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Happy Monday guys! I’m super happy that it’s Monday because this is a short week for Kevin and me. We leave for Hawaii this week! I am so excited to have a little getaway. And here’s the best part, both of our moms are coming with us! They’re gonna help take care of Molly so we can have some alone time together before the baby comes! We’re so grateful that they’re coming to help us, but also really excited to have this opportunity to create memories with them and Molly.

So anyway I’ve slowly been packing because, well let’s face it, I’m super pregnant so it takes me a while to do things these days. Trying on clothes is so much harder now than it used to be. I get super winded after trying on 2 or 3 things. So anyway, I’m slowly trying things on all week to decide what I’m gonna take with me on our trip. This super cute off the shoulder dress is definitely coming with me! I ordered it in this color and another print and I’m not sure which one I’m going to take with me yet. But the seafoam green color is so pretty and just reminds me of the ocean. I could definitely see myself wearing this dress walking (waddling slowly) down the beach with my husband in Hawaii. It’s non-maternity, which you know I love because that means I can wear it after pregnancy. But it totally works with my big belly! And it’s under $50! You guys know I love a good deal.


I think a wide-brimmed fedora looks so cute with this dress. I really love wearing hats in the summer and I’m so excited to break out all of my favorites for this trip! So I’ll definitely be bringing this one with me. It’s only $13 for any of you that are interested in snagging one for yourself.

And how fun are these earrings?! I don’t normally wear such large earrings, but I feel like these are actually pretty subtle for how much of a statement they are. I don’t even know if that makes sense but it makes sense to me. Ha! Maybe it’s because they’re all white. I just think there’s something sophisticated about them, but also something really fun! And I think they just scream summer and vacation!

Same with my bamboo purse. I’ve been eyeing this bamboo bag for quite a while now and almost didn’t get it because I didn’t think it was practical. Because obviously you can see through it. But I think it’s perfect for either the beach or a formal event. Because all you really need is your wallet, cell phone and maybe a lipgloss. And anything small that you need to take, just throw it in a Ziploc bag or any little baggie. I’m so glad I got this bag because I’ve been wearing it with so many outfits because it just totally takes a look to another level. There’s a reason almost every fashion blogger you know has this purse. And that’s because it’s just so dang cute!


And last but not least are my sandals. This is not a sponsored post, but I did do a sponsored post with Børn footwear a couple weeks ago and my code for them is actually still active if you guys want to use it. Use code ALILUVS to get 15% off these sandals. And you guys will not regret getting them! They’re super comfortable because they have padding hand stitched into the sole that makes them so stinking comfortable. This pregnant mama is so grateful for them! And they’re great for walking because they have the ankle strap as well as the padding for comfort. And the neutral color goes with everything. You’re going to see me wearing these a lot over the next couple months.

Well I hope you love today’s post! So excited to go on a trip this week. Let’s just hope the rain holds off because right now, the forecast says there’s gonna be a lot of rain in Hawaii over the next couple weeks. But my dad is actually there right now and said the rain comes and goes. If anyone living in Hawaii reads this, please let me know what the weather is like right now!


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19 thoughts on “Cute Vacation Dress

  1. Yayyy! So glad you’re able to get away before your baby boy makes his arrival! Don’t worry about the rain. Your Dad is right….rain showers in Hawaii are usually brief. Enjoy!!

  2. Just went to Hawaii for the first time a few weeks ago and it was the BEST trip! You’re going to have a blast! The forecast said thunderstorms every day and the weather ended up being perfect and over the two weeks we were there it only rained when we had hikes/other activities planned anyways so it really all worked out. I wouldn’t worry about it! Enjoy 🙂

  3. I have been wanting to take a Hawaii trip with my husband. You should do a blog about what places are your favorites and what to do there. With and without a toddler, we have a 20-month-old!

  4. Loved reading your blog…it always brightens my day. 🌞
    You’re a picture of sophistication!
    Hawaii is going to love you & all your family.
    Aloha, pretty lady!

  5. We just got back from Maui with our 21 month old (I’m also 25 weeks pregnant). The weather was super windy and a little cooler than we would have liked. We got one day of perfect weather and the other few were partly to mostly cloudy and a little cool. We didn’t go in the water once! I highly recco taking Molly to a Luau. We were initially concerned that Emily wouldn’t like it but she was OBSESSED with all the hula dancers and still wakes up saying “shakey shakey”. Super cute. HAVE A BLAST

  6. What a beautiful dress!!! I’m 33 weeks pregnant and this would be perfect for end of pregnancy and after birth! Do you mind sharing what size you are wearing for reference? These dresses usually run big and am really not sure if I should size down or up!
    Thanks! 🙂

  7. So cute! I just got back from Kauai yesterday for my honeymoon! The forecast before we left said cloudy and rainy all week but we got pretty lucky! The first few days were overcast but still warm from the humidity and only a slight mist for the rain. Wednesday it poured the entire day but the rest of the week was sunshine and 80s! I hope you guys get lucky with the weather and have a lovely baby moon!!

  8. Beautiful — you’re glowing. Love everything about this look and the dress is so FAB (one of my fav colors)!! Hope you have a blast in Hawaii — much deserved time off!!

  9. Have a great time! I’m heading to Hawaii for my honeymoon in August. Please do a post when you get back about where you stayed, ate, what you did…all the fun stuff.
    I’ve heard weather is inaccurate there, even locals don’t pay attention to it, just what I was told.
    Have a great time!

  10. Ali, I love reading your blog (especially your dishing on the Bachelor)! I see that you like subscription services and thought you might like this one….especially with a new little one on the way. Full disclosure…this is my daughter in law’s company and she’s also expecting her 2nd baby (September). 😍😍
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