Flowers on the Beach

I can’t believe our trip is already coming to an end! But really, my Hawaii posts are just beginning! My plan was to blog while here (and I did a couple times) but I tried to step away from my computer for a bit to soak up some time with my family. Like I mentioned in my last post, it rained here quite a bit during our trip. But yesterday was beautiful and we are so grateful we got such a gorgeous day to spend together. We spent a lot of time by the pool and on the beach! What’s so crazy is that the last time I stood on his beach, Molly was in my belly and now I’m holding her in my arms. It’s pretty crazy to think about.


Kevin took these beautiful photos of us. He’s a pretty good photographer right?! I think he captured some pretty precious moments between me and Molly. And baby #2 as well because he is in my belly! I also think he captured the beauty of my floral dress. It’s not maternity but I did size up to a large so it would fit with my big belly. I will have to get it taken in after I have this baby, but I had to get it for this trip because it’s just so beuatful. I think it’s perfect for vacation and the beach because it doesn’t drag in the sand. But really this dress would be great for pretty much any Spring or Summer occasion. Details on my earrings, bracelet and cuffs are below the pictures.


I can’t believe this is our last vacation as a family of 3. Well were really a family of 5 this trip because were lucky enough to have both grammies come with us. They are SUCH a help with Molly. We can’t thank them enough.

Anyway, I have a few ideas for blog posts after this trip but I want to know what YOU guys want me to blog about. What we did? Traveling with a toddler? Vacationing with a toddler? Vacation essentials? What to pack for vacation? How Kevin and I used this time to reconnect? Where we stayed and why? Tell me in the comments below! I will pick one person’s idea and write a blog about it! And give that person a major shout on on my post of course!


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  1. I would love to know where you stayed and why! You haven’t really done a post about where to vacation before and I am always looking for some place to vacation! Hope you had a great time, the dress is beautiful 😊

    1. yes THIS! I am planning a hawaii trip as well and would love to know about this resort that you keep coming back to!

    2. Yes, please!!! We are also planning a Hawaii trip with a toddler and would love to hear about where you stayed and your tips (tricks – ha!) for making it work well with a little one who is always on the move and on the verge of turning into the angry banana (our new term for her meltdowns) at a moment’s notice:) Oh, I love your pics too. You look beautiful.

    3. She’s staying at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai. I stayed there before (it’s where I got Engaged and got pregnant) and we’ll be back again for sure. It’s in the sunny(er) side of the island and has wonderful amenities. They have a salt water lagoon, a lazy river and a water slide…Perfect for kids, beyond beautiful and preaceful enough for a romantic get away! It’s highly recommended.

      1. Thanks for letting us know, Lisa! Do they have plenty of areas with shade at the pools? We’ll be traveling with our 15-month-old and I’ve found that some hotels have barely any shade or even cabanas, etc. Also, this might sound silly, but is the pool water warm? My daughter loves swimming…but not in chilly pools!

    4. Oh me too! I am going to Kauai and Maui for my honeymoon in 4 weeks! Would love to hear your recommendations!!

  2. Hi Ali
    Kevin took great photos! I would like to read all the blog ideas you mentioned… especially about how you & Kevin reconnected. I need to do a little reconnecting (with Trevor) 😉
    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.
    Your dress is as beautiful as the ocean & beach!

  3. I’d love to know why you would recommend a babymoon type trip/getaway as well as how you use the time to reconnect/appreciate the last vacation before life changes in a big way. We’re expecting our first in August!

  4. I’m curious about a day in the life of Ali on vacation – from wake up to bedtime. Does Molly wake you up or do you get up before her? Are you drinking coffee? Watching the sun rise? Making breakfast? Or do you sleep in and Kevin gets breakfast? What is the first thing you do after the wake-up routine? What time does Molly go down for a nap and do you nap then, too? You’re always smiling and always look so happy and beautiful – tell us about your day!

    1. I completely agree! We are going on a beach vacation with our 19 month old girl next month and would love to know any and all tips you have! I am specifically wondering how much time to expect to be able to spend at the beach and how you structured your time at the beach/pool. Lastly, if you can share he details on Molly’s bathing suits that would be great!!

    2. Me as well! We are traveling with our daughter in June and she will be 20 months old. We haven’t flown with her since she was a baby and I know toddlers on planes are a whole different ball game! Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. Would love to hear more about traveling with a toddler, vacationing with a toddler, vacation essentials! Always can use tips, tricks from other momma’s!

    I have a son who is a few weeks younger than Molly and also expecting and my husband and I have talked about doing a trip but always wonder how the vacation would go with him and how the “essentials” change with a toddler. We have flown with him a handful of times but vacation is different than going to see family 🙂 Love following your blog and so much fun as we will have children at the same stages!

  6. Hi Ali,
    When is your due date again? I would have been so scared to travel when I got close to my due date. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii but people say it’s overpriced and not worth the money. My thought is “then why do people go?” LOL. It looks beautiful there and I still want to go. 🙂
    I am STILL waiting for you to do a blog on your new home. I’ve always LOVED your decorating and can’t wait to see what you have done so far. Please do a blog soon about this! 🙂


    1. Definitely worth it! Hubby & I went to Honolulu for a week in February & we had a great time. Plan on venturing to another island the next time we’re there.

  7. Hi. Ali. I love your outfit. And Molly’s too!
    Would you ever consider doing reality tv with your family about your life. I would watch it! 😃

  8. Your husband is just the sweetest husband and you are blessed to have someone who is so devoted to you and Molly! He loves you both so much! Love following you both and your precious little family – soon to be of 4! You guys are wonderful parents and your son will be so blessed by you both!

