Pizza My Heart – Let’s Talk Pregnancy Cravings!

I’m a girl who loves pizza! Forget fried food, I can live without it. But when it comes to pizza and pasta, I just can’t survive without! That’s why I bought the shirt I’m wearing in these pictures. Because in reality, PIZZA itself has a pizza my heart. Ha! So needless to say, our early dinner pizza party yesterday was just perfect!


It’s funny because we leave for Hawaii in a couple days, and normally when I’m a few days out from a trip where I’ll be wearing a bathing suit all the time, I tend to watch how many calories I’m putting into my body. But not when I’m pregnant! Honestly, that’s probably one of the best things about being pregnant. Obviously besides getting to have a precious baby at the end of it. But really, getting to eat a ton of food and then put on a swimsuit and not think twice about it is one of my absolute favorite things about being pregnant. That might not be super profound to say, and some people might give me a hard time for saying it, but it’s just the truth for me! Pregnancy is hard on me. It’s hard on a lot of women. Some women love so many things about being pregnant. Me, not so much. I loved my body a lot more when I was pregnant with Molly. I was mostly belly back then. But pregnancy is definitely affecting my body differently this time around and maybe all the pizza I’m eating has something to do with that. Ha! But at the end of the day, being able to eat a bunch of pizza and then put on a swimsuit and still feel relatively comfortable is something I just can’t do when I’m not pregnant. So I’m going to take advantage of these moments while I still can. So I’m proudly going to wear my pizza my heart T-shirt (btw, it’s on sale for under $25 right now and comes in sizes XS up to 4XL), and snuggle up with my little girl and poochie while we watch cartoons in bed and stuff our faces. Btw, how cute is Owen’s face in the picture below?! He wont take he eyes off my slice! Poor guy wanted some pizza SOOOO bad. He got a few doggy treats instead 😉


Molly doesn’t normally eat pizza. As you can see from some of these photos she was unsure about it at first, but she quickly realized how amazing it is!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about pregnancy cravings on my blog today! Man have I had a lot of them this pregnancy! And even though I’m eating pizza in these photos, I’ve actually been craving sweets a lot more than salty foods. A bunch of people told me early on in my pregnancy that I must be having a girl because I was craving so many sweets. But as you guys know I’m having a boy and that’s just an old wives tale.


My main pregnancy cravings right now are sour gummy candies and ice cream. I legit have to have both of those things every single day. So while I was thinking about my cravings, I started wondering what other people crave during pregnancy. Did the old wives tale hold true for you and did you crave sweets when you were having a girl? Or are you like me and crave sweets while having a boy? Any weird pregnancy cravings out there? I don’t really crave pickles anymore, but for the first few weeks of my pregnancy I just craved pickles and ate them straight out of the jar. I was a walking stereotype for pregnancy. Pickles and then ice cream! But not together!

Anyway, I just thought it’d be fun to share stories about our cravings on the blog today. I’m interested to see what you guys say. I’m gonna do my best to respond to every single comment today since I have the day off work. Although my most demanding and full-time job, a.k.a. being a mother, never ends so if I don’t respond to some comments for a while it’s because I’m tending to Molly.

Oh but before I go, I HAVE to mentioned these lounge maternity pants I’m wearing. They are THE BEST!!!!!! Can you tell I’m obsessed by how many exclamation points I just used? No really, they are the most comfy pants in the whole world. I mean it! They only have 2 reviews on Nordstrom’s website, but both are raving reviews because they’re just the best. They are a little long though, so you might to get them hemmed if you are on the shorter side. If you are tall, then you will be so happy with the length. I’m 5’7″ and they are a little long on me but I like that! Makes them extra comfy and I only wear them at home.

OK! Time to talk cravings in the comments below! Oh but first, check out the progression of Molly eating a bite of pizza below. Too funny and cute! She’s in HEAVEN by the 3rd photo!

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116 thoughts on “Pizza My Heart – Let’s Talk Pregnancy Cravings!

  1. Hey Ali!

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant with a little girl and all I want is ice cream!! Get me a DQ blizzard and I’m a happy girl! So I guess the old wives tales hold true to me! Kind of random, but my Nana is really good friends with Kevin’s Mom. Hope you guys have a great time in Hawaii!

