Hawaii Now and Then

We made it to Hawaii! It’s so beautiful here. We absolutely love it. Not going to lie, it’s been raining almost non-stop since we got here. Which is so uncommon for Hawaii! Normally it quickly rains, and then the sun comes out shortly after. But we happened to pick a rainy week. It’s a bit of a bummer to be honest, but we are making the best of it. We are taking full advantage of the breaks in the rain and hope to get a pool day in tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

We came back to the same resort that we had our babymoon when I was pregnant with Molly. We just love it here so it was really a no brainier for us. And I realized that I packed the EXACT same dress to wear for this pregnancy and trip as I did last time. It’s pretty crazy to think about how much has changed since then. I am a couple years older, a bit wiser and have quite a few more wrinkles on my face. But hey, I EARNED those wrinkles. I’m a mother now and you earn every wrinkle you get! I mean that! Not that I’m opposed to trying to get rid of those wrinkles later. Ha! Cause I will try for sure! But for now, I wear them proudly!

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Anyway, I wanted to share this because I think it’s cool to look back and reflect and I just absolutely love this dress! It’s NOT a maternity dress so I legit have it in 3 different colors/prints because it’s such a favorite of mine. See me wearing it HERE when I was pregnant and NOT pregnant. Cool to see it side by side.

I like wearing simple gold bracelets with vacation-wear so I have on a cuff, a layered cuff and a beaded gold bracelet. They are all so pretty. And I threw on a statement earring for fun! And my turquoise ring is pretty uh-mazing if you ask me πŸ˜‰

Oh and I just realized I have been giving you guys the wrong code for my sandals on my last few posts. Use ALILUVSBORN2 to get a discount on my sandals if you love them! I think it’s good until the end of the month. They are nuetral so they go with everything and are so comfy because of the padding in the sole! Plus the strap around the heel makes them a great walking sandal while on vacation.

Ok the sun MIGHT be coming out, so I am running/waddling back out to the pool in hopes of catching some sunshine! Talk soon luvs!


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15 thoughts on “Hawaii Now and Then

  1. You look beautiful!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•That dress is gorgeous, looks comfy too:) Enjoy Hawaii! 😍Love it there ❀️I was lucky enough to live in Honolulu for a year, in my youth πŸ™‚

      1. :)) It was super fun living there! Why did I ever leave? Lol πŸ˜‚ I never get tired of going! Would you recommend the island you are on? Been to Maui, and Kona. Molokai too πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ

  2. Hi Ali,
    You are the sunshine!
    I have a turquoise ring which I love.
    Keep smiling…yours is pretty. 🌞

  3. I hope you get some sunshine! We went on our babymoon to Kauai as well around this time 2 years ago-so beautiful there. Your dress is awesome as well-love the versatility, but maybe looks not so generous on top for those of us who end up sizing up substantially in that area during pregnancy (I was that lady crying during a bra fitting in my first trimester due to how ridiculously large I became in a short period of time ;)?!? Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. We have been lucky enough to go to Kauai for many vacations! It’s nice to see you enjoying time at one of our favorite resorts!! I hope you get some sunny days! Go check out β€œthe fresh shave” for shave ice. Yum! Enjoy.

  5. So hoping the sun has popped out for some long periods of time and that you and Kevin and Molly are adoring your time with your mothers! You look darling in that dress this pregnancy, too! I love looking back at the side by side pics of you and Molly and just you, post pregnancy! Molly looks sooo adorable in those pics! Here’s to a lovely r and r and 🌞🌞🌞🌴🌞🌞🌞❀️!!!

  6. Sorry bout the unexpected weather! Looked like your style was all flowing dresses. So lots of comfort. I did have a couple questions for you about this trip with your family 1.) What was your most used item that was a must pack item? 2.) What were some things you did while you waited out the rain?

  7. Hi Ali! You look gorgeous, pregnancy suits you!! I have the same dress I wore PP and absolutely LOVE the print! I’d love for you to share your trip/flight tips on traveling with a toddler. We are going to an all inclusive in about a month with our 15mos old, I’m trying to get everything together for the trip now! Thanks!

  8. So cute! It rained a lot on our baby moon trip to Kaui in May 2016 too! Totally didn’t expect it either. 😝 But hey it’s still paradise and how else is it supposed to stay that green right? Congrats on your growing fam! Love following you πŸ™‚

  9. This dress is gorgeous on you–I love non-maternity dresses that work both during and after pregnancy.

    But I have to ask: What kind of bra are you wearing underneath? It’s a fairly low-cut dress, and I feel like finding the right bra would be a challenge!

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