Dressing for the Office or a Meeting while Pregnant

Man. Honestly this week I feel like I’m gasping for air I’m so swamped. Which in reality should make me take a little break from my blog. But I guess sometimes my blog is just my escape. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I write all my blogs using talk to text on my phone. So when I’m talking into my phone writing these things, it almost feels like I’m just talking to all of you. I really hope you guys know how personal this space is for me and how connected I feel to you when we connect on here. Every comment means something to me and I try to respond to as many as I can!

This morning was a bit rough because I had to wake up super early because I had an early morning shoot/meeting. It was for a potentially fun little project I might be doing so I can’t complain because it’s stuff I love to do! But I am just so exhausted. I couldn’t wait to get home to write this blog, wipe off my face full of make up and get in comfy clothes! In fact, I had to do the shoot super early because I’m touring a potential preschool for Molly this morning! I’m excited about it, but also extremely nervous! BTW, how great was the light early in the morning for these pics?!?! LOVE!


And how cute is this outfit I’m wearing? I love showing off my bump when I’m pregnant. And get this, this dress isn’t even maternity! I wore this dress a bunch when I was pregnant with Molly too (I have it in red as well). And I love it because I’m able to wear it throughout most of my pregnancy, but then still wear it afterwards. Yes, the middle section gets stretched out a little bit, but I actually like that because it’s in the ruching section of the dress and it just covers any imperfections on my tummy after the baby is born. And let’s face it, any moms out there know that your stomach just isn’t the same after having a baby. I need the extra coverage! I’m wearing a size medium FYI.

And don’t judge me for my jacket! I know I know, it’s NOT a bargain find. Not even close. I got this jacket years ago because I have always wanted one. So I splurged and bought myself one as a gift! But I’ve had it for a few years now and I think it looks brand new and I absolutely love it.

I’m wearing the most comfortable heels ever that I wrote about in my blog post a couple days ago. But I’ll say it again, if you don’t own these heels, you’re missing out! They are the most comfortable dress shoes I’ve ever owned!

Details on the rest of my look including my purse and earrings are below the pictures.


23 Thoughts

23 thoughts on “Dressing for the Office or a Meeting while Pregnant

  1. Hi Ali!

    I’ve commented a bunch on your blog but I really can’t express enough how much I LOVE YOUR FASHION! You’ve made shopping a breeze for me, as I just click and just order so many of your pieces that I love love!

    Your style flatters my body so nicely and I literally can’t wait for your posts! (My wallet suffers more now ha) but that’s ok because I can’t even count the compliments I receive on the daily from your outfits I purchase- thank you for making shopping so easy 🙂


    1. Alli, Your comment makes me so happy! While I don’t want you going broke, I am glad that you like my style and that it works so well for you! Hopefully my more affordable looks have been a hit with you too!

      1. Totally! That’s why I love your style so much, I look like a million bucks without having to spend it! 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Hey Ali! I was just wondering since you said that you and Kevin only want two children how you have been feeling during this pregnancy knowing it’s your last one? Would love to read a blog on that!!

    1. I will write one! Good idea! Overall, I haven’t thought about it a ton because I have been so insanely busy. But I actually did start thinking about it just last night and it made me realize that I need to focus on the positive parts of this pregnancy instead of all the hard parts! Because I won’t experience it again! I know I’ll miss it one day!

      1. I just had that same conversation with my husband last night. I have been focused on all the hard stuff, partly b/c (like you!) we’ve sold a house, bought house, doing some reno, I’m working–it’s all a lot while pregnant. I feel like I’m going to blink and have a baby in my arms and not even enjoyed anything about being pregnant. It can be hard to stop and focus on that but you’re right, we have to!

        I also want to thank you for all the time to take to make these posts. As a writer, I know how long it can take and I appreciate all the detail and affordable options you provide here. Many other former Bachelorettes post very expensive things that many of us cannot access but I appreciate that you make looking REALLY good REALLY affordable! You have such a positive attitude and energy and it’s infectious so whenever times get tough, remember how many people you positively impact!