    1. Yes, I so agree. As picking the right man for a husband is the most important decision not only for yourself but as the future father of your children, I have always wanted to know how you two met! You both are such role models as individuals, as a couple, as parents. I can’t help but think when I see all your vids of Molly that she is having the stage set for a beautiful life, and that is because she’s got a stable, happy home, made by two emotionally mature people who model love. It’s not say you’re not human, but you two seem to be about as good as it gets!

  9. I vote for how to reconnect! We have two and even tho they’re older I still need ideas on how to have good couple time!

  10. Love these photos Ali! Such precious and priceless memories! I too would love to know more about where you stayed (island and resort), why you chose it, and an overall review! Plus why it’s a good choice for families – specifically a multi-generational family vacation 🙂

  11. I’d love to hear more about traveling & vacationing with a toddler! We’ll be taking a trip to Europe & grandparents are coming along. I’ll be 7 months pregnant as well! Any tips & tricks are welcome 🙂

  12. Gorgeous photos! I absolutely love ❤️ your dress! Would love to hear about how you spend time connecting with the your mom and Kevin’s. Do you guys go shopping? Go have some beachy drinks? What kind of advice have they given you during pregnancy for your babes:) 💜💜💜Love your posts as always! I feel like I went to Hawaii too:) 🏝🏝🏝

  13. I always love reading your blogs! You have an adorable family. I would love to hear how you & Kevin reconnected during your trip! Marriage is much harder once you throw kiddos into the mix. How do you keep the love alive?

  14. I would love to know how you and Kevin reconnected. Thank you for always sharing such a private and personal part of your life with us. You’d be amazed how much your blog has helped so many of us. You and Kevin continue to inspire us.

  15. I would love if you did a post on how you were able to split time with the whole family and just you and Kevin. Also, i am always curious to know your essentials for vacationing. I’m open to anything. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  16. Traveling with Grammies…how do you balance time with them and time apart without guilt. what did you pay for vs then, what were the expectations they had for the trip. how often did you get away with just kevin… etc

  17. I def want to hear how you handle Molly sleeping in new places on vacation and then getting her back to sleeping regularly at home. We almost never go anywhere bc it’s a nightmare sleeping wise. I’m scared the crying would wake everyone up.

  18. Traveling with a toddler!?! Bringing help? Did you guys stay at a family friendly places? Did you try and go on a date just the two of you?

  19. Would love to hear tricks to keep a toddler busy on the plane, how to get toddlers to nap on the plane and of course – how did Molly handle the time change? Any issues with sleep?

    Also – any fun pool toys/floaties that Molly liked? We have that floaty with the sun cover that our son can sit in (he’s the same age as Molly), but he doesn’t want to sit in it too long. So I bought him a puddle jumper for our upcoming trip, but I think he’s too small?

    Oh and what sunscreen do you use for Molly? My nugget is SUPER white, so we need lots of protection! 🙂

    1. Yes!! I would like to know about traveling with a toddler. I will be taking my baby to Kauai next July with my family and in-laws. He will be 1.5 years old then. I want to know about the flight, your daily routine, activities that are toddler friendly on Kauai… Any recommendations you have would be great! We are staying in the Poipu area.

  20. Personally, I would love all the advice in traveling with a toddler. We just had our first this March and would like to do a vacation to Hawaii with her next year. It would be a long plane ride for us. What is your advice with having a toddler on the plane? What essentials should I consider packing for her? Also, where have you stayed in Hawaii. Have they been accommodating to young families?

    If you could look back on your travels, what are do’s and don’ts?

    Hope you have had a fantastic trip 😊

  21. How about… your *favorite* part about traveling as a whole fam? 💕 It looks like you are making it work so well and having a blast! How do you get “us time” just you and Kevin on the trip? I think I saw grandma came along? ✨

  22. I’d love to hear about traveling with a toddler, especially to a location with such a big time zone change! How did she do on the long flight and what did y’all do to keep her entertained?? Did she nap/sleep okay?
    Looks like whatever y’all did worked and were able to have a fun and relaxing time!

  23. Yes on ALL your ideas!! Would love to know more about traveling and vacationing with a toddler. Traveling must haves for a toddler! How did Molly adjust to the time change? How was that process?

  24. Hi Ali! Your vacation looks amazing! We’ve only travelled without our kids (4 and 2) so my questions would be how did you entertain Molly on the plane and how did you split time with your hubby and family while on vacation?

  25. Hi Ali,

    You look stunning, and are all belly!! I have been sooooo impressed by Molly’s talking and would love to hear some of the activities y’all did to make her so smart 👏🏻👏🏻. She talks like a 3 year old would!!

    Also would love to hear what a typical day of vacation looks like for you! Between Molly’s naps, having to be in early for Molly’s bedtime, etc.

  26. Hi Ali:) I love all your posts, but would love to hear how you reconnected with your hubby, while still spending quality time as a family. Sometimes relationships can take a backseat when raising children and I would like to hear how you focused on each other and what activities you did as a couple in Hawaii.

  27. Your vacation looks amazing! I would like to know what you did there, where you went, the best places to eat, the best beaches, etc.
    Your dresses (or just maternity style i general) are sooo cute and inspires me to try dress cute when im prego too!

  28. We will be flying to Florida this summer to leave for a cruise. I am terrified for the flying with children and I have 3 haha. Any tips on your next blog would be helpful!