  2. I had a boy back in January and the only thing I ever craved was Cinnamon! I was so looking forward to pregnancy cravings but they just never came 🙁 now with breastfeeding though I’m craving so many sweets! I can’t get enough! Molly is precious! She’s going to be such a great big sister!

  3. We just did our babymoon in Hawaii and it was so nice! I missed tropical cocktails by the pool (virgin ones are just not the same) but loved feeling so carefree about my mid-section in a swimsuit 😉

    I’m a couple weeks behind you and would love a post on hospital packing list or some basics for the first few weeks. I’m on my first and freaking out since I passed the 100 days to go mark this week and feel like I have no idea what I need or when to get it!

    Also I’m having a boy and early 2nd tri sweets seemed to sweet for me, but now I’m back to my usual cookie/ice cream craving self

    1. Was it nice in Hawaii while you were there? I have been checking the forecast a lot and it feels like it has said rain for weeks! I’m hoping it’s nice weather!

      1. We just went to Hawaii for our honeymoon a couple weeks ago! I was so worried about the weather for weeks beforehand…the forecast showed rain everyday. In reality it was pretty overcast, but we got very little rain. One day we were poured on, but it passed pretty quickly. Other times it sprinkled and stopped five minutes later. I learned to stop checking the forecast because it was consistently wrong!

      2. It showed rain/overcast every day on the app but I’ve heard the forecasts for the islands are really off and totally depend on which island and where on the island you are- we were in Maui and had one overcast day and rain when we were on the rain side- but my husband had co-workers in NW Maui who said the weather was terrible :(…. I think you have to hope for the best and maybe drive around the island a bit more to get some better weather patches!

  4. Hey Ali! Congrats on your second pregnancy! I’m actually pregnant with my second and am due in September! I’ve enjoyed following your blog and have learned a lot from your motherhood stories! Our daughters are around the same age and the sleep training information really helped! I don’t know what I’m having yet but I’m having the same pregnancy as the first. People have told me, that means I must be having another girl! We will see if they are right after my next month’s ultrasound! I did try the ring on a string test with my first one which was right. I too have been craving sweets along with dill pickle kettle chips! lol! Not the healthiest of cravings but I try to buy organic options. Anyway, I never reply on blogs or anything like this but I just wanted to say that it’s really fun reading your blog and finding fun deals for both me and my babies! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy and new baby boy! PS. My husband and I own a Pizza restaurant, Oakwood Pizza Box, in Raleigh, NC. If you’re ever in the area I hope you come by for a slice! I love buying anything pizza related when it comes to graphic t’s so thanks for sharing this $25 find!

    1. Thanks for the invite! If I’m ever in the area I will have to check it out! And I am so glad my sleep training blog helped you!

  5. I craved sweets my entire pregnancy and just had a baby boy last week. Other things I craved were Smuckers uncrustable PB&J sammys and ALL of the carbs!

  6. Hey Ali!

    Love your site and I’ve bought some stuff you recommend. 31 weeks with a little boy and currently craving steak and salad. First trimester when I could stomach anything I wanted tater tots and cobb salad. Around 8 weeks I bought some veggie tots as a “healthy” way to satisfy my craving and was nauseous the rest of the night after trying them. Now I go with the original. Love following on your journey!

  7. I didn’t have real cravings with either of my pregnancy’s but when I was sick (which was like all the time with my 2nd pregnancy-woof!) I survived on melted cheese on tortillas…totally healthy right? ha! Love your pizza party pictures 🙂 enjoy your baby moon!!

  8. When I was pregnant with my son, who is now 19 months, all I wanted was fruit!! Pineapple, oranges, and watermelon. Now my son loves fruit and it is usually the first thing gone off his plate. I always crave sweets, and that didn’t change during my pregnancy either. Mini Drumsticks were my go-to! Hope everything goes well for you the rest of the way! You’re almost there!

  9. I am 34 weeks pregnant with a little boy and in early pregnancy I craved salty foods only. Pizza has been a huge craving for me and I could eat it every day. Just recently I started craving sweets and I want chocolate ice cream every day now multiple times!