    2. I had to comment, because I also was only going to have two, and had my girl, then a boy 16 months later. 6 years down the road, along came my baby girl. My kids are in their 30s and 40s now, but I can’t imagine my life without her! So….never say never….haha, UNLESS you are doing something permanent. I did after baby 3, so knowing that it was definitely my last pregnancy did make me sad. Funny how the mind works, because you can’t wait to have the baby, then wish you were still pregnant. Haha. Love your blog, all the fashion choices, and especially the photos of Molly! Oh, and, just want to say, you girls are so lucky to have this beautiful clothing cause I’ll tell ya, back in the 70’s, early 80s, maternity clothes were anything BUT cute! Really, I wore tents! Haha. How I would have loved all these pretty things!

  3. Love the outfit.

    Can you share the kale salad ingredients that Molly eats.

    Also. Is Molly going to go to preschool 5 times a week?

    1. I will! I will share soon! It’s such a yummy salad!

      And she isn’t going at all yet. I might start her at 3 days a week for 3 hours each day when she’s over 2 (so at least 5-6 months from now). But I don’t know if I’ll be ready then or if she’ll be ready. Since she hasn’t had a nanny or much babysitting (or any daycare), she gets nervous without her mom and dad. We need to work on that!

      1. That be great. I would love to see if my son would eat it.
        He eats all vegetables very good. We do make kale smoothies with avocado that he loves but salad would be great.

        You so lucky that you get to spend a lot of time with her. My son goes to daycare 5 times a week for 8 hrs and it brakes my heart. I can’t drop him off my husband has to do it.
        I would love to work part time. I would be ok working 3 days a week. But it’s so hard to find a good paying job only for 3 days. Funny thing is I’m an accountant and I could do a lot from home.

  4. Hi Ali
    I really like your trench coat! You do a great job with talk to text & I always enjoying reading your blogs.
    Hope you can sneak in a nap when Molly does or when Daddy gets home. ☺

  5. Hi Ali!

    You look so great! I am 16 weeks pregnant and have really enjoyed following you along your way. Please keep the style tips coming. I hope to look half as good as you in my third trimester!

  6. Love this dress! I bought it in black and navy and wore it all he time pregnant! Maybe a weird question, what type of bra (brand or style) do you wear with it? The back is a little thinner than the typical razor back and I can’t seem to find the right one!

  7. Ali! I just signed my 20 month old daughter up for preschool too! She starts in September and I am really excited for her, but also very nervous. I think it will be great for her and she’s already s smart so I am excited to see how her mind and imagination expand even more 🙂 I always wondered how you were able to type these blogs up with a toddler running around, but now it makes total sense! Such a smart way to get it done!

  8. Hi Ali,

    I started reading your blog approximately one month ago. I have to say I really enjoy it! I’m one of the few who has never watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette so I didn’t start coming here for that info 😉 I appreciate what you share with us and that you post regularly, thanks for doing so.

    I’ve been trying to find a pair of shoes for an upcoming formal party. I find it so difficult finding comfortable shoes that I like how they look, seems like I’m always sacrificing one for the other) so I was thrilled to see your recommendation. I would’ve never even thought about looking at that brand. I’m waiting for them to arrive, fingers crossed they fit and are as comfortable for me as they are for you.

    Very impressive that you “write” your blog using talk to text!

    Have a great vacation next week.

  9. It makes me sad to see you keep saying that you’re getting all these comments on your “big” bump! I’m pregnant with my third and started showing SO early. I got really self conscious about how big my bump was. I tried to hide it for so long, it was emotionally exhausting. Maybe people are ignorant of the fact that women show earlier with each pregnancy. Maybe people are just inserting opinions to feel heard by someone, anyone. Maybe they’re just mean! Whatever the case, I hope you realize how beautiful you are and ignore the MANY opinions people give pregnant women!!!

  10. I LOVE your blue dress! How awesome that you can wear it pregnant & not pregnant! So, I’m always curious.. do you have these photo shoots most every day/morning? Who does them for you? That would be so much fun! I love reading your blog and you’re so clever for doing the talk to type, that is GENIUS! Love you, love your blog, love your family! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! <3

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