  29. I would love to hear what to pack and where you stayed where you did. How to stay in routine? All the parent questions 😀 we just came back from a cruise with our 7 month old and I would love to keep traveling. Congrats on the beautiful family!

  30. I would love to know how it was to travel with Molly on an airplane as well as your favorite things to do while y’all were there! Molly always seems so well behaved and looked like she LOVED being there. Safe travels home!

  31. I would love to know how you handle sleeping arrangements, my daughter is just a bit older then Molly but staying in a hotel is a nightmare. She is a super light sleeper and sleeps so well in her own bed that sleeping in hotels is a real challenge. Do you splurge and get a suite or 2 connecting rooms so she can have her own room? Or get 1 room so you are close but then have to sit in the dark in silence when she sleeps? We haven’t traveled as much because the trips we have taken have taken have been miserable.

  32. I want to hear more about where you stayed! My fiancé and I are considering going there on our Honeymoon and I would love to know your thoughts and recommendations!! 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren! Just read your comment and wanted to tell you that my husband and I went to Kauai a year ago exactly for our honeymoon and loved it! We stayed at the Koa Kea about 5 minutes from where Ali is staying. It’s smaller and more of a boutique hotel. Perfect for a honeymoon! We had dinner at the Grand Hyatt though and it was just gorgeous. You would be happy with either one, I’m sure!!

      Ali- I’ve been loving your posts and feel like I’m back in Hawaii. It’s giving me travel envy!! Would love to hear more about your relationship with Kevin…how you met, how to stay connected with kiddos in the picture…and whatever else you want to share! Xx

  33. I have a 10 month old and he will be 16 months when we have our next baby—would love tips on traveling with a toddler, and then tips on managing two peanuts when your baby is born!

  34. Looked like a wonderful trip!!

    I would love to hear all about where you stayed and things you did on your trip, and also how traveling is with Molly.

  35. I would like to know how traveling with Molly went. My son is a week younger than Molly and a 6 hour flight can be daunting.. how did you handle nap time for Molly in the hotel? And we’re there a lot of food options for toddlers?

  36. I’d love to know how you’re preparing Molly for the big change of becoming a big sister/ adjusting to a new baby in the house! Also, maybe products you’ve bought this time around that you didn’t use for Molly!

  37. I would love to hear about both, I currently don’t have any children but plan on having some soon and have been trying to do a bunch of traveling before that time comes (Kauai is next on my list which is why I’m also curious about where you stayed!) but seeing you take off to Hawaii with Molly and while pregnant is refreshing and inspiring! I would love to hear about the experience and pros and cons about traveling with young children and while pregnant.

    Hope you’re having an amazing trip & look forward to reading whatever topic you choose!


  38. Would love to know where you stayed and why! What island and hotel!

    Going to Hawaii in August and there are so many hotels to choose from!!

  39. Hi Ali, So glad you got away! Even if it rained while there, the important thing is you relaxed & soaked up the time w/your family! We go to Hawaii every year (almost every year) so I’d love to hear more about the resort. My kids (10 & 12) haven’t been to Kauai yet. Would you recommend the resort and island? It is the rainy one so that makes me wonder if it’s worth going to. What activities are tyere to do? I was there for work many years ago when I was single & kid-less so would love to go back. My daughter went to Hawaii when she was 3 months and have travelled alot. The key is to travel w/them when they’re young. And once they’re walking they need their own airplane seat. You were sooo smart to do that for Molly! Sounds like you’re already a pro!

  40. As soon as you said you were going on this trip, I was like, “YES!!! She’ll write a blog about traveling with Molly!!” We are taking our first family vacation as a family of three (with our 18-month-old son) later this month. I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant (with a girl!) and would love your tips on vacationing with a toddler while also reconnecting with your partner ❤️ Any tips would be soooo appreciated!!

  41. Kid friendly things to do in Kauai- I’ll be going with my then 18 month old in May!

    Also, any life savers for the 6 hour plane ride with a toddler?

    Any must try restaurants you went to?

  42. Hi Ali, we love you SO MUCH and care so much about your family because you are just such a down the earth person with so much carisma and humbness !
    I’m just a Brazilian lady from Boston and I never miss a post from you. I would love to hear about how was the experience for you and hubby at Hawai … what were your feelings related the upcoming event of a new Baby and probably the last big vacation as a family of 3!
    Love you
    Renata Wilson

  43. I would love love love to hear about your vacation with your Mom and Mom-in-law. How is it with the two Grammies? How did it benefit Molly? How did it go for you and Kevin? I love hearing about family dynamics, especially on vacation 🙂

    Lisa 🙂

    PS. I think your family is one of the cutest ever 🙂

  44. I would love to know how travelling with a toddler went! We are taking our kids, who will be 22.5 months & 10 months, to Europe this summer. All/any tips would be appreciated!

  45. Hi Ali- Molly is adorable and looks like she really enjoyed the beach!

    I would LOVE to read about your routine/schedule for being on vacation with a toddler, or any baby for that matter! Wondering about making it work in an environment that is not home (or grandparent/relatives homes.) Things like mornings, meals, how long you spend at the pool/beach, naps, what to do after baby is in bed for the night, and sleeping arrangements!?! What are some good activities to do with toddlers at a resort/beach environment? And are there any essentials you COULDNT love without while traveling? I could pick your brain all day, but suppose I’ll stop there!