  10. Hi Ali!
    Love reading your blog posts.
    Im on my first pregnancy and will be 22 weeks this week. I haven’t had any specific cravings. But every week I want something different. Like a few weeks ago all I wanted was steak, so my husband swore we were having a boy. Ha! But I do crave and love my sour sweets as well and we found out 2 weeks ago we are expecting a girl!
    Never know with those old wives tales… there’s so many of them but they’re fun to read.
    I hope you have a healthy remainder of your pregnancy and a smooth delivery of your baby boy. Ps Molly and Owen are adorable 🙂

    1. I feel like the old wives tales are totally 50/50. So really I don’t think there is any truth to them. But you are right. They are fun to read 😉

      So exciting to be pregnant with your first!

  11. I’ve had two boys (3.5 year old and a 9mo old) and craved sweets so much with the both of them! With my first, I was pregnant all summer long, so I bought myself a cheap 5×10 swimming pool for the back yard and lounged in it while eating popsicles everyday 😂 During my second pregnancy, I would spread peanut butter on graham crackers and put sliced banana on top… slightly healthy, right? Probably not at the frequency I would eat that combo 😬😂

    1. oh my gosh the visual of eating popsicles in a little blow up pool while pregnant is the best!!!! You go girl!

  12. I’m 30 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my first (a boy) and I have yet to have a single craving the entire pregnancy! It’s the weirdest thing! Blue icees/slushees always hit the spot but I’ve never felt like I just had to have one, or anything else. I don’t get it! Haha!

  13. Love the shirt! I’m 29 weeks pregnant with a girl and cannot get enough spicy brown mustard! Totally random right? Aside from that I just want all the carbs, all the time. Pizza, pasta, bagels, bring it on! Not so much the sweet stuff though.

  14. I’m pregnant with my first (a boy!) and I normally have a big sweet tooth, but I haven’t wanted sweets at all since I got pregnant! I haven’t had many cravings, but early on all I wanted was spaghetti-o’s – which is super random because I probably hadn’t eaten them since I was a kid! Now I’m basically eating ALL the carbs. 🙂 Hope y’all have a great vacation!

  15. I’m 20 weeks pregnant with a boy and the only thing I’ve really craved is Jimmy Johns veggie sandwiches. That bread! It’s so good.

    I’ve had more food aversions than anything. Sadly, one of them is coffee. Even the smell of coffee is off putting, which is terrible because coffee was my number 1 pre baby. In the end I guess it’s better for baby that I want nothing to do with it!

  16. With my son, I craved sweets ALL THE TIME. I’m now 23 weeks pregnant with my second son and still want all things sweet….candy, ice cream, cookies. Throw in some bagels and pasta too. I was all belly with my first baby, this time not so much. This time around is much different. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Ha! Your comment made me laugh because I am the EXACT same way! I was all baby the first time too…this time…not to much!

  17. My babies are all grown up now. But when I was pregnant with my son I craved ice! I crunched on it morning, noon and night! I ate a bag every two days😂
    So enjoy watching your happy little family❤️

    1. I’ve heard so many people say this and I find it so fascinating! I WISH I craved ice. Maybe I wouldn’t get so dehydrated all the time! I’m constantly having to remind myself to drink water. In fact, I am going to go get a glass now!

  18. I craved olives and ate them by the truckload. And cantaloupe, which I usually hate, and then my daughter quinn came out loving it 🙂
    Have a great trip and Best of luck with your little boy!

  19. Ali you do not take good care of yourself while pregnant. Being pregnant is not an excuse to just eat lots of extra food…come on!!
    I’m a super firm believer in staying active while pregnant. Obviously there are rare occasions when women have diagnosed conditions that legitimately deny them the ability to stay active because exercise (even just walking) are excruciating.
    The more you sit around and gain weight, obviously you’re not going to feel good and your body will have aches and pains – pregnant or not.
    Man, I’m just so sick and tired of reading all your “woe is me” style blogs. You’re such a spoiled princess!

