ones.

So when I started working with Third Love I used their fit finder quiz to figure out what my new size was. And sure enough, I had gone up one full cup. Crazy! But I think what surprised me the most about the experience was that when I got the bras in the mail they fit better than any bra in my entire life! That’s because the fit finder quiz isn’t just about size. It also asks you about the shape of your breasts and what style and shape of the bra would be best for you. I had no idea that I had been choosing a style that didn’t really work well for my body type and my breast type. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as breast type! Ha!

So after you take the fit finder quiz and it tells you what size you are, it also recommends certain bras based on the shape of your breasts. I just thought that was so cool and something I had never seen before. And like I mentioned above, when I got the bras in the mail, I couldn’t believe how good the fit was.

I can only imagine how much my boobs are going to change again once I start nursing so we’ll see if my size goes up more! By the way, they legitimately have the cutest nursing bras I’ve ever seen! How cute is this one (pictured above). I’m buying it in every color!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys about my experience. And like I said above, this is not a sponsored blog post. ThirdLove doesn’t even know I’m writing it and had no say in what I’m talking about whatsoever. I just really had such a great experience that I wanted to share! And yes, my code ALI15 (from my sponsored insta post) will get you 15% off. Such a great deal for the quality!

If you end up getting any of their bras and taking the quiz, let me know how it works out! And if any of you have already gotten Third Love bras in the past, please share your experience in the comments below. I’m certain you had just as great an experience as I did! Who knew I could get so excited about bras?! Ha!

16 Thoughts

16 thoughts on “Let’s talk Pregnancy Boobs!

  1. Hi Ali
    The picture of Molly wearing the bra – bonnet is sooo cute & funny. Thanks for the much needed smile today! 😄
    Owen is a good sport.
    Have a great day

  2. Make sure you show that last picture to all her future pictures potential boyfriends. Haha. Also, we need a video of her dancing to Havana please.

  3. I took the quiz and bought one bra. I haven’t received it yet, but after reading your blog, I’m excited to receive it. I’ll let you know how it fits. Cheryl

  4. I’ve seen so many bloggers and influencers talk about these, but have yet to purchase one… now I think I am convinced! I’m in my first trimester with my second and i am already spilling out of my bras! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. It’s a great company and their bras are amazing! Let me know if you end up getting one and what you think after you get it!

  5. Hi Ali, random question about boobs, did you go back to your regular size in between pregnancies? I stopped breastfeeding my baby last month and my boobs have gone back to being smaller than they were before I got pregnant. I think I legit lost a size.. they were pretty small to begin with, so I am a little bummed 🙄

    1. I’m now done nursing my 2nd child and it’s been a few months. My breasts are smaller than pre pregnancy 🙁 nursing takes a toll but it is worth it to me. You just have to learn to love your new body.

  6. Just ordered the classic wireless nursing bra!! I’m so excited to get it and try it out! Loved the quiz..currently 29 weeks pregnant and spilling out of everything I own for bras! So excited to finish out my pregnancy with one of these and to have for nursing this time around! Much cuter then what I had before haha. Thanks so much for the recommendation and discount Ali!!

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