    Katie (mama to 2.5 yr old boy and 11 month old girl)

  46. Totally understand if $$ is not something you want to discuss, but how do you do these trips without totally breaking the bank? Love the idea of all-inclusive but there’s such a wide range of prices out there. Thx 🙂

  47. You’re staying at my “happy place” as I like to call it!! I want to know what your favorite places to eat were…both at the resort and otherwise (if you made it out). I’m all about the food so I want to reminisce through you:). Also, I’ve only been there with my husband but my boys (13 and 11) would not approve of us getting to HI without them again haha!! Next time, family trip:).

  48. Hi Ali!

    I’ve loved seeing your vacation posts, especially the ones with little Molly! She is just so adorable, and honestly reminds me of my little girl so much. My husband and I will watch the insta stories you and Kevin post of her, and always laugh saying oh my gosh this is just what our daughter sounds like or does or says! It’s too cute!! I even think they look a little alike at times 🙂 if only the two of them could meet one day, I think they’d be great friends!

    Also, my husband and I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai for our honeymoon!!! It is my absolute favorite place we have been thus far – so stunningly gorgeous!! Although we’re strangers, I just feel like we have so many similarities and I love listening to your tips and advice, especially when it comes to your daughter. I even recently asked your advice on what dress size to order for my daughter on your Instagram post of Molly in her Easter dress and you replied so quickly and were a big help (the dress arrived today and is SO cute – I can’t wait for her to wear it)! My daughter is 16 months old, and we are thinking of taking our first family vacation with her this summer, possibly back to Hawaii!! Since so much of your advice has already been helpful for us, I’d love to hear about your “do’s and don’ts” for traveling with a toddler, but on top of that, how do you help the toddler adjust to the time change (if there is one). From watching your stories, it seems that Molly has always been on somewhat of a routine, and my daughter is VERY routine – so ideas on how to help them adjust when traveling would be huge!!

    I hope you enjoy the remainder of your vacation – your last one as a family of 3!! Wishing you and your family all the best as you await the arrival of your baby boy 🙂

    Have a great day,

  49. I would love to hear more about traveling with a little one. We are big travelers and we are expecting our first baby any day now. We hope to keep traveling so I would love any insight or tips from you!

  50. Hi Ali and family! I’d love to know where you stayed at and the details of the place. Was it an all inclusive resort? How long was the flight and were there layovers or was it all direct. My husband and I will be planning our 8th anniversary trip this August and we usually go to Mexico but I’d love to try Hawaii. Also, where does your doggy Owen stay while you vacation? My husband and I just lost our fur baby, our best friend just 10 days ago and it has been the hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through. Our vacations were always planned around him and making sure my mom was available to watch him while we were away. This will be the first trip we wouldn’t need to find a dog sitter. That hurts so much to say. As much of a pain it was to figure all of that out, I’d do anything to have that “headache” again. I hope your trip was amazing and you all have a safe return home. Can’t wait to read more about everything 🙂

  51. Traveling with a 21 month old to Maui next month. Her first flight. And I’m nervous. What did you do on the plane?! Help!

  52. Hi Ali! We’re planning a beach trip in August and my daughter will have just turned 2. What are some fun things you brought on the plane. Also, what did you do with her car seat? Did you check it and did you hold Molly? Also, did you rent a crib or pack n play at your hotel? How did she nap/sleep in the room with you guys!?


  53. Hey there Ali,

    So as much as I would love to hear about where you stayed in Hawaii on vacation and what activities you did together as a family and which activities were best for having a toddler and being a pregnant momma (you should blog about it all :)), I really want to hear about something else and I think it ties into the vacation because during this vacation I’m sure you had moments to step away from the every day hustle and bustle of life back home and spend time feeling and thinking more than normal. I am a mommy to a 16 month old little boy Devin and I would love to have more kids but I fear that I love him so hard I’m not sure I feel I can love so hard for another and share that love between multiple kids not just 1. So my question is, can you? I know you are pregnant now and your little boy hasn’t arrived just yet, but did you have these feelings and if so, did you talk about them With Kevin? Was there anything you feel you needed to do or say to Molly to make her feel like a special human before having your little man arrive? Thanks for all the info and I hope regardless you blog about this 🙂 From one mama to another…thank you.


  54. I’d like to hear you get a little bit deeper into how it feels to be expanding your family (the next time you’re on that beach you’ll be able to hold Molly and your little boy’s hands!) and what it all means to you. Your fashion-centered posts and what you’re up to in your daily life are great, but let’s get to know the real Ali and see what makes you tick!

  55. Hi Ali,

    I would love to read about how you traveled with a toddler. My husband and I and our little girl who’s 19 months now, will be traveling to Portugal in August. My MAIN issue is the whole car seat deal, when leaving the airport to our apartment etc.

  56. Hi Ali!
    I’ve beem lucky enough to travel the world quite a bit working, and Hawaii is my absolutely my favorite place on earth. I have now given up that life as we have an amazing 10 month old boy, but as a family we still plan to travel, since my husband still works on cruise ships. All this to say that I would love a blog about traveling with a toddler (I thought it was hard when we first flew and he was 1 month old, but it only got harder at 6mo and even more at 9mo). I would love to know what to expect, how to do it and organize it. Also, Hawaii is a special place for us and we want to go back with our son, so I’d love to know how/why you chose what island and resort to stay?

  57. Love your blog and all of your adorable pictures with Molly! We have a 17 month old and have two trips coming up with her! I would love to know any traveling tips you have and what essentials to bring to keep her busy (and hopefully seated 🤞🏼) on the flights!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, Hawaii is so beautiful!! Safe travels!