    1. Woah. Can you say jealous much!? Clearly Ali is an active person, she’s always on the go. Who are you to judge another. You have 3 kids. Good for you, want a medal?? I’m sure you gave into your cravings as well. And pretty sure Ali prides herself on just being real. Every pregnancy is different and she is sharing her experience. You don’t like her blog posts? Don’t read them then! So much negativity!! Shame on you

      1. Blah blah blah not an ounce of jealousy here my friend. Tell
        Me what I would be jealous of?? Lol
        Just calling it like I see it.
        And no, to be completely
        honest, I did not give into every craving.
        Candy and ice cream every day is what Ali is saying she has. That’s so unhealthy!!!
        Oh, and a medal would be nice, but certainly not necessary 😉

        1. As a mother you should know the how the old saying goes- “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Don’t you think all your negativity is unhealthy? Instead of being a “super firm believer in staying active while pregnant”, maybe you should focus some of your super firm beliefs into being a kind-hearted human being.

          1. Lucy and Kim,
            Thank for the love but don’t worry about it. I’ve learned that when you open yourself up tot he world, you are going to get some negativity. I’m ok with that. I’ve accepted it. It’s not going to keep me from sharing my life with all of you. I know that my blog is very positive and I take pride in that. Wait until she sees my next post about Easter cakes! Ha!

        2. This post is about pregnancy cravings, not about your rude comments. Dont post if you have nothing nice to say. Cant wait for the Easter cake post and to read you harp on that too.

    2. Wow you are a rude person. To take time out of your day to put someone down just makes you a terrible person. Find your happiness and maybe you will see happiness in others. Just a thought. 🤔

    3. I just don’t understand you. No one forced you to follow her and if you have so much negativity to put out there about her, wouldn’t it be better to just not follow her? Its literally amazing to me that people can turn such a safe place for Women to talk about their experiences into something so negative. Please, just unfollow her.

  20. I have craved both sweet and salty! I am 39 weeks 2 days so I’m literally ready to go and I still have cravings almost every day. Today it was pancakes! Through my whole pregnancy I have craved salt and vinegar chips, homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies!! But I also have had many aversions the biggest one to chicken breasts (I can eat chicken if it’s breaded or in a dish) and plain white rice which is so weird!!

    The one thing that amazes me is how I’m always hungry but when I eat just a little I feel so full. I have had to become a grazer so I don’t get terrible heartburn. Which if any of you pregnant ladies haven’t had it consider yourself lucky!!!

    You look gorgeous Ali, I hope you have a wonderful vacation!! I will be hopefully having my baby this week! Yay!!


    1. I loooove salt and vinegar chips!!!! Yum! I haven’t had them in forever. I may need to get some 😉

      I totally always hungry too! I feel like feeding myself is a constant struggle. Ha!

  21. Hi Ali! I’m 33 weeks pregnant with a boy and crave either veggie sandwiches or bologna sandwiches. Have an extreme aversion to chicken and cauliflower-strange, I know! 💙 like you, I also craved pickles at the beginning and salt and vinegar chips. Now I only want fruit and sandwiches.

    1. That’s so awesome that you are craving healthy things! I did a little bit with Molly. But not with this pregnancy. I still try to eat healthy, but I definitely get in my sweets everyday!

  22. Hi Ali
    I’m happy you have the day off work so you can enjoy that yummy looking pizza (& cartoons) with Molly.
    You’re both sugar cubes. (Owen too) 🐶
    Happy 1st day of spring! 🌻

    1. It was nice to have a day off. Although I still worked a ton on my blog. But I love it so that’s okay 🙂

  23. Hi.
    Love the photos! Molly is so cute.
    You not feeding Molly pizza at all? I feel horrible now that I feed my son (he is 23 months) pizza sometimes when we order from Giordanos. (Stuffed and all) I really want to feed him healthy but it’s easy to give him some pizza when we eating it.

    My pregnancy cravings was French fries. Bagels and Wendy’s frosty. lol. Every. Single. Day!

    1. We just start giving her pizza! Nothing wrong with giving it in my opinion. Pizza really isn’t bad for kids. Most kids only want bread and cheese anyway! We are just really lucky that Molly LOVES healthy food. She would rather eat quinoa and green beans than pizza. She must get it fro her dad 😉

  24. When I was pregnant with my son (20 months) I desperately craved Mexican food. We went out for Mexican AT LEAST once a week throughout my entire pregnancy. I just recently gave birth to my daughter , and I was definitely craving more sweet things during this pregnancy. My biggest weakness was chocolate and peanut butter! I ate more than my fair share of Reese’s cups these past 9 months. 😉

    1. I had Mexican last night. I LOVE black beans and eat a ton of them. But I limit my cheese when I do Mexican so I actually think what I get it pretty healthy!

