Hey Mama!

Ahhhhh it feels good to be home. Don’t get me wrong, it felt pretty great being in Hawaii too, but there is something about coming home after a trip that is just so nice. I’m lucky that I have today off from work so I am spending it helping Molly readjust in the time zone, running errands, and catching up on blog stuff! Which brings me to today’s post…

I love everything about today’s post because it represents 3 things that are really important to me, especially since I became a mother. The first is comfort, I used to dress so differently before I had Molly. Well, I guess not SUPER differently. But I definitely wore way more stilettos and outfits that I held together with fashion tape. Now most of my stilettos are reserved for special occasions and I want my clothes to look cute but also be functional in my every day life. The second thing, is giving back. I’ve always believed in giving back and have a few charities that are close to my heart. But I think now that I’m a mom, giving back has a whole new meaning to me. Especially when it comes to children. So the sunglasses I’m wearing today by DIFF Eyewear are truly incredible because when you buy a pair, a pair of reading glasses is donated to someone in need – many of whom are children (and if  you use code ALIF at checkout you can get 25% off). I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a second. The third thing about this look that I love, especially now that I’m a mom, is that I can proudly display to the world when I’m out and about that I’m a proud mama! Whether Molly is with me or not. Plus with this baby boy arriving in just 9 short weeks, I feel even more proud of my journey through Motherhood. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s about to get a whole lot tougher. But it’s so worth it. I wear this mama jacket like a badge of honor that I’ve earned and will continue to earn for the rest of my life!


Let’s start with my sunglasses. I’m sure you guys have heard of DIFF Eyewear. They partner with a lot of influencers (Khole Kardashian has a FAB line with them) and past Bachelor contestants to spread the news on what they’re trying to accomplish. And yes, I am also one of their partners. So I just want to be totally open and honest about that upfront. But one of the reasons that working with them was an absolute no-brainer for me is because of what they do to give back. Like I mentioned briefly above, every time you buy a pair of DIFF sunglasses, they donate a pair of reading glasses to a person in need and many of those donated glasses go to children. Honestly I could cry just reading about it because I think what they do is so beautiful and important. And their sunglasses are so stinking cute that they don’t have to do what they do. They would sell so many just because the quality and style of their sunglasses are seriously the best out there! But still, they choose to give back and I just think that is so incredible, and they’re definitely a company I want to get behind! They also have kid’s sunglasses. So I got a super cute pair of matching ones for me and Molly that I promise I will post pics of soon. And the aviators I’m wearing in these photos come with a bunch of different frame colors and lens colors. I love the bright blue lenses because I feel like they go with everything and I gravitate towards blue right now because well, I’m having a little boy so blue things get me excited for what’s to come! But the other colors are super fun too and Molly and I have matching pink ones too! And I just love a good pair of aviators. If you want to support this awesome company use my code ALIF for 25% off at diffeyewear.com!

Speaking of things I love, I love jean jackets! And this “mama” one is so cute as it proudly displays that I’m a mom on the back of it. Just like matching DIFF sunglasses above, this jacket also has a mommy-and-me version for your little one. The kid version says “babe”  on the back and is oh so cute. Can you tell I love matching with my daughter? I’m wearing a medium FYI.


From jean jackets to maternity jeans! I’ve written about these maternity jeans before, and that’s because I wear them all the time. I honestly don’t even think I’ll buy another pair of maternity jeans ever again, since this is my last pregnancy, and because I love these so much I can’t imagine ever grabbing a different pair if I had the choice. So many pairs of maternity jeans just fits so awkwardly. This is the first pair I’ve ever owned that I think look better on me than some of my normal jeans when I’m not pregnant! And I really like the rip in the knees because it makes me feel like a cool mom. Ha! I’m kind of joking but not really.

Hope this post inspires all of you to give back in some way, to stay comfy and to walk proud as a mama if you are one! And I have more Hawaii posts coming soon! Including my tips for traveling at 31 weeks pregnant with a toddler! Stay tuned for that!



25 Thoughts

25 thoughts on “Hey Mama!

      1. UGH! Pregnancy heartburn is the WORST! So glad mine has been better this go around. It was awful with both of my boys!!

  1. Home will always be home 🙂
    Ali, I wanted to ask if you follow any other blogs that you can recommend?
    Mom blogs as well as other fashion blogs – any more suggestions?
    BTW – This is not so that I will stop reading YOURS 🙂 I just want some more home/mom/fashion inspo. xo

    1. She honestly get a couple of episodes of Sesame street a day. Which is probably more than she should. But hey, I’m just trying to survive over here! I highly recommend as toy letters. Molly had toy bath letters that she LOVES and has helped her learn almost all her letters by 20 months old!

  2. Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for the “mom” community. The discussions you have on this blog, and by personally taking the time to respond to comments is so great. So, just a little note to say thank you, and I appreciate all that you do!

    1. Awww thanks Kristin! I use this blog almost like it’s my daily diary. I just talk about whatever is on my mind! Thank you for reading it!

  3. Hi Ali,

    I have a son who is 21 months and we are gearing up for our Hawaii trip in a month! How did you guys deal with the time change? We are in Seattle so same difference as you all. Curious for any tips, successes, challenges, etc!



    1. It wasn’t easy. We just had to try to keep Molly up later when we were there. But she was in bed between 5:30pm and 6:30pm everyday (8:30-9:30 our time – she normally goes to bed at 7pm). When we got home, we just skipped her nap the first day and she pretty much got right back on track. Just a night wake up last night last lasted about an hour.

  4. I bought this jacket and the babe one a couple weeks back and I was actually going to post on your blog right before your Hawaii post about them because they are so cute and thought you would love them. But I forgot… pregnancy brain. Love that you are blogging about it, it’s just the cutest plus I love mama and baby looks lol.

  5. Super cute pics, Ali! I love the whole outfit. Demin on demin 👌🏻
    Still don’t understand how you have the energy to look this good, though 😉

  6. Ali. One more question. I saw today either on yours or Kevin’s Instagram story big clock in your house. Where is this clock from. I need that clock! It’s not a want. It’s a need! Lol

  7. Angelika’s question about the clock made me also want to see MORE of your new house! It looks so bright and airy! Thanks as always for letting us all into your home and your life!

  8. I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in. 💋

  9. Hey Ali!!!
    Love love your blog!!! Can you tell me where you got Molly’s stand that she uses in the kitchen? I have a 14 month that will need that soon!

    Thanks so much!

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