  58. We are going to Kauai with a toddler (18 months old) in 3 weeks. Would love to know how it was travelling with Molly. We too are bringing grandma to help out as well as let my hubby and I have some quality time together. This will be our first big trip as a family and we are very excited! Can’t wait to see the blog about your trip. Hopefully it’ll be up before we go 🙂

  59. Please do a post about traveling and vacationing with a toddler. We have our first trip coming up this summer!

  60. Hi!
    I would love to hear tips and tricks for traveling with a toddler 🙂 My husband and I are planning a trip with two toddlers and yes, feeling quite nervous! But also excited !
    Would also love love to know about where you stayed and why? Finding family friendly places to stay can be a challenge! Thank you 🙂 ❤️

  61. I want to know lots of things-could you have made this trip with just you, Kevin, and molly? Grandparents a must? How did you adjust to time change with toddler? How many days did it take you to pack for trip?

    Who’s idea was it to go on trip? Did the other one laugh and say “you’re crazy” or “yeah that sounds fantastic! Let’s make a trip with a toddler and a preggo!”

  62. Hi Ali! Would love if you blogged about deciding to bring BOTH Grandma’s and how you balanced time with them, time with Molly, and time with just you, Kevin and Molly 🙂 I’m sure they get along and have a good balance or else you wouldn’t have decided to invite both!

    1. And also, time change with Molly! We recently traveled to Cali from NJ with my 1.5 year old (and currently pregnant) and we definitely had some very early mornings. Eeeek!

  63. Hi! I’m planning a trip to Hawaii in July and it’s my first vacation with my daughter. She will be almost one when we go and I’m stressed/nervous from the whole packing to flying on a plane with a toddler to being able to enjoy my time out there! So any advice and tips would be so much appreciated! Thank you!

  64. Hi Ali!! You look wonderful! I hope your time in Hawaii with your family has been amazing. I am wondering how traveling was with Molly? My husband and I also sleep trained our son who will be 2 in May and I’m curious as to how she adjusted to the travel and sleeping in a place besides her crib! Thank you!

  65. Your vaca looks wonderful!! Also just wondering where you got your little gold necklace from that I saw in your Instagram video. Looking for something like that with my son’s initials on it.


  66. I have loved seeing all your pictures from Hawaii.
    My boyfriend and I are going to Hawaii in the fall so I would love to see posts about what to pack, what is essential and what not to pack.
    I am a HUGE over packer and I know in Hawaii I’m not going to need much besides bathing suits and flowy dresses. So what are some other essentials?

    Regardless of what you post about- I look forward to it😊

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  67. I am 21 weeks pregnant and will be traveling to Florida at the end of April for a baby moon! I’d love to hear tips on traveling while pregnant!

  68. Tips for traveling while pregnant and also where you got Molly’s little full wetsuit! I love that it covered her arms and legs too!

  69. I think it’d be perfect and fitting to write a letter to Molly about your favorite memories from this trip and your feelings on her becoming a big sister. As a mom to three I know my emotions were all over the place about giving my daughter a sibling. From excited, to scared, happy and sad. But also how you’ve cherished this trip as your baby moon.

  70. I would LOVE to read about traveling with an infant and traveling while pregnant (if you could mix in both). My husband and I are toying with the idea of going to Europe to visit family and I’m a worry wort traveling as is – with a kid in tow freaks me out! THANK YOU, ALI xo

  71. I think a post on reconnection would be awesome!! Because let’s face it, connecting with your spouse with babies and toddlers is not always easy and it is so important as a foundation of a family! As parents of 3, it’s always been a priority of ours and it’s not always easy because of the guilt of leaving kids out, time restraint, and just business of life! Thanks 🙂

  72. Yes! Would love to hear more about your trip. Especially what to do with a toddler! Did you just hang by the pool most days or were there any fun kid things to do with her? My husband and I have a three year old and a one year old and have been talking about vacationing next year with them but we don’t know what kinds of things the kids would really be able to do and ENJOY doing. Ya know?? Soo excited to hear more!

  73. I would definitely be interested in something like tip for bloggers who are just starting out! Love following your journey here and on insta:)
    Calli Fritcher

  74. I would love to know some tips and tricks you have about traveling with a toddler. Also I would like to know things y’all did that was more for her. Thanks Ali

  75. Hi Ali, I followed you since your Bachelor & Bachelorette days 😍. My husband would like like to go to Hawaii & I would do- neither of us have ever been. I noticed you had your Moms with you & since I am a senior, I would love your advice on places to go, where to stay, things to do that all of you enjoyed. Thanks so much😊

  76. Hi Ali!

    Would love to hear more information on where you stayed and why! Hawaii is next on my list (I have an 11 week old) so what’s important to you when looking for a kid friendly resort? Also what do you think is the best age to start traveling with a kiddo? Looking forward to reading your post!

  77. I’d love to know your tips for traveling (read: sleeping!) with a baby. We are traveling next month and my baby will be about 10.5 mos old and I’m terrified. He sleeps so well at home in his bed. Will it undo all our training?? We travelled with him at 4 months but he wasn’t sleep trained yet and still in our bed!

  78. I would love to know the logistics of traveling with a toddler. When she is in a crib do you guys use a hotel crib? Does she sleep in the same room as you? Do you stick to your normal nap and sleep schedule even with a time difference? Do you recommend inviting grandmas along so there is some husband and wife time?! I’d love to know your tips 😊 thank you!