  25. I am having a boy this go round and things are pretty different! I haven’t had a ton of cravings but for a long bit I wanted fruity candy…but NO FRUIT! I was super sick and that made me feel better. I’m now 16 1/2 weeks and I love chips especially with dip more than anything! Pretty much anything unhealthy and that I would never eat non pregnant.

  26. Hey Ali!
    I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby, First was girl and we don’t know about this one yet. Craved fruit and sweets with my first one… this one is complete opposite. I want salt! Olive Garden salad has been my most on going craving, my husband even picked me up a bottle of the dressing! I feel like I could drink it! Ha! Spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds, black olives, and popcorn have been by wants and NEEDS! My cravings weren’t as strong with my first baby but this pregnancy the cravings are on a I need them now basis! Love your fashion blogs. Really helps out that you share as I hate shopping and I also am not a fan of maternity clothes. Thanks for sharing and have a great Vaca!

  27. With my first (boy), no cravings and my only aversions were raw chicken and raw eggs. I couldn’t prepare them but would eat the finished product. With my second (girl), I craved chicken salad sandwiches. It was so strange because that’s not a normal meal for me and I never eat them anymore. No aversions the second pregnancy.
    Have a great trip!

  28. When I was pregnant with my son I craved all things sour. Sour Patch Kids, Sour Skittles, sour gummy worms. Any and all had to be on hand at all times. I also craved avocados and baked potatoes. This time around I don’t know what I’m having yet but I’m craving more sweets like chocolate and ice cream. We’ll see if it means we’re having a girl! I just love watching your and Kevin’s videos of Molly. She is absolutely adorable.

  29. Hi Ali!

    I just found out on Sunday we’re having a boy! I knew from the beginning it was a boy, I could just sense it! Talk about mother’s intuition. I’ve been craving sour candy too! I can’t get enough sour patch kids. Also hamburgers and pizza have been big cravings, along with cake. I’ve never been a big cake fan, but lately I’m obsessed. Also, lots of fresh fruit, especially watermelon and pineapple.

    1. Oh and I forgot about food aversions! So many in the first trimester lol. I lost 10 pounds cause everything grossed me out. I’m quickly putting it back on tho haha😉 Broccoli, which used to be my fave, is now so gross to me, along with chicken breast, shrimp, and really spicy food is a turn off

  30. When I was in my third trimester of my pregnancy with my daughter (1st baby) all I craved was root beer candy. Ya know— those little root beer barrels that you can get at Cracker Barrel or old country stores. I craved them so much I bought a 10 pound bag online 😂 and then didn’t look at them again after I had her.
    when I was pregnant the second time around (with my son) I craved the veggie delight sandwich from Subway. Soooo odd!

  31. With my daughter all I wanted was green chilies and ketchup. Not together.

    With my son it was chocolate cereal and spicy chicken sandwiches

  32. It’s a long time ago for me but I craved and then had an aversion for sourdough bread. It would be fun if you also blogged about food aversions during pregnancy: foods you usually love but can’t eat while pregnant like garlic for me.

  33. LEMONADE!! 17 weeks pregnant and I drink 3 crystal light lemonade drinks a day. Also anything juicy – citrus, apples, salads with lots of Italian dressing. Besides that they’re super random – McDonald’s cheeseburger, fried rice, broccoli, etc. Love these pregnancy posts of yours!

  34. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my first and before I was pregnant, I was totally your pizza and sweets gal, I loved my pizza and I had a strong sweet tooth! But since being pregnant neither sound good to me, which is honestly both a bummer and a blessing. I’ve been mostly craving fruit and crunchy snacks, like carrots, peppers, and chips. My hardcore craving recently has been Jamba Juice! I’ll take a Strawberries Wild or Strawberry Surf Rider please!

  35. Hi! Yes my first pregnancy was a boy and man the sweet addiction was no joke!! My second pregnancy was boy/girl twins and not sure I just didn’t have enough room or I was sick more throughout my pregnancy but I didn’t have as many cravings at all. I remember during my first pregnancy if any type of candy or sweet was around I just couldn’t get enough haha! So I guess it is an old wives tale that it’s when you are having a girl. Congrats on your boy! Have so much fun in Hawaii! Thanks for all your blogs I love reading them!
    Xoxo Jessica

  36. Sweets, pickles, and green olives with my little guy Griffin (18 months old now!). Happy baby moon to you-hope you have an amazing and well deserved trip!!

  37. Molly looks so cute in the pictures, her face looks like she is not really sure at first but that last picture it’s like she is in heaven! I was pregnant at the same time when you were pregnant with Molly (with a girl too) and loved all your post of nonmaternity fashion for pregnancy. Anyway, I craved chocolate and Jolly Rancher. But I craved Chinese food too, so I don’t think it has anything
    to do with having a girl or a boy.

  38. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and have had a pretty consistent craving for burgers—not the drive-thru kind, but a well cooked thick burger.

    Thankfully I don’t give in that often. The only noticeable craving so far!

    1. Do you know what you are having yet? We just found out last weekend we are expecting a sweet baby girl. I am 19 1/2 weeks but at the first of my second trimester I wanted all the burgers!! Soft pretzels and fruit were great too, but I could have eaten a burger every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And yes, the thick well cooked ones 🙂

  39. My first pregnancy, a boy, all I wanted for the first trimester was apples. I must have eaten the equivalent of an orchard – but then during the second half, it was sweets all the way. I actually ate an entire cake once. With my daughter, I had more nausea and I wanted all the bagels and actually had strong aversions to sweets and coffee. Oddly, with both pregnancies I often really craved nachos from Taco Bell lol.

  40. Hi Ali! Love that you are sharing everything pregnancy on your blog ❤️❤️

    Second pregnancies tend to leave more pounds on you so I’m totally with you on that its not only your stomach that grows and changes the second time around! I had my second baby boy in January and my craving was chips. Sweets just didn’t taste the same for me while preganant.

  41. I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my first- a girl! First trimester all I could stomach was Mac and cheese and any and all carbs! Now chocolate is number one. My students have even noticed and one said he thought my belly was half baby, half chocolate! Haha!

  42. I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my first and totally overwhelmed by my reaction to foods in general. Everything either sounds like the absolute best or the absolute worst. I’ve been craving certain textures a lot – mostly creamy, things like ranch and cream cheese. I also totally lost my sweet tooth for the first month but then yesterday just had to have some frozen yogurt. It feels like food is running my life lately! 🙂

      1. Haha I hope the food rollercoaster calms down at some point 😊 Congratulations to you – yay for October babies!

  43. My first pregnancy with our son I craved salty foods all the time. I wanted salty French fries all the time but worked hard not to fulfill that craving everyday! This time around with my girl I haven’t had too many cravings except ice cream! So I think the wives tales have held true for me!

  44. I loooove pizza!!! And you’re very brave for eating it on your white comforter! 😉 my first pregrnacy I craved watermelon, cheeseburgers, pasta, and bread with butter – and I had a boy! This pregnant, I’ve mostly been craving cereal (cinnamon crunch to be exact), bagels and milkshakes – we’re not finding out what we’re having though til the baby is born so we will see! Have so much fun in Hawaii!!!

  45. I’ve never been pregnant before but I love your posts about your family! I just have to say that you are one very brave woman for eating pizza on such a white bed! With a toddler and dog to boot! I’m a mess and it’s just me. Okay now I want some pizza too…😊

  46. Now I want pizza for dinner after seeing these pics! Not currently pregnant but when I was with my daughter I craved avocados early on. Then it was anything with red sauce! Pasta, pizza.. Etc. and then in 3rd trimester I wanted chocolate EVERYTHING! I craved chocolate shakes daily lol and would eat all the sweets! And normally I am not much of a sweets person. 🙂

  47. I don’t care if I am pregnant or not, I am going to wear a swimming suit on vacation whether I ate two pieces of pizza or a salad! LOL 🙂 I used to live with the mindset where I needed to hide my body or certain parts of it because I was ashamed but that was no way for me to live. Having a history of an eating disorder and FINALLY in my late 20’s and now 30’s coming to a place of healing and restoration, I can say that I am going to constantly fight negative thoughts and I HAVE to do the opposite of what my mind is telling me sometimes. When my mind says don’t wear that because it shows that you don’t have a six pack, I am going to wear it anyway! 🙂 People with six packs aren’t the only ones that get to enjoy a swimming suit on their vacation! LOL 🙂 I will never be perfect at this, as I will always be a work in progress.