  79. I’d love to know where you stayed! Also I love that dress. It reminds me of Lovestitch dresses which are my FAVORITE and are great to wear when pregnant or nursing (although they aren’t maternity dresses).

  80. I would love to know how Molly adjusted to sleeping in a new place. I know my sister finds it very difficult to travel with her 22 month old because she doesn’t adjust well to having a different routine (my niece not my sister) 🙂 I’m just wondering if you have any tips to make the transition in routines easier for not only Molly, but also you and Kevin.

  81. Yes, I would love to hear all of this! I am traveling to Hawaii in 4 days with my 27 month old and I’m stressing a bit. Also, How has Molly been with the time change. I’m trying not to overthink it but, hoping he doesn’t wake up at 3am

  82. Hi Ali,
    I would love to know where you stayed and if it is an all inclusive or not. Are the food options buffet style or do you have to book restaurants to eat? Also if you can discuss the types of food options available and if it is expensive to travel to Hawaii for a vacation.

    Thank you !

  83. Please post about traveling with a toddler. My husband and I are going to Rhode Island for a week this summer with our little boy will be 15 months old, and we have not done a flight with him yet. What works and what doesn’t work? Tips and tricks. Things to bring and what to rent, etc. thanks so much!

  84. I would love to hear about what to do while in Hawaii! Places to go, stay & must do’s! I live in Florida, so it’s an even longer flight, but I would love to go there one day. Love reading your blog (Been following your journey in life ever since the Bachelorette, like so many of us) & so happy for you on getting what you finally deserve (love of your life & an adorable family) 😊💗

  85. This has nothing to do with vacationing, but I would love to hear about your time being single/dating. How you knew Kevin was the one, how to stay hopeful you’ll find someone, how you used the time for yourself, advice for single women, etc. You might’ve written about this already but I thought I’d mention it!!

  86. Hi Ali. In May my husband and I will be travelling to Europe with our little one. He will be close to 6 months by then. So just wondering on things to bring. Of course we have to bring a car seat. We are back and forth if we bring the base with it. I also just picked up a smaller stroller for this trip. So just tips on things you found helpful to bring and things maybe you brought and realised after it was too much.
    Thank you

  87. Hi Ali!

    Love your posts, and I feel like I can totally relate to where you are in life right now! We have a little guy around Molly’s age and I’m also pregnant with #2.

    How did you navigate your room situation with Molly’s sleep schedule? Did you stick to her normal schedule, or did you just go with the flow since you are on vacation? In the past we have booked our son an extra room because I don’t see how he would sleep otherwise! Thanks!😀

  88. I would love to know how you balance your vacation time between being Molly’s mommy, being Kevin’s wife and being just Ali! How do you accomplish a successful day in each of those roles while also trying to vacation?

  89. I’d love to see more about the “moments” on your trip! I had my babymoon, I remember some of the amazing moments where we really stopped to pause and soak it all in. Specifically, I’d love to hear more about your decision/feelings on how to chose it was time to add another little! I think many of us can relate to this… or are thinking about it ourselves!

  90. Would love to know how you pick your vacation spot with Molly. We are trying to plan a resort type vacation with my entire family and I have a two year old. I worry about the resort having enough to keep him entertained but not making the rest of the family be stuck at a super kid-orientated vacation spot.

  91. Would love to know where you stayed and why? Why you chose Hawaii as your babymoon destination & what did you do during your stay? Also, would you recommend Hawaii for a babymoon for a first time visit? I’m dying to see Hawaii… I’ve never been. But I also imagine doing a whole lot of relaxing & less running around and touring during my babymoon so want to know your thoughts on that. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics!

  92. What beautiful pictures!! I would love to know how it is traveling with a toddler. My little girl Charlotte is currently 19 months old and we will be traveling to California in May! The flight is about 6 hours- I’m terrified! Hah. Any flight must haves? How was packing for her? It’s been amazing to follow your journey!

  93. Hawaii is the best! We’d like to go back, so I’d love to know where you stayed and what you thought! Also, your opinion on what to pack. We’re doing a long vacation this summer and I’d like some advice on what to take! Thanks for sharing!!

  94. I would love to know where you stayed! Also why Kauai? I have been to all of the islands except for Kauai. I actually currently live on Maui. It seems like everyone talks about the rain on Kauai. I do want to plan a trip soon though so your tips and favorite spots would be much appreciated! As always love seeing photos of you and your growing family!

  95. Now that Molly is a toddler what are your tips for the plane? Ways to help her ears pop, keep her entertained and from wanting to walk all over the place. Traveling with a toddler this summer though it will be a lot longer flight than CA to HI.

    Also how does she do with her sleeping when traveling?

  96. You should share about why you traveled with Molly’s grandmas and what that was like!! We are planning to go to Hawaii with my parents and our two small kids next spring break and are hesitant about vacationing with family and if it is worth it!!

  97. I have always questioned whether I want to be a mom and seeing your posts and transition into motherhood has opened my heart up to the possibility of taking on the challenge. I’m getting married in May and can’t wait to start the baby making (God willing) I want to know why going on a baby moon is important to you? How do you enjoy travelling without the margaritas & pina colladas? Haha. Sending lots of love from Toronto, Canada!

  98. My husband and I are going on a trip next March to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Hawaii is one of our ideal locations. I’d love to hear where to stayed and what you liked/ disliked about it and what you’d do differently if you went back!?

  99. Could you talk about flying far along in your pregnancy, tips and tricks? I’m going to the beach at 33 weeks and could use advice.