    BUT- I catch myself having these negative thoughts and sometimes I have to nip them in the butt and replace them with TRUTHS. I am beautiful and my body is fearfully and wonderfully made. My body does amazing things and I am thankful for what it can do. I am thankful I can even be on vacation, etc.

    But I totally get it. As women we are SOOOOOOO HARD on ourselves. The degree to which I was hard on myself was so bad in the past that I honestly couldn’t live like that anymore. Everyday is a journey and a fight to live a different way. A healthier way physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We women need to start being more easy on ourselves…

    Courage isn’t doing something because we aren’t afraid, it’s doing something anyway even if we are afraid.

  48. I craved spicy food, could not get enough! Spicy Thai, Spicy Ramen,etc…had a boy!
    In general I just always crave sweets and carbs though…haha

  49. When I was pregnant with my son (who is 2 days younger than Molly), I couldn’t tolerate anything sweet. I was so bummed too because the beginning of pregnancy was around the holidays. Everyone was giving us homemade treats and I couldn’t even handle the sight of them. Instead I wanted cheeseburgers, BBQ ribs & brisket, pizza, etc. One time I wanted an In N Out cheeseburger so bad. My husband went out and got me one but they gave him a hamburger instead. I wanted cheeseburgers, darn it! I seriously cried the rest of the night. I have never been so disappointed in my life. And my husband learned quickly to check the order before leaving the restaurant the next time.

  50. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and am in the thick of first trimester suckiness. So far the only thing I can consistently eat everyday is cold pizza from the fridge. What’s been bappening to me is I’ll crave something, eat it, and then after that the thought of whatever it was makes me sick. Blah.

  51. Hey Ali!
    I’m 17 weeks with my first baby, and I don’t know what we are having, and we are planning on being surprised! I was super sick at the beginning on my pregnancy, but when that cleared up around week 12 I craved ( and still am) everything sweet! Mostly I crave sweet fresh fruit, or popsicles! I’m pretty sure I went through a box of popsicles ever 2 days haha. I’m at the point now though where I am hungry all the time! So I have been trying to think of healthy snacks, but that are still sweet! I love dried apple slices so far, any other suggestions?

  52. Hey Ali!
    I am pregnant with a girl due in September! This is my first pregnancy so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the whole cravings thing. First all I wanted was bagels. I was so sick and the carbs made me feel so much better. Now I get a hankering for a Diet Coke once in a while but I mostly want salty foods like chips or French fries. Ice cream is definitely in there too. I actually just had an incident where one of my friends was watching our dogs while we were away and she ate my ice cream. I didn’t know and was looking forward to eating it to only find out there was hardly any left. Note to everyone – never eat a pregnant girls ANYTHING! Lol
    You look fantastic and I hope you have a great time in Hawaii!

  53. Just looking at this pizza is making me hungry! I’m only 7 weeks with my first baby but i can’t get enough cereal! I don’t know what it is but I’ve had it twice today already. Definitely craving sweet over savory but the cereal thing is super weird! I’m just going with it 🙂

  54. That pizza looks soooo good! I’m 35 weeks with my first baby, a boy, and I’ve craved apple juice from the very beginning. I literally drink a couple of gallons a week. I also will take anything salty over sweet. I passed on a cupcake the other day and shocked myself!