  100. Perhaps can you discuss tips on travellig with a toddler, tips on travelling in your last trimester and tips on toddler sleeping arrangements while travelling!!!
    Also, did you get any toddler free time? 😉

  101. Full disclosure! What was it like vacationing with a toddler and being pregnant? Would you have done it if you didn’t have the extra hands of parents and in laws?? Would it have been harder?

  102. I would like to know about the reconnecting. I feel like that is important as kids come into our lives. And sometimes we get so busy and forget to put some time and effort into our relationships and spouses.

  103. OH! The pics are gorgeous. You, Molly and the landscape are beautiful. Please write about where you went and why.

  104. Vacationing with a toddler!! How to do fun activities on vacation…we’re planning a trip to kaui with my parents and 4 year old…hubby has never been to Hawaii so we obviously want to do ALL the things but we want it to be fun for all of us!

  105. I would love to know how you and Kevin reconnected! I feel as though sometimes when our lives get a little crazy we tend to lose the spark with our significant others, which I am experiencing right now, and even though my boyfriend and I arent parents, what are some ways that you restablish that spark if it’s been lost??
    P.S. love your little family and can’t wait to see the new little one!!

  106. Would love to know tips on flying with a toddler, toddler schedule while on vacation and fun things for toddlers in Hawaii!! Basically everything 😂. We are taking our 18 month old to Maui in three weeks!

  107. I would love to know what it’s like travelling with a toddler. As a Mama to a 2 year old and 7 month old, I’m atressed for you! Haha
    I also want to know how you are feeling about little mans debut coming in a few short weeks! I remember being so anxious about bringing another baby into th world, wondering how I could possibly love both of my babies equally!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip ✌️😘

  108. I would love to see a post on how to budget for a vacation. Also, the best time to visit Hawaii; like weather wise or best time for budget travelers etc

  109. Hi Ali!
    So glad it looks like you all had a blast even in the rain! I’d love to hear what activities you all did and any recommendations for places to go and see and eat while in Kauai! We’re going on our honeymoon there in May and have never been to that island so would love any recommendations! So excited!! Thanks so much! Cheers to you and your growing family!

  110. Hi Ali!
    First let me say this…you look so beautiful and happy! And what I really want to know is why you decided to bring Molly and are you happy you did. And second will Molly be there when you have the baby…like in the room. Not watching EVERYTHING but just in the delivery room (if that’s even allowed where you plan to give birth) just curious. Best wishes to you all! What a wonderful little family. ❤

  111. Hi, Ali! I haven’t traveled with a toddler in a decade!! My youngest is my daughter who is 14! She and I love traveling to Hawaii, and Kauai is our favorite island! Great choice! You will continue to love your mommy/daughter time on the islands for many years to come! From your posts, I can tell you just took your time with Molly enjoying the little things and not planning too many specific activities. The key to traveling with little ones is complete flexibility, so no one is getting too stressed out. It’s great you’ve already learned this with your first little one. I’m sure the grandmas have helped with great advice too! Just a note- I just bought your dress to where for Easter!! I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to shop, so this will be a special treat delivered to my house! Thanks for suggesting the beautiful dress! Safe travels home!!

  112. What made you decide to take the whole family rather than Grammies staying at home with Molly? So hard to spend quality couple time on a babymoon with family in tow. I allowed my toddler back when to control everything I did or didn’t do with my hubby and regret it now.

  113. I’d love to know about what it is like traveling with family? My husband and our soon to be 16 month old will be taking a trip to Disney World this year. I kinda want to bring my mom along, but my husband says it’s a no go. Was it better having both Grammies there so they could hang out together to give you, Kevin, and molly some alone time. And of course tips on vacationing with a toddler! Do you use a pack and play or get a crib or let her sleep in bed with y’all? Haha so many questions!!

  114. Would love to see: what you packed your things in (suitcase), how you packed and what you brought! In addition to of course to having a husband and young one to think about. Also, how traveling while pregnant was? Lastly, how did you prioritize your time between Molly, your husband and the grandmas!

  115. I’ve never been to Hawaii… I would to hear about where you stayed and why. And how it’s been with a toddler in a place like Hawaii. Thanks!

  116. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! You are definitely blessed!

    I would love to know where you stayed, I would also like to know how you spent your time. How did you and Kevin enjoy just you guys, and special things you did for molly.

    I love how you and Kevin are always so sweet to each other and make time for your marrige

  117. Would love to know where and why you stayed at the location you did in Hawaii? Also, what you did to keep Molly entertained on the flight. My husband is so hesistant to fly with our lil one 🙁

  118. I would like to know which essential you packed with being pregnant and having a toddler on vacation! Did you plan your days out or just take it one day at a time. Also where did you stay and why? What did the hotel and island offer that made you choose it! When I was 5 months pregnant with my first we went to Hawaii ! Loved every minute! I hope you enjoyed every minute!

  119. Would love to hear how you entertained Molly on the long flight. Also, what do you feed her when dining out. Do you bring snacks for the hotel room too? All things toddler + vacation!! Going to FL in 2 weeks with my 15mo old (plus am 5mo pregnant), any tips will help 🙂 Xo

  120. Would love to hear about traveling and vacationing with a toddler! Entertainment, how to get them to sleep comfortably, what gear to bring. Flying to Paris with my 1.5 year old this summer. Thanks!

  121. I would really love to know why you picked where you stayed, but also how you reconnected with your husband! I feel like I get so caught up in bringing up stress from work, that it interferes with our “us” time!