  55. Yum! We have the exact same cravings, sour gummies & Ice cream! Plus carbs!! Looking good mama 😁I’m right behind you at 26 wks

  56. So fun! It’s been all over the board for me…salty and sweet and sour, actually. I’m currently 21 weeks with a little boy and lately I’m craving peanut butter sandwiches and Granny Smith apples with sharp cheddar. Sooooo good. Be right back…the cheese is calling. 🤣

  57. So, with my daughter, I craved potatoes so much in the beginning! I live in Cincinnati and we have this chili place, Skyline, anyway they have baked potatoes with just cheddar cheese and butter and I used to make my husband get them all the time for me. It’s so funny because I normally love sweets but I just wasn’t into them during that pregnancy at all. Now, I’m pregnant with our second and I’m not into sweets again!! Except for ice cream – I will totally be into the cookies n cream gallon in our freezer tonight. Other things I’ve craved this time around have been potatoes, pizza, egg and cheese bagel sandwiches and chopped salads. We find out a week from Thursday what we’re having and I can’t wait!!!

  58. With my first child (a girl) I stopped at Taco Bell EVERY SINGLE DAY of my 1st trimester for ONE regular crunchy beef taco! Ate it in the car and then had dinner when I got home!

    Still love TB by the way and even though I now get more “complex” items, sometimes I will still add on that basic taco as an appetizer!

  59. I am pregnant with my third boy and all 3 of them I’ve been obsessed with chocolate chips, pasta, pizza, mexican food, and ice cream! Honestly these are my favorite foods not pregnant too haha but I think I just give in to them much more when I have the excuse of being pregnant. I think because I know this is our last kid, I’m letting myself enjoy food even more than my other two pregnancies, ha 🙂

  60. My little guy will be two in July and when pregnant my biggest craving was strawberry all the time. Had then almost every day and since I had him I can’t stand strawberry. Also craving my husband nacho dip that I never really cared for but wanted it so bad a few time when pregnant. 🙂 Have fun on your babymoon

  61. I’m 36 weeks pregnant right now with a boy and I crave pizza, Taco Bell and ice cream! This is my 3rd and and my first 2 were girls. With both the girls I craved peanut butter and in n out burger! I’m not a big burger fan when I’m not pregnant but when I was pregnant the first 2 times all I wanted was a good burger! None of those old wise tales have held true to me with any pregnancy! Have so much fun on your babymoon! Can’t wait to see photos of your little guy!

  62. With my little girl I craved strawberries. Pregnant with a boy and crave peanut butter, chocolate, and sour patch kids. Unfortunately, I have gestational diabetes (didn’t with my first), and can’t eat what I want at all 😢

  63. I’m having a girl. 15 weeks today😊

    The first and strange craving was cereal 🥣, followed by a pickle. And then I felt gross.

    But now after reading your blog I’m trying to figure out how I can get THAT pizza at 3am!!!!

  64. Ali these pics are so precious! And I totally agree with you about being able to eat whatever we want because we are pregnant. We are growing a human and we shouldn’t be shamed for indulging every now and then. I loved anything with marinara sauce and was obsessed with mint chocolate chip ice cream! Now it’s my daughters fave flavor and I totally know why 🙂 Enjoy Hawaii with your beautiful fam!

  65. Hi Ali!
    Love following your pregnancy journeys, as I was pregnant with my girl Charlotte around the same time you were with Molly. Now I’m pregnant again! ( more behind you this time at 13 Weeks) but this pregnancy has been harder on me too! Last time I was all belly and didn’t have much of an appetite but this time I feel like I can’t stop eating 😱 I feel like last time I was so proud of how people told me how great I looked last time and might not get that this time haha but trying to give myself grace. Anyways, always love reading your posts and it’s nice to relate to another momma’s story💙

  66. 19 weeks pregnant with our baby boy! Up until the last few weeks I was not able to eat sweets or anything sweet at all! It made my mouth taste horrible afterwards and made me feel so sick! That’s mostly gone away now and I’m enjoying sweets again but almost all my cravings have been salty. Now you’re really making me want the pizza!

  67. Beans, cheese, anything spicy and pizza!! Basically carbs it seems like! Can’t wait to see what is next in the way of cravings since I am only 9 weeks so far!

  68. Oh my gosh that pic of Molly with the pizza is killing me!!! Pretty sure that’s what I look like when I eat pizza too 🙂

  69. I’m 22 weeks and craving jelly beans! Any kind! But especially starburst jellybeans. Yummy!! First pregnancy and having a girl!

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