  122. Love your blog!! I would love to know all your travel tips, as in how you chose your flight, resort, and traveling with a toddler and your budget! Did you spend within your budget, over? Hawaii was was going to be a possible honeymoon trip for us 2 years ago, but it was not in our budget, so Thailand it was! Which was incredible, but now having my daughter, who is almost a year (next month), I want to take her some wehere tropical!!! Being a teacher we have a strict budget…any tips, and suggestions is so great!!! Also love that both Grammies went to help with Molly!!! Looks like you guys enjoyed your vacation!! Thanks for sharing 😍

  123. Traveling/vacationing with toddler, dealing with the long flight and time change! Flying to Oahu next month from Sacramento with our 16 month old 😀

  124. Tips for traveling/vacation with a toddler! My daughter is just a few months younger than Molly. Also, what kind of camera does Kevin use? Looks like a great trip!

  125. I would like to know what was your must have you used or was a must have packed? Also what you did while you were dealing with all the rain?

  126. Hey Ali!

    I’m getting married this October and we want to honeymoon in Hawaii! The place you were at looked amazing but soooo many options to choose from! Would love any advice you have on Hawaii for honeymoon from this trip and why you chose to stay where you stayed or other trips you have taken!

    Thanks much!


  127. Please share all your tips on the best places to visit in Hawaii and where to stay that’s budget friendly for a Hawaii vacation!

  128. Love your blog. Would love to hear about where you stayed and why and if it was pretty child friendly? We want to take the family to Hawaii (haven’t been since before kids) but don’t know if they’re old enough to really enjoy. They’re 7 and 5. Thanks and have fun!

  129. I’d love to know where you stayed and why but I also want to know how it was traveling with a toddler and how you handled the time change? Did that make it more difficult or did you just try to keep her on the same schedule as you would at home?

  130. Going to Kauai kid free with the hubby this June, would love to know what you guys did there and where you ate!

    You can definitely treat the next blog post as a travelers blog to Kauai!

  131. I would love for you to do a post on traveling with a toddler! We have a vacation to Hawaii booked for November and our little boy will be 13 months when we go… and while I’m SO excited, I would love some tips for the long flight with a toddler and helping them adjust to the time change. PS Thanks for always keeping it real! I’m a longtime fan and love your blog!

  132. So my husband I literally just got back from a holiday in Mexico two days ago! We have now two children (2 boys) the youngest being only ten months. We find it hard to have time alone when we are just in our daily lives, yet we know it is extremely important. We try to get away every couple months to reconnect just the two of us uninterrupted. I would love to know how you guys stay connected in your daily lives (any good tips are awesome) and when you were on holidays! Also, how are you feeling about baby number two coming and how that might change the way you guys connect in the future! Two is amazing to have and boys are so much fun! 🙂

  133. Hi Ali !

    I am interested to know why you chose kauai and your hotel? We stayed at kauai mariott resort and long hesitated between your hotel before! We were also on the same flight back to LA s your family and I must say that you have an even more beautiful family than in pictures!!

    Love your blog

  134. I learned a pretty valuable lesson recently about rain. For some reason after my Dad passed away I started to really appreciate certain things…like the rain. I love walking around nature near the end of winter and seeing plants start to bud in preparation for Spring. It’s amazing no matter how cold it gets in my home state of Washington (I live in Oregon now) nature hasn’t died in the winter. It’s still thriving beneath the ground. I love seeing buds on flowers or trees ready to open and realizing that we need rain to make that happen. A mix of rain and sun. I love how the holly trees in the cemetery where my Dad is buried and bursting with red berries and green foliage in the middle of winter. Further evidence of why Hollies are a Christmas thing. We had some pretty horrible fires in Oregon last year (last summer). Land was ravaged by fires and the air quality was so poor. We were begging for rain! Now that summer has past and the fires have been tamed, I will never ever ever complain about the rain. It’s officially spring now and we have had a little sun but mostly rain (and even some snow!) and I am SO THANKFUL FOR RAIN! 🙂 People are already wishing the sun would come out more but I know it wont be long before summer comes and the potential risk for fires will emerge (as they have the last few years) and we will once again be wishing and praying for rain. Why are we as humans so fickle and discontent? I am thankful for the sun, rain, snow, and everything else. I understand that each of these things can love us too much and cause destruction like flooding, fires, and even treacherous conditions (like snow) but each are beautiful in their own way.

    What I am trying to say is…I bet that rain in Hawaii is absolutely beautiful and I am glad it didn’t put a damper (get it?) on your trip. It shouldn’t 🙂

  135. I would love to know how it was keeping her schedule while on vacation? I travel with my son since he was a newborn and now he’s 18m it’s become a lot more difficult lol – maybe not difficulty but strategic.

  136. I would love to know about traveling with a toddler and specifically how to cope with the time change? We will be taking our two girls to Hawaii next year and it’s a 5 hour time change from the Midwest!

  137. PLEASE all the toddler travel tips!! My husband and I traveled a ton before we had our son, he’s 16 months old and we haven’t taken him anywhere further than anywhere within a 2 hour flight radius and 1 hour time change. We are itching to get back on the travel bandwagon!

  138. Hi Ali! I’d love to know how it is traveling while pregnant & is it worth the money? Still just as enjoyable being pregnant as it would be after delivery?! You are precious & blessed. Thank you for letting us get a glimpse into your sweet little life 🙂

  139. I’d love to hear the where you stayed and why as well as your “must visit” places on the island!

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